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Twinkle and I had met one evening over the Internet at AdultFriendFinder.
We started exchanging messages getting to know each other
and becoming friends. Sex was one of our favourite subjects, discussing at length
our likes and dislikes. She complained about how the men
that she would have sex with always seemed to talk a good
game but never seemed to be able to understand what she really
needed often leaving her frustrated. I would point out
that I had had similar issues with the women I had had sex
with in the past, as they would indicate that they were open
minded only to turn out very uptight and would not let themselves
relax and let go.

It was during one of these conversations that things got
real interesting. I ask her “Twinkle, what would you
consider a perfect night of sex, one that you feel would
leave you completely satisfied?” Her answer both surprised
and intrigued me.

Twinkle answered, “I want a man to take control of the
evening, to tell me what he expects me to wear, to decide
when and where we were going, to use me for his pleasure.
I want him to be demanding yet considerate. I want to feel
owned yet treasured for the evening. I want his pleasure
to come first, but mine not to be forgotten. When the evening
is over I want to be both physically and mentally drained,
but yet feeling alive and content. I know I am asking for
a lot, but I know in my heart it is what I need. My job and my
life style forces me to be in total control at all times,
and I need to give up that control but not feel used and belittled
as a result.”


We have been friends for a little while and exchanging e-mails
on ALT . It is because of our friendship that I dare approach this…

I have been giving a lot of thought to our last conversation
and your frustration with your sexual needs not being fulfilled.
I too have been frustrated with my sexual needs, as I enjoy
being the one in control, but it is so hard to find a woman
who is sure enough about herself to give up that control.

It would appear that we both have similar problems at opposite
ends of the spectrum. I believe we could satisfy each other’s
needs if we approach it with open minds and the knowledge
that it is only to satisfy our needs.

I know this is a lot to think about, and a big step for us to
take, but I feel in my heart that this could benefit both
of us. So please think about it and let me know your thoughts
on this.

A few days went by and I had not received a reply from Twinkle,
nor had I heard from her. Although it was not unusual to not
hear from her for days at a time, and sometimes weeks I still
began to worry that I may have over stepped the boundaries
of our friendship. I was temped to call her but I did not want
to seem like I was pressuring her for an answer. So I threw
myself into my work in an attempt to keep my mind off the message
and my proposition. I had all but forgotten the message
when one morning Twinkle’s reply was there.


I want to apologize for taking so long getting back to you
on this matter. To say that your message took me by surprise
would be an understatement. We have been friends for a while.

I have been giving a lot of thought to what you have suggested,
and I have to say at first I was not sure how I felt about it.
But after much soul searching and another frustrating
night of sex I am interested in exploring your suggestion
further. Your Friend.


Well that is all I needed, Twinkle was willing to explore
her desires, and was more importantly willing to do so with
me. So now the ball was in my court, and I needed to decide
how to proceed. I thought about consulting her on the how
and the where but quickly remembered that she said she did
not want any say in such things. The one thing that I did need
to consult her on was the when, as her schedule kept her very
busy at times and I did not want to go through the trouble
of planning our evening to have her say sorry I can’t.
So I sent her another message, partly because it gave her
the time to answer at her leisure and partly because I was
still a tad nervous about talking to her about it.


I am glad to hear you are interested in exploring this arrangement

As you have indicated you want to give up control for the
evening. The only aspect of the evening that I need your
input on is the when. I am pretty flexible so you let me know
when your schedule allows you to explore this and I will
take care of the rest.

Paul. Xx

With the message sent I started to ponder exactly how much
control did Twinkle really want to give up. She had indicated
that she wanted to be used for my pleasure, but yet not feel
used and belittle at the end of the night. This could be tough,
but I knew that if I was careful, that I could satisfy both
Twinkle’s and my sexual needs. Twinkle had obviously
made up her mind and wanted to proceed as her simple response
came the very same day.


I have cleared my schedule for one week from Wednesday.
I surrender control of that evening to you.

Your Friend Always


Well that gave me just over a week to plan the evening. I figured
drinks and a nice dinner would be a good way to start the evening.
The dinner would give me a chance to layout the rules she
was expected to follow and to get a feel for exactly how much
control she was willing to give up.

I figured the first test of her conviction would be to pick
her outfit for the evening.

I then sent Twinkle a message telling her that she needed
to dress in a black skirt, stockings and high heels.


I will be by to pick you up at 6:00 sharp, do not keep me waiting.
In addition I expect the following instructions to be followed:

You are to wear the outfit that I have told you..

Your Nails and lips are to be red.

Your other make-up is to be a bit more risqué than your normal
conservative style.

Pack an overnight bag, as you will not be returning home
until tomorrow.


With the dinner reservations taken care of, all that was
left to do was wait for Wednesday evening. I could not help
but wonder what thoughts were going through Twinkle’s
mind, as she got ready to meet me. Would she call and cancel?
Would she wait until I showed up and explain she could not
go through with it? Would she comply with my instructions?
Time would tell but I could not help but be a little bit nervous
as Twinkle and I were taking a big step that could change
our friendship for the best or the worst.

Wednesday finally arrived and I prepared for our date,
it felt strange it was our first date. I was still wondering
how much control would she really give up. The familiar
doubt started to creep into my mind, I have been told too
many times in the past that a woman wanted her man to control
her only to find out what she really wanted was for her man
to play like he was controlling her as she scripted the action.
I really thought that Twinkle would be different but I still
could not wonder how she would react when I took control
of the date and the evening that would follow.

I called and confirmed our reservations. Made sure that
they had reserved one of the quiet private booths. I wanted
to make sure Twinkle and I had enough privacy to discuss
what she was in store for, yet be in enough of a public setting
that she would not feel threatened.

I arrived at Twinkle’s at 6:00 sharp. To my disappointment
she was not ready, she answered the door in her robe and made
some lame excuse and said she would be ready in a few minutes.
I did my best to not show my disappointment, I knew that if
the evening went as planned I would be able to deal with her
tardiness later on. Finally at 6:20 she appeared, looking
great in the outfit I had picked out for her. As I sat there,
I spoke, “Twinkle, turn around slowly I want to see all
of you.” She looked at me with a silly smirk on her face
and hesitated. “Now Twinkle!” She looked shocked
at the serious tone in my voice but complied. She blushed
under my blatant inspection of her.

The skirt, stockings, and heels combined to show off her
legs, and the blouse was sheer enough to make out the lace
bra underneath it, as well as her erect nipples. Her lips and nails were deep red as instructed, and the rest
of her make-up was bolder than her usual. As I expected she
had every button except the top button of the blouse buttoned.
It was time for the first test of my control. I got up and walked
over to where she was standing, she shifted her gaze nervously
downward as I approached. I reached up and tilted her head and made her look into my
eyes, she kept attempting to shift her gaze elsewhere until
I spoke, “Twinkle get me sharp scissors.” She nodded
and turned and went to her bedroom. She returned a moment
later and stood right in front of me and handed me the scissors.

I set the scissors down on the coffee table and went behind
her. Taking her wrists and pulling then behind her placing
her left hand over her right and whispering in her ear “Do
not move.” With that I notice her body give a little shudder
of nervousness. I then stood in front of her again and picked
up the scissors. I grasp the top button and pulled it so that
I could place the scissors behind it and snip the threads
holding it in place. As soon as the scissors snipped the
threads Twinkle let out a slight gasp. I dropped the button
on to the coffee table and pulled the remaining threads
from the blouse. Next I unbuttoned the next button and removed
it also, dropping on to the coffee table with the first.
Twinkle’s breathing was becoming heavier, and her eyes
grew big as I reached for the third button and removed it.
With this button removed her blouse was opened to right
between her breasts. Twinkle was very flushed now, her
breathing was becoming laboured, and her nipples now stood
out like to little pebbles. I set the scissors next to the
discarded buttons and then reached up and adjusted her
blouse to show off the top swells of her breasts. To her credit
she never flinched but her blush spread to her exposed chest.
I stepped back and openly admired Twinkle, gone was the
conservative lady, in her place was a high priced call girl.
I smiled and headed for the door picking up her overnight
bag on the way. She turned and followed me to my car.

I put her bag in the trunk then opened the door for her to get
in. As she was getting in, her skirt road up showing off the
lace tops of her stockings and just a glimpse of her creamy
white thigh. I could feel a stirring in my cock as I was beginning
to feel confidant that she was serious about giving up control
this evening.

During the ride to the restaurant Twinkle was fidgeting
in her seat, obviously nervous about the night ahead. Her
fidgeting had caused her skirt to ride up her thigh, again
exposing her creamy thigh above the lace tops of her stockings.
She caught me looking and went to pull her skirt back down.
I reached over and grabbed her hand, preventing her from
pulling it back down, and said, “Leave it I like the view.”
My actions and comments again brought a blush to Twinkle’s
cheeks. But she left her skirt up exposing her thigh. We
rode in silence the rest of the way to the restaurant. When
we arrived at the restaurant I pulled up and got out handing
my keys to the valet. Then went around and opened Twinkle’s
door. As she swung her legs around to get out she unintentionally
gave the doorman and me a clear view of her panty-covered
crotch. As she stood she quickly smoothed her skirt covering
her exposed thighs. She was flushed and could tell that
her unintentional exposure had her flustered. I offered
her my arm and we entered the restaurant.

We were shown to our private booth. It was in the back dining
area so we had to walk through the main dining room. As Twinkle
walked through the dining room she caused heads to turn,
both male and female. She was beautiful and I was proud to
have her on my arm. We were shown to our booth, not really
a booth more of a small alcove with a table for two, and rich
dark red velvet curtains separating it from the rest of
the dining room. The Madera Dee pulled back the velvet curtains,
and being the gentleman he was, he helped Twinkle with her
chair enjoying the view down the front of Twinkle’s blouse.
After Twinkle was seated, he asked if he could get us drinks.
I order a glass of white wine for Twinkle to help calm her
nerves and a glass of water with a twist of lime for myself,
as I did not want any alcohol to cloud my judgment later on.
He then turned and left, pulling the velvet curtain closed.

Once we were alone, I spoke “Twinkle, you are very beautiful

“Thank You, Paul”

“Twinkle there are some things that need to be said about
tonight, before we go any farther. As I stated in my message
our friendship is first and foremost, tonight has begun
and will be over at 9:00 tomorrow morning. At that time I
will return to being your friend Paul, and you will return
to being my friend Twinkle. But for tonight you are my obedient
submissive to be used for my pleasure, and I am Sir, and I
expect you to address me as Sir. Do you understand this Twinkle?”
just then there was a light knock to announce the waiter
was there.

As the waiter opened the curtain Twinkle went to answer,
and I held my finger over my lips shuss’d her. The waiter
set the wine down in front of Twinkle and as he enjoyed an
eyeful of her cleavage. Twinkle realized this time and
she went beet red. Her instincts took over and her hands
went up to adjust her blouse to cover her cleavage. He turned
and set my water down and asked if we were ready to order,
I told him I would push the call button when we were ready
to order. He turned and left, again pulling the curtain
behind him.

“Now where were we? Ah yes, Well Twinkle do you understand
the arrangement so far?”

She dropped her eyes to the table picked up her glass of wine
and took a drink put her glass down. She paused as if she was
asking herself that very same question. I could not help
but wonder what thoughts were running through her mind.
Then in a quiet voice she answered, “Yes, I understand

With that I reached over the table and readjusted her blouse,
again putting her cleavage on display, this time it was
open enough to clearly see the edge of her lace bra. I continued, “I expect you to be obedient and do as I tell
you without question. Understand that I am going to use
you, all of you, if you are obedient you will be rewarded,
but if you are not obedient you will be punished. Also understand
that if things get too much to handle that all you have to
say is the word ‘RED’ and the evening will end without
question or reprisals. If you agree to this stand up, remove
your panties, place them neatly on the table in front of
me, then sit back down with your bare ass resting on the chair.
If you do not wish to continue say so and we will enjoy a quiet
dinner as Paul and Twinkle and we will put this behind us.”

Twinkle again looked as if she was asking herself over an
over if this is what she wanted. Again she picked up her wine
and took another drink, trying to gather the courage to
comply. She then took a deep breath slid her chair back and
stood up. She reached under her skirt and slid her panties
over her hips and down her thighs letting them drop to the
floor. Her cheeks flushed again as she bent down and picked
them up, folded them and placed them on the table in front
of me. She then sat down making sure to sit so her bare ass
was on the chair. She sat there, eyes cast down, a nice blush
across her cheeks and her chest. Her nipples seemed to stiffen
even more betraying her excitement. I picked up the wisp
of material that was her thong panty and brought them to
my face and breathed in her womanly scent. They were quite
damp, which confirmed how hot she was. I smiled and placed
the panties back on the table, in plain site. I then pressed
the call button to let the waiter know we were ready to order.
While we waited for the waiter I instructed her “You are
to remain silent when the waiter is here, I will order for

Twinkle swallowed hard and answered, “Yes Sir” as
her eyes darted from mine to her panties lying there in plain
site and back to mine. I could see her discomfort in her eyes
as she realized that the waiter would realize they were
her panties lying there. She took the final mouthful of
her wine as the curtain was opened and the waiter appeared.

The waiter spoke, “Are you ready to order?”

“Yes I am ready; I will have a shrimp cocktail to start,
Porterhouse steak medium rare, salad, and baked potato
with sour cream and bring the lady another glass of wine.”
Twinkle got a strange look as I failed to order her anything
for dinner. With our order taken the waiter left us again
closing the curtain behind him. After the waiter was gone
Twinkle started to speak but I cut her off, “You said you
wanted to feel owned well tonight I own you and you will not
question my actions.”

“Yes Sir, ” was Twinkle’s only response.

“You said you wanted a lover to take control, to use you
for his pleasure. Well I intend to use you, to make you feel
owned, and I promise that if you are obedient your pleasure
will not be forgotten.”

Just then there was a knock then the curtain opened and the
waiter came in, set Twinkle’s wine in front of her taking
in her cleavage, again Twinkle blushed, only this time
she resisted the urge to cover herself up. The waiter then
turned and set my shrimp cocktail down. This is when he noticed
Twinkle’s panties sitting on the table, and gave me a
curious look, smiled and asked, “Will there be anything
else.” I told him no and he left again pulling the curtain
closed behind him.

I took the first shrimp and ate it, then I took the second
one and cut it in half dipping half into the cocktail sauce
and then offered it to Twinkle’s lips she open her mouth
and took the morsel. We continued our dinner in the same
fashion, Twinkle getting a morsel for every couple of bites
I got. Twinkle continued to blush when the waiter would
bring each course, but never tried to readjust her blouse.

When we were finished with the meal and Twinkle had finished
her second glass of wine, the waiter cleared the table and
asked if we wanted desert. I said, “No just bring us the

Once the waiter left to take care of the check Twinkle spoke
for the first time, “Thank you Sir for sharing your meal
with me.”

I just smiled and took her hand and kissed it, answering,
“It was my pleasure.” I then got up to help Twinkle with
her chair, leaving her panties for the waiter. It was then
that I realized that not only was the waiter getting an eyeful
of Twinkle’s breast, but also an ample amount of her thigh
above her stockings was exposed as a result of how she was
required to sit. I could not help but wonder what thoughts
were going through her mind knowing that she was showing
all that thigh and was naked under her skirt. As she stood
the skirt momentarily stayed up exposing her creamy ass.
This again brought a blush to her face, but she did not comment
or make any move to smooth it down.

As we headed for the front entrance her walking caused the
skirt to fall into its proper position, I am sure to Twinkle’s
relief. I gave the ticket to the valet and he went for the
car. When he returned he opened Twinkle’s door for her.
As she sat her best effort of modesty still gave the doorman
and the valet a wonderful view of her creamy thighs, almost
to her pussy. As I got in I realized that Twinkle had hiked
up the back of her skirt and again had her bare ass sitting
on the seat. Twinkle’s obedient submission brought
a stirring to my cock, as I knew that the night was young and
would be very satisfying for both of us. I then pulled out
of the restaurant and headed for my home.

Once on the road I reached over and put my hand on Twinkle’s
thigh. When my hand came in contact with her thigh Twinkle
let out a quiet sigh and slowly opened here legs to give me
access. As I drove I caressed her inner thigh working my
hand further up her thigh until I came in contact with her
pubic hair. Twinkle spread her thighs even farther to give
me access to her moist pussy. I ran a finger up her pussy slit
she shuddered and I felt her slit open and some pussy juice
flow from it. I then ran my finger from the base of her slit
all the way to her clit, which I gave a little pinch. This
brought a moan from Twinkle and a caused her pussy to release
more juice. I continued to stroke her pussy and pinch her
clit during the trip, and soon had her softly mewing as her
excitement grew.

Once I pulled into the driveway and parked I pulled my hand
from under Twinkle’s skirt and brought it to my nose and
inhaled her womanly scent. I licked her juice from one of
my fingers, relishing her the sweat musky flavour of her
pussy. I then offered my other juice covered fingers to
her lips and she parted her lips and gently sucked and licked
her juice from each one of my fingers. This had my cock throbbing,
as I could not believe how submissive my friend was acting
this evening. I would soon find just how submissive she
was ready to be.

I got out of the car and went around to Twinkle’s side and
opened the door for her. As she turned to get out of the car
she gave me a great view of her well-trimmed bush. As she
stood her skirt stayed up giving me a great view of her ass.
I quickly ushered her into the house, as much as I was enjoying
her embarrassment with her exposure I did not want to give
my neighbours a show.

Once inside I lead her to the centre of the living room and
had her stand facing the sofa. I then instructed her how
to stand in proper position, hands clasp behind her neck,
feet shoulder width apart, back and head straight, and
eyes cast downward. With her in this position I sat to take
in her beauty. I sat there for only a few minutes admiring
her beauty and submissiveness, to her it probably felt
like an eternity. I then spoke, “Twinkle, you are quiet
beautiful, and I wish to see more of you. Remove your blouse
and skirt, fold them and set them over there.” I pointed
to the stand by the front door.

She slowly lowered her hands from behind her neck and started
with the blouse. She unbuttoned the remaining buttons
and pulled it from her skirt. She then let it fall from her
shoulders exposing her breast straining at the sheer lace
bra. Next came her skirt, she reached behind her and pulled
the zipper down letting the skirt fall around her ankles.
She stepped out of it and went to pick it up and I stopped her.
“Twinkle, stop, turn around and then bend to pick it up,
I want to see your ass.” Twinkle’s face went red once
again, but she complied. As she bent over I just spoke one
word, “Slowly.” I enjoyed the view of her ass and the
cleft of her of her pussy as she was bent over. She straightened
up and took her blouse and skirt and placed them on the stand
as I had instructed her. She then returned to the same spot
and got back into position.

As I was enjoying her beauty and discomfort of being nearly
naked before me I addressed her, “Twinkle, when we started
this evening I told you that I expect you to be obedient and
follow my instructions without hesitation. I also told
you if you failed that you would be punished. Well you have
failed twice tonight, the first time was when you were not
ready at 6:00, and the second time was when you adjusted
your blouse at the restaurant. As much as I dislike the thought
of punishing you, I must teach you that not being obedient
has it consequences.”

“I understand Sir!” Came Twinkle’s answer but her
eyes showed a bit of fear as she was wondering what punishment
she would have to endure.

I left her standing there, contemplating her fate, as I
got up and left the living room. I went to my bedroom and got
the ping-pong paddle from my bottom dresser drawer. Then
I went to the dining room and took a dining room chair into
the living room and set it in front of Twinkle. I then hung
the ping-pong paddle off the back of the chair and sat down
in front of Twinkle. I looked into Twinkle’s eyes as she
obediently stayed in position while I prepared to dole
out her punishment. I seen a mixture of fear and excitement
as she wondered if she could actually submit to the spanking
that she obviously was about to receive.

Before I positioned her for her spanking, I reached up and
unclasped her bra and let her breast spill out. I then had
her drop her hands so that I could remove her bra. As soon
as her bra was removed she placed her hands back behind her
neck in proper position. This had the effect of causing
her breast to be thrust forward. I reached up and cupped
each breast giving them a nice squeeze, followed by taking
her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and giving
them a nice hard pinch. Twinkle gave out a little squeal
as I applied pressure to each of her nipples. With her nipples
trapped between my thumb and finger I pulled straight out
from her chest until her nipples were pulled from my grasp.
When Twinkle’s nipples pulled from my grasp they were
red and even harder.

I sat back on the chair and spoke, “Come here Twinkle.”
At the same time I indicated beside me with my hand. She moved
to where she was to stand. I turned her to face the chair,
and had her drape herself over my lap. I then took her hands
and pulled them behind her. Taking them in my left hand,
held them together pinned to the small of her back. I ran
my right hand across her creamy ass; my touch caused a sharp
intake of air, like she was hit with a bolt of electric. I
continued to caress her ass, waiting for her to relax just
a bit. As I was caressing her ass I explained, “Twinkle,
you are about to be spanked for your failures, I hope this
spanking instills in you a greater desire to be an obedient
submissive. Now you were twenty minutes late for our evening,
after I specifically told you 6:00 sharp, which will cost
you twenty swats. Then you adjusted your blouse at the restaurant
when I had put you on display for my pleasure, this will cost
you an additional ten with the paddle. You will count each
swat and thank me for it, if you miss count we will go back
to the beginning of that set and start over.”

Before my words could completely sink in I landed the first
swat, CRACK! A pink handprint appeared on her left cheek.
Twinkle let out a shrill screech, and jumped in my lap as
my hand landed. Then Twinkle was silent, I started to caress
her left cheek, and she let out a low moan as my hand touched
the handprint, but other then that, silence. “Twinkle,
did you not hear my instructions, or are you just being disobedient
to get more spankings!”

The sternness in my voice hit Twinkle as hard as my hand had
hit her ass, and she blurted out, “I am sorry, I, I, I…”
It was like she was searching for something to say. Then,
“One, thank you, Sir!”

“Very good Twinkle, but too late, shall we start again?”

“Yes Sir.” Came from Twinkle’s lips in almost a whisper.

I again started caressing her ass, this time in silence,
waiting for her to relax. She was panting, and I am sure just
a little light headed from being over my lap. Just as I felt
her tension subside I landed the next swat on her right cheek,
CRACK! A pink handprint appeared on her right cheek.

Twinkle let out a shrill screech, and jumped in my lap as
my hand landed, but then she said, “One, Thank You Sir!”

CRACK! The next swat landed as soon as she got Sir out of her
mouth. She did not screech with this swat and immediately
spoke, “Two, Thank You Sir!”

CRACK! CRACK! Came the next swats before she had time to
recover from the first two, “Three, Four, Thank You Sir!”

I then ran my hand over the pink handprints starting to cover
her creamy ass, again waiting for her to relax, and when
she least expected it CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The next
four came with lightening speed. She was sobbing and squirming
trying to get her hands free to cover her hot ass. But through
her sobbing she managed, “Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Thank
you Sir!”

Her ass was now completely pink, as I was making sure my swats
covered her entire ass. I then feel into a rhythm, CRACK!
“Nine, Thank You Sir!” CRACK! “Ten, Thank You Sir!”
CRACK! “Eleven, Thank You Sir!” CRACK! “Twelve,
Thank You Sir!” CRACK! “Thirteen, Thank You Sir!”
CRACK! “Fourteen, Thank You Sir!” CRACK! “Fifteen,
Thank You Sir!” CRACK! “Sixteen, Thank You Sir!”
CRACK! “Seventeen, Thank You Sir!” CRACK! “Eighteen,
Thank You Sir!” CRACK! “Nineteen, Thank You Sir!”
CRACK! “Twenty, Thank You Sir!”

By the twentieth swat her ass was red, her sobbing had turned
to moaning, and she was trying to anticipate and meet the
next swat. I ran my hand over her hot ass and she moaned and
ground her pelvis into my lap. I then ran my hand down between
her thighs and across her pussy. She was completely soaked
and my touch had her trembling.

“You are doing good Twinkle, but now it is time to take
care of the matter of your blouse. Are you ready Twinkle?”

In a hesitant voice Twinkle answered, “Yes Sir!”

“Good then we will begin”, is all I said as I got the ping-pong
paddle from the back of the chair. I started out again by
caressing her ass, only this time it was with the ping-pong
paddle. The rough texture of the paddle had her moaning
and grinding her crotch into my lap. When she was totally
into the sensation of the paddle rubbing her ass I quickly
raised it and landed her next swat squarely on her right
cheek, CRACK! Before she could fully comprehend the first
swat I landed the second one squarely on her left cheek.

The combination of the two swats caused her to jump and let
out a scream, but then, “One, Two, Thank You Sir! Came
from Twinkle’s trembling lips. CRACK! “Three, Thank
you Sir!” CRACK! “Four, Thank You Sir!”

By the fourth swat Twinkle was rising to meet each stroke
then grinding her pussy into my lap. Twinkle’s reaction
to the spanking had my cock so hard it hurt.

CRACK! “Five, Thank You Sir!” CRACK! “Six, Thank
You Sir!” CRACK! “Seven, Thank You Sir!” CRACK!
“Eight, Thank You Sir!”

By the eighth swat with the ping-pong paddle Twinkle’s
ass was dark red, and you could feel the heat coming off it.
She was panting and humping my lap moaning lost in her excitement.

CRACK! CRACK! Came the last two swats and before Twinkle
could react I dropped the ping-pong paddle and rammed two
fingers into Twinkle’s hot pussy, and began fucking
her. That was all she needed to explode, her orgasm was so
violent she through herself off my lap and onto the floor.

As she lay there trying to recover I got up stepped over her
and headed to my bedroom. From the bottom dresser drawer
I pulled a set of leather wrist cuffs, leather ankle cuffs,
and a leather strap about nine inches long with snap hooks
at each end, along with a soft leather blindfold. When I
got to back to the living room I stopped in my tracks Twinkle
was right where I left her but now she was kneeling facing
the chair. Her hands were clasped behind her neck, back
straight, and knees apart, the perfect picture of submission.
I stood there for a moment admiring Twinkle’s beauty;
it was like seeing her for the first time. I set the cuffs
on the table out of Twinkle’s sight, then went behind
her and placed the blindfold on her. As her world went black
she let out a sigh of contentment.

The wrist cuffs were next; I took her left hand first and
placed the soft leather cuff around her wrist pulling the
buckle tight but not to tight. Placing her left hand back
behind her neck, I took her right hand and placed the other
cuff around her wrist, again tight but not to tight. Kneeling
behind her I placed her ankles in the other set of cuffs,
then I took the leather strap with the snap hooks at each
end and clipped the ankle cuffs together with one snap hook.
I reached up and pulled both of her wrists down and clipped
the wrist cuffs together with the other snap hook. As the
snap hook clicked shut Twinkle’s body shuddered and
a moan escaped her lips. She was now in effect hogtied while

I stood up and leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Twinkle,
you seemed to be enjoying your evening so I have decided
to take it to another level.” With that Twinkle moaned
again as her body trembled in anticipation.

I removed my shoes and placed them under the table where
Twinkle’s blouse and skirt were laying. Then I returned
to where Twinkle was kneeling so obediently and removed
my shirt and slacks. Twinkle moaned and her breathing became
heavier as she heard the zipper being pulled down. After
I removed my slacks, shirt, and briefs I sat back in the chair
that I just used to dole out Twinkle’s punishment. I then
addressed her, “Twinkle, you took your punishment well,
all is forgiven.”

Twinkle blurted out her response quickly, “I am so sorry
that I displeased you Sir! I will try harder to please you,
and be obedient.”

“I know you will Twinkle, and I will continue to keep you
on your toes. Now, Twinkle you will have a chance to show
me how much you want to please me.”

With that said, I reached out and took Twinkle’s head
and gently put firmly guided her lips to my hard cock. As
soon as my cock touched her lips they parted and she swirled
her tongue over its head, which brought a moan from my lips.
She continued to tongue my cock as she took the head into
her mouth and start working down my hard shaft. She worked
a good bit into her mouth but stopped just as my cock head
bumped the back of her throat, she still had about an inch
or so that she had not taken. I let her work on that much of
my shaft sucking and licking it, loudly. She progressed
to slowly fucking her mouth but still she would not take
it all. I wondered if she ever had a cock in her throat, and
then wondered what she was going to do when I attempted to
push my cock head into her throat.

I let her continue to control the pace of her oral service
for a few minutes, until I felt that she was into it enough
for me to start controlling the pace. On the next down stroke
I placed my hand on the back of her head and did not leave her
slide her lips back up my shaft, instead I placed gentle
but firm pressure on the back of her head forcing my cock
against the entrance to her throat. She gagged a little
and tried to pull off of my cock, but I just let her slide back
far enough to breath and I pushed her head back down and this
time my cock went into her throat, and her lips were mashed
against my pubic hair. She gagged a little and the spasms
caused her throat muscles to grab my cock. I held her with
my cock buried deep in her throat as she struggled to relax
and deal with the slight panic she must have been feeling.
When I felt her pushing against my hand I let her back off
my cock just enough to let her suck air in around my cock.
The cool air rushing past my hot cock caused a low moan to
escape my throat. Just as her lungs were filled with air
I plunged my cock back into her throat. This time she did
not gag, and her throat seemed to relax and except my cock.
I held her head again until I felt her struggling to pull
off my cock again. This time when she sucked in her ration
of air it caused a tingle in my balls. Which was only intensified,
by her taking my cock into her throat on her own.

I smiled, knowing she was ready for me to push her a little
more. Slowly I pulled her lips off my cock until only the
head was left in her mouth then I plunged my cock all the way
in, then slowly back off and again plunged it all the way
into her throat. As I continued fucking her throat, Twinkle
quickly fell into a rhythm with her breathing. I could feel
my balls getting tighter as I approached my orgasm. I was
no longer fucking her throat; I was just guiding Twinkle’s
head as she fucked her own throat for me. Twinkle’s throat
had me on the edge in no time at all.

As my orgasm approached I stiffened and grabbed the back
of Twinkle’s head and pushed my cock into her throat.
Holding her head firmly buried in my crotch I let out a deep
growl pumped shot after shot of cum down her throat and into
her belly.

When my orgasm finally subsided I relaxed my grip and Twinkle
pulled off my cock gasping for air. As I recovered from my
orgasm I slowly stroked Twinkle’s hair much as you would
pet an obedient pet. Twinkle was still leaning forward
resting with her cheek on my thigh, my cock lying limp almost
touching her lips. Her face was still red and there were
beads of sweat on her forehead. There was just a little dribble
of cum on the one corner of her mouth, and her perfect make-up
was a mess. As her breathing returned to normal she began
to almost purr as I continued to pet her. I then watch in amazement
as her tongue snaked out from between her lips and licked
the dribble of cum from the corner of her mouth. She then
leaned forward and began to lick and suck my cock clean.
When she was done cleaning my cock she laid her cheek on my
thigh and continued to tongue bath my cock.

I let her enjoy herself for a few minutes then I pulled my
cock from her lips. As my cock popped from her hungry lips
she let out a moan of protest. I helped her back into her proper
kneeling position then stood went behind her and released
her wrist and ankles from the cuffs and then helped her to
her feet.

I stood Twinkle up and turned her to face away from me. I then
replaced the blindfold, once again plunging her world
into darkness. As a pulled her wrist behind her and placed
the leather cuffs on her, her whole body shook and yet another
moan escaped her lips. Taking her by the arm I lead her down
the hall and into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen I positioned
her so that her ass was against the edge of the table. I released
the snap hook between the wrist cuffs and had her sit on the
edge of the table. Once sitting on the edge of the table I
had her lie flat on her back, her legs dangling off the edge
of the table. Taking a length of rope from the counter I attached
one end to her left wrist cuff and the other end to the table
leg. Her right wrist was next, once secured Twinkle instinctively
pulled at the ropes, almost as if testing her restraints.

I then lifted her legs placing her feet on the edge of the
table. I took a length of rope and made a slip knot at one end,
and then pulled the loop open far enough to drop it over her
right knee letting come to rest on her upper thigh and ankle.
Pulling the slipknot tight caused her heal to be pulled
toward the back of her thigh. Once the slipknot was pulled
tight I made several winds of the rope around her leg then
secured the end. Her left leg was secured in the same fashion.
Taking one more length of rope I attached it to the rope on
her right leg then passed it under the table and attached
it to the rope around her left leg pulling it tight so as to
cause Twinkle’s legs to be spread wide open.

With Twinkle secured to the table and her pussy completely
open to me it was time to start. I rubbed some oil into her
skin. As I rubbed the oil into her skin she started to push
her mound into my hand. I then scolded her, “I told you
to hold still, I did not give you permission to move.”
Her hips stopped pushing, but her breathing was becoming
very ragged, betraying how turned on she was. After I was
finished rubbing the oil in to her skin I sat back and admired
how beautiful her pussy was. Her mound had a shimmer from
the oil and her slit was open and glistening as a slight trickle
of pussy juice was running from her pussy.

I got up leaving Twinkle secured to the table, wondering
what I had in store for her next. As Twinkle lay there I went
to my bedroom and got a medium butt plug, some lube and a vibe
from my toy drawer. From our past conversations I knew Twinkle
had experienced anal sex with less than desirable results.
I often wondered if it was because she did not find it a turn
on or was it a result of her partner’s technique. Well
tonight I was going to do my best to change her mind about
anal sex. I returned to the kitchen with my toys and again
had to stop and take in Twinkle’s beauty, as she lay there
secured to the table, completely open for my enjoyment.
I laid the toys on the second chair. I then whispered in her
ear, “Twinkle you may let your body respond but you are
not permitted to cum until I tell you to.”

“Yes Sir!” was all she said. Her breathing had calmed
and she was lying very still, that would change very soon.

Reaching up with both hands I touched her inner thighs just
above her knees. My touch caused Twinkle to jump as if she
had been hit with a bolt of electricity. I then, ever so lightly,
ran my hands up her inner thighs across the ropes that secured
her stopping just short of her pussy then back to her knees.
I continued my caress ever so lightly each time coming closer
and closer to Twinkle’s pussy. Every time I got close
she would buck her hips trying to get me to touch her pussy,
to give her more pleasure. I knew it was driving her crazy,
and was working right into my plan. I would have her begging
for relief before I was through. I soon replaced my hands
with my lips slowly kissing and lightly flicking my tongue
over her inner thighs, and even over her mound but never
once touching her slit or clit. I continued my slow assault
on her body and mind. With each flick of my tongue on her mound
she would buck her hips in an attempt to get me to lick her
slit. Her breathing was heavy and her head was thrashing
back and forth, and I stepped up my attack. I ran my tongue
up her pussy slit stopping just short of her clit. This caused
her to buck wildly and start to beg, “Oh God, please Sir!
I can’t take much more, please let me cum.” I ignored
her pleas and continued my assault on her slit, sucking
her pussy lips into my mouth and then scraping them with
my teeth as I pulled off them. Her pussy juice was flowing
and she was going crazy, her head thrashing back and forth.
She continued to beg, “Please!!!!!!!, Oh God Please
let me cummmmmmmmm!!!!”

I knew I now had her ready and I picked up the vibe, turned
it on high and started running it up and down her slit. Her
whole body started to shake and her pussy juice was pouring
from her slit. Twinkle was rambling incoherently now,
“Please!!!!!! Ohhhhh Goddddd Please LET ME CUMMMMMM!!!”

I knew she could not take much more and would cum with or without
my permission, which was exactly where I needed her to be.
“Cum For Me Twinkle”, is all I said then sucked her clit
into my mouth and held it between my teeth and started flicking
it with my tongue.

Twinkle screamed, “OHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!”
as she exploded into a massive orgasm. I continued my assault
on her clit causing one orgasm to crash into her after the
next. I took advantage of this and slid the vibe into her
ass. As her ass opened to the vibe, she was rocked by another
series of orgasms. I continued to lick her clit bringing
her down slowly from her orgasmic high. While she was still
enjoying the aftershocks of her pleasure I slipped the
vibe from her ass and slowly pushed the plug in to replace
it. Her ass only gave the slightest of resistance when the
widest part past the tight ring of her anal entrance, and
to my surprise it triggered one more small orgasm.

As Twinkle lay there still shaking slightly from the aftershocks
I got up and kissed her sweet lips. Letting her taste her
juice that was smeared on my lips. Her tongue snaked into
my mouth savouring the flavour that her pussy had deposited
there. I released her legs and her wrist then helped her
up onto shaky legs. I then lead her to my bedroom and laid
her on my bed positioning her in the centre of the bed on her
back. I secured her wrist too the head board and then kneeled
between her thighs. I then took her ankle and placed them
on my shoulders and placed my hard cock at the entrance to
her pussy. Twinkle’s hips rocked forward trying to get
my cock into her pussy but I just backed away. Twinkle let
out a moan of frustration as she lost contact with my cock.

I ask, “What do you want Twinkle?”

“Please Sir! Please…..”

“Please what, Twinkle, you need to ask, no beg for it.”

“Oh God Sir! Please fuck me, please use my pussy, please
I am begging, I need your cock, Please Fuck Me!”

I wanted to make her beg more but my need for relief was building
in my balls, so I placed my cock at her pussy and slowly pushed
it in. She tried to buck her hips to get my cock in deeper,
but I would have none of that. Each time she bucked I pulled
back, after a few times she got the message and let me control
the pace. I finally had my cock buried in her and then started
to slowly pump my cock. I would slide it almost all the way
out then back in ever so slowly. I continued fucking Twinkle,
and just as she was getting used to my rhythm I picked up the
pace and was soon slamming my cock in and out of her pussy.
She was now going wild bucking her hips meeting my every
stroke. I could tell she was close to cumming and so was I,
but I still had one more hole to ravage and it was time, on
the next up stroke I pulled my cock completely out.

Twinkle’s frustration got the better of her as she screamed,

I quickly reached down and pulled the plug from her ass and
placed the tip of my cock against her anal passage and pushed.
My cock met no resistance from her ass and I was buried in
one stroke. This took Twinkle totally by surprise and she
let out a squeal as my cock was buried in her ass. I continued
where I left off and just started pounding her ass and she
got very vocal then, “Oh God Yes Fuck My ASS Sir! Fuck My

As her orgasm hit her and she went stiff and her ass muscles
clamped down on my cock pushing me over the edge. I let out
a low growl and slammed my cock deep into her ass and pumped
my load, filling her with cum. As my orgasm rocked me I let
her ankle fall from my shoulders and I collapsed on her.
Our breathing was ragged and our bodies were shaking in
post orgasmic bliss. After I recovered from my orgasm I
released Twinkle’s hands from the headboard and removed
her blindfold.

Twinkle then looked into my eyes and said, “Thank You
for a wonderful evening Sir!” I kissed her on the forehead
and pulled her close. As I held her, her breathing became
regular as she drifted off to sleep. I was happy; the evening
could not have turned out better, and I quickly drifted
off to sleep.

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