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prodigal son : Warning, some scenes may not be appropriate for all viewers


“Dearest Max, my little cum sucking slut. It has been such
a very, very long time. Lucky for you that I’ve been quite
bored of late, and agreed to accept your insignificant,
whimpering ass back into my presence once again.” Her words
were punctuated with the sharp clicking of steel tipped
stiletto heels on the hard concrete floor. I kept my head
bowed low, only daring quick glances up to the mirrored
wall to track her movements behind me.

Lady Dauphine, my Mistress, is all that any worthless slut
such as me could ever hope to serve. Her physical presence
is power, beauty, strength, sensuality, masculinity,
femininity, control- all these things embodied in a compact
muscular frame. She prefers her flowing, jet-black hair
tied back tightly to her scalp, to accentuate the exotic
features of her perfect face. Her dark eyes, eyes that can
pierce a man’s soul, demand attention from anyone who is
lucky enough to bow down to her. Her breasts, when one is
fortunate enough to be allowed to see them, are perfection.
Her skin is fine porcelain, stretched over limbs and abdomen
that bulge with the fruits of an athletic life.

Dauphine stopped directly in front of me, her spiked boots
close enough that I could smell the fine, soft leather.
I knelt uncomfortably on the cold floor, naked save for
the leather collar at my throat and cuffs on my wrists and
ankles, waiting for her next move, craving the cruelty
that told me that I would be alright, that I would once again
be Hers.

“I fear, however, that you will regret your decision to
return. You must realize the punishment that awaits you
after ignoring me for so many months. Still, I have missed
that tight little ass of yours, and the way you whimper,
eyes filled with tears, begging me for mercy. Oh yes, my
slut, you are going to be very sorry for all of your sins.”

Still I waited, fighting the nearly undeniable urge to
lean forward and grab my Queen’s ankles and cover the toes
of her boots with slobbering kisses while begging, crying
for her mercy. All this, I thought, would come in time, as
it always had before. I was wrong.

“Anyway, ” she said, her tone suddenly switching from
a cold hard lecture to a more light-hearted conversation,
“as luck would have it, I have two other miscreants in need
of a good punishment, which will make things a bit more interesting.
Yes, this will be a good day, a day you are sure not to forget.”
She turned then, and walked to the far wall to open the heavy
iron door.

“Max, you may lift your shameful, repugnant face to see
the other misfortunate whores who will join you in your
misery.” I looked up slowly as commanded, to see my Queen,
my World, leading two other naked slaves into the dungeon.

The woman was tall, nearly a full foot taller than Dauphine.
She held her head high, and looked down at me with light,
crystal blue eyes that danced with an intense mixture of
mischief and sexuality. Her fair auburn hair shone like
firelight, draped loosely down her long neck past her leather
collar. She was sylph-like, slender limbs flowing and
lean. My eyes moved down her body, taking in the dark points
of flesh that stood out in dark contrast to the lightly freckled
skin of her tiny breasts. Her belly was smooth, flaring
only slightly into her lovely hips. I stared longingly
at the fiery patch of hair that glowed at its base, shining
above her moist labia. A small glint of gold marked the piercing
there, a small metal circle that would, no doubt, be the
source of much pleasure and pain at the exceptionally talented
hands of Mistress Dauphine.

I forced my gaze back up as she moved past me, to see the young
man who followed her. His face was downcast, but from my
kneeling position I could see that it was every bit as lovely
as that of his female counterpart. He looked to be no more
that 19 or 20 years old, with fine, boyish features. He too
was quite tall, and far more muscular than me. His heavy
arms hung loosely from shoulders that bulged under deeply
tanned skin. The monstrous planes of his chest heaved with
rasping breaths that betrayed his nervousness. Below
his deeply cut abdomen, his cock hung limp but thick between
enormous thighs that rippled with each heavy step. Every
inch of him, save the top of his head, was carefully shaved
clean, accentuating the features of his statuesque form.

The sight of these two lovely creatures being paraded past
me caused my pulse to quicken, and I felt the first stirring
of desire in my loins. Butterflies began to flutter at the
base of my stomach as I tried to anticipate what glorious
misery my Queen had in mind. If it involved these two specimens
of perfection, I thought, it could hardly be punishment.
Again, I was wrong.

In my lustful reverie, I barely took note of the line of other
men and women that had made their way into the stark, cold
hall and formed a perfectly spaced line along the wall opposite
the mirrors in front of me. I bowed my head once again, glimpsing
just enough of their reflections to note that they, too,
were all undressed. Only Dauphine was clothed, in her customary
black leather from throat to toes, accented with gleaming
chrome spikes that protruded from the generous mounds
of her breasts.

“Now then, we have three worthless pieces of shit before
us. I’m sure that many of you have heard by now that my most
fair little slut, Diana, has turned out to be nothing more
than a cock-hungry bitch in heat. It seems that she was unable
to control her desires for the taste of slut Michael’s cock,
and thought that it would be fun to give him a good hard sucking
at the Spring Slave Party last Friday evening. You can all
imagine my severe embarrassment at being told of this infuriating
indiscretion by one of my most honored patrons. Mistress
Claudia could hardly control her glee as she told me that
she had found one of my slaves with another’s cock so deep
down her throat that he could have pissed out her ass.”

“And, most of you also know this third little pile of dung,
kneeling so sweetly before me, as Max.” As my Mistress named
me, she lifted my chin lightly with the French-manicured
nails of her left hand. The touch was light and gentle, but
pulsed through me like an electric shock. “Max is somewhat
of a prodigal son, as it were. He has dared to return to me
after taking a two-month leave without any notice of his
intentions. The rest of you will take this afternoon’s
performance as a lesson. If ever you decide to leave me without
notice, be damned sure you never return. Dauphine then
lifted me gently by the chin, to a standing position. As
I unfolded my stiffening legs, I saw that she held something
in her right hand. Coils of hard white cord stood in stark
contrast against the soft smoothness of her dark leather

Dauphine clapped her hands and the sharp sound echoed through
the chamber, making me flinch. Two of the largest male slaves
came quickly to the center of the room and, at Dauphine’s
direction, took Michael by the arms. They roughly guided
his lovely muscular frame down until he was lying on his
back in the center of the room. I was then shoved down into
a squatted position, straddling his upper thighs, so that
my groin hovered just over his. My Mistress set aside the
snake-like coils and pulled a thick rubber band from an
unseen pocket. Kneeling beside us, she grasped both of
our scrotums in a vice-like grip and wrapped them tightly
together at the base, giving the rubber band a snap that
caused Michael to buck up into me. I lost my balance momentarily,
falling back. I caught myself with my left arm, but the motion
of my body pulled at the rubber band, squeezing it tighter
around our balls, making us both gasp. I quickly recovered,
and settled down tightly against Michaels legs in an attempt
to ease the pressure. I also noted that his cock, like mine,
had begun to grow hard. In spite of the pain, I couldn’t help
being aroused by the sight of our cocks bulging up together.

“Come now, my little sluts, ” Dauphine spoke in a ridiculing
voice, “we’re just getting started.” Next she stroked
our cocks together with both of her hands, until we were
fully erect. Michael’s member was about the same length
as mine, but substantially thicker. Staring down at the
bulging purple head of it, I quickly understood why Diana
was unable to control her lust for him. Dauphine took one
of the thinnest coils of cord and bound our fully engorged
cocks tightly together into a single throbbing, rock-hard

What a ridiculous sight we must be, I thought, struggling
to keep our crotches locked together. The two guard-slaves
then brought the devastatingly beautiful Diana down in
front of me. She faced the same direction as me, and was pushed
down to straddle poor Michael’s stomach, with the taught
muscles of her ass pushed up against our two-headed erection.
Dauphine had looped a cord around our already tortured
balls and now slid it between Diana’s thighs. She then took
great care in tying several small knots into it, then pulled
the cord up tight between Diana’s trembling legs, tying
it to the metal ring at the front of her collar.

Michael and I squirmed uncomfortably at the new pressure
on our sacks, and the purpose of the knots Dauphine had so
carefully tied became immediately clear. Diana’s hips
began to roll against the cord, and she arched her back,
throwing her shoulders back against me to pull it even tighter.
I felt the smooth warm skin of her ass against my aching balls
and cock, wishing to god that I was pushing up inside of her.
The knots worked their way between her labia, one of them
so perfectly placed that it ground against her pierced
hood. The three of us moaned and rocked together… her in
growing ecstasy, Michael and I in frustrated misery.

“Enough!” My Queen shouted, freezing the mass of us with
her commanding voice. She yanked a fistful of Diana’s hair
back painfully until the back of her head was stopped by
my shoulder. “You will remain still until I am finished, ”
she hissed at Diana, though the words were most definitely
meant for us all.

My Mistress spent what seemed like an eternity binding
us together. My arms were pulled back cruelly behind me
and lashed at the wrists and elbows until my chest bowed
forward against Diana’s arched back. I could feel the bones
of her spine protruding from her lean body against my abdomen
and sternum. Diana’s ankles were bound to my thighs, and
then somehow connected to my wrists. Michael’s arms were
wrapped tightly across his chest in what looked like a very
uncomfortable position. Cords ran from collars to wrists
to ankles in a complex criss-crossed pattern, until every
twitch of any of our muscles started a series of spasms as
we all writhed and twisted to relieve new-felt pressures,
and most of all to avoid moving the knots that threatened
to launch another hip bucking moment from Diana. Michael’s
obscenely muscular thighs pressed up against my ass, as
Diana’s perfect butt continued to rub against our painfully
bound cocks. The onslaught of physical sensations was
like the cacophony of two perfectly played symphonies
competing for attention inside my skull. Signals of pain
and pleasure coursed through my nerves, fighting for my
brain’s attention.

When Dauphine finally stood to admire her work, my balls
ached and my cock throbbed painfully against Diana’s ass.
I felt mildly sick at the pit of my stomach from the stretching
that my scrotum was being subjected to. My cock felt bigger
than it had ever been, straining against its bindings.
Michael was groaning under our weight, and Diana’s breath
came in short bursts as she fought off an impending stream
of orgasms from the constant rubbing and teasing of the
perfectly placed knots.

I have been through countless sessions with my Queen, on
my own and with other slaves, but I had never experienced
anything close to the completely helpless feeling that
now devoured me. I couldn’t move any part of my body for fear
of the repercussions. The three of us were one sexual being,
dependent on one another to maintain our current positions.
I heard Dauphine erupting in laughter, and then felt her
sweet, hot breath as she leaned down close to my face. “And
now, you poor little fucks, one last detail to complete
the preparation.”

Her rough voice was low and controlled, coming up from deep
in her throat. The look on her face made it clear how very
much she enjoyed seeing us in this position. Her pupils
were dilated, giving her eyes a dark, fierce glint. Her
lovely lips curled in an angry sneer. I wanted to look away,
but my gaze was locked to hers, unable even to blink. I parted
my dry lips, as if to speak, but no words were available to

It was then that I realized that something was wrong. There
had been a terrible mistake. It had been more than two months
since we had been together, and yet my Mistress had not asked
for my word. There was always a word, a single word, agreed
upon before any punishment started, that a slave could
use to signal his or her master that they had gone too far.
In this way, the slave was free to beg and plead for mercy,
and the master was free to press on, until that one single
word was spoken. Today, I had no such word. But no, I realized,
this could not be a mistake. Dauphine had been training
slaves for most of her adult life… she would not forget.

Fear engulfed me, as Dauphine reached down and twisted
playfully at my nipples. The sensation was incredibly
erotic, yet I knew all too well what would follow. As each
nipple swelled to a plump fleshy nodule, she opened a small
black binder clip and let it clamp down on the protruding
flesh. Pain seared through my chest, down my spine to my
groin, as the clips were applied. My eyes screwed shut and
I clenched my teeth down hard. For several moments, my mind
was numb to any other sensation. Slowly- painfully slowly-
my nipples numbed under the extreme pressure, until the
pain lowered to a tolerable level. I waited for the excruciating
sensation to change, as it always did, to a maddeningly
sexual pressure. Once again I became aware of the flesh
of my two equally bound counterparts pressing against
me. My nipples and balls ached, and my cock throbbed for

When I was finally able to open my eyes, I saw Dauphine in
the mirrors, applying similar clips to Diana’s sweet nipples.
Her back arched against me again, as the vicious metal bit
down hard on her sensitive points. This, of course, started
another fit of bucking and thrashing as Michael and I tried
desperately to move our bound cocks into a less painful
position. And again the three of us writhed and twitched
for several minutes, until we were finally able to find
an acceptable position. As Diana and I squirmed together
over Michael’s hard body, I felt the slick warmth that had
escaped from her. My god, I thought, when will this torturous
teasing end? Surely it was almost over. And yet again, I
was wrong.

“My sweet Diana, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was
to hear about how you had failed me. You, who have shared
the comfort and safety of my own bed more than any of my other
pets over the past several weeks. Perhaps my disappointment
is more in myself, for allowing my own desires to get in the
way of your training. Yes, your undeniable charms have
caused me to be much to kind to you. Today, that kindness
ends. So, it seems that my own sex is not enough to fulfill
your oral fixations? You have a taste for cock? Well, then,
you shall have it. All that you want and more.”

Again, Dauphine’s hands smacked together with a loud crack,
followed immediately by the shuffling of the line of slaves
along the wall. I lifted my head as much as I dared to watch
their movements in the mirror. The male slaves had formed
a line in front of us that curved in a loose semicircle around
the room. There were more of them than I had first seen. Three
women were kneeling in front of the first three of them,
and began to stroke and suck their cocks to full erections.
When the first of the men was hard, the woman at his feet moved
back in line to go to work on the next limp cock. Meanwhile,
he moved forward to shove his pulsing shaft into Diana’s
waiting mouth.

She moaned with pleasure as she began to bob forward and
back on him. I awkwardly attempted to mimic her movements,
as every stroke of her head pulled on my collar, which in
turn lifted my arms higher, putting pressure on my stretched
shoulders. Diana was obviously enjoying the feeling of
the slave’s cock in her mouth, as she once again began to
grind against the rope slid up into her cunt. Michael groaned
along with her, lifting his hips to follow her movements.
It was as if the three of us were sucking him together. Diana’s
garbled moans added yet another erotic sensation to the
mix as she worked feverishly at the first slave’s cock.

Then, just as it appeared that he was going to cum, Dauphine
stepped in to take another fistful of Diana’s glowing red
hair. Her head was drawn back, and the bulging, saliva coated
cock exited her plump lips with a loud pop. Diana drew a quick,
hissing breath, in apparent frustration. It seemed that
she had been craving the mouthful of his cream that was only
moments from being hers. Before I could realize what was
happening, the slave had stepped over Michael to the side
where my head was. He roughly shoved the swollen purple
mushroom head of his cock against my lips, as Dauphine spoke
loudly into my ear.

“You, my little fuck, are the cum bucket. You will swallow
every last drop of jis in the room before we are done.” Her
announcement was followed by her cruel laughter. My eyes
were wide with shock, and again I opened my mouth to speak,
to beg, to plead… but before a sound could escape my painfully
dry throat, the slick, hard cock was shoved deep inside,
slamming into the back of my throat and causing me to gag
somewhat. The slave pumped against my face, and I instinctively
surrounding his bulging shaft with my lips and tongue.
His groin bruised my lips as he pounded into my mouth. It
took only a couple of strokes before his hot fluid exploded
into the back of my throat. I moaned at the feeling of his
sticky, slick cum in my mouth, as he gasped and grunted with
the ecstatic release of it. I could still hear the incredibly
erotic sound of Diana’s moans as she slurped away at the
next slave’s member. He, too, was much more vocal than the
first slave, groaning in rhythm with her. The whole time,
our bodies continued to twist against the ropes that threatened
to drive the three of us insane with their constantly changing

“That’s it Max, swallow every bit.” Ecstatic glee was apparent
in Dauphine’s deep sultry voice as she urged me on. “Suck
him dry. Oh yes, you do love to drink it, don’t you my little
cum slut. Alright slaves, let’s keep this cum line moving…
we have so many cocks to get through.”

With that, the first slave withdrew from my mouth, and I
had only a few moments to choke down his load and attempt
to catch my breath before the next raging hard-on was thrust
between my lips. The second cock was smaller that the first,
and its owner a bit more gentle. He held the back of my head
as he slid in and out of me, and I felt his body go rigid and
hold still for several long seconds before he squirted
into my mouth with a long guttural groan. A small stream
of the goo trickled from the corner of my mouth as I struggled
to swallow it. Dauphine was there to wipe it from my cheek,
and feed it back to me from her red-nailed finger. “Every
last drop” she purred, as she twisted one of my clamped nipples
lightly for effect.

And so it went, cock after cock, load after load of hot fluid.
I became numb to the variation of tastes, to the differences
in length and width. Some cocks were cut, others were not…
white, brown, black, they all merged together in a continuous
smear of sperm filled pudding that slid down my waiting
throat. Diana’s moans had turned from sounds of hungry,
sexual desire to the desperate whimpering of a young girl
who was tired of following her mother through store after
store on a full day of shopping. She had experience climax
upon climax while sucking the first several cocks, but
the knotted rope must surely be rubbing her poor, beautiful
pussy raw by now. Her lips, cheeks and jaws must surely be
cramped and aching just as mine were, and all three of us
were feeling the numbing effects of being tied in the same
position for so long.

Still, through it all, my cock raged fully hard along with
Michael’s. The combined pain and erotic pleasure coursed
through me, along with the realization that this was indeed
the punishment that I had been craving. This was the embodiment
of my Queen’s love, a love that I could not live without.

I had left Dauphine’s slave compound with Alex, one of her
female slaves. We had both shown great promise in the kitchens,
and as such, we had been allowed to spend a good deal of time
together preparing meals. During that time we believed
that we had fallen in love. We decided to slip away with the
dream of beginning a “normal” life together, perhaps opening
a small cafĂ©… maybe even one day starting a family. We enjoyed
each other’s company well enough, and at first, we languished
in hour after hour of wonderful, sweet, gentle love-making
together. I had easily found a job as a prep chef, and we rented,
by the week, a tiny apartment downtown that served us well
enough. And yet, when we finally found the nerve to talk
frankly, we agreed that neither of us was fulfilled in our
new life. Without a Master, we were directionless. We fucked
like lovers, but both of us needed so much more. All we could
do was live in perfect harmony together. But without conflict,
without the presence of some opposing force, we simply
went through the motions of life and love. We weren’t even
capable of maintaining an argument. Neither of us knew
how to make the simplest request, much less an outright
demand, of the other. We were of the same blood, the blood
of the subservient, and without One from the opposite side
of the equation, our lives were meaningless.

My slave-lover could not bear to face Dauphine again, after
what we had done, and eventually went off to find another
Master to server. I, on the other hand, could no longer imagine
the thought of serving anyone other than my Queen, and I
prayed that she would take me back. And now, with cock after
cock unloading into me, I was filled with the joyous realization
that she had.

Suddenly Dauphine reminded me of her presence by yanking
the clamps painfully from my nipples. I groaned around
the massive black cock that was unloading in my throat as
I heard her lusty laugh. “You seemed to be starting to enjoy
yourself, cum-slut, and so I thought I had better remind
you where you are.” My Queen knows me so well. Sometimes
she seems to know my thoughts even before I realize I’m having
them. My nipples screamed out in pain as the blood rushed
back into them, awaking the dense bundle of numbed nerve
endings there. Forgetting the bindings momentarily,
I leaned back from the pain, causing a scream of painful
ecstasy to erupt from Diana as she was pulled back with me
and the cord once again dug into the tender lips of her sopping
cunt. She bucked and writhed against it, no longer hampered
by a cock in her mouth. The last of the slaves had shot his
load into me, and I was left to ride out the storm of Diana’s
orgasmic gyrations along with Michael, our balls and cocks
still tortured by her every move.

Eventually Diana lurched so hard, in perfect time with
one of Michael’s more violent bucking moves, that she and
I toppled over to our right, pulling Michael over onto his
side with us as we slumped down hard on our sides. Our bodies
made a loud smack on the concrete, without the aid of our
arms to break our fall. This extreme shift of position threw
us into yet another convulsive fit of squirming, as the
cords and rubber bands tortured various parts of our anatomy
in new and wondrous ways. And once more I heard Dauphine’s
gleeful laughter, and the sound of her hands clapping together,
not in command this time, but in a slow, deliberate applause.

“Very, very good, my three little whores. Your performance
was quite spectacular. Even better than I could have imagined.”
As she spoke, she made her way slowly over to our wriggling
mass of knotted flesh. As she leaned down over me, I saw that
her features had softened. Her eyes had returned to their
normal deep blue, and her smile was genuine and affectionate.
“My dear little cum-slut. Have you had your fill? Is this
what you’ve been missing? Is this what you simply can’t
live without? Tell me Max, tell me what you need.”

I licked the remaining bit of cum from my lips, attempting
to steady myself against the concrete floor as I felt my
cock digging into Diana’s dripping wet ass. Michael’s
hard, muscular quads still flexed between my thighs. “You
Mistress”, I managed to croak. “I need You. I need to worship
You, I need to serve You, I need to follow You.”
“Yes, ” Dauphine smiled, “I am what you need Max, and I hope
that you never forget that again.”

She then turned to Diana, carefully removing the collar
that held the maddening cord against her tortured labia
and hood. The relief on my balls and cock was immediate,
though the tight rubber band still held Michael and I firmly
together. “And you, my sweet. Are you prepared to join the
ranks of the rest of my female slaves, to begin your training
in earnest? No more will you be the chosen one, the spoiled
little bitch that you once were.”

“Yes Mistress, ” Diana answered, with a surprising strength
in her voice. Either she was wearing an incredibly brave
face, or slave Diana was much tougher than I had imagined.

“Excellent! But be warned my fiery bitch, it’s going to
take some time before the other slaves forget that you were
once my favorite, if they ever do. Don’t expect to be accepted
quickly into their fold.”

While she talked, Dauphine continued to untie the cords,
with the aid of the slave-guards who had helped her tie us
up, and who had, no doubt, both shot their loads down my throat
sometime in the last hour or so.

She then addressed Michael, telling him that the quickest
way to find himself naked in the gutter somewhere downtown
with nothing but a $100 bill shoved in his ass, was to allow
another of her slaves to entice him into any more pleasures
of the flesh. He nodded his wide-eyed agreement without
speaking a word.

Eventually we were freed, and allowed to stand and stretch
and rub our abused bodies. Every inch of me hurt, but the
release was pure heaven. My balls and cock ached as the blood
flowed freely in and out of them once again. My nipples would
burn for days with the warm reminder of all that had just
transpired. The parade of slaves exited the chamber in
single file, just as they had entered hours earlier. Michael
and the lovely Diana were instructed to take up rank and
the end of the procession, leaving only me, standing naked
in the middle of the room before my Queen. With my heart pounding
in my chest, I held my gaze to floor and my arms folded behind
my back, awaiting her instruction. She walked around me
slowly, and I saw that she swung the end of a leash in her right
hand as she strode.

“Now, Max. What will I do with you? I can’t have you joining
back into my merry band of slaves, now can I? You, I’m afraid,
would be crucified as a fake, a poser. Not that I mind the
thought of you becoming the favored bitch of all my boys…
but still, I think you might be bad for moral. Besides, as
much as I hate to admit it, I’m afraid I missed you while you
were gone. You see, my anger was not really about your leaving,
but more about the way your leaving made me feel.”

I could hardly believe what my Queen was saying. She missed
me? She had her choice of so may perfect bodies, both men
and women, so many lovely creatures to play with. How could
she possibly miss me? My Queen had never allowed me to fuck
her, as many other male slaves had. She requirs a much bigger
cock than mine to satisfy her. So if it wasn’t a physical
attraction, then it must be…

“Yes Max, it seems that I had grown quite accustomed to having
you here. Your bright smile when you knew that you had pleased
me, your calm and gentle nature, your undying ability to
make me smile…” She lifted my head and clipped the leash
to the ring on my collar. “My pet, my sweet little pet.” She
stroked my head lovingly, then tugged lightly on the leash.
“Come my pet, would you like to follow me upstairs to my bed

If you liked it so far, there’s more to cum… watch for the
next chapter soon.

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