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~~~Larry' Golf Game~~~


The attraction to golf is hard to explain. Why would anyone
hit a little white ball and then go get it and hit it again?
The golf course is full of obscene language, heated tempers,
and sore backs. Yet, most men I know try to play as often as
possible. I guess we are caught in that fantasy of obtaining
the elusive par. Actually, I think golf is just a way for
men to drink beer and tell dirty jokes while they kid themselves
into believing that they are getting exercise.
You said you wondered if you would enjoy golf as much as I
seem to enjoy it. At first, I thought you were joking. Generally,
you are not inclined to labor in the heat that is typical
on a summer afternoon in Texas. But, as you continued to
ask I thought why not. It would be something for us to do together
once and I really didn’t expect you to enjoy it enough to
ever want to play again. Man, was I ever wrong!
I got a tee time for the next Saturday afternoon and I invited
two guys where I work to play with us. Golf is a very difficult
game and, frankly, I figured you would get frustrated within
a hole or two and would decide to just ride with me and get
some sun while Jim, Dave and I played golf. But, I sure didn’t
mind you riding, as you really looked good in your tan shorts
and yellow sleeveless golf shirt. Jim and Dave had heard
me brag on your tan before and they seemed very pleased to
finally see it. Jim’s eyes got huge when he first saw you
and Dave nearly tripped over his own tongue. I knew you had
already made an impact on them. I wondered if I shouldn’t
make a bet with them. Just maybe you could distract them
enough that I could beat them solidly. And, of course, you
didn’t seem to mind the attention.
On the first tee, I introduced you to Jim and Dave and naturally
everyone was very polite and cordial, but I could tell both
Jim and Dave were looking you over. They liked what they
saw. I could not have been prouder. You know that I enjoy
other men wanting you so you gave me a knowing smile as we
prepared to tee off. Jim, Dave, and I teed off from the men’s
tee. We all hit fairly good shots for us. None of us are pros
so really any ball that lands somewhere that we can get to
it is a good shot. As we moved up to the woman’s tee for you
to tee off I admit I was a little concerned that you might
get frustrated immediately if you couldn’t hit the ball.
I have seen new golfers swing many times without making
contact at all. But, you surprised me. I had given you a pointer
or two and you seemed to learn very fast. Maybe it is natural
ability but you managed to hit the ball on the first swing.
It didn’t go very far but it did go straight and that is a big
step. Many times I would give up 50 yards of distance to be
in the fairway. An additional 50 yards means nothing if
you are behind a tree or in the river.
You should have heard the applause from Jim and Dave. Ok,
they overdid it, but I knew they were just trying to put you
in a good mood. About that time, the refreshment cart came
by and Jim offered to buy the first round. All they had was
beer and I knew you aren’t normally a big beer drinker, but
you surprised me again by accepting Jim’s offer of a brew.
So off we went down the first fairway, you and me in one cart
and Jim and Dave in the other. Already Jim and Dave were whispering
to each other and laughing. I was sure they were already
commenting on the fine lady in the group.
We finished the first few holes without much happening
good or bad. None of us were playing great but you were actually
playing better than I could have hoped. I was pleased and
it was beginning to occur to me that just maybe we would play
together more often. Of course, Dave and Jim were continuing
to tell you how great you were doing and every time the beer
cart came by they were buying another round. By the fifth
hole, we were all starting to feel fairly loose and of course
things started to get interesting.
Maybe it was the beer or maybe you were getting tired, but
you hit your first really bad shot off the tee on number 5.
It was one of those "learners" slices. We all
experience them where the ball travels a path something
like a banana and seems to seek out the nearest clump of trees.
Sure enough your ball went forward about 40 yards and then
made a right turn and went another 60 yards into a grove of
trees. You said, "fuck" for first time all day,
but it sure got Jim and Dave’s attention. Maybe they didn’t
expect you to say that or maybe it gave them hope that you
were teasing them. Who knows, but they both said they would
help you look for the ball. You turned and smiled at me and
I wondered if you had hit the ball into the trees on purpose.
We drove our carts over to the edge of the trees and got out
to look for the ball. Four of us went in separate directions
hoping to cover more area and find the ball quicker. As I
was coming around a Sycamore tree I thought I heard someone
whisper. Being the curious sort, I stopped and stood still
to listen. I heard you say, "Jim, I think I found a couple
of balls right here." I could already hear Jim breathing
heavy as he said, "you can have them if you like."
"Oh, I like", you said. Jim was a little nervous
when he said, "Larry may be coming any minute".
I knew you weren’t worried about me finding you. You know
I like my slut to suck or fuck a new guy as often as she feels
like it. But, Jim didn’t know this and he was worried that
all hell might be about to break loose. I laughed a little
to myself, because I knew he was scared but I also knew he
wanted you. Men don’t get opportunities like this very
Luckily, you are the absolute best at putting a man at ease.
You laughed a little and said, "oh, don’t worry Jim.
Larry went the other direction. Come over and help me get
this ball I see under that tree." I found a spot I could
see through the tree. I knew Jim wouldn’t see me. His eyes
were glued to you. As he got close to you, you took the first
step and reached out and touched his arm. That was all he
needed as he put his arms around you and kissed you. His hands
moved down your back to your ass where they caressed your
cheeks. "I want you Jim, " you said, and he replied,
"here?" "No, we don’t have time, but meet
me in the trees every chance you get." He kissed you
again and as he did so you reached down and caressed his cock,
which was straining against the material of his shorts.
That made his knees go weak and it was obvious his mind was
no longer on golf.
As we walked back to the golf carts you were smiling and Jim
was looking a little sheepish. He wasn’t at all comfortable
with me being so near knowing he had just kissed my wife and
that she had just caressed his cock. I laughed to myself.
When we got in the cart you leaned over and whispered, "Did
you like the show?" I just laughed and said, "
I thought you might guess I was watching." You then
said, "well, keep your eyes open. This may turn into
quite a day."
I saw Jim talking hurriedly to Dave and I was sure he was telling
Dave about his experience in the trees. From that moment
on, no one seemed to care about their golf game. Jim seemed
to be looking for ways to head for the trees again. Between
the beer and his hard dick causing him discomfort, Jim couldn’t
swing his club for anything. I decided to just relax and
enjoy the day.
The beer really seemed to be affecting everyone now, but
it sure made Jim bold. On the seventh hole, a short par 3,
Jim turned to everyone and said, "We should bet something
on closest to the pin on this hole." "Ok, what
would you suggest?" I said. "How about closest
to the pin gets a kiss from Cherri?" Jim replied. It
shocked me a little when you hollered out loud enough for
the three of us guys to hear, "no, lets make it a blow
job!" Jim and Dave nearly choked on their beer! Like
I said, it surprised me a little but not as much as it did Jim
and Dave. "You don’t mind do you Honey, " you
said to me. "No, that is good. Let’s do it. Ok guys?"
I said. "Fine with me. Lets go", both Jim and
Dave said together. Well, I knew you wanted to suck either
Dave or Jim so I made a point of miss- hitting my shot a little.
After all, you can suck my cock anytime. I wanted to watch
you suck a new guy. I know Jim really wanted to win, but the
beer and his hard cock had him off balance. He probably hit
the worst shot of the day into a pond in front of the green.
But, Dave was cool and he hit the shot of the day about two
feet from the pin. "We have a winner!" you said.
Jim’s face showed disappointment, but Dave was smiling
like the Cheshire cat. "So, when do I get my prize?"
Dave asked. "Right now, " you replied.
You took Dave’s hand and led him toward some nearby trees.
"Come on Jim. We can watch, " I said to Jim. This
seemed to improve Jim’s mood a little. Jim and I got to the
trees in time to see you unzipping Dave’s pants. As his pants
dropped to his knees, at least 8 inches of hard cock jumped
out at you. "Oh my, that looks yummy, "you said.
As you took it into your mouth I could tell that Dave enjoyed
it and Jim just looked shocked that I would be allowing this.
"Oh Jim, this happens all the time. I love watching
her having any kind of sex with anyone." "That
is fine with me", Jim said as his eyes went back to you
on your knees in front of Dave.
For a while, I thought Dave might pass out. He seemed to really
be enjoying his prize. His hands were holding your head
and you were sucking. Dave was actually moving a little
in a humping motion so it looked like he was fucking your
face. I admit that this was having quite an effect on my cock
as well as Jim’s. I was already wondering what other contests
we could have. We needed a winner of some prize on every hole.
That thought made me laugh to myself. The winner of each
hole might just get a hole of another kind as his prize.
While I was lost in my thoughts I suddenly became aware of
Dave moaning loudly, almost screaming. I looked up just
in time to see him shoot a load into your mouth. I have never
tasted cum, but you seem to enjoy it. You swallowed every
drop and then licked his cock clean. "Hey, am I next?"
Jim asked. "Win something and we will see",
you said laughing as you got up to walk back to the golf cart.
Dave came stumbling out of the trees trying to finish buckling
his pants. All he could say was, "how about another
Cold beer really is good and the more you drink the better
it gets. By now, we all thought it was wonderful. None of
us could really play golf any more so more and more we were
paying attention to you and wondering just who might get
lucky next.
Golf is a game of coordination and when coordination is
gone so is the game. We were hitting the ball in every direction
now. Every direction that is except towards the pin. Oh
well, the more balls in the woods the better. I admit that
I had starting fantasizing about what was possible in the
woods. Just how far could we go without causing a scene on
the course. Of course, maybe a scene was okay too.
Jim’s tongue was almost hanging to his knees when he teed
up on number 14. He was tired, drunk and incredibly horny.
At least, Dave had cum once. The rest of us including you
were still in need. I wasn’t surprised at all when Jim hit
his shot into the woods again. I also wasn’t surprised when
you walked up and gave him a friendly "I’m so sorry"
hug and whispered something in his ear. I am not sure what
you said but it sure gave Jim renewed energy. He almost ran
to the woods to look for his ball. You jumped into the cart
with me and went in the general direction of where Jim ran.
We knew he would need help.
As we drove to where Jim went into the woods you looked at
me and asked, "Do you mind if I have a little fun?"
"Of course not, " I said, "just make sure
I have some fun later!!" You smiled and winked at me
and then got out of the cart and headed into the woods behind
Jim. I knew I didn’t want to miss this so I quickly went in
search of a good viewing spot.
You must have given Jim reason to believe that something
very good was about to happen when you whispered to him because
he was just standing in the woods waiting for you. Neither
of you said a word, but you walked directly to him and kissed
him passionately. His arms went around you and he held you
tight and pressed his hips against you. You pushed back
to the point that I was wondering if he had entered you somehow
through your clothes. You reached down and unhooked his
pants and his dick popped free. Jim wasn’t as big as Dave
but he was big enough. He was more normal like us regular
mortals. Jim raised your shirt to where he could push down
your bra and see your nipples. His lips caressed your nipples
and you reacted immediately. It was obvious that a warm
glow settled over your body. You whispered again but this
time I could hear you and I was very glad. "Fuck me Jim,
please fuck me hard right now!" Jim didn’t say a word
but he pushed your shorts down and you stepped out of them.
You didn’t lie down on the dirt but instead you lead Jim to
a tree where you faced the tree and bent over exposing your
ass to Jim. "You have a marvelous ass Cherri",
he finally managed to say. "I have to fuck you"
He thrust his cock into your pussy nearly knocking you into
the tree. But, you held your balance and pushed back against
him. Frantically, you and Jim fucked not caring who was
watching or if the next foursome was bearing down our group.
As I watched I got painfully hard. I knew I had to have some
too. Jim was fucking you for all he was worth and you began
to cum. You seemed to cum over and over again. I was afraid
you might faint but you managed to stay on your feet. Finally,
Jim let out a loud groan and I knew he was cumming. His knees
actually buckled and he almost fell but he caught himself
in time. He was gasping for air obvious weak from the explosion
he just experienced. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I rushed
over and asked him if he was okay. He said, "yes, but
I have to sit down" "No problem Jim, sit on the
ground if you need to. I have things to do." And, with
that I bent over to eat your pussy and lick up Jim’s cum as
it seeped from your hole. The mixture of his cum and your
pussy juices was so tasty. And, it made me even harder. Lucky
for me licking you made you hot again too. "Fuck me
Larry, fuck my ass!" you said. Who am I to refuse you
anything particularly when I like it so much?
Your ass is perfect! I love to look at the curve of your ass
- -- so golden brown and luscious looking. And, your asshole
tastes so great. And, it feels so good when my tongue swirls
around the edges of your hole before darting in for a quick
tongue fuck. This may sound gross but it isn’t to me. I like
to eat your pussy from behind because that position puts
my nose right next to your asshole. I love tasting your pussy
and smelling your ass at the same time. It is great. You must
have the sweetest ass in the world and I love it.
Your ass was wet from my licking so my hard cock slid in easily.
Oh, it felt so good. So tight and such a great view. I love
seeing my cock slide in and out of your ass. I love hearing
you moan. Your moans when being fucked in the ass are a little
different than when I fuck your pussy. The first time I fucked
your ass I thought I was hurting you, but I learned that the
moans are just different, that you really like your ass
being plowed as hard as possible. It wasn’t long before
we were cumming together. That is as it should be. I love
you Cherri.
Part Two:
As my sensing was returning it occurred to me that Dave had
been among the missing during our playtime. Where did Dave
go? It wasn’t long before I found out.
Dave, as drunk as he was, thought it would be great fun if
he flagged down the next approaching foursome to watch
the activities in the woods. When my eyes focused again
I turned around to see Jim lying on the ground trying to regain
his strength and five sets of eyes watching us. I don’t know
if Dave knew these other guys or not but he sure enjoyed letting
them watch our little show.
It was obvious that they were enjoying it too. "Hey,
you guys are having a lot more fun than we are", one
of the new group said. As is true of nearly any group of guys
a few are shy but there are always one or two that are confident
and aggressive in what they say and do. This new guy who we
later learned was Rich had no problem saying what he thought
even to strangers. "Do you guys mind sharing? I could
sure use some of that delicious looking pussy." "No,
we will share. I guess it is your turn", I replied.
Of course, in my mind, I was thinking that this was almost
one of the fantasies we have discussed. I have told you that
I wanted to bring a guy to you to fuck you when you didn’t even
know his name. I also wanted you blindfolded. Well, I didn’t
have a blindfold, but I could quickly see that there were
four guys here that you didn’t know and I was willing to bet
that they all wanted to fuck you.
You were still leaning against the tree as Rich came up behind
you. He reached down and rubbed your ass and part way down
your thighs. As he did so he leaned over just enough to kiss
your bottom once. Then he straightened up and gripped your
shoulders turning you around and pulling you towards him.
As he saw your wonderful smile and warm blue eyes he kissed
you wrapping his arms around you. One pair of the foursome
had driven their cart right into the woods were we were standing.
Rich lead you to the cart and laid you on the seat. Taking
one leg and raising it and placing it on the top of the seat
he opened your pussy to the view of all standing there. We
had little time to examine your cunt, however, as he quickly
bent down and started eating you. His tongue darted in and
around your clit. Your eyes were closed, opening only once
to look at me. You raised your hand and I took it. That seemed
to be all you needed to be totally comfortable. As I was holding
your hand you relaxed and let your body ride with the rhythm
of his tongue lapping the juices from your pussy. It wasn’t
long before your body was jerking as you began to cum. It
was as though wave after wave of ecstasy was washing over
your body. But, Rich wasn’t through. He raised your legs
high so he had access to your ass. He washed your asshole
with his tongue and he saw how much you like that. "Oh,
you like your ass play with. Do you like to be fucked in the
ass?" he said. "Oh yes, I love it!!" you
said with your eyes begging him to fill your asshole with
his hard cock.
Rich licked your ass a few more times getting it as wet as
possible. Once he was satisfied that it was wet enough he
slowly pressed the head of his cock to your begging hole.
I think he was surprised at how easily it slid in. He didn’t
know that I had fucked your ass many times as well as others.
He didn’t know just how much you do enjoy it. But, he was soon
aware of how great it feels to have a hard cock inside your
tight ass. Your ass fits like a glove so to speak and I know
how cozy if feels and how easy it is to lose yourself in the
wonderfully erotic feeling. Rich was soon lost in the euphoria
of his cock being almost sucked into your ass. He rode you
hard, driving his cock into you and then backing off to drive
it even harder the next time. You were screaming for him
to fuck you harder, deeper. He was trying to comply using
energy that I couldn’t imagine anyone having after a day
of hitting and chasing that little ball. He continued to
move faster and faster until you were screaming and he was
struggling to keep his balance. Finally he exploded and
your eyes went wide as you felt his cum blast against your
anal walls.
Obviously tired, Rich struggled to disengage from your
ass partly due to weak legs and partly because he hated the
thought of leaving that wonderfully warm and moist hiding
place his cock had found. It was obvious that you had made
another conquest. Rich was already anxious for a repeat,
but for now all he could do was say, "Next" and
with that, you winked at me again. You had enjoyed Rich but
you were ready to go again with whoever was next.
The other guys seemed a little timid but finally one came
forward. His name was Bob and he was actually a small guy,
no more than 5’7". Standing up you would probably
have been as tall as him, but you were still lying on the cart
seat so height wasn’t really a factor. Bob looked at you
and the admiration was apparent on his face. You are beautiful
and incredibly sexy. Bob’s eyes said he agreed. It took
a moment, but eventually Bob reached down and let his fingers
gently touch your leg and hip. "Do you mind?’ he asked.
"Of course not, " you replied. "I love
to feel a man’s touch." "What else do you like?"
Bob asked. "Oh, I like to suck a nice cock", you
said. That was all it took for Bob to start unbuttoning his
shorts. As they fell to his knees you reached out and pulled
at the elastic in his briefs to get a better access to his
manhood. You were a surprised at its size. You hadn’t expected
a cock the size of Bob’s on a 5’ 7" man. It had to be 7",
which isn’t huge but just right. Your head dropped to his
cock and your lips sucked it into your mouth. Bob immediately
made it obvious that he enjoyed the sensation of his cock
lying between your lips and your tongue playing with its
head. "That tastes great, " you said and went
back to licking and sucking.
While you were sucking you positioned yourself to where
you were on your knees on the cart seat, which put your ass
in the air. That inviting site finally persuaded Ted to
walk over and start rubbing your pussy. You didn’t notice
him until his fingers touched your cunt and as they did it
startled you slightly. "Oh my, who is that?"
you said rising off Bob’s cock for just a second. "Continue
doing what you are doing. I will take care of things back
here." Ted said. With that, you went back to nibbling
on Bob’s swollen cock and Ted continued rubbing your dripping
pussy. "That looks delicious." Ted said as
he leaned down and starting licking the juices that were
dripping from your honey hole. As his tongue touched your
now very sensitive clit you almost starting cumming immediately.
"Damn, that is good!" you screamed. Ted continued
to lick and you continue to suck and I continued to wait my
turn. But, I didn’t mind waiting. I was having a great time
watching and I knew when I did fuck you that it would be the
best orgasm I had had in a long time. This day is far from over.
Almost simultaneously Bob started shooting his load and
Ted’s tongue did its trick. You began to spasm and as you
did you pulled back just far enough off Bob’s cock that he
shot his load onto your cheek. Cum was running down your
check and your tongue darted out trying to catch it. You
found this funny and started to laugh but found it hard to
laugh and cum at the same time. Your whole body was having
a wonderful spasm as your tongue was licking your lips.
Bob sat down on the cart’s rear fender as Ted grabbed your
hips and flipped you over. You were still cumming as he placed
his cock at the entrance to your pussy. Your pussy seemed
to reach out and grab him and pull him into your dark wet tunnel
of love. As he slid in he immediately starting fucking you
and you almost immediately starting cumming again. "Holy
shit" you screamed. "I am exploding"
You grabbed Ted’s shoulders and tried to hold on as this
new orgasm swept you over rolling spasm after rolling spasm.
You had no control over your body and could not match Ted’s
thrusts but he didn’t seem to mind. He thrust harder and
faster each time. Like a piston generating more and more
horsepower, Ted rammed you and rammed you until he exploded.
Even those of us watching almost saw the fireworks that
we knew you and Ted must have been seeing. We were all amazed
at the distinct and obvious power that the two of you produced.
Your body finally went totally limp and for a moment I thought
you had fainted. Ted looked down and asked, "Are you
okay?" "Oh, yes, that was wonderful’"
you replied and you raised your head just enough to smile
at me.
I was sure that you had to be exhausted. You really did look
tired and your face was flushed telling the world that you
had been having strenuous activity, but you looked happy
at the same time. Happy and content. Maybe it was time to
take you home. Maybe you had had enough for one day. "Baby,
are you tired?" I asked. "Yes, I am, but not too
tired to take one more!!" I admit that surprised me
for a minute until I realize that the one you were talking
about was a tall young black man that had just walked up to
see what was going on. I am not sure where he came from. He
was dressed casually, but not in golf shorts and shoes as
the rest of us were. He was dressed more for an afternoon
picnic than for golf. "What’s going on here?"
he asked as he approached. "Oh, I was showing everyone
a trick, " you replied. "A trick huh. Show me, "
he said with everyone watching and wondering what was about
to happen.
"I will be glad to, " you said and added very brazenly,
"I was showing them how to make their cocks disappear
into my pussy." "Oh, really, " he chuckled.
"Well, see you make this one disappear", and
with that he pulled out what must have been 10 inches of hard
iron. I have seen big cocks before in magazines and movies,
but they usually tend to fall a little or be flexible. It
is almost impossible to pump enough blood into a long cock
to keep the whole thing rock solid. But, this stud’s cock
was as hard as steel pointing straight at you. Your eyes
seem to bug out in shock as you looked at his tool and I wondered
if you were up to the challenge. But, you were also smiling
that wicked little smile that says you definitely want
to try.
You leaned over and took his rod in your mouth. Your lips
stretched to encircle his thick hard offering. There was
no way you could get it all in your mouth but you were able
to take more than half of it without gagging. This unidentified
guest placed his black hands on your head and seemed to push
you down on his tool even further but not so far as to cause
you a problem. You sucked with pleasure and definitely
gave him pleasure in return. Up and down his shaft you went
with your tongue darting around the rod. He would release
his grip in your head now and then and allow you to pull back
far enough to lick the tip of his cock and tongue his balls.
He had huge balls swaying between his legs. The more excited
he became the faster his balls swayed. "Oh, I love
this!" you moaned. "Please fuck me with your
giant cock! Please, I have to feel it in my pussy."
you begged. He seemed willing to oblige as he once again
leaned you back on the cart seat. As he started to enter you
I had to look at his cock one more time and I was actually concerned
that that monstrous rod would injure you.
But, to my surprise it slid it like it was custom made to fit
your pussy. And, the expression on your face said it felt
very good. Your arms went around this black stud’s shoulders
and his hands grabbed your hips. "Fuck me now, fuck
me hard!’ you screamed. And, he went to work like a piston
time and time again slamming into your pussy with force
and energy. The cart shook from the force of his thrusts.
The air was filled with the scent of sweating bodies and
the musk of sexual energy. I looked around and all the golfers
watching were in awe and every man present had a hard on.
Maybe they wanted you again or maybe they just couldn’t
control their own erection as they watched what had to be
the highest energy fuck they had ever seen. "Fuck
me you son of a bitch" you screamed not even knowing
what you were saying in your exuberant state. "I will
fuck you you fucking slut" he replied also lost in
the energy of the moment. "Take that bitch, take it
all!!" And, you did take it all. Ten inches of hard
black steel was ramming you over and over again and you loved
I don’t’ really know how many times you came but he finally
starting jerking and we knew he was on the verge of releasing
a torrent of cum. Sure enough as his cock was throbbing and
blasting wave after wave of cum into your love cave cum began
to pour from your pussy. I have never seen any one cum as much
as he did. As it ran onto the cart seat you lay motionless
unable to move, almost unable to breath. But you did manage
to look at me and I knew you were through. This black man had
put the crowning finish on your day of golf. It was funny
but he disappeared as fast as he had shown up. Within seconds
of cumming, he was gone never telling us his name. You didn’t
mind too much. The mystery made it even better.
I helped you to your feet. You were staggering a little.
The guys around us started moving away, but a few did say
"thanks". I knew they would all remember this
day and the blond lady that took their breath away!!!


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I would have liked to be playing in that foursome. The only
hot gals I see on our local course are the ones selling drinks
on the course. But just like shooting a par round, at guy
can hope to experience such an experience.