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not exactly for the conservative


Sarah looked around the large pool area feeling lost and
very out of place. It was New Years Eve, and the room had been
closed off to swimmers and decorated for the holiday party.
The lounge area next to the swimming pool was so filled with
people getting ready to ring in the new year, that she couldn’t
even figure out where the girls she had come with were. The
atmosphere of the party was typical, she supposed: noisy,
crowded, dimly lit, and filled with the ever-present murmur
of voices striving to be heard over blaring top-40 music.
Not for the first time that evening, she wondered why she
had come at all. Several of her co-workers at the nursing
home had pestered her until she finally gave in. The party
was in a fancy hotel a couple hours from the town they all
lived in, and they had rented two rooms together to use as
somewhere to change and get a couple of hours of sleep (if
possible) before heading back home. Sarah suspected that
one reason they had wanted her along was because she didn’t
drink, which meant that they all could, and she figured
that she would most likely have the room to herself when
she headed there as soon after midnight as she could manage.
The three women she had come with had vanished soon after
they had arrived, and there was no telling where any of them
were now.

Sarah jumped as she felt a large hand settle on her shoulder.
She looked up to see a tall, darkish man of (she guessed)
around 30, with short black hair. Even her limited experience
with such things was enough to tell her that he was very good-looking
and athletic. The fact that he had chosen to come and talk
to her made her nervous. The 23 year old nurse was a small
girl, a little over 5’2”. She had a heart shaped face, long
dark blond hair, which fell down almost to her waist, and
was kept from slipping into her eyes by a silver colored
clip. Her job at the nursing home kept her active, and resulted
in a slim body highlighted by full breasts and hips. The
deep blue dress she wore had a neckline that was slightly
lower than she’d have preferred, but her co-workers had
insisted that it was the only dress in her closet that even
came close to fitting the atmosphere of the party.

“Hi.” he shouted, smiling down at her.

Sarah looked up at him nervously. "Hey, " she
shouted back trying to sound casual and friendly while
yelling above the music.

"So what do you think about the party?" he asked.

She shook her head, “Too loud and too many people. And I haven’t
been able to find a drink that doesn’t have alcohol in it
since I got here.

The tall man looked surprised, “You don’t drink, or you’re
doing designated driver duty?”

Sarah smiled back at him for the first time, “Both, actually.
I don’t drink, and I’ve got some friends around here somewhere
who are expecting me to drive them back home tomorrow morning.
We’ve got rooms here in the hotel, but they said they might
not be back before morning. I have no idea what they’re planning
to do all night.”

The man laughed, “I imagine they’ll find something. But
it sounds like they suckered you good. I've been watching
you standing all alone over here. I didn’t think you looked
as if you cared much for this kind of party.”

She grinned back, “Not really, no.” Whoever he was, this
guy seemed nice enough. At least he was the first person
to take the trouble of talking to her since she had arrived.
“I’m Sarah, by-the-way.” She held out her hand to him.

His large hand engulfed her small one as he shook it, “Nice
to meet you, Sarah. I’m James. I’m here with some friends,
but like yours, mine seem to have taken off.” He seemed to
hold onto her hand longer than was absolutely necessary
before releasing it. “Tell you what, why don’t I see if I can find something non-alcoholic
for you to drink? I think I saw the hotel staff bring out a
punch fountain a few minutes ago.” He chuckled, “I’ll even
test it for you to make sure no one’s gone and spiked it.”

Sarah found herself laughing along with him, “If you don’t
mind, I’d appreciate that.”

James took her arm and helped her make her way through the
crush of people and over to the refreshment table. As promised,
a large fountain was sending a reddish fruit punch down
into a large bowl. He filled a cup with it, and tasted it.
He paused thoughtfully, and then filled another cup and
handed it to her, “A little too much ginger ale for my taste,
I think, but nothing else.”

Sarah took the cup and tasted it. She grimaced slightly.
He was right; there was a distinct bite to it that she figured
must be from the ginger ale. But it was wet and cold, and she
was getting very thirsty. She finished the cup he had given
her, and filled another.

To her surprise, James stayed with her and kept her talking
for nearly an hour, until the large screen TV at one end of
the room came to life and showed the revelries in Times Square.
He led her to a spot where they could see the screen well,
and they watched as the big, lighted ball fell, ushering
in the new year. Sarah’s face flushed with embarrassment
as he took her hand and kissed it, “Happy New Years, Sarah.
I hope tonight ends up being at least a little bit fun for
you, anyway.”

“Th… thank you, James. I really appreciate you coming over
to talk to me. It made the evening go a lot faster having someone
interesting to talk to.” She gave him an apologetic look,
“Now that I’ve seen the ball drop, though, I think I’m going
to play the party-pooper, and go up to my room and get some
sleep. I kinda doubt if I’ll see any of the girls I came with
before morning.”

He nodded in understanding, “No problem. I enjoyed talking
with you tonight. I hated to see a pretty girl standing around
alone at a New Year’s party.”

Sarah blushed even deeper, “Thank you, ” she said quietly,
unsure of what else to say.

James shook her hand again, and they said goodnight.

Sarah made her way back to her hotel room, still flustered
by his comment about her being a “pretty girl”. She never
thought of herself that way, and she knew she wasn’t pretty
in the same way the three girls she had come to the party with,
were. She figured he was just being nice, but it still made
her self-conscious.

The hotel room was still dark, and as she had expected, no
one was back yet. All three of the others had made it clear
that they intended to make a night of it, so the empty room
came as no surprise. Sarah was feeling a little light-headed
as she undressed, relieved to be out of her fancy dress.
She stumbled as she made her way to the bathroom and decided
to take a shower before going to bed. She stayed in for almost
a half an hour, feeling the hot water wash away some of the
tension in her shoulders that was a result of the constant
pounding of the music at the party. Finally, feeling incredibly
drowsy and even more light-headed than she had before,
she turned the water off and toweled herself dry. She lowered
her flannel nightgown over her head, before moving over
to look out of the sliding glass door leading to a small balcony
overlooking the pool area while she brushed the snarls
out of her long hair. Even with the door closed, she could
hear the sound of voices humming beneath the loud music.

As she brushed, the drowsy feeling grew stronger, and she
leaned against the glass door for support as she continued
to brush her hair. She looked at the fingertips of her free
hand, noticing for the first time that they were tingling
slightly. Her whole body seemed to be simultaneously exhausted
and oversensitive. She continued to brush her hair as she
wondered vaguely why she felt the way she did. The drowsiness
combined with the rhythm of the brush strokes and the steady
noise from below to prevent her from hearing the footsteps
approaching her from behind. Before she knew what was happening Sarah felt a hand grip
her waist while another slipped around her hip and between
her legs. Leaning against the glass door as she was, there
was no chance of anyone seeing what was going on behind her
back, but she still felt terribly exposed. The hand between
her legs began working her clit through the flannel of her
nightgown until it became swollen, while the hand at her
waist pulled her body back slightly until she pressed against
the body behind her. The hand softly held her in place, and
she felt the hardness of a large, aroused cock press against
her lower back and ass.

Sarah tried to struggle against the hands holding her in
place, but all the strength seemed to have gone out of her
limbs. She shook her head slowly, and moaned, “Ohhh, nooo!
Wh…who are you. S… stop, please!” She turned her head to
look behind her and her eyes grew wide as she recognized
the dimly lit figure.

“J…James, what…?”

“Shhhh, ” she heard, "Not one word." He said
softly without missing a beat as he continued fingering
her clit. “Happy New Year, Sarah. I thought you could use
some company.”

Sarah was gasping for breath now, partly from fear at what
was happening, but mostly from the sensations James’s
fingers were causing as they moved up and down along her
pussy lips, teasing her clit until it became hard and erect.

“Nnnnaaaah, J… James, nooo, please!” Sarah managed to
turn her head to see another man besides the James standing
in the room. She realized that this must have been what he
was planning all along. He must have gone to find his friend
after she left him, and they had followed her to her room
and somehow gotten in while she was in the shower.

Sarah could see over the side of the balcony down to the party
below. At the same time, she realized that no one down there
would be able to see the man assaulting her from behind.
She wanted to yell for help, but the thought of all of those
people down below knowing that she was being in front
of them caused the sound to catch in her throat. All she could
do was just lean against the sliding door and hope that the
man behind her would finish quickly and leave without hurting

Sarah shuddered as she heard him speaking softly into her

”I know what you want, Sarah... I know you want to get fucked…
Admit it… Tell me you want it.”

He continued to murmur in her ear as he pulled her nightgown
slowly up around her waist, gradually exposing her pussy
to the warm air as he pressed his cock against her bare ass.

”Tell me you want me to fuck you, Sarah. I know you want it,
don't you? Hmmmm...?”

“No, don’t do this!” she protested weakly.

James’s knees pressed her legs open wider to allow him easy
access to her dampening cunt. Sarah stiffened and whimpered
as his cock slid inside her, overcoming the resistance
of her virgin tightness and coming to rest against her unclaimed
cherry. James paused as he discovered her virginity, and
slid his hands from her hips to cup her 36C breasts, rubbing
and tweaking her large nipples with this thumbs and fingers.

Sarah’s breath was coming in gasps as she struggled feebly
against him, “No!” she whimpered again, trying to struggle
but finding her limbs to be as weak as her voice. Her body
refused to co-operate with her, and she grew more and more
aroused as she felt one hand move to finger her clit while
the other continued to maul her breasts.

“If you don’t want this, then why is your pussy so wet?"
he asked. Sarah gasped in shock from the realization that
she had become very wet... He continued to stroke her clit
very gently and tease it with his finger. “You're really
enjoying this aren't you? Hmmm? You like this baby?
I know you love it…”

”No…” she murmured, her voice barely a whisper...

“Ohhh yes, Sarah.” He moaned in her ear. Sarah panicked
when she realized that he was about to drive his rock hard
manhood all the way into her virgin pussy. She didn’t want
this man to claim her virginity, but couldn’t seem to do
or say anything to stop it. Then it was too late. She felt
him pull back, and then thrust forcefully back into her.
His long, thick shaft crashed through her virgin barrier;
causing her to scream into the hand he had just placed over
her mouth to silence her reaction to his deflowering. She
felt his hips bang into her as he slammed all the way into
her wet pussy.

"Ohhh, god!" Sarah gasped weakly, breathing
heavily through her sobs.

She could feel him withdraw, and then the hot hardness of
his shaft press against the soft folds between her thighs…
Sarah felt his cock pushing against her opening, so swollen
that she couldn’t imagine that her tight, untried pussy
would be able to contain it… She could feel him pressing
into her as his hands moved to grasp her narrow waist, holding
her down while entering her again, slowly this time… The
pain of being violated and forced open for the first time
made her head spin, but new sensations were beginning to
well up inside her womanhood, too! Her cunt seemed to swell
and throb around him as he slid deeper and deeper into her...
until she was filled completely, the thick head of his massive
cock pressing tightly against her cervix. He drew back
and then began to penetrate her with long, powerful strokes.

“Ohhh… Ohhh… Ahhh!” she heard herself moan. “Ohhh, please,
NO!” She felt the throbbing between her legs begin to build,
and an unfamiliar sensation growing somewhere deep inside
her belly. A tingling began in her pelvis and radiated out
through her flushed body… New, unwanted pulsing sensations
of intense pleasure overtook her… Somewhere inside her
brain she knew she didn’t want this to happen. Didn’t want
her first orgasm to be with a man who was her, but her
body was betraying her and she knew her pussy was about to
explode with her first ever climax.

"Cum for me baby… You know you want to…" James
demanded as he thrust in and out of her drenched cunt.

"Please, P… please." she begged, no longer
sure what she was pleading for as he took her to the edge.
Each time he rammed his cock into her cunt, Sarah gasped
at the feeling of her pussy accepting his hard rod.

James’s long, thick manhood finally drove her over the
precipice of her first ever orgasm… Wave after increasing
wave of unwanted pleasure drove inner contractions as
her cunt pulsed around his cock. The intensity of her orgasm
caused her back to arched against James’s muscular body
and her breath came in sharp gasps with each spasm of her
pussy. Her hips rocked uncontrollably with each contraction,
and the pleasure became so intense that she barely recognized
the sound of her own moans before collapsing against the
glass door...

Sarah’s body went limp as James picked her up and carried
her over to one of the beds. He sat her down on the edge of the
bed. She wasn’t able to stay sitting, and flopped onto her
back as James came to stand over her. His muscular frame
towered over her, and he still sported a huge hard-on. He
spread her legs apart roughly, stepped between them, and
positioned his cock at her entrance. Sarah began shaking
as he eased it in. She groaned as it stretched her formerly
virgin channel again. Although his cock seemed even larger
than it had before, he slipped in more easily, thanks to
her earlier orgasm.

”Fuck, your pussy is so tight, ” he exclaimed as he drove
his cock all the way in. “Alright babe, ready for another

He began pumping into her, each stroke penetrating deeper
and deeper into her. He pinned her arms above her head and
tried to kiss her. Sarah attempted to move her head away
from his advances, but his lips fell on her cheeks and neck,
before traveling to cover her mouth and force his tongue
inside to caress hers. As his cock filled her, his own pre-cum displaced some of
Sarah’s juices, which oozed down her legs, forming a puddle
under her buttocks and staining the soft flannel of her
nightgown. Up and down his naked hips rose and fell. He slammed into
her, each stroke feeling like a hammer blow to Sarah as he
drove his massive cock into her. Tears flowed down her cheeks
as she felt the rising tightness inside her, which she now
recognized meant she was on the brink of another orgasm.

Before her body reached its climax, she heard her
moan, “Oh, I'm gonna cum. baby!” moments before his
first jet launched into her. He hadn't lasted long
but he seemed to cum for a long time, flooding her womb with
more and more of his potent sperm as it erupted from his massive
tool. Her pussy leaked the sticky white liquid, enlarging
the puddle between her thighs.

The man raised himself to kneel over her, letting go of her
arms. Sarah cringed in fear as he looked menacingly at her.
Slowly he picked something up from the nightstand. It was
a pair of her white cotton panties. An evil smile crossed
his face as he wiped his cock clean with the thin material,
and then used it to wipe her clean too. When he had finished,
he screwed them up into and put them with his cloths.

The second man seemed to want to take more time with her.
He climbed between her legs, and stood looking down at her
swollen pussy. The lips were stretched now and didn't
close completely, allowing a thin trail of cum to leak from
between her legs. Her downy blonde pussy hair was matted
with the sticky evidence of multiple orgasms. He grabbed
her arms and pulled her into a sitting position on the bed.

One of his big hands traveled down her arm, his fingers interlocking
with hers. The other hand brushed her long blonde hair to
one side. He bent down and his lips closed on her ear, flicking
her silver earring, and then sucking in her earlobe. Sarah’s
over stimulated body shuddered, and she let out a low moan.
He pulled her hand up to cup his crotch as he suckled her throat.
Her new heard her gasp quietly as her hand rested
on the huge bulge. He let it go and she seemed too dazed to
move it.

Now he moved his freed hand to the hem of her nightgown, bunched
around her hips. Sarah tensed as he edged up under the flannel
cloth, touching her bare legs. He could feel the dampness
from two previous fuckings. He pushed her legs a little
further apart, and then tried to worm his finger in between
the swollen folds. His hand brushed across the soft tuft
of hair between her legs. But he was at the wrong angle to
be able to penetrate her. He stroked her pussy lips and she
shivered as he pulled the finger back.

"Feel that?" He whispered in her ear. "Feel
that big cock? It’s all gonna slide into your virgin cunt,

Sarah’s fingers curled involuntarily around the stiff
member hidden in his briefs. The hand that had just tried
to enter her now moved to her slim waist. The other slipped
from her shoulder to cup her large breast. Then it too fell
to her waist.

”Take my drawers off, baby, ” he commanded as he guided
her hands to the waistband of his briefs. He made her push
them down his hips and off. Sarah gasped again as his massive
black rod was released from its confinement. It seemed
larger than her first had been. Not so much in length, although
its 11 inches was clearly longer than James’ had been, but
its girth it was enormous.

The man stood, his dark skin shimmering with perspiration
in the darkened room, as he held his cock out for her. His
other hands still held hers, and he made her reach for it,
forcing her slim fingers to attempt to curl around the hard
shaft. Her small hands couldn’t make it around him. Every
rigid vein seemed to stand out on its surface. As he made
her stroke it up and down, Sarah could feel how big and round
it was, how it throbbed in her hand.

“Babe you can do better than that, ” he murmured.

With that he took her other hand and wrapped it around his
cock as well, then he started to screw her hands around it
more vigorously, pulling her closer to him as he did. He
groaned as he moved forward, his cock inches from her face.
Sarah was forced to lean forward as he drew her in close.
He placed a big black hand against the back of her head, pulling
it toward his swollen cock-head as she opened her mouth
to protest. Before she could say anything, he pressed his
cock between her open lips. She could barely open wide enough
to take his huge cock. Slowly he worked it into her mouth. He moaned in pleasure
as he fucked into her warm opening, her tongue rasped against
the thick shaft each time he thrust it between her lips.
It was so big she couldn't take it all in her mouth. His
hands on her head just made her bob up and down on the first
three inches.

Abruptly, he halted her the movement. He brought his hands
up to her smooth round face and forced her to stare up at him.

“You know there’s something wrong here, ” he said. “Here
I am buck naked letting you suck me off, and I still haven’t
seen that body of yours. Guess I’d better do something about

As he stood over her, his hands moved to the buttons on her
nightgown and slowly unfastened them one-by-one. Then
he pulled the garment off her shoulders and pulled it over
her head and off, exposing her naked form to his gaze. Her
large, 36C breasts came into view and he whistled. "I
love your tits, baby." He smiled, and paused for a
moment so he could take in her body. His eyes scanned up and
down her, looking at her down covered bush and the swollen
pussy lips that seemed to be begging to accept his cock.

“Now where were we?” he said lowering his lips to hers. Somewhere,
Sarah found the energy to resist, but he was relentless,
finally capturing her face in his large hands and pressing
his lips to hers. The pressure of his lips forced hers open,
and he slipped his tongue inside to taste the warm wetness
of her mouth. The kiss was long and passionate. He directed
her hand to his cock again, helping her stroking it slowly
and deliberately.

This time his free hand could wander up her bare thigh to
her waiting pussy with ease. He rubbed through the soft
hair again before touching her clit. Sarah squirmed, her
legs parting a little. He rubbed the hard, damp nub with
his thumb as he hooked a thick finger into her pussy. The
young nurse grunted through his kiss as the finger slipped
into her hot wet hole.

He broke the kiss, lowering his lips to her nipples, sucking
and teasing them. Sarah was soon moaning again as yet another
orgasm approached. His fingers slipped in and out of her
easily, bringing her closer and closer to cumming for him.
Then he shoved her backwards onto the bed, slipping his
fingers out of her warm snatch. Sarah's hand fell away
from his hard cock as he grasped her thighs and spread them
wider to give him better access.

”Now it’s my turn to have you babe, ” he smiled. “That sexy
white pussy is all mine.”

Using his fingers he gently parted her pussy lips, taking
aim between her thighs with his massive shaft. The big cock
bounced on her thigh as he knelt on the bed. She groaned under
the weight as he lowered himself over her small body. Then
he pushed himself up and started to guide his hard shaft
toward her.

“Ohhh..., ” Sarah groaned as the huge cock started to enter
her tight snatch. The swollen, purple head of his manhood
had only just slipped past her folds when she orgasmed again.
He felt her body twitch and for a moment her pussy clenched
around him. As she came hard around him, one last big thrust
pushed him all the way into her sopping wet pussy. “Argh!”
Sarah cried out loudly. “Ohhh...!”

“Fuck your pussy’s tight baby!” he said as he rested, the
tip of his steel rod pressed against the soft barrier of
her cervix.

He started sliding in and out of her tight hole, stretching
it wide with his monster cock. The big, wet, black shaft
slid almost out each time before being thrust back in. His
movements were slow at first, getting her use to his enormous
maleness as it filled her pussy. Then his thrusts began
to gain speed, and the pounding motion in and out of her abused
snatch became harder and faster. Sarah groaned and moaned
as he sucked on her breast, taking the entire nipple into
his mouth, then releasing it slowly, tweaking the nipple
with his tongue as he did.

“This is what you wanted isn't it?” He whispered in
her ear, brushing her blonde hair back and kissing her ear
and her neck as he started to make short hard thrusts deep
into her, making her body twitch. “Ohhh... ahhh! Please nooo… nossa!” she cried out. Lost
in her newest climax, she heard her own voice plead, “Ohhh…
Please, y… yes, yes! Don’t stop... p… please!” Sarah’s
long legs involuntarily wrapped up around his waist he
moved in and out of her throbbing womanhood.

“That's it sweet thing, ” he said. “Take my big black
meat in your tight pussy. Let me fill your little sweet cunt
with my big cock. Tell me what you want me to do, baby!”

Some part of Sarah’s alcohol and orgasm-clouded mind recoiled
as another part found the words her was ordering
her to say. “F… fuck me...please f… fuck me!” Her climax
intensified as he drove deeper and deeper into her, his
thick manhood pounding past her cervix and into her womb.
His hard cock was keeping her orgasm going longer than she
had imagined possible. He was thrusting up into her harder
now. He felt his balls start to tighten as he pounded into
Sarah’s tight, wet pussy.

“Oh yes, babe. Such a hot little white pussy... ohhh, yeah!”
he groaned. He knew he was close. Still his strokes crashed
into her harder and harder, sweat dripping onto the girl
below him. “Yeah, take it baby, take it all!”

Sarah’s body seemed to flood with one orgasm after another
as the man above her fucked into her over and over again.
Her mind seemed to be far away as her body experienced waves
of pleasure each time her throbbing pussy came around his
massive cock. She moaned and cried out as each climax peaked.
All the while his cock pounded away, in and out of her soaked
pussy. His hands slipped down to maul her breasts, and tweak
her aroused nipples. His mouth found her tit, licking it
and sucking the pink nub as though he were nursing at its
aching tip. She gasped as he sucked her breast, causing
shocks of pleasure that traveled from the taught peak down
to her spasming cunt, while his cock pumped in and out of

Finally, the he felt his balls tighten, and he thrust his
rock hard manhood as deep inside Sarah’s innocent body
as he could. The engorged head pierced her cervix and lodged
all the way inside her womb as his crotch pressed tightly
against her swollen pussy.

“Oh, shit baby… yeah, I’m gonna cum in your tight little
pussy!” he called out as his cock exploded. Another load
of cum shot into her body. His lips closed over hers as he
kissed her deeply. "Yeah, take it little girl, take
it all!" He forced his cock even deeper into her causing
Sarah to cry out again as load after load of hot cum sprayed
up inside her body.

Sarah could feel his cock pulsing in her pussy still, leaking
its juice into her. Her hands grasped at the crumpled sheet
as she felt him unloading his scalding hot sperm into her
waiting womanhood. Her pussy tightened around his huge
cock, squeezing it hard. He held his cock there, buried
deep inside her for a long time as she continued to throb
around him.

”Fuck yes, fuck, fuck, " he called out. “Oh, you’re
so good!” Then it was over. He leaned forward kissing her
lips and stroking her long, dark blonde hair. “I knew you
wanted my black cock in your virgin white pussy, baby. Did
you enjoy having me fuck your pretty little pussy?”

Sarah shook her head limply, wanting to deny what had happened,
but only managing to whisper, “Uhhh… You… you’re so big
ins…side me…”

The man chuckled, “That's right, my big cock stretched
your tight little pussy real nice. I loved fucking your
cunt, baby. You can ride my cock anytime.”

Gradually he pulled back, sitting up as he did. His cock
slipped from her, leaving a trail of sticky white cum on
her thigh. More escaped from her stretched pussy to pool
under her. He climbed off the side of the bed and took another
look at the young nurse spread eagle on the bed, naked.

The tall black man put his clothes back on, and walked to
the door, leaving James still unclothed. He told his friend
not to wait for him because he wanted to give Sarah one more
New Year’s present. His friend laughed and then left. Sarah had recovered somewhat, and was now sitting in the
center of the bed with her legs drawn up to her chest and her
arms around them. James came over to her and looked down
into her dazed, flushed face. She looked up at him and pleaded
with him, “N… no more, please.”

James knelt on the bed in front of her, and pulled her arms
away from her chest. He forced her legs down, spreading
them to each side of his body as he did so. He took her head
in his hands and leaned over, kissing her roughly on the
lips. Lacking the will to resist, Sarah’s mouth opened
automatically allowing his tongue to taste hers. The kiss
lasted a long time, and grew in intensity until Sarah was
gasping for breath as her pussy began to tingle again.

Sarah could feel James’ cock against her leg, becoming
slightly sticky with his precum. It was growing harder
as it pressed against her inner thigh. James buried his
head between her breasts as his tongue traced a path between
them, following the faint line of a scar that ran there.
Her nipples were hard as he sucked on first one and then the
other. He felt the firmness of her ample tits, squeezing
them, rubbing his thumbs against her swollen nipples,
enjoying the sound as she moaned in pleasure at the sensations
he caused.

Her head rolled slowly back and forth in denial as she whispered,
“Nooo… Oh please, nooo… o…!”

James eased her back up onto the bed as he kissed her neck,
spreading her legs wide as he lowered her. He lowered himself
down between her legs, the thick head of his manhood rasping
along her inner thighs. He took her hand and made her reach
down to guide the powerful shaft to her entrance. She moaned
as he rubbed the swollen head against her pussy first, making
sure that it pressed down hard on her clit. Once more the
girl became wet. Then he aimed it at her entrance. She moaned
softly as the head spread her lips. Slowly he pushed the
steel shaft in, deeper and deeper.

He gradually drove deeper and deeper until he was about
half way in, then with one thrust drove it the rest of the
way in.

“Ahhh!” Sarah yelped as he was buried deep inside her throbbing

His face was intense as he slammed into her. The long, thick
cock pushed up into her womb, sliding easily in the well-stretched
channel. His hands mauled her breasts as he began to pump
in and out of her hot body.

Soon the steady noise of their bodies coming together could
be heard as he moved in and out of her drenched pussy. Sarah
could feel another orgasm building as he played with her
aroused nipples. The rough skin of his fingers rubbed against
the intensely sensitive tips, making them hard against
his touch.

”Ohhh...ohhh, ” Sarah whimpered noisily as she passed
the point of no return. Then there was a loud moan as her cunt
muscles gripped hard around his long cock. She felt him
shudder as she writhed beneath him.

James buried his cock deep inside her now, and then started
to rock in and out of her tight pussy again. Her moans grew
louder as his strokes penetrated deeper into her hot, wet
snatch. Seemingly of their own accord, her legs came up
around his hips, pulling him farther in. With each stroke,
his skilled cock rubbed across her clit sending waves of
pleasure through the pretty blonde. Her arms gripped his
shoulders as his head lowered to nurse at her beautiful

Sarah had long ago lost count of the number of orgasms she
had experienced. As another one crashed down on her helpless
body, she cried out, “Ohhh, no! P… please, James…!”

James left her breasts and kissed his way up past her neck,
licking and sucking at her ear ringed lobe. "You know
you like the feel of my big cock inside you, Sarah"
he whispered quietly in her ear. "It’s such a big cock
for your tight little pussy." He paused, feeling
her vaginal muscles tighten around his shaft. "I
know you need my cock Sarah. I know you want me to fuck you, "
his voice hissed in her ear, his hand resting on her breast
as his thumb rasped over her nipple. Then he nibbled her
ear, “Tell me what you want, Sarah. Just like you told my
buddy a minute ago.”

Sarah felt her body flush even hotter as she realized that
she really had begged the other man to fuck her. She heard
herself obey James’ instructions. The words she had never
imagined using before tonight tumbled from her mouth,
“Uhhh, Uhhh… Ohhh, p… please, James… Oh m… make l…” She caught
herself, not wanting to call what was still technically
a , lovemaking. Somewhere her mind latched onto another
word he had used a minute ago, “Ahhh, ahhh, f… fuck me! Please
f… fuck me!” she cried out in ecstasy as the swollen head
of his manhood began to press past her cervix into her virginal
womb. “Fuck me, ohhh, ” she pleaded as his strokes grew faster
and faster. “M… make me c… cum! Ahhh, please fuck me harder!”

“Ohhh, Sarah. You’re such a great fuck, baby. You’re so
tight and hot, ” James responded as his cock drove forcefully
into her.

Sarah could feel another orgasm taking over her body. Her
pussy throbbed as she responded to his thrusts. Her moans
grew louder again as her muscles contracted on his hard

“Ahhh, Sarah!” James exclaimed. “Your cunt is so tight.”

Her juices were flooding her pussy, letting his cock slide
easily in and out of her hot channel. Her fingers dug into
his biceps as he pumped furiously at the young nurse. Then
he let his hard cock slip from her.

“Roll over, ” he whispered as he moved his body. Sarah obeyed
without thinking, rolling from under him. He didn’t speak,
just slapping her round ass with his hand and pulled back
on her hips as he knelt between her legs. Instinctively
Sarah pulled herself up onto her hands and knees, thrusting
her pelvis back as he pulled her toward him.

His hard cock found her wet pussy again. She moaned as it
once again claimed her. His strong hands held her full hips
as he pumped into her as before. She could feel his balls
slapping against her as he thrust up into her pussy. Her
breasts hung free below her body, and he reached up with
one hand to pinch her large, hard nipples.

“Uhhh… Uhhh, Ohhh, James… ahhh!” she moaned. “You… you’re
so h… hard, so b… big inside me!”

“Ahhh, Sarah, I want to fuck your tight pussy all night, ”
James groaned. “Mmmm, you’re so hot and wet!”

Another orgasm swept Sarah as his cock slid in and out of
her. The waves of pleasure left her whole body tingling.
Her ’s cock was so big and hard. She could feel it throbbing
deep inside her as he thrust it in and out of her over stimulated
body. The 23-year-old nurse took the long, thick cock into
her, the whole nine inches of stiff, throbbing meat pounding
into her abused pussy again and again. Sarah could feel
drops of sweat hitting her naked shoulders and back as he
fucked her pussy, and could feel her own sweat running down
her cheeks and onto her breasts as James fucked her harder
and harder.

All of a sudden the man between her legs gasped as he gave
one final thrust that planted his manhood all the way up
inside her formerly innocent womanhood, “Ahh, Sarah,
I’m gonna cum in your tight little pussy! Yeah, baby, feel
my cum inside you. Feel me knock your pussy up with my hot

Sarah moaned in despair and pleasure as he shot his load
of cum into her fertile pussy. The intensity of his climax
sent her back over the edge of her own orgasm, and she came
hard around his still loaded cock.

James felt her pussy tighten again, squeezing his rock
hard shaft. It was too much for him. The pressure of her orgasm
sent a final jet of hot creamy cum pouring into her. He pulled
back until he was almost out of her, then drew her hips back
toward him again and once again buried his cock as far as
he could into her quivering body. Deep inside her womb,
Sarah could feel his hard maleness filling her, pulsing
inside her, as streams of his cum flooded into her.

As they collapsed to the bed flushed and breathing heavily,
James’ cock lay semi-erect against her ass. Cum oozed from
her stretched pussy onto the bed again. He rested a hand on her shoulder, suckling her neck, then
her ear. He turned her head and kissed her deeply, finding
her unable or unwilling to resist the soft pressure of his
tongue as it invaded her again.

“I want to fuck your ass, Sarah, ” He whispered in her ear
softly after a minute of silently kissing her and fondling
her breast. “I would really like that.”

His cock was touching the crack of her butt as the comment
was made. It felt so big and strong against her sensitized
skin. Sarah just moaned a reply. Her mind was lost as she
tried to pretend none of what had happened with this man
was real.

“I promise I’ll be gentle, ” he reassured her as he moved
his cock up against her round ass. His hands parted her buttocks
as the cock head touched her small asshole. Obviously,
she had never been fucked in the ass before anymore than
she had anywhere else before this night. Her mind was so
fogged by all that had happened that she could feel nothing
but a rising orgasm as his cock pushed slowly forward. Their
mingled cum acted as a lubricant as the head popped past
her tight hole.

Sarah let out a strangled scream as it entered. Only an inch
penetrated her virgin ass on the first thrust. A second
buried more of it in her, and a third buried nearly the whole
shaft, expanding her small asshole as it forced itself
in. The sensation of his entry sent another wave of orgasm
through her body.

" are tight Sarah!" he groaned as
he began to fuck her.

"Please, no more!" Sarah begged.

James waited for her to stop shuddering before beginning
to ease his cock in and out of her. He had turned her onto her
side, raising her left leg slightly to give him better access.
His thrusts were very gentle now. He didn’t want to hurt
her as his enormous cock moved inside her tight ass. In and
out he pumped slowly.

“God, your ass is so tight, Sarah, ” James exclaimed. “Oh,
yes, this is so good!”

“Ahhh, James, oh, please don’t!” Sarah moaned, as he played
with her breasts, all the while pumping harder and deeper
into her.

His pace picked up a little more as his cock pushed in deeper
and deeper. Sarah felt his balls begin hitting her rounded
asscheeks and knew he was all the way inside her. James reached
around to play with her pussy, tweaking her clit with his
thumb and fingering her wet opening.

“Ohhh...” Sarah moaned as his hard thick cock drove in and
out of her ass. She had yet another orgasm during this long
fuck, as he finger-fucked her in time with the thrusts into
her bottom. It seemed to go on forever as he fondled her breasts.
Then she felt his body stiffen. His breathing became shallow
and he held her ass still against him with one hand while
squeezing hard on her breast with the other. With an amazing
display of control, he kept himself from cumming, and carefully
pulled out of her aching bottom.

After a long moment when she began to wonder what could possibly
happen next, James rolled onto his back, and pulled her
on top of him to sit straddling his hips. His hands reached
up to cup her firm tits.

“One last fuck, Sarah. I want you to learn how to ride my cock.”
He took her hand and made her lift his manhood until it stood
aimed at her dripping snatch. With his other hand, he raised
her up until the thick head of his cock was poised against
her pink, swollen folds. “Put it inside you, baby, ” he

Sarah obeyed, sliding down his long, thick pole, filling
herself with his stiff manhood. He began moving inside
her, and for what seemed like hours, James taught her to
ride his massive mount like a pro. After fucking her to orgasm
twice more, Sarah’s sat up with his cock still firmly
planted in her pussy, and lowered her until she was propped
against the bed pillows. She parted her legs wider as he began to fuck her again, lifting
her knees to plant her feet firmly on the bed. His steel rod
split her pussy again and again as he entered her. His cock
was so big and hard. She could feel it throbbing deep inside
as he stroked it in and out of her.

James kissed her mouth roughly before turning his attention
to her neck, where he found a spot in the hollow of her throat
that nearly brought her to orgasm when he sucked on the sensitive
skin there. He moved lower to suckle her tits, again nearly
making her cum for him as he took each taut peak into his mouth
and lightly nipped at the sensitive tip. He continued to
pound her pussy as he ministered to her body’s needs.

“Say it, Sarah, ” he murmured against the warm skin of her
breast. “I know you need me to fuck your pussy and knock you
up with my cum. Say it!”

Again Sarah heard her mouth whimper, “Y… yes, James. Ohhh...please,
y… yes, yes!” she pleaded, “Please fuck me... my p… pussy,

His orgasm came on him more quickly this time. He thrust
into her one final time, again piercing her cervix and coming
to rest deep inside her fertile, virgin womb. The pressure
of his massive cock inside her deepest place sent her into
one last incredible orgasm. She screamed out loud as her
pussy clenched tightly around his cock. James couldn’t
hold it back any longer, and launched his cum into her waiting

“Ahhh, Oh shit, Sarah, you’re such a good fuck, baby!”

Sarah felt his cock expand deep within her womanhood and
then explode with a flood of cum. The steaming hot liquid
erupted into her and forced his cock back out of her overfilled
cunt. This time he made no attempt to hold it in, letting
it leave her well-fucked body. He was still cumming as he
left her pussy, and the last of his seed sprayed over her
belly and breasts, one stream launching all the way to her
face and hair. James moved his hands over her heaving body,
spreading the thick liquid over her smooth skin. More cum
spilled out of her no-longer-virgin hole and collected
on the sheets as he kissed her neck again.

They lay together for a moment before James spoke. “You’re
a wonderful fuck, Sarah, ” he said in her ear. His mouth
found the sensitive hollow of her throat again, and was
rewarded with a sharp intake of breath from her.

He kissed her deeply again before getting off the bed and
gathering up his clothing. When he was dressed, he came
over to her and gently rubbed her soft mound.

“Happy New Year, Sarah. I’ll bet you had a more exciting
evening than your friends did, after-all.”

Sarah watched in a daze as he left the room, locking the door
as he went. The clock on the nightstand showed that it was
2:13 when she stumbled back into the bathroom to clean herself
off. She had been fucked for almost two hours, and her co-workers
had still not come back from partying. One thing was sure.
She no longer wondered what they could find to do for all
that time.

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hey i noticed that someone read my story and rated it "dont
like" thats cool, but next time just tell me why!


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Complements. Hope you will continue to tell us, your episode.


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I love the style of writing. Absolutely terrific, an incredibly
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nice story... hope u didn't really get tho...


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Honey, it was a great well written story. You did an excellent
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It was a great story. What happened next?


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Wow that was a well written story, kept me going, Now what
happens next?


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Well written story but the premise is not to my taste. There
is no mention of scene/roleplaying, and is - just
because the woman gets pleasure from it does not remove
this fact. As a fantasy, it could be exciting - as real life,
criminal lines were crossed. It feeds into the invalid
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she dressed, etc.


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Excellent job, Lady!! Will you be writing more in the future?


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Hotsiman--i happen to know that is , and i make
no excuses for sexual criminals, for reasons of my own.
however, i know that many women to have fantasies and
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with fantasizing about having no control.

MatureExplorer--yes i do plan on writing others! thanks
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Great job Sarah. And whoever did rate that don't like
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A very well written story and that is, it is just a story so
no one should take offense. Well done.


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best since long while ..

i like all your stories the 4 i could read till now ..

you are the best writer i got up here ..

Go on ..


And please remember to tell me if you have new one .. You are now my favorite writer ..


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Very sexy. It made me really hot, thanks


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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could expereience a situation
like that! Very well written. Thanks for the hot topic. Cocoonmom