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night encounter


This all started when I asked you if I can visit your home. I was afraid that you would say no and was prepared to write it off as a joke. to my surprise you say yes and you would be glad to have me over. Very excitedly I got my things together and prepared to take the trip to you. I arrived too late because of the long drive. It was dark and airy and I was saddened that I couldn't visit you. Instead you say that I can come in through your window. We start talking quietly to not wake up your family. Then you start saying that you want me. You say you never felt a man so determined to make you his. I grope you through your clothes as if they're not even there, squeezing your thighs and parting them slightly with my pelvis as I corner you."I've always wanted to do this to you. You're aroused, and moan softly as I continue to press into you. I'm feeling under your clothes now, your breasts, and down to your wet pussy. I tear off your pants, only briefly fiddling with your underwear to tease you before stripping that off too. I have you take off your shirt and then unzip my pants. My long thick cock sways out and pushes against the lips of your pussy. You moan and look up at my eyes as I gently rub my cock on the outside of your dripping cunt. I push it into you and you feel its length passing through the walls of your pussy. "Oh please fuck me more!" you say. I push my cock only a quarter of the way in this time, "I'll fuck you as I please, your little cunt is going to have to wait until my cock gets there, when it's finally all the way deep inside your pussy." I reply, pushing my cock in just another small length as I taunt you. Mmmmh! I need it though." you whine. My cock makes you beg more and more. You bounce in place, getting as much action as your pussy can get while I hold you down. "I see you really want it." I say, You're a good girl." I slide my cock all the way into your pussy and begin pumping you with its girth. My rhythmic pounding deepening and stretching your pussy to accommodate my cock. You moan louder and louder until I slap you. "There are people sleeping in your home" I say sternly. "you have to be quiet as a slutty little mouse." I say, grabbing your right ass cheek and spreading it to slap the other. You feel my long, shapely cock pull in and out, stimulating the muscles of your pussy. You wrap around me, all of you, your legs, your titties and pussy all hug me close as I drive myself into you and enjoy your open body. I growl as I continue to thrust into you and make your pussy quiver and drip. I'm clearly just enjoying you like an object, my little fuck doll. You continue to moan until I slap you, and we play a game where you struggle and I discipline you, all the while making you go wild for my cock. I cum inside you and then preceed to climb out the window. "I'll see you later love".

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great story keep them coming