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I am not the model type. I have an above average mentality
but my body has suffered the effects of sitting behind my desk
for long hours and not getting the proper exercise. I have many
interests and am knowledgeable about many different things
so I can hold my own in many types of situations. I am very confident
in my handling of people and in my own sexuality. I am married
to a beautiful woman named Sunnie and we have a very open
sexual relationship that is very closed when it comes to our love
and devotion for each other. Knowing this little bit of background
might possibly help you understand my total shock when
I received a phone call at my office one day. This woman had told my secretary her name was Linda (pronounced with the i sounding
like a long e which is the Spanish word for beautiful) and that
the call was personal. I couldn't resist the temptation
so I said I would accept the call. This incredibly sexy, young voice
came on the line and started talking about me. She said she knew
who I was and that she found me very exciting and wanted to get
to know me better. She said she had been watching me lately and knew
everything about me. I asked her what she meant by "everything"
and she said she had seen my wife and knew that we were swingers
and that my wife was bi. Since my wife and I do not make this
information public knowledge I was more then a little surprised.
I asked her how she knew this and she said she would tell me
more later. I asked Linda why she called and she said she wanted
to get to know me and my wife better. She also said she would
talk to me in person sometime in the next week without me knowing
who she was. She then said she had to go and before I could say
anything else she hung up.

I had told Sunnie about the call and she thought it sounded
really interesting. She told me to play it out as long as
I wanted to and felt comfortable with the situation. I was
going up the wall trying to figure out where a girl would possibly
get to know this much about me and my not have the foggiest idea
who she was. Needless to say I started having some sleepless
nights and found myself daydreaming about my Mystery Lady Linda.
I would find myself studying anybody I came in contact with
to see if perhaps this was her. I saw nothing.

She had called me on Wednesday. By the next Tuesday night
I figured it was just some kind of hoax. Around 7:00 that night
I was sitting at home watching the TV and got another call.
This time my Mystery Lady asked me if I had enjoyed the brief conversation I had with her. This was really a shock to me
because I had been very careful all week to notice anyone
and I had not had a conversation with a single female at all. I
told her that was impossible and she just gave me a short little
laugh and asked if I had enjoyed the prime rib I had Saturday night.
I started thinking back and remembered taking my wife out
to eat Saturday night and that I did, indeed, have prime rib. I
asked if she had been the waitress and Linda said she hadn't
been. I kept going through the whole night in my mind trying to remember
talking to any female other then the waitress and my wife
and I came up empty. I finally said, "OK, that's enough.
You have to tell me when you talked to me." She then told me that
I had a very soft heart. I asked her what she meant and she asked
if I remembered the little girl I talked to while I was paying
the bill. I thought back and vaguely remembered a young girl
of about 13 or 14 coming up to me while my wife was in the restroom
and asking if I had a quarter because she really needed to
call her parents and had run out of change. I remembered her blonde
hair had been tied up in a pony tail and she had been very polite. I remember thinking how well mannered the petite
little girl was but that was about all I could remember.

By this time I was going absolutely crazy. I asked Linda
if that was her and she said it was. I had to ask the obvious question
of just how old she was. She told me she was 21 but she had always looked very young for her age. She said she always
had fun wrapping her tits up tight, not putting on any make-up
and dressing like a little girl. She said very few people ever
really guessed she was older because she was petite.

I really started straining trying to remember what that
little girl looked like. I remember she seemed very wholesome
and sweet. She looked young and very naive. I just couldn't
remember exactly what her features were like.

I finally asked, "Am I going to see you again?"
She said, "Do you really want to see more of me?" I answered very
quickly, "I want to see all of you!" "Well, within the next
week you will see more of me! I promise!" She replied. "What do
you mean by that?" I inquired. She paused for a minute and said,
"Bye darlin!" and hung up.

Oh, was I ever going bananas! I was having trouble at work
because I kept drifting off into my daydream trying to conjure
up the face of that sweet little girl in the restaurant. Trying
to visualize her body which I really hadn't looked at
because of her apparent age. I found myself lost in fantasies about what
I could do with a body like that which kept giving me hard ons.
Since I don't wear underwear I found myself in embarrassing
situations more then once. Being so turned on all the time
caused me to go home and totally ravish my wife. Sunnie didn't
mind this at all so she was always encouraging me to follow
it through, besides, she was getting excited about the possibilities

I had to work a little late on Friday. As I came out of the office I glanced up and saw a small foreign sports car parked
against the curb heading in the wrong direction. Suddenly,
this beautiful figure of a woman in a short miniskirt wearing
a hat and large sunglasses walked up and opened the car door.
I watched as she slowly sat way down in the seat causing her
dress to hike up higher and higher on her thighs. She was a short
girl but because of the curb next to the car her knees were well
above her hips as she sat down. I stood there mesmerized as she
looked up at me. She smiled and opened up her knees so I could see
between her legs. I was about twenty or thirty feet away
but it was a bright day and because of the sunlight reflecting
off of the sidewalk I could see her crotch clearly. She didn't
have on anything underneath and I could tell she was a natural blonde.
She sat there for a good thirty seconds smiling at me. I finally
got a hold of my senses and started toward her. She quickly
swung her legs into the car, shut the door and drove off.
I hadn't been able to see her face clearly or her hair
but that body and that pussy were incredible.

I knew I was hopelessly hooked on this Mystery Lady. I had
to taste that pussy and feel my dick slide into it. I had visions
of my dick softly rubbing that clit. I had to have her under
my control somehow. I tried to figure what I would say the next
time she called me.

Monday afternoon the call finally came. The secretary
told me I had a personal call from someone named Linda. I slowly got
up from my desk and went to shut my door. I took my time while
I tried to get my emotions under control. It really didn't
work because by the time I got back to the phone I had a raging hard
on that already felt like it was going to burst. I picked
up the phone and said, "Hello?" This incredibly sexy
voice came on and said, "Did you enjoy seeing more of me?" "Hell
yes!" I replied "but you are driving me crazy with this bits and pieces
of you! I want to taste the whole of you all at once!" By now I
was almost screaming with the frustration I was feeling! "I
am having trouble concentrating at work, I alternate between nightmares
and wet dreams when I try to sleep! Don't you think I want
to follow through with this and see it to the end?" There was
silence for moment and she said, ever so softly, "Let me see what
I can do to help your situation." "How can you help?"
I asked. "You'll see, " she said and hung up.

By Saturday I figured she must have given up this little
game. I hadn't heard or seen anything this whole week. I had
fallen a little behind in my work because of my distractions so I
decided to go into the office Saturday afternoon to see if I couldn't
get myself straightened out. I worked for a couple of hours
and finally managed to wade through the various messes I had
made and got to a point where I felt comfortable everything would
be taken care of properly. I locked up the office and walked to the
elevator admonishing myself for letting some prank get
me so far behind in what I needed to be doing. The elevator door opened
and there was a couple inside leaning against the far right
hand corner. He had his back against the corner and she was locked
in a tight lip-lock with him standing with her back to me. I
coughed politely and turned my back to them as I punched
the 1st floor button. Suddenly I felt a soft hand on my butt and she
said, "If you turn around you will never see me again."
I recognized her voice immediately and knew I wouldn't
do anything to stop this from happening.

She rubbed my ass for a few seconds then reached around me
and pushed the stop button. I was afraid at first because I didn't
know if that would set off an alarm or not. It didn't
but it did stop the elevator. She obviously had this all planned out.
She reached between my legs and started stroking my cock through
my pants. I was hard in no time. She took her left hand and reached around me and started stroking my cock with her
left hand and my ass with her right hand. I had to fight to keep from
turning and looking at her but I knew I couldn't chance
fucking this up. She paused for a moment as I felt her throw her long
blond hair forward. She slowed eased around in front of
me. I looked down and could not see her face. She kept her head
down the whole time. She reached up with her left hand and undid
the hook on my pants while she kept her right hand stroking my
dick. She paused for a second while she reached up and unzipped
my fly. She let my pants fall to the floor as she gingerly cupped
her left hand under my balls and wrapped her right hand around
my dick. I looked down and could only see her beautiful hair
draped around her face and my dick as she slowly licked and teased
my dick with her tongue.

I looked around and saw the other guy leaning against the
opposite corner of the elevator, arms and legs crossed
with a grin on his face. My attention was pulled back to my dick
as Linda took my dick slowly into her mouth constantly running
her tongue around it as long as she could. Her tongue felt likes
fingers of fire on my dick as flicked it back and forth over
it all the while maintaining a suction and pressure with her
lips as her mouth moved up and down my shaft. I threw my head back
as all of these sensations were flooding my entire being at
the same time. She started getting more serious about getting me
off and she increased the pressure of her lips and the rhythm of
her strokes. I could feel the cum start to build pressure in
my balls as she increased the tempo and the pressure. My hips
started their own involuntary pumping action as the pressures
built within me. Linda grabbed the base of my dick with her
hand and started stroking my whole dick with both her hand and
her mouth. Her left hand continue to stroke the underside of
my balls. I could feel the cum starting to move up from my balls.
I threw my head back feeling the ecstacy growing inside
me. I couldn't control my breathing anymore as I started
gasping with the pure pleasure I was feeling. Linda started moving her
head even faster in rhythm with my movements as the cum weld up
uncontrollably and I abandoned myself to the overwhelming
orgasm that racked my body with spasm after spasm. She sucked in
every last drop of cum as my body went through the final periodic
spasms caused by the light touch of her mouth and tongue
on my now sensitive dick.

I felt my legs start to buckle as the fierceness of my orgasm
subsided. She pulled her hair around to one side and placed
it between her head and my dick as she gently laid her head against
me. I felt her hands reach up and grab her hair and gently
cup my balls wrapping her hair around both my dick and balls
massaging them ever so softly.

Linda slowly backed up lowering her head and bringing her
hair around so it would cover both sides of her face. I said, "You
can't leave me like this without me even getting a good
look at you." She whispered softly, "I don't want
you to see me now. You will get your chance provided you don't ruin it.
We will get off on the second floor. You must not look around but rather
keep your face hidden until the elevator doors have closed.
I will be getting in touch with you later." I said, "Alright,
but you are going to owe me for this." Linda sighed seductively
and said, "If you say so." She reached around me
and pressed the elevator button to get us started. When we came to the second
floor I heard her and her friend leaving. Just before the
door closed she whispered back to me, "You can pull your
pants up now!"

It's been over a week since out little escapade in the
elevator and I still haven't heard from my little mystery lady.
I had really been put through a lot and realized how much I had
been manipulated to satisfy her every whim. I knew I was excited
by the whole scene but I also knew I had to get control over this
situation, if there really was a situation to get control
over. I still didn't know for sure how serious this little
lady was about this and as time kept passing my normal insecurities
started taking affect. I was a bit perturbed at myself for
getting so worked up over this situation and allowing this
presumptuous (but very sexy) lady control me in such a complete
way. I was determined that if I ever had my chance I would
turn the tables.

I finally got a call on Wednesday, a week and a half after
our last contact. I was at the office when the secretary buzzed
me and told me I had a personal call from Linda. I sat in my chair
for a full minute deciding how to handle this before I picked
up the receiver. I spoke slowly and said, "Well hello.
I was beginning to think I wasn't going to hear from you again."
Linda said in her soft seductive voice, "Oh, I think you
know I am into this as much as you are." "That could be, "
I said, "but all of this has been at my expense. I really think you owe me now
and I think its time for me to collect." She was silent for
what seemed like forever. I really didn't want to run her
off but I wanted to see if maybe this little fantasy could go all the
way. I kept quite waiting for her response. Finally I heard her
subdued voice answer me. "I'll do whatever you
want, " she said. "I will expect you to do whatever I ask you to do with
no questions asked. Is that understood?" I told her.
"You will start by calling me sir." She just said, "Yes
sir." I told her to call me back on Thursday and I would tell her what she would
have to do.

After I hung up, my mind started working very quickly. I
realized that this was an opportunity of a lifetime and
I planned to make the very best of it. I am also one of those very few
lucky men whose wife has totally submitted herself to my
wishes. This is not to say she is an absolute slave because the only
reason she will do what I want is her absolute trust in the
fact that I would never put her down or put her in any dangerous
or possibly painful situation. She knows the deep respect
I have for her and she knows the depth of our relationship. She
just loves being able to let go and follow my every whim enjoying
the surprises and being taken up in the total sexual ecstasies
that come from completely letting go. Needless to say my fantasies
at having these two beautiful women under my control was driving
me bananas. While I was sitting at my desk thinking about this
I got an incredible hard on. I mean this was a real throbber.
All of a sudden there was a knock on my door. Naturally in walked
the cutest of our secretaries. Now I absolutely do not mix
my private life with my business life. I didn't want my
secretary to see the predicament I was in so I slid my chair a little
farther under my desk. Of course this time she must walk
around to my side of the desk because she has this large brochure
layout that needed some technical help and the front of my desk
was too crowded. I got up trying to cover myself but I had taken a
bit too long to start and she was standing beside me watching
me as I got up. I glanced at her and saw her looking at my crotch with
my hard on standing at attention. I quickly bent over the
brochure doing my best to hide my problem. Gradually, as
we talked I could tell I was finally losing some of my stiffness,
but not all. We finished up and she reached in front of me
to gather up her papers. I felt her elbow rub against my still
partially hard dick as I stood up straight. She glanced
at me and flashed a quick, knowing smile. As she was leaving the
office she turned and said, "I'll give you a little
time to work on your problem." She then flashed me that knowing
smile again. Boy, was my little Mystery Lady going to pay for this!

That night my mind was in overdrive as I tried to plan out
how this weekend was going to go. Our kids were going to be gone
to their step fathers house so I wouldn't have any problems
there. My biggest problem was going to be to convince Sunnie that
we should just spend Saturday night at home. I decided to take
the frontal approach and tell Sunnie that I had been feeling
a little neglected lately and I wanted to do some wild and crazy things
to her body Saturday night. This wanton look came over her
face and she said, "Yes sir, I think I can handle that!"

Everything was planned. All I needed now was the complete
cooperation of my Mystery Lady. I was still not sure if Linda
was totally in my control but I figured I would go for all
or nothing. The prospects were just too fantastic. I was going
to play this to the hilt.

The next day at work I got another call from Linda. I slowly
picked up the receiver, took a long, deep breath and said,
"Hello?" This now familiar voice that always
sent chills up my spine answered, "What is it you want me to do?"
I paused a few minutes collecting my thoughts. "Do you know where
I live?" I asked her. "Yes, I followed you home a couple of times, "
she admitted. I gulped at this revelation but kept my cool.
"I want you to be in my driveway at exactly 7:00PM Friday night.
Do you have a long coat?" I asked. "Yes, " she
said. "I want you to wear a sexy bra that lets your nipples show through, crotchless
panties, thigh-top hose and high heels. Oh, and Linda, "
"Yes, " she replied. "Don't wear anything else!"
"Yes sir!" she said softly.

I spent most of the day Friday trying to figure out how to
make everything work just right. Timing was the biggest problem
if I was going to keep this a total surprise for Sunnie. I had
been trying for some time to think of a way to catch her off guard
in a sensuous situation. This seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

By Saturday I pretty well had everything worked out in my
head. It would be tough but I figured if I kept my eye on the clock
I could make things happen the way I wanted. I told Sunnie
I wanted to go into town and get the right food for the perfect
night. I picked up steaks for two, fresh shrimp, potatoes,
and salad fixings. Since the kids weren't home I would
have to allow the time for the normal playing around that I knew would
happen. I got home about 3:00 so I had four hours to make things happen
right. I unloaded the groceries doing my best not to let
my excitement show. Sunnie was walking around the kitchen,
giving me a hand, wearing nothing but a T-Shirt. Every time she
bent over to put something away she would expose her ass and sometimes, if she bent low enough I could see her cunt. I
stopped to think about how lucky I was to have this sexy gal
as my wife. How lucky I was that she was as much or more into this
lifestyle as I was. How lucky I was to even be able to put this
night together.

I walked over, as Sunnie bent down to put some pots away,
and ran my hand between her legs. She let out a soft moan and rotated
her pussy on my hand. "Oh, that feels Sooo good!"
she said. "I really hope you can handle me tonight. I am really horney."
"Don't worry, honey, I think you will get more
then your share of sex if I have anything to say about it, " I replied.

"Sunnie, I really think you need to give me a nice bubble
bath. It's been awhile since you have done that and I think
the two of us could get in an especially good frame of mind if we were
to soak in some warm bubbles, " I told her. "You
need to do everything I ask of you tonight and I will promise you a night
of nights to remember." She looked at me with a sly grin
and said, "Yes sir."

She went in to the bathroom and started the bubble bath while
I finished putting up the groceries. I hollered, "Don't
take off your T-Shirt yet, I want to do that in my own way." "OK, "
she responded.

I gave her a few minutes to get the water right and to start
the tub filling up. I walked into the bathroom and took her hand
and pulled her into the bedroom. "I seem to have entirely
too many clothes on, " I said. She looked down at me and said,
"I think you are absolutely right." She started unbuttoning
my shirt gently kissing my chest as she did so. When she pulled my
shirt off my arms she stuck her tits in my chest and started nibbling
on my neck. She finally got my shirt off and knelt down in
front of me so she could undo my belt and pants with her lips close
to my dick. She already had me turned on and as she pulled my
pants down my dick sprang free. "Oh! What have we here?"
she teased as she slid her moist mouth over the head of my dick. I could
only moan as I felt her warmth taking over my whole body. She reached
down and pulled my pants completely off while she continued
sucking my now engorged member. "I think we had better
get into the tub before it overflows, " I said trying to hold
off the orgasm she could pull out of me so quickly when she wanted

I bent down and pulled her up from her knees and led her into
the bathroom where the bath was filled just right and the water
was perfect. I climbed in and told her to wash me good before
she got in. She got the soap and started to rub my chest as I put
my wet hands on her tits through the T-Shirt. I kept wetting
my hands as the T-Shirt slowly turned transparent. Soon it
was sticking to her chest as her nipples came to attention trying
to poke through the wet material. I sat back and watched for
a moment as she washed my whole body from top to bottom caressing
every inch -- kneading every pore. I watched as her tits
swayed back and forth to the rhythm of her strokes. I could smell
the soft fragrance of the bubble bath and felt the warmth of
the water soaking into my whole body. I looked down and saw my
dick sticking up through the bubbles like the mast of some ship
sunken in shallow water.

I looked up at Sunnie and said, "Ok, it's your
turn now. Take off the T-Shirt and join me." I watched as she slowly,
teasingly pulled her T-Shirt over her head letting her tits fall free.
She stepped over me in the tub and lowered her cunt on top of my
dick. She held her own weight for a moment as she teased the
tip of my cock with her clit. She threw her head back as she lowered
her cunt the rest of the way engulfing my dick. I almost came
right then as her tight pussy pulled my dick into it. She
rolled her hips round and round as she clamped her vaginal muscles
around my dick. I reached forward and put my finger on her
clit as she moved applying just the right pressure I knew would
set her off. She started rotating her hips faster as my dick
stirred the insides of her womb. My fingers were working on her clit
as she started moaning louder and louder. I could feel her
whole body coming to a climax as she starting riding my dick up
and down while I played with her clit. She finally screamed
in a totally uncontrolled orgasm as her cunt clamped down on
my dick and her body was racked with spasms. I held back because
I knew there was much more to come and I didn't want to cum just

She finally collapsed from her intense orgasm and managed
to crawl off of me. I climbed out and said, "Now you get
in and lay back like a good girl." She slowly crawled into the
tub and laid back. I started massaging her toes and feet working my way
up her legs. I wrapped my hands around her calves and thighs
gently kneading them. I got up to her hips and reached my hands underneath her ass gently lifting her up and massaging
her cheeks. I pushed my hands farther up to the small of her back
massaging in soft circular motions ever higher and higher.
Fluffs of bubbles hung on to her tits as her nude body rose
and fell in time with her breathing. I took each arm in turn wrapping my hands around the muscles and rolling them tenderly.
I reached up around her neck and massaged the back of her
neck and just below her ears. She was so relaxed she could hardly
sit up. "Don't go to sleep on me, " I said. "There
is much more to come!"

I got up then, dried off and left her to relax for awhile.
I glanced at the clock and realized it was going on 4:00. I
went into the kitchen and starting putting seasonings and sauce
on the steaks. Since the back of our house is private I didn't
have to put on any clothes to cook outside. I walked out in the beautiful sunshine totally nude and relished in the sun.
I fixed up the fire trying to keep an eye on the time so I wouldn't
blow the whole evening. I had to stop and laugh at myself for a
second because I was standing outside, totally nude with
this raging hard on, trying to keep my thoughts together long
enough to cook the steaks!

Sunnie came out then with her towel in hand rubbing it beside
her head. She kind of giggled, looked down at my dick and said,
"You look like you have a definite problem there!" I looked
down and said, "Well, there is still plenty of time for that
to be taken care of." She knelt down in front of me putting her
towel on the concrete and started lightly tonguing the head of my dick.
She slowly eased her mouth over it and started pushing it from
side to side winding her tongue around it in the way only she knows.
She started taking my dick in and out of her mouth slowly
at first then faster and faster. My back arched involuntarily
as I threw my head back feeling the flood of sensations flowing
through my body. I wanted to take it easy -- make it last.
I forced myself to feel the warmth of the sun on my face, the
light fresh breeze caressing my whole body. The beginning of
my orgasm could no longer be denied, though, as it ripped through
my thoughts and my body. The pressure in my balls welled up
and exploded through my dick as my body was racked in spasm after
spasm. I looked down and saw my cum oozing out of Sunnie's
mouth as she looked up at me and grinned. "So much for the
appetizer!" She said while licking her lips.

I heard the steaks sizzling and looked over to see the fire
had flamed up. I rushed over and threw the lid down on the grill
to smother it. "Now see what you've done?"
I said smiling over at Sunnie who was laughing at me. "Just wait. Your turn
is coming I guarantee it!" I said pointing a finger at her.

Our nude candlelight dinner was very refreshing and relaxing.
The candlelight flickered across Sunnie emphasizing
different parts of her body as she moved. The conversation was light
and full of sexual innuendos. It didn't take too long to
finish the meal and put the dishes up -- a task made much more pleasant
with the constant caressing and feeling of each others bodies.

I glanced up at the clock and saw that it was getting close
to 7:00. I knew I had to hurry this up a little if everything
was going to work out the way it was suppose to. "I really
think we ought to take a quick shower before we get down to the good
part!" I told Sunnie as I held her stroking her pussy.
"UMMM, sounds good, " she said as she grabbed my hard dick
and led me into the bathroom. "Let mommy wash you down real good!"
She adjusted the water temperature and pulled me into the shower
with her. She turned with her back to the shower and soaped down
the front of her body while I reached down and gently rubbed
her clit. She grabbed both my hands and pushed them around behind
me while she brought the whole front side of her body up to mine.
She started flexing her knees up and down while rubbing
her tits against my chest. She kept this up while washing me lower
and lower until her tits were wrapping themselves around my
dick. She brought her hands around grabbing both tits and pushed
up and down stroking my dick. "Not right now, " I said,
pulling her up off her knees. "I want to save that for later!"
"Yes sir." she said with a disappointed pout on her face. I sat down in the
shower and said, "I want to watch you clean your pussy."
She immediately reached down and started rubbing her pussy
easing her fingers in to her opening and massaging her clit at the same
time. She kept this up for a minute as her breathing started
getting more and more rapid. At last her body went into a
spasm as she came. I reached up and cupped her mound with my hand
very gently and said, "That's a good girl."
She just sighed.

I rubbed her all over with the towel and led her into the bedroom. "I want to explore this beautiful, clean
body with no interference from you. Lie down and let me tie you up, "
I said as I got the soft ropes out of the closet. She lay down, spread
eagle on the bed, and let me tie her up. "OK, I don't
want you to see everything I am going to do. I want some things to be
a surprise so I am going to blindfold you, " I said.
I got the large bandanna we had for this out of the closet and tied
it around her head making sure she could not see anything.
I got on the foot of the bed and started lightly licking and teasing
her toes. I took each one into my mouth licking them and flicking
my tongue around them -- caressing them. I kneaded her foot
with my hand using my thumbs to press her arches in and massage them
softly. I glanced up at the clock and saw that it was 6:59
and wondered if my Mystery Lady was there yet or not. I decided
I would have a little more fun and give her a few minutes to
wait in the car. I moved my kisses up her calves kneading them.
I felt the tension subside and her muscles relax as I continued
my ministrations to her. I glanced up at the clock again and
it was 7:05. It was now or never. This could end up being a night
for Sunnie and I to remember the rest of our lives. I suddenly stopped playing with Sunnie and said, "I
think you need a few minutes to relax. You just imagine what I am going
to do to you and I will be back shortly." She just whimpered
and said, "Yes sir!"

I went into the living room and peaked out the front window.
There was a car there! I slipped my robe on and walked out
the front door and approached the car. My heart was pounding
as I anticipated seeing this woman who had been driving up the
wall for so long now. I opened the drivers side of the car and watched as the trench coat opened up and those gorgeous
legs swung out exposing her crotchless panties. I reached for
her hand and she took it, letting me pull her up and out of the
car. "Welcome, Linda, it is your turn now, " I said
as I put my hands into her coat sliding them around her backside and grabbing
her ass. I pulled her crotch into mine as I opened my robe and
stuck my hard dick between her legs. "Yes sir!" she

I covered myself as best I could under the circumstances
and led her quietly back into the house. I closed and locked the
door and turned to finally see in full light my Mystery Lady.
God! Was she ever gorgeous!. "Take off your coat, I want
to see if all of this aggravation was worth it, " I said. She
ever so slowly dropped the coat from her shoulders and let it slide
to the floor. She stood with her head down and her weight shifted
to one foot. "Look at me!" I said. She raised
her head slowly looking into my eyes with the bluest, most penetrating
eyes I have ever seen. I felt my knees weaken as I let my eyes take
in every curve of her body. Her tits stuck through her bra looking
like Hershey Kisses standing there at attention, begging
for attention. Her waist curved in beautifully. She was not
a body builder and her muscles didn't show through but her
waist was slender with no excess fat. Her hips were petite and I saw
strands of her pubic her catching the faint light as she
swayed lightly under my gaze. I walked up to her and put my hand on
her pussy sliding my finger inside her moist warmth and gently
stroked her. I reached around with my other hand and grabbed
her ass putting my lips on her neck kissing her and lightly flicking
her skin with my tongue. She swayed slightly again and let
out a soft moan as her hips involuntarily started swaying in
time with my strokes on her pussy. I could feel her juices flowing
as I inserted my finger into her tight tunnel. She reached down
and started caressing my balls massaging them gently starting
deep down toward my ass and going all the way up to grab my dick.
She shifted slightly and started stroking the full length
of my dick. I felt my knees growing weak and knew it was time to proceed
with the rest of my plan!

I pushed her away from our intimate embrace and turned her
toward the bedroom showing her the way by pushing her with my hand
on her ass. As we entered the bedroom I heard my Mystery Lady
let out a small gasp as she gazed at my wife's nude body tied
up on the bed. Sunnie must have heard this because she said, "Is
that you?" "Of course! Who else would it be? You really
look sexy like that with those gorgeous tits up in the air just begging
to be played with!" I said. I motioned for Linda to start
playing with her tits. She smiled and winked at me as she bent down
and grasped both tits in her hands. I watched as she massaged
them expertly. I slipped behind Linda and started playing with
her ass reaching between her legs and feeling her pussy through
the crotchless panties. Linda bent down and started licking
and teasing Sunnie's tits causing Sunnie to start moaning.
"You feel different, " Sunnie said between moans arching
her back up to meet Linda's exploring tongue. I didn't respond for
fear of giving things away. I reached up and started slowly pulling Linda's
panties down to her ankles as she stepped out of them. I reached
for the back of her bra strap and undid it tossing it aside.
"What was that?" Sunnie asked as she started
slightly. I pulled Linda back up and put my head next to hers and said, "It
was nothing hon." I backed Linda up slightly, then put
my head down to Sunnie's fully erect nipples and started tonguing
them softly. I reached down to her cunt and started massaging it with
one hand. Linda came up behind me sticking her hand through
my legs stroking my balls and ass.

I didn't want to cum just yet so I stood back up and collected
my thoughts. "What's wrong hon?" Sunnie
asked. "Nothing, " I replied, "I just want to figure out how to torture
you better and tease you till you go crazy." "OHHH! That sounds
good!" she said.

I figured it was about time to let Sunnie in on this little
game so I motioned for Linda to stand up over Sunnie's face.
"Do you know where I am now, hon?" I asked leaning as far over
her as I could so she couldn't tell it was Linda over her. "Sure, "
she replied, "You are standing over me and I think I will
be getting a nice taste of your cock in a second or so." I had Linda
kneel down with her cunt right over Sunnie's mouth but not
touching it. "You smell different, " Sunnie said. "What's
going on here?" She asked. I reached behind her head and undid her blindfold.
She let out a small scream as she looked straight into Linda's
pussy. "Who is this?" she gasped. "I'm so
embarrassed! " she cried in the same breath. "What are you doing?" she asked.
She looked over at me puzzled. "How does that look to you?"
I asked. She looked back up into Linda's pussy and said "Very
good as a matter of fact." "See if you can make her cum, "
I said. She glanced back at me with a wicked smile and said "Yes sir! But
at least please tell me who she is." I smiled back at her and
said, "This is my Myster Lady!" She grinned real big and said,
"All right!" I knelt down next to the bed to get the best vantage point
and watched as Linda slowly lowered her pussy onto Sunnie's
waiting tongue. I watched as Sunnie's tongue darted and teased
Linda's clit making Linda sway back and forth. Sunnie sucked in
part of Linda's pussy lips and I could tell her tongue probed
inside searching for her clit. Linda jumped when Sunnie's
tongue found it's mark. Linda started bucking up and down as Sunnie
kept applying the right pressure to her clit gently teasing
her ever closer to her orgasm. I watched as my Mystery Lady bucked
faster and faster finally letting out a scream as her back arched
and her body was racked with the first of many series of spasms.
Finally she stopped and sat still for a moment, her pussy
still on Sunnie's mouth with her head thrown back. She jerked
suddenly as another spasm hit her and she lay down backwards on top
of Sunnie, catching her breath.

"That was nice!" Sunnie said as she licked her
mouth dry of Linda's juices. I stood up and bent over Sunnie and
kissed her deeply, tasting of Linda's juices. Linda's legs
were still straddling Sunnie as she lay back. I shifted my body over
putting my tongue on her pussy and started lightly teasing
all around her cunt but not actually touching it. I put one hand
on Sunnie's tit and the other on Linda's as I closed
the circles I was forming around Linda's cunt to lightly touch her
pussy lips. I looked up for a second at each girl and reveled in the sight
of these two lovely nude bodies with my hands playing across
their tits. I thought I would cum right there! I bent down and inserted my tongue gently into Linda's cunt again
and very lightly flicked my tongue on it once. Linda jumped slightly
then started moaning again. I knew she was ready for more.

I stood back up and told Linda to help me untie Sunnie. When
she was free I told Linda it was her turn to reciprocate Sunnie's
favor. She looked at me and said, "Yes sir!"
She lay down on the bed as Sunnie kneeled over her putting her pussy on Linda's
mouth. Linda started licking her pussy as I went down on
Linda's cunt teasing it back into a moist willingness. I scooted
up and ran my dick up and down the outside of her cunt as she licked
my wife's pussy making her moan louder and louder. When
Linda's cunt was wet from top to bottom I scooted forward burying
my dick into her and grabbing my wife's tits from behind stroking
them. Linda kept up her tongue magic on Sunnie as I fucked her and
held on to Sunnie's tits kneading them as the nipples got
larger and larger. Sunnie was the first one to come as her screams of
pleasure echoed through the house. Her throws of passion
and the feeling of her ecstacy as her whole body stiffened up in
a full orgasm sent me into a flurry of strokes harder and faster
into Linda's grasping cunt as I felt my cum boiling up in
my balls and flying deep into her pussy. My deep spasms caused me jam
my dick deep into Linda's cunt which threw her into her own
body wracking orgasm. Sunnie and I held on to each other as her spasm nearly
threw us off the bed. I kept my still hard dick deep in her
pussy as her spasms subsided.

This night was filled with many different types of sexual
explorations and fantasies fulfilled. Both women were
totally in my control and obeyed my every wish.

I will leave the rest for your imagination - or another story.
Please let me know if you enjoyed this little tidbit. I need
to hear from you. Thanks.

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