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It was a hard relationship to describe. They had a lot in
common - both were professionals working full time, both
married, both having two children. But much of the similarities
ended there, one was female, and a delightful one at that,
but more on this later, the other male. Although they worked
together they lived far apart. Since neither one could
bear to hurt another their "romance" was not
the textbook-type.

Sandy and Jim sort of recognised that their lives were previously
taken, but they still had a deep attraction and affection
for each other. They enjoyed being together, whenever
they could manage it, for the office wags would have a field
day if their "relationship", no matter how
chaste, became public knowledge.

For a long time now Jim had been "romancing"
Sandy with notes of undying affection and love and Sandy
had been receiving the verbal love and affection with welcome

Once or twice a week they would meet for lunch at a public
park and discuss life and love and beauty. When the weather
was bad they might even be alone in a park and enjoy a special
closeness. But, alas, an unwritten code prevented more
than an occasional deep and warm hug and lots of hand-holding!
They would have been more at home in the Victorian era.

But enough history. I think the reader is, by now, well aware
of our "lovers" plight.

Certainly they were not of this quick-to-bed age. There
was a certain admirable beauty shared by Sandy and Jim.
Whether outsiders saw it or not was irrelevant, they saw
it and felt it. Which brings us to "The Birthday Present."

Jim had been planning a special birthday for Sandy for some
time. His sole goal was, surprisingly hard for modern-day
readers to believe, was not seduction, but a celebration
of JOY.

Ah, JOY! JOY, a feeling generally lost on us, Moderns, and totally
without relevance unless shared. This was to be a true celebration
of JOY and LOVE. Jim's sentimentality was so at the
forefront that he even "engraved" a special
invitation, complete with appropriate scroll-work,
to Sandy:

The undersigned cordially (and with obvious relish) invites


an extremely delightful and luscious person

to a personal and intimate demonstration of


as expressed through a sensitive and feeling full-body

on the Twenty-First Day of the Ninth Month of the Year Nineteen
Hundred and Eighty-Nine

suitably signed with passionate love by Jim.

Sandy, never one to avoid the daring being a women irresistibly
drawn to masculine images, activities and excitement,
initially balked. Interestingly enough her resistance
came not so much from the suggestion, but from the ludicrousness
of it, "Come on, how can this be accomplished in the
park at noon? And I am not interested in getting poison ivy
in the woods."

But her resistance changed from one of unbelieving to one
of simple objection when Jim said, "I have arranged
for us to share a motel room for the afternoon. I promise
no hanky-panky. This is not a seduction, it is a genuine
attempt to give you a nice birthday present. I am not joking.
I am serious."

Well, the discussion was heated for several days. Sandy
had strong fears and distrust of Jim and his motives. The
casual outsider would only have chuckled at this appearance
of a joke, the eternal male seduction "line."

"I just want to show you my etchings." or "I
just want to let you explore my spider web."

What ever it was, convincing persuasion, a genuine daring
or resignation from the effort to change Jim's mind.
More than once Jim had offered to withdraw the "proposition"
only to have the subject come up again.

It is not clear what was the final straw, but Sandy extracted
the two-thousandth promise, and agreed.

But then at the last moment Sandy realised that it was payday
and she could not afford to be gone half a day. The big day
was delayed until Friday.

Friday turned out to be a delightful day. The sun shown out
of a azure sky upon the green hills of the land. The temperature
was just right. Jim expressed concern that the beauty of
the day would be "wasted" inside, but it was
agreed that there would be more nice days.

The trip past the check-in desk and the lobby was taken with
uncomfortable feelings of guilt. This feeling by both
was thick enough to cut. But the small briefcase sufficed
to allay inordinate suspicions. All went well until they
got to the room. The age old shakes kept Jim from immediately
getting the damned door open. Motel doors were the same

Once in the room they hugged in a warm embrace free from the
fear of prying eyes. That alone made the excursion well
worth the effort. They stood there for the "brief"
moment that lovers share, a brief moment extending close
to ten minutes.

Neither one wanted to break the spell. Their nearness could
not be replaced with all the private and emotional notes
they exchanged.

They sat down on the bed and held hands gazing into each other's
eyes. Jim gentle began caressing Sandy's delicate
hands and fingers. Then they began to discuss what was to

Jim, who claimed to have "everything thought out, "
was torn between chucking his "plan" and keeping
his promise.

A gentle, caring look from Sandy kept him in line.

Jim got the body lotion bottle from his brief case so Sandy
could choose which she preferred. He let her pick saying,
"The delicious scent of your body will override all
else, who needs this stuff."

He then went to the bathroom to get some towels.

The bed spread was taken down and several towels were laid

Jim then said that it was necessary that Sandy remove her
clothing and cover up with the towels. He said, "You
may leave your underwear on, Lovely Sandy. I promised a
full-body massage, but it won't quite be "full-body",
I couldn't keep my promise if it was and you know it.
Anyway, cover up with the towels and I'll turn up the
heat in the room. I won't need that, but you may."

Sandy replied, "I don't think I will need it either,
so don't turn it up."

(She was avoiding the clothes issue.) "Can't we just do the massaging like we have in
the past?"

[They both had a keen interest in the art of massage. Jim
had a couple of good books on massage, finger-pressure
and Shiatsu. He even shared one on sensual massage with
Sandy. Their experiences into massage began with foot
massage one noon when Sandy complained of il-fitting shoes
and sore feet. Jim extended it to hand and finger massage
and once even experimented with back massage, when he sneaked
his first and only kiss from Sandy, a chaste, but delicious
peck on the back of Sandy's lovely white neck. They
both had enjoyed the physical contact immensely. But it
had always been of the non-sexual kind, although Jim reveled
in the sensuality of it. He is the one who invented this birthday
present, after all.]

After a lengthy discussion, Jim persuaded Sandy that his
intentions were indeed honourable and it could only be
done this way. [Although I will not go into this discussion,
because it is so improbable as to be unlikely, besides if
Jim hadn't "won" the debate there wouldn't
be a story to tell!

] Jim left the room to give Sandy privacy. He left word for
her to let him know. Talk about long moments! This was absurd. But after what seemed like hours, Sandy
whispered that she was ready.

Jim re-entered the room to find Sandy stretched out full
length on her stomach covered with a bath towel covering
her from shoulders to knees. Even from the back Jim marvelled
at her loveliness.

"Sandy you are the most beautiful person I have ever
seen, with or without clothes. Your trust in me only makes
me love you even more. God practiced for thousands of years
to perfect His art to produce you. He did good! And I am so
glad He didn't waste all of His talents on the outside,
for your inner beauty far exceeds what the imperfect eye
can see. I love you, Sandy, and I will love you with all of
my heart and I love you with all of my mind and I love you with
all of my spirit and I will love you always, Sandy. There
has been none like you. You are Perfection, exquisite Perfection,
Sandy. I kneel down and worship this shrine, Sandy."

He liberally drenched his hands in lotion he had warmed
up in his pocket and applied it generously to her legs and
arms with gentle caring hands. A gasp of pleasure escaped
Sandy's lips.

She lifter her head and gazed at Jim and heart-feltly said,
"Thank you, Jim, you gentleness and compassion is
so appreciated. Thank you for talking me into this and thank
you for the lovely birthday present."

"But it hasn't even begun, Sandy. No more words
from you. You must lie there and relax and release your cares
to my hands. I will be gentle. I will be caring. I will be true
to my words, Sandy. My love for you would allow nothing else."

Beginning at her toes Jim gentle rubbed in the oil and kneaded
the aches and cares away. He massaged towards her ankles
to restore the blood flow in her toes. Each toe in turn got
the same treatment and he lusciously paused and stroked
between each one. He fleeting kissed each one as he progressed.
Completing her toes he began to work on her feet. Jim knew
that the Achilles tendon was supposed to have a genitals-connection
so his stroking steadily lead to that area after he had explored
the rest of her lovely and delicate foot.

His slow and steady sensual touch gradually lead to her
ankle and upwards to her expressively beautiful calf.
A slight tremor from Sandy cautioned Jim from proceeding
further, but his hands did not stray from their amorous
and pleasant task. Gently they followed the contours of
her fine calf from her ankle to her lovely knee. The elegance
of her limbs had always amazed and charmed Jim, but until
now he had not known the real passion associated with flirting
with such exquisitely turned ivory. The smoothness beneath
his touch was awe-inspiring and sent tremors of his own
up and down his spine.

"Hold on, Jim, this delicate journey has just begun, "
he said to himself.

Jim quietly shifted his attentions from Sandy's lovely
legs to her exquisitely sensuous hands resting so close.
He began, like with her finely turned feet, with a gentle
upwards massaging of her fingers. They were delicately
formed and only slightly roughened by hard work suiting
her demeanour. Sandy took very good care of herself and
it showed for all to see. Her elegant beauty was flawless.
Sandy was striking. No other words would do her rare beauty
justice. She was magnificent.

Jim smeared more oil to pave the way for his ever-exploring
hands. Delicately her followed the fingers around, one
by one, pausing at the base of each to implant a kiss of love.
His tongue would flick out to gentle caress the soft membrane
of skin between each. The he would continue his kneading
on the palms.

He strived to rub out the cares and anguishes of the hardness
of life with more ointment. His heart was in it. The care
he felt flowed more freely than the oil.

Jim was sure that Sandy had been over come with sleep by this
time. Not a sound was heard, except her deep, even breathing.
Her exquisitely lovely face carried a truly joyous smile
into her dreams. Trust, and maybe love, had found an outlet.

No matter how deep the sleep, Jim's labor-of-love
was not consummated. His hands continued their explore.
But it was clear that they were no longer under Jim's
control as they lusciously travelled the full range of
her exquisitely chiseled arm.

At Sandy's shoulder they paused. Slowly and determinedly
they slid the towel a little lower so her exquisitely graceful
shoulder was exposed. Gently he traced each contour from
her shoulders to her Kama neck. His warm hands gentle pressured
the deep muscles on her back, rubbing them toward her neck
to further the circulation. When the massage regained
her neck it acted like an aphrodisiac, the sleeping giant
in Sandy awoke. A groan of passion passed. Jim paused. She
was quiet again.

Slowly Jim began again, this time progressing up Sandy's
neck. He parted her beautiful and delicately soft tresses,
pausing to give, with love, another heart-kiss, his second
in forever. Continuing, he found her ear and traced it around
and around, swirling into oblivion. With an oh-so gentle
touch, he persisted in his quest and touched her face of
pure beauty. Her delicately formed cheeks and nose were
traced with great care.

He linger under her nose and followed her lovely, full lips,
so ripe with passion and desire, now parted, as if in greeting

As his fingers passed they closed to a rosebud to exchange
a kiss of love and opened to reveal a moist tongue hungering
for a new sensation. The fingers, not what it was looking
for, sufficed for the moment. With regret Jim left the luscious
lips like orgasmic-blood swollen Mons of Venus and renewed
his quest. His fingers, with sincere caring and passion
traced the slight, sight, not angry, scar on her cheek fervently
wishing to erase the one blemish to her perfection, but
it had become an integral part of her mysterious beauty.
Renewing his travels Jim reached her eyes of deep-sea azure
sunshine, now glistening with tears.

A drop was rushed away by gravity. Jim bent to erase the remainder
with his lips, and his own hot tears mixed passionately
with hers. Not a word was said. The exchange of an immeasurably
deep gaze, love from one intertwining with a heartfelt
thanks from the other, stemmed the flow. The eyes, ever
capable of giving of love more than receiving love, closed
to allow his delicate touch to pass over.

Jim's trembling hands extended up Sandy's forehead
and wound in amongst her soft brown locks, threading their
way down, down to her shoulders and beyond. Ardently they
searched beneath the towel to find her back and relieve
the tense knots settled there.

He anointed his hands and applied with ecstatic glee, pressure.

Discreetly her eased down the towel to waste level to reveal
a pure white-as-snow back demarcated by a perfect tan line.
He followed the line and moved in to the snow field with sensitive
strokes. The passion in his touch was clearly evident as
he manipulated her precious skin.

Jim's efforts gained in strength until they could
be compared with a passionate desire to enter within. His
fingers spread warmth in an ever-widening circle, encountering
the towel barrier again and again. His intensity diminished
somewhat when the barrier was knocked askew and his warm
hands found the graceful curving lines of Freyja's
treasure, soft mons of exquisite composition, begging
to be circled and traced. Jim flirted with each one. Out
of human control, his hands proceeded to palpate each in

"Surely these are Godly creations. How could anyone
view such luscious mounds as anything but unabashed beauty.
I kiss each with my heart and mind. I worship at the shrine
of pure beauty. I am yours, Sandy. Forever, I am yours, Oh,
One of Magnificent and Perfect Beauty. I am eternally grateful
for this moment. No other could feel such wonder as I do at
this moment. I share this moment only with you, Sandy, and
God. It is good. It is right."

At that moment Sandy stirred.

"Let me turn over."

"Only if you help me abide by my promise, Sandy?"

With an anguished, "No, " she struggled to
roll over, but Jim had embraced her, preventing her movement.


As she ceased struggling, he fleetingly fondled her ripe
buttocks, planting a warm, juicy buss on each. With one
last regretting gentle squeeze, he replaced the towel
again between shoulder and knee.

"Now, roll, over slowly, Beautiful."

Slowly she rolled over as Jim held the modesty drape from
slipping. He gazed into Sandy's eyes, longingly and
fervently desiring to kiss those gentle lips and hold her
warm and supple body close to his. Instead he gently leaned
down and caressingly kissed the very tips of her big toes,
erotic points to many.

Cuddling her feet in his sensitive hands he began anew his
gentle massaging. This time his eyes never let hers.

Softly and slowly his caressive touch stole to her heels
and ankles and endearingly up her graceful calves to rest,
trembling, on her knees. Then they traced their way back
down, again ending at her charming toes. Cautiously, they
followed their trail back up again, ending, daring, on
Sandy's enchanting Astarte thigh.

Like a passionate dog Jim's fingers whiff around exploring
the delicate flesh, occasionally digging into the muscles
to sooth their tension, occasionally just flirting with
the sensitive skin, just sniffing and exploring.

All the time the towel remained virtuously in place. At
some unseen clue he, as before, passed attention from Sandy's
lovely legs to her outstretched and graceful arms, yearning
to embrace the passion she felt, but not wishing to break
the magic spell. In a friendly, no, a passionate gesture,
Jim's fingers traced the faintly outlined veins,
surging with pent up desire, from her delicate finger tips,
across her enchanting hands, up the sensuous arms, so capable
of violent embrace in the throes of ecstasy, to the softly
curving shoulders begging to have resting on them a head,
spent with Love's longings.

Like a seized person his fingers relentlessly pursue their
travails from shoulder to delicate finger tip and back
several times. Each time the trail becomes more comfortable
and welcome.

Sandy's breathing, once deep and even, now comes slightly
heavier and with more effort as the feeling of pure joy invades
her very being. Her longing to end the invasion and her desire
to see it completed vigorously facing off within her very

Again the mortal hands of Jim, now firmly in the control
of a higher spirit, struggle to gain control of the lust
welling within, venture slightly under the shade of modesty
to caress the tender, warm flesh of temptation. Like children
exploring beneath a sheet they blindly and hesitantly
creep hither and yon seeking new avenues. Clearly they
hunger. The deep muscle massage, forsaken by Care for the
fluttering of a butterfly, yearns to probe deeper, but
the emotions will not allow it.

Then an inadvertent quick and unexpected reflex twist
by Sandy, probably caused by being too long in one position,
mated the gentle butterfly and charms of Aphrodite, the
crown of beauty, the lovely dome of motherhood. With renewed
confidence Jim's soft finger tips cautiously trace
the edge of each lovely breast, around and around, endlessly.
Then with great care they creep slowly up the steep slope
towards the summit. With barely perceptible touch the
blind fingers alight near the areola. An imperceptible
take in Sandy's breath is timed exactly with the moment.
No other sign is given. Sandy's nipples strain to reach
out to Jim's charmed and smitten touch. His fingers
ever so gracefully inch toward the luscious erotic bud.
At the moment of touch sparks of emotion fly between Jim
and Sandy, their passionate gaze never having wavered.

No moment was ever quite like this for Jim. The urge to kiss
those ripe, ruby rosebuds nearly became too much. To counteract
his unbearable craving he lower his eyes and buried his
face in the towel at Sandy's breast. Jim's hot,
burning tears of passion were rapacious soaked up by the
towel, never giving them a chance to caress the breasts
which had so charmed to his fingers. Sandy's soft and
delicate arms enfolded the stricken Jim. His arms reaching
around to embrace Sandy's beautiful body.

For many minutes they lay interlocked, captivating all
of the love two mortals could possibly engender.

While the reader ponders this moment I will offer a special
treat, I hope. Because different people have different
desires at different times I will allow you to choose your
own "ending" (how I hate that word!)

to this scene of beauty. But first I must apologise for being
such a fumbling and incompetent as to expect to write with
words the beauty of silence and touch and sight and feeling.
Forgive me, Dear Reader.

Now for the continuation. You have four choices (yes, yes,
you may read all of them):

one) Real-life two) A story-book three) Sandy's fantasy
four) Jim's fantasy five) Jim's desire


As peace envelopes the snuggled pair, Reality awakes.
Sandy rises, turns off the VCR and urgently searches out
Ken. At the exact same instant Jim wakes up in his corner
of his own bed.


He abruptly gets up and throws off the towel.

"Now you are going to get fucked, woman! F-U-C-K-E-D."

With that he unzips his pants and reveals a gigantic cock
throbbing with lust. He grabs her by the hair and thrust
her face into his ram-rod. Take it in, all the way in. She
was awestruck at the enormous proportions. It must have
been eighteen inches in length and easily three inches

"I can't do that. I'd choke."

At those words her rammed his staff into her gaping mouth.
He forced his way as far down her throat as was possible.
His hands forcible masturbating his erect cock.

When he was near climax, he threw her to the bed. He gathered
a leg in each hand and yanked them over her head so her knees
were by her chest. He fell on her with a vengeance, the stark
shaft pounding its unholy way into her tight hot box. Her
cunt was shocked by the intrusion, but the juices flowed
freely as she fought to extricate herself from his firm

A gigantic thrust tore asunder any semblance of resistance
as she cried out is agony, "OH, God, you are killing

Possibly out of compassion, he withdrew his huge tool at
another out burst from her, "NO! Don't take it
out. I want that thing deep inside me. Fuck me hard. Fuck
me deep. Do it to me."

But he had no intention of quitting. His fiery-red, pulsing
horse-prick drove home again and again to a cry of anguish
from Sandy. This time the cry bubbled off into a cry of passion.

For fifteen minutes he pumped away at her. Near the end of
his monstrous strokes, punctuated by cries of delight
from Sandy and groans of animal lust from him, exceeded
twelve inches. As his cock withdrew little streaks of blood
could be seen as a sign of the cruel, but welcome, forcible
entry of the rigid steel cannon of power.

As she, screamed, "More, more, fuck me more, "
he rose to the task.

His balls banged unceasingly against her ass, swelling
towards the breaking point.

Then he withdrew his manhood. As she desperately struggled
to grab the gigantic cock to put it back inside of her, he
threw her hands aside and fell full force on her. The force
rammed all eighteen inches to her very soul. The hot flood
of cum spurted inside of her
in a stream, a never-ending torrent. The wad was so great
it bubbled from her punished cunt as she cried as in death.

He grunted in satisfaction and got up.

"Not bad. Not bad at all. Now lick me off."


Sandy could feel the steady growth of Jim's imposing

Jim rolls off tearing the towel with him. Sandy is revealed
in all of her wondrous beauty. His firm delicate breasts
inviting the cupped hands of Jim to cradle them. He encircled
them, his thumb and forefinger gently grasping the erect
and awaiting nipples. Her hands quickly fling Jim's
clothes to the far winds exposing Jim and a wondrous instrument,
a full twelve inches of throbbing manhood. The breadth
brought Sandy upright she desperately tried to grasp and
hold it firmly in one hand, but found it could not be done,
for it was a full pounding three inches in diameter. Her
sharp intake if breathe brought with it, "Magnificent!
How could you have kept this from me for so long."

For many moments Sandy explored in wonder the marvellous
tool of love. Expertly she allowed her hand to gently caress
the astounding rod. As she eased her hands around his penis,
Jim, encouraged, renewed his fondling of her breasts.

Sandy felt giddy with power. But she also felt giddy with
lust. She wanted this massive staff of life in her, all the
way inside of her.

Already she was causing the single-eyed monster to tear.

Gently she spread the sticky moistness around with her
finger tip, trembling all of the time. A gentle hand from
Jim brought her back to reality.

"Remember my promise, " he whispered as he
knelt before Sandy and let his soft warm hands creep down
to the creams soft fur of Eros' triangle and the enveloping
folds around the grotto of Amor.

He gently caressed the delicate pink-white flesh surrounding
this heaven-on-earth with his fingers, followed by the
ethereal touch of his hot damp tongue.

Sandy was not sure what to do. At first, she said, "Enough",
but Jim would not hear of it, as his gentle tongue found her

Shock-waves of passion boiled up in her. It was too much.
She gently held his head in her arms and lay back to enjoy

She had always thought that a man's tongue was rough,
like her own, but this didn't feel that way. Jim was
exceeding gentle. A few gentle flutters on her clitoris
would raise Sandy's lovely, smooth, curved buttocks
off the bed in pure ecstasy. Then he would descend and send
his tongue deep into her vagina. That deeply delicious,
warm moist cavern of sensuousness. A few long, slow and
deep strokes would fire Sandy to fever pitch, then he would
shift back to her lovely little pink clitoris, enflame
with passion. In between he would wonder all around her
pubic area, pausing here and there to devote particular
attention. The feelings being generated inside Sandy
were unmistakable and uncontrollable and delicious.

"You are getting all of the fun, Jim, " cried
Sandy as she lifted his head, with difficulty.

"Let me play, too."

Placing Jim at arms length, she again let her hand slid down
to the gorgeous penis taking in all the various dips and
curves formed by veins filled to capacity, her hunger for
it overtook her curiosity.

"I will not settle for the my inability to totally
feel this wondrous creature with my hands, it must be absorbed
in me, become a part of me."

Jim climbed up on the bed, swinging his ever-imposing manhood
with him. She leaned back seductively bringing her lovely
legs up to her chest, opening her treasure trove for the
mad stampede of the raging bull. Jim leaned over grasping
both lovely breasts in his warm hands, cupping each gentle,
and kissed each risen nipple. Opening his mouth they exchanged
erotic acts, he being the orifice and she being the erect
tool. When he rose he said, "One more thing, before
I enter heaven."

As he again lowered himself to explore orally the tunnel
of love, Sandy, cried, "Let me go with you."

She quickly twisted around so that he could continue his
libations at the fountain of love while she could attend
to the care of the stark beauty poised erect from Jim's
groin. Not only was it staring her square in the face, but
the dangling testicles were drooping, begging to be fondled.
She gently explored each full-to-bursting sack. Trying
to capture the elusive contents was sheer joy. No matter
where she went she never took her eyes off of the one eye before
her. Even the delightful sensations initiated by Jim gentle
tracing of the contours of her mons did not detract her from
her fascination.

Quietly she whispered, "I want him now, Jim. I want
you inside of me now."

He turned and sat cross-legged before her, soaking up the
exquisite beauty lying before him.

"As I said before, on a lesser occasion, 'The
Creator made a appalling mistake when He disallowed us
to make wonderful, passionate love remotely so we could
see our beauty, the beauty of the human body.'"

She sat up in front of him. As Jim reached out to gently cup
her small, luscious, perfectly formed breasts in his warm
hands, Sandy extended her hand and caressed his nipples.
A slow, fervent kiss, miraculously the first one, exchanged
lips several times. Cautiously, at first, their tongues
explored, as their hands softly and hesitantly meandered
among the newly found hills and valleys of each other. Their
nipples, rigid, hers being like lovely, ruby flowers stretching
out to Jim. He paused a moment to delicately plant a warm,
moist kiss on each sweet breast. Their fingers continued
to enjoy their romped in paradise, as children at play.

One of his hands crept up to stroke Sandy's short, soft
hair and fell lovingly to gently caress the back of her neck
and ears.

Soon one abandoned its quest and stole lower to her delicately
smooth, creamy white inner thigh and delicately inched
to her pubic area, rich in erotic senses. It was still dripping
wet with Jim's saliva and her warm, luscious and sweet
vaginal fluids. He gently traced the contours of her pubic
mound and tangled his fingers lovingly in her hair. He leaned
over and plucked a small, perfect, red rose from a vase next
to the bed and wound the stem amongst the fur. He then tenderly
frolicked over the mons and cautiously ventured further.

Her hands were far from idle as she caressed his chest and
arms and followed the soft fur down towards the deep and
dark nether regions. As she reached the mound of soft hair
surrounding his rigid stalk. It responded with a start.
The quivering rod stood proudly and majestically upright
in the forest for Sandy to see and hold. It was a marvel. With
supreme sensitiveness she slid the foreskin back to expose
the glistening head. Her finger traced the edges of the
glans around and followed it up to the narrow closed orifice.
Oh, so, gently she lifted his forbidding penis up and looked
it head on. Her soft fingers then touched a large serpentine
vein and followed it full length, wondering lazily as she
went. When she reached the root, the source of the enormous
organ's strength, she extended her hand until she
nearly enveloped the rigid staff. The other hand stole
down still lower to the testicles. In the heat of passion
they were loose and pliable. As she valiantly tried to capture
and hold one Jim caused her to start.

Again he had found her clitoris, her blood-rich bud, flower,
seat of driving passion. But not until after he had deliciously
sought the hidden depths of her creamy pink vagina, the
love-shrine. Jim's fluids was perfect to moisten
and lubricate his touch. With exquisite care and tenderness
he surrounded her exquisitely sensitive flower and caressed
every crevice and tip.

Sandy gave a reflex intake as he reached the tip. Her moans
were equalled only by his. Jim dallied with trembling hand
as shivers of passion waved through Sandy's graceful

Together they lavished joyful touch upon tender touch
on each other as they shared this exquisitely lovely and
passionate moment. As their soft and gentle frolicking
continued their breathing meshed into one.

Imperceptibly each clung to the other. At no time did their
eyes wander from each other, being constantly focused
on their finger's meandering, awed by the innocent
and sweet "children" at play in their enchanted

As one they looked at each other as if to verify that their
time was now. The electricity of the moment was awesome.

As one Sandy lay back invitingly and Jim gentle covered

He wrapped his arms joyfully around her, she around him.
Except for their genitals, they were as one.

"Now, Jim!"

And she raised her gorgeous limbs around his sturdy back.
As she reached down to grasp the enormous penis once more
with her hands, he whispered, "You don't need
to. He will find the way. How could he help it."

Gradually this organ of giant proportions lowered to the
duty at hand. As if guided by a supernatural power, it gently
rolled around the furry mound, as if sniffing for the opening.
A faint flicker of motion would cause the shaft to pull away
from Sandy's beckoning hearth, but it would quickly

Then, after what seemed to be an eternity, the magnificent
organ sensed the end, or the beginning as better describes
the situation. He rested, like taking a deep breath, just
above the vaginal opening. But before dropping down, he
sought out a friend, the ever-present, ever-patient clitoris.
A quick peck on her lips, and a return engagement brought
shudders of passion to Sandy as she cried, "Now, come
in, now, Jim."

One last drawn out embrace of the glowing clit by the gentle
monster was the farewell. Slowly he traced the smooth path
down to the warm embrace of the labial lips, now parted and

"Come in, my friend, " they seemed to say in
delicious anticipation of the impending union.

A gentle prodding by Jim started the long trip home. The
lips gentle caressing his splendid penis as it entered.
They stroked the silky and slimy-clean shaft as a steady,
urgent, but gentle, pressure lodged the giant.

At that moment Sandy selfishly restrained him from his
appointed task, saying, "I want to say good bye to

Her hands again surveyed all of that splendid shaft and
the bubbling sack of life attached. The brief dally she
had had with the throbbing penis with her mouth had endowed
it with welcome lubrication. More was to come.

"Good bye, magnificent one, God speed."

Jim's fantastic and warmly glowing penis entered
the glory cave. The journey home, into the warm, dark, moist
cavern of joy, had begun. With nearly imperceptible movement
they began the dance of love that could only end their delight.

Then, when with obvious reluctance the engorged and turgid
penis, the majestic staff of life, emerged from its friendly
and comfortable home, Sandy cried, "Put him back,
please come back in. Fill me up."

She slowly and lovingly wrapped her gorgeous, her perfect
legs envelopingly around Jim's loins to enhance her
determination. Jim's stout penis reacted with joy
when Jim felt the encouragement. And, after only a short
moment, the penis Sandy so dearly sought disappeared again
with relish into the inner reaches of pleasure.

Again he came forth and re-entered, each time imperceptively
further home. Each removal, sheer agony; each return,
utter elation. After a few well-controlled thrusts Jim
entered for good the sacred Grotto of Love. While he tenderly,
but dogged, stroked in deeper, out reluctantly, Sandy
tighten and relaxed her grip on his pelvis with her legs.

Breathlessly, Sandy exclaimed, "Welcome home,
my fine penis. Come inside and enjoy the comforts of home.
You are always welcome."

Then in holy silence they continued their dance of praise
to the heavens for the wonderful gift of love. No two could
have been closer to the heavenly kingdom than Sandy and
Jim at this moment. And it was good!

Both Sandy and Jim groaned in unison as the marvellous tool
sunk deep into her safe haven. Jim's initial short,
lusting-animal jabs magically transform into long, exquisitely-deep,
impassioned caresses. As each stroke lengthened Sandy
could feel Jim's glorious penis grow and expand to
fill her. The feeling was overwhelming. Sandy cried out
in passion for Jim.

"Deeper, Jim, deeper. I want all of you in me. Fill
me with your whole self, Jim."

Sandy's lovely legs guided Jim's active loins
to ensure his continuance. With cautious insistence she
hurried Jim along his well laid path.

As the determined rhythms of their rocking pelvises gradually
increased in intensity, their breathing took on a certain
urgency. With the heavy breathing their pelvic driving
followed suit. The dogged clutch-release of Sandy exactly
tuned to the earnest thrust-lingering withdrawal of Jim's
hips. His magnificently sturdy and shimmering penis,
never flailing, begged to remain inside Sandy, but it was
not to be...yet. The fluid noises of their combined juices,
a slight bed-centred squeak and their passionate breathing
were the only sounds.

Precisely on cue their breathing became more like grunts
and groans as the heated motion of their bodies became more
spontaneous and impulsive and less restrained. Jim's
strokes, beginning so long ago as imperceivable flickers
where now long, slow, superb strokes of at least six inches.
Where all of his manhood went was totally lost on the lusting

As their exertion approached the agonizing stage (to a
casual observer) the sensuous groans became a constant
barrage of erotic and carnal grunts. Sandy attempted to
control the fantastic thrusts of Jim, just to make them
linger, but to no avail.

Finally, she conceded, "Enough, Jim. I am finished."

Then, for one instant Jim withdrew his towering, flaming
rod and then blindly plunged himself to the hilt into Sandy.
This last gigantic heave brought Jim into the previously
unreached inner sanctum of Sandy. Simultaneously, he
erupted with a monstrous and guttural primeval cry. Sandy
fought her urge to scream and only partially succeeded.
A shrill wail of ecstasy bubbled from her lips along with
the cry, "Oh, no, God! Don't let it be finished!
Bring it back."

Their simultaneous cataclysmic orgasm gushed. An enormous
mass of semen, seemingly Jim's total life's energy,
spewed forth to penetrate every cranny. As he strove to
extract the last vital drop in her, she cling for dear life
with her graceful long legs and lithe arms enfolding him.
Their juices became too much for her to hold; their virtual
life fluids flowed freely over them and the bed.

And this, too, was good.

With utter joy, they lay spent in each others arms for more
than a half an hour, gazing into each other's joyful

Snuggling closer, they remained locked, totally engaged.

Sandy squirmed and uttered a delightful squeal, "Jim,
it has never been like this before. Can we keep this moment?"

The rhetorical question went unanswered.

This word was chosen for it’s unusually high frequency
in erotic texts. It is marked to draw attention to when,
why and where it is used. To some, it may stimulate, to others
it’s a bore. What does your brain say?

This text contains one or more repetitions of specific
BLUE WORD(S) . Each is marked
thus to draw your attention to it’s placement and useage
in an erotic environment. Enjoy........

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