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"Tom, it's the...Jesus ! What are you two doing
? Tom...Tom...It's the airline. They need to talk
to you."

Tom rolled Laurie off of him. Donna was giggling and so was
Laurie as she pulled her bottoms back on. Tom had a hard time
concentrating as he was still hard as rock. The girls left
the room, giggling.

Tom rolled over and got out of bed. He found some shorts and
put them on. Out in the kitchen the girls were finishing
breakfast. They were both stoned and still giggling. He
picked up the phone and was talking to his boss back in Las
Vegas. He was informed that his charter wanted to leave
on Monday instead of this evening. He was kind of pissed
because Laurie would miss a day of work.

Shit ! Maybe her boss wouldn't let her off ? Then he'd have to pay to send her home. He'd be left
alone - with Donna. Shit ! That might not be too bad at all ! He informed the girls and they were stoked. Laurie said
that she had ten sick days, "...Let's spend the

Tom laughed, thinking the two of them would kill him in just
a couple of days. He went off to shower and when he returned,
found the girls gone. He kind of wanted one of them to join
him in the shower but they had laughed him off, saying they
had already showered and were going down to the pool. Tom
walked over to the sliding glass doors and looked out toward
the pool. There were a surprising number of people out by
the pool but them it was almost eleven.

He changed into his trunks and wandered downstairs. He
found the girls sitting with another, younger couple -
maybe, late twenties.

"...come on, Hal. You can call Eddy. He's always
up for partying."

The speaker was a very small blond - hardly the size of Laurie
but she had tits the size of Donna's and she was wearing
the skimpiest bikini. The guy - he assumed was her husband
- was drinking a beer and gawking at another blond across
the pool. He didn't appear to be paying any attention
to his wife.

"Some new people out by the pool today...early too."

"Hal...You didn't hear a fucking thing I said...did
you ?"

"Aaah...What'd you say, Sissy ?"

Donna and Laurie started laughing and it was obvious to
Tom that the four of them were stoned. He wondered if the
girls got stoned with them earlier ?

"Oh ! Tom..."

Donna started.

"...These are my friends, Hal and Sissy."

Introductions were made and in the next breath, Donna asked
Tom if he wanted a beer. He nodded and Donna got up to get everyone
a beer. Sissy followed. Tom sat down next to Laurie and then
Hal gets up and says he's going to call Eddy.

Laurie looks at Tom and says, "I'm so glad we're
staying another night. You sure you had a good time last
night ?"

"Shit ! Yea ! Laurie. I've never done anything
like that except in Viet Nam."

"You've done it before with two girls ! ?"

"Well, kind of...It was two guys and three girls."

Laurie pouted and said, "How come you never told me

"I didn't think it was that big a deal...Sorry."

"That's OK ! But you have to tell me all about it
when we get home."

Hal came back out and told the two of them that Eddy was on
the way over. Laurie seemed real excited. Hal told Tom that
the girls were gabbing in the kitchen and it'd be hours
before he got his beer. Tom got up and wandered into Hal's

It was very cool and dark inside. He smelled marijuana and
saw the light on in the kitchen. He could vaguely hear voices.
He walked toward the voices.

"...really went down on you in the shower...this
morning...before her husband got up...she must be real

"You should have seen her last night. Couldn't
get enough."

"What was Tom doing ?"

"What you'd expect."

"Sounds interesting."

Tom walked into the kitchen and said, "Hal said I probably
ought to come and get my own beer."

Sissy had the pipe in her mouth, dragging on it. When Tom
stopped talking, she handed it to him. Without thinking,
he took a drag. Donna handed him a beer and then excused herself
to go to the bathroom. Sissy wasted no time.

"Donna was telling me about last night..."

Tom was dragging on the pipe again.

"...she said you really like a three some. That right,
Tom ?"

Tom damn near coughed up the smoke. He looked over at the
young blond who was at least fifteen years his junior. Sissy
was smiling at him. She slowly reached back behind her and
undid her top. It fell to the floor and Tom just stared at
her tits. At least Donna's size - large balloons of
white flesh topped with small, little brown areolae and
nipples smaller than his wife's. She walked over to
him and whispered, "Donna says you love big titties."

Her hands were on his waist and he felt her start to drag his
trunks down. His cock was becoming hard, lengthening and
thickening...And then his trunks were around his thighs
and his cock was pointing right at her belly.


Her hands were around it. He was almost fully hard. Sissy
was stroking it.

"Take my bottoms off, Tom and lets go to the bedroom.
Hal'll keep your wife busy...they won't bother

Tom hooked his thumbs into her suit bottom and in just a second
or two they were on the floor with his trunks. Donna picked
that moment to wander back into the kitchen. Tom was a little
embarrassed but it soon disappeared as Donna took off her
top and slid her bottoms to the floor. The three of them were
now naked and Sissy was really jacking him off. The next
thing Tom knew he was being kissed by Donna. She tasted like
pussy. Sissy dropped to her knees and was sucking on his
cock. Tom finally pushed the two of them away from him and
croaked out, "Where's the bedroom. I think it'll
be a little more comfortable."

The girls laughed and the last thing on Tom's mind was
his wife, Laurie. The three of them ended up on the king size
bed in the master bedroom and it was an orgy. Tom got his head
between Sissy's legs and found the little blond was
shaved clean - just a triangular fluff of light blond hair
on her mons. He reamed his tongue into her cunt and then started
tongue fucking her like crazy.

Donna had his cock in her mouth and was teasing it with her
tongue as he slid his tongue in and out of Sissy's sloppy
wet pussy. He couldn't believe how wet she was, almost
drooling. The girls rolled him onto his back and Donna really
started to suck his cock, sliding her lips up and down his
shaft and every once and a while biting his balls, while
she jacked him off. He had his tongue forced as far as he could
reach into Sissy's cunt with his nose plastered against
her asshole. He couldn't resist, slid his tongue up
to her asshole and reamed it into her anus. She moaned real
loud and he could barely hear Donna ask her, "He licking
your asshole ?"

"Uuuuhuh...Like he's starving."

Tom was wild, thrusting his cock up to meet every bob of Donna's
head and reaming his tongue as far into Sissy's tight
little asshole as he could. He could feel the beginnings
of his orgasm and reached down to pull Donna's face
out of his groin. She started laughing. Tom pushed Sissy
off his face and rose to his knees. His cock was coated with
Donna's saliva and hard up against his stomach.

He wanted to fuck and knew just which one he wanted to do it
with. Sissy was giggling, watching his cock bob around
in his crotch and rolled to her knees. Tom wasted no time,
knee walking over to her and running his cock head around
the folds of her wet cunt. One thrust and Tom was buried in
her. Sissy may have been a very small woman but her cunt was
used to very large cocks and Tom's wasn't even
in the same league.

Sissy didn't care though. She loved to fuck new guys
and especially loved to fuck them while thinking about
Hal boning their old ladies. Hal measured almost eleven
inches hard and while he wasn't any thicker than Tom,
he was a good five inches longer. She could hardly wait to
see the look on Tom's face when he walked in on his wife
fucking and sucking with Hal and Eddy. Tom was really starting
to fuck his cock in and out of her and she was pretty sure she
would get her rocks off before he came. She was just about
there when Donna said, "Tom...Sissy loves it in the
ass. Why don't you fuck her in the ass, Tom ?"

Tom was so close, he couldn't hold back. His cock started
to hemorrhage his semen into her cunt...two...three...maybe,
four spurts of spunk exploded
out of his cock and drenched Sissy's vagina. She became
extremely wet and he could feel some of his jizzim soaking
his pubic hair. Sissy was still thrusting back against
him and he kept fucking her even though he knew he was finished
for the moment. He spread the cheeks of her ass and watched
his cum soaked cock slide in and out of her bare cunt lips.
Her asshole, a tiny rosebud of an opening above her swollen,
shaved cunt lips. He had never fucked anyone in the ass and
the thought, even so close to his orgasm, was turning him
on. He pulled out his cock and kept her ass cheeks spread,
watching her almost hairless asshole twitch a bit as he
rubbed the head of his softening cock against her anus.

"Oh ! Oh ! Tom didn't last long enough to get in
my ass, Donna. Wana help him ?"

Donna was already moving to his pecker and quickly had it
in her mouth. Tom wrapped his hands in her hair and watched
as she sucked and licked his spent member. Sissy was still
up on her knees, egging him on.

"Come on, Tom, baby. I want it in the ass, stud. I know
you can get it up again. Stick your finger in my ass and see
how tight it is."

Tom reached out and reamed a finger into Sissy's bowels.
She was tighter than anything he had ever been in before.
He started fucking his finger in and out of her anus and then
rotated his finger around inside her. Sissy humped her
ass back against the finger, fucking in and out of her asshole.

"Oh ! Yea ! Tom...Feels good. Hurry up ! I want your

Tom's cock was becoming spongy in Donna's mouth
and he started pumping against her face. He knew he was just
a few seconds away from being hard enough to get into Sissy's
ass and was wild with lust. He kept digging his finger into
her bowels. His spunk was drooling out of her cunt. He fingered
it a bit, to get his finger all slippery, then drove it back
into her asshole. His cock was throbbing and Donna was working
on it like crazy. She'd suck it a bit, then jack him off
as she licked his scrotum, then suck him some more. Tom couldn't
ever remember getting hard so quickly after blowing a load
- not in a long time, anyway. He pushed Donna's face
from his groin and moved back behind Sissy. She was wiggling
her ass at him and a fine ass it was - looked like his wife's
did maybe twenty years ago - compact and tight - real tight.
Donna slithered over and grabbed his hard-on. He'd
been rubbing it up and down the deep valley between Sissy's
butt cheeks.

"Spread her ass, Tom."

Donna commanded and Tom obeyed - instantly. Donna rubbed
the head of his cock against Sissy's puckered nether
opening and Tom thrust forward, burying about half his
length into her. Sissy's head snapped up off the mattress
and she screamed.

"Ooooh ! Yea ! Fuck my ass, stud."

Her cry turned Tom on like never before. Her anus was an inferno,
slick with the cum he had fingered into her and tighter than
anything he'd ever been in. He spread the cheeks of
Sissy's ass and watched as he sunk his pole into her
anus and then slowly dragged it out only to fill her again.
He started pounding his cock in and out of her asshole, bottoming
out against her volleyball-like butt cheeks. Pretty soon
his hips were a blur and his orgasm was just around the corner.
Donna could sense that Tom was near, reached between his
legs and fondled his balls. He threw his head back and screamed
it felt so good. He could almost feel his semen rushing from
his balls to his penis. His cock started twitching and he
stopped pumping to prolong the pleasure. He could feel
Sissy's asshole like a gloved hand, milking his cock
and here it came. One...Two...Three spurts
of hot spunk for this tiny blonde's asshole,
Tom thought. So intense was his orgasm, he collapsed on
the bed as Sissy slid to her stomach. Donna was fingering
herself and almost there herself. She could smell the two
of them; see Tom's cum seeping out of Sissy's gaping
anus. She could hardly wait to watch her sorority sister,
Laurie, get her asshole reamed out by the two guys who were
probably fucking her right now.

Laurie was trying to make conversation with Hal when Eddy
showed up. He kept gawking off at the blond across the pool,
probably because the woman had tits the size of his wife's
and Donna's. She wondered what it would be like to have
large breasts and giggled, thinking that Tom always told
her that her ass made up for it. But, boy ! Did Tom get carried away with Donna's tits last night

"Hi ! You must be Laurie. Hal told me you were one gorgeous
babe. He wasn't kidding. You're a knock out."

The comments made Laurie feel self-conscious coming from
a guy at least ten, if not fifteen years younger than she
was. She even blushed. She'd never had a guy say anything
like that to her and wondered why Hal paid hardly any attention
to her if he told Eddy she was "one gorgeous babe."

And where Tom was ? He'd been gone quite a while just to get a beer.

Eddy continued, "Don't leave beautiful. I'll
be right back after I get a beer."

Eddy was back in just a few seconds, it seemed and sat right
next to Laurie, real close too. The two of them made small
talk until Laurie asked Eddy if he'd seen her husband
while he was inside ? Eddy wasn't about to tell her that her husband was getting
his brains fucked out by Sissy and Donna. She'd figure
it out eventually - about the time he was sliding his cock
into her hot little cunt - he could hardly wait and was getting
hard just thinking about it.

"Hey ! I got some real good shit last night. Hal, you
want to get stoned with us ?"

Hal looked over at Eddy and just nodded his head, still gawking
at the blond across the pool. He figured it'd take him
a week or two, at most, to get into her pants. Anyway, Donna
told him Laurie would drive him crazy - she was so tight and
inexperienced, almost a virgin. He laughed to himself.
Yea ! Almost a virgin and she's got two kids ! Well, she was a virgin to what he and Eddy had in store for
her this afternoon. That, he was sure of ! The three of them wandered over to Donna's condo. Laurie
ended up sitting on the couch in between the two of them.
Eddy took a big hit off his pipe and passed it to Laurie. She
put the pipe to her mouth and took a drag. This marijuana
was much stronger than the stuff Donna had and after just
one toke on the pipe, Laurie was real stoned. The buzz started
in her head and flowed throughout her body. She could even
feel it in her toes. Eddy was laughing.

"Good ! Huh ?"

Laurie was just gazing off into space and Hal had to take
the pipe from her.

Before she knew it, Eddy was handing her the pipe again and
without thinking, she took another hit. This time the buzz
was so intense that she threw her head back against the couch,
her brain fried and scrambled more than it had ever been
in her life. The room was moving in slow motion and it was
several minutes before she realised that Hal had slipped
the shoulder strap of bikini top down off her shoulder.
His hand had slipped into the cup of her top and he was pinching
her right nipple.

She thought she heard him say something like, "She's
got nice nipples but not much tit."

Eddy was laughing, so she started laughing with him. When
Hal pulled the cup down, exposing her entire right breast
and then sucked her nipple into his mouth - she though she'd
been shocked. The pleasure of his lips and tongue on her
sensitive nipple spread out through her belly and slowly
made it's way to her vagina. Her cunt immediately started
throbbing and she wished someone would rub it for her, better
yet lick it like Donna did this morning in the shower. Eddy
took her chin in his hand and turned her face so he could kiss
her. His tongue immediately slid into her mouth and roamed
around, wet and slippery. In just the few minutes since
Hal started playing with her nipple, Laurie Sunset was
on fire - all thoughts of where her husband was evaporated.
She had one and only one thought on her mind. She wanted to
get fucked. It didn't bother her at all that she just
met these two guys. They were good looking young guys and
Laurie was eager to let them do anything they wanted to her.
As Eddy pulled her closer to him, Hal unsnapped her top.
She could feel him pulling it off of her, in fact she helped
him and felt very sexy now that her breasts were bare. Someone
had worked his hand in between her legs and was rubbing her
bathing suit covered crotch. Unconsciously, she spread
her legs a bit to allow the hand greater access to her throbbing
cunt. When another hand joined the first, Laurie started
to hump her crotch up into the hands that were roaming around
between her legs. When the hands started to tug her bottoms
down, she lifted her hips to make it easier for them. She
came when the hands returned to her now bare pussy. The fingers
of one hand were massaging her clitoris while one of the
fingers of the other hand slid into her cunt. Her hips were
wiggling around when Eddy and Hal grabbed her thighs and
pulled them further apart, resting her legs on their knees.
The finger, that was fucking her, was pistoning in and out
of her shaved cunt like it was driven by an electric motor.
The other fingers were rubbing her clitoris up where Donna
had left her pubic hair intact - round and round the fingers
went. She couldn't remember her crotch ever being
this wet - except for last night, that is. All this time,
Eddy had his tongue roaming around inside her mouth. Laurie
was short of breath, her nostrils flaring every time she
exhaled and she was having difficulty getting enough oxygen
when she inhaled. When Eddy ended the kiss, Laurie gasped
for air and almost immediately began panting. She looked
down at her bare crotch, spread wide for the two hands that
were working her over. She watched as her hips humped her
crotch up to meet the hands and for a fleeting moment thought
that this couldn't possibly be her who was doing this
with two guys who were almost total strangers. Eddy broke
her concentration. It was his finger that was fucking in
and out of her wet cunt.

"God ! You've got a wet pussy, Laurie."

He pulled his finger out of her. Laurie watched as he brought
it to his mouth and sucked on the finger that he just had in
her cunt.

"Tastes great too, honey."

He held his finger out to her and before she knew it, she was
sucking on his finger. Hal, tired of just massaging her
clit and sucking on her tits, decided to get a taste of the
real thing. He slithered off the couch to the floor. When
he buried his face in Laurie's crotch, she came again,
grinding her cunt against his face and the slippery tongue
that wormed it's way inside her.

"Ooooh ! Jesus...I'm cuming...Ooooh ! Fuck...Eaaaat
me ! Lick my pussy. Yea ! Yea ! Just like that...Ooooh !"

The "eat" sounded like "eight."

Hal's tongue was wild, slithering around the folds
of her wet cunt. Donna was right, this was one, hot lady -
even if she was a little old. She tasted real good and his
cock was getting harder by the second, listening to her
crying out her orgasm. He pushed her thighs up to her chest
and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch; ran his tongue
down to her lightly haired asshole and poked it into her.
Eddy had his tongue buried in her mouth at the time and she
damn near bit it off as the shock of having a tongue in her
rectum registered in her brain. Eddy laughed, even though
he tasted blood.

"Whatever you're doing, Hal, it's driving
her crazy. I think Laurie, here, is ready for a little cock.
Huh ?"

Hal just nodded his head as his tongue continued to worm
it's way into her asshole. Eddy got to his feet and stripped
his trunks off. His cock was just spongy but he knew that,
in just a few minutes, he'd be pumping a rock hard dick
in and out of this lady's mouth. He got back on the couch,
on his knees and moved his groin towards Laurie's mouth.
Laurie was basking in the after glow of several small orgasms,
Hal still busy between her legs and hardly noticed that
Eddy was naked. That is until she glanced at his cock. Jesus
! It was as big around as a large cucumber and it wasn't
even hard yet. Laurie hadn't seen many cocks in her
life. While she wasn't a virgin when she and Tom got
married, she'd only let one guy go all the way with her
- her high school boy friend. She'd also jacked a few
guys off in college but none of them had anything hanging
between their legs that came any where close to what was
dangling between Eddy's legs. It wasn't any longer
than her husband's but thick. Eddy wasted
no time and pulled Laurie's face to his spongy cock.
Laurie pulled back a bit but Eddy wouldn't take no for
an answer and soon had the head of his dick in between her

"Come on, baby. Donna says you give great head. Hubby
giving you meat like this ?"

Laurie shook her head back and forth, wondering why her
sorority sister would tell this guy something like that.
He was getting harder in her mouth, his cock beginning to
stretch her lips. His hips were moving and his cock, now
slippery with her saliva, was sliding in and out of her mouth.
Oh ! God ! Was he thick ! She was having a hard time getting enough oxygen again and
pushed him away.

Eddy's dick slapped up against his stomach, thick
veins of blood running up each side of it - quivering a bit.
He loved feeding his meat to a novice - a woman who had probably
only sucked on her husband's cock. He loved making
them come back for more after he fucked their brains out
and with two guys it was even better. Laurie Sunset was going
to beg for a lot more cock this afternoon and Hal and he were
going to give her as much as she wanted. Eddy was sure she'd
want a lot...They always did. Laurie glanced over at Hal
as he was now standing, dropping his swim suit to the floor.
She did a double take as Eddy fed her his cock again. While
no where near as thick as Eddy, Hal's cock appeared
to be about a foot long. She tried to keep her eyes on it as
Eddy fucked her mouth. Hal was stroking his dick and getting
back to his knees.

"How's the head, Eddy ?"

He asked as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down Laurie's
shaved cunt lips, now slippery wet with his saliva and her
cunt butter.

"Pretty good...I'm sure it's going to get
better, though when you shove your cock into her. Hurry
up, man, I'm getting there."

Hal didn't answer him. Instead he drove about eight
inches of his half hard cock into Laurie's cunt. He
loved driving his almost stiff pecker into women and then
feel it grow inside of them. He started thrusting his hips,
not worried at all if he fell out. He'd just stick it
back into her and start fucking again. Donna was right she
was tight. She'd go crazy when Eddy pried her apart
with that monster of his. Laurie tried to push Eddy away
when Hal buried what seem like a yard of cock inside of her
but Eddy was ready for her reaction and held her head with
both hands as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. In
a few moments, Laurie stopped trying to pull away from him
and really began to suck on his cock. The long, hard cock
between her legs was driving in and out of her cunt like it
could go on all day. Laurie was on fire and rapidly approaching
a tremendous orgasm. Eddy couldn't hold off any longer.

"Here comes, honey. A big load for that hot little
mouth of yours."

Even with the warning, Laurie was unprepared for the blast
of spunk that shot out of his cock. She choked, semen flooding
her mouth and spit Eddy's cock out. His second [color
blue] spurt hit her right in the lips as Eddy
was stroking his cock, pointing it right at her face. Her
orgasm arrived and she screamed.

"Ooooh...Omigod...I'm cummming ! Keep fucking
me...Faster !"

Her legs were up around Hal's shoulders, jerking around
as Hal thrust in and out of her. Eddy's second [color
blue] spurt flew into her mouth and then drooled
out down her chin. His third spurt flew
into her hair, by her left ear. He pulled her face to his groin
and forced his shrinking cock back into her mouth.

"Hal. Buddy, let's take her into the bedroom.
She's got such a cute little butt. I bet you're
dying to do her doggie style and Sissy's gona be here
any minute now. I'm sure her husband is all but dead
by now. They were fucking up a storm when I arrived."

He was torching up his pipe again. Hal was still pounding
his cock in and out of Laurie's cunt and thought going
into the bedroom was a great idea. He loved fucking them
on their knees, especially loved fucking them in the ass
but that would come later. When his wife arrived and started
capturing Laurie's debauchery on video...And then
the show for hubby. Laurie would be a wild woman by then,
doing anything they asked. He pulled his rock hard cock
out of her slippery cunt and grabbed the pipe from Eddy.
Eddy leaned over and exhaled into Laurie's mouth.
Her head spun and she felt herself being helped to her feet.
The next thing Laurie knew, she was on her knees on the bed
and Hal was back to fucking her. She loved it doggie style,
her favourite position and was thrusting her plump ass
back into Hal's every thrust. The head of Hal's
cock was pounding her cervix, she couldn't believe
she was taking the whole thing. She could feel his stomach
against her ass cheeks as he worked his long cock in and out
of her. Eddy startled her when he lifted her by the hair and
sat right under her face.

His cum streaked cock was limp in his groin but Laurie knew
it wouldn't stay that way long. She started nibbling
on his meat, very close to another orgasm. She felt hot,
wild, slutty - almost afraid that these two guys wouldn't
be able to satisfy her. It seemed like just a few minutes
since she'd been naked with them and she'd cum
about a dozen times. Jesus ! Hal was fucking her like a pile driver and Eddy's cock
was getting harder by the second. She was cuming again and
if she didn't have a mouth full of cock, she'd be
screaming her brains out. Hal couldn't hold off any
longer and released a flood of semen into the woman who was
on her knees in front of him. He spread the cheeks of her cute,
compact ass and watched her anus wrinkle as his spunk escaped
from around the cock he had buried in her cunt. Her asshole
had just a few hairs around it and he could hardly wait to
fuck her ass while Eddy drove his cock in and out of her cunt.
Sissy's tap on his shoulder spooked him.

"Having fun, lover ?"

She had a real big shit eatin" grin on her face. She
leaned over and kissed him. "How's the new girl

Hal laughed.

"Tight...Real tight, just like Donna said."

Eddy was watching the two of them as Laurie feasted on his
cock. He was hard enough to fuck and anxious to get seconds.
As thick and fat as his cock was, he was sure she'd still
be a tight fit. He pulled Laurie's mouth off his cock
and moved toward the end of the bed. He could hear Laurie
panting as Hal was still thrusting in and out of her occasionally.
Sissy moved across the room and got behind the video camera
as her husband pulled his long, cum soaked, soft cock out
of Laurie's cunt. A flood of semen followed his cock
and Eddy moved in behind her. He looked over at Sissy and
asked, "You rolling ?"

Sissy just nodded her head.

Eddy continued, "Come get a close up of me sticking
it in her."

Sissy moved closer and focused as Eddy spread Laurie's
ass cheeks apart and fit the head of his cock into her cunt

"Go for it, Eddy."

Eddy drove his full length into her and could feel her cunt
stretch to accommodate his girth. He started fucking her
immediately and Laurie's screams filled the room.

Tom was leveling off at twelve thousand feet. It was almost
three in the afternoon. They'd spent most of the morning
at the airport waiting for the charter passengers. Tom
felt like shit. He had a throbbing head ache and was very
glad that it was clear and a million. Another hour plus and
they'd be in Las Vegas. He glanced over at Laurie. She
was sitting in the co-pilot's seat.

The "guy" said he was a little too "fucked"
up to sit in the front.

He was way in the back with his wife. Tom was still pissed
that they called at seven this morning and then didn't
show at the airport until a little before three. Laurie's
purse was on the floor between them and Tom had a difficult
time not glancing at it every few seconds. The video tape
was right on top, a constant reminder of what had happened
to the two of them this weekend. Shit ! He didn't know until this morning who won the Super
Bowl. He let his mind wander back to yesterday afternoon...
He had just rolled over after fucking Sissy in the ass. He
looked down in his groin and saw a ring of brown around the
base of his cock. His semen had dried causing his dick to
stick to the sheets. His cock hurt. Sissy was gone but as
he moved to a sitting position, Donna came out of the bathroom
with a wash cloth.

She washed his cock off and they shared a few hits off the

"Let's go to the pool."

Tom just nodded, got off the bed and started moving toward
the door.

"Forget something, stud ?"

Tom looked back and found Donna with his trunks.

"I don't think all the neighbours would approve."

She laughed. Out by the pool, most people had moved in doors
to watch the game. He could hear the announcers through
some of the open doorways. There was a young couple sitting
out by their towels. Donna walked right up to them and turned
to Tom.

"Tom...This is Sissy's sister, Misty, and her
boy friend, Jerry. Guys, this is Tom."

Tom shook Jerry's hand and said "hello"
to Misty.

For a split second he wondered where Laurie was but it passed
as Misty pulled out a small pipe and began to light it. Tom
freaked out and ushered them all into Sissy's condo.

Soon the kitchen was filled with the sweet aroma of maryjane
and the four of them were as stoned as shit. They were all
giggling and laughing at "who knows what" when
Donna whispered in his ear.

"Misty's only seventeen, Tom, and a virgin but
she gives the best blow jobs. Want one ?"

Tom wasn't sure he could get it up again after last night
and this afternoon. Donna continued, "Plus...I
just love to fuck Jerry. He can get it up about a dozen times...Well,
it seems like a dozen."

Before he knew it the four of them were naked in the bedroom.
Both of the girls were on their knees, on the floor, sucking
two very hard cocks. Tom couldn't believe he got so
hard so fast but watching Donna work on the young stud sitting
next to him on the bed was a real turn on. And Misty was a knock
out, blond and beautiful just like her sister. While she
didn't have any where near the tits her sister had,
they were a nice handful - just like Laurie's. Again,
he wondered where she was but the thought quickly left as
the sensations this seventeen year old was giving him,
spread through out his body. Everything was moving in slow
motion except Misty's head. It was bobbing in his lap
like an oil well. He watched as Donna stood and Jerry laid
back on the bed.

She quickly straddled him and Jerry wasted little time
before he was fucking her to beat the band. Donna threw her
head back and groaned real loud. Her breasts were bouncing
on her chest, her nipples - large grapes on her chest. Tom
leaned over and captured one with his mouth. Misty kept
blowing him.

"Misty...get the oil, honey. I want Tom to fuck me
in the ass."

Tom's cock throbbed at the mention of fucking Donna's
ass. Misty jumped up and Tom watched her cute little white
butt walk to the bathroom. He wondered...Maybe he could
fuck the seventeen year old in the ass ? She'd still be a virgin, right ? Misty came back and started massaging the oil onto Tom's
cock. Meanwhile, Jerry was fucking the shit out of Donna.
Several times she told him to slow down but she didn't
appear to, bouncing up an down on the cock, fucking in and
out of her cunt. Both of them were starting to sweat. Tom
could see perspiration bead up on Donna's chest and
roll off her tits. Tom waited patiently for his turn and
was shocked when Donna exclaimed.

"What're you waiting for...come on, Tom. I want
it in the ass...Now !"

Before he knew it Misty was holding the head of his cock against
Donna's anus. He could see Jerry's cock sliding
in and out of her shaved cunt and them thrust himself into
her asshole. Donna wailed and then started jerking around
like a wild woman. Tom could feel Jerry's hard cock,
like a bone in her cunt. Her asshole tighter than shit, squeezing
his cock and then he was fucking her. Donna was egging them
both on.

"Come on...Fuck me...You...You mother fuckers...Fuck
my ass...Fuck my cunt. Harder...Yea ! Oh ! Fuck me !"

The young stud came first but Tom wasn't far behind,
his cock spazaming in Donna's clenching asshole.
When Jerry slipped out her, her asshole became much looser
and Tom eventually fell out of her. He was exhausted, rolled
over and fell asleep. It was dark when he woke and Donna was
lying next to him. He was disoriented and not exactly sure
where he was. Donna was awake and asked him how he was feeling.

"Do a little too much fucking ?"

She laughed and then dragged him out of bed.

"Let's go party. Everyone is over at my place."

The two of them made their way to Donna's apartment.
Tom could still hear the game being broadcast some where.
Immediately entering Donna's condo, his senses came
alive. He could hear the sounds of sex and smell more marijuana.
Donna led him to her bedroom and Tom's eyes opened wide
at the sight he saw on her king size bed. His wife, Laurie,
was buck naked straddling some guy with a cock as thick as
a baseball bat, ridding him like she was a jockey at Santa
Anita. Hal was standing at the end of the bed, reaming his
finger into her asshole while the hot little seventeen
year old was sucking on his cock. Her boy friend was kneeling
on the bed working on his cock, jacking himself off. And
the words coming out of Laurie's mouth...Well, it
was pretty obvious she was loving every minute of it.

"Come on, Hal, baby. Get it hard, stud. I want your
cock in my ass. Hurry up or Eddy's gona cum in my cunt

She was almost screaming. Over in the corner of the bedroom,
Sissy - also buck ass naked - was behind a video camera mounted
on a tri-pod. The camera was pointing right at him. Sissy
raised her hand and waved, then rotated the lens back to
the orgy on the bed. Donna whispered in his ear, "Laurie's
gona need more than those three can give her. You gona be
able to get it up again ?"

Her arms were around him, one hand in his trunks. She was
stroking his cock and even though he was shocked by his wife's
behaviour, his sore cock was starting to respond. He was
soon as naked as everyone else in the room, Donna on her knees
in front of him. His hips were pumping his hardening cock
in and out of her mouth as he watched Sissy's husband
mount his wife and poke, what looked like, a foot long cock
into her butt. By the time Tom reached the bed to fuck his
wife in the ass, he was a wild man and didn't mind at all
if he had to share her with the seventeen year old boy friend...

"Navajo 89196, this is L.A. centre. You're cleared
present position direct Las Vegas. Contact the centre
on 124. two inches Tom acknowledged the transmission and
changed the radio frequency. He looked over, surprised
that one of the passengers had taken Laurie's place.
It was the "guy's" wife and her blouse was

She wasn't wearing a bra and had a real nice set of tits,
big and round with small dark areolae and nipples.

"Your wife came back to see if we were all OK. She said
you like big tits."

Tom snapped his head to the rear and found Laurie on her knees
between the "guy's" legs.

She was waving with one hand, the other was wrapped around
a long, skinny cock, slick with what Tom figured was her
saliva. He looked back at the woman sitting in the co-pilot's
seat. She smiled at him and asked, "This thing have
an auto-pilot ?"

ALTEDEN.TXT Families, edit or remove

I was thrown to the ground, my legs were spread and one of
the males entered me. I hadn't been expecting it and
I was completely dry, so it was quite uncomfortable and
not sexy at all. It wasn't long before he finished with
me, casting me to one side. Before I'd even had a chance
to sit up, another man grabbed my ankles and repeated the
performance, discussing his actions with the women present
while he thrust into me.

Before they'd finished, I'd had four men while
the women masturbated in front of me. I didn't feel
in the least sexy, but I did feel messy, my thighs coated
in the jism jetted onto me by the four males.

I felt soft lips on my nipples, I guess they were feminine,
they were great.

A hand twiddled my clit, making my dive headfirst into orgasm.
I felt the man I was giving head to shiver, almost ready to
explode. I pulled away so he could cum on my face and as I reached
out to hold onto him, I came into contact with a very smooth
thigh. I raised my hand and felt a wet pussy, then a hard clit.
I pulled the clit between finger and thumb, feeling it's
size. A woman near me moaned in pleasure and my hand got soaked
in female cum.

"Spread your legs, " Petal, I said to Monique,
thinking up the name on the spot.

I dropped my fingers to her groin, past her stiff clit, seeking
her love tunnel. As I'd expected, it was very tight.
Although she'd assured me she'd had experience
pleasing men, she was very young. Slipping a finger inside
her, I used a thumb on her clit. She nearly jumped with pleasure,
a small moan escaping her lips. I leaned forward and kissed
her neck, after using my free hand to brush away her hair.

With some effort, I pressed two fingers into Monique's
pussy, then started to finger fuck the young slave. With
my thumb I kept up the pressure against her clit. Her moans
and cries of pleasure warned me that she was soon to orgasm.

Monique suddenly squealed and shuddered, slippery juices
covering my hand under the warm water as she came. I removed
my hand from her pussy, seeing it covered with juice despite
it's previous emersion in water.

and lifted Monique out of the bath. She was so light and petite,
it was no trouble at all, even sitting as I was. She stood
before me, her clit even more predominantly poking through
her swollen pussy lips than before.

Her nipples and areolae were both raised, looking more
like the tops of lemons, only pink, than anything else.
Her small tits still showed smears of soap from where I'd
earlier been rubbing them.

Katie wanted me to keep her warm. I wearily climbed onto
the bed, trying to work up the energy to satisfy her, so was
glad when I found out that all she wanted to do was snuggle
into me. I went back to sleep on the soft bed, her breasts
pressed into my back and one hand playing with my moist pussy.
As I drifted off I remembered that I'd never even had

There is no better way to eat warm marshmallows than off
the smooth skin of a pubescent child. Licking the lumps
stuck to her nipples and pussy was as good for me as the feeling
of her licking the white sherbet off me. When we'd had
our fill of sherbet and marshmallows and had licked each
other out thoroughly, we fell to kissing and fondling each
other. All too soon Tara temporarily separated us to lead
us to the shower. Stripping her own clothes off, she joined
us under the spray.

I felt excited too, wondering what the Master would have
us do. He looked at us for a full minute, especially the females,
admiring our nude bodies. Then he went to a closet and brought
back two pairs of manacles. He pulled the two men to their
feet by the hair and manacled their hands together in front
of them, then, using the chain connected to the manacles,
led them to the far wall, near the bed. One at a time, he chained
them to rings protruding from the wall, their hands over
their heads, then attached their ankles to cuffs bolted
to the floor. When he was satisfied that the were secure,
he ordered me and the other girl to crawl to him.

His next instruction was for us to excite the men with our
lips, but not to use our hands. He left us blowing the men
and went into the bathroom to get undressed. When he returned,
he was naked and had two chains with a single cuff attached
to the end. He ordered us to stop pleasuring the men, who
both now had full erections. After ordering us onto the
bed, he told us to hold out our left legs to him. He quickly
snapped a bracelet on each of us, then attached the other
end to opposing sides of the bed. Although we could move
around on the bed, we were now as securely fastened as the
men at the wall. Neither of us could have reached the men
if we'd tried.

"Lay on your backs next to each other on the bed, "
he commanded.

We did as we were told. He looked at us, not even needing to
undress us with his eyes as we were already naked before
him. He moved to the end of the bed, taking hold of my ankles
and spreading my legs, looking between my thighs. He then
did the same with Sonya, the other girl. Next he had us lie
on our stomachs and spread our legs, then on our hands and
knees, our bottoms touching and legs spread. While we displayed
ourselves to him like this, he reached under us and felt
the weight of our breasts. One of Sonya's was quite
noticeably bigger than the other. I gasped quietly when
he roughly squeezed my nipple, making it stand out. I glanced
at the men chained to the wall and saw they still had their

"What a lovely pair you are. I hope I'm going to
enjoy allowing you to please me, otherwise you will all
be punished. Is that clear?"

I nodded my understanding.

The Master put us to our backs again then lay down between
us, with a hand on each of our thighs. When his roving hand
encountered my groin, he found it damp with my desire. To
my consternation, he played with me without touching my
clit. He allowed me to fondle his manhood, but it was Sonya
who was allowed to suck him to full erection.

When he was ready, he had me mount him. I rode him, his hands
on my belly and breasts, while Shona licked on his shaft
as it pumped in and out of me. As I fucked him, I looked at the
two men chained at the wall. The cock of one of them was so
hard it was pulsating, but neither could, of course relieve
themselves. After a few minutes riding him, Shona and I
swapped places and I finally had the chance to taste her
juices on his rod as he slipped in and out of her.

He put us in various positions, most of which gave the men
against the wall a good view of exactly what was happening
to us. At one time I was lying with my head pressed into the
pillows and my legs spread, fingering myself for the men
at the wall to watch. Eventually Sonya and I shared a blow-job,
culminating in him releasing his load evenly between our
waiting mouths.

For a while after that, he was content to watch Sonya and
I play together, wandering around the bed touching, slapping
and probing each of us as we licked and sucked on each other.
He made it clear to us that we were his sex toys, also explaining
that we should be grateful to have sex with him, but not the
slaves he'd chained to the wall. At first I felt sorry
for them, with the erections they'd maintained for
over two hours just by watching what we were doing. Then
I began to see what the Master meant about the degradation
we would suffer, having to submit to mere slaves, the living
slime under a master's foot.

When he finally ordered us to relieve the chained men, I
felt jubilant for them. With great care I pleased each one
of mine jacking each man off using a slow and measured pace.
With gentle caresses and featherlight touches I brought
each man t

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