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sluty wife x


its longe story so ......

Tina is my X wife of 2 1/2 years. She is a dirty blond with blue
eyes and about 5’6 with sexy legs and a killer smile. She
is very sexy and loves to show off her legs in skirts, but
is shy. She has medium sized breast but very sensitive nipples.
I am about 12 years older and was her first and only. I love
walking into a bar knowing every guy wished he could be with
her but she is with me. I knew that she loved to flirt and more
than once we talked about how excited she would get to have
the “power” to turn on a guy. When she drinks Jaeger she gets

I had known I was going to have to do a two week trip for quite
some time. Tina was on her period when I left so I did not get
a chance to have sex for better than a week- so it has been
almost 3 weeks I was a little worried as her girlfriend insisted
on a girls’ night out. Tina has become aware of her sexuality
and can dress to thrill when she wants. When I first met Tina
she was a virgin. I have enjoyed our relationship as she
has become more sexual every month since we first did it.
Although she was a “good girl” at heart I knew she had an “inner
bad girl”. I want her to be as sexual as possible and worry
that she one day could want to “try” someone else and have
an affair. I would rather let her do something with permission
than have an emotional affair. I was turned on knowing she
could be a tease tonight, but a little jealous as well. We
have always been honest with each other and our sex life
would improve whenever she would do anything that boosted
her self confidence. Whenever she would go out with Sue,
if anyone hit on her she would be so flattered. More than
once when she was out if she danced with a guy she would come
home dripping wet and horny. I encouraged her self confidence
because it helped our relationship, and certainly made
our sex better. More than once we talked about if she would
want to try another guy and she always said no that she was
satisfied, but would tell me if that ever changed. She confessed
one night that a guy touched her clit on a slow dance, but
her friend Sue once let it “slip” in a conversation that
she got fingered good, but was scared to tell me. I always
joked with her just be careful, meaning safe. I guess a full
explanation of why I am being so understanding is in order.
This happened right before Tina and I were seriously dating,
about 3 ½ years ago…

Tina’s girlfriend Sue has always been slutty in my opinion,
and loved to tease men. I know because I got a full update
every time they went out. About three years ago we all got
drunk and had a great conversation about Tina (who was just
dating me at that time) and how she turned every guy’s head
in the club. Sue joked that she wished Tina would just “layoff
the guys or fuck one of them” so she would have a dibs on the
other hot guys with her interference. Sue and I continued
this conversation long after Tina went to bed and passed

Sue was a girl who got turned on easy and I teased her about
Tina being so picky she would never do another guy as she
had only been with me. I joked with Sue about her just falling
for any guy who would go down on her, as it was well known that
she loved receiving oral sex. I don’t know why I was flirting,
but I was playing it up. I guess I was turned on by her short
skirt and knowing that she was so into sex. I began to use
my “skills”. I watched her legs move in her short skirt and
knew I was getting to her as I talked about sex. I kept bringing
back the conversation of cunnilingus and how much I loved
to see a girl cum from oral. For some reason I was on a quest
to see how horny I could get her even though it was just a challenge.
I always knew it is much easier when you know the “secrets”
of a girl. I began to ask a series of questions as to what “girls
liked” but I knew that she was telling me what “she” liked.
I ask about how fast, how hard, and if a guy should talk or
just lick. At first she was reluctant to talk about sex but
within a few questions she literally opened up.

She shifted positions several times each time her skirt
sliding up a little more. She also became a bit touchier.
Each time she would move I would make it more obvious that
I was checking out her legs. This conversation seemed to
be really getting to her but it was beginning to get me horny
too. I continued to ask her about oral technique and then
to tease her I grabbed her hand taking her fingers into my
mouth asked her which would feel better. I licked and sucked
on her finger asking which felt better until she giggled
and pulled her hand away. I then asked if she was horny. She
stammered on answering then told me that I was “only” getting
her wet because I knew what buttons to push because she just
told me. She complained it was unfair and almost no other
guy would know how to get her so worked up. It was a compliment
in an offhand sort of way.

She said she usually only has sex a few times a month and that
was typical …not like Tina and I which is at least once a day.
Obviously, the girls had shared secrets. I purposely took
a long look at her skirt which was riding up and licked my
lips knowing that she loves to tease in a skirt. I saw her
legs twitch. She tried to change the subject but still keep
looking at me to see if I noticed how high up her skirt had
ridden. I told her how nice her legs looked as I saw her checking
out my package. She asked if I thought she had sexy legs.
I rubbed her leg telling her they looked very smooth and
sexy. I commented on how hot her little red thong looked
and that I just loved going down on a shaved pussy knowing
that she was totally bare. She started to cross her legs
but then just sat there. I could see a tiny red thong that
was barely covering her pussy lips was just peeking out
of her skirt. She asked, “Why it is such a turn on for a guy
to get a panty shot?” I told her that is forbidden and guys
like to feel that they “broke the rules.” Also I added guys
like to know if the drapes match the carpet or if it’s a bare

I knew she was getting horny when she volunteered that she
just got waxed the day before. I told her I love after a licking
a hairless pussy. I asked it was worth the pain? She asked
me if it was really that much of a turn on ? I said I didn’t know
I could only see her red thong. I joked and told her she should
just take it off as it looked very uncomfortable. I could
see it was spreading her little lips and told her if I went
through that much pain I would be sure to show it to everybody.
We both laughed. She admitted that her smallest thongs
would ride into her pussy adding that the red one she was
wearing was “the worst”. Sue spread her legs and slowly
pulled her thong out of her pussy giving me a perfect view
of her waxed kitty. She was slow and deliberate showing
me the goods but trying to pretend she was just rearranging.

I guess what I was saying was paying off. She spread her legs
a little wider. I just stared at it. She asked if I liked what
I saw. I said I couldn’t see much just a panty. She asked if
“since I was eye fucking her anyway, what would I do to see
it. I just put my hand on her thigh and I began to rub up and
down her smooth legs. Each time I stopped before I touched
her pussy. I wanted to tease her as much as I could handle.
I wanted her to let me have a green light but did not really
want to do her. I did not think I would do anything but tease
her until I notice a little wet spot forming between her
pussy lips showing on her red thong. I slid my hand up touched
her sopping wet thong and wanted to tease her even more.
She was so wet that it I rubbed her clit through her thong
which cause her legs to shake and quiver. She asked I wanted
to see it. I slide a finger under the bottom of her thong felling
her wetness, working my way up her wet slit then to her clit.
I felt her tight tummy quiver as my finger gently stroked
her back and forth. I slid my finger between her wet lips
lubricating my finger with her juices and slowly but deliberately
penetrated her. I could tell that my clit rubbing really
had her going. She began to moan quietly but encouraging
me to continue. Her juices were very thick and hot allowing
my finger to slide deep into her wet pussy. I caressed her
arm up to her halter top pulling it exposing her erect nipples.
I knew she loved a guy to take control, so I pinched her nipples,
and then sucked them hard till she was literally sliding
off her seat. I slid down her panties and got a view of a very
wet and smooth pussy. I knew what she liked as Tina told me
of how she would melt when a guy took control. I did not have
sex with her but did everything else, fingering her to several
orgasms. She let me know I could do her but I really liked
Tina and didn’t want to mess things up.

Afterwards, Sue was not happy that I was able to “seduce”
her, and was especially disturbed since it was me who stopped
it from going all the way. She was amazed that I knew exactly
what to do. I should have keep my mouth shut; but I confessed
that I had “inside” knowledge about her. Tina would give
me all the details of Sue’s sex life because she had never
been with anyone else and really loved hearing the vivid
descriptions. I already knew exactly what to do to her ‒
it was like a recipe book for getting her panties to drop.
I said almost every girl has a secret combination that if
you know it; you get the goodies. She insisted that Tina
was the same, but just never had the opportunity. She told
me Tina would be even easier and that any guy who knew what
I knew - could easily do the same thing. I insisted she was
full of shit but was totally aroused by the thought. I was
never “with” Sue again.

Tina’s story:

It was almost 3 weeks that I had sex with Bob. This was the
longest time since we had been married. I was on my last day
of my period when his sales job called him out of town for
the 2 weeks. I always get very horny about 2 weeks after my
period and was really horny this cycle.

He was to arrive in about 3 a.m. on Saturday from the west
coast and I was going to go out for a girls’ night out. I agreed
to be back by 2:45 a.m. so he could do me as we both really needed
it. I decided to take a bath, put some moisturized on my freshly
waxed kitty. I usually talk Sue into going to do our waxing
but she said she was “making plans” ‒ whatever that means.
Bob loves this and it also makes me excited just knowing
that I am totally bare down there. My girlfriend said she
would drive so I could drink tonight. He always enjoyed
me being a tease an asked what I was going to wear tonight.
I told Bob that he would have to wait to know. He loves for
me to go out and tell him about all the guys who try to get in
my pants!

Bob is a great guy -confident, sexy and funny. He always
“jokes” with me that when he goes out of town that I get laid
more often than when he is in town. I was always curious about
sex, but had only been with him. After all I was happy with
my sex life. Bob always said he was OK with me having fun but
to be careful. When I first had sex I was super shy, but over
the last few years I have really enjoyed sex and have enjoyed
being a “flirt with permission.” Bob seemed to be Ok with
me teasing or playing as long as I told him what was up. He
really loved it when I would tell him about the guys who would
buy Sue & I drinks and would even dance with us. Once
after being out and very drunk, I told him about a guy who
was dancing with me. I had on a short skirt. I was dancing
sexy rubbing my ass up against him and he was rubbing my thighs.
I never actually told Bob, but I let him sneak a finger in
me during a slow song! That was the wildest thing I ever did.
It is my only slutty story. I guess it benefited him as well
because our sex life improved, especially after any adventure
story. Tonight I planned to be hot, horny and wet for Bob.
I might even have a new dance story even if it’s made up.

When Bob called I told him that Sue was “acting weird.” I
told him she asked a few questions about what he would think
about me going to a club and getting hit on by other men while
you were away. Bob seemed quite turned on that he knew I was
so horny and doing a girls night. I teased him by telling
him I was going out as a schoolgirl without my panties. I
think he was really turned on and wanted to know if I was really
going to flirt. I asked him if I had his permission and he
reminded me of the rule that I would have to tell him everything.
He asked if I was horny enough to want to get fucked. I replied.
”Yes I’m very horny and would love to get fucked, but I will
wait for you!

Naturally, Sue knew about a few stories about guys rubbing
me in the clubs, and even knew about the one night I got “touched”
in the club. Bob only knew about the one guy rubbing me and
just thought I was always happy to see him when I got home.

What no one knew is I just got waxed this morning. I had my
nails and toes done pink, as that is Bob’s favorite color
and just decided why not try the full Brazilian. I paid the
extra money and did the full blown Brazilian wax ‒ my first.
It really, really hurt but I perfectly smooth. I was surprised
how much more sensitive it was than the standard bikini

When Sue got there I was still in my robe after having just
showered. I let her in. She came in with such a suitcase full
of clothes; I asked if she was moving in. She just laughed
and explained that her girlfriend who works for Fredrick’s
had closed a store due to a mall closing and she gave her a
whole suitcase full of stuff. Naturally, we had fun with
the stuff and iced down the Jaeger that she brought. Our
drink is diet Red Bull with Jaeger for that “energy buzz”
as we call it.

After a few shots and trying on a dozen things, I decided
on a really hot little outfit - a baby doll flowing short
pink skirt, hot pink high heels and a lacy white skin tight
top which had many peek-a-boo holes. It was lined but looked
see-thru, although with enough light you could see the
faint pink outline of my nipples. I liked the top as no matter
how I turned my nipples never hung out but was very sexy.
It provided just enough support that I didn’t need a bra.
I loved the top, but it was not sure as it was a semi-body suit.
It made my little tummy look really flat. I debated about
wearing the top, having never worn split crotch panties
(crotch-less) and was unsure about being exposed. The
bottom of the shirt had two small and flat “ribbons” which
looked like someone had removed the crotch of a pair of sexy
panties and the back was just a string. It was tight holding
down my shirt making my chest look great and still provided
a little tummy support. I worried what if someone should
see or touch under my skirt? Sue commented that, “You took
a little bit of extra effort on that kitty of yours or just
got waxed…Bitch ‒ so what does it matter?!” She obviously
noticed how bare I was and was a bit upset I didn’t ask her
to go with me, but she was “making plans.” Two more drink
of Jaeger and I agreed to wear the shirt. I completed the
look straightening my hair and pink lipstick.

Sue poured another drink for me. She elaborated on how I
was going to drive the guys wild with my outfit. I hit the
bathroom for the first time and realized that my skirt was
so short if I wasn’t careful I would be flashing everyone…

Sues Call to the Setup Guy (Brandon):

While Tina was in the bathroom, Sue made a short call…

“Hey Brandon, what are you doing tonight? Remember when
I told you this morning I promised to get you laid if you helped
me out… I know you thought I was teasing or going to introduce
you to a fat chick but what I said was true. I just didn’t want
to tell you who until I discussed it with her and found out
if she really wanted to do it. Well it’s on for tonight if
you want. I know you have seen her before. You still remember
the picture of hot chick on fridge that you drooled over?
Yes, the one with the miniskirt on? Yes - with the older guy.
She has the hots for you just like I told you this morning,
but I didn’t want to say who. Still interested? I though
so! Good. Park your car at Crystal’s house across the street
from my house and ask her and Ron to ride with them. I already
told them you were going to do this. They are cool with it.
Get to Club DZ and have a seat with my crew at the VIP. I will
give you more details tonight. She would kill me if she knew
that I told you about how she has fantasized about being
with you ever since she first saw you. She met you a while
ago but couldn’t talk too much since she was with her husband.
When I told her I could hook her up tonight - she went out and
bought a new top, got her nails and toes painted, and got
her pussy waxed today just for you…I just saw it - she has
the smoothest kitty…. Because I saw her crotch-less panties
when she was asking me if I thought it would turn you on...
She is wearing it for you…No I’m totally serious, but she
is way too shy to make the first move ‒ she confessed she has
a fantasy about you and admitted she has always wanted a
black cock. She admitted that she has touched herself thinking
about you! …remember she is married but I know for sure hasn’t
sleep with her husband in almost a month! She has been talking
about how horny she has been and if I think you might want
to be with her…Our secret right ‒ Promise…OK… See ya.

Time to go:

We hopped in her little convertible Miata and drove to the
club. The car was a piece of shit but it was bright red and
a convertible. We had to crack the windows as we didn’t want
to mess up our hair and the AC did not work. She told me about
some guy who always asked about me having seen my picture
on her fridge. I asked who and she said I would probably see
him tonight, but she promised him she wouldn’t say anything
as he knew I was married. She told me he wished he had a girl
that looked that hot. I asked if he was blind and laughed.
She said he is really hot and built about 6’3” and is tall
dark and handsome ‒ with a huge cock!!! I couldn’t get her
to tell me who but was intrigued just the same. She told me
he was going to cum in his pants if he knew what I wasn’t wearing
underneath. I admitted it did feel very sexy after the waxing
but I guessed I was probably just horny since Bob was out
of town for just over two weeks.

She asked if Bob knew about us going out tonight. I said of
course he did. I told her that we were doing a girls night
and I would be dressed up for him when he got home. She asked
if he knew I was crotch-less and looking like a sexy bitch.
I said he can see that for himself. I stated that he is really
cool and told me “just be careful.” She said, so he doesn’t
mind you getting a little “sumpin sumpin?” I said he didn’t
say that, but he is a really cool guy. I told her, that I told
him when I let another guy touch it and he was OK with that.
I even told her that Bob had a fantasy of seeing me with a black
man. She seemed a little surprised. I told her he always
tells me if I can’t be good at least be careful. We both laughed.

She told me that when we arrived at the club she knew a bouncer
who let us in the VIP area which was not really for VIP but
for anyone who would pay about $75 - $125 for a bottle of booze.
The club was already hopping as it is one of the few good clubs
and is kind of small. I was introduced around and the guys
looked like I was a supermodel or a freak. I was already feeling
buzzed but caved into peer pressure having another Jaeger
bomb. Before long the one guy who was a real hunk, Brandon,
was clearly hitting on me.

Brandon was hot and about a year younger than me. He looked
like a black model for GQ. I got up to go to the bathroom and
Sue came with me telling me all about Brandon. She said he
was a great guy and had been with the same girl for about 4
years before she broke it off. I was about to ask what else
she knew when she told me that she had not sleep with him but
when he dated his girlfriend they would party at her house
and she said she heard him go at his girlfriend and could
hear her having sex and moaning loudly. She told me that
his girlfriend said he was the best that she ever had, and
that he had a huge cock. I asked if she wanted him and she said
no - they were friends but if I did him she wouldn’t tell.
I did not have any experience but had always had a good orgasm,
so I wondered if it really mattered. Some girls never have
orgasms and I always have one so why would I want another
guy? But, if I did want another guy…

We left the bathroom. Brandon grabbed me and pulled me onto
the small dance floor. I noticed how big and strong his arms
were as he would spin me with grace and power. It was clear
he had spent his time in a gym. His shoulder were broad, his
waist smaller, and had that look like he could have been
in GQ. He was an excellent dancer and moved with Latin type
smoothness. His rhythm was incredible and I recalled Sue’s
story about him. As I danced with him I winked at Sue just
to let her know that I could do him if I wanted. Knowing that
I was just going to tease - I danced liked I was single ‒ popping,
dropping and grinding ‒ Sue certainly was watching and
possibly a bit jealous. I would dance close then move away.
I saw the effect my dancing was having on him by his large
sized bulge. I thought that a good looking guy like him would
be off flirting with the single girls, but he gave me his
undivided attention. I am not cruel but the power of pussy.

We chatted between dances and he made it obvious he would
do me, but knew I was married. I also told him how hot he was
and that if I was not married I would be all over him. Brandon
mentioned we had met before and that he saw a really sexy
picture of me on Sue’s fridge. I immediately knew he was
the guy that Sue spoke of in the car. It was a turn on knowing
that he was so good looking and really wanted me. I told him
I remembered meeting him, but was with my husband, and he
just smiled at me. He commented on how sexy I looked and how
hot my legs looked especially with my matching finger nails
and toes. I told him that I was going to go to the spa with Sue
but she was “making plans” and I had to go all by myself. “So
did you have fun today, ” he asked? I blurted out, not today
it was really…I stopped myself trying to think of a good
ending - not wanting to say “painful.” “Really what?” he
asked. I tried to think of any good answer, but just sat there
thinking of everything but a good answer. Go ahead tell
me. I quietly answered “painful.” I knew he was going to
ask….Why… I got waxed today! This gave him the perfect excuse
to rub my legs; he commented how smooth they were and seemed
to be really happy with himself that I “confessed.” When
I lifted my leg he rubbed it with his large black hands. I
couldn’t help but to wonder what he could do to my little
pussy with his thick and long fingers. He was polite, but
was trying to look up my skirt, I turned my eyes away letting
him get a good look. I can be such a tease. I noticed the lump
form in his pants from my little tease. His hands were very
large and contrasted with my white legs. As he rubbed my
legs I could make out the outline of his cock stretching
down his leg ‒ he certainly was hot. He continued to feel
my legs putting them on his leg; I didn’t stop him because
I was happy he didn’t know it was really my pussy that got
waxed. Casually, I looked over to Sue and spread my legs
giving him a better view, guessing he could almost see my

He told me that if he had his car he would have loved to take
me for a ride as he just bought a new sport car but did not want
to take it to the night club. I asked how he got there, and
he explained that he rode with the other couple. I said I
loved sports cars and would have been happy to go - knowing
that it wasn’t going to happen. Brandon told me I would look
good in his car with that little skirt on and the top down.
I asked if he meant my top or the cars. We laughed. As we talked
he was so attentive like I was the only girl in the room. That
is a turn on as I love to “enchant” a guy, even though I have
no real experience. Every time I would cross or uncross
my legs he would try and pretend he wasn’t looking but I could
see he really was checking me out. The alcohol must have
encouraged me to flirt as I uncrossed my legs slowly leaving
them about 6 inches apart directly in his line of sight.
It was too dark to see anything but this was such a distraction
to him, he could hardly maintain a conversation. His little
boy cuteness was refreshing as he was trying not to stare,
but was not doing a good job. If he only knew how smooth my
kitty was, he would have a heart attack.

It was not that late but I was getting really drunk, and very
horny. Brandon was such a hunk and a really sexy dancer.
I asked Sue to go to the bathroom. She said she didn’t have
to go but would be right here. I did not think too much about
but noticed she instantly was talking to Brandon. Maybe
she wanted him “too”. I knew just by my sexual thoughts that
the alcohol was having its effects. I was getting myself
horny for nothing and wanted to go soon.

She was still flirting with him…

I came back to a full drink that Brandon purchased for me
which I knew was probably more than I should drink but it
was a nice thought. By midnight I was ready to leave but Brandon
continued to be all over me. He told me that he wanted to dance
with me sometime soon, and was positive he would see me soon.
I reminded him I was married, but he still gave me a sensuous
kiss on the lips. His lips were fuller than I was used to but
very soft.

The waitress must have brought over two Jaeger shots and
set them on the table behind me. Brandon did something incredibly
hot. I was standing facing him and he was sitting on the couch.
He touched the inside of my thigh pushing my leg. I started
to step to the left thinking this was what he wanted as he
was looking around me. He held the inside of my thigh and
reached between my legs to pick up one shot and hand it to
me. My legs were still spread as he reached between them
for the second shot. His face was inches away from my pussy
and his arm rubbed my thighs as he retrieved his drink. I
felt a flush come over me as I downed the shot with him.

I was a bit confused about what I should do but Sue was unusually
agreeable and suggested we get a cup of coffee with me across
the street. I told him I really should leave now and after
one quicker kiss and squeeze, he let go and we left. Sue suggest
a coffee and chocolate doughnut and I agreed. Perhaps it
would help me sober up. We just sat down at the donut shop
to get a coffee, and was just finishing when Sue’s phone

The Phone calls:

“Hello…Where are you? Really? Where were they parked?
We did see a tow truck in the lot. OK. Well just walk down the
street and come see us.”

Sue informed me that Crystal’s car was towed and that Brandon
asked if he could ride back with us until they were able to
get the car out. He wanted to go as they were arguing about
where they parked and why, so he felt uncomfortable. I said
I would be cool with that. Sue only lived 20 minutes away

Sue mentioned how much Brandon was infatuated with me and
was turned on by me. She said he told her it was going to be
a long hard night and that he would have to take things in
hand. I blushed but it made me feel hot and sexy, turning
on such a hunk. In some disturbed way I really wished I was
a slut, and could just let myself fuck him. She asked if I
could feel his package when we danced. I admitted that it
seemed to be very large and was definitely was hard. The
more we discussed this, the more I regretted leaving so
soon. We giggled and she told me I should tease him and that
he deserved to be teased for being so hot guy. I wished I could
just do him.

Now it was my turn. Ring, Ring -It was Bob. He asked what we
were up to and both Sue and I teased him about how hot we looked.
Sue keep telling him how hot I was getting the guys and that
they were dancing with me. I tried to get the phone back but
she was “talking shit” about me and I thought maybe he should
be jealous as I am a hot bitch! I got the phone back and we spoke
for a minute. He asked if I was having a good time. I said yes.
He then asked if I was wet from dancing and I said, “of course.”
He told me that he was not mad as long as I promised to be wet
tonight and share all the details. Bob reassured me I could
do “whatever” I wanted as long as I had fun. He asked if I danced
with any hot guys, “only one.” He then asked if I was really
turned on, “absolutely!” I keep answering his questions
with one word as it was obvious that he was asking me sexual
questions. He asked if I had already cum tonight and I jokingly
said, “Almost - but not yet - but the night’s still young!”
He told me if I was going to be a naughty girl - just to be careful
he would see me in about 3 or 4 hours. “So what are you going
to do, he asked? I teasingly said, “I’ll be careful, ” I
said - knowing that I was not even going to do anything even
if I was that horny, but I wanted him to be a little jealous.
He told me that was really hot, and that he would be thinking
about this in his flight. I was saying goodbye as Brandon
entered then Sue grabbed my phone and began to tease Bob
some more. She got up and turned away with my phone lowering
her voice, I assume so Bob wouldn’t hear Brandon. I really
did not want Bob to hear Brandon so I walked up to him and let
Sue finish. He told me about the car and apologized but said
he was happy to see me again, just as he predicted. Sue had
a brief conversation and handed back the phone. We left.

The Ride:

I figured I would let Brandon and Sue sit in front…that’s
when I realized there is only a front. I could not even drive
the stick shift! Sue told me I could straddle the gearshift
and put one leg on each side, and then joked, “If only you
had worn your panties.” Although not true, it certainly
made Brandon smile as I was going to have to sit on his lap!
I wanted to smack her and said I had on panties and she said
- prove it. I told her I would get her back later.

I was suddenly filled with mixed thoughts. I’m drunk, wide
awake, horny, wearing a very small pink skirt with out panties,
and going to sit on a strangers lap, in a small car. I wanted
to say no, say yes, where the hells are my panties… I started
to panic. He noticed my panic and gave me a hug and whispered
it can’t be any “worse” than our dance. Brandon took out
all the stuff from his pockets. Sue asked if that was so,
“I would only have to sit on one lump”. We all began to laugh
and it broke the ice. I had a very small purse with only my
cell phone, money and ID which I placed on the floor. He sat
down first and was a big guy for such a small car filling most
of the seat. I had to spread my legs and straddle his legs
until I could sit down and pull in my other leg. I realized
he was in perfect view my bare ass as I could felt the warm
air breeze. I tried to pull the back of my skirt down and in
doing so, lost my balance, falling hard onto his crotch.
He grunted and tried to say it did not hurt, but I felt really
bad. His left hand was now holding my left upper leg. My skirt
was up in the back and I really could not do anything about
it. I decided it was just best to do nothing as I was only hurting
him more. I realized how sensitive my waxing had made my
pussy, and how close I was to his black cock. The more I tried
to block those thoughts the more tingly I got.

By the time Sue started the car everything was fine. I leaned
back to give us more room and take off some pressure off him
closing my eyes. Sue was not a gentle driver ‒ every time
she shift - I shifted - but on his lap. I felt him slowly getting
hard as I was just about naked under my skirt. I was getting
so horny just thinking about my dilemma.

I smelled Brandon’s cologne which was really sexy. I relaxed
as I felt his large arms around me. Each time he would breath
I could fell the warm moistness on my neck from his breath.
Each time Sue would shift I would slide a bit on his lap. I
began to get very tingly, feeling him getting harder as
his cock pushed against my already excited pussy. I was
quiet listening to the loud music and trying to ignore how
aroused we were both getting. It became harder and harder,
literally, to ignore as we drove. I leaned back into him.
I heard him sigh and moan ever so quiet but my ear was next
to his lips. He whispered in my ear that he was so sorry and
couldn’t help himself. He whispered a few seconds later
I was such a turn-on and had a sexy body. His boy-like embarrassment
made me feel incredibly naughty. It reminded me of a school
girl being naughty and wiggling on her boyfriends lap.
Although I never did this before, I guess I had a little fantasy
about the naughty school girl thing. I wondered if Sue remembered
us talking about after a few too many. I always thought this
was the ultimate in being a tease and would drive any guy
crazy. I guess I was right, but never realized that it would
have the same effect on me. .” I couldn’t help myself, and
wanted to be a tease even more. I wiggled my ass to the song
on the radio. His cock was now directly between the checks
of my ass. I asked him if he was OK and he said, “Never better.
I felt his cock twitching against my bare leg, making me
think about how it would feel throbbing inside me.

I could feel his hand move lightly rubbing my inner thigh.
An involuntary moan escaped from me. I slid forward a little
which caused my skirt to slid up even more. I was getting
so turned on I could felt the moistness forming between
my pussy lips. Damn that Brazilian. I really wanted to tease
him, but I did not want to be teased. I felt my bare skin pressing
against his hard cock knowing the effect my body was turning
him on. I tried to chill out but his gentle touching was driving
me crazy. I rearranged again spreading my legs wider to
lift up but not wide enough for him to actually touch my pussy.
He whispered in my right ear, “I want you girl!” I felt his
warm breath on my ear sending shivers through my whole body.
I wanted to be the one in control, but I was buzzed and so fucking
horny. Sue decides it would be a great time to get gas. She
gets out paying inside for the gas and grabbing a drink.
I felt him nibble on my ear teasing it with his lips giving
me another chill. My nipples instantly got hard from his
kiss. I whispered to him you’re driving me crazy and need
to stop. He asked if that’s what I wanted. My mind said “yes
please stop” but my lips refused to make a sound. Brandon
took this as a “No ‒ don’t stop” and kissed up and down my neck
- I just sat quiet, melting by his touch. He knew exactly
what he was doing kissing the sensitive area of the nape
of my neck. This is my hot spot and he was all over it. I can
actually cum just from being kissed there. His tongue left
wet traces as he nibbled on me, and then feeling his breath
giving me chills making me ache deep inside wanting more.
His body was solid and firm in every way.

As I sat there I felt him open the door. I instinctively started
to get out of the car spreading my legs putting my right foot
on the ground, which he took full advantage to slide his
hand further up my legs. I turned to face him to ask what he
was doing, knowing that he could feel my heat. He kissed
me hard on the lips. I resisted at first then quickly succumbed
as his tongue gently probed between my lips. His tongue
met mine as I kissed him back with the fire that he created
by his touch. His hand made its way up the inside of my thighs.
I was almost there and began to feel the first quivers knowing
I was nearing the point of no return. I felt his tongue deep,
teasing mine and felt the spasms build between my legs…
I heard Sue’s heel clicking as she walked towards the car.
Damn, I was so fucking close to cumming but was totally interrupted.
As I stood up he let his thick finger gently but deliberately
brushed over my clit and sliding between my wet pussy lips,
causing my legs to quiver. It was obvious by his face he felt
my excitement and knew what I wasn’t wearing. Brandon could
not get out because of his “situation” and a large wet spot
on top of his pants. I smiled at him and watched him try to
hide it. He was being so cute.

My legs were Jell-O. I felt both legs shake and knew that
I would have to get back in on his lap. The thought of having
to sit back down knowing I was so damn horny gave me mixed
thoughts. I anticipated the feeling but felt scared at
the same time. I tried to get back in control but the second
I spread my legs to get in I was just plain horny. This time
his hands were on my ass saying he was protecting himself.
He made sure my bare ass was on his lap by sliding up my skirt
as I sat down. His one hand was now resting against the inside
of my thighs and lightly rubbing my innermost thigh. Sue
commented about Brandon had better be careful as to what
I wasn’t wearing that I might leave a wet spot on him. I told
her I would get her back, but now wondered about that first
wet spot. The more I thought about it, there was no doubt
it was my cum that soaked his pants. The thought that he was
just as horny was so hot. I was both happy and sad to know we
were at Sue’s house and our ride was over. I was so damn close
to an orgasm even though I had not had any direct stimulation.
Brandon was very slow to get up.

Sue unlocked her house and made us a round of Jaeger bombs
and went to the bathroom. She has the coolest wet bar in her
living room/bar area. I was checking out the bar when Brandon’s
phone rang.

The last “setup” call confirming Brandon wanted me:

Brandon walked away after answering the phone. Sue to Brandon-
Hey do you still want her? YES!... I will leave; just explain
that I need to pickup your friends, and that I will get her
home before her husband gets home. Can you seal the deal?
I told you everything I know she likes so you should be able
to connect the dots. Really! I told you she was hot for you
and she didn’t have on panties…Keep talking like you are
talking to Crystal and we will figure out how this works.
You owe me…

What I heard:

I heard Brandon talk to “Crystal” and knew there was another
problem. They were unable to get their car back and asked
if Sue could pick them up too. She made a call and said she
would see them soon. I went to pee and noticed that I had my
dripped down my leg. I hurried back out and walked back into
a quiet room. I looked for Sue but only saw Brandon. I totally
forgot that she sold her other car (four seats). I was now
there with Brandon, alone. My first thought is I should
have got off in the bathroom and I wouldn’t still be so damn

The Final Payback (Sue Answering Tina’s Phone):

Hey Bob…Sorry… I know you were expecting Tina to answer
but her phone is with me… Oh, she left it on the floor of Miata
as she was sitting on Brandon’s lap- (you know the black
hunk I hang with)…. Oh and she is really drunk too…Oh and
by the way she forgot her panties …So here is the deal…I arranged
for them to be alone- convenient just like when you teased
me…So you can ask me to go back to save her from doing what
I did - or - you can put your money where your mouth is… Oh and
by the way - I told Brandon about how she likes to be fingered,
kissed and told Brandon to kiss her neck just like you and
she told me she likes…so what do you want…Really….Trust
me ‒ she will…How about I deliver her home to you still dripping
wet...So what’s your bet… You don’t have my new number and
her phone is with me so you have no choice...I didn’t tell
her about you getting home early…just touch her when she
gets home…Brandon already told me she left a wet spot on
his pants when she was sitting on his lap in the car…Oh did
I leave that out… I will bring her home to you wet and stretch
out so you can see your little slut princess…Oh and just
so you know she is really hot ‒ especially after the Jaeger
I fed her! See ya!

Back to Sue’s House again (Tina and Brandon alone):

I decided another drink would make things better -obviously,
not wanting to deal with this awkward situation. I poured
the next round of shots. Brandon turned on some music and
began to dance behind me just like in the club. I pushed back
as he put his arms around me. The next song was a favorite
of mine so I was really getting into it enjoying his sexy
dance moves. After a few songs I was sweating, horny and
really feeling the alcohol, so we had break to have another
drink ‒ yeah another great decision. We clinked our shot
glasses then I tried to shoot the drink and spilled it on
my favorite pink skirt, my legs, my shirt, but somehow I
managed to get at least some of it in my mouth. Brandon downed
his drink without incident and grabbed a hand towel, wet
it and gave it to me. I sat down on the couch dabbing my skirt
to remove the stain. I was busy trying to get out the stain
and not paying much attention to the way I was sitting. My
legs were spread with my little skirt up high enough to flash
some upper thigh as I sat on the edge of the couch. Brandon
must have watched me struggle with the stains.

He kneeled down directly in front of me pointing out that
I still had Jaeger all over my leg. His head went down to my
leg. I felt the moistness of his tongue lick my thigh lapping
at the Jaeger. That instantly got my attention as his head
was between my legs. My voice quivered, “you don’t know
what you’re doing to me, ” but he certainly did. His finger
touched my other leg, wiping the Jaeger from my leg and then
putting his wet finger to my lips. He gently rubbed the Jaeger
on my lips leaning forward as he gently kissed and licked
my lips. Brandon once again ran his fingers up the inside
of my legs sopping up the remaining Jaeger then wetting
my lips with his fingers as he looked deep into my eyes. I
instinctively licked the Jaeger off his finger sucking
on it. I enjoyed watching the immediate effect it had on
him. I let my tongue flicker against his finger sucking
it and teasing him with my best blow job eyes. He leaned into
me - I wanted him closer spreading my legs wider to allow
him to get closer. He gently but firmly grabbed the back
of my head pushing his tongue between my Jaeger covered
lips. He kissed me deeply and sensually. His tongue was
very soft and probing deep into my mouth, teasing my tongue.
I kissed him back with increased passion as he rubbed my
neck pulling me closer. He was an incredible kisser. My
entire body naturally responded to his sensuous touch
as the alcohol clouded my mind. I was amazed that he knew
exactly where to kiss me bringing me so close to cumming
‒ it was almost like he did me before. He continued kissing
my ear giving me chills. I felt chills as my nipples stiffened
under my shirt. My breathing increased as with his passion,
kissing my ear with his wet tongue bringing me to the brink
of orgasm. I could hear his excitement as his breathing
increased. He whispered in my ear, “I want you now!” His
hand rubbed me through one of the “holes” in my shirt slowly
rubbing the bottom of my breast. His fingers played with
the bottom of my breast making my nipples even harder. I
wanted him to touch it now, but he worked me so slowly. As
he kissed me he caressed my breast coming closer to my nipple
but not yet touching it. I wanted to feel his touch but had
to wait as he continued to tease - circling closer - driving
me crazy with anticipation. Finally, he lightly brushed
the outer portion of my nipple causing another moan. I wondered
if he knew what was happening under my skirt, as his kisses
were setting me on fire. My head was spinning from the alcohol,
lowering my inhibitions. He kissed me deeply making me
want to feel him deep inside me. I felt intense lust and either
had to stop now or I knew I was never going to stop.

I pushed away for a second to regroup my thoughts. I tried
to be “good” but my body needed it bad. My mind flashed to
Sue who told me if you are going to do someone he was the one.
I was so hot and he was working my body so well. I remembered
Bob’s comment if I wasn’t good to be careful ‒ I thought about
how Brandon’s black cock would feel inside me. I needed
it so damn bad, but I was always a good girl. My head was buzzing
from the shots. I really could not help my hormones were
rampant not of having sex for such a long time.

I started to say I wasn’t … ‒ oooooooohhh my god I felt his
finger separate my pussy lips sliding in me. I was so wet
and wide open it slid right in to me all the way to the hilt
of his finger. His finger was so thick and long it felt just
like Bob’s cock. His hand pushed firmly against my bare
mound touching my magic button. My head instantly moved
forward as I contracted into an uncontrolled, full blown
orgasm as his lips met mine. His tongue entered my mouth
as I felt my body erupt. I moaned feeling his fingers flicked
deep inside as my juices flowed around his fingers; my body
involuntary bucked hard against his hand. My spontaneous
orgasm caught me by total surprise. My juices made a squishing
noise as I contracted with orgasm under his touch ‒ he said
“Wow ‒ I love how tight you feel.” I felt another finger slide
in me, expanding my pussy even more. Brandon took control
of me deliberately and slowly plunged two of his thick fingers
in and out of me. His fingers began twisting in a half circle
as they went in and out of me. He whispered breathily in my
ear, “I want you to cum hard.for me.” I knew at that point
I had no choice and just let my body enjoy his fingers. He
worked my pussy with sure and deliberate motions. I watched
his black fingers disappear into my little white pussy.
As he hit bottom I could feel his hand twist causing his thumb
to brush my throbbing clit. Since I was completely hairless
I felt so slippery - intensifying the feelings. With each
twist I could fell the depth of my walls being pushed then
a swirl to the right on my clit, and a slow swirl to the left.
His eyes were intense as he twisted his fingers inside me
pumping in and out of me. Brandon’s rhythmic pumping in
and out would stop for a second as he would give extra attention
to my clit, massaging it back and forth with his thumb. I
unbuttoned his shirt feeling his strong chest muscles.
My finger flicked his nipples causing his chest to tighten.
He moaned lightly. Brandon then he used my wetness against
me, lubricating my clit with it, stroking it to the same
speed that I use when I touch myself. His hand was so large
it fully separated my lips exposing my clit to his huge thumb.
That got me! Oh my god. I was throbbing so intensely my legs
quivered uncontrollably with each stroke. My breathing
quickened responding to his touch.

His other hand slid my shirt to the side. I felt my nipples
were now fully exposed. He rubbed my nipple then sucked
it between his full lips at the same speed his fingers pumped
deep inside me. I could feel my nipples harden as his tongue
worked them in rhythm. He sucked harder on my nipple taking
it between his large lips, and flicking the tip with his
tongue. My hips bucked hard meeting his thrusts with a wet
slapping sound. I could hear the wet slap as his fingers
hit the bottom of my walls. I felt my wetness oozing out of
me. His other hand continued teasing my nipple in the opposite
rhythm producing a continuous sentation between my nipples
and my pussy. He was in perfect sync with every motion being
timed. I was being played like a fine musical instrument.

I felt like I was being licked, fingered, fucked, and teased
without mercy as the alcohol decreased my inhibitions.
Brandon’s tongue was relentless and continued to flick
over my nipples at the same speed as he stimulated my clit.
I lightly stroked the head of his cock through his Khakis
and felt the wetness of his pants. He unbuttoned his pants
but keep his boxers on. I felt his cock was wet and slippery
with his cum and I traced my finger around the head of his
cock. I couldn’t believe how large it felt. I thought it
would never fit inside me. I used his wetness to stroke the
bottom of his cock rubbing that sensitive spot. His motions
became slightly jerky as I could feel his excitement. His
breathing increased as mine was too. I teased his balls
feeling the wetness from his own juices. Knowing I already
had made him cum, made me begin to cum..

I began to pant and moan to the rhythm that was now increasing
with each thrust of his thick fingers. Each thrust made
me fell waves of pleasure that I never felt before. Brandon
paused, fingering me while he worked my clit, intently
staring deep into my eyes. He told me how gorgeous I looked
as he rubbed me. I worked his balls watching his huge cock
throb. I took a deep breath for the first time as he increased
his tempo again pulling me closer. I began to stoke his cock
running my hand closer to the base of it with each stroke.
I imagined it deep inside me and what it might feel like.
My hips bucked harder and harder meeting his thrusting
and twisting fingers. His fingers fucked the walls of my
pussy and I wondered if I was going to have my first g-sport
orgasm. The tips of his finger hit deep inside my walls,
his thumb sending thrills as he sucked hard on my nipple.
My hands could no longer stroke him to the rhythm as I was
unable to concentrate as my hand moved in jerky spasms.
Brandon felt my breathing stop for a second and knew he had
the spot. He pushed harder against my g-spot as he twisted
inside me. He thrusted against my g-spot again and again
each time harder and faster. I was moaning so loud I couldn’t
even form intelligible words. The pressure of his finger
against the front wall of my pussy made me feel like I was
going to explode. Finally, I felt his finger hit the spot
and hold it firmly. I tried to say I was cumming but all I could
get out was oooooooooghhhhhhhh.

My stomach muscles tightened feeling the incredible release
of pressure. I felt my juices release in waves coming from
deep inside me continuing down to my quivering pussy lips.
I was grunting and panting like a cheap porn whore, but it
was incredible and not even in the slightest faked. I could
feel my juices oozing as I contracted around his fingers
with each spasm. He paused for a few seconds as I gasped to
catch my breath. I didn’t even know that I could cum this
hard…‒ oooooooooooh god….. he spread his fingers deep
inside me and instantly felt a whole new series of spasms.
My whole body shook again - I finally stopped contracting
then he did “something” inside me while quickly rubbing
my clit. I came at least six times with a series mind blowing
orgasms - one immediately after another with even greater
intensity. I always thought multi-orgasmic meant cumming
more than once in a session ‒not a series of incredible orgasms
only seconds apart. He whispered that was incredible and
that he was never with a girl who squirted. I looked down
and saw how wet I got everything. I never felt anything that
intense before. He said that I was so incredibly sexual.

I let my head roll back and eyes close just enjoying my new
found orgasms. My legs were limp and quivering as my body
was recovering. Brandon stood up for a second as I laid there.
I closed my eyes for a second and when I open them he was standing
there in his naked. His body was cut and incredibly sexy.
I wondered why he wanted me when he could have anyone. I admired
his legs, chest, arms, but continued to stare at his manhood
still rock hard. He knelled down and rubbed my inner thighs
‒ I closed my eyes feeling his touch.

I began to think ‒ oooooooooooh my god… he buried his head
between my legs. My clit was still quivering and feeling
alive with pleasure. He was naked and I could see the head
of his cock pulse with his heartbeat. It was long, thick
and hard as a rock. His muscles rippled as his head moved
up and down as he tongued me. I watched the intensity of his
concentration as tongue disappeared, buried deep inside

I could feel and hear my clit being sucked. One hand squeezed
my right breast making that nipple throb. It was incredibly
intense; so indescribable like nothing I had ever felt.
His thumb went inside me as he sucked my clit between his
lips. I looked down to watch what was causing me to cum so
hard. Brandon sucked my whole clit area into his mouth then
tongued only the very tip of my clit producing the most intense
sensation ever. He looked up at me with his intense eyes
watching the effects his flickering tongue was having.
His thumb looked like it was barely inside me but felt like
it was a huge cock buried inside me. I made his fingers shiny
which glistened from the darkness of his hand and the wetness
of me. He worked me circling the entrance to my pussy; it
felt like it was super wide and probing deep inside me. His
free fingers stimulated my ass area as it was wet with my
juices. Brandon’s other hand was pinching my nips harder.
His hand fully cupped my entire breast. I could feel my body
becoming addicted to his touch. Brandon looked up at me
continuing to suck me harder and faster pinching my nipples,
producing an intense feeling, my body was short circuiting
from the pleasure. I let out a breathy moan that was so loud
it even surprised me. He large lips sucked my clit hard and
deep inside his mouth flicking my pleasure spot faster
than before. I thought about his cock inside me instantly
feeling my whole body contract- ooooooooh I’mmmmm cummmmmming.

I wiggled trying to decrease the intensity but his thumb
pushed against my ass increasing the pressure in my pussy.
His hands controlled my body pushing against my ass - causing
my pussy to push against his lips fully open up to him. I felt
his tongue slide from my clit licking between my wet pussy
lips. Brandon paused and said, “I want you to feel my tongue
deep inside you!” I nodded and moaned having no idea of how
hard I could cum. He opened me wider by spreading my legs,
probing his tongue inside me. I was on fire from his tongue.
I bucked liked a Bronco trying to get free but with little
success. It was like I was having an out of body experience
as I was screaming with pleasure. I wondered if he was so
good with his tongue, what could he do to me with his cock.
I knew I needed him inside me. This instantly made my body
flush and I felt the pressure release think about fucking
him. I came harder than I ever came before.

I looked up and his entire face was wet and he had the most
sexual look on his face. I asked what he wanted. He smiled
knowing that I wanted him and he knew it. I told him I wanted
to feel him deep inside me.

My legs were spread wide as he positioned himself between
them. His cock looked so thick and was even longer than I
thought. He rubbed the head between my very wet lips. The
head of his black cock glistened with my juices. I felt it
separating my lips then his head enter me. His head was so
big it popped inside. I moaned and he stopped letting my
pussy adjust to his width. I watched his black cock slowly
go deeper and deeper as I watched my eager pussy swallow
it little by little. It hit the bottom of my pussy before
it was all the way inside me. I have never had something that
big inside me. He pushed harder as I was filled with the entire
length of his shaft. As he pulled out I was so wet I could see
my pearls of cum make his cock look shiny. I was in sheer pleasure
watching his black cock as it disappeared in me, again and
again. I wrapped my legs around him. I felt him stroke all
the way to the bottom with each thrust of his cock. I watched
it disappear in me, in and out; watching his head popping
my pussy lips. I have never had a black cock and watched my
white pussy fully take his cock with each stroke. He stroked
me long and deep as his tongue danced in my mouth. My fingers
flicked over his nipples making him thrust harder. I could
feel my first orgasm from the deepest fucking I ever felt.
My body quivered to the point I couldn’t even kiss him, I
panted, feeling my pussy involuntarily contract so hard
it around his cock. He stopped thrusting - feeling my lips
squeeze his manhood - cumming in a wave of pleasure as he
thrust into the depth of me. I came with a gushing noise squishing
around the ridges making first a swishing then a sucking
sound. My juices dripped down my ass and around his cock.
His fingers swished back and forth of my throbbing clit.

I felt like my head was going to explode. Brandon’s powerful
ass was thrusting into my bucking hips. I watched the intensity
of his face as his muscles flexed with each movement of his
powerful body. I watched in amazement as my little pussy
was able to take the whole length, feeling completely filled
with cock. My lips were swollen with pleasure and absorbed
his cock making it shiny with my wetness.

He asked - if I wanted to be fucked hard? I nodded my head,
unable to actually think from lack of blood flow. He took
both my hands putting them above my head, holding me down
with one hand. He put my legs on his shoulders changing the
angle producing a full range of new sensations. I felt so
“taken” knowing I was powerless to do anything but cum.
His weight made me feel helpless to resist. I could feel
his balls hitting against my ass making as his cock bottomed
out. Do you like my black cock, he asked? I just nodded. I
thought he was going to cum with me but he just continued
the assault on my pussy. I began to scream, “Do me - just fuck
me.” His balls slapped again and again as the head of his
cock did its magic. His fingers pinched my nipples causing
me to quiver in pleasure and pain. I was screaming, “Fuck
me…fuck me”… Brandon slid forward which picked up my ass
and was now pulling me into each of his thrusts. The pressure
of lifting me now caused his cock to hit the front inside
of my pussy. This new angle caused each thrust to push against
my newly discovered magic spot. I was feeling the most intense
pressure building deep inside me. He fucked me harder and
harder. I tried to move away from the pressure but his thumb
pushed against my wet ass slightly entering me - making
my pussy even tighter. I bucked back and forth between his
thumb against my ass and his huge cock hitting my g-spot
each causing a wave of pleasure. No matter which way I moved
it only increased my pleasure. I panted and moaned from
the feeling that was building higher and higher. I watched
his eyes react to his hitting my g-spot. He lifted me even
higher causing my back to arch more as he thrusted fully
into me. I felt his thumb push deep inside my ass feeling
his cock more intently. I felt his body tighten. I heard
him moan, “I’m cumming!” I felt all of his muscles tighten
as he shook. He thrust deep inside me hitting my g-spot and
pulling me so close I could not move from his strong hold.
My whole body spasmed into an indescribable orgasm, feeling
him cum in me, throbbing against my g-spot. Brandon squirted
liked a fire hose as I felt each squirt deep inside my womb.
It felt so hot and thick. He moaned deeply in my ear. Each
throb caused another release of our juices, until I just
melted. He held my legs up and fully filled me with his cum.
I could feel it leak around my lips and down my ass. I was sopping
wet and filled with him. He rolled off me. He could barely
stand. He gave me a kiss as he walked to the bathroom.

I laid there in a whole body spasm for almost another minute.
I looked down and watched my muscles till contracting from
my lower stomach all the way to my pussy lips. I watched his
cum drip down my lips with each contraction. I could still
feel the hotness of his full load deep inside me. I laid back
letting my pussy absorb his cum, not wanting it to leak out
of me. I felt so satisfied and incredibly sexual. I had soaked
my skirt, my straps on my shirt, and both the couch and floor
had a huge wet spot. I now felt how hard he had worked me. My
pussy lips were bright red, swollen and sore. I could still
smell his cologne mixed with sex on me.

Brandon walked back from the bathroom. He came back with
a towel for me. I waited a minute or two and tried to standup,
but my legs were shaking too much. He came back to help me
up. The second I stood up, I heard Sue’s key jiggle the door.
I was still dripping, sweaty, and shaking, trying to pretend
we were just talking. I knew I had that “just been fucked”
look as Sue was already opening the door. We had been going
at it for over and hour. Sue insisted we get immediately
to my house as we were running so late. I wanted to wash up
but Sue rushed me out of the house saying she promised Bob
I would be home before he got there. I looked at my watch and
realized if we left immediately, I could get home, shower,
and get redressed to be fresh for Bob. I panicked and figured
the sooner I got home the better. I certainly didn’t want
Bob to see me like this. Brandon said he would just hang there
and Sue could take me home. As I walked to the car I felt our
juices dripping down my thighs, but tried not to let Sue
know. It was so fucking erotic. My insides were still quivering
all the way home. I was quizzed about what I did, how we did
it and I gave the short version as I only live twenty minutes
away. I had a hard time getting out of her little car with
my legs shaking from my orgasms only 20 minutes ago. I slowly
walked into my dark house. As I walked my muscles felt worked
and burning, much like a really good workout that feels
sore, but really good. My pussy lips still tingled and I
could feel they had that just been fucked feeling. I knew
he had worked me hard. I was going to have to wash off as I was
still dripping pearls of cum and wanted to be fresh for Bob.

I opened the door and was greeted by Bob who obviously got
home early and lit candles in our living room. He looked
at my sexy outfit and I knew I was still sopping wet and feared
his touch. He looked at my still flush face and squeezed
my ass under my skirt. I felt the warm wetness squish around
his fingers as I watched his face trying to determine if
he was mad. His hand ran up the back of my skirt. He paused
as I knew he could feel the wetness of my skirt. His hands
continued up my skirt getting closer to my ass, feeling
my slippery wet legs. He paused then continued up to my ass
as his hand snuck under feeling my bare pussy still dripping
wet. He asked if I had fun. I just smiled knowing he could
feel for himself. His fingers probed my pussy which was
still wide open. I was still so sensitive I c

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Wow what an incredible, story you had me hooked from the
start...I hope you have more adventures cause i can't
wait to hear them...Red


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Very nice, very nice


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a Great story, very well written hope it was true.


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wow... very hot story! I love the fact that it was long enough to enjoy rather than
just jumping right to the finish!!