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The phone rang. Susan picked up the phone. Pili was her friend.

-Susana. Scoop. This afternoon Peter and his friends will
be in the mall. Now you're getting prettier and we will
shake your ass in front of them.

Peter was a boy who loved Susan. And his friend knew Pili.

I can not. I have to be taking care of my grandfather.

"Jesus aunt. We will not have a chance like this.

"What I can not, really.

"Shit. Well, I'll turn then to keep you company.

The grandfather, Susana was a widower for years. A few months
had had a stroke and had most of the body paralyzed. He could
not speak. Susana's parents had taken over, bringing
to live with them.

Doctors had told the father of Susanna who did not have much
hope. That his father had been very serious. But you never
know with these things. That the human brain sometimes
surprising. That certainly would never be the same as before.
But maybe, with luck, regain mobility and to part of speech.
But we knew when. That thing would be very slow.

But time passed and his grandfather did not improve.

Understand things, because he communicated with his eyes,
eyes. That made it even harder. He realized his sorry state.

He was always a good grandfather. Susan felt so sorry for

In the evening, Susan was alone with her grandfather. Pilar

"Damn, man. Well shit. Losing your center to care
for the lettuce.

"Go to hell, Pili. That is my grandfather, pussy.
Moreover, while the poor can not speak if you can hear.

- Really?

"Yes. Wave your eyes.

They talked of children in the classroom. Susana occasionally
got up and went to the room where his grandfather to see if
everything was okay. One of the times, accompanied Pili.

He stared at Susan's grandfather. Still, without
saying a word. The only thing that moved was his eyes. And
his chest, the rhythm of your breathing.

Susana and Pili were friends a long time. Susan knew her
well. But sometimes did crazy things. She did things that
surprised, apropos of nothing. Like the time he made a few
bald guys from the car. Then they both laughed, but went
Susana fear. He feared that the boys get mixed up with them.

And there, staring at her friend's grandfather, can
not think of anything else to ask:

"Hey, Susan ... You'll be hard the old man?

Susana was used to her outbursts. Still, his eyes looked
like saucers.

- But you say, crazy? I told you can hear.

Pile approached the man, who followed her eyes.

- What, grandpa? Can you put your dick hard yet?

-Pilar, dammit. Leave him alone, dammit. Do not be a donkey.

"Hahaha. Can not you see that says nothing?

Pilar approached. Susan's grandfather lay on a special
bed to prevent sores due to lack of movement. He wore a long

What he did then Pili caught by surprise as Susan could not
react in seconds. He dropped his pants to his grandfather
and began to stroke his flaccid member. His eyes seemed
to want out of their sockets.

"Come on, grandpa. You would not expect that a young
cock to touch you today, eh? hahaha.

When Suzanne was finally able to react, take a fury came
to her friend. We just made too.

Pili noticed that the man's penis was beginning to
come alive, to harden.

"Hahahaha. Susa ... the po ..

She could not continue. Susana forcefully grabbed her
hair and pulling her out of the room.

"Pili, you're a bitch, you've gone too far.

"Shit, man, it was a joke. In addition, the old man
liked. He was rising.

"Shut the devil mad.

He took her to the door and pushed her out of the house.

"Jesus, Susana. That was a joke aunt.

"Go to hell.


He closed the door in his face. He heard grumbling behind
the door, but it happened. His heart beat hard. I wanted
to kill that stupid. He left the room to calm down.

He sat for a minute. And then went to see how his grandfather.
When he entered the room, he was speechless.

His grandfather had a tremendous erection. His cock rested
on her belly on the top of his pajamas. The bottom was down,
as he had left the Queen of Pili.

Susana did not know what to do. I could not leave it. To see
how he explained to his parents. He walked, looking at that
thing hard, and the eyes of his grandfather, who followed.
He stood next to him.

"Damn ... .. I'm sorry Grandpa. Pilar that crazy

She looked into his eyes. They were fixed on her. Looked
at the cock. Afraid to put his hands pajama pants and went,
trying to cover it, but to be pointing upwards, out of his

"Shit, Fuck. Fuck.

He turned down his pants. Would move his cock, and upload
bajársela pants. With some hesitation and a little disgust,
picked up two fingers like a dead rat and lifted it to bend

But only with the two fingers was not enough and he escaped.


He looked at her grandfather. Still looking. I tried again,
but this time took the whole hand. He was surprised how hot
and hard that was. The pants lowered and raised.

At last he had been inside. But the trousers were light and
looked like a tent. Everyone would notice.

I could tell that she knew nothing. That cock could have
put so alone. But that never happened. It happened to be
alone with her. Think strange things.

"Grandfather ... do you get off ... your ... thing
... can not see well.

But the thing is not lowered. Bulking followed into pants.
And her parents would soon return. I had to find a solution,
and fast.

Susana sexual experience with the opposite sex was limited.
Kisses and the occasional groping over clothing. One of
their boyfriends, after getting too heavy, made a straw.
After finishing, she remembered that boy's cock had
been loosened.

"You have to crack my grandfather, " he said.

"Shit ... fuck Pilar. I'm going to kill.

He lowered his pants. The cock jumped and was once again
on the belly. He looked at her grandfather's eyes.

"Look .. this not a word to anyone, eh?

When he realized that he could not speak, he regretted saying

"Sorry Grandpa. Forgive me. But I am very nervous.

He grabbed his cock, squeezing. Hot, hard, soft. As it did
with that boy, he began to move his hand up and down. The cock
got even harder.

Increased the pace of his hand. From time to time watching
him. He looked at her, but squinting.

"Damn, I'm doing a straw to my grandfather. It
seems like it."

She smiled. Since he got here, unless the man enjoy. Took
great pains with his hand. Up, down, squeezed. Her thumb
rubbed the cocoon, which began to emit a clear fluid.

I was watching his grandfather's face, smiling, when
he felt like his cock stiffen and something hot and humid
down in his hand. Miró. From his grandfather's cock
was getting semen in spurts. He stared, as if hypnotized.
Only the throbbing cock. The other body was lifeless.

"Wow, grandpa .. go run. We see that you have not downloaded.

He ran his hand full of semen into the bathroom and returned
with wet wipes to clean everything. The cock had already
begun loosening

"Luckily, Grandpa. Thank goodness.

You loose at all, the pants lowered and raised.

"Well, grandfather, like new.

Still smiling at him. He also watched. Susana had not seen
that look on her grandfather. His eyes seemed ... happy.
It was a grateful look.

She was right. It was said that what his grandfather had
done was not so bad after all. He seemed happy, in what may

He leaned over and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

- Is it our secret, OK?

At that time her parents arrived. He ran to throw the towel
and went into the room.

- How was your grandfather, Susan?

"Ah ... well ... as always.

"Thanks for taking care of him.

"Nothing, Daddy.

Her father hugged and kissed him. Loved her, and she him.

The next day, called Pili, but Susan would have none of it.
The punish a few days, fucker.

He continued with his life, and forgot the matter. Days
later, his parents had to back out and asked him to watch
his grandfather again.

"No problem, sweetie.

"You're a sun.

He began to watch TV. Occasionally, he threw an eye to his
grandfather. Everything seemed normal. Once when he went
in to give water.

- Are you thirsty grandfather?

His eyes said no. Then he looked at her, and looked down.
He looked at her, and then down. Susana looked. There was
a large bulge in his pajamas

- Grandpa!

His grandfather was spliced again. He stared at her. There
was pleading in that look

"Ummmm, grandfather ... You want me to do another

He blinked once. That was a yes.

She loved his grandfather. His life was painful at the time.
And if it gave him pleasure, what the hell! He pulled down
his pants. The hard cock appeared.

Now Susan was fixed better in this cock. Not bad. Not that
she had more experience than that guy, but his grandfather
looked a little bigger. He picked it up and began to masturbate.
He liked the feeling of having the hard cock in her hand.

John closed his eyes. savoring that special pleasure was
giving his granddaughter. He felt his body. I felt the warm
hand up and down over his hard cock. But I could not move it.
He had months fighting with all his will, but his body did
not respond.

And now, this beautiful angel gave him a few moments of pleasure.
A time when he forgot all, and only felt. Ever wanted much
to his granddaughter and never thought that what she was
doing would come to pass. As never thought he would be bedridden.

- Do you make faster, grandfather?

He closed his eyes once. Her granddaughter's hand
moved faster.

I wanted to moan, to express the pleasure I felt, but his
body did not respond. Only felt.

The orgasm of pleasure filled her body, and the hands of
his granddaughter, is semen, then she gently wiped.

He smiled, though he knew that his face did not reflect this.
But their eyes if they did. And Susana understood.

- Did you like, Grandpa?

A flicker.

- Do you feel cool?

A flicker.

"I'm very happy to do this for you.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek and left him to rest. His was
the living room to watch TV.

He thought he had done. "What harm was there in a little
pleasure to give her beloved grandfather? He saw nothing
wrong. He did it with gusto. And if he asked him again, do
it again.

When I went to see him and his parents were home, he noticed
that he looked at her knowingly. She smiled.

A couple of days later, his mother said he played, again,
take care of his grandfather.

"Okay mom.

"Your father is very grateful for being so good with
his grandfather. Girls today are more rare with these things

"That's nothing, really. I do it with pleasure.
I love my grandfather.

"And it to you. Pity the poor are in that state.

"I'll like better.

"I hope, dear, I hope.

When left alone, he waited a reasonable time and was the
fourth of his grandfather. He entered smiling.

"Hi, Grandpa. We are alone.

He approached the man, who was watching her. It is guessed
tenderness in those eyes. Susan looked at his crotch. He
was not erect, but still took his hand and began to pet him.
He felt like his cock hardened by his touch. He reached under
and grabbed her pajamas.

"The hot you - he said - I like growing in my hand.

This time I made a straw slowly, gently, without haste.
For him to enjoy. He smiled as he took pleasure. I asked him
if he liked, that if he went faster or slower. He responded
with blinks.

Juan kept looking at her beautiful granddaughter, feeling
his hand to give that special pleasure. I wanted to see as
she caressed him, but his neck did not respond. The pleasure
came softly, increasing in intensity. Her granddaughter
realized he was going to run and increased the speed of your
hand. If I was healthy, now would be tensing your body, becoming
rigid before exploding with pleasure, before filling
of hot semen that angel's hand.

Something happened. At the climax of orgasm, he noticed
that his toes are stiffened. For the first time since that
fateful day, part of his body responded.

Susana looked like his grandfather ran over his hand. As
his hard cock throbbing. The hot semen down his hand on his
cock, to the pubis.

"So Grandpa ... Take full - he said, encouraging him.

He realized that this was beginning to like it. That began
to feel some excitement. It was not just by his grandfather.
She also liked. At the end of the day was a young girl who had
a hard cock in his hand.

Miró, still smiling, to his beloved grandfather. Became
serious. His grandfather's eyes filled with tears,
he closed them and both fell down her cheeks.

"Grandpa." Are you okay?

A slow blink. Okay. It was fine. I wanted to say that she was
crying with joy. What had moved her fingers. Thanks to it
his body had responded. But he could not talk. Just looked
at her and blinked a 'yes'

Susana dried her tears and then wiped. Instead of leaving
the room, stood a little more with him. If you had looked
at his feet, had seen how, under the sheet, something moved.
John was moving his fingers voluntarily. I wanted to scream.
But no sound came from her throat.

After a while, when his grandfather fell asleep, Susan
returned to the classroom. There was nothing interesting
on TV. He began to remember the feeling that hard cock of
his grandfather gave him, the way your milk flowed and fell
on his hand. It began to stir. He brought his right hand under
her skirt and stroked on the panties. He closed his eyes
and masturbated until a pleasurable orgasm.

When her parents arrived, greeted her and then went to see
as was his grandfather. Susan heard her mother crying.
He got scared and ran to see what happened. He found his mother
hugging her father. His father also had tears in his eyes.

- What? What?

"Your grandfather ... look .. - Said his father, pointing
the feet of his grandfather.

The fingers moved. It tightens and relaxes. Susan's
eyes filled with tears too. He looked at her grandfather.
I also cried. Like when she ...

"Oh my God ... Could it be ..? It can not be ...".

That day, the four were happy for the first time in many months.

Before going to bed, Susan went to say goodnight to his grandfather.
He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good night, Grandpa. I love you.

Lying in his bed, began to think. Perhaps it was just a fluke.
A coincidence. But there might not. That their 'special
care' had awakened something in the brain of his grandfather.
That something had reconnected in his head. He wondered
that if he would arrange things and more. It said that although
they did not, at least his grandfather would give pleasure

He fell asleep with a smile.

He had to wait two days to return to being alone with her grandfather.
He went to his room.

"Hi, Grandpa. Can you still move your fingers?

He looked and saw with joy that moved.

"Well ... I do not know if it will be for a cuddle or you
do not, but here goes ... if you want.

A flicker.

I pulled down his pants a little and began to pet him. The
cock was taking shape, filling his hand. And she began to
get wet. Her nipples were getting hard.

"Grandfather ... I like to touch your cock. It is very
hot and Durito. Do you like that makes you straws, right?

A flicker.

Susan thought that if the foot was the result of what she
was doing more excited if the effect would be greater if
they had. In addition, she was getting really nasty, and
his words excited.

"And I make those. Come. Grandpa ... Cum for me.

He grabbed his testicles with one hand and the other the
page, looking into his eyes. Through the eyes divined the
moment of orgasm. Moments later he felt the spasms of his
cock and looked as ejaculation was stronger than usual.

"Ummm .... well ... so let me have it all ... all for
me grandpa.

The words of his granddaughter had been a high degree of
excitement. The pleasure she felt was very intense, wonderful.
She wanted to scream, but could not. Only a hoarse cry came
from his throat. The first sound emitted in months.

"Well ... good run, grandfather. Looks like I've
left my hands.

He showed his hands full of his semen. That precious little
girl was wonderful. I wanted to embrace, eat it with kisses.

Susana gently wiped it off, saying he would continue with
the 'treatment'. He was a little longer with him
until he fell asleep. Then he went to the salon. It was still
hot. I still felt moisture between her legs. He turned to
masturbate, recalling his grandfather's cock squirts,
recalling the warm semen on his hands. Recalling how he

Then relajadita, recalled that he had moaned. He was surprised
that she had not realized at that time. Found it natural,
cum moaning of pleasure. She had just done. But his grandfather
was not.

"Fuck. Damn ... It works ... What do you grandfather

But I could not tell anyone. No one would understand. And
it could all be coincidence. Could it be that his grandfather
was recovering alone.

The next morning, were in the house she, her mother and,
of course, his grandfather.

"Susan, I go into super. I do not think it takes a lot.

"Okay mom.

In when her mother was, ran to see his grandfather.

"Hi, Grandpa. I come to you with your treatment - said
giving him a kiss on the cheek and stroking his cock. It was
hard while her pussy got wet. - Do you know? I wet the pussy
to touch your cock.

-Mmmmm - it was a soft moan.

"Yes Grandpa ... I get me too horny.


The nipples were like rocks, hard. Was marked after the
thin fabric shirt. He saw his grandfather watching.

- See? I've put the hard nipples.

He looked into her eyes.


- Do you want me tits?

A flicker.

-No. With eyes. Tell me.

Mmmmm Mmmmm-mmmmmm

John shouted to himself that he would see those two beautiful
breasts. But only guttural sounds came out.

"Do not worry, Grandpa. Let's go slowly. Quiet.

He took off his shirt. Do not wear a bra because she did not
need. Her two beautiful breasts were exposed. John looked
at them. They were precious. Turgid. They seemed Durito.
I wanted to touch, kiss, lick. He could only look at them.

- Do you like my tits? Look at my nipples, which are duros.


The throbbing cock in his hand. Increased the rate of straw.

"Ummm ... that lasts grandpa have today ... I have
the pussy dripping. Guess what? After you run I will also
do a straw, thinking of your cock.


I wanted to excite, which enjoyed. That orgasm was overwhelming.
Your body reacts. As it was reacting.

Juan watched as her granddaughter's tits were moving
to the rhythm of his hand. They were so beautiful, so beautiful.
Suzanne realized that looking.

"I see that you like. Could I want to play? I love to
feel your hands acariciármelas. Pinch my nipples for
you to see that duros have been for you.

Those words not only his grandfather lit. The lit closer.
The said to him, to react, but she did put more horny. To move
his hand more decision over his cock. Let your thighs rub
each other, feeling a warm pleasure.

John tried to move his hands. Nothing. They were still dead.
Susan could see his eyes in frustration.

"Do not worry, Grandpa. There is nothing amiss. You
enjoy .... let your body responds slowly.

She noticed that his cock began to spasm. His grandfather
was going to run. That cock would burst again.

- Want to cum on my tits?


He put the tits on cock, guiding them towards them, touching
her with them. In the position that John was, unable to move
his head, he could not see it. His vision could not see him,
but felt it. He felt the warm touch of soft skin of the teats
of Susanna, and exploded as never before. Susana directed
the hot jets of semen against her breasts. The feeling loved.
And the body of his grandfather moved. The back muscles
contracted and it broke a few seconds of the mattress.

"So Grandpa, so ... Cum on my tits, grandpa. Lechita
Llénamelas your hot.

"Mmmmmm agggggg

After the strong orgasm, John was breathing hard. The pleasure
had been wonderful, but above all, what is most remember
it as his back was arched.

Susan sat up.

"Look how I've left the breasts, imp.

Now he could look at them. Were covered with semen. Several
jets crossed them. One of her nipples was completely blocked.
She looked like she had her hands to her breasts and stroking,
spreading his seed like moisturizer.

"Not today, I have to clean much. All milk has thrown
me in the tits - she said, smiling.

She went to wash and then returned. At that time, heard his
mother back from the supermarket. He went to his grandfather's

"I'm going to my room to make me remember my boobs
a straw filled with your milk.

He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and went straight to
his room. He lay in bed and masturbated furiously. It ran
several times. I feel and the sight of her tits being bathed
in the semen of her grandfather made her shiver again and
again. And he was convinced that they were not coincidences.
The body of his grandfather answered more and more.

His mother knocked on his door.

-Susana, Susana.

"Tell me, Mommy.

"Your grandfather ... and ... and ... it sounds and
seems to move more. It's wonderful

"Yes. What is mom. What is

His father called the doctor who took his grandfather and
that evening I discussed at length. Then they took part.
Susana was present.

"Well, Don Ignacio. I do not want to have false hopes.
But I have noticed a positive change in the state of his father.
Can not talk, but it emits a sound volunteer. And some of
your muscles begin to respond. It is too early to know how
far, but .. I'll be honest. I had no hope of ever improved.
With great joy I tell you that I was wrong.

All three were weeping when they heard the words of the doctor.

"They are repeat. Has improved. But they may not follow
more. Please do not expect miracles.

"Yes it will get better. I'll do that better"
- Susana thought.

"Thank you doctor. Thank you very much. Do not know
what those little things mean to us.

Susana was beside himself with joy. He wished his parents
were to continue with their 'cures'.

His chance came the following afternoon. When left alone,
immediately went to his grandfather. Their eyes met.

"Hi, Grandpa.

He gave her a peck on the lips, while his hand got under the
pajamas and stroked his cock. He loved to feel hardened
in his hand. She took off her blouse and her breasts were
bare in the sight of his grandfather. In his cock felt they

"Touch it, Grandpa. Touch my tits. You will see that
duros are.


John tried by all means move your hands, worse still unanswered.
Susana returned to see the frustration in his eyes.

"Relax .... nothing happens ... .. slowly slowly.

Susan came to him and stroked his face with her tits. Rubbed
against his face.

"Feel it, grandfather .. sure someday you will cherish
with your hands.

That rubbing her nipples hardened. When separated, had
the impression that the head of his grandfather stood a
little, like not wanting to be separated from him.

"Grandfather said .. your head full of joy you've

John opened his eyes. It was true. His neck had responded.
He tried again. It cost him, but moved a few inches. A few
inches for him was as if crowned the Everest. That wonderful
woman, her granddaughter, I was reliving every moment.

"More ... upload it again, Grandpa. I know you can.
Try it.

I tried again. But it was getting that inch. Then Susan came
up with an idea.

"Grandfather ... Guess what? ... I've never
sucked a cock. You want me to do my first blowjob?

"Mmmmm ... Mmmmm

blink of an eye. Yes, yes, yes, siiiiiiiiiiiiii

"Good if you want to suck your cock, you have to look
at me. I'll go through the face, and if your eyes are
stuck in mine, I'll put me in the mouth.


Juan's heart was pounding. His granddaughter started
down and stopped watching. He felt his cock reached. He
felt his cock was stroked by something warm and soft. It
was the pretty face of Susana. He spent his cock from his
face, and he could not see it.

"Look, Grandpa. I'm having your cock down her
face. I want you suck. I want to make a good blowjob. But you
have to look at me. Look at me

Susan took one of her hands to her pussy. I was very horny.
He liked to spend his hard cock down her face. And the idea
to put it in his mouth was crazy, to the point that if even
if he failed, he would. It began to rub the clitoris, and

".. I'm Agggg grandfather playing the pussy.
I'm so horny ... I want you suck cock. I wish you cum in
my mouth and swallow all your lechita .. .. Please look at
me ... Look at me.

John began to move his neck ... He went up the inch. With an
immense effort continued .. Another centimeter. And then
another. The effort was immense. His forehead was beaded
with sweat. Susana saw his grandfather's head rose
slowly. He saw in his eyes the tremendous effort he was doing.

"A little more, Grandpa. I pretty much can see. Watch
me stroke your cock ... Come grandfather ... just a little
more ....

Looking down, John began to see Susan's hair. One more
effort .... her forehead ... a little more. Just a little
more. She gave a piercing scream that was heard and his head
went up more. His eyes were fixed on her granddaughter,
who with his head between his legs, he smiled. He grabbed
his dick with one hand and passed over his face.

He could only hold a few seconds, and his head fell on the
pillow. The titanic effort had been, but he did it. He was
exhausted, but he did it.

"Ummm ... grandfather knew you were going to get.
I knew it.

Something warm and wet across his cock. Susana was the language.
I was going to fulfill his promise. I was going to suck his

"Mmmmmm .. S.. Na ...

"Yes Grandpa, I'm Susan ... and I'm going
to suck. You've earned it.

It's sucked for a while out before put it in your mouth
and start sucking. He acted instinctively. He could not
tell you how to do it so I got carried away. I masturbated
with his hand as he sucked in his mouth. He spent his tongue
around the thick cocoon before returning to shove in your
mouth. And no rubbing pussy left of picking up two fingers
in the vagina, stroking her clitoris.

John enjoyed with eyes closed in the intimate caress her
granddaughter was doing. But I needed to see her again.
I wanted to see with his cock in the mouth. He returned to
start uploading your neck. It was hard, but it was easier
than the first time.

She was so cute. And the image to see it with your hard cock
in the mouth as erotic. He held what he could until his head
fell back on the pillow. The pleasure I felt was so wonderful.
The love she felt for her granddaughter was so special.
It was not just the love of a grandfather to his granddaughter.
It was not just the love of a man to the woman who gave her pleasure.
It was more. Much more. It was the love of a man who was returning
to life little by little thanks to this woman.

"MMMM S. .. na ... Its .. .. naa sa ...

She clearly heard as saying his name. And it clearly felt
like the cock stiffen authorities to operate in your mouth.
Thick powerful jets crashed into his mouth and then fell
on her tongue. Her mouth was filled and began to swallow,
as promised. Susana also broke out while the salty and somewhat
bitter semen from his grandfather down his throat into
his stomach. He was one of the best orgasms of his life. Not
because of his intensity, but because it was shared with
his grandfather.

He continued licking his cock was beginning to sag, leaving
no trace of semen. Then he looked at his grandfather. He
was crying again.

- You all right, Grandpa?

-S .. s.sí. ... gra ... .. as .... ci

Susana is also shed tears. She hugged him tightly.

"Nothing grandfather. Anything ... It's wonderful
... I can almost talk ....

"It's ... for .... you.

For a while I embrace. Then she got dressed and left everything

Susana's mind ran new ways of acting. He noted that
the body of his grandfather responded with small steps.
First it was her toes, then her back. Now his throat and neck.
I could not ask for great things. They would go side to side.
He planned the next cure. Next time try to move the fingers
of his hands.

He did not wait long. The next day his parents left the care
of his grandfather again. They realized that she did not
care. That seemed happy to help. Moreover, since the careful
her grandfather better every day.

"Susan is a wonderful girl - often told his mother
to her husband.

"The best. We are very lucky. Nobody cares for her
grandfather as her. And it does so with gusto.

Susana entered. With joy found that his grandfather moved
his head slightly toward her. And I'd swear on his lips
a smile.

"Hi, Grandpa. What a joy to see you .. "You're
looking at?

"Yes ...

He went to his bedside and stroked his forehead. Definitely,
those lips were smiling. Kissed. He felt that he returned
the kiss gently.

"I liked to suck cock, Grandpa. Ummmm ... you know
lechita rare ... but I liked it. I want more. Will you give
me more?

"Yes ... you ... you ....

"Shhhhh quiet ... I do not mind now. Care about you.

When his hand reached the cock was already hard.

"Well ... I have a hard cock ... Do you expect me, rascal?


His smile became more evident.

"Suck cock made me so hot that I touched the pussy while
I sucked. I ran with you. We ran the two. It was very special
for me.

"Oh ... .. ... Susana Susana

"I like to feel your cock so hard in my hand. .. Makes
me horny grandpa. Want to see how horny I am?

"Yes ... yes ... .. ut qui.

She wore a short skirt. She wore no panties, because I knew
beforehand what they would do.

What about you?

I love you

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