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Thomas looked in the mirror. He didn't really like
what he saw.

"Too slim, almost skinny, " he thought.

He wondered if he would ever start filling out. He worked
out daily with weights in hope of having muscles like his
hero, Arnie.

Now there was a man. Big, strong, and confident. Arnie never
had trouble knowing what to do. S He wasn't afraid of anything, let alone some silly

Thomas thought Debbie. He wasn't exactly sure why,
or even how, he had agreed to take her to the movies tonight.
He really didn't like girls. Not that he was queer,
or anything like that. Just they seemed so silly, always
giggling and talking.

Besides, his mom said girls would only lead him straight
to hell.

He didn't exactly understand how that was suppose
to happen. Something to do with sex. But his mom insisted
girls were the cause of all the trouble with men.

Something about why his father had left years ago, when
Thomas was only two. Something about men being too weak
to resist. True, his mother was talking about bad girls.
But Thomas didn't understand how you could tell a good
girl from a bad girl. His mother found something wrong with
all of them.

And not just the girls his age. Even old ladies like Mrs.
Meyers across the street. Heck, she must be over 40. She
had children older than Thomas. Her youngest son, Billy,
was a year ahead of Thomas in high school.

According to his mother, Mrs. Meyers was a plaything of
the Devil.

Something about her entertaining men overnight. Thomas
wasn't exactly sure what his mother meant by entertaining,
but he knew she placed it right up there with stealing and

Thomas had a very protective life. His mother never talked
about sex, except to say it was going to send everyone to
hell. And he felt very uncomfortable when someone else
talked about it too. At times, it seemed all his friends
at school ever talked about was sex.

He was teased by the few close friends he had about how little
he knew. He ignored their taunts when he could, and pretended
indifference the rest of the time.

Still he had his weak moments. Sometimes, he would have
an erection when he watched some girl. He even had the occasional
wet dream.

Whenever that happened, he would get out of bed real early,
and make sure he washed his sheets and pajamas before his
mother saw anything.

He wasn't certain why everyone seemed so excited about
sex. All he ever felt was discomfort when he had an erection.
Sometimes it even hurt. And he was ashamed when he woke to
find himself, and his bed, covered in sticky stuff after
one of his dreams.

He had to admit the feelings he got when he caught a glimpse
of some girl's breasts or thighs did feel good for a
short time. Or the warm glow he felt when he first woke from
one of the dreams. But the guilt, and sometimes pain he felt
afterward convinced him such things were definitely wrong.

He was sure he was doing something wrong now, too. He didn't
know why he had lied to his mother earlier. Instead of telling
her he was going to the movie with Debbie, he said he was going
with Dale and Roger. Well, he was going with the guys, but
they also had dates.

He knew if he had said he was going with a girl, his mother
would be upset. She would have wanted to know who the girl
was. Was she a good girl? Did she attend church regularly?
And a whole bunch of other questions he didn't really
want to hear, or answer.

Not that Thomas planned on doing anything bad. Actually,
he had only agreed to go with Debbie because the guys had
been teasing him again. And he wanted to see the movie. Arnie
was in it. Some type of sci-fi flick that was suppose to be
real good.

Thomas quickly finished dressing, and went downstairs.
His mother was sitting in the living room, reading. He quietly
slipped into the kitchen to get something to drink.

"Thomas? Is that you?"

"Yes, Mom. I'm just getting some milk before
I leave."

"Do you have enough money, sweet heart? You may want
to buy something at the movies. Or afterwards, you and your
friends might stop for something to eat."

"It's Okay Mom. I have enough. I don't expect
we'll stop anywhere afterwards. But even if we do,
I've got enough money."

"Well Okay. I'm glad to see you going out with
those two nice boys. Roger is such a perfect gentleman whenever
he visits, and Dale teaches Sunday school. You can learn
a lot from nice boys like that. I thank God, every day, you
didn't turn out weak like your father."

Not wanting to hear more of his mother's lecture, Thomas
decided he could wait until he got to the movies for something
to drink.

"I gotta get going, if I don't want to miss the
beginning of the movie. I'll probably be late, so don't
wait up for me."

"Well, I do like to go to bed early. But make sure you
don't come home too late. You never know what kind of
devil's spawn are out there late at night. You make
sure you come straight home afterward. And walk on the lighted
side of the streets. Don't talk to strangers and ..."

"Please Mom, I'll be Okay, really. I'm not
a little boy any more. I'm sixteen, almost seventeen."

"You are never too old to be careful. And Satan tempts
all ages."

"Mom, I promise to be very careful. But I really got
to go."

"Okay. But aren't you going to give your poor
mother a kiss goodbye?"

He gave her a quick kiss, and hurried out of the house. He
headed over to Roger's house. The two boys were waiting
for him.

"Shit, man, I thought you weren't going to show, "
said Dale.

"Yeah, we thought you were scared off by Debbie's
big tits, " Roger added with a chuckle.

"Knock it off, will you? We're going to be late
for the movie, " Thomas answered, trying to ignore
the jibes.

"Yeah, we don't want to keep the girls waiting
too long. I hear there's a great fuck scene in flick,
complete with naked tits and everything. Hope it gets Louanne
in the mood for later, " Rodger said, grinning. "I
don't care about tits on film, when I know I'm going
to play with the real thing, " Dale said.

"I'm sure Sandy and Louanne would be real happy
to hear you two talking that way. "I worry about you
sometimes. All you ever think of is sex, " Thomas
said as he started to walk away.

"Shit, there ain't nothing else but sex. And
someday you'll wake up to that fact, " replied
Rodger as he and Dale hurried to catch up to Thomas.

They arrived at the movie theatre to find the girls waiting.

Quickly buying tickets, the three couples entered the
theatre. They stopped at the candy counter to get popcorn
and drinks, and then went to find seats. Rodger led them
to the back of the theatre, choosing seats near the wall.
Thomas wasn't very happy with where they were sitting.
But as no one else said anything, he decided not to make an
issue of it.

No sooner had they settled in their seats when the house
lights went out. There were the normal promos for upcoming
movies, and several boring commercials. Finally, the
movie started.

About twenty minutes into the movie, Thomas noticed the
other couples seemed more interested in each other than
the movie. Rodger and his date were kissing pretty heavily.
Dale and Sandy appeared to be watching the movie, but Thomas
noticed Dale squirming in his seat.

Pretending to drop something on the floor, Thomas bent
down and stole a quick glance. S Sandy had her hand on the front of Dale's pants, rubbing
his crotch. Transfixed, Thomas watched as she took Dale's
hand and placed it between her legs. Thomas quickly straighten
up, and returned his attention to the screen.

"He sure is big."

Except for a brief, timid hello when they met outside the
theatre, Thomas and Debbie hadn't said a word to each
other. He was startled by her speaking now.

"I'm sorry. You said something?" he stammered.

"I was talking about the guy on the screen. He has to
have the biggest arms I've ever seen."

"He sure does. He used to be Mr. Universe before he
started acting. He's one of my heros. I hope to be just
like him when I grow up. I work out every day with weights.
But it doesn't seem to help much."

"You work out? With weights, and everything? Are
you into that stuff?"

"Well I try. But no matter how much I do it, I never seem
to gain anything."

"Can I feel your muscles?"

"Here? Er ... I really don't have much muscle.
Really. There ain't anything to feel ..."

"Comon. Just make a muscle, and I'll be the judge."

Feeling foolish, Thomas flexed his arm, and did his best
to make his muscle hard. The feel of Debbie's hand on
his arm sent shivers through his body.

"Ooh, that is hard. I bet you're real strong too."

Thomas blushed at her comment. He was glad it was dark so
no one could see him.

"I'm not that strong."

"How heavy are the weights you use?"

"It depends on what type of lifting I'm doing.
Normally, I curl about 75 pounds. But I can bench press 135."

"God! You could pick me up with no sweat. I weight 98
pounds. I'm so fat. I know I should lose some weight
but ..."

"You're not fat. You just have a large frame.
You don't look like you're carrying a lot of fat.
Some people are just bigger boned than others."

"You really think so? I dunno. I'm so top heavy.
And my hips are way too big. I think my body's ugly."

"I don't think you're ugly. You have a very
nice body. Er ... I mean ..."

"Oh, you're so sweet. And you're not weird


"I shouldn't have said that. But some of the kids
think you're a bit weird sometimes. Obviously, they
don't know you very well."

Thomas was going to ask her who said he was weird, but Debbie
hugged his arm as she placed her head on his shoulder. Her
closeness caused his mind to go blank.

He was afraid to move. The feel of her hair against his cheek,
the smell of her perfume, made him feel a bit dizzy.

"Can I feel your muscles again?"

Glad for the distraction, he raised his arm. Debbie ducked
her head underneath, causing him to involuntarily place
his arm around her shoulders. She leaned back in her seat,
trapping his arm.

Thomas wasn't sure what to do. If he removed his arm,
she might get upset. But he felt awkward. He wasn't
even sure where he should place his hand.

Debbie shifted in her seat, her hand reaching up and grasping
his, causing him to hug her tightly. She again rested her
head against his shoulder.

"A girl sure feels safe with someone strong like you, "
she said, giving his hand a squeeze.

Thomas tried to pay attention to the movie. But all he could
think about was how soft she felt. He glanced at the other
couples. He couldn't be certain, because of the dim
light, but it looked as if Dale had his hand in Sandy's
sweater. Rodger and Louanne were low in the seats, and Thomas
couldn't see what they were doing. But he could hear
their kissing and whispered conversation.

"Oh yes, baby, that feels good. Oh shit, you're
the best, " he heard Rodger say.

Between the antics of the other couples, and the closeness
of Debbie, Thomas was having a hard time paying attention
to what was happening on the screen. And to make matters
worse, he had an erection. He hoped Debbie didn't notice
the large bulge in his pants.

He tried concentrating on the movie, hoping the bulge would
go away.

But the movie wasn't helping matters. Arnie was making
love to this good looking blond. Debbie whispered into
his ear, "My God, look at his muscles. He must be solid
as a rock."

Her hand brushed his leg, causing him to jump.

"Ooh, so your arms aren't the only big strong
muscle you have, " Debbie whispered as her hand came
in contact with his erection.

She gave it a squeeze before removing her hand.

Thomas found it impossible to breathe. He swore someone
had turned on the heat, as sweat seemed to pour from his body.
Debbie, grasping his hand, drew it down further, and pressed
it against her soft breast.

"Are your hands as big and powerful as his?"
she asked as she pressed his hand tighter against her chest.

Thomas couldn't take much more of this.

"Excuse me, please. I have to go to the bathroom."

He quickly got up, and almost ran to the lobby.

He hurried to the bathroom, and locked himself in one of
the stalls.

His heart was pounding so hard he was certain it would explode.
His breathing was ragged and his head was spinning.

His mind reeled in confusion. Should he go back there? He
was afraid of what Debbie might do next if he went back. Or
should he try to leave the theatre quietly.

At the same time, he was afraid of the ribbing he knew he would
get from Rodger and Dale if he didn't return to his seat.
And it wouldn't be fair to Debbie if he left her like
that either.

His heart slowed, and his breathing became easier. Even
his erection had subsided. But he could feel the start of
the pain he often had whenever he had erection for any length
of time. S As much as he disliked it, he realised his only option was
to go back in there, and hope the movie would end soon.

He left the bathroom, and stopped at the candy counter.
He bought some more popcorn and soda, and made his way slowly
back to his seat.

"Are you Okay?"

Debbie asked, once he was seated.

"You were gone for quite a while."

"Er ... yeah. I'm Okay. Just had to visit the men's
room. Thought you might want some more stuff to eat."

"Oh Tommy. You're so thoughtful."

Debbie put her arms around him, and hugged him. Her breasts
pressed hard against his arm, causing him to almost drop
the drinks and popcorn.

Thomas tried to sit as far from Debbie as the small seats
would allow. But she complained of being cold and asked
him to put his arm around her again. He did so, reluctantly.
She again pulled his hand down to her breast.

He was forced to move closer so his arm didn't feel as
if it was being pulled out of its socket. Debbie responded
by placing her head on his shoulder. Her hand moved to his
knee, and gently stroked it.

He felt himself becoming hard again. He placed the popcorn
container on his lap to hide the erection.

Thankfully, Debbie seemed happy to play with his knee.
He started to relax, and was, at last, able to pay attention
to what was happening on the screen.

Again, Arnie was making love to some girl on the screen.
Thomas wondered if he would ever feel confident enough
to do something like that. Arnie made it seem so easy. Made
it seem like something enjoyable. Not something dirty
and evil like his mother was always talking about.

"Ooh, that feels so good, " Debbie purred in
his ear.

Thomas realised he had been rubbing her breast. He tried
to snatch his hand away, but Debbie held it tightly.

"Don't stop. It feels good when you do it like
that. You're not like the others. All they want to do
is grab and squeeze. It hurts when they do it. But you, you
make me feel all tingly inside."

Thomas started to tell her how this was all wrong, that they
shouldn't be doing stuff like this. But as he opened
his mouth to speak, Debbie leaned over and covered his mouth
with hers. Her tongue slipped into his opened mouth, and
searched out his.

Thomas had never kissed anyone on the lips. He realised
they were French kissing. The sensation was not unpleasant.
He tentatively imitated her flickering tongue movements.
As her tongue retreated, his followed until he was sure
he filled her mouth. She sucked hard on his tongue, and he
too made sucking motions.

Her hands clasped tightly behind his neck as she drew him

His hands wrapped around her shoulders as he continued
to return her kiss with equal passion. At first, he held
his breath, but soon realised he could breathe comfortably
through his nose. Several minutes passed before they stopped

They sat there in each other's arms, ignoring the movie.
The arm rest was digging painfully into his lower rib cage,
but Thomas was too lost in these new feelings to care.

Debbie took the popcorn container and placed it on the floor.
She took one of his hands and placed it on her breast. She
pulled his face to hers, slipping her tongue between his
lips as her hand sought out his enlarged shaft through his

Thomas lost all sense of time. His world became one of touch
and taste. Thoughts of good and evil were pushed aside as
his senses flooded with pleasure. He never wanted this
to stop.

"Shit. Don't you two ever come up for air?"

Thomas heard the words, but their meaning didn't register.
He was enjoying this new past-time too much to care about
the rest of the world.

"Hey man. Comon, the movies over. It's time to

It was Debbie who broke their embrace.

"It's over already? Boy, they sure make movies
short nowadays, " she said as she straightened her
blouse. "A double feature would have been too short
for you two, " Rodger said, winking at Thomas.

He playfully jabbed Thomas on the arm.

"Comon, let's get something to eat before we
go home."

The three couple left the theatre and headed for the local
hang-out. Debbie snuggled close to Thomas as he put his
arm around her shoulder. Debbie slowed her walk until the
others were about ten feet ahead of them.

"Are you very hungry?" she asked.

"No, not really. Why?"

"I don't want anything to eat either."

"You don't have to eat anything, if you don't
want to."

"Yeah, I know. But I don't want to gothere."

"It's kind of early to go home, " Thomas
said, feeling disappointed.

"But if that's what you want ..."

"I don't want to go home yet, either."

"But if you don't want to go home, and you don't
want to ..."

"I thought we could take a walk through the park. Just
the two of us, " Debbie offered, her hand caressing
his cheek.

"The park? There ain't nothing to dothere, "
Thomas replied, feeling uncomfortable at her touch. "Yes
there is, " Debbie replied coyly, her hand moving
down to his chest.

Glancing around to make sure no one was watching, her hand
dropped to his crotch and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Realising what she intended, Thomas called out, "Hey
guys, wait up."

Debbie quickly removed her hand, and nearly had to run to
keep up with Thomas. Catching up to the others, he said,
"Debbie's not feeling too well. And I guess I
had better take her home."

"You're not well?"

Sandy asked Debbie.

"Guess I'm just tired. I figure I'd better
just go home."

"Maybe we should go with you, " said Louanne.

"No! I mean ... that ain't necessary. Tommy will
take me home. No reason for the rest of you to screw up your
evening. I'm not sick, or nothing like that. Just tired."

"If you're sure you don't need us along?"
asked Louanne, glancing at Thomas.

Debbie caught Louanne's meaning and shook her head.

"No, really. I'll be Okay. You go ahead. I'll
see you tomorrow."

Saying goodbye, the others took off. When they were out
of sight, Debbie grabbed Thomas" hand. "Comon.
I'll race you."

Thomas had little trouble keeping up with her. He could
have easily left her far behind, but it seemed to make her
happy to think she was beating him. They arrived at the entrance
to the park, breathless from laughing. Thomas was surprised,
and a bit disappointed, to see so many other couples walking

Debbie noticed his disappointment. She said, "Don't
worry. I know a special place where there ain't so many
people. Comon, follow me."

She led Thomas away from the main path to a clump of evergreen
trees. Looking around to make certain no one was watching,
she ducked under the low branches and disappeared into
the trees. He followed.

He had to crawl for a ways, but finally came into a small clearing.

Debbie was waiting for him.

"Isn't this perfect?" she asked.

"No one can see in here, and we'd hear someone
coming long before they got here."

Thomas looked around. The clearing was about six feet across.
The ground was covered in pine needles. The area was lit
by one of the nearby street lights. Not a lot, but enough
so they could see one another.

Thomas stood looking at Debbie, not quite certain what
to do next.

Debbie moved closer and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I guess you can show me your muscle now."

Thomas didn't understand why she was so interested
in his muscles.

But if that was what she wanted? He raised his arm and flexed.

Debbie laughed.

"That ain't exactly the muscle I had in mind.
But it'll do for starters."

Slipping her hands under his shirt, she pulled it up to his

Her hands caressed his chest as her lips sought one of his

The touch of her lips sent shivers down his spine. His hands
went to her breasts, and in his urgency, he squeezed them.

Debbie pushed him away.

"No! Not like that. Be gentle. Like you were before.
Here, " she said, pulling him to the centre of the
clearing. "Take off your shirt, and come lie down

Thomas tore at his shirt as Debbie removed her blouse. She
kneeled on the ground, waiting for him to join her.

"Now take off my bra. No, it hooks in the front. See?
There. Now gently remove it. Okay. Now gently touch them.
Yeah, like that.

God, that feels good. "Now kiss them. No, not like
that. Use your tongue too. Yeah, that's it. Don't
stop using your hands. Do both. Yeah, like that. God, you're
good. Suck my nipples. Ooh, that feels good. Now the other

Thomas followed her directions, enjoying everything
she asked him to do. He couldn't believe how sweet she
tasted. He marvelled at the silky texture of her skin. And
when her nipples started to harden under his touch, he worked
even harder.

Debbie's hands went to his belt. She struggled to undo
it without success.

"Damn, how do you take this sucker off? Comon, give
me a hand here."

Thomas didn't want to stop playing with her breasts.
But her squirming made it difficult. He reached down and
undid the belt buckle. Debbie's hands undid the button
of his pants and then opened the zipper. She tugged at his
pants until he raised his hips to allow her to pull them down.
Her hands grabbed the waistband of his boxer shorts and
pulled them down too.

"Now that's the muscle I'm really interested
in. Oh, the poor thing. He looks so red and angry. Maybe if
I give him a little kiss, he won't feel so bad."

Thomas watched in amazement as Debbie lowered her head
to his penis.

She took the tip into her mouth. He found it almost impossible
to breathe. His heart was racing so fast he was sure it would

"No! "Please! You shouldn't do that, "
he managed to say.

Debbie raised her head and looked at him. Her hands grasped
his shaft tightly and moved up and down its length.

"I shouldn't? But I thought you'd like it.
The other boys always want me to do this."

"No you shouldn't. It's bad. It's a

"But doesn't it feel good? Don't you like
it when I do this?" she asked as she lowered her head
once again and sucked hard on the tip of his enlarged penis.

"Oh God, yes, " he groaned.

"But it isn't proper. We shouldn't be doing

"Haven't you ever done this before?"

Debbie asked.

"No, " he replied timidly.

"Are you queer?"

"I am not queer! Why does everyone think I'm queer
just because I don't like doing stuff like this?"

"But you do like it. You said so yourself. Are you still
a virgin?"

"I didn't mean that. I meant that it wasn't

"You are a virgin, aren't you?"

"Yes, of course, I'm a virgin. Sex is something
you save for marriage, and than only to have children."

"You can still have sex, and be a virgin. I do it all
the time. As long as you don't fuck, you're still
a virgin. You can do almost anything else, and still be a
virgin. I'm a virgin."

"You are?"

Thomas asked, astonished.

"You don't have to looked so surprised. What
type of girl do you think I am, anyways? And here I thought
you were different. You're just like all the rest.
Just because I ..." Debbie started to cry. Thomas
wasn't sure what he should do. He certainly didn't
want her to be upset. Taking her gently in his arms, he said,
"Please don't cry. I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to upset you."

"But you think I'm dirty just because I like to
play a little bit. I just wanted to show you how much you mean
to me. I don't do this with every guy I go out with. I thought
you were special."

"I'm sorry Debbie, really I am. I don't think
you're dirty. I think you're kind of special too."

"You do? Oh, Tommy. You're so sweet. Couldn't
we play just a little bit?"

"I dunno."

"Don't you want to play with my titties again?
You can suck them all you want. And you can even squeeze them,
if you really want to."

"Oh, I couldn't do that. You said it hurt that
way. But I wouldn't mind just rubbing them a little.
And maybe kissing the tips, they taste so sweet."

Debbie pulled his face to her chest, and thrust one of her
breasts against his lips. Thomas again marvelled at the
silky feel of her bare skin as his mouth closed around her
nipple. Debbie's hands once again grasped his penis
and gently massaged it.

Thomas knew what they were doing was bad. But it did feel
good, and he certainly didn't want to upset her again.
So he continued to kiss and caress her breasts as her hands
continued to play with his penis.

"Ooh, you make me so hot, " Debbie moaned.

Concerned he had done something wrong, he raised his head
and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean ..."

"No, don't stop, " she pleaded as she pressed
his face back to her breasts.

"You are so silly sometimes. I meant you make me feel
good. Especially down here between my legs, good and hot."

Thomas didn't quite understand what she was talking

Seeing the questioning look on his face, Debbie asked,
"Haven't you ever seen a pussy?"

"No. It's not right for someone to ..."

"Will you stuff that goody two-shoes routine? If
I want a sermon, I'll go listen to Preacher Walters
on Sunday. All I want to know is do you want to see mine?"

"Well, I ... er ..."

"God, you're hopeless. I was trying to explain
to you what I meant when I said you make me feel hot. Here,
I'll show you."

Debbie stood up and removed her skirt. She started to lower
her panties. Instead she stopped and knelt near Thomas"
face. "You do it. Here give me your hands."

Thomas allowed Debbie to take his hands and place them at
her waist.

He hooked a finger into the waistband of her panties and
pulled them down slowly. He found himself staring directly
at her uncovered vagina. Debbie giggled and said, "So
what do you think?"

Thomas didn't know what to think. He never imagined
it would be so hairy. You really couldn't see much through
the hair. But he remembered how upset she had been before,
and didn't want to say anything to upset her again.

"I don't know. This is the first time I've
ever seen one."

He reached up and gently touched her pubic hair.

"Your hair is very soft. Softer even then the hair
on your head."

"Do you think it's pretty?" she asked.

Thomas didn't think it looked particularly pretty,
but this was the first time he had seen one, so he really didn't
know. But he certainly didn't want to upset her by say

"Yes, very pretty."

"When I said before you made me feel hot, I meant you
made my pussy feel hot, hot and wet. Here, gimme your hand,

Debbie took his offered hand and pressed it against her

"Can you feel the heat? Can you feel how wet I am?"

Thomas was surprised to find out she was right. Her vagina
was indeed quite warm and slick. Debbie rubbed his hand
up and down against herself.

"Oooh, that feels so good. I sometimes wish I could
do this all day. Sometimes at night, I lay in bed and play
with myself. The feeling you get is unbelievable. But it's
even better if someone does it to you. Do you ever play with

"My God, no! It's ..." Thomas saw Debbie
frown as he was about to say how dirty it was. He thought better
of it, and said instead, "The feelings I get aren't
pleasant. Actually, all I ever felt was pain."

"Pain? Where does it hurt?"

"Well, it's hard to explain. But I guess I feel
the pain in my . er ... testicles."

"Your testicles? Oh you mean your balls. Blue balls."

"Pardon?" he asked.

"You have blue balls."

Thomas quickly looked down between his legs.

"My balls aren't blue."

Debbie laughed.

"I don't believe you. Blue balls don't mean
you have blue balls. It's just an expression. It's
what guys get when they don't come."

She reached down and gently took his testicles in her hand.

"Do you have pain now?"

"Well, not much. But I bet I will later."

"I can fix that."

"You can? How?"

"Never mind. But first you have to promise to do something
for me."

"I dunno. What do you want me to do?"

"Remember how you played with my titties? Remember
how you used your mouth and tongue and your hands?"

"Yeah. You want me to do that again?"

"Yeah, but not to my titties. Do it to my pussy."

"I can't do that. That's ..." Debbie
gently squeezed his testicles.

"You don't want the pain again, do you?"

"You're hurting me, " he gasped.

"Not as much as you'll feel later unless I take
care of you. Comon, you liked playing with my titties. What's
the difference? And I promise not only won't you have
any pain later, but you'll really like what I'm
going to do."

Thomas thought for a moment. He'd already sinned by
touching a girl's breasts. Worse than that, he had
actually kissed and licked them. And he had liked it. He
had touched a girl's vagina, and even had her kiss his

How much worse could it be if he did what she was asking. And
if she could actually get rid of the pain? Spawn of the Devil
was what he was. If his mother ever found out. He didn't
want to think what would happen if she did.

"Well. Maybe just a little. If I only did it a little,
would that be Okay?"

"No. You have to do it until I say it's enough.
Otherwise, you can just get rid of your pain yourself."

To emphasis her words, she again gently squeezed his testicles.

"Okay! Okay, I'll do it. But you got to promise
you'll make sure I don't get any pain."

"Don't worry about it. Here, let me get into a
better position."

Debbie lay propped up on one elbow. She rolled over onto
her hip and raised one leg. She reached out and slowly pushed
his face between her legs.

Thomas wasn't sure what he was suppose to do. He parted
her hair, revealing the deep pink slit beneath. Using his
fingers, he gently pried apart her vaginal lips and pressed
his mouth against the hot flesh.

"Oh yes, that's it. Kiss it. Yeah like that. Now
your tongue. Run it up and down. That's it. Oh, that
feels so good."

Thomas was surprised to find out it wasn't as bad as
he thought it would be. Again he marvelled at the feel of
her vagina. His nostrils were assaulted by a thick, musky
odour. He found he was excited by the taste and smell.

Debbie continued to utter encouragements as she wrapped
her leg around his head, forcing his face tighter against
her vagina. Her hand no longer squeezed his testicles,
but rather caressed and stroked them, and his shaft. Thomas
felt himself shudder as her nails scraped along the underside
of his engorged shaft.

"Oh God, it feels so good. I can't believe you've
never done this before. You're making me so hot. Stick
your tongue in deeper. Oh God, please don't stop."

Thomas explored the wet, hot slit beneath him. His tongue
probed deeply and he was rewarded as he felt her squirm beneath
him. He continued to kiss and suck the silky skin. He discovered
a small protrusion at the top of her slit. He took it gently
between his lips and sucked it.

"Oh Tommy! Yes, God, yes. Suck my clit. Oh please don't
stop. I'm so close."

He teased her clitoris, lashing it with his tongue. His
lips trapped it between them as he flicked his tongue as
fast as he could against it. Debbie's hips started
to thrash wildly, but he managed to keep his mouth glued
to her now sopping wet slit.

"Oh God. I think I'm coming. Oh Tommy, you're
so good. You're driving me crazy. Damn, I am coming!"

Debbie started rocking back and forth. Thomas thought
she would break his neck, her legs were so tightly wrapped
around his head. But somehow he managed to continue to tongue
her clit until she finally stopped moving. He heard her
sobbing and pulling his head from her legs, he moved to face

"Don't cry. I'm sorry. Did I do something
wrong? Did I hurt you?"

"Oh no, Tommy. You didn't hurt me."

"Then what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"I don't know why. No one has ever done that to
me before. Oh, some of the guys would kiss and suck me down
there for a bit, but they only did it so I'd do them. But
you were the first to make me come. I've come playing
with myself, but nothing like what you just did. It was so
beautiful. I've never felt anything like it."

Thomas leaned over and kissed the tears on her cheeks. Debbie
reached up and wrapped her arms around him. Her lips sought
his and they kissed deeply. Thomas loved the feel of her
breasts as they pressed against his chest. And the warmth
of her body as his penis rubbed against her stomach.

Debbie pushed him away. The cool night air washed across
his body, causing him to shiver involuntarily. He tried
to pull her back into his arms, wanting the warmth of her

"No. Now it's your turn. I promised to take care
of you so you wouldn't have any pain."

"That's Okay. I'm not feeling any pain now.
You don't have to do anything. I'll be Okay."

"No, I promised. And besides, after what you just
did to me, I want to. Now you just lie down there and let me
do you."

Thomas had an idea what she was planning. As Debbie moved
so her face was resting on his thighs, he was certain what
was going to happen next. One hand reached out and gently
grasped his still erect shaft.

The other softly fingered his testicles.

Thomas felt himself shudder. Debbie continued to stroke
and caress his penis and testicles. S She raised herself slightly so she could bring her mouth
closer. Her tongue snaked out and licked his testicles.

Thomas was going mad. He had to touch something. He reached
out and grabbed her hip, drawing it closer. His hands went
to her buttocks and squeezed them. Debbie moved her body
so her parted legs were before his face.

He buried his face in her vagina. Suddenly he felt something
warm and wet envelope his shaft and a moan escaped from his
mouth. He lightly kissed her still wet slit, and his tongue
again found her tender clit.

His testicles seemed to swell until he was sure they would

The more excited he became from Debbie's mouth, the
harder he tried to return the favour. Debbie again started
to squirm beneath him. He didn't know what was going
to happen, but he was certain it would happen soon.

The pressure building in his groin was becoming unbearable.
He had never known pleasure this intense before. He wished
it could go on forever.

His testicles contracted as he felt something explode
from his throbbing penis. He realised he was coming. He
felt Debbie's mouth suck extra hard as he continued
to spurt into it. He renewed
his sucking of her clit and continued to bask in the intense
pleasure he felt.

Debbie rolled over on top of him, her hips grinding against
his face as her head bobbed up and down on his penis. She finally
raised her head and pleaded, "Just a little more.
I'm almost there again. My God, I've never come
twice before in my life."

Thomas forced his tongue as deep as he could into her wet
slit. His hand moved down and grasped her breast. His fingers
sought out her nipple and rolled it between them. Debbie
bounced up and down on his face, softly calling out his name.

"Oh, Tommy. You're so good. Oh Tommy, my sweet,
sweet Tommy."

Her movements became less frantic until she finally stopped
moving all together.

"Oh God, Tommy. I can't believe you made me come
twice. I knew right off tonight you were special. I just
never dreamed how special."

She gave his now limp penis a kiss, and cradled his testicles
gently in her hands.

"Can I see you again? Tomorrow night, maybe?"
she asked.

She turned to face him, her hand softly caressed his face.

"Well, I guess so. I might have to go to church with
my mother after supper for a while. But it should only be
for about an hour. I could meet you after, say about eight:thirty?"

"That would be great. If you meet me at Louanne's
house, we could come right here. She's just across
from the park, the big white house?"

"Yeah, I know it. I'll meet you there."

"Shit, look at the time. I'm going to get hell
when I get home. We better hurry up."

They quickly dressed and left their hiding place. Debbie
placed Thomas" arm around her as they walked out of
the park towards her home. "Debbie? About tonight,
I've never done anything like that before. I hope you
don't think I do stuff like that all the time."

"Well you sure were good at it. You're so gentle,
so considerate. I hope you at least enjoyed it."

"Enjoyed it? Gosh, it was the greatest thing I've
ever known. You know so much, and I know so little. I just
wish there was some way I could show you how special it really

"I can."

"You can what?"

"Think of a way you can show me. You weren't the
only one who felt great. And wait "till you see what
I've got planned for us tomorrow night."


"I'm not going to tell you. It'll be a surprise.
Give you something to look forward to. Gimme a kiss here.
I don't want my father to see you if he's looking
out the front window."

Thomas leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"Hey! "You call that a kiss? This is a kiss, "
she said, pressing her body tight against him.

She crushed her mouth against his, her tongue thrusting
deep within his mouth. Her hand reached down and rubbed
his penis through his clothes. Before he could react, she
broke the embrace and ran towards her house.

"I'll see you in school tomorrow, " she
called to him as she disappeared from sight.

Thomas stood for a moment, his mind in turmoil. The feelings
he felt, the things he had done this night came rushing back
to him. He knew he should feel guilty for all the sinful things
they did. But for some reason, he didn't. Actually
he felt as if he was walking on clouds. He remembered the
feel of Debbie's mouth on his penis. He remembered
the taste of her hot vagina. As he walked home, he felt his
penis stiffen, and enjoyed the sensation of it rubbing
against his clothing.

When he arrived home, he entered through the back door.
Quietly he climbed the stairs to his room. He slipped into
the bathroom and washed. His mind kept replaying the things
he and Debbie had done.

His penis was fully erect again and his hand gently stroked
it as he remembered Debbie doing.

"Thomas? Is that you, Thomas?"

Startled, he banged his knee against the shower.

"Thomas? Are you Okay?"

"Yes, Mom. I just banged into the shower door."

"Are you just getting home? It's so late?"

"Well, er ... we kind of hung around, and talked about
the movie. I didn't mean to be this late, but I didn't
realise the time."

"Hurry up to bed. You have school in the morning. I
had better not have to call you twice, young man."

"I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to stay out
this late, really."

"Well, Okay. But morning does come early. So hurry
up and get to bed."

"I'm just going now, Mom. See you in the morning."

"Good night, sweet heart. And don't forget your
prayers before you get into bed."

"I won't. Good night Mom."

"Good night, Thomas."

He quickly went to his room. Changing into his pajamas,
he climbed into bed. But sleep was the furthest thing from
his mind. All he could think of was Debbie. He kept seeing
her naked before him.

"My God, " he thought, "What have I turned
into? A sex maniac, a follower of the Devil?"

But he still couldn't remove her naked body from his
mind's eye. He was fantasising about what they would
do the next night, when he finally drifted off to sleep.

"Damn it all, it's not fair, " Debbie thought
as she hurried to meet Louanne.

"I was only a half hour late. Dad had no right to ground
me for that. Shit, now I have to tell Tommy we can't meet
tonight. Or any night for the next week, for that matter."

Louanne was waiting for her at the corner. They said hello
and started walking to school.

"You sure look like you're in a real bitchy mood
this morning, " said Louanne.

"I've had better mornings, " Debbie replied.

"What's wrong?"

"I've been grounded for a week."

"A week? Shit. How come?"

"Just because I got home a little late last night.
I was only a half hour past curfew."

"You were late last night? But you went home early.
You did go straight home after you left us last night, didn't

"Well ... not exactly."

"What do you mean not exactly? Oh my god! You weren't
with weird Tom all that time, were you? You were, weren't
you? Where did you two go? What did you do?"

"Don't call him weird Tom. He ain't weird.
He's really nice."

"Nice? Are you sure you're feeling Okay? The
guy's a geek. I never could understand why Rodger and
Dale hang around with him. Okay, I admit he ain't bad
looking. But everyone knows he's weird. Him and his
mother. Christ, she's even crazy, going around telling
people how they're going to hell and all that stuff."

"Look, I'm telling you he ain't weird. He's
just different, that's all. He's very considerate
and sensitive."

"Yeah, right. So what did you do that you were so late
getting home?"

"Nothing much."

"Hey, comon. We always tell each other everything.
Don't I tell you every detail of what I and Rodger do?"

"I guess so."

"Of course I do. I never keep anything from you, you
know that. And you shouldn't keep anything from me

"Yeah, I guess so. What did you and Rodger do last night?"

"Hey, I asked you first."

"Yeah, but I asked you last. Tell me first, and then
maybe I'll tell you."

"Shit. Okay. After Sandy and Dale took off, we went
over to the school yard. We necked for awhile, and then he
took me home."

"That was every detail? What do you mean you necked?"

"Oh, you know."

"Every detail was what you said."

"Okay, Okay. He played with my boobs for a while and
finger fucked me while I sucked him off."

"Did you come?"

"No. As usual, he came before I even got started. You
know he's not interested in anything after that."

"Did you swallow it?"

"God no! What do you think I am?"

"Has he ever made you come?"

"Well, once it almost happened. He wanted me to suck
him, but I refused unless he did the same to me. Unfortunately,
he came too quickly, and he wouldn't do me after that.
But enough about me and Rodger. I want to hear about weird

"You're not going to believe this, but he ate
me out twice. And made me come both times."

"Shit no. Are you serious?"

"God, I couldn't believe it the first time. But
when he did it the second time, too, I thought I'd gone
mad. You can't believe what it felt like. Hell, I've
done it myself, but it was nothing like when he did it. Talk
about your earth moving. I had two major earthquakes last

"Who would have thought a geek like him could do something
like that. I bet his mother would go ape shit if she ever found
out. What else did you do?"

"Well the second time, we did it sixty-nine. And I
swallowed every bit of his cum."

"You didn't. How could you?"

"It wasn't that bad. And I kind of felt like I should,
considering he was making me come too."

"My god, Debbie. If I could get Rodger to make me come,
I wouldn't mind being grounded for a month."

"Yes you would. I was suppose to see Tommy tonight.
Now I can't see him for a whole week. It ain't fair.
Just thinking about him and his sweet mouth, has me all wet."

"Yeah, that's too bad. But maybe we can come up
with something in the mean time."

"Like what?"

"I dunno. But let me think on it for a while."

The two girls arrived at school and headed to their first

Thomas met Rodger and Dale on the way to school.

"Hey man, too bad your date quit on you so early last
night, " commented Rodger.

"Yeah, and you were looking good there for awhile.
I saw you groping her tits there in the theatre, "
added Dale.

"I didn't grope her ... er ... breasts in the theatre, "
Thomas replied defensively."

"Like hell you didn't, " Rodger chuckled.

"Shit, for a while there I thought you thought she
was a cow needing milking."

"Yeah, you sure were going to town there. I had hoped
you would have had a chance after the movie to do some serious
stuff. She seemed pretty interested in you. And the word
is she's pretty easy. Rodge and I figured, if you were
going to get anywhere, Debbie was the one."

"She's not like that at all. She's a good
girl. She's sweet and very nice."

"Oops, looks like Tom is stuck on her. What do you think,

"Yeah, it look that way to me, too."

"Look Tom, " said Rodger, "don't
get hooked on her. She's easy. Hell, I hear she sucks
cock all the time, and even swallows the cum. She's
Okay to fuck around with, but don't get serious or nothing
like that with her."

"You've no right to talk about her like that.
Even if she does do stuff like that, it doesn't mean
she's a bad girl. Hell, you brag all the time how Louanne
does it to you."

"Watch your fucking" mouth, man. Me and Louanne
are in love. Besides she never swallows it. Good girls just

"Yeah, " added Dale.

"Sandy and I have been going out for ages, and all she'll
do is jerk me off. Rodge is right. Only sluts swallow it."

"Look, " Rodger said, "we're just
trying to make sure you don't make a mistake. You want
to get your rocks off, Okay. Debbie's the girl for that.
Just don't go off half cocked and get serious over her.
She ain't worth it."

"You two don't know anything. Debbie's
a nice girl. And I am not making a mistake. In fact, the only
mistake I've made was hanging around with two ass-holes
like you two."

"Fuck you if that's the way you feel. Just don't
come running back to us when you finally realise what a slut
she really is, " Rodger answered, angrily.

Thomas felt tears of anger well up in his eyes. He broke into
a run, leaving the two boys behind.

"Boy, he sure looked pissed off, " Dale said
to Rodger.

"Yeah. But he'll get over it. He always does.
I just hope he doesn't get too fucked up over Debbie."

"Does she really swallow it?" asked Dale.

"That's what Billy Jenkins said."

"God, that must really be something. I wonder if she
fucks too?"

"Probably. You know if they do one thing, they usually
do it all."

"Yeah, a slut will do anything."

"Mind you, that's one slut I wouldn't mind
doing me. And her tits, they're so big. Louanne's
are tiny next to hers. God, I'd love to bury my face in
them. Or better yet, my cock."

"Yeah, but Louanne would skin you alive if she ever
found out."

"Oh yeah? And who'd tell her. You? I could just
as easily tell Sandy about the time I caught you with your
hand up Karen's skirt."

"Hey, we didn't do nothing. I was just trying
to get rid of her."

"Yeah right. You have a pretty strange way of getting
rid of someone."

"Besides, I'd never say anything to Louanne.
We're buddies. And buddies don't tell on each

"Right. And after I've had a go at Debbie, you
might as well do it too."

"You think so? God, I always wanted someone to suck
me off. And if she fucks too?"

"I'll let you know, don't worry. Like you
said, buddies help each other out."

"But what about Tom? He seems kind of stuck on her.
It doesn't seem fair, us cutting in on him like that."

"Hey, we're only doing it for his own good. How
else we going to prove to him she ain't nothing but a

"Yeah, you're right. Like you said, buddies
have to help each other. You really think you can get Debbie
to go out with you?"

"No problem, man. Once I turn on the charm, the slut'll
come in her pants. After that, she'll do anything I
want. But I ain't planning on going out with her. If
Louanne ever found out, she'd kill me."

"But how you going to get together with her if you don't
take her out?"

"All I need is to get her alone behind the school one

"But what about me?"

"Don't worry. Once I'm finished with her,
she'll do whatever I want. I ain't never met a girl
yet I can't get to do what I ask."

The two boys continued to plan what they would do with Debbie
as they approached the school.

Thomas was still furious after his second class. Rodger
and Dale had no right to talk about Debbie that way. They
didn't even know her that well. She wasn't a slut.
Okay, so maybe she did do stuff like they said. But she said
she was still a virgin. That was something.

But he knew what they had done last night was a sin. He felt
confused. How could anything so wonderful be bad. His mom
was always talking about how the Devil tempted people with
pleasure. And how sex was the greatest temptation of all.

But when he remembered how sweet Debbie looked when she
cried afterward, he just couldn't imagine her as a
follower of Satan. And he knew he wasn't one either.
All he knew was he wished he was alone with her right now.

They didn't have a class together until after lunch.
But he'd probably see her at lunchtime anyway. And
again later tonight.

All he could think about was what they would do. Debbie had
promised that they would do something special. How anything
could be better than what they had already done, he couldn't

He had a hard time paying attention during the next two classes.

When the final morning bell rang, he rushed to the cafeteria,
searching for Debbie. He saw Rodge and Dale on the way, but
ignored them.

Debbie was standing with Louanne at the cafeteria entrance.
Seeing Thomas, she ran to meet him.

"Hi, " she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

He felt himself turning red.

"Please Debbie, not here."

"Oh, I'm not good enough for you, now? I was Okay
last night."

"No. That's not what I meant. It's just that

"Oh, you don't want the others to see us together?
I understand. Most of other guys felt that way too."

"No, that's not it either. It's just I've
never done that before. I guess I feel kind of embarrassed."

"You're ashamed of me?"

"No, never! I guess I'm a bit shy, that's
all. I don't mind being seen with you at all. Matter
of fact, I think it's kind of nice."

"Nice enough to give me a kiss?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"A real kiss? Or would you rather people didn't
know we are kind of going together?"

"Going together?"

"Yeah. I figured after last night, you know ..."

"Gee. I guess you're right. Hey, I've never
gone with anyone before. It's a nice thought."

"Well, now that's settled, what about that kiss?"

"Sure, " replied Thomas, giving her a peck
on the cheek.

"I said a real kiss. If you can't do better than
that, maybe I should find someone else?"

Thomas reached out and pulled her closer. His lips pressed
against hers. Debbie's tongue pushed it's way
through his lips. Thomas forgot where he was as his hands
grasped her waist.

"You two better stop that shit before one of the teachers
comes along, " Louanne said.

"Oh hi, Louanne, " Thomas said sheepishly,
as he and Debbie separated.

"Did you tell him yet?"

Louanne asked Debbie.

"Tell me what?" asked Thomas.

"Well, about tonight, " Debbie said.

"What about tonight?"

"I can't see you tonight. I got grounded for getting
home so late last night."

"Gee, I'm sorry. I guess it was my fault. I should
have got you home earlier."

"It wasn't your fault. Besides, I didn't
want to go home earlier. Hell, I didn't want to go home
when I did. I just wish you could have continued doing what
you did all night."

"Debbie, please. Not in front of Louanne."

"Oh, it's Okay. She knows everything."

"Everything?" asked Thomas, as he glanced
at Louanne.

"Debbie and I never keep secrets. And when she said
everything, she meant it, " Louanne replied.

Thomas blushed and looked away from Louanne's knowing

"And from what she told me, you ain't got nothing
to be ashamed of either."

"Comon Lou, don't tease the poor guy. If I didn't
know better, I'd think you were jealous."

"Jealous? Me? Why should I be jealous?"

"Well, maybe you ain't so happy with your boyfriend."

"I ain't got no complaints with Rodger. And if
you don't watch your mouth, I ain't going to come
up with a plan."

"A plan?" asked Thomas, not quite following
the conversation, but happy it had turned away from what
he and Debbie had done the night before.

"Yeah. Lou thinks she can come up with something so
we can see each other even though I'm grounded."

"Really? You think so?"

Thomas asked Louanne.

"Well, I ain't sure. But there has to be something.
I may need some time, but I'll figure out something."

"I'd really appreciate it, " Thomas said

"I don't know how we'll manage if we can't
see each for a whole week except here at school."

"Hey I know. My step-mom has to go out of town for a couple
of days tomorrow. What if we cut a class or two tomorrow afternoon.
You two could at least spend a couple of hours together.
And no one would see you at my place."

"I don't know, " said Thomas.

"I've never skipped school before."

"Hey that's a great idea, Lou. Comon Tommy. It's
either that, or nothing "till next week. I don't
want to wait that long. And don't forget the special
something I promised."

"But I've never done anything like that before."

"It'll be fun, I promise you. Like the stuff you
never did before last night."

"But how do we get out of school? Won't they notice
we're gone?" he asked.

"Shit, that ain't a problem, " Louanne

"We simply take off at lunchtime. And we forge a note
for each other saying we had a doctor's appointment,
or something like that. It ain't no big deal. We've
done it dozens of times. No one ever checks."

"Please Tommy? For me?" pleaded Debbie.

"Well, if you're sure we won't get caught, "
he answered, still not quite decided.

"Oh, you're so sweet, " Debbie said as
she kissed him.

"Why don't you two go for a walk or something, "
Louanne suggested.

"If you keep that up, some teacher is bounded to catch

"Comon Tommy. I ain't really hungry anyways.
We can take a walk over to the playing field."

They told Louanne they would see her later and left the school.

They walked quickly, Debbie leading. Once they reached
the bleachers at the side of the field, Debbie led them underneath.

"It ain't quite as private as our special spot
in the park, but it'll have to do, " she said as
she wrapped her arms around him.

She pressed her mouth to his, and kissed him deeply. Her
hand unzipped his pants and reached for his penis.

"Debbie please, not here. What if someone comes?"

"I sure hope someone comes, and that someone better
be me."

She sank to her knees in front of him and took his penis into
her mouth.

She pulled on his hips, forcing him to the ground.

The feel of her mouth, as it swallowed his now hard shaft,
caused him to forget the rest of the world. Debbie positioned
herself so she lay opposite him. She raised her skirt and
lowered her panties, presenting him with her hairy vagina.

"Do me like last night. Please Tommy?"

He was only too willing to oblige as he sank his face between
her legs. Their mouths and tongues devoured each other's
love organs as theyfrantically tried to bring the other
to orgasm.

At one point, Thomas looked up from between Debbie's
legs. He felt as if someone was watching them. He realised
he must have been mistaken as no one was there. He returned
his full attention to Debbie's dripping box and soon
felt himself about to come.

Like the night before, he lost all sense of time as the pressure
built between his legs. As if through a thick dense cloud,
he heard Debbie cry out, "Oh God, Tommy. Again! I'm
coming again!"

Finally the pressure broke as he felt wave after wave of
hot cum pump from his penis. Debbie's mouth acted like
a powerful vacuum, sucking every last ounce from him. Finally
he lay there, fully spent, unable to move.

Debbie's face loomed before his.

"I can't believe you did it to me again. I can't
wait until we're alone tomorrow. I promise you, if
you thought it was good now, it will even better tomorrow."

They kissed each other passionately. Thomas tasted a strange
salty taste as his tongue probed Debbie's mouth. He
realised it was his own cum. And he was surprise to find it
excited rather than disgusted him.

"I think we had better head back. We don't want
to be late for class, " said Debbie as she straightened
her clothing.

Sitting up, Thomas did the same. The two of them walked slowly
back to the school holding hands.

Thomas" mind was filled with thoughts of what they
had done. He remembered, too, the feeling that they had
been watched. "Strange, " he thought, "but
I could have sworn it was Louanne. But why would she have
been watching us?"

As if to prove him wrong, he noticed Louanne standing with
Rodger across the field. Debbie noticed them too, and waved.
The bell rang, indicating that lunchtime was over. Debbie
and Thomas ran back into the building.

Thomas passed the next two classes in a daze. His mind kept
replaying what he and Debbie had done under the bleachers.
He was amazed, and embarrassed, to find he had an enormous
erection. Walking to his last class, he tried to hide it
behind his books.

Debbie was in this class. Louanne too. It also happened
to be his favourite, Social Studies. He had a knack for remembering
dates and names. And as a result, he had straight A's
in this class. Because of that, he was the teacher's

He saw Debbie and Louanne standing outside the classroom.
Debbie, seeing him, ran to meet him.

"Hi Tommy. I still can't believe lunchtime.
All I could think about this afternoon is what we're
going to do tomorrow."

Before he could answer, the first bell rang. They hurried
into class and took their seats. Thomas fumbled his books
as he sat down.

As he tried to straighten them out, he noticed Louanne watching
him intently. But when he made eye contact, she quickly
turned away.

Again he was reminded of the feeling of being watched under
the bleachers. It couldn't have been Louanne. He had
seen her with Rodger, hadn't he? Debbie and Louanne
sat next to each other, several rows in front of Thomas.
Thomas found himself unconsciously comparing the two

Debbie was heavier. Louanne was slight. Debbie was blockish
in shape, large chest, wide hips. Louanne was slender,
almost boyish in appearance. Debbie had long curly brown
hair. Louanne's was dark auburn, cut short, framing
her face.

Where Debbie's features were course, Louanne's
were fine. He tried to imagine what it would be like to kiss
her delicate lips. Or run his hands over her small breasts.
And what would she taste like when he buried his face between
her slim but shapely thighs? "My god, " he thought.

"What am I turning into? I've just had sex with
one girl, and already I'm thinking what it would be
like with another? Besides she's Debbie's best
friend, and Rodger's girlfriend."

Putting such thoughts from his mind, he turned his attention
to what the teacher was saying.

The class finally came to end. As Thomas was gathering his
books to leave, the teacher approached him.

"Thomas, may I have a word with you?"

"Yes, Mrs Whalen?"

"I was wondering if you could do me a favour?"

"Sure. I guess."

"I'm meeting with a parent of one of the students
after school today. I can't say for certain just yet,
but I do intend to suggest tutoring as a way to improve that
student's marks. I was wondering if you would be interested
in tutoring someone after school? If you were, I could recommend

"Gee, I don't know, Mrs. Whalen. I'd have
to check with my mother."

"You're coming to the church tonight to help
us with the things for the bazaar on saturday?"

"Yes ma'am."

"I could speak to your mother then if you want."

"I guess that would be Okay."

"Then you are interested? There would probably be
some kind of remuneration. There usually is for this sort
of thing."

"Sure, I'd be glad to help. And it isn

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