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Not getting an opportunity to be with Robbie again was probably
one of the most frustrating things that happened to me as
I was discovering my own sexuality. The second was the decidedly
mysterious disappearance of the electric vibrator and
the penis shaped dildo from under my parents" bed.
As already mentioned, I looked the house over for them.
Wherever they were, I was unable to find them.

Once, when I was in a Sears store, I saw a vibrator very similar
to the the one that was under the bed. The attachments were
similar, but not exactly the same. I considered taking
some money out of my savings account and springing for the
fourteen dollars ninety-five plus tax. It was the fear
of embarrassment that kept me from going ahead with it.
I just knew that I would get that "knowing" look
from the sales clerk.

It never dawned on me that a vibrator was really untilized
for things other than sexual release. After I moved away
from home, I finallt bought one , by mail order. Much to my
surprise and delight, the thing came with a catalog full
of other goodies, but what caught my eye immediately was
the big pink penis-shaped dildo. Needless to say , I ordered
it, as well as a nine inches white plastic model.

It's just that it was particularly tough in the early
days after my experience with the vibrators. Robbie had
only succeeded in enhancing my appetite for sex. It was
not long before I had actually determined that I was an irrepressible
sexual being. Furthermore, it seemed impossible to escape
the mind set that came with that realisation. Oh, I don't
believe I was ever really as much obsessed by sex as I was
impressed by it. I had just seemed to developed an appetite
for the feelings th at I had so recently discovered. As to
obsession, I left that to my feelings for the only guy in
my life up to that time Robbie. I wanted him to do "it"
to me so badly that I would be extremely uncomfortable anytime
he was around.

It's just that we were never alone. He would look at
me sometimes and smile and I took it as a promise that we shared
special feelings that would one day be consummated in the
ultimate sexual coupling.

By Thanksgiving, I had finally given in to my blossoming
urges and attempted several times to masturbate to climax
with only my hand as a vehicle. It turned out not to be an easy
task. Strange, but I've never really discussed that
with any other girls. wonder if they had the same difficulty.
The problem was one of time. Usually I would be too sore to
continue after fifteen or twenty minutes of trying to reach
an orgasm. The first time I actually achieved one with my
fingers, I was so exhausted that the pleasure was so fleeting
that if I had never had an orgasm before, I might not even
have recognised it.

The breakthrough came one night as I was getting ready for
bed. I noticed a jar of Vaseline in the medicine chest. I
had been using it to keep my lips moist at night because they
were chapping so badly. I hated the taste of it, but I hated
the pain of chapped lips worse, not to mention how they looked
at school. While I was putting it on my lips, I remembered
that the books I had found under the bed had mentioned lubrication
to avoid irritation.

I rubbed the greasy stuff between two fingers and smiled
at myself in the mirror.

"Lubrication to avoid irritation."

It rhymed.

"Lubrication to avoid irritation, " I said
over and over as I walked quickly to my room, Vaseline jar
in hands.

"Lubrication to avoid irritation."

I was actually putting the words to a tune.

I shut my door and crawled into bed. The jar, I slipped under
the covers with me. Unscrewing the lid, I quickly dipped
two fingers into the goop and pulled out a gob of petroleum
jelly big enough to grease a tank. The only problem was how
I would get it to the target through my baby doll pajama bottoms.
With the Vaseline on my right fingertips, I stood up and
used my left hand to work my bottoms all the way off. I picked
them up and pushed them under my pillow. I knew it wouldn't
do f or Mom to walk in and see them on the floor.

Jumping back in bed and getting under the covers, I pulled
my knees up and made a tent over my lower body as my legs spread
apart. I placed the Vaseline over my pussy and pushed inward
with my fingertips. All the lubrication made it too easy
as my middle and ring fingers sank all the way in. Immediately
I knew that I had used too much of the jelly. Unable to reach
the box of Kleenex on my dresser, I had to get out of bed and
walk with my legs spread apart to keep from smearing it all
over my legs. Returning to my bed, I almost lost my footing
as my bare foot found a large blob of Vaseline that had refused
to make the trip.

As I started to try to wipe it off the hardwood floor rug,
a voice just ouside my bedroom door sounded, "Katie?
Are you in bed yet?"

Diving for the bed, I barely it under the covers, bare-assed
and holding a jar of Vaseline and box of kleenex, as the door
opened. Mom walked in without turning on the light and walked
over to my bed and sat down beside me. She just barely missed
putting her foot in the Vaseline on the floor. I squeezed
my eyes shut until I was certain she had not found it. I have
no idea of what I would have told her. As she sat there, she
pulled the blanket and sheet up under my chin and literally
"tucked me in, " something she hadn't
done in a while.

"Who's Danny, " she asked.

There was a conspiratorial tone in her voice.

I had to think for a minute, "Danny Parker?"
I asked.

"Yes, that was his name. Who is he, a boyfriend?"

I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Ah, Mom, I don't have a boyfriend." I said.

"What about Robbie? Don't think I haven't
seen the way you two look at each other."

I was glad she souldn't see the colour in my cheeks.

"Robbie's just a good friend, " I pictured
his head between my legs.

My voice was hollow as I continued, "Why did you ask
about Danny."

Mom sighed, "I supposed I flubbed it. He called before
you came home this afternoon and wanted you to call him.
I forgot all about it until just now. It's ten o'clock
. Do you want to try to call him now?"

When she started to draw the covers down, I almost snatched
them from her hands in order to get them up to my neck, "I-it's
probably too late. I better see him at school tomorrow.
Besides, I'm too tired."

"Well, OK., young lady. If you're sure."

I wasn't sure. I had no idea what Danny Parker would
want to talk to me about, and now I would have to go to sleep
wondering. I could feel the Vaseline as it had warmed up
in my crotch and was beginning to run just a little.

Mom was walking out of the room as she turned and said, "Good
night, honey."

"g'nite, Mom."

I knew I couldn't wait. Grabbing a handful of the tissues,
I wiped away the Vaseline as well as I could. On my knees on
the floor, I tried to remove all that was there. I got most
of it with the kleenex, but the spot was still very slick
with the residue. Retrieving my pajama bottoms from under
my pillow, I pulled them on and walked out of room to the telephone
table in the hallway. As I sat down, my mother leaned out
of the kitchen and looked down the hallway at me. Before
she could say anything, I explained, "Changed my
mind. Did he leave a number?"

"It's on the pad."

She chuckled and sang, "Katie's got a boyfriend,
Katie's got a boyfriend."

Mom had begun to act a little strange especially when the
subject of boys and me would come it. I didn't understand
back then, but now I suspect that she was wondering if I had
other preferences. If it's true that she felt that
way, I would have been offended at her for doing so.

Now, I just think it's funny.

"Mom, " I snapped, "I do not have a boyfriend."

She just laughed. I remember being surprised in a very puzzled
sense that she actually seemed pleased that a guy had called.
Surprising also was that she had been "noticing"
anything at all about Robbie and me.

I thought we had been playing it "close to the vest"
as my Dad always said.


"Mrs. Parker, is Robbie...I mean, is Danny there?"

"Yes he is. Is this Katie?" she asked.

"Yes, mam. My mother said he wanted me to call him."

"He told me you would probably call. Just a minute,
I'll go out and get him."

"Go out?"

I thought, "At ten:thirty at night."


Danny was panting.

"Just a sec while I catch my breath."



I queried. Still only silence.

"OK., I'm back. I had to climb the tree out back
to get the cat down. "That stupid feline gets stuck
up there at least twice a week. I think she does it on purpose, "
he laughed.

Danny was one of the co-captains of the high school football
team but I had no idea why he would be calling me. We didn't
even go to the same school.

I was still stuck over at the South High. It was really inconvenient
and confusing.

Danny continued, "The reason I asked for you to call
me back was so I could ask you if you'd like to go to the
Christmas Dance with me next month if you don't already
have a date."

I was stunned.

"Katie? You still there?"

"Yeah, " my mouth hanging open, "I mean
yes, I'm still here."

He paused.

"Well, how about it? Would you go with me."

"Y-yes. I-I'd love to, " I stumbled, not
knowing how to react.

Reaching way down inside myself I picked a little reserve
bravery, "Yes, that would be just fine."

"Great. I'll call you again and we'll get
all the details worked out, OK.?"

"Sure, " I said brightly, "just call

"OK., " he affirmed, "Bye now."

"Bye, " then quickly, "see you."

But I don't think he heard it because the phone clicked
as I had barely finished.

I was in a daze. The only boys I had dated had been either my
same age or even a little younger. Most of them were goofs
who just bunched up with other boys at whatever event we
were attending while all the girls got together to talk
about the goofs we were with. Wow! At last I had a real, honest to goodness date. And then it
hit me, ". ..if Mom and Dad will let me...Oh, god, please
let them say yes."

"Well, what did Larry have to say, " Mom asked
as she walked down the hallway sipping a cup of cocoa.

Her smile was just too knowing.

I swallowed.

"He wants me to go with him to the Christmas dance next
month. May I, Mom, ...please."

"What did you tell him?"

Her expression became somewhat stern.

"I told him yes, " I said, waiting for the axe
to fall.

"Mom, ... please?"

"Well, young lady, " I hope you have something
decent to wear to a bash like that.

I squealed with delight, "Oh, Mom. Thanks. Thank
you, " I grabbed her and hugged her around the waist,
"I love you."

She was laughing now, "I told Larry that you would
probably say yes. I appreciate a young man who respects
a girl enough to ask her parents their permission for him
to ask her out."

She put an arm around me and started walking me to my bedroom

I thought, "Oh no, the Vaseline and the Kleenex on
my bed."

"Mom, I'm too excited to go to bed right now. Could
I have a cup of cocoa with you?"

She glanced at her watch.

"It's awfully late. Tell you what. You get in
bed and I'll bring a cup to you."


By the time she brought it, I had abolished all the incriminating

"Mom, " I said, "I don't need a new
dress or anything. I can wear the one that I wore to that last

Setting the cup and saucer on my night-stand, she turned
and patted my shoulder, "You won't have to. Remember
that other dress we looked at...the strapless one?"

I nodded open mouthed.

"I was at the boutique a couple of weeks ago and they
had one like it, only just a little more conservative and
much more appropriate for the season. So I went ahead bought
it for you. I had intended for you to wear it to our annual
bazaar and was keeping it as a surprise. But I think you can
have it for the Christmas Dance. Besides, I think you have
enough up front to give a strapless gown a little more to
hold on to now."

I squealed again, jumping up on my knees on the mattress
and hugging her again.

"You're the best Mom in the whole world."

"I know, " she smiled as she walked to the door.

Turning as she was closing the door, "Go to sleep."

And she was gone. Mom was a real jewel.

She belonged to the ladies group at the Junior Jaycees.
They had a big charity bazaar and dance ever y year in early
December. For the past couple of years I had been involved
with helping out in the booths. This would be my first year
for the dance. No one had called to invite me to that one yet.
I had been trying to get up enough nerve to ask Robbie, but
had not been able to overcome my reluctance to "chase"

I fell back onto my pillow, bouncing on the mattress. I was

Me, a South higher out on a date with the co-captain of the
"almost-state- champs" football team.

Sue, Robbie's sister and also my best friend, would
be positively green. I tried to picture Larry in my mind
as I lay looking at the ceiling. It was difficult getting
a picture with the light on. I raised up on one elbow to turn
off the lamp on my night-stand. Althought the cocoa had
been a ruse, I took a couple of quik gulps and turned off the
light. In the darkness the picture of Larry Parker began
to form in my mind. I just lay there and looked at him. When
his imaginary form bent to kiss me, I closed my eyes and let
my lips touch the air. Since it was all imaginary, I let him
begin to nibble at my neck and lick my ear. My hand was his
as he reached for my breast and began to stroke it through
my pajama top. Then I led his phantom fingers travel up under
the garment so he could twist and pull at my still immature
nipples until they stood as proudly as they could.

When I led his hand under the waistband of my bottoms, the
residual Vaseline was assurance that there was no obstacle
to the progress of what I imagined. His my fingers entered
the slick opening effortlessly even though I was still
very tight. As my imaginary lover was now lying naked over
my body, positioning himself over me, between my legs.
As if outside my own body, I watched as he made that move under
the sheet just like in the VCR movie. My two fingers sank
their full length into my ... my ...

"love nest."

As my hand pumped his knuckled penis in and out of my pussy,
I began to lift my hips to meet each thrust. Although I had
my fingers there in proxy, the picture I was imagining showed
my arms wrapping around his broad shoulders as I kissed
him. I never knew Larry's shoulders were that broad.

My tongue came out from between my lips and the open air around
me was his mouth that I entered with it. I moaned as the pumping
in and out became more intense. I knew that I was going to
make it this time.

"Why Larry, you're doing a really great job, "
my imaginary voice said.

Then the picture changed unexpectedly. Thorough my closed
eyelids, Larry was no longer there. In his place was an amazingly
real picture of Robbie as he writhed over my body. I opened
my thighs even wider to accommodate him as my fingers began
to pull and roll my clitoris. He thrust again and my fingers
went fully into my opening. He pulled back and the amazing
tool pinched and pulled at my clitoris, and then stayed
there and rubbed and rolled it more and more, until a vocalized
groan left my lungs. The heat that signalled my release
shot through me.

Wanting to feel my orgasm completely, I kept a thumb and
forefinger on my clitoris and sent my middle finger from
my other hand into my pulsating opening. It felt as if a ring
or band of muscles were gripping and releasing my finger.
This was the first time I had had a finger fully imbedded
during an orgasm. I had not known it was like that. I let myself
be released in a depth of sweetness and my imaginary Robbie
finally lay still. I withdrew my fingers and let them move
over the mounds of my breasts for several minutes, until
sleep claimed me in the midst of my exhaustion.

The buzzing alarm brought me instantly awake. I lay on my
side, my pajama top pushed up over my breasts. I reached
for the snooze button, but the five minute reprieve it allowed
was not needed. I felt absolutely alive.

It wasn't ever going t o be the same after what happened
last night. Not only had I reached a full blown orgasm all
by myself, I had a date...a real date.

It's a good thing that mastubation can't really
make you blind as in the old folks" warnings. I indulged
myself quite often after that. Sometimes it was Larry and
sometimes Robbie. Robbie was always better. I supposed
that it was because that we had really done some things together
and Larry and I had never even held hands.

After I told Sue about my date though, I noticed a change
in Robbie.

Although we were still friendly enough, there was a distance
between us.

When we weren't talking, he seemed somewhat distracted.
And sometimes I would catch him just staring at me. He would
look away as soon as my eyes would meet his, but there seemed
to be an interminable sadness behind his gaze. It really
bothered me. It had been about five weeks since that weekend,
and If Robbie had approached me anytime since then and made
any advance at all, I would have dropped my pants and spread
my legs for him then and there.

But he didn't approach me, and for some reason, I felt
it was his place to make the first move. But as time wore on,
and the bazaar was only two weeks away, I became more and
more concerned until I was miserable. Robbie didn't
know it, but I had been making love to him almost every night.
I wondered if he had the same thoughts about me. After all,
he had said that I was his girl.

Fianally, I was so upset and worried by the way he had been
acting that I decided that it would have to be me that took
the initiative. His family had come over for dinner on evening
in late November. The old folks were gathered in our rec
room playing canasta. Robbie, Sue and I were watching Television
when Sue excused herself to go to the rest-room. I had finally
decided to ask him to the bazaar dance.


I said, causing his head to turn toward me. Before I could
mention the bazaar, I saw something in his eyes that approximated

Intead I asked, "Robbie, is something wrong?"

I could tell he was not being honest with me when he said that
nothing was wrong as far as he was concerned. He asked, "Why
do you ask?"

"I just thought that we were sort of...well, you know,
after that day here at the house."

I was extremely uncomfortable with the conversation,
but I added softly, "You said I was your girl. It's
just that you haven't acted much like it."

Without a moment's hesitation Robbie shot back, "Is
that why you're going to the Christmas dance with Larry
Parker? ...Because you're MY girl?"

His gaze was hard and hurtful.

"It doesn't mean I'm Larry Parker's
girl. I-I didn't even think about that."

I was at a loss, and then, "I'll call him and tell
him I can't go. I'll go with you."

His eyes burned right through me as he said flatly, "I'm
going with Diane."

With that he got up and walked from the room.

"Mom...Dad, I've got some things to do at home.
Thanks for the great dinner Mrs. Marshall."

"You're welcome, Robbie. Come back anytime, "
my mother called out after him as he was up the stairs and

I heard the front door shut, or should I say slam? No one else in the rec room seemed to notice.

It was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears. I clenched
my teeth and just stared at the TV.

"Where's Robbie?"

Sue asked as she came back into the room.

"He went home, " I said without expression.

I was glad when they finally left. In my room alone that night,
I tried to make love to my conjured image of Larry, but eventually
gave in to a sweet episode with Robbie that ended in an orgasm
which faded into a picture of his face buried in Diane Contento's
blond pussy. I the midst of my misery, I turned her pubic
hair to a mousy brown to match the colour in the roots of her
bleached hair. Not in the least consoled, I wept uncontrollably
until I fell asleep.

The day before the big Christmas dance, I came down with
the flu and had to cancel. Robbie and Diane had a great time
I was told and she was wearing his classring when classes
resumed after New Years. I never heard from Larry Parker
again. Al though I was terribly hurt, I still fantasised
about Robbie for a while, but soon I found out that my mind
did better to dwell on other things. My secret sex life slowed
down and I turned my energies to my acedemic pursuits.

Robbie and I avoided each other. We lived as if the other
was neither friend nor enemy. To one another we had become

I finally let him go the night I watched him from my bedroom
window as he was dressed in a white tuxedo, leaving to go
to the Senior Prom. Everyone who was counting said that
was the night that Robbie made Diane Contento pregnant.

If I ever loved anyone, I loved Robbie. I would have done
anything to please him. I thought I would never get over
him. Sitting alone in my room, looking out the window across
the darkened lawn, I vowed a vow of celibacy.

My vow was rendered void by his subsequent marriage to Diane.
I mean, how miserable is a person supposed to be? God, how I loved him.

I suppose it was in my sophomore year that I decided that
I wanted to remain a virgin in the sense that I had not yet
had, nor wished to have sexual intercourse with a male of
the species. In other words, I made up my mind that I was not
going to get laid. But as Spock so plainly stated it to Lt.

Savic, "For everything, there is a first time."

When I think about my "first time, " my emotions
almost get away from me.

The hurt and anger have subsided over the intervening years,
but I still seek to cope fully with it. His name was Jeff,
and I really had a thing for him.

In retrospect, I suppose a lot of negative feelings that
I have yet to conquer is directed at myself.

Anyway. the resolve regarding "virginity"
was swallowed up in the name of "love."

My naivite was such that I still find it unbelievable to
this day.

When I think of how stupid I was to fall for it, I feel betrayed,
embarrassed and cheated, not only by him, but by my own lack
of self-control.

Not that I thought myself innocent, but rather, I had redeemed
my inner "good girl" values.

Sexual intercourse was reserved for marriage. There were
no exceptions.

I began dating fairly regulaly after the end of my freshman
year. I was pleasantly surprised at my new found popularity
with the opposite sex.

Frankly, I dated any well-mannered decent sort who asked
me out. I had no prejudices about how a gu y was supposed to
look. So I had my share of short, tall, skinny, fat and so
forth. Of course, Mom and Dad had to deliver a stamp of approval.
Sometimes my mother would look at me questioningly when
she saw a one she felt was particularly unattrac tive. I
just told her that I hadn't wanted to hurt the guys feelings
by turning him down.

An evening out for me typically began when the guy I was going
out with would come to my home to pick me up. They had to wait
in the living room for me while my father gave them the eye.
After the guy was properly impressed we'd go to a movie,
party, or whatever. Then he'd drop me off at my front
door. Sometimes there would be a goodnight kiss. I must
admit that sometimes I did become a little prejudiced about
kissing the ones my Mom held in question as to their looks.
That was the summer I turned eighteen.

As my seinor year of high school got underway, I was elected
to the Student Council and was selected as a varsity cheerleader.
I dated quite often, mostly on weekends until the near the
end of the school year. I never gave away more than a prim
and proper kiss. By Spring, however, I had become a little
more selective about my dates. I had sworn off geeks for
good, and found that I seemed to enjoy it more when the other
girls were interested in who I was seeing.

Then, along came Kevin. Kevin was a year behind me but the
co-captain and a forward on our high school basketball
team. Our first date was to his Junior Prom. By the time he
got me home that night, I was madly in love. We didn't
have any formal agreement or anything, just an unspoken
understanding that we were now an official item. I stopped
dating anyone else, he did the same, and "that was
that" as they say.

The guys I dated before Kevin would occasionally get a little
too bold and sometimes try to cop a little feel, but when
the hands began to rove, I brought it to a screeching halt
just by very firmly telling them to stop.

Kevin and I dated a lot, but didn't get so far along the
heavy breathing routine that we couldn't pull in the
reins. Sometimes he would stay a while when he brought me
home and we would sit in the living room and play a little
smacky-mouth and smash-face in the dim light . My dad and
mom were usually upstairs in bed.

We had been dating a year when Kevin took the initiative
to place a hand over one of my breasts. I was wearing a very
bulky ski sweater. It was the middle of March, but still
pretty cold for our part of the country. We didn't have
outdoor ska ting because it was never really cold enough
except maybe the middle of February. But on that particular
night, he had just brought me home from an indoor rink at
the mall.

As we sat close to each other on the couch in the rec room,
I could hardly believe it when I felt his palm press at me
through the material. I had to look down to make sure it was
what I thought it was. All I did was slide my hand between
his hand and mine, and he made a strategic withdrawal.

For the next month or so, our necking began to get somewhat
more frenzied and the petting a little bolder.

Is wasn't too long before I permitted him extra liberties
that I thought I could control. I began letting his hand
slide up under whatever top I was wearing to cup my bra covered
breast. The unwritten, unspoken rule was "no petting
below the waist."

After a few of these above-the-waist sessions, I coutiosly
allowed him an additional liberty. He found that I would
permit the bra to be unhooked so he could feel the natural
me. During all this, we would kiss until our faces were wet
with perspiration and saliva, and just about to fall off.

In mid-May, on the night of the Senior prom, we were invited
to a mid- night breakfast party thrown for the basketball
team at their coach's home.

The coach was a real nice guy and had gone all out to do something
nice for his graduating seniors . We played pool, had some
omelets, bacon, hotcakes and lots of other goodies. Then
we danced some more until everyone was just sitting around
at two:thirty a.m. staring at each other. But after midnight
there is only so much partying you can do, so we got together
with Woody and Beth and headed for the bowling lane. A big
sign on the front door said, "CLOSED FOR THE PROM!"

The owner had had some trouble from some kids at another
school on their Prom night, so we supposed he just decided
he had had it.

Normally, it was open twenty-four hours a day except from
Midnight Saturday until early morning league time on Monday.
So instead of going bowling, and since our parents were
not expecting us until about dawn, we just sat there in the
car for a while a nd talked. Soon Beth and Woody were no longer
in the conversation and the souds of their kisses and breathing
began to dominate.

Kevin and I looked at each other. He shrugged his shoulders
and I did the same. He pulled me closer to him and we played,
"if you can't beat'em, join'em."

I'll have to say that Kevin was the best kisser I had
ever known, not that I had known that many, but I was impressed.
Mom had been extra generous when she brought out her mink
wrap for me to wear before Kevin picked me up. So, I unclipped
the chain that secured it and smoothed it over the back of
the seat beside me. When I turned t oward Kevin, he just absorbed
me into the circle of his arms.

I let my head lean on his shoulder and he bent his neck so that
his lips could cover mine. When I finally came up for breath,
he let his lips latch onto my left earlobe. That gave him
a mouthful of Mom's diamond cluster ear rings. Neither
Mom nor I had ever had our ears pierced, so these were actually
the clip-on type. Kevin pulled at the piece of Jewellry
until he had it in his mouth. He spit it into his hand and we
both laughed. I stopped laughing when his tongue went into
my ear canal and licked wetly and noisily there. With his
left hand came up to remove the one from my right ear, I dropped
my hands to receive both earrings in my hands.

I turned toward him to reach for his coat pocket as his lips
met mine again. My right hand was placing the earrings into
his pocket when his left hand cupped my right breast. But
Kevin was not going to be satisfied with feeling my gown.
Especially when he had had the liberty of feeling them "in
the flesh" so to speak.

As I mentioned earlier, the gown was strapless. I was wearing
no bra since the dress itself had a built-in underwire bra.
All he could manage at first was to work his fi ngers into
the top and tickle my nipples. All the while, I had my right
hand in his coat pocket and my left hand was sort of pinned
between us.

Kevin tried to fold the front of the gown downward, but the
underwiring and the way it cinched my torso, made it impossible.
The gown zipped in the back just where a bra strap would be
if I had one. Kevin found it with his free hand and eased it
down. The zipper itself went past the waistline about eight
inches down into the skirt portion. I let him slide the zipper
as far as my waist, but when he tried to go further, I leaned
hard against his harm, pinning it to the back of the seat.
He got the message.

With the zipper open, he was able to pull the top away and
down. There was enough light from the tall lamps in the parking
lot that Kevin was able to actually see my breasts for the
first time. Also he had never had such free access to my breasts.
This was the first time he had them totally uncovered.

I had never allowed him to remove any of my clothing or even
unbutton a blouse. He aways had to work his way there without
the luxury of anything more than unhooking my bra under
my top. He never even mentioned taking anything off.

On that night, however, with my breasts exposed in the dim
light, his lips left mine and trailed down my neck to where
my shoulder joins it, a manoeuvre he had duplicated many
times. But when he lifted his mouth from my neck, instead
of going back up to my lips as he always had done before, he
went down. Holding one of my tits, he pulled at it and met
it with his open mouth. I had not felt anything that sensual
since Robbie had done the same thing. Only it wasn't
Robbie, it was Kevin who bowed his head to suckle on my tender
and sensitive breast.

Holding my right breast with his left hand, he let his head
bob and twist as he paid homage to my left nipple. Then, still
squeezing with his left hand, he shifted his head to taste
the other one. It was as if he would squeeze the base of my
b oob and let it swell into his mouth. Then he would take the
tip of his tongue and drive my nipple deep into my flesh.
I squirmed and let my hands move over his neck and ran my fingers
through his hair. The only sound I was making was , "MMmmmmmmmm

I would have been terribly embarrassed if Beth and Woody
had known what was going on. All I could hear coming from
the back-seat was the smacking and slurping of a multitude
of sloppy, wet kisses.

As Kevin's mouth displaced his left hand, his left
hand dropped to my lap and began to rub my right thigh through
the dress stroking from my knee to just a few inches from
hips. The dress came to a point just above my knees when I
was sitting. For several strokes, his hand stayed on top
of the material. Then on one stroke downward to my knee,
his hand went beyond the material at the hem of the short
dress. As soon as I felt his palm on my nylon clad knee, I knew
that things were about to become very different with Kevin.
The thought that dominated at that moment was that I was
glad I wore pantyhose tonight. I had considered ditching
them when we were at the coach's house because it was
so warm.

Made brave by my pantyhose, I was not troubled in the least
by his left hand on my right knee. But when his hand began
moving again, it was running up my thigh under my dress.
I didn't know how to react, so I didn't. His hand
just rubbed and stroked the thigh up and down, moving a little
higher on about every third trip. After a bit more of this
progression, his hand ran out of a place to go, stopping
dead at my abdominal wall. The hand was touching the silky
material of my pantyhose. I had never allowed Kevin any
liberty such as this before.

I didn't want to call Beth and Woody's attention
to this, so I just laid my head on his right shoulder, holding
my breath. His tongue stabbed between my lips and circled
warily around my tongue. I let my tongue accept his invitation
to dance. His huge palm was gripping my upper thigh, his
four fingers to the ouside and his thumb resting against
the crotch of my pantyhose. Kevin began to rub his finger
up and down the covering over my pussy. The pantyhose were
very sheer, but the panty part had a cotton crotch.

Under the pantyhose, I wore my skimpiest bikini panties.
Even through the layers of cloth, what he was doing felt
so good, and it had been so long since I had been touched like
that. I let out a little, "Ahhhh, " and let my
thighs drift apart.

Taking this as a sign of surrender, Kevin's hand forsook
my thigh and moved to my waist. His hand made a deft manoeuvre
which sent his fingers to my hair-covered mound. I reacted
by squeezing my thighs tight to stop his progress, but the
tips of his fingers were still able to stroke up and down.

I didn't take much of this to make me relax my legs and
let them open again.

I decided that as long as he was just touching my hair, it
was all right to let him continue. My legs relaxed again.
Looking down, the sight appeared almost obscene. My dress
bunched between his forearm and my waist, his wrist strecting
the waist of my pantyhose away from my body.

Shamelessly, I whispered, "Let me..."

I reached up under my dress and hooked my pantyhode with
my thumbs and began to pull them down. As I did so, I looked
over the back of the seat and saw Edith with stripped to the

Her back was to me and her face was in Woody's lap. He
was obviously worrying one of her breasts with one hand
and holding a handful of her hair with the other helping
her to glide her mouth up and down on his cock. I got my pantyhose
off one leg and let them just h ang around the other ankle.

Amazingly, the little bikini panties maintained their
integrity and stayed in place.

I put both arms around Kevin's neck and guided his mouth
to my breasts again. I moaned at the contact. I heard Beth
giggle and choke at the same time. My intention was to allow
Kevin to just touch me below the waist without going any
further. With my panties still in place, I felt I could control
the speed and intensity of the moment. With my thighs squeezed
shut again, I allowed him to feel and stroke the crotch of
my panties again.

I knew I had made a mistake when I felt my labia divide and
Kevin's finger pushed the material inside me until
my gripping thighs would allow no further progress. In
spite of my slight resistance, he managed to work a finger
under the elastic at the crotch of my panties pulling it
to one side enough that his finger was trailing across my
wet slit. Placing on hand on his wrist, I moved his hand until
his fingers were again only on the cloth that covered my
pussy. I put lips to his ear and whispered so very quietly,
"Kevin, please don't. We shouldn't."

I drew in a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, adding, "I
love you."

He pulled back his head and looked at me and said, "I
love you too, Katie."

The knowledge that we couldn't "go all the way"
right here in the front seat with Woody and Beth in the back-seat,
I opened my legs for the guy who "loved" me.

Kevin tried to get a hand to the waist of my panties, but I
just whispered a firm, "No, " at the same time,
pressing my cloth covered crotch against his hand.

Honestly, I had no concept of a "prick tease."

But now I wonder that he didn't me right then and
there. I just thought if I could stop, so could he.

In any case, I could not fault him for his perseverance.
In just a little while, Kevin was again using a couple of
fingers to pull the crotch of my panties undies out of his
way again. I finally felt and allowed him to probe at my opening
with his finger. He evidently did not know much about female
anatomy because he was unable to find his way through my
labia. In his quest, however, he succeeded in stimulating
my clitoris just enough to make me want to take a flash light,
put his face under my dress and show him where the sensitive
spot was.

Well, I didn't have a flashlight, so I reached under
my dress and found his fingers. They were much too far to
one side, so that all he was succeeding in doing was to press
the lips of my pussy closer together.

Wrapping my hand around two of his fingers, I moved his hand
and guided him to the proper place. All I had to do was place
his fingers at the botom of my slit and lead them upward just
once. About halfway up, his fingers began to penetrate
the silky wetness. I let go of his hand and he let his two digits
sink all the way in.

When he just stayed there and sort of wiggled his fingers,
I knew that this boy needed a trip under his parents bed to
peruse any relevant reading material they may keep hidden.
In light of his apparent lack of knowhow, I decided to give
him a lesson. I had no idea of what a slut I looked like to Kevin
as I put an hand around his wrist and whispered, "This

I began to pull and push his wrist so that the two finger glided
almost all the way out and then back in. After a few strokes,
he got the idea so I let go of his wrist.

To give him better access, I raised my right foot and propped
my high heel shod foot on the centre hump of the floor. That
seemed to drive him crazy. He leaned into me and I sort of
fell back along the seat. Pushing with my foot against the
f loor hump, I soon had my head wedged above the armrest on
the door. Keven never dropped a beat as he slid right along
with me. I could feel his hard-on through his pants as it
pressed my thigh just above one knee.

Kevin still had not found the spot that makes me tick, so
I sent a hand down to help out again. To my disappointment,
he removed his fingers just as I got there. In no way deterred
from my goal, I let my fingers hook into my pussy and began
to rub my clitoris. Kevin leaned down to catch my tit in his
mouth again and could feel his hand between us again.

"Good, " I thought, "back to work."

It wasn't me he was reaching for, however. Instead,
he proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. It
came at me instantly, and would have gone right in the way
I was laying open with one leg upraised against the back
of the seat and t he other on the floor, if he hadn't run
into my hand.

In self-defense, I grabbed at his dick and held it away from

"No, Kevin. We can't." I was desparate.
The last thing I wanted in the whole world was a baby before
I finished high school."

"Please, Katie, " Kevin pleaded.

Actually, we both were speaking in some kind of exaggerted
desparate whispers.

"NO!" and added for emphasis, "And I mean

As my hand wrestled to prevent entry, Kevin moaned, and
I felt a warm liquid splatter along my inner thigh. Knowing
what was happening, I began to pump up and down on him until
he finished his spasms and let his weight collapse on my
diminutive frame. Kevin was a six" four inches basketball
player. Our friends even called us Mutt and Jeff, after
some long-ago comic strip characters. There I was, not
even close and my date had cum all over my legs. I closed my
eyes and said a desparate prayer about Kevin "eating"
me, but I knew it would never happen that night.

I think he actually fell asleep right there on top of me.

"WHAP! Get off me!"

I heard Beth scream.

This brough both of us back to the present, scrambling to
get our clothes back to normal. When we looked in the back
seat, there was Beth with her panties hanging off one ankle
and Woody with the imprint of her hand was still lit on his
reddened cheek.

"Gosh, Beth, I'm sorry."

Then both of them became aware of us staring at them. We didn't
know what it was all about, but we knew the date was over.
Kevin started up the car and we dropped Beth off. She just
jumped out and told Woody that she knew the way to the front
door. Next we let Woody out, then drove to my home in almost
complete silence. Kevin walked me to the door and I remembered
that I was unzipped. We both giggled as he pulled the zipper
up for me. I was almost four o'clock a.m., so I didn't
invite him in, but I tiptoed and he bent down for our goodnight

I found out the next day what happened in the back seat. Woody
had brought a pack of rubbers along and wanted to make it
with Beth. She told Woody that he could go down on her and
she on him, but that she didn't do the real thing yet.
But when her panties were down and his fly opened, he tried
to do the "real thing" that she doesn't
do yet.

I told her I was sorry because I knew she liked him a lot. I
didn't tell her I saw her giving Woody head. She told
me not to worry because he'd be back. Before she hung
up the phone she said, "See, he's at the front
door now."

I didn't hear from Kevin on either Saturday or Sunday.
On Monday he told me how much he liked me and how he didn't
want to tie me down when he went away to Wake Forest. He said
he was afraid that I would feel trapped by our relationship.
I swallowed what he had to say, smiled brightly and agreed
that he was just thinking of my interests in the whole matter.
He drove me home and I went upstairs to my bedroom, fell face
down on my bed and cried my eyes out. It dawned on me then that
my overt promiscuity in the parking lot may have scared
him off. I immediately began making vows again.

I was still in shock when Jeff, a teammate of Kevin's
asked me out for the next weekend. I turned him down with
no explanation three weeks in a row.

Then I finally agreed to go out with him. He was the only guy
who ever came back after I said no to a date. The real reason
I said yes was that I hoped to make Kevin jealous. So in reality,
I was ready to be psyched, and although I don't like
to admit it, that's exactly what happened.

Jeff and I began seeing each other on a regular basis after
school was out for the summer. Normally we dated about two
nights a week. In July, Jeff called and invited me to go to
the lake with him and two other couples from school. Jeff
drove his car and one couple rode in the back. The other couple
who turned out to be Beth and Woody were in another car.

We got an early start and were at the lake by nine o'clock
A.M. We had planned to water ski, cook out, swim and just
have a grand time. When we arrived at the lake, we were pleased
to see that almost all of the wooded man-made islands were
vacant. Usually, you have to have reservations well in
advance but we had no trouble getting one for the rest of
the day. The park ranger just told us that if it got crowded
around here, we would probably have company before the
day was over. Generally, Tuesday is a slow day at the lake.

Each of the dozen or so islands was equipped with picnic
tables and grills. Some had covered pavillions, but the
ranger wouldn't let a party of only six take a pavillion.
So we checked out a rental boat from the dock, loaded our
picnic gear and went to the island to stake our claim.

On the island, the guys opened the cooler and handed out
the beer. I declined and opted for a coke. This was the first
time I had known of Jeff drinking any king of alcohol. I suppose
I was just a little disappointed.

Kevin had been, like me, a tea-totaler.

I tried to do some water skiing but my thigh had never forgiven
me for its earlier insult, so I had to leave the skiing to
the others. Jeff said he didn't want to ski without
me, so he joined me on the shore on a blanket.

When the others brought the boat in Bobby and Deanna copied
Jeff and me and laid out on a blanket. Beth and Woody went
to the other side of the island out of our sight.

We had not been concerned about the few clouds in the sky.
The weather report called for a bright sunny day. Nevertheless,
a small shower came up and we had no cover except trees. Instead
of running for the trees, Bobby and Deanna, the couple who
rode with us, pulled the blanket over themselves.

I didn't object when Jeff did the same for us. This gave
us an area of blanket under us about the size of a twin bed,
so we were pretty close. I was inside the folded side, by
the way.

There we were all cuddled up against the rain and we could
hear Deanna giggling. I said, "I wonder what they're

"This, " Jeff said and he rolled over and kissed

I had allowed him kisses on our previous dates, but nothing
else. There was no objection from me because I enjoyed it,
and I returned his kiss. When he rolled over, it pulled me
tightly in t he folded side of the blanket so that I was pressed
really close to him. I honestly couldn't tell if his
forearm was sneaking a feel of my tits or not. So I pretended
he wasn't and let his arm stay between us. I figured
that it was all right as long as there were no hands involved.

Jeff was dressed in a loose-fitting bathing suit that came
about half way down his thighs, but I was wearing the skimpiest
bikini that my mom had ever allowed me to buy. It tied at the
sides of my hips and the top tied in back and also had a neckstrap.
By today's standards, it was conservative for a bikini.
Still, it showed the tops of my thirty-four B's and
I had to keep pulling at the bottoms to make sure my ass didn't
hang out too much. The neckstrap hung down in front as was
fashionable for the day.

"Hey, what are you two doing over there?"

Deanna called.

I just giggled and Jeff said, "We'll never tell."

"Bobby! Give that back!" she squealed and giggled

I looked out from under the blanket and saw Bobby's
hand holding Deanna's bikini top straight up in the
air, and her hands were trying to grab it. As I watched, the
struggle stopped. The bikini top fell to the ground outside
their blanket. All I could see was their forms squirming
under the blanket. It was then I realised he was removing
her bottom also. I had a flashback of those naked bodies
under the sheet. I knew that Bobby would be making that "move."

This made me really uncomfortable and I know I blushed as
I ducked under the blanket again. Jeff was soon kissing
me again, and I admit that I liked it. I knew from the way things
were progressing, that it was only a matter of time until
one o f his hands finally cupped one of my breasts, I reached
to pull it away, but as my hand touched his, he whispered,
"Just let me hold you for a minute."

So I let him.

I rationalized, "He wasn't touching my skin,
only my bikini. After all, I had let Kevin do as much."

When his hand pushed up under my bikini top, I intended to
stop him, but before I could say or do anything, I heard Deanna
squeal and giggle again. I couldn't help laughing,
myself. In that instant of inaction on my part, Jeff had
succeeded in baring my right breast and was pecking it lightly
with kissed. My rationalization shrank to, "this
is OK., because I'm not going to let him "go all
the way."

After all, " I thought, "I had let Kevin feel
and suck them."

By that time, my chief consternation was the old familiar
feeling down between my legs. Squeezing my thighs tightly
together, I tried to supress the feeling. The thought of
Kevin's hand between my thighs flashed in my mind.

Jeff had me locked in his arms and my top was completely untied
and laying across my belly. His hands and mouth were setting
me on fire. I kept thinking, "I'm not going all
the way."

I thought of Deanna, not ten yards away with Bobby. I knew
what they were doing, both of them naked under the blanket.
In my mind's eye, I could see the magic movement of entry
and I was sure that if I peeded out just then, that I would
see him on top of her, moving up and downunder the blanket.
The though t sent a wave of heat through my body.

Suddenly, there was a loud clap of thunder and the rain really
poured down. We could hear Deanna screaming and laughing
and saying, "Let's run for it."

Whatever modesty I still retained made me stay where I was.
As soon as they were gone, Jeff's hand was on my ass.

I thought, "Since he's only touching my bathing
suit, it's OK."

With that thought not yet erased, his hand slipped easily
under the soft material so that his hand was feeling and
squeezing my bare bottom. I moved quickly to pull his hand
away, but he was still ahead of me. He took the offending
hand off my buttock before I could make him do it. That's
when I knew why he did not object to me wanting his hand moved.
The side tie of my bikini bottom was open and his hand was
on my belly between my navel and my pubic area.

"Please don't, Jeff, " I said in as pitiful
a voice as I could muster.

"I promise all I'm going to do is just touch you,
Cin, " he whispered, letting his hand leave that
area and begin stroking my thigh.

Jeff must have rubbed all the unforbidden areas of my body
after that. He touched my hands, my face, my hair, my arms,
but he did keep on kissing my lips and my breasts since that
was territory already claimed. Occasionally, he would
suck very hard on a nipple, sending me soaring with the effect.

I could feel his cock through his bathing suit and I could
tell it was erect as he was rubbing it against my upper leg.
He was sort of laying half on and half off me. When I became
uncomfortable, I tried to shift and this caused one of his
legs to sort of "innocently" drop between my

Jeff's bathing suit came almost to his knees but as
he moved and squirmed against my pubic mound, he soon had
worked the leg of his swimsuit up so that his bare thigh was
pressing my crotch.

Then came his hand just as I knew it would. My thighs had been
separated by his right leg, and the hand that rested on top
of my thigh just seemingly slid to the vee made by my thighs.
Although he had never mentioned love, I think I wanted to
assume it because it would make all this that was happening
OK. To my surprise, and what I later realised to be a very
sly manoeuvre on his part, his hand left my pubic area. Instead,
it came to rest on the breast not occupied by his mouth.

The thigh that he had resting between my thighs began to
press and move against my crotch. As his leg bent, his knee
pressed hard at my pubic bone.

It was like he was going to put his knee inside me. What he
did do was to furiously massage my pussy with his kneecap.
I had never heard any of my girlfriends talk about this,
but it started to really turn me on.

He did not seem about to stop and I could feel myself climbing
to some peak way up there, closer now, but still out of reach.
All my protestations had melted. The hands left my tits,
but his lips continued to worry the little peaks.

Up to that time, in spite of passion, in spite of my feelings,
in spite of what others were doing, I had no intention of
going further than this very heavy petting. Furthermore,
I almost resolved to stop everything in its tracks when
he did wh at he did next. I don't know how he managed so
quickly and deftly, but the next thing I knew, the safety
of his bathing suit between us was gone. I was shocked into
a near panic when I discerned that it was no longer his hairy
thigh against me. In stead it was his abundant pubic hair
pressing against my right outer thigh trapping his manhood
against my flesh.

Gathering what little of that resolve I had left, I said,
"Jeff, we better stop."

He raised up a little and I could see his face looking down
at me even under the blanket, "OK. I don't want
to do anything you don't want to do."

Then he said, "God, Cin, you're beautiful."

I couldn't believe that I had waited until now to actually
blush. But he was looking down at my body, holding the blanket
up so he could see me, an expression I could not name on his
face. I don't think I had ever felt more important or
apprec iated by anyone other than my family in my life. This
was the second time that any boy had seen me naked.

"I just want to hold you for a minute, " he said
as he laid his head down on my breasts with one ear covering
a nipple.

He slid his left arm under me and his right arm was draped
over my waist. I brought up one hand and began to rub his head.
The rain had stopped, but we were soaked inside the blanket.

Our body heat causied a tepid warmth that was actually very

As I rubbed his head, his right hand began to stroke my right
side. I said, "Don't, that tickles."

He moved his hand from my side and down to my left leg. He began
rubbing it very lightly and I enjoyed the feeling. His head
twisted and he ki ssed the ear-warmed nipple and suckled
it lightly. I felt my emotions stir again.

Holding my left leg with his right hand, Jeff rolled off
me, onto his side, pulling me with him, and draping my left
leg over his right leg. Then he was kissing my lips again,
and I pressed my tongue into his mouth. My leg was lifted
under the knee and his hand slid the length of my thigh to
my pussy. This time, his fingers began to pull and stroke
the hair at the top of my mound. It felt so good and it had been
such a long time. The fingers began stroking along the line
of my slit...up and down, over and over again. As if he had
turned the dials of a combination lock, the labia opened
for him. Jeff's fingers were suddenly inside me and
I still could have stopped it right there. No one but Robbie
had ever touched me like this and, frankly, I was becoming
frightened. Jeff pulled out his finger and inserted his
thumb in the still open gash. This inverted digit was pressing
its second knuckle against my clitoris and I melted. It
was the way Robbie had done me when I was fourteen.

He pushed and pulled in and out of me with his thumb for a couple
of dozen strokes, but I really wasn't counting. Then
he rolls over so that he is on top of me between my legs. Knowing
that Jeff is finally about to do that thing that I so desparately
wanted Robbie to do, I want to say no. It's not as if there
is any question about it. I know deep inside that all I have
to do is say no and he will stop. Otherwise, it would be ,
and I knew that Jeff would never me.

Well it wasn't because I had no will to resist in
any way. I did not know what to do with my hands, so I put my
arms around his neck and pressed my naked up against his.
I will probably never know how much encouragement he felt
from that one move.

His thumb moved in a circle a few times and then pulled out
of me. He put his hand on his dick and placed it at where he
thought my opening should be. He jutted forward and it bounced
off perineum. At least he had found my pussy with his fingers.
Even Kevin couldn't do that. Jeff reached between
us to find my pussy again, and guided himself to the opening,
but just wasn't able find a way in.

Acting as if I knew what I were doing, and pretending it was
a penis- shaped dildo I put one hand down there to assist.
When It was aligned, he slid ever so gently into me. His cock
was not real large, not even as big as Robbie's, but
it was a beautiful sensation of being stretched. At last,
my first real cock in my pussy. The falsley manufactured
perception of the precious virginity I had been saving
was taken away forever.

Jeff was holding himself very still, not moving at all,
his hard cock buried inside me. I felt a drop of water running
into my ass crack, when I suddenly realised it wasn't
water after all. It was his semen. I realised that he must
have come immediately upon entering me. I didn't understand
what was going on. I remember wondering if this is all there
really is to it.

I shouldn't have been concerned. Jeff was young and
very virile. I squinted my eyes and succeeded in squeezing
his cock lightly within my vagina.

I don't know if he took it as a cue or a request, but his
response was to begin a slow exit from my cunt. Before he
could push it back in, I reached between us and wrapped my
hand around the shaft. I could tell that the head of it was
just below my little finger. My hand fit easily all around
it. I was so surprised at how small it was compared to the
dildo or even to Robbie.

I was even more surprised at how well it still filled and
stretched my cunt.

All of a sudden, it dawned on me. I had felt his seminal fluid
running out of me. I recalled, "safe."

Fear and realisation shot through me as I looked up at Jeff
and asked "Did you use anything?"

I pulled him completely out of me.


"I don't want to get pregnant. Did you use anything."

"No. You mean you're not on the pill?"

"Jeff, " I said trying to make my fear sound
like exasperation, "Why would I be on the pill? I don't
make this a common practice. This is my first time."

He looked surprised, "No shit? Damn.. Uh, I didn't

The surprise turned to concern, "Did I hurt you? Are
you bleeding or anything?"

I broke down and began to cry in earnest now.

"Yes it hurt."

I don't know why I lied. I rolled over and turned my back
to him.

"God, Cin, I'm sorry."

"I'll be OK., " I sobbed.

Shutting him out of my mind, I began to count.

By the time I did some rapid calculating, I knew then that
I probably had nothing to worry about this time. My period
was due to start either tomorrow or Thursday. The r hythm
method sure worked for mom. Whether I was lying to myself
or not, I didn't care right then. I just needed to feel
better about it. With resolve, I promised to never let something
this stupid happen again. Satisfied that all was OK., I
l et him start petting me and rubbing my back. My rationalzation
was that since he had already cum in me, that it wouldn't
matter if we did it again. In just a few minutes he was labouring
over my breasts again, a finger probing deeply into my cum-fil
led box. I had any resolve at all left over from Robbie or
Kevin, I just let it melt into counting days just to be sure,
and then with hands on each side of his face, I pulled his
face to me until we could kiss.

My knees were raised along his sides, making my body a perfect
cradle for his as it lay on mine. The head of his wet cock,
now hard as ever, was trapped between our bellies. This
time as he slide his body downward to find my opening, he
probed , once...twice...and then sank easily into my cum-
drenched pussy. Jeff just lay there for a few minutes not
even moving his lower body. He just kept kissing my face,
my eyes, my neck, my lips and his hands burned trails over
my torso and legs.

I'm sure it was I who finally made the first move. I raised
my feet and hooked them behind his muscular thighs and levered
myself up against him. I don't know how I knew to do that.
It just seemed to come naturally. This movement drove him
even deeper, making him moan with the pleasure. Then I alternately
clenched and unclenched my exercise-strong cheerleader's
thighs around him until I felt him make his first movement
of withdrawal.

I had never had orgasm with a penis in my vagina. My only releases
had been with a vibrator, a dildo, Robbie's fingers
and mouth, and my own hand.

Then Jeff was moving a little more. He began taking longer
strokes, in and out of me, but the juices inside kept the
friction to a minimum and I was not building to a peak like
I knew I should. Then he surprised me by what he said.

"Oh, fuck, Cin...fuck! ...Yes, you're so good, "
he began as he continued the insertion and withdrawal.
"Oh sweet, Cin... your pussy is so tight and sweet...unhgh..
Ahhh.. Yes Cin."

And he just went on and on with stuff like that. The words
were not very coherent, but he uttered them just the same.

In any case, these utterances were a real turn-on. I decided
that if I wanted to get more out of this, I'd have to do
my part. So I began to answer his thrusts with bumps and grinds
of my belly against his. He held himself off me by one outst
retched arm and caressed me wherever he could reach with
his other hand.

Letting my hand slide flat on my stomach down past my navel
and into the area where we were joined, my thumb and forefinger
circled his cock. I was delighted at my discovery. I could
feel my pussy lips climbing follow his cock outward, clingin
g to his shaft as he withdrew, only to be pressed back in as
he pushed forward. It was just like it had been with my old
artificial friend.

Releasing him, I let my hand lay flat on my lower belly with
fingers pointed at the juncture of our bodies. Edging the
fingertips forward, I was able to use a fingertip to poke
and prod my clitoris. This was just the impetus I had needed.
Jeff caught on to what I was trying to do. He stopped thrusting
and somehow with his hands cupped under my buttocks, he
pulled his knees under him. I was careful not to let the blanket
covering us fall away.

This new position made me feel like there was a pry bar anchored
in the bottom of my cunt pulling up on my clitoris. There
was sufficient light flooding the space inder the blanket
to allow Jeff to look down and see his cock in me.

He lifted my ass with his hands again. Leaning back on his
heels, he pulled my hips until my bottom rested on his lap,
allowing him deeper access, but relieving the "pry
bar" pressure.

Next he put his thumb into the space between his entry way
and my love button. When the thumb started in, the additional
stretching hurt a little, but I only moaned slightly. This
manoeuvre left his fingers free to scratch my navel and
belly. I thought he was going to rub the clitoris with the
thumb, but instead he very slowly pushed his thumb as far
as it would go into my cunt along the top of his penis.

With his thumb fully imbedded along the top ridge of his
cock, Jeff began to lift his hand upward and away from his
body hard so the inside of his thumb was pressed firmly against
the apex of my opening. He began to glide the thumb back out
and then in again. That did it. I could hear the blood begin
to rush in my ears as my long-awaited orgasm hit me. It came
on like a flood and I could feel my whole body giving way before
it. All the times with my own hand...all the vibrators,
even Robbie could never match what that act he had done to

Before my throes of orgasm had passed, Jeff withdrew his
thumb and began to pump me with his wonderful tool. His hands
were on my hips, but he let that magical thumb tip make its
print on my clitoris. He didn't know that it was hurting
me, but I was so grateful that I began bucking with him, trying
to help out in the very awkward position.

Jeff sto

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