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I'm a junior at a woman's college in Atlanta. I'm
twenty, blond, and five feet seven inches tall, with an
athletic figure: 35-twenty-three-34.

Even though I have had limited contact with men, I'm
pretty sure that my figure is attractive. I have long legs,
a tight rear, and my breasts, while not huge, are firm and
ample for my body. I had arranged to meet with one of my professors
at his home to discuss a paper I was writing for him. While
I never planned for anything to come of the conference,
I admit I wanted to be attractive to him. I wore a pair of short,
white shorts, a white-cotton sweater (without a bra),
and a pair of white, high-heeled sandals, all of which looked,
I thought, quite good on my tanned body, set off by my sun-lightened
hair. I showed up about eight:fifteen P.M., fifteen minutes
late, and we sat in his den. He sat behind his desk, and I sat
to the side of it, in a straight chair, with my legs crossed.
We talked about English, but being in a non-classroom setting
with him made him seen even more attractive to me. So I flirted.
He was slow to respond, remaining professional, but at
about nine:thirty P.M., after one of my stronger flirting
glances and smiles, he said, "You know, you really
are a fox. And if you keep looking at me like that, I'm
going to have to do something about it."

"What do you mean?"

I protested innocently. He replied with something to the
effect that my body was tantalising and my face inviting.
I blushed, but I felt my nipples harden simultaneously,
and I was also very pleased. He stared right at my breasts,
and then stood up, walked around behind me, and put his hands
on my shoulders. I looked up at him and smiled sweetly. I
knew he was looking down at more than my face, and I liked
it. My nipples tingled at his stare, and I felt them push
against my sweater, realising that he would notice. He
leaned down and kissed me deeply. I responded with my tongue.
Then I felt his fingers on my nipples, lightly rubbing them
through my sweater. I cooed and arched my breasts up toward
him. It felt divine. I reached up with both hands and caressed
his neck and head. I was absolutely turned on by being touched
only on my mouth and nipples, and I wanted him to keep caressing
me more and more. At this point he must have sensed that I
was hooked. He stopped kissing me and reached down and lifted
my sweater above my breasts.

I was exposed and shocked. He was seeing my pink nipples
protruding like erections from my bare, white breasts.
No man (and few women) had ever seen me like this, totally
exposed in full light. I was embarrassed by having him see
what was so intimate to me, but I was also very excited. Before
I could pull my sweater down, his fingers returned to my
nipples-only this time it was my exposed nipples. He gently
took each of my bare, pink nipples between his thumb and
forefinger and began rolling them back and forth. The sensation
was ecstatic. I felt a flood of warmth between my legs and
threw my head back, closing my eyes. My breasts were uplifted
to him as he stood behind me, his fingers on my nipples driving
me to a frenzy. I began moving my pelvis up and down, humping
against the material of my panties. I couldn't resist
it, I was so turned on. After this had gone on for a while and
I was wild with the tension that had built between my legs,
he said, "Finger yourself."

I was very embarrassed at the idea of my doing that in front
of him, but I needed to do it. I reached up the leg of my shorts
and found my clitoris. It was poking out from my cunt lips
and was as hard as the end of a pencil. Still, he was rolling
my now throbbing nipples, sometimes between his thumb
and forefinger, sometimes with a circular motion with
the tip of his finger. I was excited beyond belief.

Thrilling arcs jumped inside me between my breasts and
cunt. My pants were too tight. I unzipped them and thrust
my hand down the front. I rubbed my wet clit faster and faster,
writhed my body up and down in the chair and, as I exploded
in orgasm, he pinched my nipples between his fingers, the
pain sending me even higher.

"Oh God, " I said, "that was fantastic."

"I'm glad, " he said, smiling down at me
while his fingers continued to pull gently at my nipples.

"Why don't we go into the living room?"

I pulled my sweater down, zipped my shorts, and followed
him into his living room, where I sat invitingly on his couch.
I expected him to be all over me. Instead, he sat in a chair
across from the couch.

This was a bit embarrassing to me but he just smiled. Then
he said, "Your body is really beautiful, and seeing
you so turned on really turned me on."

I blushed even more. He continued, "What I'd
really like would be for you to take your clothes off so I
can enjoy seeing how nice you look."

An unbelievable request, you might say. But after he had
just given me such pleasure, seeking nothing in return,
it seemed like the least I could do for him. I leaned down
to unbuckle a shoe.

"Leave your shoes on, " he said.

"Those beautiful long legs look so nice in heels."

So I stood up. I paused a moment, trying to figure out how
to proceed. Then, I guess because he had already seen my
breasts, I removed my sweater.

As I pulled it over my head, he said softly, "Put your
arms over your head."

I stood straight up, sucking in my already flat stomach,
and raised my arms over my head. As I did so I could feel my
breasts raise even more, and I was conscious of my exposed,
full breasts and hard, pink nipples. I folded my sweater
and reached for my necklace of white beads.

"I like the necklace, " he said.

"Definitely leave it on."

I unzipped my shorts, pulled them down over my hips and stepped
out of them. His anticipation showed, as I bent over to pick
them up.

"Straighten your legs, turn around, and bend over, "
he said.

I obeyed and watched his eyes as he looked at my thin panties
tighten around my ass and creep up into my crotch. I reached
back and peeled my panties down and let them drop to the floor.
I blushed as I realised that he could see all of my bare cunt
and, probably, my clit. I stood and turned around. He sucked
in air as he realised that I shave my pussy so that the hairs
won't poke out from my bikini. I glanced down and saw
that my cunt lips were bright pink and protruding around
my clit. I stood there, naked except for my white heels and

"That is really fantastic, " he said with sincere

"You are a beautiful girl. Let's go make some
hors d'oeuvres and get a drink."

I was taken aback. He, still in his sport jacket, trousers,
and tie, caught me by the hand and led me into his kitchen.
He constantly appraised me, breasts, pussy, buttocks,
and legs, obviously appreciatively and sensually, but
he ignored my embarrassment and acted as if this were normal.
Standing in the bright lights fo the kitchen, I was even
more aware of my nakedness.

But I saw a bulge in his pants that told me that he appreciated
me intensely. And new moisture and warmness flowed between
my bare legs, and my nipples hardened anew.

"Here, peel this cucumber and slice it up real fine, "
he said.

While I did so, he proceeded to decrust, quarter, and spread
butter on pieces of bread; all the while glancing often
at me, occasionally saying things like "My, you are
pretty, " or "You have a really sexy ass, "
or "Your breasts are so firm and alive."

Once he said, "Seeing your bare pussy with your clit
poking out of your swollen lips, especially at the top of
your beautiful legs drives me crazy."

These comments embarrassed me, but they also turned me
on intensely. I didn't know what else to do; so I just
stood there, naked, being watched and complimented and
slicing the cucumber. Then, at his instructions, I put
a cucumber slice on each bread quarter and sprinkled them
with lemon juice and pepper. He stood and watched me, smiling.

"Take them back in the living room, " he said.

Carrying a bottle of white wine and two glasses, he walked
behind me, obviously so that he could watch me walk. I made
sure to put each foot directly in front of the other so that
my hips would sway as I walked. We sat again, with him in a
chair opposite me on the sofa. I kept my legs crossed so that
my naked pussy was concealed. Of course, my breasts and
nipples were totally exposed to him. The hors d'oeuvres
were delicious. It was very sexy to sit there nude, talking,
drinking wine, and eating hors d'oeuvres. In a way,
it was the ultimate in formality. I knew I looked better
and more alluring than I could in any evening gown. He asked
me about my sex life, whether I dated much, whether I liked
to flirt, how far I usually went, and whether I enjoyed sex.
I answered ambiguously, but even talking about it made
me feel erotic. Then he asked me what I liked a lover to do
to me. I said that I didn't know.

"Uncross your legs, " he said.

I did, exposing the slit between my legs to his gaze. He looked
directly at it, making it tingle.

Then he got up, came over to me, and knelt down in front of
me, still holding his drink. He put a finger in the wine and
moistened each of my nipples. Then, with his mouth an inch
from the tip, he blew a stream of air over my breasts. The
combination of the wine and the air made my nipples protrude
even farther. I moaned as, with just the tip of his tongue,
he circled each nipple.

"Suck me, " I said, and he took my nipple in his
lips and began sucking it while rolling my nipple with his

He opened his mouth farther and sucked as much of my breast
into his mouth as possible and then, with as much suction
as he could get, pulled his mouth off the end of my breast.

It felt like I was being milked, and I felt the tremors of
a mini orgasm between my legs. He moved further down my body
and began running his tongue into my navel and into the crease
between my legs and stomach. He blew a stream of air at my
clit. The sensation was thrilling and electrifying. All
I had ever felt down there was a finger or a thrusting penis.
I slumped forward on the sofa, opening my legs and thrusting
my pussy up to his mouth.

"Please, " I said.

"Please what?" he replied.

"Please lick me!"

"I am licking you."

"Lick me there."


Oh God, he was going to make me say words I never used with
anyone. But I had to feel what his tongue would do when it
covered my clit.

"Lick my pussy!" , I groaned.

"Suck on my clit! Stick your tongue in my cunt!"

Delicately, he probed with his tongue, flicking onto and
around my clitoris, first lightly, then more intensely
and continuously. He tongued the tip and then up and down
the sides of it alternately. I began writhing upward to

He put down his drink and took my hands in his. He moved my
fingers to my own nipples and he began squeezing them with
his. I grabbed each breast in my hands and began milking
them and pulling on my nipples. He moved his hands to my buttocks
and raised me to his mouth. His tongue was like a continuous
lightning bolt, licking the side and tip of my clitoris,
then probing into my pussy. Then he began to combine this
with sucking. I went wild! It seemed as if he were somehow sucking my tiny bud of a clitoris
into an organ of pleasure several inches long. Holding
it in his mouth, he flicked it with his tongue and sucked
it in and out. I wildly began to cum, vaguely aware of the
heightened sensation of his fingers playing at my anus
and pussy. As each wave of pleasure rolled over me, I pinched
my nipples and dug my fingernails into the sensitive flesh.
I gasped and moaned, and the pleasure became so intense
that I attempted to get away from that thrilling tongue
and mouth. But he held me tightly, digging his fingers into
my anus when I squirmed. I burst into orgasm. I soared. I
contracted. I was relieved. I could stop. But he did not.

"Enough, enough, " I cried, trying to squirm

But his tongue only slowed down to a steady rhythm against
my throbbing clit, which brought me blasting to another
orgasm and then another and another, right on top of each
other. I was shattered. He finally stopped, pulled his
finger from my anus, and caressed my clit slowly with his
tongue. He stood and kissed my face and sat down again. I
was depleted. I lay there, legs spread, gasping. He sat
and watched appreciatively.

"Thank you, " was all I could say.

After a bit, I said, "I want to do something for you."

It seemed out of character for me to say something like that,
but nice.

"You will, " he said, "but I want you to
see that turning someone else on is as sexy as being turned
on. Physically, the need is to be stimulated, and it's
great. But emotionally, mentally, the real kick is turning
someone else on. Also, while there is a physical need for
eventual release, and it's fantastic when it comes,
the build-up, being turned on and waiting, is really the
most fun mentally, although it takes self control and a
an ability to defer physical pleasure to enhance the erotic
mental enjoyment. What we've been doing has been fantastically
erotic for me."

What I said next was even more uncharacteristic for me.

"Well, anyway, I want to see you nude now."

"Okay, " he said, and he undressed, laying
his coat neatly over a chair, removing his tie, shirt, undershirt,
shoes, socks, trousers, and finally, shorts.

His penis was big but not erect.

"Mmm, " I said.

He stood before me for a moment, his dick pulsing slightly,
and then said, "Let's have dinner. I'll
stay like this. But sometimes wearing a few clothes is sexier
than wearing nothing at all. So let me give you something
to wear."

He left and returned with a dress.

It was silky, clingy, sheer and dark blue. It was a wraparound
with a broad sash, so it easily fit me. But it had a few special
characteristics. At the top it was very low cut, almost
to the navel, and the cut was quite wide. It started at the
shoulders, converging to a point above my navel, with just
enough material to cover each nipple. Or, at least, there
was almost enough; it was virtually impossible to prevent
revealing a touch of red from the edge of a nipple. I have
firm breasts that lift up; so I filled the gown out well.
The inner side and half of the curvaceous bottom of each
breast were completely exposed. Moveover, as I soon learned,
while the dress would just cover my nipples when I stood
or sat straight up, if I leaned over or twisted, a nipple
was exposed or my entire breast popped out. The bottom was
split from a few inches below the navel down. Again, if I
stood straight, it closed, but when I walked, my inner leg
right up to my pussy was exposed. When I sat down, the dress
fell to either side, revealing my legs and the few intimate
inches above them. Although I had already bared all, as
he said, being somewhat dressed was more sexy and raunchy.
When I had a dress on, it seemed that I should be covered;
so when the dress exposed me, it was somehow more risky than
being naked. This was especially so since he obviously
noticed each time I was exposed to him, and I could see his
penis twitch with pleasure. We went to the kitchen to fix
dinner; a couple of steaks and a sliced tomato. As we cooked,
I could not keep my eyes off his penis.

I had never really taken a close look at a nude man before.
When I reached for something and my nipple was revealed,
his cock pulsed.

It turned me on each time. When he seated me at the table and
the split dress fell open, his cock jumped up in jerks, and
he stood there over my chair, with his hands on my shoulders.
I reached up and caressed his organ and it sprang up. He kissed
me and sat down. While we ate by candlelight, he was naked
but hidden by the table and I was exposed from the waist down
but also hidden. My box got wetter and wetter at the thought
of the sensuality of the situation. I wanted to reach down
and rub myself, but I didn't, although I occasionally
did manage to let my fingers briefly trace over my clit.
I leaned forward or to the side as often as I could so that
my revealed breasts and nipples would turn him on. I always
acted as if it were an accident, smiled, and recovered myself.
We cleared the table and returned to the living room. He
sat on the sofa, slumped and exposed, and said, "Now,
you can do some things for me. You know how I enjoy your body.
I want you to do a striptease show for me-a sex act."

I stammered, "I don't know how, " blushing

"Improvise, " he said.

"Remember, your goal is to turn me on. It will turn
you on. That will turn me on even more. Go ahead."

I started to take the dress off.

"Oh no, " he said.

"Not yet. You should be able to go a long way with it

I looked puzzled.

"Look, " he said, "think of all the ways
you can tease by showing a little more. You could drive me
wild fully dressed."

He saw my continued confusion.

"Wiggle. Gyrate. Hunch. Hump. Go ahead."

I began to understand and started undulating before him,
like a dancer, letting the split in the dress flick open
and closed. Soon I really got into it. I wiggled my breasts
so they popped out of the dress. I saw his cock throb. I sat
on the coffee table in front of him and thrust my pelvis up
and down and sucked air through my teeth.

I was getting turned on. I reached down and pulled my breast
to my mouth. I could just flick the nipple with my tongue
and I watched his eyes as I licked the tip. I put my hands to
my crotch and parted my lips there and caressed myself.
Now he was as hard as a rock and looking glassy. I stuck my
finger in my pussy and slid it in and out, writhing all the
while. I pulled my finger from my pussy and licked my own
moisture from it. I sucked my finger into and out of my mouth,
watching his cock grow even harder.

"Now take it off, " he whispered.

I stood and did so, slowly and sexily, all the time running
my hands over my body. For a while I had just the top part off;
then I let the whole dress fall to the floor.

"Stand on the table, " he said.

I did, and he looked up at me.

"let me see that beautiful ass, " he moaned.

I turned around and then obscenely wiggled my buttocks.

"Ooh, " he gasped.

"Bend over."

I did, knowing that in doing so I totally revealed my pussy
to him.

"Oh you look so nice like that with your breasts hanging
down and your box there between those lovely cheeks and
atop those beautiful legs. Touch yourself."

I fingered my clit, with him watching between my legs. I
slid my fingers up and down inside my juicing pussy. I slid
my index finger into my anus and moved it in and out slightly.
His cock was standing straight up with a slight curve. I
could see a bead of cum on the tip of it. I was so turned on that
I could barely control myself. I was about to cum.

"Come here, " he said.

"Kneel here."

He guided my head to his throbbing cock. For an instant I
was reluctant since I had never done that before. But I was
so turned on and so wanted to please him that my reluctance
was quickly overcome by passion, and I took the head of his
cock between my lips. I could taste the slightly salty bead
of cum, and I pulled my head back slightly so he could see
the sticky fluid in a string from my tongue to his cock. I
put my head back on his cock and took just the head between
my lips. With my tongue, I tried to insert it into the hole
at the end so I could get more of his cum.

"What should I do, " I asked.

"Lick it up and down. Suck my balls gently. Put as much
as you can into your mouth and suck as hard as you can while
moving your head up and down."

I began licking and mouthing it, up and down. My hands found
his balls and anus, and I caressed them. His back arched
and he trembled.

"Suck it. Take more of it, " he gasped.

I did. I found it very exciting knowing that I was giving
such pleasure. I began to suck wildly, letting the prick
go half out and then deeply into my mouth. He thrust toward
me, first with steady pushes, and then spasmodically,
finally exploding his warm semen into my mouth. I could
feel three separate spurts of
cum fill my mouth, and before I could swallow all of it, some
trickled down his cock onto his balls. He sank back onto
the couch, and I licked his dick and it jerked smaller and

Now that he was soft, I could take the whole thing into my
mouth. I sucked gently and ran my tongue around the head.
Then I crawled onto the sofa and lay there with my head in
his lap, with him caressing my hair. But not for long. I was
so randy and turned on from having turned him on that I just
twitched and pulsed between my legs for some more attention
there, more exciting stimulation, and more of those glorious
climaxes. I took his hand and put it on my rear.

With his arm extended, his hand just reached an inch or so
below the small of my back. I wriggled forward on his lap
about a foot so that his hand then rested on the bottom of
my rear, which he began to caress gently. Another result
of this move was that my breasts now hung into his lap, and
one of my nipples brushed on his resting penis, a very sexy
sensation as the moisture on his cock made my nipples wet.
His fore and middle fingers played lightly about the rim
of my pussy, sometimes brushing onto my clit. I moved my
buttocks up and down sensually with enjoyment. Then I wanted
more. I slid on up on the sofa until my ass was right in his
lap. With my head down on one side of the sofa and my knees
on the other, my rear stuck up at him, and I arched my back
and spread my knees so that the whole area between my legs
was completely available to him. I wanted him to have total
and free access to it all. Now he used both hands, one coming
across my back, with which he toyed with my anus and pussy,
rubbing my juices from one to the other. His other hand had
more direct access. He fingered my clit and rolled it between
his thumb and finger, sometimes pulling on it, sometimes
massaging it circularly with one finger. I ground up and
down with pleasure, and when that was not enough, I wriggled
from side to side simultaneously. I reached peaks, but
he moved too slowly for me to cum, so my pleasure continued,
wave after wave. I was ecstatic, but the tension built and
built, demanding release. He began thrusting one finger,
then two, into my pussy, massaging its tight, wet interior.
I began moaning and whispering obscene exclamations and
requests. I felt a finger slip into my writhing anus, and
I could feel my ass hole tighten as he slid it past the first
two joints. It accentuated the ecstatic agony I was experiencing
in my convulsing pussy and on my throbbing clit.

Finally I cried out, "Oh, please, I want to cum so much,
so bad."

He lifted me off and laid me back on the sofa. At first I didn't
understand. But then I saw his penis sticking straight
out, throbbing and hard. I knew he was going to fuck me, and
I wanted it. I wanted that hot, smooth cock inside me. He
moved my legs around and put each of my white high heels on
the coffee table, my legs spread. Then he guided his prick
slowly into my waiting, wet box and pressed his body into
mine. Slowly I felt the head as it forced its way up my cunt.
I could feel the walls of my pussy give way before its gentle
insistence. Slowly and gently at first, he slid in and out,
but then he began thrusting more rapidly and harder into
a rushing crescendo. I reached up and began pinching his
nipples, rolling and twisting them as he crushed my breasts
in his hands. I was torn apart by bolts of sensations, more
deeply sensual and sexual than I had ever known. I thrust
back toward him and wiggled and gasped. Then my breath and
gasps became quick, his face contorted and his pace and
ferocity somehow increased again. I felt it coming. I arched
my back and felt throbs of climax booming through my body
like rolling thunder. Hot juices filled me.

He collapsed upon me, and we lay there, both exhausted,
both totally satisfied.

"Let's go to bed, " he finally said.

We did, naked and we slept.

There was one drowsy, sensuous fuck sometime early in the
morning, which ended in a sleep-muffled, gentle climax,
but otherwise we slept. The next morning I had to leave in
a hurry to get to a class.

He smiled at me and said, "The next man who asks you
what you like sexually, you'll be able to answer."

"There won't be a next man, " I replied.

He looked confused and worried until I explained, "You're
it. I don't want any other men."

Since that day I have tried to keep him interested in me so
that he will continue to find me attractive. Last week,
for instance, I decided to buy some sexy underware at Fredrick's
of Hollywood. I dressed in a pair of nylon running shorts
with the sides cut all the way to the waist. I put on a thin
nylon crop top which I had cut so short that, if I raised my
arms, exposed my nipples. I didn't wear any underware
and my nipples poked the front of the top out like tent poles.
I completed my outfit with the high heel sandals and I pulled
my blond hair into a pony tail. After completing my outfit
with long, dangling earrings, I stood in front of the mirror
to make sure I could give the proper impression. The high
heels made my legs look really sexy, and caused me to thrust
my pelvis forward. I turned sideways and raised one leg.
The black shorts parted and bared my leg all the way to the
waistband and revealed the curve of my ass. I raised my shoulders
slightly and the red top lifted until the bottom half of
my breasts were uncovered. I drove to his house and parked
in the garage. I went into the living room and leaned over
his chair and kissed him with my mouth and tongue. His hand
slid under my top and caressed my bare breast.

"Stand over there, " he said.

I moved to the centre of the room and posed for him. I turned
and twisted and I saw the bulge start forming in his pants.

"You look so innocent and so hot at the same time, "
he exclaimed.

He drove to Cumberland Mall and let me out near Sears. I poked
around the gift shop near the entrance until I saw him come
in the door. Then I started walking down the mall, making
sure that my hips swayed and my breasts bounced as I walked.
He was about ten feet behind me, watching all the guy's
eyes as I passed. Two boys of twelve or thirteen started
following me and giggling. Pretty soon I had about ten guys
following me to Fredrick's. I went in and started looking
at garter belts, stockings, crotchless panties, and shelf
bras. I took a set of red underware in the back and, while
the sales girl watched, stripped off my top and circled
my body with the bra. I pulled the shoulder straps tight
so that my breasts were pulled high and firm, and I walked
to the mirror so I could admire myself. I knew that, through
the slits in the curtain, anyone in the back of the store
could see my reflection in the mirror. I pinched my nipples
to make them harder and asked the sales clerk if I looked
sexy. She blushed and agreed that the bra made me even sexier
than if I was naked. Quickly I pushed the shorts to the floor
and wrapped the garter belt around my waist and put the crotchless
panties on. I didn't have any stockings, so I asked
the clerk to get me a pair of black stockings with a seam up
the back. She just stood there, looking confused, until
I asked her gently a second time. While she was gone I quickly
rubbed my clit so that it poked out and excited me even more.
I rolled the stockings up my legs and hooked them to the garter
straps. I turned and posed in the mirror, looking over my
shoulder at my reflection. The panties had just a thin strap
in the back that disappeared in the crack of my ass, and the
white, curvaceous cheeks were framed in the stocking tops
and red garter straps. The sales girl was blushing as she
looked at my hard, protruding nipples and exposed cunt
and clit. I walked over to her and put my hands on her shoulders
and asked her if she felt well.

"Y-e-s, " she stammered, "I haven't
seen anything so sexy since I've been here."

I took the underware off and put my running outfit back on.
When I got back in the front of the shop, there were about
five men in the rear of the store where I knew they had seen
me as I posed in the mirror. I purchased two sets of underware,
one in black and one in red. I also bought a sexy babydoll
nightie in white. It was completely transparent, and would
make my body stand out in the dim lights of the bedroom. I
walked back through the mall letting my hips sway and the
shopping bag swing. I could feel eyes on my ass as I walked,
and I started swaying even more sensually. When I got to
the end of the mall, I walked out the door and let him catch
up with me. He put his arm around me and, as we walked to the
car, he let his hand run under my top, caressing my breast
and nipple. As soon as we were in the car, I unzipped his fly
and pulled his cock out. Even though anyone could see what
I was doing, I didn't care. I was so turned on that I wanted
to taste his cum. I sucked and licked him until his pants
were wet with my saliva. I felt his hand rub down my naked
back and under the waist band of the shorts. He caressed
my ass with his right hand as I felt his left hand pulling
at my nipple. He was so turned on that I knew it wouldn't
take long before he started cumming in my mouth. His hand
left my ass and started pushing my head down on his cock even
further. His crotch started pushing back against the pressure
of my lips and mouth, and I felt the spasms as he began to [color
blue] spurt. I pulled back and let his cum
hit my face and lips. I stroked him with my hand as I sat up
and started French kissing him, letting him share in the
cum. I rubbed my hand over the head of his cock, smearing
the sticky fluid over all parts of it while our tongues shared
the taste of his cum. Another time, we were going to Jacksonville
while he went to a group meeting. I was wearing a wrap-around
skirt over my garter belt and a white blouse over the red
shelf bra. While we were going down the expressway in his
Lincoln, I gently unsnapped my skirt and let it fall on the
seat, exposing my pussy which was framed by the garter straps
and stockings. I spread my legs and took his hand. He had
been concentrating on the traffic, so he looked surprised
when I put his hand on my pussy. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse
and took it off, leaving my body completely naked except
for the shelf bra that pushed my breasts up and the garter
belt and stockings.

"Pull into the right hand lane, " I told him.

He slowed to 55 and moved into the right lane. I turned in
the seat so that my back was to the door and reached in my bag
for the dildo I had brought. I pulled the twelve inch monster
from the bag and started the vibrator as I slipped it into
the opening of my cunt. I had to use both my hands to force
it in, and I spread my legs so that one was over the seatback
and the other was under the dash board. I watched his face
as he watched me give myself pleasure. As I pulled the dildo
in and out, my pussy got wetter and wetter until the juices
started dripping onto the leather seats.

"Pull out your cock, " I told him.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He was so excited
that it stood straight up and the head was near his belt.
Pretty soon an eighteen wheeler pulled out to pass. Since
I knew that the trucker could see through the open moon roof,
I decided to give him a show. I knew that he could see a beautiful
young girl, naked except for sexy underwear, with both
hands shoving a twelve inch dildo into her cunt. As he got
beside our car, I saw the driver's partner frantically
motioning him to slow down. I arched my back and let my mouth
open and my tongue slowly lick my bright red lips as I looked
him directly in the eye.

I watched his tongue come out and imitate the motions of
licking my cunt. I turned in the seat so that my back was to
the front of the car and leaned over to take him into my mouth.
Slowly I sucked his cock, trying to take all of it in my throat.
I had been practising with a banana and could take it down
my throat without gagging. It was harder to get his cock
down, but I finally got my lips into his pubic hairs and he
disappeared completely. I used one hand to keep fucking
myself with the dildo, and he used one hand to pinch and twist
my nipples. My head bobbed up and down on his cock, and my
saliva made his prick shine in the sunlight. I kept sucking
on him and the trucker stayed right with us until finally
he began to cum in long streams of semen. I pulled away and
his cum squirted into my eyes, hair, and across my cheeks.
I heard a loud, long blast from the trucker's horn as
he blasted me with his cum. I used his cock to scoop up the
cum and put it into my mouth. I didn't swallow, but let
his cum drip from my mouth back onto his cock where I licked
it up again. We accelerated and left the trucker behind
as we pulled off at the next exit and found some woods where
we could fuck. I stood on the seat and sat on the steering
wheel with my upper body poking out of the moon roof where
anyone who came down the dirt road could see.

He nibbled and licked at my pussy and clit until I came. My
only regret was that no one saw me with my head thrown back
in ecstasy as I climaxed three times in ten minutes. Once
I had told him that I wanted to be dominated and .

When I came home, he grabbed me and drug me to the basement.
I saw that he was ready to dominate me since he had velvet
ropes hanging from the ceiling. He tied my hands with the
ropes and then, using his knife, cut my blouse off.

"Fight me, " he whispered.

I looked to the side and saw that he had set up his video camera
so that it could tape everything going on. I began to struggle
and kick at him as he tried to slip my skirt down.

"Stop it!" , he commanded, "or you'll
regret it."

I kept fighting and kicking and cussing him. He went over
to the workbench and picked up a long, thin piece of bamboo.
He made it whistle as he whipped it through the air.

"Either you stop fighting or you'll feel this, "
he said.

I spit at him, and I felt a horrible pain explode in my tits
as the bamboo whipped across them.

I screamed in pain and agony, and he quickly put his hand
over my mouth. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a black
rubber ball with straps. He shoved the ball in my mouth and
put the straps over my head. The ball had a small hole so I
could breathe, but no matter how loud I screamed, it only
let a whisper pass.

"Do you want to feel the whip again?" he asked.

Through my tears I shook my head. I looked at my titties and
saw a bright red line across both of them where the bamboo
had abused my tender flesh. He went back to the workbench
and picked up a contraption made of shiny black leather
and silver rings. He put it around my back and pulled the
straps over my shoulders and hooked them to the ring in front.

It seemed to be a leather bra, with a ring for my nipples.
As he pulled it tight, I felt my nipples being pushed through
the rings, bare and ready for anything he wanted to do. He
pulled my cotton panties down and then pulled the ropes
tighter so that I had to stand on my toes. He walked away from
me and started undressing. When he took his pants off, I
could see that his cock was already starting to cum. He sat
in a chair and stroked himself as he contemplated the sexy
appearance of a naked girl with a leather bra squeezing
her nipples and breasts. He took two other ropes and, tying
them under my knees, pulled my legs up and spread apart.
Now I was completely off the floor, hanging from three ropes.
My legs were split completely apart and my cunt lips were
spread with the tension of the ropes. I had never been so
completely open and available before. He went to the workbench
and got a tube of K-Y jelly and began coating his cock with
the slippery substance. Then he picked up an enormous dildo
and strapped it around his waist. It was at least twelve
inches long and looked to be three inches in diameter. It
was covered with protrusions that looked like they would
tear my tender skin when it went in. He spread some more jelly
on the dildo and on my ass and pussy. I felt so slippery that
he wouldn't have any problem slipping in. He pushed
the dildo up my cunt until I felt the protrusions on the dildo
starting to enter my pussy. I was surprised and thankful
to find that they were soft as they went in. As he humped the
first few inches into and out of my pussy, I could feel the
protrusions dragging over my clit and rubbing on the tender
skin of my vagina. I was starting to get really turned on.
Knowing that the video camera was capturing every moment
of my made me start to quiver. I felt his cock at the entrance
to my anus, and I shook my head, trying to tell him that he
would split me open. I pleaded with my eyes, but I felt him
pressing firmly against my virgin ass hole. A red hot blast
of pain shot up my body as the head of his cock finally made
its way into my ass, and tears started running from my eyes.
He stayed still for a while, and then began to stroke his
cock up and down my ass hole. I still felt the sharp pains
as the dildo and his cock invaded my body, but I started to
get turned on by the situation and the fact that I had no control
over what he did. I closed my eyes and let my head drop back
as I started to feel the first tremors of an orgasm. All of
a sudden I felt a horrible pain in my nipples.

While I had been concentrating on my own pleasure, he had
clipped a clothes pin on each nipple. The pain was excruciating
and I really tried to scream, but the gag only let a whisper
through. My nipples were already in agony when he took the
pins and began to twist them.

I thought I had never felt such pain until, all of a sudden,
my orgasm took me up and away from all pains. My ass hole started
to spasm, dragging him with me. He kept fucking at my ass
until he became too soft. Then he pulled out and kept fucking
my cunt with the dildo while I rolled through one orgasm
after another. Finally my body slumped on the ropes, exhausted
from all the pleasure. He removed the clips from my nipples,
and with his mouth, drew the blood back into them. We keep
playing that video tape, and, sometimes, when he's
not around, I relive the shame, pain, and pleasure he gave
me. I put the tape on the machine and shove the large dildo
up my cunt while I put ben-wa balls up my ass. Just as I start
to cum in the tape, I start to cum for real. I pull the balls
from my ass and put a clothes pin on each nipple. The combination
of pain and pleasure makes me soar to ecstasy. I don't
know what I'm going to do next to keep him interested.

One of the tapes he took has pictures of me sucking his cock.
All you can see is his cock and my face as I kneeled in front
of him.

The tape caught all of the action from his point of view as
I sucked him until he came in my mouth and all over my face.
I showed the tape to my roommate and she got hot just watching.
I haven't asked her yet, but I think she might be interested
in a threesome.

This word was chosen for it’s unusually high frequency
in erotic texts. It is marked to draw attention to when,
why and where it is used. To some, it may stimulate, to others
it’s a bore. What does your brain say?

This text contains one or more repetitions of specific
BLUE WORD(S) . Each is marked
thus to draw your attention to it’s placement and useage
in an erotic environment. Enjoy........

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