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two college girls


The first of my finals was a week away and going out for the
night really
didn't seem like a good idea. I was horribly behind
with my revision and
I spent all day on Saturday trying to decide whether or not
I should just
stay in and keep working. But Sandra had called me earlier
and said that
a bunch of them were going to be getting together in town
at about six
o'clock, and I was very tempted. Sandra had just got
back from a holiday
so I hadn't seen her for a little while, and on top of
that I knew I
wasn't going to have another chance to go out and let
my hair down for
quite a while.

My most compelling reason to go out and have fun, though,
was Fee. Fee
was an extremely good friend of mine who was on my course
at university.
She was a great girl, and for a fair while I'd had a quiet
attraction to
her. Quiet only because I knew her to be straight and so I
thought little
more of it. After all, what change did I have? The more time
I spent with
her, the more I realised that she was someone I could really
go for, but
I never let it become any more than a distant fantasy. But
a month and a
half before this Saturday, she and I had been having a night
in with a
lot of wine, and we had ending up sleeping together. I had
been surprised
and delighted and confused and intrigued by this, and we
embarked on what
would turn out to be a short lived but passionate fling.
I was in Heaven.

It came to a premature end due to circumstances beyond my
involving Fee's long term on-off boyfriend, but by
then it was too late.
I had fallen in love with her, and so now I found myself in
impossible situation of trying to remain her friend and
not let my
feelings get in the way of that, while finding it so difficult
to be in
the same room as her. I wanted to be with her more than anything
and not being able to was so hard. The strain was beginning
to show - I
was feeling pretty low, my flatmates thought I was drinking
more than I
usually did, and my concentration generally was in pieces.
Only two
nights previously I had been at Fee's flat for supper,
and we had had
something of an alcohol-fuelled row about the whole thing.
I knew that it
was really just my frustration coming out, but I also felt
that I had
probably inflicted a lot of damage on the friendship. In
relation to Fee
I was lying low now and I was feeling even more miserable.

Sandra had been my sounding board throughout this unhappy
chapter. She
was actually an ex-girlfriend of mine, but we were discovering
that we
functioned very well together as friends and this was pleasing
as I
always enjoyed her company. There were no longer any unresolved
between the two of us, and as such she had been a great support.
And she
was determined that I would actually come out and enjoy
myself, rather
than mope around the house all evening. At two o'clock
I was in two
minds, at three o'clock I was getting fed up with my
work, and by four
thirty I was sure that, yes, I was up for it. I sent Sandra
a message to
tell her that I'd be in town at around nine o'clock,
and concentrated on
getting enough work done before then to justify my evening's

At 8 o'clock I left the house, wearing a tight sleeveless
purple top and
my new black bootcut jeans. It was a warm evening in May,
and I was
feeling pretty good already. I decided that I would take
the bus into the
centre from my remote part of south London as it would take
me all the
way to the bar that I was meeting Sandra in, and the trains
were not
known for their reliability. However, the bus took a lot
longer to arrive
than I had expected, and even when it did it made pretty painful
progress. By the time I did get into town I was running half
an hour late
and dying for a drink.

I walked into the bar where I knew Sandra was. It was one of
a number of
mixed gay bars around London's Soho area, and was fairly
busy, though not
as packed out as I had known it to be on a Saturday night. I
around for Sandra and finally located her sitting at a table
in the
corner with three other girls. I went over and made my presence
known and
was greeted with a hug by Sandra who was obviously pretty
drunk already.
Clearly I had plenty of catching up to do. Sat next to Sandra
was a girl
I recognised as Kelly, a friend of Sandra's whom I'd
met once before. On
the other side of Sandra was Caitlin, who I vaguely knew,
and to Kelly's
right was a woman that I'd not met before. I was just
thinking to myself
that she was really rather nice when she stood up and offered
me a hand
to shake.

"Hi, I'm Ruth, " she said, smiling.

"Pleased to meet you, " I replied, raising
my voice to be heard over the
music, "I'm Lucy."

I went to the bar to get myself a drink, wondering to myself
where Ruth
had appeared from. I was sure that I'd remember her
if I'd seen her
before. She was incredibly attractive, with short black
hair, a lovely
smile, and olive skin that hinted at some South-Asian heritage.
I guessed
that she was about twenty four, which put her well within
reach of my
twenty, though other than that, from looking at her, I considered
her to
be way out of my league. After all, with the exception of
Fee (though she
was straight, what did she know?), the really unbelievably
gorgeous ones
simply did not tend to go for me. Or at least, I didn't
usually waste my
time pursuing them. It's not that I'm unattractive,
indeed, the
occasional girl in the past has even thrown the odd compliment
my way.
But I don't look particularly 'gay', still
clinging to my long hair and
blonde highlights and even from time to time - shock horror!
- wearing
makeup. Ruth had quite a boyish look about her, but in such
a good way.
It's no secret that not all women can carry that well,
but on Ruth it
worked like a dream. I was certainly interested, but from

When I sat back down at the table, Ruth was nowhere to be seen
and Kelly
was singing her praises.

"I tell you what, " said Kelly, "I'd
shag her in a second if she asked!"

I smiled to myself, quietly agreeing but a little disappointed.
Kelly was
thirty and a very good friend of Sandra's, while I was
still quite new to
the group and didn't want to get anyone's back
up. If Kelly was
interested in Ruth then I certainly wasn't going to
make an issue of it.

Ruth came back to the table and we all chatted for a while,
considered where we were going to go next. The plan was to
go clubbing at
this venue a short Tube ride away, but it seemed a little
early to be
heading that way yet. Ruth had an idea that we might go to
the lesbian
bar over the road and do a couple of rounds of tequila slammers,
everyone thought this was a good idea, especially me as
I was several
drinks behind the rest.

At the second bar, I went with Ruth to the bar to help her bring
over all
the drinks. While I had her away from the others, I took the
to get talking to her a little more. "So have you always
lived in

"No, " she said, "I came over from Australia
in 1989."

"I thought I'd detected an accent!" I replied,
delighted (I'd always had
a thing for Aussies), "You must have found that strange,
at that age."

"Not really, I was twenty two at the time."

This didn't compute. "Hang on, but that would
make you about^"

"Thirty six, " she said, with a smile.

"No!" I couldn't believe that, she really
didn't look a day over her mid
twenties, "Really?"

"Yep!" she said, handing me some drinks to take
over to the others. I
followed her, gobsmacked by her age and wondering how the
hell she
managed to look as young as she did. Everyone took a glass
and the
necessary salt and lime, and on Ruth's count we did
the shots, all
recoiling slightly from the sharpness of the lime following
the liquor.

Sandra was discussing the wreck that was presently her
love life. She and
I had only broken up about two months previously, with Sandra
'feelings for someone else' as a major factor,
but relations with Fee had
overtaken everything else so I certainly wasn't bothered
to be hearing
about Sandra's women. There was one girl, who would
not be joining us
this evening, who Sandra was thinking about getting involved
with, but
nothing was ever certain!

After another shot each, we prepared to move on. Before
we left I ran
into Kelly in the ladies' and she was gushing once again
about how great
Ruth was. I nodded and didn't say anything, while very
aware that I was
by now keen to have a shot myself. I still didn't want
to upset Kelly or
do anything that would backfire on me, though, so I was in
two minds
about how to proceed.

As we walked to the Underground station, Caitlin left us
saying she had
to get up early for a Sunday morning shift at work, and so
then there
were four. Sandra received a phone call from another friend
of ours,
Kristin, who was very obviously drunk and was due to meet
us later on at
the club. Kristin had been the one who had introduced me
to Sandra in the
first place, and the two of them were old friends.

On the train, everyone's varying levels of inebriation
showed up against
other, sober, travellers. I was still quite a long way behind
Sandra and
Kelly, so rather than getting loud and drawing attention
to myself I
chatted to Ruth. We got onto talking about age differences
and whether or
not we thought they were important. I stated that I thought
what was more
important was the relative maturity of two people rather
than their
absolute ages, and Ruth seemed to agree, and told me that
to her age
wasn't important. Indeed, she had something of a history
of getting
involved with younger girls, and while this didn't
bother her she had had
some grief from her friends about it.

I couldn't help but have some hope at this point. At
least it wasn't my
relative youth that was going to let me down, if I did decide
to pursue
the matter.

After a short Tube journey and then a brief walk, we arrived
at the club.
The place was starting to fill up a little, and so we wasted
no time in
getting our coats to the cloakroom and heading for the bar.
While I was
ordering a drink (and one for Ruth too, naturally) Kristin
looking very much the worse for wear. Somehow, after many
greetings, she stumbled over to the dance floor, and the
rest of us

Immediately it was clear to me that Ruth was quite a dancer.
She was
dancing very provocatively with Sandra and Kelly, who
clearly loved it,
and also from time to time with me. She was quite a bit shorter
than I
was, and so I found myself to be dancing over her quite a bit.
She was
moving in a deliciously sexy way, and I wanted her more and
more but
still stopped myself from doing anything overt about it.
I was very aware
that Kelly was only a couple of yards away and I knew she was
watching. I
didn't want to appear to be too into Ruth, but I was.

Ruth told me to turn around so she was dancing with me from
behind, and
she said into my ear that she thought I had a gorgeous body.
I knew that
what I was wearing was tight enough to show off my stomach,
hips and ass
well, considered by many to be my best bits, but even so this
was high
praise indeed. I felt Ruth's hands on my waist, and
she was grinding into
me so I went with the motion. It was definitely getting hotter
between us
and I was starting to feel that maybe there was something
mutual going on
here. I was still slightly holding myself back, but I allowed
myself to
throw the odd compliment her way. When I told Ruth, in response
to one of
her comments about my being attractive, that I thought
she was stunning,
she had a very dirty smile on her face.

I looked around for the others. Sandra was dancing nearby
with Kristin,
but I couldn't see Kelly anywhere. I was worried that
maybe she'd taken
my dancing so close with Ruth badly and was waiting to lay
into me
elsewhere. Then I caught sight of her a little way away -
she was kissing
another girl, a blonde, who I didn't recognise. I smiled,
and decided
that I could probably take that as meaning that the coast
was clear with
regard to my pursuit of Ruth.

Ruth said that she was going to the bar, and so I went with
her and
bought her another drink. While we were there - and I'm
sure she was
suddenly finding more excuses to touch me than she had been
before - she
met another woman who she told me was a very old friend of
hers that she
hadn't seen for well over a year. I stood and made small
talk with them
for a little bit, but then decided that I would head back
to the dance
floor and find Sandra and Kristin. To my delight, Ruth was
right behind

It took me a minute to locate them, but I finally say the back
Sandra's head through the crowd. We pushed our way
through towards them,
and only when we got closer did I see what was actually happening
Sandra and Kristin were kissing fiercely, oblivious to
all else around

It was an effort to haul my jaw up from the floor upon seeing
Sandra and Kristin? But they were such established friends,
this was just
strange! In addition, I knew that Kristin was well aware
of everything
that had gone on between Sandra and I, and so despite my being
over it to
all intents and purposes, I felt this was a little indiscreet
on both
their parts. I was not impressed.

Then I felt arms around me from behind and a body pressing
against me,
and remembered about Ruth. I spun around to face her and
carried on
dancing; my mind made up that nothing was going to stop me
from seeing
where I could get with Ruth tonight. It was my turn to have
some fun.

As we danced, closer and closer this time, moving as one
in time with the
rhythm, Ruth and I talked, or rather, shouted in one another's
ears. It
was I who bit the bullet and admitted that I found her really
attractive and that I wondered if this might proceed any
further. She
smiled and told me that she was thinking along the same lines,
but was
wary of me, as I was so much younger than she was. She said
that she'd
been with someone so young before, fallen in love and then
been badly
stung. To this I responded that now was probably not a great
time for me
to be getting heavily involved anyway, as I had my finals
going on and
then a month after that I was going travelling for about
two months in
the United States.

"So I can't exactly offer a relationship right
now, anyway, " I told her.

"What are you offering then?" she asked.

"Oh, I don't know^" I said with a sly grin.

Ruth paused, and then said into my ear, "I do want to
take you home and
fuck you all night^ but^"

My heart leapt, and I was really rather aroused by her saying
words. Before she could talk herself out of it, I leaned
in and kissed
her on the lips.

The kiss was just a brief one, however. She pulled back and
something about it not being a good idea, although she was
still dancing
very close to me. After a few minutes I tried for another
kiss, and again
got batted away. I started to wonder what was happening
here, and whether
or not this was going to happen at all.

The night was starting to draw to a close, and I noticed that
Sandra was
nowhere to be seen. Kelly had emerged by now, with the blonde
(who turned
out to be called Chelsea) in tow, and she and I decided that
we would go
and look for Sandra who had been getting drunker and drunker.
We searched
through the entire venue, unable to find her. Ruth found
her old friend
again and was chatting to her by the bar, and she didn't
seem to know
where Sandra was either. Eventually we found her, near
the cloakroom,
engaged in deep conversation with Kristin. I hung back,
reluctant to
interrupt, but Sandra saw me and came over.

Sandra was being very apologetic, though I couldn't
quite understand why
and her slurred speech wasn't helping. As she went
on, though, it became
clear that Kristin was the one who she had had feelings for
all along and
so had contributed to our break up. I was stunned, but I didn't
want to
make a scene. Kristin came up to me as well, and was apologising
more profusely. I told them both that I was slightly annoyed
by the whole
thing but that I wasn't going to hold it against anyone.
Meanwhile I was
aware that I had lost sight of Ruth, which wasn't what
I wanted.

As we were preparing to leave, Ruth appeared with my coat
that she had
retrieved from the cloakroom. We all headed outside, with
Sandra having
obvious difficulty placing one foot in front of another.
I offered to see
her home to make sure that she made it back alright, but Ruth
suggested we all headed back to her place in west London
for wine and
general chilling out. I wasn't about to object.

Ruth negotiated a fare with a touting minicab driver, and
we all piled
into his large cab - Kelly, Chelsea and Sandra in the very
back, Ruth and
myself in the middle and Kristin in the front to the left
of the driver.
This worked rather well for me as Kelly and Chelsea were
very into one
another, Sandra was practically unconscious and Kristin
was talking to
the driver, so Ruth and I could talk some more. She, too,
was clearly
under the influence, but she still seemed fairly lucid.
She said into my
ear that she was starting to wish she hadn't invited
the other four,
which I smiled at, and took as a cue to kiss her again. This
time she
kissed me back for a second or two before once again drawing
back and
saying, "no, this is a bad idea."

We continued to talk, though, and she asked me what I did.
I told her
that I was studying to be a vet, though I had been taking the
year out to
do a BSc, hence the finals. Ruth seemed interested and started
telling me
that she thought I was amazing. Given the somewhat mixed
signals that she
was putting out, my ego didn't quite know how to take
this, but it was
nice to hear nevertheless.

When we got to her house, Ruth invited us all to make ourselves
comfortable in her living room while she found some wine.
This she
poured, and we all sat around chatting for a while and trying
not to wake
up Ruth's flatmate. Sandra had perked up a little by
now and she and
Kristin her sitting very close, obviously unable to keep
their hands off
one another. I smiled to myself. After about an hour or so
of talking and
laughter, Kristin announced that, seeing as it was four
in the morning,
she was going to get a cab and head home. Ruth said she would
go to bed
and went upstairs to find bedding for everyone else who
was staying. I
was very much anticipating being part of that number.

When Ruth came back downstairs, though, she pulled me to
one side and
said into my ear, "I want you to go upstairs, I want
you to take your
clothes off, and I want you to wait for me." I was shocked,
and thrilled,
and I didn't need to be asked twice.

Without looking to see if any of the others had noticed,
I went upstairs
and found Ruth's room. I sat on the bed and removed my
shoes and socks,
but then decided to leave it at that for now as I didn't
trust the others
not to come bursting in to see where I was. Instead I fired
off a text
message to one of my housemates telling them that I wouldn't
be coming
back home tonight, and looked around Ruth's room,
at photos and
ornaments, trying to get some kind of a sense of who she was.
She seemed
to take an age to come upstairs.

When she finally did, though, all her earlier inhibitions
seemed to have
deserted her. She came right over to me and kissed me, her
plunging straight away deep into my mouth. I pulled her
close to me and
kissed her with an equal passion, and we fell backwards
onto her bed, her
on top of me. Ruth briefly broke the kiss to pull her top up
and over her
head, and then I reached around and undid the clasp of her
bra, letting
her pert breasts press directly against me. I still didn't
believe she
was really thirty-six.

Ruth then pushed my top up and over my head, and proceeded
to start
licking and kissing my now exposed breasts. I sighed and
extended my
neck, and as I did she moved to kiss that, hard. My hands were
on her
breasts, feeling her hard nipples against my palms, and
then her back. I
could feel her toned back muscles moving and her breaths
quickening and I
wanted her more and more.

Her knee was between my legs and exerting a pressure on my
pussy that was
wonderful, but I needed more. As we kissed some more I started
to undo
her jeans in the hope that she'd get the message, and
she did. She rolled
to one side and took them off, and then pulled mine from me
with my thong
that had become rather damp with all the excitement. During
the brief
lull in proceedings I was able to get a good look at her naked,
and she
was beautiful. Her body was just right, she was slim and
toned and I was
hungry for her. Her pussy was shaven apart from a fine strip
of hair
heading up from her pubic bone, a style similar to my own.

Ruth then shifted so that she was on top of me again, with
one leg
between mine. As she kissed my neck and my mouth and my breasts
I bent my
right knee so that my thigh was in contact with her pussy,
and was
rewarded with a smear of her cum where they touched. She
was very wet and
also sensitive as I could tell from how she gasped as I did
this. She
certainly seemed to be in a hurry - her hands were roaming
all over my
body and her kisses were getting progressively deeper
and more
passionate. I felt her fingertips brush lightly against
the top of my
clit and I shuddered slightly. I knew I was wet too, and she
didn't take
long in finding this out for herself. Ruth moved two fingers
to between
my clit and my opening, drew back and rubbed my clit hard,
and then
pushed those same fingers inside me.

I inhaled sharply and then breathed out more slowly as she
began to fuck
me, as she had promised back in the club! Inside my pussy
I could feel
her fingers moving in and out, first more slowly and then
faster as she
and I became more turned on. She moved her body off me so that
she had a
better angle on my pussy and was now sitting beside me as
she thrusted
her digits into me, and so allowed me to reach the damp centre
her legs. As I did this she parted them enough to make her
desires clear,
and I wasted no time in pushing two fingers into her myself.
And so we
built up a mutual rhythm of fucking, both of us plunging
harder and
faster into the other as we approached our first orgasms
of the evening.

It was I who came first, though not by much. I started to cry
out as my
pussy tightened against her fingers and my clit throbbed.
The waves that
crashed through me just made me thrust harder into her,
and while I was
still riding my climax Ruth began to shout out too. I kept
working her as
hard as I could though I was aware that control might not
be my strongest
area right now. Panting as I came down from my peak, I kept
ramming my
fingers into her slick hole until her breathing slowed

Ruth was looking at me intently and breathing deeply. I
wanted to ask her
what she was thinking, but it didn't seem to be the thing
to do at the
time. Indeed, before I could say anything she moved onto
her front and
ran her lips across my stomach. There were beads of sweat
on my skin and
my breathing was still a nit erratic from her previous ministrations
- I
certainly wasn't expecting her to start again straight
away. But she
kissed her way down from my navel, settled herself between
my legs, and
without looking to see whether or not I was protesting,
started to lick
my still-soaked pussy.

I was feeling very sensitive from the time before, but as
Ruth continued
to rub her tongue against my clit the feeling of jumpiness
gave way to
one of pleasure, and I relaxed. She was very good at this,
her lips and
tongue expertly winding around my clit and my slit, and
already I could
feel another orgasm building inside me. Ruth was exerting
just the right
amount of pressure and her warm mouth adding more moisture
to my pussy
felt incredible. It was everything I could do not to come
right away, but
this felt great and I wanted it to last. When she slid a finger
into me,
though, I could not hold it in, and I let out a long, low moan
as I
climaxed onto her face, my thighs tightening around her
head. As I
thrashed around I'm sure I made it difficult for her
to hang on, but she
did admirably and kept licking and sucking my clit until
I really could
take no more and pulled my body right up from her.

As I got my breath back Ruth lifted herself into her arms
and kissed her
way up my body until her face was before mine. She kissed
me slowly and I
could taste my own juices on her lips and tongue. Then she
buried her
face into the angle between my neck and my shoulder and stayed
put for a
little while.

I started to feel like I had some energy again, and Ruth must
have felt
me stir, as she looked up at me with a filthy expression.
She kissed me
deeply and then rolled onto her back, taking me with her
so that I was
now on top of her. I continued to kiss her for a short time,
then decided
that it was my turn to head southwards. I ran my tongue over
her neck and
between her breasts, stopping in my path only to detour
to one of her
nipples and suck on it, which was greeted with a deep sigh
from Ruth.
Reluctantly leaving it be, I carried on down, kissing her
stomach and her
hips before reaching the top of her mound. I shifted my weight
onto my
elbows and used my fingers to explore the outer lips of her
pussy more
closely than before. As I made contact Ruth moaned softly,
and this
combined with the delicious, highly sexual smell that
was emanating from
her was too much. I didn't want to wait any longer.

I lowered my head and took one long lick of her soft pussy,
then another
as she squirmed with pleasure. I applied a little more pressure
and sped
up my movements ever so slightly, and I could feel the muscles
in Ruth's
thighs contracting and relaxing against my temples. I
was mixing up my
movements, now licking around her swollen clit, now making
my tongue hard
and pushing it into her, all the time ensuring that her senses
were being
bombarded with my actions. She was pushing her body down
the bed towards
me, and my opposition to this only forced my face closer
and harder
against her. Ruth became quite vocal as I built up the tempo
and the
urgency with which I went to work. The lower half of my face
got more and
more slippery as she poured cum out onto me, but I held on,
didn't let
go, but just continued to work her hot pussy with my lips
and tongue.
Kissing her pussy like I had been earlier her mouth, I felt
her body go
tense. Ruth started to get more incoherent as she was gripped
by her
climax that seemed to last forever and yet was still over
far too soon. I
kept on licking at her clit until she had calmed and was lying
on her
back breathing hard.

I thought she might be finished at this point, but I was mistaken.
only the shortest of pauses, Ruth sprang up and turned around
so that she
was on all fours facing away from me. Her intentions were
all too clear
and I was happy to oblige. I lifted myself up and knelt behind
her with
one hand on her hips and the other caressing her pussy with
fingertips. She was so wet from my licking her out just a
minute earlier,
my hand slid easily over her and I loved the feel of her hard
against my skin. Having rubbed that quite hard for a minute
or too, and
drawn out some deep groans from her as I did so, I pushed three
inside her and felt her walls contract down on me as I did
so. My first
thrust was met with Ruth pushing her body back against mine
to get the
full force of my fingers inside her, and as she did I placed
my spare
hand on her shoulder for extra leverage. I pushed against
her and got as
deep as I could, up to the knuckle, while simultaneously
pulling her head
around and forcing my tongue into her mouth. She returned
the sudden kiss
with equal enthusiasm and I started fucking her hard with
my hand. Every
time I pulled out she moved forward, and every time I plunged
into her
she slammed back and met my thrust with one of her own. We
were both
panting hard from the exertion of it as she came once again,
her pussy
becoming very tight around my fingers as her entire body

As her cries died down, I withdrew my soaked fingers from
her and
collapsed onto my back on the bed, sweat pouring from me.
I was
exhausted, so I couldn't begin to imagine how Ruth
was feeling. Yet
again, though, she surprised me. I was expecting her to
fall beside me,
but instead she stayed on her knees and shuffled over so
that she was
straddling my face with her own body facing my feet. There
was no
subtlety to it, but we were way beyond that now anyway. Without
ado, she lowered her pussy onto my mouth and bent her own
body over so
that her lips made contact with my clit. It was like an electric
passing through me as she did so, but I didn't have too
much time to
dwell on that as I had the small matter of her pussy in my mouth
and her
cum already running down my chin to attend to. And happily
I did so,
sucking on her clit which seemed to grow even more in my mouth
twisting a hand round so that I could continue driving my
fingers into
her in the manner that had been so successful before. Ruth
returned the
favour, filling me with her fingers and circling my clit
firmly with her
skilled tongue. I knew at once that I was not going to be able
to hang on
very long, and hearing Ruth crying out into my pussy as I
stroked her
clit with suck force with my tongue and jabbed my hand into
her with such
ease was more than my senses could cope with. My entire body
started to
tremble as I was held in the grip of an incredible orgasm
that smashed
through me with wave after wave of deep pleasure. I knew
Ruth was coming
too, I could feel the now familiar sensation of her gripping
my head
between her thighs like a vice and not letting me go until
she was sure
the climax had passed.

When it did, and Ruth rolled off me, I was half expecting
her to initiate
something else, but instead she crawled up to the pillow,
bringing the
duvet with her, and pulled one of my arms around her as she
curled up for
sleep. I kissed her gently between the shoulder blades
as she drifted
off, and noticed that the light was starting to break through.

The next thing I was aware of, it was much lighter. I fuzzily
glanced at
the clock in the corner of the room and saw that it was half
past eight.
I couldn't have had more than an hour and a half of sleep,
yet I didn't
feel particularly tired. I looked at Ruth and saw that she
had turned
over to face me, and that she had woken up too. She smiled
at me and
leant in to kiss me on the lips. I kissed her back, and felt
her hand on
the side of my face, and then the kiss somehow grew into something
passionate. Ruth was leaning over me somewhat and pinning
me down, and my
arms were around her neck, pulling her closer still.

Then she rolled right over me so that she was behind me, and
pressed her
body right up against mine. I could feel that I was still
a bit wet from
all that had gone on the night before, and this was only enhanced
when I
felt her hand drifting over my stomach and down. Her fingers
traced the
fine line of hair that went down as far as the top of my pussy,
and I
gasped when she began to rub my clit, gently at first, but
then harder. I
was writhing about in her arms, trying to move a little so
that she would
have the optimal angle on me, and then I decided that more
action would have to be taken. I hauled myself up onto my
arms and
adopted the same hands-and-knees position that Ruth had
done the night
before. She read my movements perfectly and slipped in
behind me, sliding
her fingers expertly into me as she did so. She used her other
hand to
continue the rubbing of my clit that she had started, and
built up the
two into a complimentary rhythm that had me moaning loudly
with every
successive thrust. As she had done, I was pushing back onto
her hand, and
she responded by increasing the force of her thrusts. Her
rubbing of my
clit got harder and faster, and suddenly, without any warning,
I came. My
knees buckled, I buried my face in the pillow, and I let out
a long cry
as my body convulsed from the sensations Ruth was eliciting.

And then it was over. Ruth pulled out of me and lay on top of
my back,
kissing the back of my neck and stroking my skin softly.
I couldn't move.

Of course, I did move in the end. I knew Ruth had things to
be doing, and
in truth so did I, as tempting as the thought of staying around
carrying on all day was. Ruth and I were chatty with one another
as I
found my clothes, scattered about the room, and dressed.
She said she'd
walk me to the bus stop, and I was aware that I had quite a trek
central London to make it home before the afternoon, especially
with a
Sunday service operating. It wasn't a long walk, and
before she turned to
walk back home Ruth took my face in her hands, pulled me down
to her, and
left me with one long, lingering kiss.

As she walked away, I remembered that I'd never even
got her number. I
crossed the road to my stop, smiling to myself.

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