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September 1939: Hitler's armies crushed Poland in
three weeks.

After that came the Sitzkrieg or "phony war'.
But in May-June 1940, Germany took only six weeks to conquer
France, her ancient foe. Germany finally had her revenge
for the humiliation of 1918.

August-September 1940: The Battle of Britain raged for
two months. England stood alone against the mighty German
Luftwaffe... and won.

In Clairvoix, a small town about 50 kilometers outside
of Paris, lived eighteen year old Janine Francoeur. She
appeared more mature than her eighteen years but still
lived with her parents in this once peaceful village. Now
it was teaming with the proud soldiers of the Wehrmacht.
The villagers were unacustomed to the bustle that the conquerers
brought with them. Although the German troops were well
behaved, the French nonetheless despised the hated Bosch.

Janine's beauty had been the object of the attention
of many of the young men in the village but her mother had
managed to safeguard her virtue nonetheless. Her dark
Norman complexion set off a beautiful child like face.
Her large firm breasts, narrow waist and slim hips however,
betrayed the fact that she was no longer a child.

One boy, in particular, had attempted unsuccessfully
to deflower Janine. Jean Lapierre was a handsome eighteen
year old farm boy eager to prove his manhood. Many times
in the fields and barns around her home, he had attempted
to pursuade her to surrender her virginity to him but so
far she had resisted. She liked him but was determined to
save herself for their marriage bed. They both realised
that Hitler's invasion would put these plans on hold
for a long time.

Business went pretty well undisturbed in spite of the occupation
until one hot day in July when Janine's mother answered
a knock at the door. When she opened it, a tall German officer
came in and surveyed the place. He squinted until his eyes
became accustomed to the sombre light in their modest house.

Janine instantly recognised him as being an SS Officer
by the lightening flashes on the collar of his black uniform.

The SS-Sturmbannfuhrer (Major) looked around the room
until his eyes rested on Janine. He liked what he saw and
showed his approval by giving her the Nazi salut. Her mother
came over and stood in front of her in a pointless act of defiance.

The officer explained that he was looking for domestics
to work in the local commandant's house as servants.
They would be well payed for their work. Janine's mother
protested but the SS Officer would not take no for an answer
and said that Janine was to accompany him for an interview.
Knowing that resistance was pointless, Janine assured
her mother that she would be all right and agreed to accompany
the officer. They went outside and got into his car and drove

After a few minutes, it became apparent to Janine that they
were heading away from the village on the road to Paris.
She asked the SS Officer where they were going but got no
answer. She became frightened and was told that no harm
would come to her and that as long as she cooperated, nothing
would happen to her parents. Resistance would bring swift
retribution to her and her parents. She had no option but
to remain silent and felt totally helpless.

They drove until they reached a chateau just outside of
Paris. The car pulled up to the front and a terrified Janine
was led inside. As scared as she was, she couldn't help
but admire the magnificent interior of the chateau. She
was led up the stairs and was told to wait in what looked like
an ante room. After a few moments, a tall good looking woman
dressed as a nurse came in and escorted her into another
room. It was a doctor's office. The nurse told her to
go behind the screen, strip and wait for her. She was to be
examined to make sure that she had no communicable diseases.

Janine protested and ran to the door but, to her horror,
found it locked.

"Please" said the young nurse in perfect French.

"If you don't co-operate, they will kill your
parents'. Janine knew that there was nothing she could
do but still refused to co-operate. The woman soothed and
comforted her as best she could and after explaining the
situation to her, Janine realised that she had no choice.
If she did not co-operate, they would surely kill her parents.

Reluctantly, she complied. She went behind the screen,
stripped and waited for the nurse. When the nurse came behind
the screen, she was made to lie down on a short table and place
her feet in stirrups at one end of it. The position of the
stirrups forced her to bend her knees and spread her legs.
She didn't like the position. The nurse then proceeded
to secure her feet to the stirrups and her arms to the table
with leather straps.

She heard a door open and close and the nurse removed the
screen. She then saw a tall elderly man in an SS uniform.
He must have been in his sixties. He came over toward her
and Janine felt very embarrassed as she had never been naked
in front of a man before... let alone in this position.

"Nurse, ready the patient", the doctor said
in German.

Janine did not speak German and did not understand.

"Yawohl, Herr Doktor".

The nurse bent over between Janine's legs and began
stroking her pubic hair with her tongue.

Janine screamed and began trying to get loose. The doctor
smiled. The nurse spread her vaginal lips with her fingers
and ran her tongue up and down her slit. Janine fought her
bonds as hard as she could but could not get free. The nurse
teased her clit and darted her tongue in and out of her pussy.
She ran her tongue up and down her slit from her asshole to
her clit. Janine screamed again but this just seemed to
please the doctor, and the nurse, more.

While Janine was being "redied', the doctor
dropped his pants and began playing with his stiffening
cock. He walked over to the nurse who was bent over and raised
her skirt. He pulled her panties down and inserted his cock
into her pussy from benind. The nurse moaned but continued
her lesbian lovemaking with Janine. The doctor's
cock slipped effortlessly into his nurse's pussy
which was, by now, well lubricated. He began a rhythmic
in and out motion which the nurse quickly adjusted to. She
timed her thrusts into Janine's vagina with the doctor's
thrusts into her pussy.

Janine screamed and cried for them to stop but this just
aroused her tormentors more. She pleaded with them to stop
but it just seemed to spur them on. Finally, the doctor pulled
his cock out of the nurse. She stood up and went to stand beside
Janine. She then began licking and sucking Janine's
breasts. Janine screamed and began to cry as she strained
against her bonds.

The doctor approached Janine as she looked at him in terror.

He ran his hands slowly along her long legs from her feet
up to her crotch. She winced as she felt his hands near her
pussy. He stopped and savoured her torment.

"No, please. I've never..." , said Janine.

The doctor looked at her. He couldn't believe his good

"Eine jungfrau !" , he said as he licked his lips.

He must do this slowly, he thought to himself... he must
enjoy every moment.

He got closer and slowly ran the head of his cock up and down
her slit as if to tease her. He gently pushed the head of his
cock into her slit. Surprisingly, it slipped in easily.
He looked down at his now headless cock and then looked at
Janine. Tears streamed down her face as she begged him to
stop. A cold smile crossed his lips as he tried to push his
cock in further. To his delight, he met some resistance.
Her hymen was intact. What luck !

He pushed again but felt Janine's hymen resisting
his assault. He grined and pushed a little harder. Again,
Janine's hymen held fast. Again he pushed a little
harder and this time Janine winced with pain. Without warning,
he lunged at her and felt the hymen give way against his short
fat cock. Janine screamed as it sliced into her virgin cunt
like a hot knife through butter. The pain was excrutiating.

The doctor looked down and noticed a trace of blood trickle
out of her pussy. He licked his lips and began a slow steady
in and out motion. His concern was not for her but for himself:
he wanted to savour every stroke.

At first, the pain was terrible for Janine as her screams
attested. His cock was like a hot knife being driven in and
out of her virginal pussy. As the doctor continued his assault,
the pain gradually subsided to a dull ache.

Her vagina was tight as he continued fucking her. Soon the
doctor's pace increased as he felt himself going to

The nurse came over and knelt beside him. He suddenly pulled
his cock out of Janine and the nurse grabbed it and gorged
herself on it. He soon spurted his
come into her mouth. She slurped the cock and let it shoot
its hot sticky fluid all over her face. She rubbed the end
of his cock all over her face and licked and sucked it until
it was dry.

"This one will make an excellent addition to our Lebensborn
program", he said to the nurse in German.

"That is why I did not come inside her. That honour
will be reserved for the right officer."

"Yawohl, Herr Doktor", she said as she licked
his come off her lips.

She then proceeded to wiped his come off her face.

Janine was allowed to dress and was escorted to a beautiful
room filled with 18th century furniture. After a few minutes,
two guards entered carrying an empty bathtub. They placed
it in the middle of the room and proceeded to fill it with
hot water. When it was full, they left as silently as they
had come. Soon afterwards, a young woman entered the room.
She appeared to be no older than Janine. She added perfume
and bath oil to the water. Then she came over to Janine and
in perfect French, said that she was going to bathe her.
Janine protested and ran towards the door which had been
locked from the outside.

The young woman led her over to the bathtub and started to
undress her.

"My name is Veronique', she said. She slowly
removed Janine's blouse and then her skirt. She stood
there in her blood stained underwear feeling ashamed.
Veronique noticed and told her that it had to happen sooner
or later and not to worry. With that she then went behind
her, unhooked her bra and let it slowly slip to the floor.
She then knelt down in front of her and slowly removed her
panties. Janine was totally naked and once more, completely
at their mercy.

Once she was sitting in the tub, Veronique rubbed some soap
on her hands and proceeded to wash her back. Veronique rubbed
more soap on her hands and kneeling behind her, started
to massage her neck and shoulders. The hot water felt good
and slowly, Janine was beginning to feel more relaxed.
She rubbed more soap on her hands and still kneeling behind
Janine, started to work her way around her neck to Janine's
front. Janine protested but the young woman just looked
at her and Janine understood.

She worked her way down and slowly cupped Janine firm breasts
from behind. Janine was repulsed but knew that she had no
option but to submit to this humiliation. She slowly massaged
her breasts and teased her nipples until they stood straight
out begging for more. Veronique expertly rubbed her breasts
and Janine was slowly starting to enjoy this forced stimulation
in spite of her revulsion.

Veronique came around and gently kissed Janine's

Janine instinctively drew away but Veronique was persistant
and continued her carresses. Veronique gently kissed
her face and suddenly pressed her lips against Janine's.
Without warning, she inserted her tongue into Janine's
mouth. Janine attempted to turn away but was held in Veronique's
firm grasp. She worked her tongue inside Janine's
mouth who moaned a protest that was barely audible.

Veronique continued her assault on Janine's mouth
as her hands continued to fondle her breasts. Slowly and
in spite of herself, Janine was being aroused by Veronique's
continued stimulation. She gently slipped one of her hands
down into the warm hot water probing the outside of Janine's
pussy. Janine unknowingly spread her legs to give Veronique
easier access to the prize that awaited her.

Veronique gently motioned Janine to stand up. Janine obeyed
and stood up in the tub. Veronique began undressing. Janine
wasn't sure what to do but Veronique's expert
stimulation had done its job. Without a second thought,
Janine helped Veronique to take her clothes off. Once she
was also naked, she stepped into the tub and both women sat
down and kissed passionately.

Veronique once again directed her attention to the prize
between Janine's legs. Janine reciprocated and searched
for Veronique's pussy in the warm water. Both women
were sitting in the tub in a squatting position with their
knees up against their chests. This made their pussies
open to each other's attention. Janine followed Veronique's
lead as, not surprisingly, she had not done this before.

Veronique motioned Janine to stand up and prop one leg on
the side of the tub. Veronique then knelt in the tub and started
kissing her pubic area. Janine was aroused and obligingly
spread her leg a little farther to the side.

Veronique put her mouth on Janine's pussy and licked
the wisp of hair that covered it. She gently spread her moist
pussy's lips until she could see the tiny red clit glisten
in her wet slit. Veronique gently touched it with her tongue
which sent shivers up and down Janine's spine. She
then ran her tongue up and down her pussy. She continued
licking the outside of her twat when she suddenly thrust
her tongue deep into Janine's almost virgin cunt.

Janine was close to climaxing and Veronique knew it. She
continued darting her tongue in and out of her twat until
she felt Janine shake and heard her cry out in ecstasy. She
tasted her warm love juices and lapped them up. Janine was
embarrassed at having made love with a woman but Veronique
assured her that it was something special and that it was
all right. Janine believed her because she wanted to.

Veronique got dressed and left the room. Janine put on the
spartan clothes that were put on the bed for her. They made
her look like a Quaker. Not long afterwards, a stern looking
woman similarly dressed came into the room. She reminded
Janine of one of her old school teachers.

"You are priviledged to have been selected to be a
member of Lebensborn", she said to Janine.

The puzzled look on her face told the older woman that an
explanation was in order.

"Lebensborn is an organization whereby members
of the SS officer corps mate with racially pure women for
the purpose of having Aryan babies", she said.

Janine was speechless.

Her mouth opened but no sound came out.

"You will mate with a selected member of the SS who
will impregnate you", the woman continued.

"Your baby will be taken care of by the state. If it
is a boy, he will grow up to be a soldier in the service of the
Fuehrer. If it is a girl, she will grow up to bear more children
for The Fatherland. That is why our motto is: For Fuehrer
and Fatherland". Janine could still not believe
her ears. She protested but the woman was on her way out of
the room. The next moment, she was alone again. She tried
to digest what she had just heard but it was too frightful
to comprehend. She fell on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, Janine was awakened to what she came to
know as the daily ritual at Lebensborn. The next six months
were spent in teaching the girls how to speak German and
indoctrination classes of Nazi philosophy. The classes
were made up of girls from all countries of occupied Europe
from the ages of eighteen to twenty-five who were considered
racially pure. They were taught about Hitler's new
order in Europe and the great contribution that they were
making to the Third Reich.

One night, Janine bathed herself and readied herself for
bed. She was about to get in bed when the door opened and in
walked a tall young SS Officer. He was over six feet tall,
no more than twenty-five years old and quite handsome in
his black uniform. Janine was terrified. What she had feared
for so long was about to happen.

He clicked his heels and said: "We are to mate. The
result will be a perfect child for The Fatherland. Take
your clothes off". Janine knew that resistance was
futile and the faster she got this over with the better.
She stripped and stood in the middle of the room. He walked
over to her and motioned her to sit down on the bed. She obeyed
and he stood in front of her and slowly removed his clothes.

Janine watched him as he stared at her and took his clothes
off. When he was completely naked, she saw his large cock
dangling limp between his legs. He walked over to her until
his cock was right in front of her face. Janine looked up
at him and watched a cold smile slowly appear on his lips.
She understood and slowly reached for his huge cock.

Her hand gripped his cock. She hesitated and looked up at
him again. His eyes showed the enjoyment that he was experiencing
at her helplessness. She looked at his cock again and slowly
brought it to her lips. She opened her mouth and put the head
of his cock into it. It was huge and she had to open her mouth
wise just to get the head in.

She ran her tongue along the slit and then around the huge
organ. She could slowly feel it getting hard as though a
giant reptile was being awakened from a deep sleep. Slowly
the giant cock grew as Janine sucked on the head. Suddenly,
the SS Officer grabbed Janine's hair with both hands
and thrust his huge cock deep into her mouth. She gagged
as the officer shoved his in and out. In and out he drove his
cock as he held her hair in his hands. Janine could hardly
breath when he continued to fuck her mouth.

He suddenly stopped and pushed her back onto the bed. He
mounted her and spread her legs roughly with his hands.
He guided his shaft into her pussy and shoved it deep inside
her. Janine screamed as the huge cock tore into her soft
flesh. In and out he fucked her as tears streamed down her
face. Slowly, her pussy became lubricated which eased
the pain somewhat.

After what seemed like an eternity to Janine, she felt him
tense up and knew that he was going to come. Suddenly, she
felt hot fluid spurt into her
loins and she knew that he was coming inside her. She wanted
to run away but was helplessly pinned beneath him. He continued
pumping his hot come deep inside her until he was spent.
He slowly pulled his cock out of her and stood up. He roughly
pulled her into a sitting position again and stuck his cock
into her mouth once more.

Janine licked his come off his cock as she felt it slowly
grow limp in her mouth.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked over to his
clothes. He got dressed, gave her the Nazi salut and walked
out without saying a word.

This routine was repeated daily and Janine was checked
regularly to see if she was pregnant. The SS Officer would
arrive promptly and fuck her once a day. This went on for
a month until she heard the news that she dreaded: she was
pregnant. Her shame was overwhelming. She would bear a
child for the race that had conquered and humiliated her
and her country. And she could do nothing about it. She never
saw the father of her child again.

All went well for the first three months of her pregnancy.
She had everything that she could hope for except her freedom.

One day, she felt a pain in her stomach and collapsed. When
she awoke, she learned that she had aborted and would not
be able to bear any more children. There was no more use for
her in Lebensborn and would be moved as soon as possible.

Her nightmare was finally over, she thought, and would
finally be allowed to go home.

A week later, a car pulled up and Janine, escorted by two
SS Officers, got in. She was whisked away but not in the direction
of her home. She knew better than to inquire. The car drove
through the deserted streets of Paris and stopped in front
of what looked like an expensive hotel. She then saw the
sign that said: Le Ritz. She was escorted inside and left
alone in one of the luxurious rooms.

A half hour later, in walked a motherly woman who explained
that she was now in the service of The Fatherland and would
have the priviledge of "entertaining" high
ranking Wehrmacht officers.

Janine knew what she meant by "entertain" and
voiced her refusal.

She was reminded that the slightest sign of resistance
would mean the death of her and her parents.

She had no choice. She had now become lower than a baby breeder:
she was a whore for the Reich.

June 1941: Hitler attacked Soviet Russia with three million

"All you have to do is kick in the door and the whole
rotten structure will crumble like a deck of cards".

So had said the Fuhrer.

The first month saw "Bltzkrieg" at its finest.

The German armour would sweep around in giant pincer movements
to trap whole Russian armies. Everyone thought that the
war would be over by Christmas. The troops" enthusiasm
showed up in their lovemaking. One night, two Army officers
old enough to be her father approached her. "Guten
tag, Fraulein", said one of them.

"Would you honour my brother and I with your company

She knew better than to refuse so reluctantly complied.

She had a few glasses of champagne with them when one of them
asked if she would care to entertain them. The champagne
was doing its work and she was not as scared as she was at first.

They accompanied her to her room. One of them closed and
locked the door. They sat down on the couch and politely
asked her to strip... slowly. Realising that resistance
was futile and after three glasses of champagne, Janine
gave them a show they would not forget.

She teasingly removed her flimsy black negligee. Next
she undid the garter belt from her black silk stockings
and let them fall to the floor. Soon, she stood naked in front
of them. She walked over to one of them and knelt in front
of him. She removed his uniform. His cock was still limp
as she took it in her mouth. As he looked down at her sucking
his cock, it quickly began to stiffen. Janine could feel
it growing in her mouth and was surprised at how long it was
for a man his age.

While she was sucking him off, the other officer took his
clothes off and stood up beside his brother. Janine then
began sucking his cock also. She soon had them both stiff
and eager for more.

All three got onto the bed. They made Janine get on all fours
and begin sucking one of them. The other officer got behind
her and started fucking her cunt from behind. The two men
soon got into step: as she swallowed the cock, the other
rammed his cock into her from behind. Despite the fact that
she was being forced into this unwanted sexual threesome,
Janine was becoming aroused. She had never made love to
two men at the same time before and was excited at the thought.

Between sucks, the men gave her more champagne. The more
she drank, the more she lost her inhibitions.

The men changed positions and she began sucking the other
one's cock. The one that she had been sucking off before
got behind her and moved his cock up against her rectum.
Janine wanted to stop her sucking and object but the officer
in front of her had a firm grasp of her long hair and prevented
her from moving. Her rectum automatically tensed for the
unwelcomed onslaught that was inevitable. The old man's
rigid cock assaulted her ass hole and the head of his cock
was rammed up against her tiny vulnerable opening.

The juices from her twat on his cock acted as a lubricant
as he pushed harder. With some difficulty, the head of his
cock breeched her rectum. He pushed again and buried his
shaft into her ass much to her discomfort and pain. She winced
but the cock in her mouth only allowed her to make a muffled
protest. He then began fucking her ass slowly as the other
continued fucking her mouth. He slowly withdrew his cock
half way out of her ass and as he did, his brother shoved his
cock into her mouth. As he withdrew it from her mouth, the
other pushed his cock into her ass. And so it went on...

"Ah, Lothar", said Ulrich.

"Frenchmen are so lucky to have such beautiful women
to fuck".

"Yes, but we are also lucky", replied Lothar.

". ..because we are fucking their beautiful women
too ...and right in their own country".

With this, they both burst into a drunken laughter as they
continued fucking their young prize's mouth and ass.

Janine was forced to perform every conceivable sexual
deviation on them for the rest of the night from sucking
their cocks to licking their ass. Lothar finally laid Janine
on her back, stradled her face and stuck his cock into her
mouth. He fucked her mouth until he felt that he was going
to come. To Janine's surprise, he then withdrew his
cock and began masterbating over her face. Janine protested
but Ulrich held her down so that she couldn't move.
He finally came and his come spurted [color
black]all over her face. Janine closed her eyes instinctively
as his hot semen flowed over her eyes, nose and mouth. He
then stuck it in her mouth and made her lick it clean.

Now it was Ulrich's turn. He assumed the same position
while his brother held their victim down. He fucked her
mouth until he also felt that he was going to come. He pulled
his cock out and began coming all over her face. By now, Janine's
face was covered in sticky fluid. It was in her hair and eyes,
and because it was blocking her nose, it was running into
her mouth as she opened it to breath. She tried to spit it
out but she swallowed most of it. Ulrich ran his cock over
her face spreading the sticky fluid all over. He then also
stuck it in her mouth and made her suck it clean.

With that, the two men fell over onto the bed and started
to snore. Janine slowly got up and proceeded to wash the
come off her face. She then passed out on the floor drunk.

May 1942: The Afrika Korps controlled North Africa. The
Desert Fox was humiliating an English force superior in
men and material. The Germans, however, had one of the Second
World War's most able Generals: Field Marshall Erwin

One unusually warm evening, Hauptman (Captain) Johann
zur Brugge walked into the lobby of Le Ritz. He was wearing
the tropical German uniform with an AFRIKA cuff title.
This was a campaign award for those who had served in North

He also had the Iron Cross first class, silver wound badge
(two wounds), Panzer Assault badge and General Assault

He had been a very busy soldier.

Janine was sitting at the bar. While she waited for "customers"
she was only allowed to have one drink.

Hauptman zur Brugge walked over to her and made arrangements
to escort her to her room. He was very handsome and knew it.

Once inside the room, he made Janine walk around the room
slowly while he sat in a big fauteuil drinking champagne.

"Take off your robe".

Janine obeyed and let it slip to the floor. She still had
on a bra, flimsy panties, garter belt and black silk stockings.
He noticed how her breasts strained to be free of their bonds.
She continued to walk around the room for another five minutes.

"Stand in front of me and take off your bra".

Janine obediently walked over and stood in front of him.
She reached behind her back and undid the fastener. She
slowly let her bra fall to the floor freeing her breasts.
They were big yet firm. He liked what he saw.

"Continue walking".

Janine obediently resumed her slow walk around the room
in her panties and garter belt. This time Herr Hauptman
noticed how her breasts jiggled slightly as she walked.
He also noticed her perfect pink nipples now slowly becoming
erect. She continued walking for another five minutes
as he continued drinking his champagne.

"Come here and remove your panties".

Janine walked over and pulled them down. He noticed the
wisp of dark hair that covered her honey pot. She stood there
in front of him in her garter belt and black silk stockings
as he drank in her beauty.

"Fondle your breasts".

Janine objected to this command. She would not stimulate
herself to the amusement of her captors.

"I said fondle your breasts", he repeated.

She looked at him and she knew that he meant business. She
reached for her breasts and started fondling them. She
rubbed them and pinched her nipples.

"Walk", he said.

She resumed her slwo walk around the room while he sat there
and got drunker and drunker as he drank his champagne.

"Come here. Finger yourself", he said.

Janine reluctantly moved one hand to her crotch. She moved
her pelvis forward, spread her legs slightly and began
massaging her clit. Her unwanted self stimulation was
slowly starting to arouse her in spite of herself. This
did not go unoticed by the drunken captain.

He stood up and stripped. He grabbed her by the hair and brought
her to her knees forcing her mouth on his flaccid cock.

"Suck it", he said.

Janine was not in a position to object as he stuck his cock
in her mouth. She ran her tongue all over his cock. She sucked
it and it slowly began to stiffen. It did not stop rising
until it attained a length of ten inches. Janine could barely
fit it in her mouth as zur Brugge fucked her face holding
a hand full of her hair in each hand.

Janine voiced a muffled protest as she felt herself being
chocked by the giant cock being rammed down her throat.
Zur Brugge rammed his cock in and out of her mouth sinking
it into her throat each time. Janine's eyes were bulging
as she began to lose consciousness. Suddenly, she fainted
from lack of air.

When she woke up, she was tied to the bed. Her hands were tied
to the posts at each side of the headboard as were her feet.
The end result was that her legs were spread-eagled and
tied up so that she was looking almost right at her vagina.

It was not a comfortable position and she didn't think
that what zur Brugge would do to her would be a very enjoyable

He watched her assess her situation as being helpless and
took silent enjoyment out of it. He consumed the last gulp
of champagne from the bottle and wiped his lips.

"And now for some serious fucking" he said to

He got up and approached the bed. Janine saw his huge cock
hung semi erect between his legs and shuddered. He got onto
the bed and began licking her exposed cunt. She tried to
break her bonds but without success. She watched him slowly
lick her treasure pot and squirmed from the unwanted stimulation.
He ran his tongue down her twat to her rectum which was equally
exposed. She squirmed as he ran his tongue around the vulnerable
opening and darted it inside.

He teased her for what seemed like an eternity. Finally
he got close enough and rested his cock on her exposed cunt.
It was rock hard and fully extended. He inserted the huge
head into her opening without opposition. Once the head
was inside her, he grabbed each of her legs with his hands
to steady himself. He pushed again and this time he met the
tight resistance of her narrow opening. He pushed again
and sunk his cock deep into her pussy.

The huge cock was causing Janine quite a bit of pain and discomfort.
It was bigger than anything she had had to accept up to now
and didn't know if she could take him. He pushed again
as his cock spread open her tiny cunt until he was all the
way in. She winced with pain as he drove his cock in to the

He began a rhythmic in and out motion as he began fucking
his young prize. She couldn't move the way she had been
secured to the bed and he took full advantage of her helplessness.

After a few minutes, he slowly withdrew his cock from her
pussy and looked down at his tool that was now drenched in
her juices. He took his cock in one hand and positioned the
head against her rectum. Janine squirmed but her bonds
held fast. She didn't like what was about to happen.

He pushed the head of his cock against her ass hole and felt
her muscles tense instinctively. He pushed again and burried
the head of his cock in her ass. Janine's face showed
the pain that she was experiencing but this just seemed
to spur him on.

He pushed again and, lubricated with the juices from her
pussy, he slowly inserted his cock all the way into her ass.

Janine thought that her ass was going to rip open because
she was being stretched so much. He started to fuck her ass
as the tears streamed down her face partly from the pain
and partly from the humiliation of what she was being subjected

Zur Brugge continued fucking her ass for what seemed like
hours to Janine. In and out his huge cock went into her tiny
opening. It felt like someone was shoving a hot poker up
her arse. Eventually, she felt his cock tense and knew that
he was going to come. When he did, she felt his hot sperm flood
into her ass. He pumped his hot fiery cum into her seemingly
without end. When he was finished, he withdrew his cock
from her ass and watched some of his semen trickle out of
her rectum.

He got off the bed went over and made her suck his cock clean.
After, he got dressed, walked over to the bed and looked
down at Janine who was still all tied up. He looked at her
ass and noticed that some more semen had seeped out and was
slowly running down her crack. He clicked his heels, gave
the Nazi salute and said "Heil Hitler".

With that he staggered out leaving Janine to get out of her
predicamment as best she could.

February 1943: The Sixth Army under Field Marshall Friederich
Paulus (not Von Paulus as he is referred to erroneously
- he was not an aristocrat) surrendered at Stalingrad.
Two hundred and seventy five thousand troops were taken
prisoner along with one quarter of the Wehrmacht's
motorised equipment. For the first time, the invincible
Wehrmacht was stopped dead in its tracks. The mood of the
German troops now visiting Le Ritz was sombre.

SS Gruppenfuhrer (Colonel-General) Hans von Schumann
was a veteran of Stalingrad who managed to get out before
the surrender, on a plane carrying wounded out of the beseiged
city. He had fought continuously for six months in places
that animals would not even stay in. He had won the Knight's
Cross, Close Combat Badge in Gold and German Cross in Gold.

He had commanded a battalion of the elite 2nd SS Das Reich
Panzer Division. His whole battalion was wiped out at Stalingrad.

He walked over to Janine and told her that he wanted some
"companionship'. They went to her room where
he ordered her to strip. She obeyed. He opened his bottle
of champagne and poured himself a glass. While Janine stood
in the middle of the room naked, he sat down on the sofa and
stared at her.

He looked at her breasts and noticed the erect nipples.
His gaze went down to her pussy where he noticed a trace of
dark hair crown her mound. He liked what he saw and knew that
he would have a good time tonight.

"Come here", he said.

Janine walked over and stood in front of him.

"Turn around, bend over and grab your ankles",
he said.

Janine looked at him for a few seconds and did as she was ordered.
He sat back, drank more champagne and stared at Janine's
rectum directly in front of him.

He noticed that the tiny round brown hole was hairless.
He liked that. He looked at how small the opening was and
wondered if he could insert his cock all the way in. He sat
up to get a closer look, drank down the rest of his glass and
filled it again. Now, Janine's defenseless rectum
was inches from his face. He studied the creases that were
barely evident around it. Beautiful, he thought to hi

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