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~ Seductively Social Saturday~



Seduction is carefully planned and can be very time consuming.
Seduction can also be completely unexpected and even more
powerful when it occurs in a social setting. Seduction,
no matter the situation, can be well worth the wait...


I wake up early this nice sunny Saturday morning after spending
the night with you to the sound of a running shower. Rubbing
the sleepiness from my eyes, I take a look around and find
myself lying naked on your bed. Glancing at the clock I see
it's just after 7 a.m.

I sit up on your bed, spin and let my feet land lightly on the
floor, and I grab my backpack. As I yawn I take out a t-shirt
and a pair of jean shorts from my backpack and slip them on,
forgetting to wear boxers. Then I stand up and walk around
your room and pick up my other clothes and set them back in
my backpack.

I toss my backpack at the end of your bed on the floor and then
I wander outside to your kitchen. I pour myself a glass of
milk and grab a doughnut and I go over to the couch and watch
some cartoons on the TV.


A few minutes later I hear the shower shut off and just a little
while after that you walk over to the couch dressed in a tight
tank top and cut offs. I smile at you as you sit down next to
me. You kiss me softly and I return the kiss even softer.

"Hey there gorgeous, " I say with a smile as
I give you half of my doughnut and my glass half full of milk.
"Here, have this. I don't have much for an appetite

"That's surprising, " you say as you take
the milk and the doughnut. "After some of the things
we did last night, you should be hungry enough to eat a horse.
I know I am." Grinning, you take a bite of the doughnut
and then drink some milk.

"Yeah..." I say with a slight grin as I think
about last night. "Last night was... interesting.
Still, I'm not hungry."

"Oh, well that's OK, " you say with a smile.
"Breakfast ain't the best meal time in my opinion



Hearing the phone ring, I jump up and answer it as you continue
to eat the doughnut and finish off the milk.

"Hello, " I answer.

"Hey. You must be Chris, " the feminine voice
on the other end of the phone said.

"Yes, that's me. Who am I speaking to?"
I ask.

"Oh, this is Cassi. I'm one of Tasha's friends.
What are you and Tasha planning today?" she asks.

"Nothing. We're just going with the flow. Why?
What's up?" I reply.

"Well, me and Jessica were wondering if you two wanna
go to the mall today? We figured we could hang out there today
and then go to that free Santana concert tonight, "
she answers.

"Hold on, I'll ask, " I say just before
I take the receiver from my ear and look over at you. "Cassi
and Jessica wanna know if we could hang out with them at the
mall today, " I say to you.

"Sounds like fun!" you reply as you get up from
the couch and go over to the kitchen.

Talking back into the phone I say, "Yeah, that sounds
fun. When and where do you wanna meet?"

"Tasha knows where my house is, " Cassi says
to me. "Jessica's already over here so you two
come on over whenever you're ready."

"OK. Cool, see you both then" I reply.

"Later, " Cassi says before she hangs up the

I hang up the phone and spin around and you are standing there.
You kiss me softly and quickly and I kiss you back. Then I

"Let's get ready for the mall" I say as I
go into your room and grab my backpack. Walking back out
to the kitchen and living room I say "OK, I'm ready."

You shake your head, laugh, grab your purse, and then we
walk out the door.


Fifteen minutes later we arrive at Cassi's house.
We had decided to take my Jeep since there was more room for
the four of us and because it had a removable top so it was
cooler to be in during the warm summer day.

I decide not to bother to get out of the Jeep so instead I honk
the horn and wait. By the third honk Cassi and Jessica come
out of the front door of the house, both wearing t-shirts,
shorts, and sandals, and they run up to us. They grin at seeing
the Jeep and jump in the back.

"Y'all ready to go to the mall?" I ask as
I back the Jeep up onto the road and then shift it into drive.

"Ready!" all three of you say in unison and then

I just shake my head and grin and we are off to the mall!


We wander in the mall and I tag along carrying bags as you
three go shopping in various stores. By the time it gets
to be 10:30 a.m. this morning I'm already carrying
11 bags of all sizes mostly holding clothing. None of these
are mine because as I've said, only you three are shopping.

I stop to get a soda and then I catch back up with you and Jessica.

"Where's Cassi at?" I ask as I readjust
some of the bags on my shoulders.

"Oh, she went back out to your Jeep for something, "
you say just before you kiss me softly.

I return the kiss and then I think for a second. (And that
was a figure of speech. I can think longer than a second!)

"I think I'm gonna go to the Jeep to and drop off
these bags. I'll go see what Cassi's doing and
then maybe we can all have some lunch, " I say as I readjust
the bags again.

"Ok, we'll meet you in Taco Bell, " you
say as you and Jessica continue walking along.

I spin around and walk away from you two and head out towards
the exit of the mall. Just as I reach it I look out the window
and see Cassi sitting in the front of the Jeep.


I walk outside and make it about three steps and then I stop.
I glance ahead at Cassi in my Jeep and I notice she's
sitting right between the middle of the two front seats.
I think to myself "OK, this is kinda weird, I wonder
what she's doing, " and then I take one more step
and see she's rocking back and forth towards the windshield
and then back against the seats, over and over again.

"Oh... my... God..." I say to myself in a whisper
as I realize what's going on. "She CAN'T
be doing THAT!"

Not believing my eyes, I sneak over to a large black van that's
parked just ahead of the Jeep and I look through it's
windows to where Cassi is. I still have trouble believing
my eyes but there she is, rocking back and forth in the front
of my Jeep, with her shorts and panties pulled down to her
ankles, pleasing herself using a small but long object
that looks like ... well, I'm sure you know what it is.
She's biting her lip, and as she pleases herself there
in the 90 degree heat. Her sweat makes her t-shirt stick
to her body.

"My God... Cassi..." I think to myself. "We're
right here at the mall for Christ's sake..."

Then as I watch her for a little while more, I notice she's
getting herself closer to reaching the edge. I also realize
two other important things.

1. I came out here to put these shopping bags I'm holding
into my Jeep.

2. If someone, especially the owner of this van, sees me
looking through the window over at Cassi, they'll
think I'm some kind of perv, and I'm really not.

Grinning to myself, I decide to be evil. I walk around the
van as if I had just walked out of the mall.

Just as I walk past the van and reach the rear of the Jeep,
Cassi reaches the point of no return, pulls her little toy
out of herself, and then to my surprise, she leans up and
sets herself down on the manual gear shifter of the Jeep.
"Manual gear shifter" takes on a whole new meaning

I stand there silently and grin to myself as she bites her
lip, lets out a little moan, and climaxes while she rides
up and down on the shifter.

That's my cue. Time for me to be evil.


"Ahem!" I clear my throat loudly as I set a few
bags into the cargo area of the Jeep.

Cassi opens her eyes suddenly, looks in the review mirror,
and sees me standing there with a grin as I set the rest of
the bags into the Jeep's cargo area. Within seconds
she pulls herself up off the shifter, pulls her panties
and shorts back up, and gets really red, nervous, and embarrassed.

"I... uh... I..." Cassi stutters as she quickly
tosses her dildo in her purse and grabs a Kleenex and wipes
her cum off the shifter, apparently hoping I wouldn't
notice that.

"You were just testing the transmission?"
I offer with a grin.

"Oh very funny!" she says as she grabs her purse,
climbs out of the Jeep, lightly punches my shoulder, and
wipes some of the sweat from her face. "How long were
you standing there watching me anyway?"

"I just came here from in the mall. I haven't been
here very long. I had all those bags to put up. Looks like
you just came here too, " I answer, still grinning
as I motion over towards the gear shifter.

"Ha ha!" she says sarcastically. "So
I suppose you're gonna tell Tasha and Jessica about

"You never know. I might if I need to, " I say
with a smirk.

"Are you blackmailing me?" Cassi asks with
hands on her hips.

"Maybe, maybe not, " I answer. "Why did
you decide to have that "fun" anyway?"

"Ironically I was thinking about some wild things
Tasha's told me about that you and her have done. I wanted
to be as wild as she was then and so today I finally got enough
nerve to try something. I kinda thought I might get caught,
but I never realized it'd be YOU who would catch me, "
Cassi answered.

"What is it with you girls and exhibitionism? Do ALL
of you like it that much?" I say with a grin.

"Yeah... we just get so turned on by others watching
us in public places, " she says sarcastically.

"You may be joking Cassi, but from what I've seen,
there might just be a little truth to that, " I answer.

She just laughs and finally calms back down to normal.

Glancing at my watch, I see it's just after 11:15 a.m.

"Come on, " I say with an "again"
under my breath. "They're expecting us inside
the mall for lunch. I'm sure you've gotta be hungry

"Oh I am, " Cassi says with a mischievous grin
as she and I head back to the mall.

"Where are we eating?" she asks as we walk inside
the cool mall from the heat outside.

As her shirt sticks to her body I notice her nipples are visible,
even through the bra she's wearing. It must be cooler
inside. Heheh... there's the proof.

"Taco Bell, " I tell her. Then we head there
to eat our lunch.


Almost two hours later at just after 1 p.m. we are still in
the mall and I'm following you around as you shop while
Jessica is searching the mall for guys and Cassi is shopping
in the store next door to the one we're in. As with most
of the stores we've been in today, this is yet another
clothing store.

"Here, " you say as you give me your purse and
hold up a pair of jeans. "I'm gonna go try these

"They look a little tight, " I say to you.

"They are, " you reply with a grin. "Be
right back."

I wait patiently as you go into one of the six dressing rooms
to try on those jeans.

After a few minutes, you peek your head out from the dressing
room, see me, and ask, "Could you help me get these
on? I didn't realize they were this tight."

I laugh and agree and then wander over to your dressing room.


I walk in, close and lock the door behind me, and then look
at you. There you stand before me in the little cubicle with
your cut offs over on the floor, dressed now in your tank
top and panties, with the new tight pair of jeans up to your
hips being held by your hands.

You smile at me as I smile back, set your purse down on the
floor, walk a few steps to you, and kiss you softly. You kiss
me back and whisper, "I love you."

"I love you too, " I whisper back as I grab a hold
of your jeans. "Now, let's get these on."

We grin at each other and then you set your hands on my shoulders
and move your hips from side while I lift and wiggle your
jeans up and eventually over your hips. Then I button and
zip them up for you.

"You look great in those, " I say after I back
up and you spin around slowly a few times.

"Thanks, " you say in little more than a whisper.
"Now, help me get these off."

I step back up to you, grin, and kiss you deeply. You return
the kiss with your own grin.

"Sit down on that bench behind you, " I say after
I unbutton and lower the zipper of your jeans.

Shrugging your shoulders, you agree and sit on the bench.
Then you lift yourself up a little off the bench with your
hands and arms as I wiggle the jeans back and forth and move
them slowly back down your hips. You close your eyes and
try your best to wiggle out of them also.

Then with one swift tug I pull your jeans down to your knees.

You open your eyes and look down and notice that not only
are the jeans down to your knees, but that your panties are
at your knees as well, exposing your lower body to the air
and both of our eyes.

"Chris!" you say with a hint of surprise.

"Oops!" I say innocently as I hide my grin. "Here,
I'll fix it."

And just after I say that, I pull both articles of clothing
down your legs the rest of the way completely off and toss
them both to the side.


Oh my God!" you say as you look at me, fully surprised
but still showing a slight hint of a smile on your face. "Chris!
That doesn't fix anything!"

Looking across at your exposed sensitive skin I can already
see you're getting wet and your clit is just barely
visible as it peeks out from under the lips that cover it.

Grinning and looking back up into your eyes, I reply, "Maybe
not Tasha. But I know this will." And with that, I pull
your legs up on my shoulders, spreading them apart, and
I dive down and I attack your sensitive skin with my tongue
and mouth.

"Mmmm!" you moan out a little loudly as you're
caught off guard. You open your legs up wider, giving me
more access, and you move your hips to match the movements
of my mouth.

"I can't believe this, " you say through
gritted teeth, keeping moans from escaping. "This
is so exciting. Mmmm!" you moan out again as my tongue
finds your clit.

"Yesssssss...... make me COME!" you order
as you move your hips against me faster and more firmly.
Then realizing someone might hear you, you reach your hand
up, grab the bottom of your tank top, and pull it up to your
mouth and bite down on it, improvising an effective gag
and exposing your breasts at the same time.

Glancing up and seeing your bare beautiful breasts, I move
my mouth up and kiss my way up to them, while sliding two of
my fingers inside you and rubbing your clit with my thumb
. I kiss around your right breast in gradually shrinking
circles, getting closer and closer to your hard nipple.

My mouth encircles your right nipple and my tongue swirls
around it in circles. Then I suck on it lightly and bite it
playfully before moving to the left and teasing your other
breast. My fingers and my tongue move faster and eventually
even with your shirt in your mouth you still moan loudly.

I kiss my way back down to your sensitive skin and I lick your
clit with my tongue as my two fingers continue to slide in
and out of you. I press my fingers up against your pubic bone
as I lick your clit firmly and this sends you over the edge.

"MMMM!" you moan very loudly through your shirt
as your back arches and 3 powerful orgasms flow through
you, one right after another. I hold you as you shake and
try to recover. You let your shirt fall down to the top of
your breasts and you take very deep breaths.

About five minutes later you recover enough to stand with
a little of my help. We manage to get you dressed again in
your panties and shorts and then we stand there together
for a few more minutes with you wrapped in my arms and kissing
me deeply over and over again.

"I love you so much Chris..." you tell me a few
moments later.

"I love you that much and more Tasha, " I reply
with a smile and soft kiss. "C'mon. Go buy these
jeans and then we can go find Cassi and Jessica."

You grin and then we walk out of the dressing room together.


Soon after, somewhere around 1:30 p.m., we meet back up
with Cassi and Jessica and decide to go hang out back at Cassi's
house for awhile until the dance later tonight. So we all
jump back in my Jeep and a little over an hour later we arrive
at Cassi's house.


"It's gotta be over 100 degrees out here in the
sun, " I say as I wipe the sweat from my brow and take
off my shirt and toss it in my Jeep. I had just moved ALL the
shopping bags except yours into Cassi's house while
you three sat down in front of the house and watched me from
the shade.

The three of you whistle at me after I toss my shirt into the
Jeep and then you laugh. I just stick my tongue out at all
of you and grin.

"What should we do now?" Cassi asks the two of

You and Jessica shrug your shoulders and you look up at me.
"Got any ideas?"

"Hmm..." I think to myself as I glance around.
"It's a nice, really warm day. How about we do
something out here in the yard? It's too nice to go in
the house" I suggest to you.

"Like what?" you ask.

"Wanna wrestle?" I ask with a grin as I crack
my knuckles.

"Oh come on!" Jessica says as she stands up.
"Look at you! None of us have a chance against a big
tall guy like yourself. That'd be no fair and you know

"What if I'd take on all three of you?" I
ask with a raised eyebrow.

"At the same time?" Cassi asks as she stands
up beside Jessica. Following suit, you stand up on the other
side of Jessica and just grin at me, saying nothing.

"Yeah. Maybe it's unfair for one of you to wrestle
me, but all three of you sounds MORE than fair" I say
with a grin as I move to the center of the front yard.

"Cool! Let's wrestle!" Cassi says excitedly.

"C'mon girls, " Jessica says with a grin.
"Let's show him just how fair it is!"

The three of you surround me from all sides.

What is about to happen next happens faster than I can explain

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!


"C'mon you wimps! GET ME IF YOU CAN!" I say
with extra confidence in my voice.

You run at me first but I take a step back and you run past me.
With a little push on your back you run right into Cassi and
then you both fall to the ground. Then Jessica grins at me
and runs right for me.

I manage to dodge her and she runs past me but she surprises
me with a dive and quick slide of her leg right along my feet.
I trip over her leg and I fall. Jessica tries to pounce on
me but I easily flip her over me and to the side. Quickly I
jump back to my feet just as the three of you do the same.

Thinking Jessica had been the most challenging of all of
you so far, I turn to face her. This leaves you and Cassi behind

"You're good, " I say as I walk toward her
slowly and calmly. "But not good enough!"

Jessica just grins at me and I look at her with a confused
look on my face. Did I say something funny?

Just then you run and jump on my back from behind. I keep my
balance and grab your legs just at the end of your cut offs
as if I were giving you a piggy-back ride. You laugh and try
your best to knock me off my feet but I stay standing.

Cassi sees this as her big break and she runs up behind the
both of us. In a futile attempt to knock me over, she tries
to jump up on your back as you're held up there on mine.
However, she falls right off your back and lands back on
the ground.

Annoyed that she didn't accomplish that move, Cassi
then decides to pull back on your shirt to pull you and hopefully
me backwards to the ground. Great idea... bad turn out in
the summer heat.

She grabs the back of your shirt and pulls back hard with
all her might. You try your best to hold on to my shoulders
to pull me back with you, but since it's so warm out today
the sweat on my body makes your hands lose their grip and
you fall back horizontal, held up now by my hands on your
legs and shorts.

Cassi, however, is DETERMINED to help get me down so she
keeps on pulling.

Seconds later, you accidentally relax the muscles in your
arms and hands, and by the force of Cassi's constant
pulling, your arms are pulled back behind your head and
not even a second later your shirt is pulled off your sweat
covered, and now bare, upper body.

You gasp in embarrassment and surprise at this new turn
of events. I glance back around and see you now lying back
with your head on the ground, topless. I just grin. "Argh!"
Cassi screams in frustration as she gets up from the ground
and tosses your shirt away to the side. She had fallen on
the ground when you had lost your shirt to her pulling.

More determined now than ever to get me to the ground and
win, Cassi grabs your arms and pulls you back up horizontal.
I consider letting go of your legs and in the process ruin
Cassi's plans, but I decide to wait and see what will
happen next.

"Cassi, let go of me, " you say. "He won't
go down this way."

"To HELL he won't!" Cassi says just before
she pulls back hard on your arms.

I hold your legs and keep my balance, then I realize something.
Where's Jessica?

As if to answer my thought, Jessica walks around and stands
next to Cassi. She takes her own shirt off, leaving her in
her gray sports bra and her shorts. Then she uses her shirt
as a towel and wipes her hands clean of the sweat they have.

Cassi relaxes and just holds you there in mid-air.

"Here, " Jessica says as she grabs your hands
after tossing her shirt to Cassi. "Dry off your hands
and let's pull em both down."

Cassi does as ordered and then grabs your right arm as Jessica
holds your left.

"On the count of three..." Jessica says.

Cassi nods.

I realize I'm gonna lose my grip on your legs because
of the sweat on both our bodies so I grab a tighter hold on
your shorts to keep you where you are.

"One... two..."

"Oh God..." you whisper before closing your
eyes and gritting your teeth.


Cassi and Jessica pull with all their might on your arms
to pull me to the ground.

I stumble back a few steps at first and then I gain my balance
and plant my feet firmly on the ground.

Cassi and Jessica nod to each other and pull back again.

The next thing I know you're back lying on the ground
behind me and I'm holding your shorts in my hands. I
drop your shorts and spin to face all three of you.


There the three of you are, on the ground. You're lying
there clad now only in your panties. Jessica sits behind
you and to your left, still wearing her shorts and bra. Cassi
sits behind you and to your right, still wearing all her
clothes. And all three of you are out of breath.

I grin at all of you and set my hands on my hips.

"Tsk Tsk. Look who's STILL standing..."
I say with a smirk. "You girls ain't even got me
breathing heavy yet!"

the Amazon-Wanna-be says as she stands up, now very frustrated,
determined, and angry.

"Bring it on!" I say with a grin.

This is funny, from my point of view.

Cassi hops over you and starts to run towards me, but Jessica
reaches up and grabs her by the back of her shorts and holds
her back. As Cassi struggles to get free, Jessica says "Cassi!
You can't get him by yourself! Calm down!"

"NO! HE'S GOING DOWN, DAMN IT!" Cassi screams
just before she yanks her own shorts down her legs and jumps
out of them, leaving her in her top and panties. Then she
runs at me again.

I don't have time to dodge her, so instead, I let her
run up to me and then I flip her up and over myself and she lands
behind me on her butt with an "Ooof!" and a few
seconds later I hear "What the Hell?" from her.

In a rather stupid move on my part, I spin halfway back to
make sure she's OK.

I soon regret doing that...


Just as I spin to check on Cassi, both you and Jessica jump
up to your feet. I spin back to face you two just as you both
run and hit me as hard and fast as you each can with your bodies.

I stumble back and my feet flip out from under me when they
reach Cassi's body. I try to keep my balance but within
two more seconds I fall to the ground and I soon am lying on
my back just beyond where Cassi was.

Before I even know to react, all three of you are on top of
me. You're sitting on my chest, Jessica is sitting
back on my legs below my knees to keep me from moving them,
and Cassi has pulled my hands back behind my head and is sitting
on them.

I'm fully pinned now. I can't believe it.

Suddenly, I realize a few things...

1. I'm pinned and it may take some creative effort on
my part to even have a chance of getting free.

2. You and Cassi are wearing only your panties (and Cassi
still has her top on) and are sitting on me to pin me. By pure
accident and by the situation in general, I can feel that
both you and Cassi are wet. Now... this could be caused by
sweating due to the heat or by sexual arousal. I have a feeling
it is probably a factor of both.

I grin.

"Do you give up yet Chris?" you ask with a grin.
"I don't give up that easily Tasha. Especially
to girls, " I say just before I stick out my tongue.

"Well... how can you wrestle now? We have you pinned!
You can't get away, " Cassi says from behind

"I'll find a way out of this, " I reply as
I think of various possibilities.

"Yeah right. He's just trying to mess with our
heads, " Jessica says confidently. "He's
lost the battle and he knows it."

"I may have lost the battle Jessica, " I answer
her. "But there's still the war to be won!"

It's time for me to be like Houdini and escape from the


I can't move my arms, I can't move my legs, and I
can't move my body. So how do I escape?

Don't think of the problem. Think of the solution.

To escape I must be able to move these girls off of me. So,
what can I move?

I can move my toes, I can move my head, and I can move my fingers.

My toes can't reach Jessica and my head can't bend
far enough up to reach you.

My fingers CAN touch Cassi though. She's sitting on
them at the moment. So they're already touching her...

Every situation has its own weakness. I think I just found
the weakness in this one. Heheh....


This may seem like minutes have passed with everyone being
silent. In reality, it's only been seconds.

"Forgive me, my love" I whisper to you. You look
at me, confused.

"There's nothing to be forgiven for, love"
you reply.

I simply nod and grin slightly. Then I move my fingers just
a little.

In response to my touch, Cassi tries to shift her body back
to get away from my fingers. Unfortunately for her, my fingers
now rest just below her panty-covered sensitive skin.

I rubs my fingers firmly against her panties along her sensitive
skin. Then I push two of my fingers up inside her, which pushes
her panties up inside her as well.

"Eeeek!" Cassi shrieks in surprise as she jumps
up off my hands and stands up.

'Thank you Cassi, ' I think to myself.

Time to escape!


Within seconds, my now free arms and hands fly ahead and
grab your arms, surprising you. Then I push you off to the
side of me and I roll myself to my other side away from you.
Jessica manages to stay where she's at and just lifts
herself up off me a little.

I get up to my hands and knees to scramble away and that's
when Jessica sits back down on my lower legs, holding me
there. In an attempt to scare her, I turn my head back to look
at her and I growl at her angrily.

She grins.

"Where do you think you're going, Tiger?"
she asks with a laugh.

"I'm going to win this wrestling match, "
I say as I force myself and Jessica ahead about another foot.

"Oh, I don't think so big boy" Jessica says
as she reaches ahead and grabs the back of my shorts, keeping
me from moving ahead more.

"Fine, " I say through gritted teeth, now annoyed
that I can't get away from girls in a wrestling match.
"I was trying to be nice.... but why don't you

With that I use all my strength to stand myself up and throw
Jessica off me at the same time in the process. Jessica falls
to the ground behind me but she doesn't let go of my shorts.

I wish right then that she had.

As she falls to the ground, she keeps a hold of my shorts.
As I stand up quickly, she keeps a hold of my shorts. And as
they fall to my ankles by the force of the two last mentioned
actions, she continues to hold on to my shorts.

Suddenly I lose my breath and I freeze as I realize something.

I am now basically naked. I stand here now, in Cassi's
front yard, in front of all three of you girls, in the wide
open air, and I am completely nude, with the exception of
my shorts down at my ankles.

There is dead silence for what seems like forever but is
only a few seconds to a minute.


Jessica looks at me with a look of surprise on her face, then
she looks over at the two of you. Then all three of you grin
and look back at me.

Jessica says in a soft voice "Step out of them, Chris."

For some reason instead of pulling my shorts back up like
every nerve in me is telling me to, I simply step out of them
as ordered.

I freeze again.

"You... win..." I manage to say in a small whisper
somehow even though I'm not breathing.

All three of you look at each other in surprise and then look
back at me.

"Chris..." you say in a soft voice. "It's
OK. Breathe... please..."

I make it a few steps ahead and then I slowly fall to the ground,
lie on my back, and I faint.

The last thing I hear before I black out is Jessica saying
"I... didn't mean to... I didn't know he...
wasn't wearing underwear... heheh, but now I'm
glad he wasn't..."


I wake up only a few moments later and it's close to 3
p.m. When I open my eyes, Jessica and Cassi are standing
up by my feet looking at me and grinning, and you are kneeling
down next to me and you are smiling at me.

"Welcome to the Wonderful World of Exhibitionism, "
you say with a grin. As if to prove your point even more than
it obviously is now, you slide your hand down my chest and
then you stroke my ever-harder growing erection, right
there in front of Cassi and Jessica.

"Tasha! Geez!" Cassi says with a giggle. "I
think it's bad enough for him without his clothes on!
Don't make it worse!"

You turn and look at your two friends and exchange quick

Jessica looks at your hand moving up and down on me. "Well,
you've got him all excited now. It can't be good
to get him started like that and then not finish it, "
she says with giggles and a grin.

Cassi slowly nods in agreement. To my surprise, so do you.

As they speak to you, I consider the situation as it is now.

I'm lying on the ground naked. Cassi is standing there
next to Jessica and she is wearing her panties, her shirt,
and her bra. Jessica is wearing her bra and her shorts (and
panties underneath I assume). You are wearing ONLY your
panties and you are kneeling next to me AND stroking me to
a very hard and full erection.

God have mercy. How did we end up like this?

God have mercy. I've died and gone to heaven.

"Look at him" Jessica says to Cassi. "I've
never seen any guy that well hung."

"Jessica!" Cassi says with a laugh and a nudge
to her shoulder.

Turning her attention back to you and me, Jessica says in
a calm, rather authoritative voice "Finish him off,
Tasha. Make him come. You started it and we all know he wants
it. Hell, we, " she adds as she motions to herself
and Cassi "wanna watch too." Then she grins
and whispers something to Cassi.

"Wait, " Jessica says with a wide grin as she
turns to look at you.

You turn back to her with a raised eyebrow.

"Me and Cassi want to see him bring himself off, "
Jessica says, still grinning.

"Yeah!" Cassi says enthusiastically. "We
won the wrestling match. Consider this as our prize!"

You grin back to both of them and then you turn to me as you
continue to slowly stroke me.

"Well love, " you say as you stop, stand up,
and move back beside Jessica. "You heard them. Get

"You can't be serious, " I say as I sit up
on my left arm.

The three of you look at each other, grin, nod, and look back
at me.

"Oh we are, " Jessica replies.

"C'mon..." Cassi says with the same grin
as you and Jessica have. "Show us our prize baby!"

"Yeah sexy, " you add. "Put those muscles
of yours to work. Let's see some of that white stuff."

"Fine" I sigh. "One condition though, "
I say with a slight grin.

The three of you whisper to each other in a type of huddle
and then look back at me.

"Anything you want, sexy, " you say with a grin.

"If I come, we all cuome, " I reply. I can't
believe I just said that.

Before you can reply, Jessica simply says with a grin "Agreed.
After all, friends have fun together."


I grin and then begin to stroke myself slowly with my right

I can't believe I've just went from fainting to
pleasing myself in front of all of you.

All eyes are on my hand except my own. My eyes are on the three
of you.

As my hand runs up and down along my erection, teasing me
to such a point of pleasure that I have to moan softly and
bite my lip, the three of you naturally by instinct begin
to tease and please yourselves.

Cassi's left hand drifts down to her panties and slips
inside them while her right hand rubs her breast through
her bra and shirt and soon she moans softly and moves her
hips a little in motion to her fingers. Her eyes never once
leave my hand and my erection except for when they close
occasionally for a few seconds at a time.

Jessica appears to be just as determined to please herself
as Cassi was to pin me to the ground. As she continues to watch
me, she licks her lips and unbuttons her shorts and slides
down her legs to her ankles. She kicks them off to the side
and then she pulls down her already soaked panties to her
ankles and soon they join her shorts on the ground. Finally,
she sits down on the ground, spreads her legs wide, and slides
three of her own fingers inside herself.

I watch her intently as she slides her fingers along her
very wet and excited sensitive skin, up and down the length
of herself a few times, before she finally slides each one
inside herself slowly, one at a time.

I moan softly and stroke my erection firmly and faster.

Not wanting to be out done by your friends, you slowly walk
up to me as you squeeze your breasts together and pinch your
own nipples lightly.

I can't believe this is happening. This is so INTENSE!
I can't even begin to describe the feeling.

I moan again and stroke myself a little faster.

"I want YOUR fingers inside me, " you say as
you stand to my left side.

How could I resist an offer like that at a time like this?

Without words, I lay down on my back and continue to stroke
myself with my right hand as I reach my left hand up to your
panties and literally rip them from your body. Then you
open your legs up and I slide two of my fingers up inside you.

As if on some cue, all four of us moan at the same time.

You lower yourself and my left hand to the ground and you
begin to ride up and down on my fingers, pushing them up deep
inside you.

Everyone sees this and it seems to turn us all on even more.
Again, as if on some cue, we all moan softly and everyone
increases their own movements.

I feel the pleasure well up inside of me and in response I
stroke myself very firm and very fast, then I tease myself
by slowing down, before speeding up again.

You feel the pleasure well up inside of yourself and so you
ride on my fingers faster and harder and you squeeze and
massage your breasts more.

Cassi feels the pleasure well up inside her and any modesty
she has had until now is gone. She lifts her shirt up and off
and tosses it to the side, then she leans back against the
wall of her house. She reaches down and tears away at her
panties and within seconds they lie on the ground, ripped
so badly they'll never be able to be worn again. She
then reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra and throws
it off her body to the ground quickly. Now naked, she slides
two of her fingers inside herself and then sits down on them
and begins to ride up and down like you are doing to my fingers
as she uses the wall of her house for support.

Jessica, meanwhile, feels the pleasure well up inside
her so much that her hands race up to her chest and they rip
her sports bra at its center and then push each half to the
side, exposing her breasts. As if her breasts are in a desperate
need to be massaged (and at this point I'm sure that
to Jessica they are), she firmly rubs one of her breasts
with her hand and lifts it up to her mouth. Three of her fingers
from her other hand slide down and back inside her as her
tongue races over her nipple.

The strong heat of this summer day and this very erotic situation
sends all four of us into a frenzy!

"Mmm! Yes! Mmm!" Jessica moans as she teases
herself. Looking over at me lustfully, she says "Come
for me Chris! Come for all of us!"

"God... this is getting me so turned on!" Cassi
says between deep breaths and moans.

"I'm... *moan* almost... *moan* there..."
I manage to say as I stroke myself more.

"Mmmm! Me too! God this is so hot...." you moan
out before biting on your lip.

We continue with all our movements, increasing them and
adding to them, and eventually our pleasures build up so
much they send us to the edge.

Then it happens. We all jump over that edge at the same time.

Again, as if we are all on the same cue, we all tense up at once.

My body tenses and I moan out loudly in almost a scream. My
eyes roll back in my head and I pump my erection more as I shudder
and my cum shoots up in the air and then out on the grass between
my legs over and over again. For the longest time it feels
like I could never stop. For all that time, I never want it

Your body tenses and I feel your muscles around my fingers
clamp up. You scream out "I'M COMING! MMMM! OH
GOD! YES! OH GOD! OH GOD! MMMM!" and just as I come,
I feel a flood of your juices flow out of you and down my fingers
and hand and into the grass.

At the same time, both of Jessica's hands are working
on her sensitive skin with three of the fingers of one going
very fast inside her while the other hand rubs back and forth
on her clit. Her body tenses up and she arches her back and
forcefully moves her fingers and hips together in a strong
rhythm. She moans loudly "I'M COMING TOO! "
and then she flies through her own set of orgasms.

Cassi thrusts her legs and lower body out and leans her back
hard against the wall of her house. Her thumb and index finger
of her right hand pinches her left nipple as she thrusts
two of her other hand's fingers deep inside herself
over and over. Her body tenses up and she simply moans loudly
and whimpers and moans again as she moves her two fingers
up to her mouth and sucks on them firmly while she flows through
waves of orgasms and her cum flows out between her legs and
lands on the ground beneath her.

I have no idea how long this lasts. I have no idea how many
times this happens over and over again to all four of us.
All I know is that it IS happening and it feels very powerful
and very good.


Eventually at some point a while later we slow down and then
stop to recover. You and Cassi slump down to the ground and
we all lay there where we are, exhausted and very spent,
trying to recover.

"Oh my God..." I say between very deep breaths.
"I have NEVER felt anything like that..."

"Now that was some prize..." Jessica replies
with a laugh as she catches her breath.

"If this is what we get for wrestling you Chris, "
you say as you glance over at me while laying beside me and
catching your breath, "then we should wrestle more

I just grin and we all laugh.

"I never knew staying at home on a Saturday could be
so fun..." Cassi says as she looks up at the sky.

We laugh a little more and I sit up slowly and look around.

Jessica is lying on the ground in front of me and she's
grinning. Cassi is to her right, lying beside her house,
looking up at the sky and smiling dreamily. You are lying
next to me, smiling at me. God I love that smile of yours.

Oh yes, and another thing, we're all nude and outdoors
in Cassi's front yard. The proof (besides the obvious)
is with all our clothes spread out around the yard.

"Hey girls..." I say as I realize our situation.

"Yes sexy?" you say with a slight grin. "We're
outside... nude and outside..." I say with a raised

Jessica manages to sit up and then she looks at me. "So?"
she asks.

"We're in plain view of anyone around here would
just care to look this way..." I say with a slight grin.

Jessica grins at that idea, looks around at all of us, and
says with a little laugh, "So?"

I slap my forehead and shake my head. Why did I even bother
saying that?


"We'd better get dressed, " Cassi says
as she sits up and looks around. "Chris's right.
Any of the neighbors could see us, and with all the noise
we've made, they probably have. I know a few of them
could call the cops. So we'd better stop."

Sighing, you sit up and say, "Oh, alright, "
and then we all sigh together and then look around for our

My shorts lie on the ground just ahead of me a few feet. I crawl
over to them and slide them on.

Your panties lie on the ground next to you, ripped and no
longer wearable. Your shorts lie a few feet to your left
and your shirt lies just ahead of them. You crawl over to
them and start to put them on.

Cassi's t-shirt lies next to her and she slips it on
over her head. Her panties lie beside her too, but as with
yours, they are unwearable. Her shorts lie between me and
Jessica, so she crawls her way over to them. As she passes
by Jessica, Jessica slaps her butt lightly. Cassi just
laughs and slides her shorts on.

Jessica's bra lies next to her and it's ripped
in half. Her panties and shorts lie next to her and she slides
into them. Then she sees her shirt over near where Cassi
was just a few moments ago so she crawls over to it and puts
it on over her head.

Now we're dressed and half way decent again.

I think we all wish we didn't have to be.

The rest of you pick up your torn articles of clothing and
throw them in the dumpster.

I glance at my watch. It's close to 5 p.m. We've
spent the past 3 hours together out here in the yard.

Oh how time flies when we're having fun... Heheh....


"We should get ready if we're going to the Santana
concert tonight" I say as we all enter into Cassi's
living room a few minutes later.

I set my backpack by the couch and sit down and you sit in my
lap and set your backpack down next to mine. Jessica sits
beside us and Cassi in a chair near by.

"Yeah, " you say with a smile before you kiss
me softly.

God how I love that smile...

I return the kiss back even softer and then you pull away.

"I think we could all use a shower now, " Jessica
says with a grin.

We all grin at that.

"You can use the shower here if you want, " Cassi
tells us. "Won't be a problem or anything."

"Unless one of us is modest or something, "
you add.

We all have a good laugh at that. Modesty... what a concept.


We each take a shower and get cleaned up, dressed up, and
ready for the concert. I wait while the three of you each
take your own showers before I take mine. I'm fine with
all of you going first. After all, I was still able to take
my shower and get completely ready for the dance before
ANY of the three of you were even close to being ready.

As the three of you get ready adding makeup and fixing your
hair and stuff, I watch TV in the living room. It's about
6:30 now and I'm all set to go. As I surf through the channels
I see the ad for tonight's concert on TV.

"Live! For the first time here, it's the Master
of Guitar himself, SANTANA! He's here for tonight
only at the park area! Free admission with donations requested
to support his various charities. Don't miss the biggest
event of the year! SANTANA LIVE!"

Free admission. Good deal. FREE - The best price ever!

"C'mon girls! Get a move on! The concert starts
at 8 and we don't wanna be late!" I yell upstairs.

Finally, around 7 p.m., we're all ready for tonight's


I stand inside by the front door to Cassi's house and
I hold it open.

I'm dressed in a light blue silk shirt with a right front
pocket and dark slacks. My hair's combed and I'm
looking all spiffy and nice. As Will Smith would say, I make
this look good!

I glance up the stairs just as Jessica walks down them. She
has on a nice blue dress that fits her really well and shows
her curves, she's wearing a gold necklace and matching
earrings, and her hair is set up all fancy with a few bangs
resting over her forehead. She looks gorgeous.

She just grins at me as I stare at her. I wonder if my jaw is
to the ground yet.

As she walks outside past me to the Jeep, she gives my cheek
a quick kiss and she grins again.

I take my eyes off her and glance back to the stairs.

Cassi walks down and toward me and the door. She's wearing
a tight pair of blue jeans and she has on a white blouse. Her
outfit fits her body very well and she looks dressed to kill.
Guys will be asking her to dance a lot tonight, I can tell.

"Out to find a guy tonight?" I ask with a grin
and wink as she walks toward me.

"Yup" she grins back. "Do you think I'll
catch one?"

"You'll probably have more than one when you're
looking that good, " I answer.

She laughs lightly and gives my nose a quick kiss as she walks
past me and towards Jessica and the Jeep.

I watch her walk to the Jeep and I turn back around to the stairway.
I see you standing there at the foot of the stairs with that
smile you give only to me, and I'm speechless as I manage
to smile back.

There you stand, all dressed up and ready for the concert.
You have your hair all fancy and in curls and you have a little
makeup on and red lipstick on your lips, and you're
wearing a nice, low cut black, short, very sexy dress.

You must be an angel. Only an angel could look that beautiful.

"Hey there handsome, " you say with a slight
grin as you walk up to me, wrap your arms around my neck, and
kiss me deeply over and over again.

I return your kisses back even deeper.

You pull back and smile at me. I love that smile so much.

"I love you, " you say in a small whisper.

"I love you more, " I whisper back in a half smile,
half grin.

"Hey you two love birds!" Jessica yells at us
as we turn to look at her and Cassi in the back of the Jeep.
"Let's get a move on!"

We look back at each other, grin, and walk together hand
in hand to the Jeep. I open the passenger door for you, you
climb in and thank me, and then I shut the door, run around
to the driver's side and hop in.

"You're so sweet Chris, " Cassi says with
a smile. "I wish there were more guys like you."

I turn to look at her as I start the Jeep's engines. "There
are. We just play hard to get, " I answer with a grin.

We laugh a little and I turn back, shift the Jeep into drive,
and we're heading to the concert seconds later.


We reach a parking lot about a half of a block from the park.
Cars are parked throughout and around the park for the concert
already and it's only 7:30 p.m. We decide to park where
we're at and walk to the concert before we lose this

"It's a nice night out. Good for the concert, "
I say as I look around.

We make our way toward the center area of the park where Santana's
stage is. I'm walking in between you and Jessica and
holding on to a hand from each of you so you don't trip
and fall, since we haven't hit the lighted area of the
park just yet. Cassi is walking beside you and holding on
to your hand.

I glance around at our surrounding. I remember this place
for some reason. It's like I've been here before.
Then I remember why I remember this. We had our picnic in
this spot on Wednesday.

I grin to myself, nudge you, and whisper "Look around,
remember being here before?"

You nod and grin and we simply keep walking. Eventually
a few minutes later we reach the lighted area. Jessica and
Cassi let go of our hands and walk by themselves. I hold your
arm in mine and as we walk we kiss each other softly.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Jessica look at us in envy.
I wink at her and she looks away.

"Hey guys, hold on a second!" Cassi says as she
stops, drops to a knee, and starts to retie her shoe.

"Just catch up, we're walking slow, "
I say as we keep walking ahead.

Seconds later Cassi stands up and says "Fine!"
Then she runs up and jumps on my back and I lift our hands up
to her legs to hold her up in the piggy-back ride she decides
to have now. "Since you like walking so much, "
she says to me, "you can carry me there."

We just laugh and keep walking. A few minutes Cassi hops
off my back once we reach the concert area. The park is full
of Santana fans but it's not completely crowded. Everyone
is spread out and there is plenty of room to dance once the
music starts.

"Hey there ladies and gent's! GIVE IT UP FOR THE
MASTER HIMSELF, SANTANA!" one of the band members
says into the mic as he stands on the stage at exactly 8 p.m.

The crowd goes wild and for 5 minutes there is mass applause,
hoots, and screams until the crowd finally calms down.
Then Carlos Santana plays about 3 chords on his guitar and
the crowd goes wild again.

The music starts, the singer sings, and we dance. For the
next few hours we dance slow, fast, and anywhere in between
depending on the song.


We have a ton of fun and me and you dance together with each
other the entire time. Jessica dances with a new guy on almost
every song and enjoys herself and the tunes. Cassi dances
by herself for awhile, then dances with one guy who tries
to make moves on her, so then she gets bummed and sits at one
of the picnic tables and watches everyone.

I see her there at the picnic table. She looks sad. She should
be having fun.

I look back at you and stop dancing as the present song ends.

"Sorry love, " I say with a smile as I nod my head
in the direction of where Cassi's at. "I've
gotta go cheer someone up now. Do you mind?"

You see Cassi and then you smile at me. "Not at all my
love. Cassi looks like she could use a little company right
now." Then you grin and nudge my shoulder. "Just
don't be giving her too much company. You're still

I grin and nod and then I wander over to where Cassi is. You
meet up with Jessica and you two dance to a fast and wild Spanish
song of Santana's.


Cassi looks up at me when I reach her table and I stand in front
of her. She smiles a little and wipes a tear from her eye.
"Yes?" she asks, trying desperately not to
look as sad as she feels.

Time for me to cheer her up!

"Hey there gorgeous, " I greet her with a soft
smile. "Is there anything wrong?"

"No, not really, " she answers with a slight
smile. "Why are you here? You should be there dancing
with Tasha."

"Well, I have been, " I explain. "But
you know me. I stepped on her toes too many times and she wanted
to dance with someone else for awhile."

Cassi laughs a little. "Yeah right! I've been
watching you two. You dance better than Tasha does."

I grin and shrug my shoulders. "Well, why aren't
you dancing? You could ask any guy here to dance and every
one of them would."

Cassi looks down at her hands and her smile fades away. "I
don't really feel like dancing. And it's the guy's
responsibility to ask me to dance anyway..."

"May I have this dance then?" I ask with a smile
as I hold my hand out to her.

She looks up at me and I'm sure I see her eyes light up.
She smiles, takes my hand in hers, I kiss it softly, and she
stands up and her smile brightens. As we leave the table
and start to dance to a slow song, I set my hands on her waist
and she wraps hers around my neck lightly.

"You don't have to, you know, " Cassi says
as she looks at me.

"Of course I don't have to, cutie pie, "
I say with a slight grin. "I want to."

"Why's that?" she asks, grinning.

"Well, now I can say I've danced with the two most
beautiful angels I will ever meet, " I answer with
a smile.

"Geez" she says as she laughs a little and blushes.
"Tasha said you were a really sweet and charming guy.
I never realized just how right she is."

I smile and kiss her cheek softly and we dance some more to
the song.

"Tasha's so lucky to have you, " Cassi
says a few moments later.

"Nah. I'm the lucky one, " I reply.

She laughs and shakes her head and a few moments later the
song ends. I give her one of my oh-so-famous bear hugs and
we step back from each other just as you walk up.

"Thank you, " she says softly.

"Anytime cutie pie, " I reply with a grin.

You nudge Cassi's shoulder. "You're not
trying to take him away from me are you?" you ask with
a grin.

Cassi grins back and laughs, then looks at me as she speaks
to you.

"Nah. I'll be nice tonight and I won't seduce
him. Don't let him out of your sight though Tasha, "
she answers with a grin and a wink to both of us.

"Watch it Cassi. I'll fight to keep him, "
you say with a grin as you wrap your arms around my neck while
I hold you close.

"Yeah. But you hit like a girl, " Cassi replies
as she sticks out her tongue and laughs. "See you two
love birds later, " she says as she wanders off to
hopefully find someone to dance with.

Then the crowd stops moving as we hear an announcement after
the present song ends.


"Ladies and Gents! We've had a great time tonight
here and we hope you've enjoyed it as well! Let's
end this wonderful night with one last great song by Santana!
Give it up for tonight's last song, Maria Maria! Have
a great night!"

The last song begins to play.

You start to move your body in rhythm to the music, very sensuously
and very sexy. You hold my hand, step back, spin around,
and then you move your body from side to side as you slowly
sink down and stand back up.

I watch you at first and then I dance to match your movements.
You spin around to face away from me, then I step up behind
you, set my hands on your waist, and I pull you close to me.
My hands drift up and down the length of your upper body in
rhythm to the music, very, very sensuously.

You close your eyes and lose yourself in the music and the
touch of my hands. I kiss your neck as you lean your head back
on my shoulder. We spend the rest of the song together, dancing
like this, until the song ends.


With the concert over, we wander back through the park to
my Jeep. When we reach it, Cassi and Jessica are already
there waiting for us as we climb in. I start the engine up
and soon we are driving back to Cassi's house to drop
her and Jessica off before we head home.

"You two were dancing all hot and heavy during that
last song, " Jessica says with a grin on the way there.

"Yeah, you two were dancing pretty dirty, "
Cassi adds with a giggle.

I look at you and you look back at me and we grin. Then we both
answer with an, "Mmhmm, " and all four of us

Jessica whispers something to Cassi a few minutes later
and then Cassi leans up behind me and whispers, "Take
a longer drive to my house please, " in my ear.

I raise an eyebrow but I wonder what's about to happen
so I start to drive the long way around town toward Cassi's


"Tasha, the Jeep has no top to it. You should stand
up and raise your arms up in the wind! You could wave to people
and stuff as they drive by, " Jessica says in an almost
daring tone.

"Yeah, " Cassi adds. "C'mon Tasha,
don't just sit there! Loosen up, have a little fun!"

You laugh and stand up in the Jeep and wave your arms up high
in the air and let the wind flow over you and through your
hair. Cassi stands up behind me and does the same.

I see Jessica grin rather evilly out of the corner of my eye
and then she leans ahead, grabs the bottom of your dress,
hops up, and pulls it up and over your head and off you before
you even know it. Then we all look at you and you look down
at yourself.

You're nude.

"Oh my God..." you say as you realize what just

You try to lower your arms and cover your breast but I hit
the brake just enough to make you grab the top of the Jeep's
windshield with both your hands, keeping you exposed.

I grin to myself and shake my head. I can't believe this
is happening.

Cassi reaches in her purse and takes out the lil toy she was
using this morning. Then she hands it to Jessica. Jessica
looks at it and grins.

Leaning ahead again, Jessica turns on the vibrator and
then sets it right on top of your right nipple.

You shriek in surprise and try to scoot away from the vibrator
but there is little room for you to move.

Jessica moves the vibrator slowly down your rib cage and
abdomen and you realize what she's going to do next.

"Jessica! My God! Are you crazy!" you say in
a loud whisper as you close your eyes and try not to enjoy
the feelings you're receiving.

"Crazy? No. A tad turned on and curious? Yes, "
she answers just as the vibrator slides past your pubic
hair and touches your very sensitive lips of skin below.

You moan and naturally try to reach for the toy (either to
remove it or use it yourself) but I hit the brake again and
you have to hold yourself to the top of the Jeep


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