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plans made..


We had made plans to meet at this hotel. I was there for a business
meeting for the company I represented. You were there to
see me. It had been over two years since we’d first
met on the internet. One conversation led to another. We
both discovered we were searching for something that we
couldn’t put a finger on, but knew when we met that
first time, we’d found something real and concrete
between us. We’d never experienced such passion
and desire before. Thinking there had to be something in
error about our lives that had led us to take the paths we’d
From that first kiss, I knew I was hopelessly in love with
you. This was another one of those times we’d arranged
to be together again. As each time came and gone, I would
find myself more deeply lost in my love for you. But from
that first time, I knew I could never end our relationship.
No matter how hard it was to leave you each time, I would endure
that pain if I thought there would ever be a chance for the
two of us to one day live as man and wife. I would not allow
myself to think that God brought us together the way He did
if I didn’t think there was a future for us being as
I was to check into the hotel and since others from my company
were also lodging there, we had to be undercover so to speak.
My co-workers knew my wife, so therefore, we had to be careful.
Though I had what outwardly appeared to be the model marriage,
no one knew what went on behind the closed doors at home.
In a word, nothing…. Would best describe the sex
between us. That was what led me to you. In search of something
to fill the void in my heart and soul. I had to find out if I
was the problem. You help me answer that question. And as
you, we both found it.
I had been in meetings most of the day and except for a brief
sighting of you from across the huge lobby, we’d
not made any contact…….except with our eyes.
You look more beautiful each time I see you. Just seeing
you across the way, your black heels tapping a rhythm on
the shiny marble floor, made me want you. I couldn’t
help but notice how your ample breasts jiggled behind your
silk blouse. My mind raced back to the many times my mouth
had savored those lovely orbs of soft flesh…..wanting
you more……even at that moment. You nodded
to the elevator and taking your cue, I followed.
I caught up with you and step for step followed you to the
open elevator that had just let off a group of business men.
I watched your tight ass wiggle behind your short skirt
and marveled at the seam of your black hose……watching
it travel down every curve of your shapely legs and disappearing
behind the strap of your high heel shoes. As you entered
the elevator, you turned around. I stepped inside and ….to
our luck the door closed before any other passengers could
enter. We looked each other in the eyes as we were about to
embrace and kiss for the first time in months. We could feel
the electricity in the air…..the heat…the
passion……the desire that was radiating
from our bodies. Before our lips met, the elevator stopped
on the mezzanine floor..and the door opened.
To my unbelief and disgust, some of my associates entered
the elevator. They started talking to me about their plans
for the evening and since it was free time, asked what I was
going to do. I told them I would probably just go to my room
and catch up on some reading. They insisted that I join them
for an evening on the town. I tried to make some excuses….and
finally gave in….You listened to the conversation
in the back corner of the elevator where you’d moved
to upon their entering. I could hear the shrugging sound
of disappointment from your direction as I looked over
my shoulder toward you. With my eyes, I tried to tell you
my disappointment. I could see you understood.. but didn’t
like it. Neither did I.
As the elevator reached the floor our company had been assigned
to, we all stepped off. Only you and another lady which had
gotten on a previous floor remained in the elevator as the
doors closed. I thought to myself as I walked to my room door.
I wish you and I were going out….doing something
together instead of with those guys. Tossing my jacket
on the bed, I decided on what comfortable clothes I would
change into for the “night on the town”.
I didn’t even know what room you were in. And I’d
not had the chance to tell you which one I was in either. This
was turning into a very frustrating evening. I could only
imagine what was running through your mind as you were sitting
alone in your room on one of the floors above me. I assumed
you were above me since you’d not exited the elevator
as I’d gotten off on the sixth floor.
I called down to the lobby to make a call to your room. But
the jerk attending the phones couldn’t find anyone
registered under your name. All I could do was hope you would
call and get my room number and leave me a message. Or by chance,
I’d see you someplace around this massive hotel.
Needless to say, the evening dragged on. We took a poll and
decided on this restaurant several miles away that was
known world wide for it’s prime rib. If I couldn’t
have my arms around my “prime rib”, at least
maybe I could satisfy my hunger for sustenance. As usual,
this well known place was like most, time was not a factor
in our being served. What you could have prepared and eaten
at home took over 4 hours to enjoy here. And I wasn’t
where I wanted to be, which made the time drag all the more.

It was after midnight when we pooled our money and figured
out the tip to the waiter. Someone suggested we go to one
of the nightclubs the city was famous for. I looked at my
watch and tried to excuse myself and tell them I would see
them at the mornings’ meeting. They would have nothing
of it. I was expected to stick with the crowd. The state manager
was in the group and he kept telling me about what a future
I had with the company. He made a “heavy” suggestion
that I tag along. I hated office politics…but it
seemed I was snookered again.
By this time, you’d flipped through the 100 channels
offered on the TV, watched a few minutes of a movie that was
in progress, but you couldn’t seem to get interested
in it. You looked at the green numbers on the clock resting
on the TV and sighed as your brain comprehended 1:37 AM.
It had been only 5 minutes since you’d called the
lobby to ask them to ring my room. Just like the other 50 or
so times you’d called before, there was no answer.
Just that lonely ringing at the other end of the line. Each
time the night clerk asked if you wanted to leave a message.
You’d unconsciously shake your head from side to
side and say no. The nerve of me leaving you alone, you thought.
You decided to take a hot shower and get ready for bed….or
at least wait for my return to my room. You didn’t
know what you would do if I showed up at your door. Those thoughts
were still running through your head. While you were showering,
the warmth of the soapy water and the soft rag you’d
wipe across your skin began to remind you of the times we
showered together. You closed your eyes as you imagined
my reaching from behind you, cradling your breasts with
each hand as my fingers would gently pinch your nipples.
You had to catch yourself as the feeling felt so real, it
startled you. You leaned back against the hard tile wall
of the shower and just stood there as the steamy hot stream
of water peppered the front of your body. You moved the lathered
wash cloth across your swollen nipples causing your body
to tremble. You found your free hand gliding down your tummy
and begins to caress your trimmed mound of Venus. All the
pent-up frustrations of waiting to be with your lover were
being concentrated at the apex of your sex organs.
Unconsciously, your fingernail brushed across your swollen
clit and not until you body almost crumpled to the floor
with a shocking orgasm did you realize you’d even
touched it. The sensation caught you off guard. You’d
never known your sexual clock to be wound so tight before
with need, desire…and anticipation. After the
initial wave of pleasure swept over your body, frustration
set in. Quickly you rinsed and dried. Your frustration
mounted again as you punched the numbers on the phone to
the lobby. They wouldn’t give out my room number
so your only option of finding me was to continue calling.
Again….as before the lonely ringing echoed in your
ear. You again thought, “How could he leave me here
alone like this?”
You flipped over the channels again and in despair threw
the remote on the bed beside you. Lying there on your back,
looking up at the ceiling, you asked yourself what you could
do. Your eyes scanned the room absentmindedly and stopped
at your luggage. Scrambling through your garments to get
to the silky nightie you’d put on, your bathing suit
was partially draped over the side of the suitcase. On a
whim, you told yourself a brisk swim might do you some good.
So you changed into the black one-piece bathing suit. You
looked in the full length mirror and wished for a fleeting
moment you still had your youthful figure. But you smiled
as you remembered my often spoken words of how beautiful
I thought you were. That’s all that mattered to you…..Just
wishing I were accessible… that moment…You
called to my room once again and with no answer, you said
only one word “Pool.”
With your beach robe wrapped around you, a thick towel under
your arm, and slippers on your feet, you walked the hallway
to the elevator. You’d noticed on the elevator wall
the signed that informed its passengers of where different
services were located in the hotel. There were two pools.
One was on the ground floor and the other was on the roof.
You decided on the roof pool. You almost went back to your
room to change your message to let me know where you were,
but as the elevator closed behind you and apparently was
going back down to the lobby, you reasoned you probably
wouldn’t be swimming long anyway. And the way the
night was going, I wouldn’t even be back anyway to
get any message. You were contemplating getting even for
leaving my leaving you alone. Would you have enough self-control
if the opportunity rose its head?
As you opened the door to the pool area, the warmth of the
summer night hit your face. At the same time, you noticed
the bright full moon overhead as it bore down its soft glow
upon the surroundings. You immediately noticed the place
was completely deserted. You reasoned that everyone was
either out on the town or in bed asleep or in bed fucking their
brains out. You couldn’t believe you’re
pent-up desires as they were being manifested in your minds
vocabulary. Placing your towel on the first patio table
around the pool, you glanced at the pool rules posted prominently.
You smiled as you saw the hours of operation 10am –
10pm. Well, you thought, if they want to kick you out of your
room for enjoying an after midnight swim, let them. At the
moment you didn’t give a care.
Diving into the water without testing the temperature
seemed to be the thing to do at that moment. And that is just
what you did. Though the water was a bit cool, the sensation
was not shocking. In fact, it was quite stimulating. You
took several leisurely laps the length of the pool and then
rested with your back against the pool wall in the shallow
end and your elbows on the pool ledge. Your back was to the
entrance door to the pool area and you didn’t notice
as I was hidden in the shadows. I watched as you kicked your
feet against the pool walls and saw your sleek body glide
underwater to near the middle of the pool before emerging.
I watched as your arms pulled the water around you..and
your tight little ass as it bobbled up almost to the surface
with each stroke. After several inspiring laps back and
forth, you emerged from the pool. Even in the soft glow of
the moonlight I soaked up your beauty. My cock strained
to be freed from the tight confines of my swim trunks.
I watched as you sat in the chair with your head heavenward.
With the towel, you were pat drying your body and the very
appealing black swim suit. I watched intently as you took
the towel and wrapped it around your head and began drying
your hair. The moonlight allowed enough light to see the
contrast of your flesh against your swim suit. I admired
your well formed body. Though you’d told me on several
occasions, you wished I could see what you looked like when
you were younger. But I couldn’t imagine anything
more beautiful than you were right then. God, I wanted you
so bad. The months of not feeling your body against mine
was more than I could hold back.
I didn’t want to startle you, so I went back to the
door and made it make a noise so you’d know someone
was coming. From my vantage point in the shadows again,
you looked my direction. Attempting to disguise my voice,
I talked through my towel and told you, “The pool
is closed lady. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”…
You nodded and said, “Yes, I know but it is such a pretty
night. I was about to go anyway.”
Just as you were about to gather your belongings, I emerged
from behind the shadows. You smiled at me. Then you saw me
come walking toward the pool with a purposeful stride.
The moonlight caught my graying hair as it fairly glistened
it the soft light and and my tight trunks revealed what you
called a nice firm ass. You felt a little apprehensive.
What would you say? What would happen? It was almost as though
we were meeting again for the first time.
I walked over without a word and sat down on the edge of the
pool just next to where you were hanging my legs and feet
in the water. You walked over and slipped into the water,
slid over a bit and my thigh pressed against your arm. With
a sudden burst of energy, you blasted off out of the pool
like a rocket. You swam away and behind you, you could heard
a splash. You wanted to hear that splash. You wanted me to
come after you, but you were so confused by your feelings.
You were angry with me for leaving you alone.
With determined powerful strokes, I caught up with you
and matched you stroke for stroke. You smelled my hint of
cologne even through the water in the pool. The moonlight
and the water rippling on my arms and shoulders made you
forget about everything but the moment. We reached the
shallow end of the pool - hip deep for me and over your waist.
You were a little out of breath, but not from swimming. My
breaths were slow and deep - like a tiger in the forest.
I reached out and brushed a wet strand of hair from your face.
"You are very beautiful, " I said. You melted inside leaving
you even more breathless. "Yes?" you gasped. I came a little
closer - my hands gently on your neck now. You abandoned
yourself to the moment. I pulled your face to mine and kissed
you deeply. You snuggled up against me so our bodies were
lightly pressed against each other. We both were intoxicated
by the moment. One of my big hands held your delicate little
neck as our mouths hungrily kissed.
My other hand was on your back. You almost swooned, but I
supported your weight. The tip of my tongue traced the outline
of your lips. I kissed your cheeks, your closed eyes, and
your forehead. My mouth traveled down your neck. The hand
on your back slid lower. You felt your nipples against my
chest through the thin bathing suit material.
My hand rested gently on your ass. You were bolder now and
reached both hands around to feel my butt cheeks. At the
contact you felt me stirring against your belly. I still
had one hand on your ass and the other hand slipped the strap
of your suit down. And I kissed the hollow of your shoulder
and the gentle rise of your breasts.
How daring right there in the pool, you thought. Somebody
might walk in. But all thought vanished as I lowered the
front of your suit and I kissed the top of your breasts lightly.
You felt me grow really hard against you. We both moaned.
I kissed all around your breasts and then blew moistly on
a nipple. You were on fire and pulled my head to you. My mouth
teased and pulled at and sucked your nipples. I took more
of your breast into my warm mouth and sucked gently.
I slid the rest of the front of your bathing suit down. You
were so hungry for me, you stepped boldly back and stripped
off your suit. You came back to me and yanked down my trunks.
Our mouths locked together. Our bodies pressed together.
I felt your rounded softness. You felt my firm muscles and
excited manhood standing upward, the swollen head against
your navel. My mouth went back to your breasts. You kissed
my shoulders. You were aroused as my hand slid down your
tummy and found your trimmed bush.
I heard a sharp intake of breath from your lips as my fingers
found your clit. I began to rub gently up and down and round
and round. My other hand massaged your ass cheeks. My mouth
was on your breasts. Boldly you reached out and found my
swollen manhood. My fingers working on your clit with perfect
rhythm drove you crazy. You gasped and moaned. My cock in
your hands felt so velvety smooth and firm. You could feel
the big vein underneath the stretched thin skin as it pulsed
- a living thing in your hand. As your fingers snaked around
it, grasping with desire, You moaned as you imagined what
this thick piece of aroused muscle was about to do to you.
Our lust was out of control. One finger moved lower while
the others stayed on your clit. That finger gently traced
the length of your slit and opened you. You were so wet and
warm and ready as my finger slipped inside. A few fingers
rubbed your clit while another explored the inside of your
pussy. God, here you were with me, you thought, going crazy.
You shoved your hips against my hand. You began to stroke
my shaft that your fingers could not reach around with your
I took you by the hips with my big hands and lifted you and
positioned you over my cock. I kissed you deeply as you took
it and put it in the entrance of your pussy. We were weightless
in the pool. You slid yourself slowly down onto to my hard
cock feeling your vaginal walls stretch and your pussy
open to accommodate the invading force. I wrapped your
legs around my waist and began long strokes in and out of
you. You sighed and moaned and gasped. Your hands clawed
at my back. Your kisses on my shoulders became bites as your
body arched in response to each overwhelming thrust.
As I pushed in and out, it pulled against your clit. Your
erect nipples rubbed against my chest. You were frantic
with desire and you bounced up and down on my cock. You felt
a storm gather within your delicious body. I got bigger
and harder within you. You bit my chest and I moaned. A fire
began to run through your body and you went rigid. Your pussy
hungrily grasped me and began to contract around the probing
shaft. You heaved and groaned - the heat inside you almost
unbearable. You exploded into wave after wave of orgasm
- contracting, expanding.
Ahh! the moonlight, the pool, and your lover. You felt me
begin to spurt inside you and this caused you to have another
orgasm. My hot come exploded into you in spurt after spurt.
My gasps and moans mingled with yours as we came together.
I held you for a long time afterwards. Your head on my shoulder,
I gently caressed your shuddering body and kissed you lightly
on the lips.
The hour was very late. We separated, found our suits and
put them back on. We came back together for a deep kiss. You
and I climbed out of the pool and got our robes. We walked
hand-in-hand to the elevator. When it stopped at my floor,
I wrapped myself around you. We kissed deeply. This time
you got off the elevator with me.
Upon entering my room, I closed the door behind us……and
taking you into my arms our lips met, our tongues darted
against one another, our bodies trembled as they pressed
against each other. My hands found the opening at the front
of your robe. As it snaked behind the soft terry cloth fabric,
my fingers followed the familiar curves of your back and
downward….to cradle your butt cheeks. I lifted
you off the floor as you wrapped your legs around my waist…carrying
you to the king-size bed. Before lowering you to the soft
support of the bed, you felt the familiar bulge in my trunks
make contact with your opened crotch. The touch triggered
sensations that only could be described as electrifying.
Control abandoned, your body becomes rigid as you grind
your pussy against my cock. Dry humping it through our still
intact clothing, I smile as I feel it then tremble in orgasmic
Not before the tidal waves of passion subsides do I lower
your body to the firm support of the mattress. My hands glide
over your hips and thighs as you lie back. Your feet and legs
dangling off the end of the bed. I kneel at the foot of the
bed as I gently push your legs apart kissing the crease along
the inside of each knee. As I move my lips farther up the insides
of your thighs, your legs began to spread wider…allowing
me easy access to my ultimate goal. It had been too long since
I’d last tasted the sweet nectar of your pussy. I
could smell the sweet essence from the moment I first kissed
the inside creases of your legs. As a moth drawn to a candle,
my nose found itself searching for the source of the sweet
fragrance. Rising above you, I kissed the crease where
your thigh meets your torso. First one side, then the other.

As my lips sent shivers of excitement over your body, your
heels found their way over my shoulders and eagerly caressing
the small of my back. Seemingly, your heels were mimicking
the movements of my tongue over your tender flesh. Reaching
along the sides of your body, my hands moved upward till
my wrists felt the soft mounds of your warm breasts. My mouth
moved around, but not touching your trimmed mound of Venus.
In its attempt to drive your center of passion toward my
mouth, your ass arched upward. As you did this, my hands
swept under your sweet cheeks and lifted you off the bed.
Except for your upper back, head and shoulders, the rest
of your body balanced in my hands and on my shoulders….your
feet and legs resting on my back.
Before I realized what was happening, my mouth was poised
at the entrance of your pussy. As you raised your head from
the bed, you planted your feet against my back to leverage
your body upward. This shoved your pussy against my chin.
My nose was buried within your pubic hairs and nestled against
your clit. Immediately, my tongue shoot outward, darting
in and around your puffy swollen lips of passion. As my tongue
stirred between the outer lips of your passion pit, you
began to rotate your ass in the most provocative way. First
from side to side, then alternating with a quick humping
thrusting motion, then a subtle grinding, fucking my chin,
tongue and nose with your sex.
As I lapped our mixed juices from our previous love making
in the pool, I could tell from the increased intensity of
your body movements, you were on the edge of having a mind-blowing
orgasm. You were so wet my tongue could not keep up with the
constant stream that was flowing from your arousal. The
syrupy juice coursed along the crack of your ass…coating
your little back door of a rosebud and even found its way
along the sides of my hands..and down my wrist. Taking this
ample self-lubricating fluid, I coated my thumb and began
to play with your winking back door. With this added sensation,
the rhythm and intensity of your pussy grinding against
my face increased. Just as I began to probe with my thumb
and it passed thru the first layer of retaining muscles,
your body grew rigid, your thighs squeezed around my neck,
your heels dug into my back, and I thought for a moment my
face would be sucked in between the lips of your contracting
pussy. I faintly could hear your muffled moans though my
ears were pinned back and crushed by your youthful firm
thighs. It seemed like a small eternity before your legs
began to relax and release the pressure around my head and
As your grip on my neck and head relaxed, I eased my thumb
from within your ass causing your body to quake uncontrollably.
I eased your butt down on the bed as my mouth nuzzled between
your warm breasts. Your body became like putty beneath
me, so soft and relaxed. The description was quite opposite
for my cock. It was hard and stiff…..drooling like
a mad dog. You hooked your thumbs around the waist of my trunks
and drew them down over my buttocks as far as your arms could
reach. Then your hands came back up and began caressing
my ass cheeks. Moving my legs back and forth, I managed to
wiggle out of my shorts tangled at my ankles. As I moved upward
a bit, my the swollen pre-cum soaked crown brushed along
the puffy outer lips of your pussy. It felt soooooo gooooooooood.
The combination of our wetness allowed my cock to slip into
the inner recesses of your body like a hot knife thru butter.
The warmth that met my rigid manhood was so overwhelming….words
could not describe how it felt. My initial probing pushed
me all the way in deep inside. A gasp of air came from your
lungs as my cock filled your love tunnel. My balls dangled
beneath and pressed against the puckered opening of your
back door. As the head of my cock pressed against the back
walls of your pussy, you muscles gripped my probing love
muscle. The sensitive nerve endings of tender flesh felt
even the slightest ripples that circled my swollen piston
of griselly meat. For several moments, our bodies could
not move. We basked in the intensity of our passion….that
moment of such intimacy…where two bodies join…uniting
as one.
Ever so slowly, I began to pump my cock in and out of the juicy
opening into your lovely body. With each cycle of withdrawal,
your gripping lips tugged against the exiting rod. Seemingly,
your grip was so great that it was sucked right back to the
fully inserted position, filling the depths of your desire.
Each thrusting motion drew me closer to the edge. Struggling
to maintain control, I lay motionless upon your body….my
cock buried deep within the warmth of your love. Only the
constant throbbing as blood continued to pump into my love
muscle…and the contracting of your vaginal walls
around it…..without any further movement, I felt
the well of my desire bubbling to the surface….my
balls contracted and withdrew as they released the hot
liquid. You sensed it too…anxiously waiting to
feel the hot offering of my body, you began milking me. This
pushed me over the edge and I exploded…splashing
against the walls of your sex triggering within you yet
another powerful orgasm….which flowed into another…and
yet another. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure coursed
through your body.
As you began to thrust against me, you demanded, “Fuck
me!……Fuck me hard!”…..and
with each thrusting….”Harder”….”Harder”.

In a frenzy of pumping, thrusting, and grinding, we both
lost all control. It seemed I was drifting above us….looking
down upon this beautiful couple as they shared their love,
passion and desire for each other. Beads of perspiration
began to form. Our breathing became ragged and labored.
You were continuing to have a string of orgasms……I
was actually ramming my cock into your pussy so hard I imagined
I was being brutal, but your words were telling me otherwise.
I could still hear the words, “Harder!”….and
I was trying harder. Till finally, I too came again. You
wrapped your legs around me as you felt the hot fluid spurt
against your insides. With your feet leveraged against
my butt, you pushed me deeper within. Exhausted, I collapsed
upon you.
We fell asleep from total exhaustion and a deep sense of
sexual fulfillment. Sometime in the wee hours of the night,
I imagined I was dreaming. I felt a stirring in my crotch.
I felt a very warm sensation coming from my cock. Lying on
my back, unconsciously, I reached down to grab the covers
to pull them up over my body. As my senses returned from deep
sleep, I realized you were under the covers. The warmth
that I felt was the warm wetness of your mouth. You were attempting
to awaken the depleted “soldier”….to
get him to stand at attention. Your desire had been rekindled.
I lay there motionless as I allowed you to continue your
manipulations…..playing as though I was still
deep in sleep. It was working. Your mouth and tongue worship
awakened the sleeping tool as it began to stand up. I felt
my balls drawn into your warm mouth. My now hard cock throbbed
against your cheek as you licked my balls clean.
You didn’t know whether to suck me till I came….or
fuck me….. You remembered how good that cock felt
in your throbbing pussy a few hours earlier and that made
your decision easier. You loved to suck my cock, but you
loved how it felt in your pussy even more. And since you were
in charge at the moment, you took advantage of the situation.
I stirred slightly only to make it seem like I was still asleep.

Peeking through my eyelids, I watched as you gingerly straddled
me with your back to my body. I watched as you took my cock
and guided it to your waiting hole. You must have been very
wet because I felt no resistance as I watch my cock disappear
between those puffy red pussy lips. I knew you must have
been real sensitive from the previous pounding you’d
received. But it didn’t matter. You just wanted
that cock to fill you again. With your knees to the sides
of my hips and your hands resting on the bed somewhere around
my knees, I watched as your body glided up and down along
my hard cock. Even in the early morning light that was peeking
through the drapes on the window, I could see your juices
glistening. Seemingly attempting to not disturb my “sleep”,
the only part of our bodies that touched was my cock and your
pussy. I watched as with each stroke, your ass cheeks seemed
to quiver and tremble….At the top of an outward stroke,
I watched as the head of my cock..poised at the entrance
of your lovely sweetness…..framed by the puffed
up lips… with desire….as it seemed
you were trying to repress the ultimate….only to
slam yourself down hard…you couldn’t control
any longer the cravings of your body and soul. The impaling
of yourself upon me drove me over the edge as my balls emptied
themselves of the hot stuff once again. As you felt my juices
filling you, you pressed downward, grinding you pussy
against my cock….driving it to its deepest reaches…
You looked around over your shoulder to see if I was a wake,
and our eyes met…you had such a lustful look in your slid your ass along the surface of my stomach..leaving
a trail of our mixed juices along the way. Inching closer
and closer, you slowly moved your knees upward along the
sides of my body…still straddling me….your
open pussy never leaving contact with my body…When
it made contact with my chin, you began to hump against it.
My nose was sandwiched between your sweet ass cheeks. Like
the maneuvering of two spaceships in orbit about to dock,
my mouth latched on to the open wetness of your pussy..
As my tongue lapped at our juices, your mouth circled around
my semi-rigid cock. The sight and sensation of your wet
pussy being dragged along my torso was a turn-on in itself.
But when you sat on my face inviting me to eat you, that drove
me wild. I licked you clean of our mixture of love secretions
as well as tongue bathed your ass….journey from
base of back to your clit….and back again. Your mouth
was doing wonders on my cock. I felt as though I was completely
drained and the thought of cuming again seemed out of the
question. As my tongue probed and my mouth sucked on the
tender petals of sensitive flesh, your tongue and mouth
seemed to mimic mine. I flicked at your clit…you
tongue probed the little slit on the head. …I licked
your outer lips, you licked around the rim of the crown.
I sucked on your lips, …you sucked on my head…I
moved from your pussy to your ass…and circled it
with my tongue….you slid your tongue over my balls
as your tongue began to circle around my puckered backdoor.
I probed your ass with my tongue….you began doing
the same to me…my tongue pressed against the contracting
muscles…as yours pressed against mine….I
tasted your sweetness…you tasted mine…
This exchange of subtle innuendos drove us to a new height
of desire… I was becoming so aroused my cock was fairly
flowing continuous a stream of thick clear syrupy juice.
I was actually getting turned on by the rimming you were
doing to my ass. Without any warning, my balls erupted and
my cum shot out……It came with such force it
sprayed upon your dangling breasts. Your mouth moved to
my still spewing cock and began to drink in the juices….sucking
me like a straw after the last drops from the bottom of a milkshake.
As you drank my juices, your body began to tremble and you
began to hump my face. With muffled moans from a stuffed
mouth, I could tell you were cuming…your pussy got
extremely wet and as I lapped up the juices…more
seemed to follow….Your orgasm was so intense, you
fell upon me and collapsed… exhausted to move.

I kissed your ass cheeks and your inner thighs as I rolled
you over onto your side. You crawled up against me into a
fetal position. Your ass pressed against my groin. My arms
draped around your waist..cupping your lovely breasts.
I touched my cum on your warm flesh and began massaging the
natural fluid into your delicate skin. As my hand massaged
your breast, I could tell from your relaxed state and your
breathing that you had fallen asleep. Pressing my cock
against your ass roused you only slightly and I decided
to put it to rest for a bit. After all, we had all weekend to
make love. I kissed your shoulder and in my heart I pledged
my love to you all over again…….I love you………

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