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sorrity dreams


Halfway through my freshman year in college I was invited
join a sorority. One of my best new friends was a sister and
nominated me. I accepted and was told to report to the sorority
house promptly at noon Friday. I arrived a few minutes early
was told to wait in the hall. While I waited several girls
down the stairs and some whispered and giggled to each other
they passed. Finally my friend came down. She told me that
during the initiation I was to do exactly as I was told, and
if I hesitated I would be punished by the sisters and if I
fused I would not be allowed to join them. She gave me a big
and led me into the living room.

It was an immense room with lots of couches and overstuffed
chairs in a horseshoe around a big stone fireplace. Barbara
me to the center to stand in front of the entire sorority.
President started to speak to the sisters. She told them
that I
was the last of this year's pledges, that Mistress
Barbara had
nominated me. She asked if there were any objections so
far. No
one objected. She turned to me. She told me that until I had
completed the initiation I was not to speak unless told
to, to
address the sisters as Mistress and to do everything I was
to do or suffer the punishment. She asked if I accepted these

I said yes. All the girls giggled. She said she didn't
hear me right. I said "Yes, Mistress President."

One of the sisters took out a file folder, another a Pola-
roid camera. She took a picture of me and gave it to the sister
with the folder. Mistress President told me that they need
know everything about me. She told me to tell them all about
sexual adventures, to start with my first kiss, to my first
tit, my first feel of cock, etc.

I started to tell them about Jimmy, my first boyfriend.
described our first kiss, our first make-out session,
and the
first time I let him slip his hand under my sweater and into

One of the sisters spoke up. She told me to take off my
blouse. I looked to Barbara. She nodded. I unbuttoned my
blouse and eased it off my shoulders. Mistress President
said I
could put it on a little table next to the fireplace. I put
down and went back to the center. Mistress Barbara told
me to
resume my personal history with my first tit sucking.

I proceeded to tell them about Jimmy sucking my bare titties
outside a party. The sister with the folder, Mistress Janet,
asked me what size bra I wore. I told her 32A and continued
about my next real boyfriend Tom. Tom was the first to get
hands into my pants to finger my slit. Mistress Janet asked
if I had been fingering myself before that episode. I told
her I
had never fondled myself. I continued to describe my first
of Tom's erect cock. A sister from the back yelled out
for me to
take off my jeans. Again I looked to my friend, she nodded
I went to the table, opened my jeans, slipped them down below
knees. I kicked off my shoes, stepped out of my jeans, and
them on top of my blouse.

Mistress President told me to stand with my legs apart,
hands clasped behind my neck, elbows out to the sides. When
was in position, she told me to describe my first taste of

As I described Tom's hard sexy cock, my first attempt
sucking and my first taste of cum, I could feel my cunt juicing
up, getting very wet. As I described Bob and his taste for
pussy, Mistress Karen came over to me. She told me to keep
talking. She lifted my left shoulder strap and cut it with
pair of scissors. Then she cut the right strap. All the sisters
were giggling at my predicament. As I described how Bob's
tongue had licked me to creamy satisfaction, Mistress
pulled the bra from between my titties and snipped it. Dropping
it to the floor, Mistress Karen told me to show my tiny boobies
to the rest of the sisters. With my hands still behind my
neck I
walked around the inner circle of girls to show them my bare
bosom. Mistress President told me to bend over so she could
a better look. As I bent closer she reached up and took my
nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.
pulled them down. My buds stiffened, when she tweaked them.
Mistress President let go and told me to finish showing
them off.
I continued my show. Several of the sisters took their chance
pinch and stroke my titties. I had never been touched by
a girl,
and all these tittie touches were making my cunt so itchy.
I finished, I went back to the center and waited for more

Mistress President asked if my pussy was still virginal.
told her I had screwed with a couple of guys. She told me to
describe the complete de-flowering session. I began to
Mark, his gorgeous hard cock, and all the things we did that
night. When I got to the part about "sixty-nining"
with me on
top and Mark slapping my asscheeks, Mistress President
told me to
stop, turn around and bend over. She told me to ease my panties
down until just below my cheeks. I was embarrassed about
them my ass. My panties were taut across my cheeks and pulled
my crotch. These were blue hiphuggers, not the small G-strings
wear now. Because of my hesitation two sisters quickly
stood up
and grabbed my arms.

Mistress President asked Mistress Barbara if she would
to do the honors of my first sorority punishment. Mistress
Barbara came up beside me. She had a ping-pong paddle in
hand. She placed it on my tight asscheeks. She told me I wasn't
in the right punishment position. She told me to spread
my legs
double shoulder width apart. I did. She told me to reach
and grasp my ankles, that the sisters would keep me from
over. I did what I was told, showing my pantied crotch to
the sisters. I expected my friend Mistress Barbara to deliver
first real spanking. Instead she took the scissors and
to cut the sides of my panties. She cut the elastic band at
waist. She snipped the leg bands, leaving a thin thread
on each
side to hold my panties on.

She asked the sisters if they wanted me punished. They all
cheered YES! She took hold of my panties by the waistband
at the
top of my ass. With one quick jerk, she ripped them off, leaving
me stark naked. Bare for all these girls to see. All the girls
cheered, clapped and whistled. Someone told Mistress
that she had done good picking me. SMACK...a stinging warmth
shattered my thoughts as that paddle came down on my upturned
ass. I gasped more than cried out. I caught my breath. I heard
applause. SMACK...SMACK...I gasped again as two quick
hard blows
came down, one on each cheek. Tears were welling up in my
The stinging spread across my entire ass. More applause.
tress Barbara put the paddle flat across my ass. She rubbed
around and around, spreading warmth across my ass the way
might spread peanut butter on a sandwich. The sisters were
cheering her on. She continued to spank me, slower, softer,
covering all my ass with a tingling glow. She stopped and
the knobby paddle around my cheeks again. She stroked that
paddle down the back of my right thigh, all the way down to
knee and then up the back of my left thigh until the top of
paddle came to rest at my opened pussy. She turned the paddle
so only the top edge was touching me, right along my tender
She gently stroked it up and down my tingling love trough.

I had submitted to a play spanking from Mark after a teen-
aged temper tantrum, but it didn't make me tingle like
this. I
had an itching burning desire spreading from my loins.
sisters let me up. I stood up and faced my audience. They
applauded. Mistress Barbara wiped the tears from my eyes
gently kissed my cheek. She told me to continue talking
about my
cherry-popping session with Mark. Mistress Janet had
to remind
me where I had left off. I was yearning for a fuck.

By the time I finished telling them about 'sixty-nine'ing
with Mark, ending with his jerking cum-spewing orgasm,
I was
hotter than I had ever been. I was horny enough to fuck any
cock. I began to describe how Mark had stroked his bulging
cockhead up and down my eager virginal cunt lips. I was itching
to fuck and it was showing.

Mistress Karen came over and put her arm around me. She
told the sisters that she thought I had a little problem.
asked me if I had a problem.

I knew what she wanted to hear. I told them that I was
horny, that I wanted to fuck. All the sisters laughed. Mistress
President said that they didn't have any boys handy
but that
there was another solution. Mistress Karen told me to reach
and spread my pussy lips. Slowly I did it. She told me to put
my finger on the tip of my clit. This was something I had never
thought of doing, playing with myself.

Slowly I moved the tip of my middle finger over my passion
button. The sisters giggled. Mistress Karen told me to
talking and to start rubbing my clit. I talked about Mark
bing my slit with his cock. Sliding his cock up the full length
of my slit, he had made me willing to take his manhood into
virgin depths. Talking about him and rubbing my button,
I was
feeling just as willing but this time willing to do other
Mistress Karen told me to rub my finger through my slit the
Mark's cock shaft had. I talked about Mark's throbbing,
ing cock, and how he had aimed it at my virgin hole. I rubbed
clit faster. Mark pushed ever so gently, until his cockhead
in me. I rubbed harder, pushing my inner lips apart. Mark
kissed me. He plunged his cock into the center of my womanhood,
my virgin love canal. He held me, I held him. I slowed my cunt
strokes but pressed my clit harder. Mark started long slow
strokes in my hot hole. My cunt walls cling to his gorgeous
meat. My cunt was juicing up, oozing onto my sliding finger.
Mistress Karen told me to dip my finger into my creamy hole.
pushed the tip of my finger into myself just the way my lovers

Mistress Karen moved her hand down to my asscheek. Squeez-
ing it, she told me to finish the story and my first self-induced
orgasm. I talked about Mark pumping in and out of my inexperi-
ence fuck hole, my cunt throbbing with every stroke. My
cunt was
throbbing again, this time around my fingertip. I pumped
my own
little pussy, rubbing my itchy clit with each stroke. I
knew I
wanted to cum. I was going to cum. I wanted to tell them about
my first fuck orgasm as I came in front of them. I told them
about Mark pulling my legs up to my chest, then open and down
the bed, opening my cunt for his hard deep thrusts into my
ing love hole. Mistress Karen eased me down to my knees.
legs spread, I leaned back against her, letting my cunt
spread over me, relaxing, enjoying my own sexual administrations.
It seemed like I was talking forever, smaller words, no
tences. Pumping. Harder. Deeper. Fuck me. Cock plunging.
Creaming. Cumming. CCuummmmiinngg. My virginity leaving
with a
tingling orgasm. Mark pulsing, throbbing, squirting
his hot cum
into my love tunnel. My first fuck. My finger dipping into
hot juicy hole, building a new orgasmic feeling, different
when the boys made me cum. Nice, warm waves of tingles spreading
out. I was bucking my cunt against my own fingers. I don't
remember talking, just cumming. Cumming. My hot cream
onto my hand and down my thighs. I collapsed into Mistress
Karen's arms. My finger still in my cunt.

The sisters applauded and cheered. After resting a few
moments. Mistress Karen helped me stand. She told me that
each orgasm in this initiation I was to curtsy and thank
sisters. I curtsied. At the bottom of my dip I thanked my
mistresses for a very lovely orgasm. They applauded.

Mistress President said it was time to continue the inspec-
tion. Some sisters brought out a padded bench and an extra
triangular pillow. Mistress Janet told me to kneel on it.
Mistresses Barbara and Karen came next to me. They took
a cloth
tape measure and began to take my measurement. My bust,
waist, my hips. Then they measured the width of my areola,
length of the now erected tips and the distance between
m nip-
ples. Mistress Barbara measured the area of my pubic hair
(across the top and from the top to the beginning of my slit).
Mistress Janet told me to lay down on the bench. Two sisters
lifted my legs straight up, lifting me up until they could
tion the pillow, and then they positioned me with my ass
just at
the end of the pillow. My cut was now a foot higher than my
head. Mistresses Barbara and Karen took my legs and pulled
apart just enough for Mistress Janet to reach in and measure
slit from one end, across my clit, my love hole, my backdoor,
the other end. They pulled my legs wider. She measured my
again, top to clit, clit to fuckhole, fuckhole to asshole,
hole to the back end of my crack. They pushed my legs toward
chest, spreading them wider. Mistress Jane measured everything
about my cunt. The diameter of my clit, its length, the lengths
of my pussy lips. Mistresses Karen and Barbara each put
a hand
to my cunt and pulled her side of my cunt lips open. They
stretched my cuntlips as open and as tight as possible.
Janet measured how far my lips could spread. She measured
opening of my love hole. And then she measured the diameter
my ass pucker.

She went away. I couldn't see what was happening. Then
heard giggles and Mistress Janet returned. She said it
was time
to measure the depth of my creamy hole. She held up an immense
candle at least a foot and a half log with ruler markings
on it.
I didn't want her to do it, but I wanted something slipped
my horny cunt. I shook my head no. She rubbed the tip around
love opening. I nodded yes. She slowly worked that rod into
twisting, pushing deeper and deeper. Pushing to the top
of my
canal, pushing deeper. My cunt loosening until I had a full
twelve inches in me She pushed again. I cried out in pain.
immediately backed off. She told me that this was not meant
punishment, just the same measurement that all the sisters
She eased the candle out of my cunt.

She turned away and then back. She said now to measure my
ass depth. She held up a smaller, thinner candle. I pleaded
with them not to stick it in my ass. She asked how many cocks
had taken into my backdoor. I told her none. She smiled and
said she would be gentle with my virgin ass. She began to
something slippery on my ass pucker. It felt cool and tingly.
She rubbed gently around and around and then from my hole
ing out. She rubbed the grease slowly into my hole. She pushed
gently, probing, greasing, spreading my hole open. She
her fingertip into me. It tingled, out from my ass, across
entire crotch, and ignited my clit. I was warm, tingly,
She twisted her finger around, I squirmed. She pulled her
out, and put some more grease on my pucker. She put the tip
the candle against my backdoor, and slowly, gently pushed
candle into my ass. Waves of tingles washed over me. This
was a
new wonderful sensation. Not quite pain, but a pleasure
ent from any other. I don't know how deep she pushed
it or how
long she kept it in me I didn't care. It felt great. Mistresses
Karen and Barbara helped me sit up. They moved the pillow
and had me lay back, legs draped on each side. They told me
close my eyes and rest.

A few minutes later, Mistress Janet brought me a soda.
Sitting up, I took a few sips. She told me the next measurement
was to be how long it took for me to make myself cum with my
fingers. I told her I had not done that before today. She
it didn't matter how long it took, and that my cunt would
what should be done. She told me to just lay back, close my
and do what felt good.

As I put my hands down to my cunt, she started a stopwatch.
I laid back, closed my eyes and thought about Tom stroking
pussy lips rubbing my hard little clittie. I mimicked his
bing. My pussy warmed up. I felt no inhibitions. I spread
pussy lips with one hand and pushed on my clittie with the
I stroked and rubbed until I knew I wanted something in my
hole. I dipped my fingertip in. I slowly moved it in circles,
pushing my cunt hole open. I circled wider, opening my hole
wider. I felt an urge I had to satisfy. I plunged my finger
deep into my love hole as I could. I held it there. I squeezed
my cunt walls around my finger and slowly eased it out. I
plunged in again, and again. With each plunge, tingles
out from my cunt. I laid my finger along my open slit, across
hard clit, and bent into my hole. I stroked down, digging
finger into my juicy tunnel. I drew back, rubbing hard against
my clit. I rubbed. I dreamed. I rubbed harder, faster. I
just cumming. My urges had built until I didn't know
what I was
doing, I didn't care what I was doing. As long as I was
it felt great. And I came. I dropped my hands to my sides and
opened my eyes. All the sisters were crowded around to get
good look at me. Remembering my instructions, I stood up
on the
bench, curtsied to their applause and thanked them for
me to cum so nicely.

My mistresses lead me upstairs. They brought me into what
looked like a locker room. It must have taken up a third of
second floor of the house. It was all tiled, with several
ing stalls, several wooden benches. There were two padded
like a doctor's examination table. There was a sauna
in one
corner. They motioned me into the shower room. It was at
10 feet square, with two rows of shower spigots around the
sides. Mistress President turned on the master control
and I was
instantly drenched. The upper row of spigots were aimed
at the
center of the room at the height of my shoulders. The lower
was aimed at my hips and pussy. They told me to turn around.
turned slowly, letting the hot streams of water was me all
They turned the water off.

Mistress President said it was time for the to make sure
was nice and clean. Mistresses Barbara and Karen stepped
and started to undress. Mistress Barbara took off her blouse
reveal a set of bare, jiggling breasts. Then she dropped
slacks, stepped out of them, and stood up. I could see her
totally naked for the first time. Her lion's mane of
blonde hair, her fleshy tits, her muscular tummy, her rounded
hips, and to my surprise a shaven cunt. I looked at Mistress
Karen. She was stepping out of her jeans. She had a short
head of brown hair, slender shoulders, small pointy tits
(not as
small as mine). I looked at her slender hips as she lowered
panties, and again at a shaven cunt as she turned toward

They stepped into the shower with me each holding a big soft
sponge and a squeeze bottle. Mistress Barbara squirted
green liquid across my chest. Mistress Karen started rubbing
with her sponge. This liquid soap quickly foamed up. The
felt tingly as she rubbed my tits. Mistress Barbara was
my shoulders, my back, my hips. They washed my chest, each
soaping and rubbing her side of me. Barbara working on my
tittie, Karen on my right. They progressed down my tummy
around to my hips. Each caressing my closest ass cheek.
tress Barbara told me to spread my legs. I did. She told me
clasp my hands behind my neck. They knelt down. They repeated
their soaping of my ass, gently rubbing each cheek round
round. They worked their way down the back of my legs. They
worked their way up the front from my feet up to my knees,
slowly from my knees up to my crotch. Mistress Karen squirted
soap all over my pubic hair. Mistress Barbara put her hand
on my
mound. She wiggled her fingers into my curls. She worked
soap into a froth, gently washing my love triangle. Mistress
President told me to turn toward the back wall. She told
me to
bend over and grab a rail that was about a foot off the floor.

My mistresses stood on each side of me. They told me to
spread my legs as they opened their legs to let me put mine
between their own. They squeezed their legs around mine,
me tight. My mistresses squirted soap on my ass. They used
their hands to spread the soap all over, making my ass all
pery. They spread that slippery soap down into my cunt,
my pussy lips apart, rubbing all through my slit. Mistress
held my pussy lips open, so Mistress Barbara could rub the
all around my clittie, rubbing it, then pinching it. I felt
warm and slippery, I didn't care that these were girls
working on
me. They took their sponges, and briskly worked on my ass
pussy until I was covered with soapy froth. They took hoses
the walls. Mistress President told me to stand and face
She told me to spread my arms and legs. I stood spread eagle
my mistresses sprayed me with a fine warm mist, rinsing
my body.
Then they aimed the hoses at the floor and tightened the
to tiny streams. Then they motioned for me to turn around.
turn toward the back wall and spread my arms and legs. Mistress
Karen pushed me up to the wall. My erect nipples pressing
against the smooth cool tile. The streams hit me across
the top
of my back. The pulsating streams, pounding me, warmed
relaxed every muscle they hit. They massaged my back with
sprays. Then down to my asscheeks. I tightened my ass muscles
against the pounding. But those pulsating sprays made
me relax.
The water was turned off and my mistress began to dry me.
they brought me to the outer room and helped me up onto an
nation table. My mistresses stood on each side of me with
tress President at the foot. They lifted my legs and pulled
down to the end of the table.They pulled my legs wider and
my arms over my head. Some of the sisters lifted my bottom
put a pillow under me, exposing my cunt for all to see.

Mistress President began to stroke my curly bush. She told
me that all pledges should look like pretty little virgins.
pulled out a pair of scissors and snipped a lock from my bush.
She handed the curl to Mistress Janet who put it in a plastic
bag. Mistress President snipped away all of my pussy curls.
gently pulled the hairs on the sides of my slit to cut as close
to the skin as possible. When I had nothing but stubble left,
she laid a hot, wet washcloth on my open cunt. The warmth
that cloth spread up to my titties and down to my ass pucker.
Mistress President removed the cloth and sprayed a glob
of shav-
ing cream onto the middle of my triangle. She gently spread
cream all over my pussy stubble, massaging it into every
hair. She brought out a razor and gently shaved off my stubble.
She told them to open me further. They pulled my legs, lifting
my bottom off the pillow. Mistress President cleaned all
my asshole. She washed off the shaving cream with another
wet washcloth. I was tingling. Warm all over. Mistress
dent poured some lotion onto my clean crotch. She rubbed
it all
over, softening, soothing my tender cunt skin. She began
to rub
that cool lotion onto my clit. I felt my clittie warming
to her

My mistresses began to stroke my tits. More hands reached
for me, touching, stroking, gently caressing every inch
of me.
My mistresses covered my face with sweet kisses. I closed
eyes and drifted off into the wonderful sensations those
were giving me. My cunt was being rubbed, probed, stretched,
tingled by these loving sisters. I felt multiple fingers
my now creamy love hole. I was oozing my love juice onto every
hand that went into me. Soon waves of delicious tingles
over me as I came, and came, and kept cumming, oozing my love
cream in my first multiple orgasm. After I rested for a while
got up, curtsied to my mistresses and thanked them all for
fabulous orgasms. Mistress President told me to return
the next
day with a week's worth of clothes and my smallest bathing

On Saturday afternoon, Barbara met me at the door. She
hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. She led me into the living
room and introduced me to the other two pledges. We were
ately told to strip. The three of us striped down, nervously
exposing three shaven cunts. The sisters took our clothes
the suitcases we had brought. Lynn was a taller, larger
Very fleshy, her hips jiggled with every move. She had strawber-
ry blonde hair, and very pink nipples. Her areolas were
the size
of silver dollars. Her tits were very round, like melon
Kim was an oriental girl, not much larger than me. She had
shiny black hair, braided down to cover her asscrack. She
small tits with long tight nipples surrounded by dark areolas
than stood out against her ivory white skin. The sisters
our bathing suits back to us. Kim and I brought small bikinis
but Lynn had a tank suit like the swimming teams use. She
gized, saying that it was the only one she had at college.
put on our suits. Mistress President told Lynn to stand
in the
center of the room. Her two mistresses went next to her and
took turns cutting away at Lynn's suit with scissors.
They gave
her high cut leg holes that uncovered half of each asscheek,
hole from the bottom of her tits to halfway below where her
hair would have been, and long cuts from the armpit down
to her

We were told that a party would start soon, and that we were
to be waitresses. We were told that every guy in the place
want to feel everything we had. We were NOT told if we were
let them or refuse them. While serving food and drinks at
party, guys kept grabbing us. Mostly at Lynn's tits
and ass, but
Kim and I had our share of hands squeezing our titties and
scheeks. One guy had me stand next to him, with my legs open,
facing away from the sister he was talking to. He put his
between my legs and massaged the inside of my thigh. He worked
his hand up to my crotch. He massaged my shaven cunt through
bathing suit. I was getting juicier all the time. It felt
good, I started rocking against his hand. Before I could
cum, I
dropped the tray. The sister called everyone around and
them what had happened. Mistress President declared that
needed to be punished for my clumsiness. They took me into
living room and stood me in front of the fireplace. Mistress
President told me to take the proper position. I turned
and bent over. Mistresses Karen and Barbara were at my side
hold me as I spread my legs wide and grabbed my ankles. Every
guy in the place could see the small suit stretching tightly
across my cunt. The offended sister came to me with a paddle
her hand.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Fast hard blows covered my ass
with the tingling half pain-half pleasure warmth. Mistress
President announced that the offended guest should have
a chance
to punish me with his hand. He came next to me. SMACK! His
hand came down. He didn't pull it away immediately.
He squeezed
the ass flesh he had just spanked. Smack. Another blow,
squeeze. SMACK...SMACK...he began to rub my ass, pulling
bikini higher, into my slit, tight across my clit. He rubbed
hand up and down my slit, push hard across my clit and love
The warmth he had imparted to my ass was spreading through
cunt. I was still juicy from his previous hand action and
now he
was going to finish the job. He rubbed. I warmed and began
push my juicy cunt back at him. He rubbed faster. I bucked
faster. I gasped and fell on my mistresses when I came. Every-
one applauded and cheered. My mistresses let me up. I curtsied
and thanked the sisters and the guest for making my cunt
The sisters had us line up in front of the fireplace. Mistress
President said that we had not offered the boys anything
dessert. Mistress Karen grabbed the top of my bikini and
it away from my tits, just far enough for Mistress Barbara
pour chocolate syrup onto my titties. Then Mistress Karen
one tit, Mistress Barbara took the other, and they massaged
chocolate syrup all over my little titties. I could see
Kim and
Lynn were also having their tits coated with chocolate.
mistresses took scissors and snipped at my top until only
sticky chocolate held it on. Then they pull our tops off,
ing six chocolate covered tits to all the guests. The boys
cheering for our tits. Mistress President came to each
of us and
poured more chocolate on us. She stepped back and told us
to let
every guy taste our sweet bosoms. Leaning forward, we let
guy lick the chocolate off us. When the chocolate was gone,
sister would pour on more for the next guy to lick off. After
each guy had licked all six titties, we went back to the center
of the room.

Mistress President went to Lynn, pulled open the front
her bottom piece and poured honey into her crotch. Just
thought of letting all those boys licking honey off my cunt
me hot and horny. Mistress President did the same to Kim
then to me. We stood there for a few minutes, honey dripping
from our hot cunts. At last Mistress President told the
that they could dream about our honey cunts all night long
that the party was over. She told them to say good night to
We stood there, topless, chocolate coated tits, honey
cunts as each guy came to say good night. Their hands all
our asses, mouths all over our titties. When they were all
we were told to go take a shower, and to leave our suits up
there. We went to the shower room, stripped and began to
the sweet stickiness from our hairless cunts. I looked
at Kim
and Lynn and saw from the look on their faces that we all needed
some satisfaction. I watched as Lynn lowered her hand to
her big
clean cunt and began to finger her slit. With her other hand
would squeeze her fleshy tits, occasionally pinching
her nipples.
I lowered my hand to my eager slit and began to mimic Lynn,
the tit rubbing that I had never done before. I closed my
and drifted off into the warm wet dreams of pleasure, until
I had
satisfied my sexual urges with a hard bucking orgasm. When
recovered Lynn and I saw Kim sitting on the floor, rubbing
clit hard and fast. She had followed our lead into pleasure.
Harder and faster she rubbed until she shook with her orgasm.
helped her up and kissed each other. At least the three of
were sisters in sex. We finished washing, dried off, and
down stairs with towels wrapped around us (Lynn's
didn't cover

We went into the living room. We were surprised to see two
guy there, stark naked. Mistress President motioned us
She told us that these two would be the next part of our initia-
tion. She told them our names, as the sisters ripped away
towels leaving us as bare as could be. Mistress President
duced the boys: Master Hard and Master Easy.

Kim, Lynn and I were staring at these two naked hunks. I
was oblivious to my own complete nudity. I was fascinated
these gorgeous specimens of the male gender. Mistress
told us about the nicknames she had given them. Hard was
at least 6'2", wavy brown hair, hard tight muscles
from his
shoulders all the way down. His hard cock was sticking straight
out, bobbing up and down when he shifted his stance. Easy
shorter, about 5'7", with blonde hair and lovely
blue eyes. His
muscles didn't stand out as much as Hard's but
he certainly had
some nice ones. Easy's cock was also at attention.

Mistress President told us that Hard was the hardest cock
make cum, that he could last through at least two girls.
told us that Easy was not as hard to put down, but was very
to get up again, and again, and again. Lynn giggled. Someone
pushed her forward.

Mistress President went to her, pinched her big pink nip-
ples, then led her by the nipples to the center of the room.
Mistress President told her to take the proper position
for her
punishment. Lynn took her position with her mistresses
her. Lynn's open legs exposed her big pink love hole
for us to
see. It was so large and wide open, almost asking for a fuck.
Mistress President told Hard and Easy to give Lynn a good

They stood on each side of her and began to spank her big
fleshy asscheeks. When she got slapped, everything jiggled:
asscheeks, her cunt lips, and especially her melon-sized
They continued spanking her, making her ass glow bright
Mistress President told them to find out how horny Lynn's
could get. They pulled her cunt lips open and began to probe
love hole and rub her passion button. I saw Lynn close her
and I knew she was enjoying this examination. Hard and Easy
probed her, rubbed her, one finger, two fingers, one finger
each of them. Probing, stretching, pulling Lynn's
love hole
open, more and more. Pumping fingers, alternating thrusts.
two fingers from each guy, plunging, pulling out covered
with her
white creamy froth. They jammed they fingers deep into
her hole
and she shuttered as she came. When her mistresses let her
Lynn curtsied and thanked the sisters for a good finger

Mistress President said it was time for us to thank the boys
for helping with our initiation. Kim and Lynn were told
to kneel
down. The boys were brought in front of them. Kim and Lynn
told to start sucking. I was told to take a handful of crushed
ice in each hand, to go behind the boys, rub the ice on both
asses and watch the other pledges suck. Both boys were startled
by my cold fondles, they arched forward, shoving their
cocks at
my fellow pledges. Lynn was bouncing her head up and down
Hard's cock, sucking it all the way into her mouth.
Kim was
doing a tongue job on Easy's cock. She had one hand on
shaft, pumping up and down. Her tongue was licking his bulging
head around and around like a tootsie pop. I rubbed my cold
hands over those tight muscular asses, squeezing cheeks,
those blowjobs, yearning to work on one of them. Easy began
move his hips in and out as Kim took his cockhead into her
He was fucking his cockhead in and out of her little mouth.
squeezed his asscheek harder and pushed him forward on
stroke. I saw Easy's cock twitch and saw his cream ooze
out of
the corners of Kim's mouth. Kim was told to swallow
it, all of
it. She swallowed what she had in her mouth, then wiped the
excess from her face with a finger. She was told to swallow
every last drop of cum. Kim put her finger in her mouth and
sucked the cum off. Lynn was still sucking on Hard and he
still very hard. Lynn was told to stop.

We were told to change places. Kim was to suck Hard, Lynn
was to fondle their asses, and I was to suck Easy. I took my
position in front of Easy's dangling organ. I brought
both hands
up to that cock. I cupped my left hand under his balls and
circled my right hand around his shaft. I squeezed his balls
pulled on his soft cock. As I pulled I could feel it filling
with blood. I was told to suck it. I leaned forward and took
his head into my mouth. I ran my tongue over that bulb while
pumped his shaft and squeezed his balls. I sucked, that
kept growing, filling my mouth. Easy pushed his hips forward.
opened my mouth as his cock slid in, over my tongue, deep
into my
throat. I had never had a guy's whole cock in my mouth.
wanted it now. Easy pushed in, I sucked in, and my lips touched
his silky soft hair. I held all of his marvelous cock in my

Mistress President slapped my ass and told me to suck it,
not swallow it whole. I sucked as hard as I could as he pulled
his cock out of my mouth. I put my hand back on his shaft and
pumped. I sucked at his cockhead until I felt his rod twitching.
I held his shaft tight. I opened my mouth and let Easy squirt
his hot salty cum into my mouth. Not a drop escaped my mouth
tongue as I licked every drop oozing out of his manhood.
I would
have been willing to drink his cum all day and all night.
were told to change places again.

I moved in front of Hard's still rigid cock. Lynn took
position in front of Easy and Kim went behind them and grabbed
their ass cheeks. Lynn was already taking all of Easy's
into her mouth. I faced Hard's long cock. It was longer
Easy's but not as thick. I knew I couldn't take
it all into my
mouth, so I started a tongue job. First all around his head,
then tightening my tongue I ran the tip down the cleft at
front of his helmet and down the silky length of his shaft.
flattened my tongue against his cock muscle and licked
all the
way up to his head. I kept licking him with these long strokes.
I held his balls in one in each hand, rubbing them like large
marbles. I would occasionally feel Kim's fingers
between his
tight cheeks. I licked at his cockhead. I moved my right
around his long hard shaft and pumped. I pumped it, squeezing
tight and pulling his manhood to my warm wanting tongue.
pumped harder, faster. I saw Lynn Easy's third load
of cum in
her mouth. I wanted Hard to spew his cream into my mouth.
licked across the top of his helmet and wiggled the tip into
piss hole. I felt someone pull my hand from his balls. They
some crushed ice into my open hand and pressed it up between
legs to his hot balls. I rubbed the ice onto his balls. They
tightened. His cock twitched. I pumped harder. I could
his load running the length of that hard shaft. I took his
into my mouth as his hot, thick cum shot out. There was so
cum that I had to open my mouth and he pulled back a bit. His
cock kept squirting hot thick cum across my face, my cheeks,
my chin, into my open mouth. I swallowed as much as I could.
When he stopped spewing, i licked at his cock, licking off
drop. I moved my hand to wipe the cum from my face and was
stopped by Mistress President. She told me to share my good
fortune with the other pledges. The boys moved away and
Kim and
Lynn knelt in front of me. Mistress President told them
to lick
Hard's cum from my face and taste his treasure. They
both went
at me the way I went at Hard's cock. Fast, furious, wanting
every drop, they licked my face, cheeks, chin and lips.

We were escorted to the dining room and told to have some-
thing to eat and drink. We made some sandwiches from the
and talked a bit. Mistress Janet came in and told us to come
into the living room. They had put a large coffee table in
center. Mistress Barbara took me to the table and had me
down facing the fireplace. Kim and Lynn were seated on the
side. We were told to lay back so that we were laid out on the
table alternating head to cunt. Mistress Barbara lifted
my legs
and told Kim and Lynn to hold them open. Then Kim's and
mistresses lifted their legs and told me to hold the leg
next to
me. Their mistresses held the other leg. I was able to look
each side an see a beautiful hairless cunt. I looked down
saw that both Kim and Lynn were intently watching my exposed
cunt. Mistress Barbara poured some honey onto my cunt.
other mistresses equally covered Kim's and Lynn's
open slits.
Mistress President told us it was time for our 'honey
pies' to
get decently (or indecently) eaten. Hard and Easy knelt
facing Kim's and Lynn's honey coated cunts and
began to lick the
sweetness off them. I kept looking from side to side to watch
those lovely tongues lapping at my fellow pledges. They
had just
licked the honey layer off without delving deeper into
sweetness. Mistress President told them to switch. Hard
down to kneel at my twat. Easy went to Lynn's cunt. Kim
Lynn were coated with more honey. The boys were told to resume
eating their dessert. Hard started his tongue at my asshole
slowly licked the whole length of my slit. Easy was busy
Lynn's cunt, licking at every fold of her cunt lips.
Hard's long
cleaning strokes covered my entire crotch. Easy pulled
cunt open and started rapid licks at her big bright pink
button. Hard kept up his long laps at my slit, warming every
inch of my womanhood. I yearned for the fast licks that Easy
now administering to Lynn's cunt hole. Lynn was pushing
her cunt
up at Easy's tongue. She was beginning to cum when her
pulled Easy away. Mistress President told them to switch
Hard went to Kim's cunt and Easy went down to mine. More
was poured on my cunt. The boys began licking again, both
and fast, quickly cleaning our cunts. Kim was already pushing
her cunt at Hard's rapid tongue lashing. Easy pulled
my lips
open and began flicking his tongue against my hot clittie.
pushed my cunt up to his tongue as tight as I could. I wanted
him to eat me until I came. He ran his tongue around my passion
button, sending tingles out across my cunt. He moved his
ing tongue to my open love hole. I bucked my cunt up against
tongue. He circled his way into my aching hole. I wanted
him to
have my cunt, with his tongue and cock. He plunged his tongue
into my hole. I could see Hard was giving Kim as good a tongue-
fuck as Easy was giving me. They stopped. Our mistresses
pulled them back before we could cum.

We were three very horny cunts. I was willing to do any-
thing for satisfaction. We were pulled up to our feet by
mistresses. Other sisters removed the table and brought
in a
padded bench with cranks on each leg to adjust its height.
Mistresses Karen and Barbara pulled me to the bench and
had me
lay face down on it. Mistress President announced that
the three
of us were to each perform a sex act that went one step further
than we had ever gone before. She said I was to be first to
Easy have a rest between sessions. She told all the sisters
I still had a virgin ass. She told them it was time for me to
surrender my anal cherry to Easy's magnificent cock.
She brought
Easy in front of me and began to lubricate his cock. She turned
his cock over to Mistresses Karen and Barbara. They massaged
glistening cock while Mistress President went behind
me. She
began to apply the slippery grease to my virgin butt. She
her greasy finger around my backdoor while I watched my
es slowly stroking that gorgeous man muscle. My cunt was
for satisfaction. I wanted that cock in me. If I couldn't
him in my cunt then my ass was the next best hole. He could
me anyway he wanted. Mistress President pushed her whole
into me, send exciting shiver through me. She told Easy
to come
behind me and watch her grease my asshole. She applied another
load of grease and pushed it into my hole, making sure that
I was
very greasy and willing. She slapped my ass and told me that
should reach back, pull my asscheeks open and offer my virgin

I moved my hands back to my cheeks and pulled them as wide
as possible. I asked Easy to stick his cock deep into my virgin
ass. Mistress President took his cock and put the head against
my backdoor. I asked Easy to fuck me, to fuck my virgin ass.
pushed forward. He pushed his bulging cockhead into my
enced rectum. It hurt a little as the head pushed through
backdoor. He stopped. He held his cock just head deep until
relaxed and the pain left. His cock felt hot and so good.
knew I made the right choice. I knew I would enjoy this assfuck.
I begged Easy to push his cock deep, as deep as he could. He
slowly pushed his cock in. My rectal muscles opened to accept
his hard slippery cock. I felt his balls lay against my hairless
cunt as he reached deep inside me. He stopped. I squeezed
dark tunnel around his rod. I pleaded for him to fuck me.
pulled almost all the way out. His sudden withdrawal surprised
me. His equally sudden return delighted me. His plunging
warmed and tingled me where no man had ever tingled me before.
It was a new and great sensation to have his luscious cock
ing deep into my butt. I loosened my grip on my asscheeks
relaxed to take this delightful ass fuck. His cock plunging
into my greasy tail and then pulling almost all the way out
before plunging in again, sent warm tingling warms through
entire body. my pleasure was building, without any work
on my
cunt, I knew I was going to cum if he kept screwing me. Easy
increased his pace, pumping in and out of my backdoor. My
was oozing love juice with each thrust into my tail. My orgasm
was building. I was going to cum. Easy's cock was making
me cum
by fucking my asshole. My cunt began to pulsate as if I were
squeezing a cock. I was squeezing my cream out. I started
cumming. I begged Easy to fuck me harder, faster, to make
me cum
more. He sped up. He pumped my tail, deeper, faster, harder.
was cumming, oozing my cream out of my cunt hole. I squeezed
ass muscles and bucked against his plunging cock until
my first
anally induced orgasm subsided. It was the longest single
I ever had. Easy kept up his pace, pumping in and out of my
slippery tail. I squeezed at his cock. I wanted him to cum,
shoot his hot load into my waiting receptacle. I felt his
waver. Then he plunged hilt deep into me and held there.
cock started jerking inside me, spewing his cream, filling
butt. He stayed there as his cock emptied and then softened.
pulled out. I squeezed his retreating cock to show him I
enjoyed him. It was like a plug being unpopped as his cockhead
finally left me. With his cream oozing from my asshole I
up, curtsied and thanked Mistress President and Easy for
ering my ass.

Mistress Barbara brought out a bowl of steamy water and
washcloth. She told me to clean Easy's cock very "nicely".
knelt in front of him and gently put the hot wet cloth to his
gorgeous but now limp cock. I covered his organ and gently
rubbed the grease off. I rinsed the cloth and washed him
Mistress Barbara said I should wash him clean enough to
suck. I
rinsed the cloth and continued washing his cock and balls.
more I washed, the thicker and stiffer he became. When he
clean enough, I lifted his cock and sucked the head into
mouth. I rolled my tongue around and around that luscious
pop. I slowly pumped my hand along his stiffening shaft,
his cock into my mouth. He was getting rock hard again. Mis-
tress Barbara stopped me and Mistress President announced
that it
was time for Kim to perform her sex act. Mistress President
everyone that Kim was even more virginal than I was. Kim
never taken a cock into her cunt. Mistress President asked
if she was ready to spread her legs and offer her hairless
cunt to Hard's cock. Kim readily agreed. She was told
to lay on
the bench face up. Lynn and I were positioned on each side
her. Her mistresses brought Hard to the foot of the bench,
leading him by his massive erection. They told Kim to raise
legs straight up. We were told to hold them there. The mis-
tresses pulled Hard's cock closer to Kim's clean
cunt lips and
gently rubbed them with his bulging cockhead. We were told
pull her legs toward her chest and then open. We stepped
Kim's head, pulling her legs and cunt open. Her mistresses
rubbed her lips with Hard's cockhead. Rubbing up and
down be-
tween her lips, across her virgin hole and hot clittie.
mistresses asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted
to get
fucked. One of them slapped Kim's cunt and told her
to be very
specific. Kim said she wanted Hard's cock to fuck her
hot virgin
cunt. One mistress poured some oil onto Kim's cunt.
The other
massaged it into her love hole. Then they both coated Hard's
cock with it. They nudged Hard forward and rubbed his oily
cockhead between Kim's lips until they worked his
head into her
virgin hole. Kim closed her eyes as her mistresses worked
bulging cockhead into her. They stopped.

Kim relaxed and opened her eyes. Her mistresses told her
ask for what she wanted. She asked her mistresses to have
plunge his cock deep into her virgin love tunnel. Hard jammed
forward, ramming his cock into her, all the way in. He filled
her cunt. Kim gasped at the sudden deflowering. She relaxed,
warming to the feel of cock filling her depths. When she
gotten over the shock of his initial thrust, Kim begged
Hard to
fuck her. Hard slowly pulled back until just his head was
her. Then he slowly pushed in again filling her with his
hood. We were told to squeeze Kim's tits. I reached
down and
cupped my hand over her soft pointed tittie. Lynn did the
to her other tit. We gently rubbed her tits the way I knew
would want mine rubbed. Hard pulled out and pushed in slowly.
Long slow strokes were warming Kim as she had never been
before. A soft pleading sound came from Kim's mouth,
for Hard to fuck her faster. Hard increased the speed of
strokes. Lynn and I increased the speed and strength of
our tit
squeezes. Kim's was slowly moving her head from side
to side,
getting lost in the pleasure I knew Hard's cock was
giving her.
Her mistresses went behind Lynn and I. They took Kim's
hands and
placed them on our butts. Kim squeezed my still greasy ass
tight. I returned the squeeze to her tit and then pinched
nipple. Hard was now slamming into Kim's wet willing
Pulling back, slamming forward to the hilt, his ball sack
ping against her ass. Kim was writhing in pleasure, moaning,
squeezing our asscheeks. She arched her back to push her
against Hard's driving thrusts. Lynn twisted Kim's
nipple, I
repeated it on the tit I held, then we pulled her nipples
Kim began to buck against Hard's cock, squeezing female
flopping her head side to side. I knew she was beginning
to cum.
Hard increased his speed. He was really ramming his cock
her. I was almost drooling at the sight of his man meat sliding
in and out of Kim's glistening smooth cunt. Kim squeezed
my ass
tighter than ever as she tensed her entire body. She was
ming. Hard pulled out and then slammed in harder, faster
deeper than before. Then he stopped and held himself deep
Kim's love hole. Kim's orgasm subsided and she
relaxed. She
loosened her grip on my ass, but didn't let go. Lynn
and I
rubbed her tits round and round, slowly, gently. Her face
with a pleasure I knew well. When she recovered, Hard pulled
of her with a popping sound as her cunt resisted his departure.
We helped her sit up to see that Hard was still very hard.
stood up, curtsied and thanked the sisters for making her
a total

Mistress President went to Lynn and pinched her large erect
nipples. She led Lynn by her nipples to the center of the
Mistress President told everyone that there wasn't
a virginal
hole in Lynn. She told us that Lynn had started sucking when
was 11, had stripped and 69'ed with boys when she was
13, had her
cunt cherry taken at 15, her ass cherry at her sweet sixteen
party and at a party after her senior prom had taken two guys
all three holes in separate sessions.

Mistress President told us that tonight Lynn should take
both Easy and Hard in every hole in the same sex session and
finish as the meat in a sex sandwich. She asked Lynn if she
willing to perform this act for the sorority. Lynn said
that she
was willing to do anything, to take anyone in any hole. Lynn
told to get down on her hands and knees.
Easy knelt down in front of her, lifted her chin and put his
cock to her lips. Mistress President told her to open her
and let Easy fuck her face. Lynn opened her mouth and let
cock slide past her lips. She closed her lips around his
as he pushed his cock into her mouth and down her throat.
out seeming to try hard, she took the entire length of Easy's
cock into her mouth. Easy got a silly satisfied grin on his
as he slowly fucked her willing experienced mouth. Her
es stopped Easy and had him move around behind Lynn. After
reaching down to make sure Lynn's cunt was lubricated
Easy took Lynn by the hips and jammed his cock into her cunt.
almost came thinking about the pleasure that cock had given
ass and how much I wanted him in my cunt. I could see Lynn get
the same silly grin as Easy gave her cunt several long, slow
strokes. He pumped Lynn's cunt slowly, making sure
that she was
getting properly juiced up. Lynn pushed her cunt against
Easy as
he pushed into her love hole. She started to speed up her
ing, trying to get Easy to speed up his fucking. Lynn wanted
fucking. She wanted Easy to pound his cock into her. Her
tresses stopped Easy and had him pull out of her cunt. They
applied a coat of grease to Lynn's bright pink asspucker
and then
to Easy's cock. They pulled Lynn's cheeks open
as Easy pushed
his cockhead into her backdoor. My cunt was quivering with
memories of the pleasure of my assfuck. I knew she was going
enjoy having her ass fucked up. He slowly eased the full
of his cock into her butt and held her tight. He leaned over
and asked if she wanted long slow strokes or a hard fast pound-
ing. She said she wanted a fast pounding. He slowly pulled
cock out until just the head was still in her rectum. Then
mistresses gave her a hard fast spanking, making her asscheeks
glow red. When they were finished, Easy gave her the hard
pounding assfuck that she wanted. He rammed his cock in
and out
of her as she bucked her tail to meet his thrusts. She was
moaning and thoroughly enjoying the ass reaming Easy was
her. Before Lynn or Easy could cum, the mistresses stopped
and Easy pulled out and got up.

Mistress President brought Hard in front of Lynn, leading
him by his massive cock. Hard knelt down and lifted Lynn's
His cockhead slowly brushed across her lips. He held her
chin so
she would not be able to open her mouth yet. He took his cock
hand and slowly rubbed his bulging cockhead all over her
Mistress President stopped him and told Lynn to open her
mouth to
take Hard's cock for another face fuck. Hard moved
his hands to
each side of her head. Lynn opened her mouth and Hard pushed
cock into her. Without resistance, without gagging, Lynn
the entire length of that cock into her mouth. Hard held
head with his cock filling her mouth. He began to fuck her
Not slowly like Easy but not fast, just loving strokes of
long hard cock. After a few moments, her mistresses stopped
Hard. He pulled out of her mouth and moved around behind
Her mistresses told her to put her tits on the floor and her
high in the air. They spread her legs a little wider. Hard
moved closer, held her by her hips and pounded into her waiting
cunt hole. After a few more moments of fucking, her mistresses
stopped Hard. He pulled out of Lynn's cunt and the mistresses
applied another coat of grease to her pucker and to Hard's
covered cock. They pulled her cheeks to open her gaping
and Hard pushed his blood gorged cockhead into Lynn's
tail. The mistresses repeated the fast spanking and Hard
the rest of his cock into her. He fucked her ass. She moaned.
She groaned. She wanted to cum. Her mistresses stopped
My cunt was aching from watching Lynn take all that good
without being allowed to cum.

Her mistresses helped Lynn stand up. Other sisters moved
the bench back into position. Mistress President told
Easy to
lay on the bench. Then Lynn was instructed to climb on and
her cunt down onto Easy's cock. Lynn eagerly climbed
on and
swallowed Easy's cock into her smooth juicy cunt.
Easy reached
up and pinched her nipples. He pulled her down and they kissed.
Very passionately, they explored each others mouth and
Lynn's mistresses applied a third coat of grease to
Lynn's ass
pucker. Mistress President again pulled Hard into position
his cock. The bench was too high for Hard to get into Lynn's
ass. Some sisters cranked the bench lower. Then Mistress
dent pushed Hard's cockhead into Lynn's receptive
butt. As Hard
pushed his entire length into Lynn, I could see a glow of
lute delight wash across her face. Once both cunt and ass
full of cock, no one moved. They just held her tight, filling
her, enjoying the sensations of her fuck holes.

Our mistresses took us to stand on each side of Lynn. We
were told to lift her up, hold her and rub her tits the way
horny teenaged boy would. We lifted Lynn and she slipped
arms around our waists. Kim and I grabbed at Lynn's
tits. I had never squeezed another girl's tits. Lynn's
softer and fleshier than mine (as well as a great deal larger).
As we massaged her tits and pinched her nipples, she began
ing and moving her hips trying to work on both of those cocks.
Mistress President told Hard to give Lynn the best ass fuck
could. He started stroking her rectum with his bulging
cock. We
could see both Lynn and Easy enjoying the sensations Hard
providing. Kim and I kept up our tit work, as Easy put a hand
our asses. I opened my legs to let him probe my horny cunt.
worked his finger into my joy hole and rubbed his thumb on
my (no
longer virginal) ass pucker. His gentle probing was driving
crazy. I wanted to cum. I could see Kim grinding her cunt
against Easy's hand until she was slapped by her mistresses.

When Hard moved into Lynn's ass, he didn't stop
when he was all
the way in. He pushed Lynn forward, sliding her the length
Easy's cock. Then he would pull her back down Easy's
shaft and
then Hard would pull his cock out, leaving just his cockhead
inside her backdoor. He repeated this double fuck for a
until Lynn bucked against these two cocks cumming to her
She fell limp against us.
We were told to just hold her up, but not to let go of her
tits. Then Mistress President told the boys to finish up
creaming. Both Easy and Hard began moving in Lynn's
holes. Hard
was giving her a hard fast ass pounding while Easy lifted
hips to drive his cock deep into Lynn's cunt on Hard's
al. They kept up this hard fucking until Easy rammed his
into my cunt and ass and shot his load of cum into Lynn's
hole. Hard pulled Lynn down onto Easy's cock, plugging
her cunt
hole. He held her tight and pounded her butt hole, harder
faster and deeper than ever. He finally rammed his cock
into her
and she gasped as Hard emptied his cream-filled balls into
tail. He collapsed on top of Lynn who collapsed on us.

We were told to lay them down on Easy and let them relax.
When they recovered, they got up with the help of Lynn's
tresses. They whispered to Lynn as they helped her. Then
led Easy and Hard to the fireplace by their softened cocks.
Turning to face the whole sorority, Lynn curtsied and thanked
them for the creamiest fuck ever, and then she kissed each
head. Kim and I were ordered to the center of the room. Mis-
tress President asked us if our cunts were satisfied or
if we
needed more work on our cunts. We looked at each other, smiled
and said that we needed more cunt action.

The boys were sent to get dressed and we were told to sit on
the floor and spread our legs. Six inch candles were tossed
us. We were told to cream our own cunts until we were satisfied.
We were the two horniest cunts in town. We grabbed those
and buried them in our shaven twats. We pumped. We rubbed.
creamed. And we came. We were told to leave the candles in
holes as our mistresses helped us stand up. Lynn was bent
and another candle was stuffed into her wanton hole. Kim
and I
curtsied to thank the sisters for a chance to satisfy our
When Easy and Hard came back, they came to each of us and gave
a double tit sucking, Easy on the right tit, Hard on the left.
With their hot mouths on our tits, their fingers probing
asses, rubbing our clits, we said good-bye to those fantastic

We were sent upstairs to the shower room to clean up. We
were told we could take the candles out while we washed but
had to put them back in when we were finished in the shower.
went up to the shower room, removed our candles and gently
our tenderized slits. When we finished we dried off, inserted
the candles into our cunt holes and headed back to our mistress-
es. They met us in the hallway dressed in their pajamas.
tress Barbara was wearing a see-thru blue babydoll nightie.
Mistress Karen was wearing a large boy's T-shirt that
just barely
covered her pink panties. Our mistresses directed us to
a bed-
room on that floor that would be ours for the next week. It
three single beds with wooden headboards and frames. There
one dresser, a closet and our suitcases.

Our mistresses led us each to a bed. We laid down. My
mistresses sat on each side of me. They each lifted one of
arms to the headboard and tied my wrists to the bed. They
my cheeks and squeezed my titties. Then they stood up and
my legs straight up. I could see that Lynn and Kim were also
tied down and held up. Our mistresses pulled our legs open.
Both Mistress Barbara and Mistress Karen slide one hand
down my
legs to my hairless cunt. They pulled my cuntlips open to
my love hole with the candle peeking out. One mistress called
for Mistress President. The door opened and all the sisters
appeared in the doorway dressed in their nightclothes.
President went to Kim, who was nearest the door. She reached
down into Kim's crotch to make sure she had the candle
well into her hole. She bent over Kim's face and kissed
her. As
she lifted up, I could see that Mistress President had Kim's
nipples between her fingers and was pulling them up causing
to arch her back. Mistress President let go of Kim's
nubs and
went to Lynn. Mistress Janet came in and went to Kim. Mistress
President repeated this good-night ritual on Lynn. Mistress
Janet repeated it on Kim. Then they moved. Mistress President
came to me, Mistress Janet went to Lynn and another sister
in and went to Kim. When Mistress President reached down
into my
crotch and took hold of the candle protruding from my pleasure
cave. She slipped it in and out and then twisted it around

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