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The warm spring had finally come to Winter Garden, Florida.
The light
overland breeze from the nearby Gulf of Mexico no longer
held that
slightly chill dampness of a week ago, and the southern
sun hanging low
in the west was like a molten gold coin in the perfect unbroken
blue of
the sky. Everybody was soaking up the sun, starting their
first tan of
the year with the still gentle rays -- another week and it
would be so
scorching hot here by the pool the skin would blister and
peel, but now
it would slowly foster a bronze, bum-proof skin good for
the rest of the
At the semi-exclusive Teachers' Country Club, the
fine weather had
brought out the members in droves. The swimming pool glistened
green beneath the gracefully dipping palm trees, and the
bolder teachers
had come with their swim suits prepared to take advantage
of the
inviting, freshly cleaned pool.
Lying side by side at the edge of the sparkling clear water,
attractive wives so much alike they could be twins were
exposing as much
of themselves to the sun as they could in public. They lay
as though
asleep or dead, only the slow rise and fall of the smooth
tautness of
their bellies attesting to the fact that they were very
much alive.
Watching the two blondes sunning themselves, Fred Furness
wondered for
the hundredth time why the one who was Tommy Singleton's
wife, Linda,
turned him on so much. Sure, she had long, sleekly tapering
legs that
flared out from her wide inviting hips into shapely thighs
and calves.
But so did his own wife Grace Iying beside her. True, she
had firmly
pointed breasts out to here, but they were no better than
Grace's. Fred
couldn't deny that Linda Singleton had lusciously
rounded ass-cheeks,
almost completely visible under the scanty bikini when
she walked, but
Grace would not suffer from comparison.
Then, why, he asked himself again, why did Tommy's
wife interest him so
much he could hardly take his eyes off her young body whenever
they were
together? Fred Furness looked back and forth from his wife
to his
friend's wife over and over, at the same time reminding
himself that he
had absolutely no complaints about his own wife as a woman
h bed. She
was more than enough for any man, even one as naturally horny
as he
himself had always been.
Suddenly, he thought he had the answer to his own question.
Maybe it was because Linda Singleton thought she was above
it all. She
was so aloof in her manner that it somehow bugged Fred Furness.
It was
as though she knew his mind was obsessed by sex and passion,
and to her
that made him dirty, beneath contempt. She never seemed
to vie with the
other women for the attentions of men, no matter on how innocent
a level
it was conducted. Most of the wives occasionally flirted
with husbands
not their own, even the women who would never dream of being
and going to bed with another man. But Linda had had a very
upbringing. She thought that that kind of thing with any
man except her
own husband was an unforgivable transgression against
her marriage vows.
In other words, he thought, she was what he called a goody-goody
and such people always presented a challenge to him he could
not ignore.
It was true, he reflected, that the Singletons had been
married only a
few weeks, and maybe her attitude was understandable.
But Furness and
Tommy Singleton had been colleagues as high school coaches
for a long
time, and he had known his friend's new bride Linda
almost as long as
her husband. They had been dating each other for over a year
finally getting married, and from Tommy's stories,
as well as from his
own personal observations, Fred had sized up her prudishness.
He had
even warned Tommy in private that such a woman might prove
to be a
problem after they were married. Naturally, Tommy could
only think of
the delights her body promised him, and Linda had had enough
femininity to let Tommy get tantalizingly close from time
to time,
always putting off the moment of truth until after the wedding.
The old
carrot-in-front-of-the-horse game, Fred mused sarcastically.
As he watched from his rattan chair near the poolside where
he and Tommy
Singleton had been having a drink, the two wives walked
past him toward
the low diving board. They were going to cool themselves
in the water
again after fifteen minutes in the hot, slow-broiling
sun. Fred Furness
deliberately let Linda Singleton catch him staring lasciviously
at her
swinging loins barely covered by the brief white bikini.
When she
walked, she inadvertently swayed her hips in an enticing
manner that
some women had to practice for years. Her blue eyes opened
wide at his
undisguised interest, and he playfully winked at her,
making the action
obscenely suggestive enough to make her blush. She jerked
her head
disdainfully, turning her eyes away from his and forming
a little pout
of disgust with her full lips that had a damp sparkle to them.
He decided then and there that he would find a way to get into
prissy little panties, and soon. He would teach her to treat
natural impulses as though they were crude and coarse.
The self-
satisfied little bitch, he growled softly to himself as
he made a forced
smile for his wife's benefit. He could see that Grace
had noticed what
had happened and sensed what his reaction would be. Thank
God, he
thought, that Grace felt about these matters just as he
did. In the
past she had even helped him to make out with other women,
and he had
never hesitated to let her have a little fun on the side either.
had found after the first five years of their marriage that
occasional taste of "strange, " as they called
it, made what they had
together even better.
As the wives climbed the short ladder to the diving board,
Fred glanced
toward the self-service bar to see if he could spot Tommy
getting them
new gin and tonics.
As her hands grasped the cool metal of the iron ladder, Linda
stole another secret look at Fred Furness, his head turned
away as if he
were looking for someone. What a disgusting man, the lovely
blonde thought. Although she knew he couldn't be over
thirty-five at
the most, he had developed a slight paunch from inactivity,
otherwise muscular body slightly flabby for the same reason.
She could
see that he must have been a well-built, ruggedly handsome
man at one
time like her husband Tommy, and she hoped that Tommy would
take better
care of himself than that. Fred's stomach was covered
by coarse black
strands of hair thickening toward the waistband of his
scarlet swimming
trunks, but that wouldn't bother her if it weren't
for the slight bulge.
And the thinning hair forming a black widow's peak
above his forehead
would look distinguished if his face beneath weren't
so vulgar with the
full sensual lips and deep-set dark eyes that always seemed
to be
undressing women.
She reached the top of the ladder and watched Grace ahead
of her
preparing to take a dive. Still young and vivacious at twenty-eight,
would be easy to believe it if Grace said she was twenty-one.
Her flesh
was still smooth and supple, even at the creased juncture
of her upper
thighs and softly rounded buttocks where most women started
their age very early. As Linda watched her friend in front
of her flex
her calf muscles and prepare to make a spring, she wondered
how such a
sweet girl could stand kissing her animal brute of a husband,
not to
mention having his rough hirsute fingers touching the
tender curves of
her body. Shivering slightly as she thought of it, Linda
told herself it
was bad enough putting up with the insistent nightly demands
of her own
husband Tommy these last few weeks, and she hoped and prayed
that he
would soon get over his initial hunger for her flesh and
settle for
making love once or twice a week.
But he seemed to be getting worse, not better, she reflected.
Just last
night, for instance, Tommy had tried to get her to put her
mouth on him
down there under the covers, only giving up when she had
burst into
tears and begged him not to make her do it. After that, he
had mumbled
something she didn't understand under his breath
and turned on his side,
his back to her.
The innocent young bride still couldn't quite believe
that the man she
had married had tried to force her to do that. It was something
she had
only heard some of the bolder girls at school whispering
about, an act
so obviously perverse and degrading that she was sure only
the most
debased and lewd professional prostitutes would submit
to performing it
on any man.
Thankfully, her thoughts returned to the present as Grace
rose from the
spring-board in front of her in a graceful toe-touching
dive and entered
the water without a splash. Linda watched as her body plunged
deep into
the pool and then arched and broke through the rippled surface
at the
far end of the pool. Grace began treading water with effortless
and looked back in Linda's direction, giving her head
a shake to throw
her wet golden hair back over her shoulders.
"Come on, Linda. It feels sooo good, " she laughed.
Without hesitating, Linda took two steps and bounced upward
once from
the board, doing a jackknife just as perfectly as her companion.
curved through the water and bobbed up to the surface a few
inches away
from Grace, her skin thrilling from the refreshing coolness
of the
water. Then together they swam lazily across the length
of the pool and
pulled themselves dripping up the ladder out of the water.
Half a
minute later, they were stretched out once more side by
side, this time
on their stomachs.
Fred Furness had watched with appreciation the two wives
plunging one
after the other into 'the pool, feeling a sudden warm
tingle down in his
loins at the view of Linda's tautly stretched buttocks
when she doubled
over in the air to touch her toes. Boy, would I like to get
into her
from behind like that, he groaned to himself. And then he
noticed Tommy
crossing the patio with the drinks.
It was obvious to Fred as he watched the young coach weaving
his way
through the scattered chairs and assorted sunbathers
that Tommy was
staring with greedy relish at the provocatively swaying
hips not of his
own wife, but of Fred's wife, Grace. The germ of an idea
began to form
in Fred's head, and by the time the ladies were abandoning
themselves to
the sun's rays again and Tommy had taken his seat beside
him, Fred had
concocted a plan. He knew that Grace would go along with
it -- she had
always done so in the past.
"She's quite a woman, isn't she, "
Furness said in an insinuating tone.
"Who?" Tommy Singleton asked innocently,
embarrassed to think that his
friend might have seen him ogling his wife Grace.
"I mean both of them, " Fred laughed. "No
need to get nervous about it,
Tommy. I don't blame you for looking. I'd do the
same in your place."
He made a short pause, and then added, "I wish I could
do more than
that." His voice seemed sad and wistful.
"What do you mean?" Tommy demanded. This was
the first he had heard of
any problems of this kind between Fred and Grace.
"I mean just what it sounds like, " Fred answered
a little defensively.
"At first I was a little ashamed to admit it, but our
doctor says it
happens to a lot of guys. He insists that it's only temporary
-- probably psychological, and it'll cure itself
in time. But it's hell
to go through, let me tell you."
Tommy didn't know what to say. He couldn't think
of a worse fate for a
man -- especially if he was married to a woman as lively and
alluring as
Grace. Without meaning to, he glanced once more at the supine
figure of
Fred's wife. She was reaching behind her back to undo
the snap of her
bikini top, unconsciously squirming her hips against
the red towel she
was Iying on as she struggled with the clasp. Finally she
managed to
get it loose, and the restraining fabric fell away from
her full mounds,
giving him a brief unexpected glimpse of the white firmness
of her right
breast before she pressed her torso back down onto the towel.
Then she
wriggled her firmly rounded buttocks once or twice to get
and Tommy felt a slight tremble and jerk of his penis inside
his tight
swimming trunks. God, that woman couldn't help but
look sexy, whatever
she did!
"Yeah, " Fred Furness breathed hoarsely beside
him. "It's even worse for
poor Grace. She's always been almost insatiable in
bed, and now ..." he
let his voice trail away, a look of anxiety crossing his
"And now, what?" Tommy asked softly, wondering
what else could be
bothering him.
"Hell, I can't expect her to go on forever without
a little action from
time to time. I just hope she has the good sense to get it from
somebody who won't get any ideas of splitting us up
or causing some kind
of trouble, " Furness scowled. "We've
had too many good years together.
We're really a good match under normal circumstances,
and I don't relish
the idea of some perfect stranger screwing us up."
He chewed his lower
lip for a moment in a nervous gesture Tommy had seen him use
when he was
worried about his football team losing a game. "Oh,
well, what happens,
happens, and that's all there is to it, " he added
at length, pretending
bitterness, and then he lifted his gin and tonic and drank
over half of
it without stopping for breath.
"Hey, take it easy on that stuff, Coach, " Tommy
chided him. He hated to
see his long-time friend in such a state. "The season
may be over, but
you can't afford to break training at your age, "
the younger men laughed
"What do you mean, at my age? You clown, I'll race
you five lengths of
the pool right now, " he growled in a realistic tone
of belligerence,
slipping his feet out of the rubber sandals he was wearing
and plunging
into the pool after three running strides.
Tommy was surprised, but nevertheless he hit the water
only a split
second behind him, and they swam to the far end of the pool
and kicked
off from the wall together. Their wives watched with interest
as their
two athletic husbands raced back and forth, their faces
distorted out of
shape each time they heaved themselves up at the end of a
lap and gasped
for air to fill their lungs. Neither of them could gain an
inch on the
other, and they finally touched the concrete on the fifth
lap at exactly
the same instant, making it a tie.
"Bravo, Hercules!" Grace Furness shouted,
clapping her hands, forgetting
for the moment her breasts were uncovered. Then she squealed
in laugher
and cupped them in the tiny halter, but not before the winded
had glimpsed the rosy hardened tips of her nipples.
Linda Singleton was both proud of her own husband and amazed
that Fred
Furness could keep up with him. Then when she saw the unmistakable
of desire pass over her husband Tommy's face as he stared
at Grace's
full breasts exposed briefly to his view, she was filled
with an
uncontrollable jealous anger, turning her face away from
his smile when
he looked at her. The nerve, she thought. It's bad enough
that he has
a one-track mind with me at home, but to stare brazenly at
his friend's
wife like that is too much.
Tommy noticed her look of distaste and felt mildly annoyed
that it
should bother her. It was perfectly natural and human for
him to look
at women -- and he wasn't going to stop just because
he was now married.
Later the four of them had dinner together in the club before
they would
have to return to the condominium apartments they had bought
in the same
complex of buildings. When the two wives excused themselves
to go to
the powder room, Fred Furness again brought up the subject
of his
problem with Grace.
"I've been thinking, Tommy, " he began.
"You and I have known each other
for a long time now. I consider you one of my best friends.
I know
that I could trust you."
Tommy Singleton wondered what Fred was leading up to, but
didn't say
anything. It was obviously doing Fred good in his dejected
state to
"I think Grace really digs you, " Furness went
on. "And unless I'm
wrong, you kind of like her too. Right?"
Tommy's heart was suddenly beating loudly in his temples.
Slowly it was
dawning on him what his friend was trying to say, and the
thought both
confused and excited the frustrated young man.
"What I'm trying to say is, why don't you
do me a big favor -- and
Grace, and yourself -- by dropping over some afternoon
when I'm not
around. Let whatever happens between you happen, and maybe
she won't be
forced to go looking around for some dumb salesman or garage
to satisfy her needs." The look on Fred Furness'
face was sincerely
pleading for understanding.
Tommy couldn't believe his ears. He was actually being
offered a chance
to screw his friend's wife, an idea that had crossed
his mind over and
over again long before he had met and recently married Linda.
He had
always rejected the impulse for fear of alienating his
good friend, but
here the older man was offering his woman freely with no
attached as though she were a piece of property to be passed
around at
"Uh, I'd like to help you out, Fred, but you can
imagine how Linda would
feel, " he stalled for time. "And what about
Grace? She might not like
being treated like a piece of furniture that you can do what
you want to
with." At the same time as Tommy was offering up objections,
his mind
was already picturing the physical treats this more experienced
could offer him with her body. It might be the best thing
that ever
happened to him, with his bride Linda holding so much of
herself back.
He didn't know how much longer he could hold out without
doing a little
running around himself or, what would be worse, losing
his patience and
perhaps turning his wife against him forever.
"There's no reason why Linda would ever have
to know, " Fred insisted as
he worked to persuade Tommy to agree to at least try. "And
I'll talk to
Grace about it tonight when we get home. From things she
said in the
past, though, I think she'll like the idea."
Furness waved his hand as
if putting aside all the possible objections that Tommy
could come up
with. "After all, she has a hunger that has to be fed,
and if I know
women, it'll be a while before your wife Linda will
be able to satisfy
your appetite. Why shouldn't the two of you get together?
And knowing
as I do the way Grace gets so turned on she abandons herself
to sex, I'd rather know who it is giving her a tumble
in my bed."
At that moment, the two wives returned to the table, and
the proposal
was left that way -- Fred would call Tommy from his office
in the gym
the next day and tell him what Grace thought of the idea.
Even though he knew it was an idea that only a short time ago
would have
been unthinkable for him, Tommy now found it so exciting
that he could
hardly keep his eyes off Grace, imagining the things he
would like to do
to her in bed.
Naturally, his new young wife Linda noticed everything,
but it only made
things worse. That night, she refused to let Tommy make
love to her,
saying she didn't appreciate his getting heated up
by looking at another
woman all evening and then taking it out on her. That settled
it for
Tommy Singleton.
If he was going to stick out this marriage until Linda got
over some of
her sexual hang-ups, he was going to have to release his
elsewhere. By the time he was falling into a troubled sleep
beside the
softly breathing warmth of Linda's body, it was all
he could do to keep
from masturbating to ease the unsatisfied ache in his loins.
he merely rolled onto his side when he was sure Linda was
sound asleep
and lightly rested the full length of his rigidly erect
penis in the
tantalizing narrow crease between her rounded buttocks.
Jesus Chrlst,
he muttered to himself angrily when she unconsciously
cringed away from
the pulsing hotness of his excitedly throbbing shaft.
Even in her sleep
she reacts against sexual passion.
Her action of repulsion angered him even further and caused
his hardness
to suddenly subside as if he had been dashed with cold water.
finally dropped off to sleep feeling utterly rejected
by her, dreaming
of a beautiful mermaid who called to him to come to her and
feed her
craving, abruptly waking up in the middle of the night from
a wet dream.
The mermaid had been slowly lowering her soft mouth down
over his
pulsating, hard cock and his dammed-up semen had spurted
between her sensual lips turned up in a seductive smile
around his thick
shaft. He got up and showered before returning to sleep,
first hiding
the sperm-soaked pajamas where Linda wouldn't find
It'll serve the frigid little bitch right if I have
to fuck another
woman to be satisfied, he mumbled to himself through clenched
teeth as
he lay on the bed as far away from her as he could get.
Chapter 2
The next morning was a working school day, and Tommy Singleton
earlier than usual, wondering why he was feeling such a
sense of
anticipation and excitement. He glanced briefly at the
still sleeping
form of his wife Linda, clad only in a short nightie of sheer
nylon that
hid nothing of her physical charms from his view. She was
Iying flat on
her back, her creamy white thighs exposed all the way to
the softly
enticing little triangle of blonde curls up between their
firmly rounded
smoothness. He could see the inviting pink folds of her
pussy pouting
chastely up between her slightly spread legs, and he wanted
more than
anything at that moment to drop his head down there and thrust
tongue deep up into her unprotected innocent cunt, but
he knew that she
would never permit him to enjoy himself that way -- or permit
herself to
enjoy it, he added grimly. Hungrily he let his eyes pass
on up over the
filmy fabric clinging to her taut white belly to the delectable
indentation of her navel clearly visible through the sheer
garment and
farther up to the sweeping rise of her fully ripe breasts.
upward thrusts were made where the tiny pink buds of her
nipples pressed
teasingly up against the thin nylon, and he licked his lips
at the
delicious sight before reluctantly turning away to get
As he finished shaving and looked at himself in the mirror,
he suddenly
remembered why he felt so anxious to get out of the house
and off to
school. He smiled at his image with a boyish grin, his brown
sparkling with unconcealed joy as he recalled the conversation
with his
fellow coach, Fred Furness, the day before. He could hardly
wait to get
that phone call he had been promised. Being involved for
so long with
the girl he had just married, it had been easy to forget for
the time
being that he had always been attractive to women, and now
he found
himself bursting with a renewed energy. He pulled on the
loose velour
slip-over sweater that only coaches could get by with in
a public
school, unable to resist admiring the way it clung to his
shoulders and chest. Hell I'm practically irresistible,
he grinned into
the mirror, and then he left the house quietly, getting
into his yellow
sports car with a feeling of elation he had not experienced
for what
seemed like years.
Avoiding the usual bull session taking place in the faculty
room at the
school, Tommy went directly to his tiny office behind the
gymnasium and
watched the telephone as if he could make it ring with his
eyes. When
it finally did jingle in two short bursts after the end of
the second
period, he was sitting ready to answer it and held it up to
his ear
before the bell stopped sounding.
"Hello, Fred?" he blurted into the instrument
"Hi, is that you, Tommy?" came the soft feminine
It was Grace Furness, Fred's wife! Her sweetly seductive
voice seemed
to flutter inside his ear, making his body ache with desire.
"Yes. Grace?" he stammered. "I-I was
expecting to hear from Fred." He
wondered if something had gone wrong.
"Yes, I know. But I thought it would be better if I called
you myself.
I think we ought to have a little talk, " she breathed
into the phone.
"1, uh, fine, " Tommy managed to say. "When
would be a good time?"
"How about this afternoon, right after school?"
Grace asked. "Fred
tells me you don't have a practice on for today -- he
does, though."
"Right. And I'm free last period too, "
he offered, regaining some of
his composure after the shock of hearing her voice instead
of the one he
had expected.
"Why don't you come by as soon as you can then, "
Grace suggested. "We
can have a drink and see how we feel. Okay?"
"Okay! Great, " Tommy replied, his pulse beginning
to race as he
detected the promise in her voice. "Say about two-thirty
or so?"
"If that's as soon as you can make it, fine with
me, " she teased. Then
she laughed and added, "Just don't waste any
time with those dikes from
the women's physical education department."
"Don't worry about that, " Tommy put in,
feeling bolder by the minute as
he heard her expressing her own anticipation and interest.
"I never
waste time with women who are duds."
She laughed again, louder this time. "I'm sure
you don't, lover. See
you later."
"Yeah, later, " Tommy responded, and then
they hung up.
It was all he could do to keep his mind on his work until he
with the last group of students. When they had finally dispersed
the buzzer signaling the end of sixth period, Tommy grabbed
up the small
bag containing his street clothes without bothering to
change from his
coaching shorts. He left the office in the gym the way it
was, knowing
that the custodian would lock up before the day was over
and ran to his
car in the parking lot.
It was close to three o'clock when Tommy's wife
Linda finally decided
she needed to talk to somebody. She never expected her husband
before at least four or four-thirty, and she felt she really
needed an
outlet for her confused feelings before she had to face
him again.
After thinking about it, she knew there was only one person
who would be
willing to listen, and perhaps would have some good advice
for her.
Grace Furness.
She hated to do it, even though she liked Grace well enough
to become
close friends with her. But she had formed an almost instantaneous
aversion to Grace's husband Fred, and she felt this
would always stand
in the way of any intimate contact socially with Grace.
Even so, she
decided, there just wasn't anybody else she could
talk to, and Grace was
conveniently nearby -- you could see the back windows of
the Furness
apartment across the courtyard of the condominium.
Without any further hesitation, not even bothering to
call first since
they lived so close, Linda slipped on her sandals with crepe
soles and stepped out of the apartment.
Speaking to the other young wives she encountered on the
way, Linda
looked at their unconcerned smiling faces and wondered
if any of them
had gone through the same experiences when they were first
married that
she was now going through. They all seemed contented and
happy, and it
was hard for her to believe that they could have had any serious
problems. She reluctantly admitted to herself as she waited
for the
elevator up to the fifth floor that it was possible her difficulties
with Tommy were all her own fault.
It seemed impossible, but maybe she was just too darned
prudish in her
outlook on sex, she reflected. She had always thought of
herself as a
liberated woman who had rejected the outdated ways of her
generation, but who was to say that some of their outmoded
about sex hadn't been so deeply instilled in her from
an early age that
she didn't even know it was affecting her.
She sighed heavily as the door of the elevator opened onto
the fifth
floor corridor. It'll be difficult, she told herself
as she turned left
and started for the Furness' door, but I've got
to try to be absolutely
frank with Grace, making it very clear what it is I want to
ask her
about. She was trying to form the words in her mind for all
questions she had -- mostly about the perverse demands
Tommy had been
making since they were married, when finally she found
herself standing
outside the thin wood door of Grace and Fred's apartment.
Her index finger was poised over the button of the doorbell,
ready to
ring, when suddenly she froze in place, the unexpected
sounds coming to
her ears through the door shocking her into immobility.
"Let me suck you first, " came the voice of Grace
Furness, husky with
passion and desire. She and whoever she was talking to must
have been
just inside the foyer entrance to the apartment, her words
were so clear
to Linda's hearing.
There was a mumble of a man's lower voice saying something
she couldn't
understand, followed by the harsh metallic sound of a zipper
"Oohhh, it's so big and hard, lover, "
came Grace's voice again. "Can I
kiss it here?"
Instead of an answer, Linda heard a low moan of pleasure
unlike anything
she had ever heard before. She stood like a stone statue
in the hall,
the overpowering sounds rushing through her mind so loud
she thought she
must be about to faint and fall to the floor. The moaning
male voice
continued for what seemed an eternity, and then Grace's
voice came to
her through the door again.
"Mmmmmm, you've really got a nice prick, "
Linda distinctly heard her
say. "Come on into the bedroom. You can hear everything
through these
paper-thin doors."
There came the sound of retreating footsteps inside, and
then there was
silence, only the deafening rushing in Linda's mind
going on and on as
she tried to comprehend and accept what she had just overheard
meaning to eavesdrop.
Abruptly, as though a warning signal had gone off inside
her head, she
turned and raced down the hallway to the stairwell, not
willing to wait
for the elevator again. She ran until she was back in her
own home,
confusion running rampant through her thoughts.
She had unwittingly discovered something about the wife
of her husband's
friend and colleague which she would have given all the
money in the
world not to know. And she had been just about to ask Grace
personal advice! A wife who was obviously being unfaithful
to her
Of course, Linda reminded herself without being convinced,
it was
possible that Grace's husband had come home from school
earlier than
usual, but that wasn't likely. And besides, the obscene
act Grace must
have been performing on the other side of the closed door
to her
apartment was almost unthinkable to the young wife's
mind, even with her
own husband. That had been one of the very subjects she had
wanted to
ask Grace about if she had found the courage to do so, but
now it seemed
forever impossible.
There was only one thing to do, Linda finally decided as
she nervously
prepared herself some iced tea to vainly try to calm her
nerves. She
would have to try to work it out in her own mind without any
She added inwardly to herself, I have to forget that I ever
even thought
of going to Grace Furness for advice. I have to forget that
I know
anything I shouldn't. I couldn't face either
Grace or her husband again
knowing that. I wasn't there. I wasn't there,
she kept repeating until
finally she thought the unintentional knowledge she had
was emptied out
of her memory.
But deep in a secret recess of her inner mind, the question
she had not
verbalized hung unanswered: Who was the man with Grace
* * * * *
As Grace led him toward the bedroom, Tommy Singleton felt
his blood
rushing wildly through his veins. He just wasn't able
to believe this
fantastic woman. He had come to the door thinking that the
two of them
would have a round-about conversation on the topic he had
come to
discuss with her, perhaps even ending up with her saying
she couldn't go
through with it with another man than her husband. But she
had totally
surprised him.
As soon as the door had closed behind him, she had thrown
her arms
around his neck and pulled him down to her, pressing her
hot moist lips
against his. Her tongue began spearing into his mouth hungrily
and she
groaned hoarsely as though she had been starved for it for
years and
years. Her warmly trembling body ground up against his
with all her
strength, and as she pressed and squirmed her loins into
his, he was
aware of his aching penis beginning to throb and jerk up
inside his
restricting jockey-strap under his gym shorts. He felt
the twin mounds
of her firmly resilient breasts pushing tightly into his
muscular chest,
the thin t-shirt he wore and her flimsy sheath dress not
preventing his
feeling the tiny erect buds of her nipples digging into
his skin like
hard buttons.
Tommy had been sure she was not wearing anything underneath
the thigh-
length dress made of some synthetic material. Then, when
he dropped the
satchel he was carrying and wrapped his arms around her,
slipping his
hands up and down her writhing torso, he found he was right.
He had not
felt a brassiere strap, and lightly gliding his fingertips
on down to
the gently sloping flare of her undulating hips, he discovered
she was
not wearing panties either. The thought of her ripe young
completely naked under the thin garment clinging to her
like icing on a
cake excited him still further, and he thrust his throbbing
genitals up
tight against her softly heaving belly, at the same time
flicking his
tongue serpent-like around hers darting wetly in and out
between his
open lips.
Then the incredulous young husband had scarcely been able
to believe his
senses when his friend's wife slipped her hands lightly
over the
rippling muscles on his back and on down to his buttocks,
tightly as he ground his pelvis into hers. She squeezed
appreciatively in a way no other woman had ever done, gradually
her hands around to force them between their passionately
locked loins
and without hesitation finding his blood-inflated cock
with her fingers.
She fondled his rigidity experimentally through his gym
shorts, up and
down its pulsating length, bringing it to an even greater
hardness from
her touch, finally pulling her moist lips away from his
own and smiling
seductively up at him.
"Let me suck you, " she told him without the
slightest indication of the
shame or repulsion that his wife Linda would have shown
if she had ever
been able to give voice to the words. Then, when she unzipped
his gym
trunks and pulled the material down to release his now fully
penis, she glowed. "It's so big and hard."
He had dimly been aware of
her bending her head down close to him as she dropped to her
knees and
added, "Can I kiss it there?" Not waiting for
an answer, she dipped her
head and placed her hotly searching lips against the pulsing,
tip of his lust-swollen cock.
Yes, yes, kiss it, suck it, he was crying out inside his brain,
his own husky, breathless groans of intense pleasure echoing
inside the
tiny foyer as though he were experiencing it all in a fantasy
dream. He
closed his eyes in new-found ecstasy as he felt her lips
part into a
rounded wet oval and slip slowly over his inflated cock
until it was
lodged in her mouth as far as the ridge encircling the flaring
gland on
the end. Then he felt her begin probing the tiny opening
with her
searing hot tongue, sending scalding waves of sensation
flooding through
his testicles dangling beneath. He thought his whole body
would explode
from the exquisite pressure building in his cum-laden
balls as suddenly
he felt her gently stroking fingernails running lightly
along the
underside of his still swelling shaft. Then they cupped
his heavy
testicles with warm reverence, alternately tickling
at them and kneading
them as if trying to pump his swollen aching cock to still
proportions. Suddenly he could take it no longer.
With an earth-shattering groan from somewhere deep in
his chest, Tommy
clenched his buttocks and thrust his hips forward, driving
maddeningly throbbing cock as far as he could up into the
hot moist
cavern of her mouth, feeling its velvety tip bump up hard
against the
back of her throat. She had grunted from the force of his
squeezing his balls with her fingers until he thought they
would burst
like eggs in her hands, and then abruptly she had stopped
what she was
doing. He felt the cool air of the room washing over his turgid
coated with her saliva and opened his eyes to look down at
her pulling
her wide-open lips away.
Without another word, his friend's wife stood up again,
her blue eyes
smoky with desire as she grasped his long thickness tightly
with her
right hand and began leading him along behind her.
Her eyes lifted to his and she told him in a voice thick with
"Mmmmm, you've got a really nice prick. Come
on into the bedroom."
Now as they entered the bedroom together, Grace's
fingers gave his
painfully hardened cock a final playful squeeze and, before
his very
eyes, she raised her arms to lift the scanty sheath dress
over her head
with one sweeping motion and threw it onto a chair. She stood
completely naked before his gaze, her breasts standing
out in front of
her as firmly as a young girl's, the rosy pink nipples
erect in the
center of their aureoles. Seeing his lustful eyes fixed
on her rounded
white mounds, Grace cupped them in her hands and squeezed
tantalizingly, letting her fingers play over the upthrust
rubbery buds
of her nipples. Her lewdly suggestive action caused his
cock to jerk up
into even greater hardness, and she riveted her eyes on
its thickness,
watching its pulsating, blood-filled tip a moment before
commenting, "I
like it. It's going to feel good going up inside me.
Oh God, I want it
in me."
Tommy stood transfixed like a saint before a vision of heaven
as her
hands slipped down from her breasts over the taut smoothness
of her
belly, his eyes following as they traced the outward-flaring
curve of
her full hips and then moved slowly toward the thin curls
of the blonde
triangle nestled up between her statuesque, marble-white
thighs. She
clasped the provocative, hair-covered mound with both
hands, her fingers
disappearing into the barely visible pink layers of flesh
the opening to her vagina.
My God, what a woman, Tommy thought as he looked on at the
spectacle she was giving him. If only my wife Linda would
act this way
In front of him, Grace Furness probed into the pliant outer
flanges of
her own moistening cunt, the middle finger of her right
hand finding and
massaging the tiny quivering bud of her clitoris. She groaned
this time and pressed her full resilient thighs tightly
together around
her fingers, her whole body beginning to undulate slowly
before him like
a mesmerizing serpent.
Then, without warning, she flung herself back onto the
bed behind her,
drawing up her knees and spreading them wide apart to reveal
to his eyes
her pinkly glistening pussy-lips.
"Oh God, " she moaned, staring wide-eyed past
the twin mounds of her
upward heaving white breasts at his wildly jerking bone-hard
cock. "Get
your clothes off before I die. I want you to fuck me."
She squirmed
and twisted her buttocks tightly down into the mattress
as she repeated
the lewd, lust-inciting phrase over and over, the obscene
words on her
sensual lips exciting him into a crescendo of rising passion.
Tommy began desperately stripping his few clothes from
his body,
dropping his already opened gym pants and shorts to the
floor and almost
ripping off his t-shirt, finally standing over her writhing
body with
his cock pointing at the ceiling in nakedly throbbing erection.
Furness lifted her body slightly from the bed as she arched
her back in
excitement, as if raising her openly spreading cunt up
to him in
sacrifice, her eyes remaining riveted on his thickly menacing
standing out in the air.
Then he lay down on the bed beside her, his breath coming
faster and
faster as he pulled her gently undulating body over to him
with his
strong young arms. He moved one hand down to the smoothness
of her
buttocks and cupped them; they were beautifully firm and
sinewy as he
had expected them to be. Her body was warm and soft against
his and she
raised her face up hungrily to his, locking her mouth tightly
to him as
her hand searched down between their bodies for the hardness
of his
penis. Tommy gasped as her startingly cool fingers closed
around his
rigidity and pulled him forcefully closer to her, crushing
the full
length of her body against his. She was grinding her pelvis
into his loins, and then she suddenly twisted her body,
pulling him over
on top of her, opening her legs wide to take him between them.
lips were still moistly pressed together, hers soft and
giving under his
harsher pressure, tiny chills flying over his skin as her
tongue darted
like a wet penis in and out of his mouth in a motion to match
obscene thrust of her loins up against his.
His still expanding, throbbing cock was resting hard against
her thighs,
pressed into the narrow wetness of her eager cunt that nibbled
another mouth at its turgid tip-end. She arched her body
for a moment
levering them both up off the bed and, reaching back under
her buttocks
with both hands, stretched her vaginal lips slowly apart.
She pushed
her openly spread pussy-mouth up into greater contact
with the sensitive
flesh of his hotly pulsing hardness and held herself like
that for a
moment, the gently clasping slit teasing and sucking at
his distended
"Oh God, you feel nice, " she whispered up into
his mouth, slipping her
hands out from under her, her nails trailing across his
back, leaving
small red welts in their path. He pushed his hands farther
down beneath
her, once again cupping the fullness of her clenching and
ass-cheeks in his palms and jerking her moistly receptive
pussy tighter
up against him. He moved up and down slowly, feeling her
beginning a
more desperate rotation under him until her legs, without
snaked out wider on either side of his body, her calves locking
the back of his thighs, urging him tighter into her.
"Ohhh, fuck me now, darling, fuck me now!" she
moaned into his mouth,
her eyes shut tight, her pelvis grinding in little circles.
groaned as he felt the soft silky hair around her vagina
graze teasingly
against the pulsating, blood-filled end of his cock, forcing
it into
greater hardness from the excruciating pressure.
Unable to hold back another second, Tommy flicked his hips
forward with
a sudden cruel thrust that drove his cock with flesh-separating
insistence up into the rubbery hot moistness of her pussy.
"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned beneath him, a sensual
flutter in her voice. He
felt the warm elastic-like sheath slip wetly over his nakedly
rod. It entered with a slight resistance of her velvety
flesh, as
though she were a virgin being taken for the first time,
except that it
was better because he knew she was controlling her vaginal
muscles that
way to give him infinitely more pleasure. He relished the
that it would be like this every time he fucked her, 'cause
he sure
didn't intend for this to be the last time. This is what
the young
husband had hoped for in his own wife, but, if he couldn't
get it there,
then Fred's wife, Grace could give it to him. He was
learning, and
learning fast, what a woman who liked to screw could do,
and he wasn't
going to do without this unbelievable pleasure any longer.
His long thick cock raced steadily up into her cunt to the
reaches of her belly that clasped warm and tight at first
like a moist
tongue wrapped around the full aching length of his hardness,
easier as the inner vaginal walls accepted his presence
and lubricated
the way with hotly flowing fluids.
Then, suddenly, he hit bottom, his heavy balls slapping
up hard against
the tightly clenched cheeks of her buttocks.
Grace Furness moaned a low animal-like cry beneath him,
reflexively on his skewering penis from the sudden unexpected
pain of
his complete penetration, but he thrust harder, screwing
his pelvis even
tighter into her loins. He could feel their pubic hair twisting
together as he strove for all he was worth for the greater
contact he
was making inside against the quivering tip of her cervix.
Now she was spitted on his steel-hard length and he lay on
her for a
moment to allow the pain of his sudden entry to subside,
proud that he
could hurt her this way. It was the age-old ritual of a man
a woman to his will, and he reveled for a moment in the power
possessed over another man's wife impaled beneath
him. Then he flicked
the end of his blood-swollen cock again, bringing another
low moan from
between her firmly compressed lips. He had raised his head
up from hers
now, and he watched the lust-inciting distortions of her
pretty face as
it reflected the feelings his cock was causing inside her
Slowly he felt her tensed loins relax under him and begin
a gentle
massage-like oscillation around the thick hilt of his
cock buried up
inside her like a sensory sword. Tommy ground his pelvis
jammed against
hers into the squirming saddle of cuntal flesh, and she
strained up to
him, arching her back so that it lifted them both up off the
She trembled ceaselessly beneath his body grinding into
hers, opening
and closing her legs around his hips like the useless struggle
of a
butterfly pinned to a board. Gradually her moans took up
a chanting
rhythm as old as man's world itself, a savage bleating
that matched the
steady pulsation now beginning where their loins locked
together and the rhythmic regular in-and-out motion up
between her
quivering thighs.
Tommy could feel his cock expanding and growing inside
her as he slowly
but surely answered her gentle rocking movements, pulling
his hardness
out barely an inch at first before driving it back in hard
against her
palpitating womb, then gradually out a little more, then
farther and
farther. Finally his cock, now glistening with her cuntal
slipped all the way out until just the bulging glans at the
tip remained
embedded inside her, then he stroked again and again into
the warm oily
moistness of her clinging pussy, his testicles each time
banging heavily
against her softly rounded buttocks below.
His friend's blonde wife suddenly threw her arms loosely
out to the
sides on the bed, concentrating all her attention on the
sensations their instinctively matched thrusting motions
gave to her
body. Tommy raised himself up on his hands spread on the
beside her head, enjoying watching the ecstatic expressions
on her face.
Her mouth was hanging slackly open as she flailed her head
from side to
side in abandon, her long blonde hair whipping back and
forth on the red
colored bedspread, ceaseless deep-throated guttural
sounds escaping from
between her lips with each long smooth stroke of his slowly
cock, building in intensity as together they accelerated
the tempo to a
frantic pace. He let his eyes pass down over the tautly stretched
tendons of her passion-hollowed neck, pausing to greedily
relish the
gently heaving vibrant orbs of her breasts, their ruby
pink nipples
jutting out like tiny strawberries offered up for him to
devour, and
then on down past her quaking white belly to their merging
loins below.
He could see his blood-distended, thick penis withdrawing
almost its
full length from the dinging pink lips of her pussy, then
headlong back up into the curl-lined opening. She was pushing
up to
meet his thrusts as if she were unable to wait even a split
second for
his next entry into her. Each time he drove it in to the hilt
he held
it there for an instant, savoring the delicious sensations
it caused as
she shuddered violently on his impaling hard shaft, jerking
her loins in
a tiny quick rotation that threatened to make his cum-laden
explode from the hot pressure building up there. Again
and again she
wrenched her pelvis downward as he began the long slow withdrawal,
warm moist pussy sucking at him like a million mouths inside
her belly
as she felt the ridges of his cock rippling over the quivering
bud of her clitoris.
She groaned ceaselessly beneath his pounding body, her
whole being
throwing itself into the wanton act, thrashing and bucking
under him
like a demon gone wild.
Goddamn, she's a good fuck, Tommy told himself as he
watched her heaving
in salacious abandon beneath him like a contortionist
playing the part
of a lewd lascivious whore.
"Ohhhhh, it's good, it's good! Shove your
finger in my ass! Make me
scream, damn it, make me scream!" she coughed up at
him in a lust-
maddened daze.
He reached under her between her jerking buttocks as he
continued to
drive his cock rhythmically up into the hot wetness of her
Carefully, he stretched the narrow crevice of her ass-cheeks
searching with the tip of his middle finger for her anus.
Suddenly he found it.
Small rivulets of warm moisture were running down the widespread
from where his hand could feel his hard rod of flesh thrusting
into her
vagina. It moistened the tightly puckered little rectal
lubricating it slightly, and he probed experimentally
for a moment with
the tip of his finger. Then he pushed hard, feeling the anal
give a little under the pressure, and suddenly the tight
elastic flesh
gave way completely and his finger slipped in up to the first
joint. She jumped forward away from him, almost crawling
on her back to
escape the first excruciating pain. "Ahhhhhhhggh!
God, it hurts!"
He brutally thrust again, sinking into the second knuckle.
"Ugggghhhhh! Yesssss, yesssss! Hurt me! Hurt me
In spite of the pain she was feeling, he felt her suddenly
screwing her buttocks, clenched into tight balls of muscle,
back onto
his finger until it was sunk all the way to the palm of his
hand. He
wriggled it inside the narrow passage, rotating it around
in the rubbery
depths of her rectum. He could feel through the thin wall
of flesh
separating the two openings the underside of his cock plunging
in and
out of her cunt and he began skewering her between them,
maintaining the
same rhythm for both as she groaned on beneath him. His nail
caught the
tender flesh in her anus momentarily, scraping her and
causing her to
jerk, but then she caught up the endless pace again, opening
her legs
wide out over the bed to give him greater access to the dual
of her loins.
As she pitched crazily under him, Tommy could sense that
it wouldn't be
long before she reached her climax, and he knew he would
be able to hold
back a little longer. She had to cum soon, and he began ramming
it into
her with long hard hammer-thrusts in time with his finger
hotly sheathed
in her anus as she churned helplessly beneath him on the
He could tell she was near completion as she gripped him
tight between
her trembling thighs, opening and closing them around
him in unison with
his relentlessly spearing strokes, warbling meaningless
cries from deep
within her throat as though she had no control over her voice.
She was
approaching closer and closer the moment she had been working
for, and
he continued his merciless double thrusts with all his
strength and
Then her mouth found a way to form words again.
"Oooooohhhh, fuck it, fuck it hard -- hard -- HAARRRDDDDD!"
chanted, mumbling all the lewd and obscene words she could
think of,
spurring him on with the sporadic pounding of her heels
on his tightly
clenched buttocks. Then she jackknifed her legs up high,
pressing her
knees back hard onto her flattened breasts, offering him
full access to
her nakedly upturned cunt. Her eyes rolled uncontrollably
in her head,
her face tortured and contorted as she strained for the
final explosion
so near.
Suddenly she coughed and pulled her thighs up even tighter.
"I'm cumming!" she exclaimed, as if in
surprise, her mouth opening wide
in ecstatic abandon. "I'm cumming, "
she repeated as though she had to
convince herself. The whole of her pink, widely stretched
young pussy
was presented up to him to batter and use as he wished, her
hooked high up over his shoulders, kicking and dancing
high on his
sinewy back. He could feel her tiny throbbing clitoris
jerking along
the top of his cock like a stick on a picket fence, her defenselessly
upthrust loins squirming beneath him in the wild uninhibited
throes of
her abandoned orgasm. Her words had become incoherent
syllables whose meaning was known only to herself, her
wide unseeing
eyes gazing as if in wonder at the ceiling.
Jesus, look at the little bitch go, Tommy Singleton thought
as he
grinned down from his position on top of her at his friend's
wife racing
out of control for the final climax, gritting his teeth
and clenching
his buttocks as tightly as he could to hold back his own,
slaving and
sweating over her harder than he ever had in his life. Abruptly
pulled his finger out of her anus to give both of them greater
of movement.
"I'M CUMMMMMIIINNNNG!" she suddenly
screamed again, the words changing
into a prolonged inhuman moan that went on and on like a piercing
decreeing the end of the world for her. Fred Furness'
wife flared her
nostrils wide like an animal struggling for its life and
screwed herself
up on Tommy's pistoning shaft of flesh, locking herself
to him with all
the strength of her thighs while her spending loins jerked
against his belly. He could feel her ass-cheeks clenching
his swollen
balls beneath as she shuddered up against him, his throbbing
aching cock
glued inside her, the hotly clasping inner walls of her
pussy flooding
warm wet fluids around him for what seemed an eternity.
The ecstatic young blonde held her breath for an interminable
moment and
then expelled it as though struck in the stomach by a heavy
fist, her
body collapsing limply down onto the mattress. She lay
still and
unmoving, uncontrollable palpitations of her well-fucked
pussy going on
and on like a finally tamed wild animal pulsing around his
tortured cock
lodged far up inside her. He held it pushed deep in her belly,
her to rest for a moment, though it was all he could do to keep
going on screwing into her moistly clinging young pussy.
God, he had never seen anything like it! Fred hadn't
been wrong when
he'd said this wife of his was quite a woman.
Tommy throbbed the rampant thickness of his penis deep
up in her belly,
hoping to bring her passion-drenched cunt to life again.
"That was nice, " Grace whispered breathlessly.
"I haven't been fucked
like that in a long time." She clenched the walls of
her butter-soft
pussy around his hardness in a grateful gesture that made
him gasp in
his efforts to keep from shooting his load of cum into her
right then
and there.
He wanted to fuck her more before filling her belly full
of hot white
"You're not finished yet, " he hissed
down at her, his blood seething
from the aching throb down in his balls.
"God, lover, " she murmured with a lewdly twisted
smile of approval, "you
held back a long time."
"But not much longer, " he muttered, breathing
hard. "I'm right on the
"Roll over, " she said, smiling sweetly up
at him. "You've been doing
most of the work. Now it's my turn since you were so patient."
Reluctantly, he pulled back, slipping his turgid cock-shaft
wetly out of
the clinging moist warmth of her vagina. He hated to pull
it out, he
was so close to spurting off into her belly, but he decided
to let her
have her way. She hadn't disappointed him so far, and
he didn't think
she would now. He had never done anything with his own wife
Linda but
get on top of her and after a few quick strokes get rid of his
load and
that was it. She didn't like to play in bed, and the limit
was one
orgasm, for him, and none for her. He had the impression
after the few
weeks he had been married to her that she merely tolerated
his love-
making, unable to really enjoy it. He'd tried, but
she seemed not to be
interested in getting any fun out of it.
Well, maybe he would learn some things from Grace that he
could use to
change Linda's tune about things. He'd just let
his friend's wife
handle it from now on until he learned a little more about
pleasing a woman.
As he rolled from the softness of her body over onto his back,
white trails of her orgasm followed his rigid cock across
her lower
thigh. He had the sudden thought that if this was doing a
favor for his
friend Fred who hadn't been able to make love to Grace
for awhile, it
was ten times a greater favor to himself. That's what
I call a real
friend, he smiled to himself. Then he lifted his head from
the mattress
to watch what Grace was going to do.
She turned on her side toward him and, reaching out with
her hand, began
stroking him, sliding the loose foreskin flesh up and down
in a slow
magical rhythm that caused his ache to increase almost
beyond endurance.
Then she rose to her knees and hovered over him on all fours,
her face a
scant few inches from the throbbing bulbous tip of his expectant
She held it tightly between both hands, stroking it between
the flat of
her palms in a teasing up and down motion that caused his
loins to
undulate in time to her maddening rhythm.
Her blonde head dropped slowly toward his hardness until
suddenly her
tongue flicked forward, the tip boring teasingly into
the obscene
wetness of the tiny gland on the end. He sucked in his breath
from the
sudden renewed contact of her tongue, chills rippling
along the back of
his spine, bringing a groan from his lips. She then brought
her mouth
down all the way to enclose the whole sensitive tip in a moistly
clasping pressure, her lips tightening like an elastic
hand around it
just-below the rubbery flare of the glans, trapping it
completely inside
the warm wet cavern of her mouth.
"Christ!" he groaned out loud into the bedroom,
staring down at her
contorted face. The sight of his hard shaft of burgeoning-
sunk halfway between her ovaled lips increased the sensation
of a
thousand-fold. His penis was still wet from the juices
of her orgasm
and glistened like the trunk of a rain-soaked tree along
the part she
had not yet taken between her avidly working lips. She gently
his soft resilient testicles with one hand and stroked
the base of his
cock between the thumb and forefinger of the other as she
began to suck
rhythmically up and down. He could feel the animated softness
of her
tongue twirling maddeningly around it at the apex of the
withdrawal, the
tip flicking magically across the tiny opening of the gland
on the end.
He flexed his buttocks, his head still raised, watching
the top of her
head bobbing up and down below, the sight of her labors making
it all
the more exciting for him.
Grace could feel his throbbing reaction and began to suck
at his cock a
little harder, the tips of her sharp teeth digging gently
into the hard
resisting flesh, leaving small white trails where they
had scraped the
blood along beneath the velvet surface of the skin. She
shifted her
position over his thigh without disengaging her mouth
from his cock and
kneeled on all fours between his open legs, reaching under
his buttocks
to cup them in her palms, pulling his straining loins tighter
to her
face. Her tongue licked round and round the growing glans
until Tommy felt it near the bursting point as she took almost
all his
rigid shaft deep into her throat. Though he was certain
she would
choke, she continued the erotically titillating sucking
on and on.
Huge pools of liquid heat were building deep, deep in his
balls as he
watched her lovely face working above his sweating loins.
He could see
tiny rivulets of perspiration rolling in thin driplets
from the sides of
her body as she bobbed over him like a demon-goddess gone
mad. The
muscles of his stomach tightened until he thought they
would snap from
the pressure as he arched his back up off the bed to push even
between the delicious moistness of her furiously working
lips that clung
greedily to his lewdly thrusting cock.
He groaned under her again and again, his lips twitching
incoherent mutterings escaping from between his clenched
Suddenly, he gasped.
The moment was here and a low guttural sound started from
somewhere deep
in his chest as he felt the white-hot sperm begin its mad
dash from his
balls and spurt in thin hot streams into her endlessly sucking
Her cheeks expanded and hollowed fish-like as she greedily
swallowed the
warm flooding cum to keep from choking. The wanton young
wife went on
sucking voraciously as her neighbor's

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