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my aunty story


my aunty wants me to post

A lot of strange things happen in people’s lives. And
also very often events of your younger days leave an impact on you, which
is so difficult to ever shake off later in life. This is a true
episode of my life which I thought of sharing on the anonymity of the

I am a lady aged 36 years, happily married & well off.
I have two kids and my hubby is in the merchant navy. However these
events that I am going to recount are from an earlier phase of my life,
when I was still a student and very much single.

I was a student of Delhi University & in the final year
of my BA (history ) at IP college. I was a good student & often
topped the class —I was more of the studious type & though good
at sports, very often my free time was spend in the college library or reading
novels. I was more of the quiet & introverted type.
I had a boyfriend, who was from a campus college & we would
meet 4-5 times week & go for jam sessions, parties, movies etc. In
other words a very typical Delhi college scene. I was a good looking in
a typical Bengali style –large doe like eyes, long hair, fair complexion
and a height of about 5ft 4″. My figure was a well maintained
36-27-35 & I was quite proud of my overall looks, figure & personality.
I would normally take a bus to go to college –either in what we
call a “University special bus “or a DTC bus on Ring Road.
As we were staying in South Delhi, the journey to college would typically
take about 45 mts to an hour.

One day, I was waiting at the bus stop — it was about 8.30
a.m & I took a bus to an intermediate stop to change for a direct
bus to college ( which I would do quite often). I recall it was really
raining heavily that day. Almost 30 mts went by & no
bus came by & I knew with this delay I would be missing my first class. I
overheard some other office going passengers saying something like
a “bus strike “& for another 20 mts no bus came & I felt
that there really might be a bus strike & I was now stranded mid way from
college & home. I was wondering what to do —no autos too where in
sight & it was still raining outside.

Then across the road, I saw a movie theatre & suddenly
on an impulse I thought might as well go and see a movie, rather than being
waiting needlessly at the bus stop. There would be screening a morning
show movie & if I went swiftly I could catch the 9.45 a.m show.
This surely was a far better alternative to waiting stupidly
at the bus stop.

I ran across the road and went to the theatre called “Paras”&
saw they were screening an old movie called “Waqt “( Raj
Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Sharmila Tagore etc). The place looked deserted
& I bought a ticket at the counter and went in & was guided to my seat,
which was in one the rear rows of the theater. The movie had already
commenced & I settled down to watch. The theatre looked kinda
empty & I could just make a out a few people seating a few rows ahead. My row
itself looked empty.

About 10 mts later a man came & sat next to me on my right.
He seemed middle aged & an office going type as he had a briefcase
with him as well. I wondered why he was sitting next to me only as there
were plenty of empty seats around, but then I thought maybe that
is how the tickets are seat numbered etc. I glanced at the man &
recognized him as also being at the bus stop (as a co-stranded bus passenger),
who like me had come to see the movie. I then reverted my attention
back on the movie.

After about another 10 mts or so I noticed the man next to
me was getting a bit fidgety. He would move a bit on his seat, cough
a bit, cross & uncross his legs etc & I decided to ignore
him. His hand was on the arm rest next to mine & our elbows were touching
lightly too. I then felt something touch my foot & realized that
the man had stretched his leg & it had casually touched my foot
& I then moved my foot a little away. However a few minutes later I felt his
foot again casually touch mine & with a sense of nervousness realized
it was deliberate. I begin to feel nervous about it, but moved
my foot further away. For the next 10-15 minutes all was OK &
I was enjoying the movie.He tried touching my foot again but I crossed
my legs & was out of reach. I felt if I continued avoiding these passes,
the man would get the message & stop all thus. I then heard something
from the man next to me & he was again a bit fidgety. After
a few minutes I felt his elbow rubbing more against my elbow. There was
slight pressure on my elbow & before I could move my elbow away,
the pressure eased. This happened 2-3 more times & then
I felt his elbow moving in a sort of rhythm. This continued for a few minutes
& it was rubbing on & off my elbow & I wondered what was he
doing & slyly glanced to my right. To my surprise, I noticed that he had
opened the fly ( that was the sound I had heard –he was unzipping his
fly) & had taken out his cock & was gently rubbing it up & down
( that explained the rubbing of his elbow on mine ). I was shocked to say the
least —- & quickly looked away. I was in major dilemma of what
to do. Should I get up & move to another seat ? I was very nervous &
my shy nature took over. However I decided to ignore it & as long as
he did not bother me, I thought he could do what he wanted to do. After
a few minutes, I again slyly glanced to my right & looked
at what he was doing —- he pant fly was fully open & with his left
hand he was stroking his cock. It was very hard & erect & it
really looked quite large.

I looked away & my breathing was much heavier. This
was really quite so surprising to me & I had never heard of such things
happening at all. I was scared & nervous & felt helpless &
in fact was too scared to move away also.I slowly moved my arm away & again
glanced to my right & saw him playing with his erect & huge cock.
I then glanced at the man & saw that he was also looking back at me —I
quickly glanced away & blushed furiously. He had caught me looking
at his cock. I was so confused now.

For a few minutes nothing happened, but my heart was beating
like a berserk drum. I then felt something rub my thigh & with
a shock realized that the stranger had put his hand on my thigh.
I was wearing a salwar kameez & his hand was softly touching
my leg. I was too shit scared to react & seeing no immediate reaction
from me, he placed his softly on my thigh & gently squeezed it.
I did not know what to do & though I moved my legs, I was unable to shake
his hand off. For a few minutes he was gently caressing my thigh (
with his left hand ). I was staring hard at the screen as if nothing
was happening at all, while his hand rested on my thigh &
slowly he was squeezing it & was now slowly moving it up & down
a bit. I did not know what to do & was feeling so helpless. Through the
corner of my eye I again glanced to my right & even he was staring
hard at the screen, while his hand was caressing my thigh. His cock
was standing hard & erect & he was now stroking it with his right

He was slowly moving his hand upwards on my thigh & I
then put my hand on his hand & pushed it off my leg. His hand felt
so very hot. For a few minutes nothing else happened & though I was
staring hard at the screen, my mind was all in a tizzy & was wondering
/ waiting for his next move. I then felt his hand once again on my thigh
& he started to caress it once again & I sat motionless.
He now moved his hand fully over on my thigh & was squeezing it &
caressing it more urgently & slowly trying to gently make me spread my
legs. I resisted it & again put my hand down on his hand to push it away.
But he was prepared for it & before I realized it he had grabbed
my hand & held it firmly. I was too taken aback by this & now he was caressing
my hand gently and as if to reassure me. I tried to pull my hand
away, but his grip was quite firm & then he swiftly pulled
my hand & holding it firmly placed it over his hard cock. I was really
taken aback by this bold move. My hand was on his cock & was
encosed in his bigger hand & he now making me move my hand up & down
on his cock. I was stunned –his cock seemed so large –It was throbbing
& pulsating in my hand.His grip was firm & I could not remove my hand
& I was holding his erection & moving it up & down with
the movement of his hand.

He then slightly shifted his position a bit & turning
& leaning a bit towards me, & with his right hand, he gently placed
it on my stomach & was gently caressing it & when I moved my left
hand to push it away he held my hand firmly but gently & begin to squeeze
& caress my hand. I was so confused, but he was also very gentle &
at the same time, my left hand was gripping his hard & hot cock.
With his right hand he let go of my hand & gradually caressed my upper
stomach & swiftly slid his hand under my my dupatta & now his hand
was on my left breast & he began to gently caress it & squeeze
it. I was too scandalized & shocked to resist & he continued
to squeeze my breast firmly & then shifted to my other breast & was squeezing
it as firmly. His grip on my right hand was as firm & his hard
cock was pulsating in my hand. He then moved his hand off my breasts
& upwards onto my neck & then slid his hand inside my kammeez &
his hand was now inside & was trying to get inside my bra. His hand
was hot & rough on my soft skin & I was too overwhelmed by the run
of events to resist. He managed to slide a couple of fingers inside my
bra & caress my nipple. I had an involuntary shiver —this was
getting too much & I did not know what to do & just let things
continue. The stranger also would have guessed this & his movements
became bolder & firmer. He let go of my hand which was holding his cock &
with his free hand began to caress my other breast very firmly &
urgently. He then shifted his hands & his position too somewhat
& one hand was again on my thigh & squeezing hard & trying to make
me part them a bit.He managed to get a hand between my legs & pressed
a finger in between. He then slipped his hand under my loose kammeez
& onto my stomach & then up onto my breasts. He managed to now
get one breast out of the bra cup & was fondling it gently & urgently.
He was caressing the nipple, which by itself was already erect,
& then gently tugging on it with his fingers. He pulled my other
breast out as well & was now caressing & fondling them quite

My right hand which was on his cock had slipped off &
was now on his leg & he caught his hand again & placed it once again
on his cock & let it be there, while he resumed fondling both my breasts.
My hand was resting on his throbbing cock & inspite of my initial
fear & nervousness, I let my hand remain on his cock & gently
begin to touch & feel it —now willingly. The stranger was really
enjoying himself & looking around I saw that everybody else in the theatre
were watching the movie & nobody was aware of the erotic activity
between two strangers in the rear row. The stranger then tried to tug
my kameez upwards & managed to get reasonably up so that my breasts
were now outside & then before I realized what he was upto, he
bend forward & begin to lick on my breast & then to suck on them —he
managed to get the nipple entirely in his mouth & was suckling on them.
This was just amazing & I too begin to grip his cock harder &
also caress it all over & start to stroke it harder. The stranger now
successful in exposing my breasts to the cool air conditioning of the
hall was merrily & greedily sucking on my breasts—interchanging
between the nipples. He then dropped his hand on my stomach & onto
the top of my salwar & managed to swiftly undo the nadda ( string
) of my salwar & quickly loosened it & slid his hand inside & inside
my panty & straight onto my vagina & begin to gently caress it
& then finger it & slid a finger inside & was gently masturbating
me. I willingly spread my legs so that he could get better access & continued
to finger my cunt ( while still sucking on my breasts &
I too was stroking his wonderful cock). This continued for a few
minutes & his movements became faster & I knew I would very soon reach
my orgasm & yes, soon enough I felt my body shiver uncontrollably as
a strong electric shock like emotion went through my body &
millions of tingling sensations spread all over every nerve my body
as the deep orgasm took me over. It was mind boggling as it lasted a good
2-3 minutes & left me panting & totally satiated.
This stranger was really good.

He knew I got my orgasm & removed his hand from my cunt
& went back to squeezing my breasts with one hand & suckling the
other one with his tongue & mouth. He put his hand on my hand which was
stroking his cock & signaled me to move it faster & I increased
the momentum of my movements on his cock. I gripped his cock harder & begin
to pump my hand up & down, getting carried away by the situation
& soon I sensed his body tense up & almost at once before I could remove
my hand, his cock twitched uncontrollably in my hand & his semen
came spurting out, as I continued to pump his cock and the semen was dripping
all over my hand. I was getting carried away & did not mind
the semen was gushing out & dripped all over my hand. The stranger
gave a contented sigh & I removed my hand from his cock & not knowing
where to wipe all the drippy semen, then took my chunni / duppata &
wiped it off.

I quickly & quietly adjusted my clothes as did the stranger
next to me. It was on time because hardly 5 –10 minutes later the
lights came on & the announcement of interval. We had not spoken
a word & the stranger quickly got up & without even glancing at
me, picked up his briefcase & left. It was over & though my mind was
still confused, I was also relieved that it was over. I had really been so scared
& nervous about the whole thing. After all it all happened
in a public place & what if somebody had seen / caught us. I tried
to make myself as inconspicuous as possible by sliding low in my seat looked
around & saw that the hall was fairly empty & nobody even
bothered to look at the rear rows –most people were in the cheaper first
rows & very few had come in the more expensive rear stall seats.. I was
wondering should I also leave, but wondered about the rainfall outside.
I was indecisive & then decided to stay back & watch
the full movie. I thought about the events of the past 90 mts or so & was
stunned at what happened & how I allowed so much to happen –letting
him to fondle me & open my bra & fondle & suck on my
breasts & even allowing him to masturbate me & as if that was not enough even
I returned the favour by fondling his big cock & masturbating him
too. I somehow had overcome my natural shyness & fear had & let the
passion take over & eventually cooperated with the stranger. It was really
wild & I did have a lovely & shattering orgasm. No doubt about that
–my body had reacted to the situation.

The lights dimmed & the movie commenced again &
I settled down to enjoy the show with the confidence that I could relax &
watch the movie. However after about 5 mts the stranger returned
& sat next to me. I was surprised on his return, as I had thought he had
left. However I was not as nervous as before & was more cool.
The stranger had a packet of popcorn with him & which he offered me
& which I took some & we shared. No words were still spoken but it was
as if a bond had developed.

After 10 minutes or so, when I was taking some popcorn, he
held my hand & gripped it hard & after a couple of minutes
took it up to his mouth & kissed it affectionately. I was not so tensed
& scared about it like before. I did not protest. We both held hands for
awhile with him constantly gripping my hand & caressing it. He
began to fidget on his seat again & I heard him unzipping his fly &
I could feel my heart beating faster once again. With his other hand he
took his cock out once again & it was semi erect now. He then placed
my right hand on his cock once again & this time I willingly &
without much nervousness took it my hand. He did not have to force my hand
on his cock as had happened before the interval. His cock was only
semi erect & I begin to gently caress & grip it. It did
feel nice & wonderful in my smallish hand & I had no qualms about
stroking it now. I glanced down at what I was doing & in the dim lights
could make out my smallish & fairish hand stroking his dark

The Stranger, leaned towards me & then put his right
hand directly on my breasts & begin to fondle & massage them. The
movements were “sure”& less hurried now & I let him continue.
The passion was building up. He was once again firmly & expertly fondling
my breasts & it was feeling good. He then & moved his hand down
& from the front slipped his hand inside my kammeez & reached for my
breasts inside & began to squeeze them hard over the bra & then tried
to push my bra upwards so that the breast could be freed. He was struggling
a bit & I was wondering how to help him. He then withdrew his hand
totally outside & then with his left hand encircled my shoulders
& pulling me towards himself, he hugged me tight. It was a deep, warm
& passionate hug as with his right hand he was pushing me hard on his chest.
He made me move a bit sideways towards him so that he could hug
me better & he hugged me really tight –a real bear hug.
Our faces were almost touching & then he kissed me on my cheek &
before I realized it, his mouth was on mine & he was kissing me passionately.
It was really mindblowing & I felt his tongue force it’s
way into my mouth & pushing & toying with my tongue. He was pushing his
tongue deep in my mouth & darting it across my mouth & then he began
to suck onto my tongue. (This was really crazy –even my boyfriend had
never kissed me this way before ). I too returned his kiss & also tried
to push my tongue in his mouth & he let it enter his mouth &
sucked on my tongue. This deep franchising continued for sometime
& we were both enjoying it a lot. He was then passionately whispering
in my ear “I love you “, I love you darling”& strangely enough
in the heat of passion I too said “I love you, I love you”.

While we were still deep & wet kissing with intertwined
tongues, & then he had slid his right hand inside my kameez once again
& was fondling & squeezing my breasts really hard. He managed
to get one breast partially outside the bra & was kneading the
nipple & caressing it hard. It was feeling lovely & I then felt
his hand caressing my stomach, my side & then below the salwar,
he moved his hand onto my back & then it was on my bra strap & then
very deftly unhooked it & then was caressing my naked back. We were
still deep kissing & he moved his hand back onto my breasts &
pushed the loose bra upwards & released both my breasts & was now
kneading them in full earnest. My breasts were now free for what he wanted
to do with them & as I was leaning sideways towards him, he began
to tug & pull my kameez upwards. I too shifted slightly so that he could
pull my kammezz up from under the seat & it was now around my
waist & he very easily now pulled it upwards & I could feel the cool
air-conditioning on my naked breasts. I glanced down & in the dim light
of the movie hall I could see my breasts fully exposed & his large
hand squeezing them hard.

He then bend down & begin to lick my breasts — &
then to flick the nipple with his tongue & then to suckle on it ( as if a
suckling child). I was still gently gripping his cock –which had
miraculously regained it’s past splendor & was now fully standing—proud
& erect. It was throbbing in my hand & felt so hard & powerful.
The stranger was again being very fidgety on his seat & he was doing
something to his trousers & then he shifted a bit & I saw him tug
his pant downwards —he had opened his trousers & had pushed
then down (incl his underwear ) upto below his bums & now he spread his
legs much wider.I could see his bare legs & he now took my hand
& guided it over his naked torso & upper legs, onto his balls etc.
Out of my own curiosity I moved my hand over his balls & cupped them
in my hand & the stranger let out a contented sigh & spread his legs
wider –he was loving every moment of it. I was hardly even glancing at
the movie screen now—-in the dim light I was either watching him
suck my breasts & in fact also guided his mouth from one breast
to other or was looking down at how I was stroking this strong &
big cock. We were both in our own world. The stranger again hugged me
tight & put his arm around my shoulders & then my neck & pulled
me face towards his & began to kiss me again passionately—-pushing
his tongue deep in & I also put my arm around his neck & returned his
kissed with equal passion.

While in our deep French kissing & intertwined tongues,
I felt his hand on my stomach & then open the string of my salwar
once again & slip his hand inside my panty to gently caress my vagina
once again. There was no hurry in his movements & he parted the lips
& gently slid a finger in my moist cunt. A small sigh escaped my lips
—it did feel good & he was now slowly sliding a finger in &
out. I did not want him to stop, but he suddenly withdrew his hand &
bought it back to my waist & was trying to pull the salwar & my panty
down / off my torso. I guessed, that it was uncomfortable for him to caress
me with my tight panty & he was trying to ease it off so that he
had better access. I shifted a bit & let him slid my salwar &
panty off my waist & upto my mid thigh. The stranger then now was caressing
my thighs & made me spread my legs wider & was inching his fingers
upwards again to cunt. I was waiting for his touch & he again eased
his finger inside my cunt & began to finger me. With his thumb he
was trying to rub my clitoris as well & it just felt wonderful. I could
feel an orgasm building up & my body shuddered with a swift
one. It had build up & needed a quick release.

The stranger continued to stroke my cunt, but I gently pushed
his hand from my cunt, back to my breasts & he responded
& began to squeeze my breasts with much more pressure & kissed
me again. He then bent down again & to suck my nipples & nibble on
them too. My breasts were all wet with his saliva & he was sucking on them
very passionately. He raised his head & we kissed again
& I could feel the passion gathering momentum again. We were sitting sideways
a bit & he hugged me & pushed my head towards his chest & I
could feel his heart thumping hard. I was gripping his cock hard & began
to slowly stroke it up & down & gathering momentum.

However the stranger had other ideas & with his hand
on my head he slowly began to push me downwards. With a shock I realized
he was wanting me to suck his cock. I resisted because I had never
sucked a cock before & though my boyfriend had often pleaded
with me to suck him, I had always refused. I could never imagine taking
a cock in my mouth ( though I had seen / read some porno mags etc on it ).
I resisted but the stranger put pressure on my head &
soon I found my face just centimeters away from his cock. It looked so big
now & the stranger gave me one more push downwards & my face made
contact with his cock. I was still holding his cock in my left hand &
the stranger held his cock & rubbed his cock across my cheeks, nose
etc ( though I kept my mouth tightly closed ). His cock was really hot &
throbbing & felt large & threatening against my face.He then pushed
his cock hard against my mouth & against my lips & involuntarily
my mouth opened & he pushed my head down on it. It was amazing –for the first
time I had a cock in my mouth & I did not know what to do. He pushed
my head further down on his cock & I took his cock fully in my
mouth. It was really big, but somehow, I managed to take the full cock
in my mouth. It did feel odd & his cock had a slight salty taste to
it. He continued to push his cock as deep as he could in my mouth
by pressing my head down on it & then kinda began to move
my moth in a rhythm of up & down.

I got the hang of it & began to bob my mouth up & down
on his cock. It was not so bad & I then began to move my tongue across
his cock & up & down. I felt his hand ease of my head, but I continued
to suck on his cock & then slowly took it out of my mouth &
then licked the side of his cock. It was no big deal really & in fact was
very erotic. He was in the meanwhile with his other hand caressing
my thighs & actually was inching my salwar lower off my
legs & in fact managed to push it off my knees & it slowly dropped to
my feet. I continued to sucking his cock—my first sucking &
now without of his “pushing”I was willingly sucking & licking
his cock & it was soon covered with my saliva & which was getting mixed with
his salty pre- cum. He then tugged me a little more forward & kinda
onto his body so that my breasts would also rub on his cock.

He then pushed me back to my seat & he then crouched onto
the floor & spread my legs after sliding my salwar & panty off one
foot & began to lick up onto my inner thighs & I was stunned to think
that he may actually lick my cunt—& he was kissing & licking
my inner thighs & was soon at my cunt & his tongue parted my lips &
he darted his tongue inside … really felt lovely & I spread
my legs more so that he could lick better. He continued to lick & lap
at my tongue — he was really good & after a few minutes I could feel
the orgasm build up again & this time I really had soul stirring
& deep & extended orgasm. It was just lovely & I felt so fulfilled
after this.

The stranger got up & sat at his seat again & held
my hand & squeezed it hard & I too squeezed back.He held my hand for a few
minutes & then leaned over & kissed me again —a deep kiss &
said “I love you “. For a few minutes we sat like that & then he placed my
hand again on his cock —which had again become kinda flaccid &
I began to caress & stroke it again & it soon it started becoming hard &
erect. I enjoyed the feeling of it growing and swelling in my hand — it gave
as sense of satisfaction & power & I could feel the passion
building up in him again. I began to pump his cock up & down & it was
soon hard & erect again. He turned and kissed me deep in mouth again &
whispered “I love you darling, I love you & I too said “I love you
“& pushed my tongue deeper in his mouth. He tugged me forward, hinting
that he wanted me to suck his cock again. I then bent down to &
kissed the tip oh his cock & felt the salty taste of his pre-cum
& then rubbed his cock across my face—on my nose, my lips, my cheeks,
my ears & I could hear him softly sighing in contentment. I then stuck
my tongue out & began to the lick the length of hic cock from the
top to bottom. I guessed it would have been at least 6 –8 inches
long & it was rigid like a rock now. His cock was glistening with my
saliva now & then I opened my mouth wide & slowly took his throbbing
cock in – bit by bit & & soon it was fully in my mouth &
I began to suck on it — up & down & he guided my hand onto his testicles
& I gently caressed & squeezed them. I took my time on sucking & licking
his cock & slowly build up the tempo—I knew he was loving it &
I was enjoying it too. I was also stroking his cock with my hand while sucking
his cock & then suddenly without any warning, his body stiffened
& before I could I could react, he ejaculated his semen in warm spurts
which filled my mouth with it’s salty taste. I tried to pull
back, but I felt his hand on my head firmly it down on his cock. His warm
semen filled my mouth & I was forced to swallow some of it,
while some of it dribbled out of mouth & I managed to sit up. The stranger
was looking so very content & I took my chunni & wiped
the dripping semen off my face.

The movie was still going on & I adjusted my clothes
& I could see the stranger too doing the same. This had turned out to be
so mind boggling. The movie got over & we both got up & left
the seats. He turned & slipped a paper in my hand & walked away
from me. I stepped out of the theatre & bright sunshine fell on me. I was “enlightened “. It was as if I was darkness all along
& now with a stranger in the back row of a movie theater, he led me to “light “.It seemed so symbolic—I had entered
the theatre a shy, introvertish girl & who had hang ups about sex —-
& I was now walking out, more “sure “& confident & “enlightened
“about the pleasures of sex.

I caught an auto & went home & kept thinking about
what had happened. I was a shy & introverted studious girl who had taken
refuge in a movie theater. A stranger had seen her & followed her
in the theater & attempted to take advantage of her –& succeeded.

I thought about this the next few days too & felt that
what happened was an experience worth remembering. In fact it was an experience
in two parts. In the pre-interval phase I was too scared &
nervous & did not even have the courage to resist or even get up & go
away to another seat. I was too scared to draw attention to myself
or create a scene & as such put up with his advances. He took advantage
& I allowed him do –though I had choices of avoiding it. Though
I was scared & did not want it to happen, by allowing it to
continue, I had given my tacit approval. I had initially “tolerated
“his advances till he pulled my hand on his cock & began to fondle my
breasts. My reaction after that was more of “reluctant curiosity
“till it started getting better till he began to fondle my breasts &
then it was again “reluctant pleasure “. That he was “gentle
“& not crude or rough helped me ease up & “put up “with his uninvited
advances. It was more of passivity & fear that I allowed him to pull
up my kameez & fondle my breasts & pull up my bra to suck on my
breasts —but which later turned into “reluctant pleasure “. Of course,
getting a orgasm was an ultimate experience –by a stranger & that
too in a public theater. Though it was extremely enjoyable, I was still
in a state of confusion & in that mental state I had masturbated
him as well — in the back of my mind at that stage was both curiosity to see
him ejaculate at the same time to get it over & done with.

At the interval stage, I was willing to accept this as one
of the unfortunate exploitative situations of life & putting
myself more to blame & would have left the theater at that stage.

However the stranger had picked up his briefcase &
left & I had watched him leave with a sense of relief. That was the time
I too could have left, but thinking that the “risk “was over
& that it would have still been raining outside, I had taken the decision
to stay back & gather my thoughts & enjoy the movie.

But –the stranger returned. I was a bit taken aback, but
nevertheless relatively unperturbed. If he tired something more –”well,
no big deal “anymore & if he did not, the movie was there.
Either way I was prepared.That he bought popcorn for me was sweet of him
& it broke the “negativity “that I was feeling till then. After
that the situation developed once again—. I was more confident
& assured now & the earlier hesitancy dissappeared. & what we did
this time was truly amazing. I mean this time around, I did not feel that I was
being taken advantage, but rather it was far more participative
& mutual. It was as if I had discovered the pleasure possible &
had no hang ups anymore. It somehow did not seem to matter that I did not
know the stranger, or that he was married & much older than I
was. The pleasure & the passion was paramount for both of us.
I enjoyed every moment of it. That I had a boyfriend too, did seem to matter
at all. When the stranger passionately whispered in my ear “I
love you “, I had no hesitation is saying the same to him & I too said
“I love you “not once but two three times. That it was a risky act
in a public place also did not seem to bother me & the passion
that was latent in me took over. It was as if the “scales “fell
from my eyes & the conservatism & introvertism or shyness of my past
upbringing were all now things of the past. I always had a lot of fear or hassles
about sex, but now I was enjoying every moment of sex with
a total stranger. I had allowed him to caress & fondle my breasts
& even to open my kameez & open my bra & to lick & suck
on my nipples. He had opened my salwar & masturbated me – not once but three
times, which was very very pleasurable. He had even partially removed
my salwar & licked my cunt as well, which was really heavenly. For that
matter, I had willingly caressed & stroked his cock & masturbated
him & for the first time I had performed oral sex & had willingly
sucked his cock not once but twice & to top it all, I had even tasted &
swallowed his semen. It was surely mindboggling to say the least. I felt
so complete, liberated & confident now.

I could have taken this in a “negative “manner &
curse my luck for years. On the other hand I have been “positive “about
it & by accepting it ( rather than fighting it), I had opened a whole
new vista in my life, to the extent I was able to repeat such encounters

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Well you should thank your Aunty for letting you tell Her
story !


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what a fun read, great story.


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good story can i have your aunty number


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very good. write more.


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This story was written in Human Digest as well. Did u copied
it from there?