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military wife 2


Charlene was sitting at the bureau gently anointing herself
with potions meant to enhance her appearance. Tilting
her head just slightly, as if teasing the mirror in which
she gazed, lazily attending her bedtime preparations
she allowed a slight smile cross her lips as she caught me
watching her from the shadows.
"Just like old times." She quipped.
Just like old times... It hadn't been that long ago,
had it? I began to rethink the events that had brought Charlene
and me to this point in our lives.
My name is Bob. Charlene and I were married in the summer
of 1979. As long as I can remember Charlene had been a flirt.
Not that she made an effort of it; she just had a way of behaving
that attracted men to her. I had occasion to question her
several times about the way other guys were always coming
on to her. She played innocent every time. She really didn't
know that she had this effect on men.
I joined the Army the following year and was stationed to
Ft Campbell, Kentucky. We had our first kid there. Just
as the Army has a habit of doing, they put me on orders. I was
assigned to Korea and spent a year there; not being able
to take a mid-tour leave made it was a very long, lonely tour
of duty. When I left, Charlene was staying with my brother,
Sam, and his wife, Melissa.
I returned home in November of 1981. As I got off the plane
I fully expected to see many of my family members, brothers,
sisters, mom or dad. None were there. No sweat, I remember
thinking, as I saw Charlene standing at the gate. She looked
as though she had put on some weight. Funny, I thought, she
had sent pictures of her and she looked slim?
I hugged her for what seemed like hours before I turned and
picked up my bags, and we departed to the parking area. Once
in the car, it was obvious that she had a pronounced belly
protruding from the loose sweater she was wearing.
I just blurted out, "are you pregnant?"
My head was spinning with the implications of what I was
asking her.
She very calmly said "no." <br>
Not exactly the response you get when you make a preposterous
statement. Unconvinced, I rode quietly the several miles
to a new apartment my wife had moved into, never having thought
to inform me of the move.
That first night was a re-exploration of our sexual appetites.
I kept wondering what she had been up to? The following day
I set about finding a home pregnancy test kit to check for
myself her true status. Sure enough, the test was positive.

"What is going on?" I asked
She pulled a letter out of her pocket and handed it to me,
shaking with anxious tension. Inside I found a letter in
broken English describing an affair I had supposedly had
with the young girl in Korea. Along with the letter were
photos of our tryst. Oh shit, I thought, what the fuck is
Charlene explained that she had been so upset about the
letter she had looked to a man at work for solace. He was having
problems at home and she offered to share his grief. The
rest is a story that never was fully explained, but it sure
as hell had an impact. She was about seven months pregnant,
and I had to explain why I had an affair!
My head was spinning. I had nothing to anchor my thoughts
to. Everything I had trusted, understood to be true, was
evaporating, and I was unable to check my emotions. Rage,
frustration, and jealousy were alternating in my every
thought. How could this happen? How can this be explained?
I groped for answers and found none. Our marriage was at
a fatal crossroads. I had to think clearly, and could not.

I realized that I had put her in an impossible position,
but how could I accept the fact that she not only fucked around
on me but became pregnant while doing it? Between the love
for my family and the guilt I bore for my transgressions
I was unable to make a decision. I found myself wondering
what the other guy had done to Charlene while they made love,
and became strangely aroused by the thought. It became
clear that I was not really angry as much as I was embarrassed
by her pregnancy.
My new assignment was now as a drill instructor at Ft Benning.
The hours were long and arduous. Charlene had made friends
and we seemed to be on the right track. Every thing was fine.

Our third child came along in the winter of 1986. We were
a happy family. Charlene decided to have her tubes tied
so there would be no more surprises.
One day Charlene had mentioned that a friend of hers had
hurt her feelings when she accused Charlene of 'making
it' with her husband. These are common accusations
among army wives, but usually there is some truth to them.
I asked if she had.
Her response was "no." <br>
Where have I heard this before? At any rate, we fucked like
minxes for several days after this incident.
I found myself dreaming of her fucking some guy while I was
at work. It became an obsession and seldom could I concentrate
on anything else. I had to pull duty at the anti-tank range
one night and had plenty of time to just sit and think of her
in the throws of passion with her lover. I began to write
down what I thought were my true feelings about her having
extramarital affairs. I don't remember what I said
but it was erotic. It wasn't intended to be, it just
came out that way.
The following day I let Charlene read it and she said that
she understood what I meant and would like to have an affair,
if I didn't mind. I was floored! My wife was volunteering
to screw another man.
As cool as I could I asked her if she would screw the neighbor
whose wife had accused her before. She said she would rather
not as the situation was too tense. Good call. I was thinking
with a lust clouded mind, and needed to do better.
We were coming up on cycle break, where we ended the training
of one group and got ready to start another, and I had yet
to figure a way to get Charlene a lover. Graduation came
and went, we started the cycle break, and I had a stroke of
There at the desk was a young soldier, maybe 18 years old
that was being held over because he had been injured during
training. I don't remember his name, but an idea struck
me right there and then. I went home and asked Charlene if
she was up to some strange dick tonight. She looked frightful,
but wanted to know the details. We talked and I went to retrieve
our yet uninformed sex partner from the unit.
When I got to the unit I found him in the laundry area, cleaning
up the day's mess. He said hello as I approached and
I asked him if he was up to a short break from his task. He was
more than happy to let the mess lay, grabbed his hat, and
accompanied me to my waiting truck.
He said, "I might get in trouble if I leave and the duty
sergeant comes around." <br>
I hadn't thought about this. So I went to the duty sergeant,
a friend of mine, and asked, "Can I use this soldier
to help me move some equipment for a couple of hours?"
"No problem." He replied.
We were back on track. Throughout this entire time I was
hot, flushed with sweat, and sporting a raging hard on.
We left the area and I drove around so as to confuse the young
man as to where we were going.
As I drove I stumbled through a concocted explanation of
what we were up to. I said that a young widow I knew was lonely
and would like some safe sex with a couple of soldiers.
When I asked him if he was up to it, he exclaimed, "Hell
Charlene met us at the door and I introduced her to the young
man as Sally. I was about to explode. The anticipation of
this moment was overpowering, but there was no way I could
go first, not wanting to leave him alone in the house, I told
them to "have fun." And off they went to the bedroom.

Charlene was nervous but she didn't miss a step. Her
approach was calming to the young man and she invited him
to undress as she used the bathroom. I asked her to leave
the door open when she went back so I could keep an eye on things.

She got on the bed beside him, fully unclothed, and kissed
him gently on the forehead, then on the lips fuller and more
passionately as they embraced. My head was light and dizzy,
all the blood was racing to my groin. I was becoming faint.

Reaching down my lovely wife grasped his manhood and began
to stroke it steadily and firmly, as a professional would.
He sucked, first one, then the other of her breasts. He maneuvered
himself above my wife's body and then nestled his engorged
penis into the V formed by her thighs.
She spread her legs, and moved up to meet his penetrating
movements, making contact and then a slight hesitation
before he slid into her with one stroke. She must be so hot
and wet, I thought at the time.
The oddest realization came over me, that the way she was
so accommodating and composed was truly amazing. I don't
know if Charlene came that night but the young man was in
absolute heaven.
As I took him back to the unit we talked about how much fun
it had been.
It was then he confided that, "it was the best pussy
he had ever had!" <br>
I smiled at this and said, "I'm glad you had a good
time. Just keep it between us, ok?" <br>
He assured me he would.
Racing back to the house, I almost broke my neck getting
undressed and into bed. I was so turned on that I had made
maybe 2 strokes into my lovely wife's awaiting warmth
and I was coming streams of cum into her, mingling with the
stale cum of her previous lover's.
I asked her, "Did you enjoy it." <br>
She nodded and said, "It was fun." <br>
Now we were pros at this stuff.
Soon, I was to get orders to leave Ft Benning. But before
we left two very erotic moments occurred that would rock
our world.
I had spied a young man that seemed very young, he was a holdover
from training also, but I did not know him. It would take
a little work to get a strange kid into the unit area so I could
pick him up.
He was perfect. A blonde haired, blue eyed, pup. Seventeen
years old as it turned out. While I was trying to find a way
to get this kid for a couple of hours, I overheard the duty
sergeant tell him, "If you can get to the main PX and
back by lights out you can leave the company area."
What a stroke of luck! I watched as he walked to the bus stop,
then I drove up. I remarked that, "The bus had just
left and the next would be by in 45 minutes, but if he wanted
a ride I was willing to help." <br>
"Thanks." He said as he climbed in.
His name was Pete--Something or other. I drove to the PX,
and along the way explained that a girl I knew was staying
nearby and that I should probably check on her as she was
newly widowed and had to earn her money by having sex with
the soldiers of the area until her insurance check came
"What happened?" He asked.
"Uh....Her husband, a soldier, was killed in an accident
in Germany and she's trying to get along as best she
could." I managed to explain.
He had almost caught me in my subterfuge.
When we got to the house I quickly explained to Charlene
what I had set up and that she would have to charge him for
Returning to Pete, who was sitting in my truck, I asked him
if he was horny, as Sally, the hooker wasn't busy and
needed a payday.
He said, "I'd love to but I'm broke."
Fuck! I've screwed this up. I thought. "What
if I loan you some money?" <br>
"Hell yes!" He blurted out, "I haven't
had any pussy before. This is shit hot!" <br>
Holy crap, a virgin and Charlene is going to play the pro!
This was getting good. In we went. The same setup as before;
Charlene met us and took him into the bedroom. All I could
think about was how lucky this kid was to lose his cherry
to Charlene.
She did something a little different this time; noting,
I believe, his lack of experience, she kneeled before him
and began to take his pants off. Watching this was something
that became so vivid that I remember it clearly to this day.

Once they were both fully unclothed, Charlene got on the
bed, and extended her hand to Pete, enticing him onto the
bed with her. They embraced as teens might, not awkward,
but innocently, preparing for the exploration that was
to follow. And follow it did. They proceeded slowly at first,
mostly petting, and talking.
I was about to interrupt them when Charlene coaxed him into
position and guided his member to her now throbbing wetness
between her legs. Even then he continued to chatter about
his girl friend back home. A full hour they caressed, and
kissed, and made love.
I continued to watch silently as they worked themselves
to climax. Getting dressed, Pete continued to talk to Charlene,
now with a twinkle in his eye and the boyish pride of his first
sexual conquest.
He was giddy as we drove back to the unit. I warned him also
of the ramifications should anyone find out he had been
out of bounds having sex with hookers. He understood.
As an afterthought he said, "I'll get the forty
bucks to you pay day, ok?" <br>
"Sure." I said.
Charlene was waiting when I got home. What a turn on it was
when she explained all that I could not hear from my clandestine
observation post. As I was plowing my wife's freshly
fucked vagina, she was relating her entire episode with
Love had never been as intense as this. That night I made
love to my wife three times, coming in violent orgasms each
time. Exhausted, I collapsed and slept the sleep of a contented
Up to this point, Charlene had been practically alone with
her lovers, save my watching from a secreted position.
I now wanted to up the ante. What I had in mind involved more
than the 'rub, fuck, run' scenario we had been
following. But for this a twist was required in how I recruited
my candidates.
I wanted a guy that was hung well and virile enough to get
Charlene fired up. The previous guys were safe, and average,
and un-intimidating. For the next phase I wanted to double
up with a young stud and give Charlene a real thrill.
My choice came soon enough. He was watching TV when I approached.

I asked him if he could "give me a hand." <br>
He said, "Sure." <br>
I said, "I have a friend that I wanted to give a special
treat to and you look the part." <br>
He said, "I'm your man." Oblivious to what
was up.
On the way to the house I filled him in on the details of the
plan. He was so excited by the time we got to the house I was
worried that he wouldn't make it to the bedroom. He
held up though and as I was introducing him to Charlene,
I noticed a calm confidence come over him.
Upstairs, in the bedroom we fumbled with pleasantries
and I tried to break the ice by having Charlene undress our
guest. He was wearing sweat pants and sat down to allow Charlene
to pull them off. Next was his underwear. As Charlene pulled
them over his already rigid penis she let a small gasp escape.
I watched as she continued to remove his underwear, never
letting her eyes move away from his now fully exposed manhood.

Bingo! He was a man's man. His seven inch tool was slender
at the base, increasing in circumference to the head which
was now purple and the size of a lemon.
Charlene lay back on the bed and I pointed to the left side
of the bed and nodded for him to do likewise. I took the right
side and immediately began kissing and caressing her face
and breasts. Charlene began cooing, and was enticing our
guest to be more assertive, as I pressed my face between
her thighs and began eating her throbbing clitoris.
Oblivious to the ministrations above me I continued to
lose myself in her womanhood. I came up for air and watched
intently as they kissed. It was so surreal; previously
I was an observer, a voyeur. Now I was square in the middle
of my wife's fantasy and absolutely ecstatic. I motioned
for him to give her oral pleasure, and he moved into position
to begin his turn at the Y.
I was now lying along with Charlene kissing and hugging
as this stud did his best stuff. I closed my eyes to savor
the moment and felt Charlene turn her head. Opening my eyes,
I saw his impressive manhood hovering just inches from
our faces. He was lost in his task and oblivious to where
we were. I looked at Charlene and motioned her to take him
in her mouth. Her eyes grew large and she shook her head,
'no'. I motioned more determinedly this time.

Very tentatively she reached for and placed the large bulbous
head into her mouth and stroked it several times. This was
too much for me. I turned her onto her back and began pistoning
into her vagina with fury and abandon. Coming to my senses,
I slowed my pace and then decided to let him have a turn at
the well.
He approached her kissing and fondling her, at this point
I had pains in my loins that can only mean I had to piss like
hell. I stepped out for a moment to relieve myself and return.

Upon my return I found Charlene on top of the young stud.
His crank buried to the hilt into her sex pot. Charlene is
frantically driving her pelvis into his, repeatedly impaling
herself on his member. I stood and watched for a moment,
then got back on the bed.
Charlene began to cum as I have never seen her cum before.
Rapture achieved, she allowed him to get on top and finish
his orgasm. She looks to me, as contentment washed over
her face. I know something has stirred in her, this was over
the top, and we both realized it.
I took him back to the unit. He thanked me profusely, and
we parted company. Back at home my wife waited. This time
she was fully and completely satiated. As we held each other
close I commented on her seeming wonton abandon earlier
this night. She seemed embarrassed that I had seen her give
in so totally to her desires with the young man.
"I didn't know you were coming back in, "
she said. "I thought you were through and was letting
him finish." <br>
"Really?" I asked. "Did you like it?"
"It was good." She said.
"Good! I call what you were doing rapture."
She smiled, and curled up to me as we fell to sleep.
"How about the guy with the red Mustang?" <br>
"I don't know." She mused.
"God, Charlene. I want you to take on a lover again.
Don't you? I want to capture what we had before. I need
this!" <br>
She began to cuddle up with me and very softly suggested,
"I'll do it with Mark." <br>
Mark? He hadn't even entered my mind. He was Cathy's
Ex and...Then it dawned on me: all those late evening chit-chats
had been more than boo-hoos and what-do-I-do's. I
don't know how long I just stared and stuttered.
Then I chimed in, "Yeah that would be great! But how
do we get in touch with him?" <br>
"Oh, I have his night job phone number." She
I felt like I had just bought a used car. Wondering just what
had been going on. Had she already been with him? And only
now bringing it into the open? At this point it didn't
really matter.
Charlene called and asked him to stop by tonight. I was so
elated that we were back on track nothing would deter me.
I retired to my bedroom that was at the end of a long hall which
allowed me to view about half of the living room. Mark arrived
and took a seat on the couch. Charlene followed. I watched
from my room intently as the saga unfolded.
Charlene reached her hand over to his thigh which had been
nervously moving back and forth and it froze to her touch.
She leaned into him and placed a kiss on his lips. He returned
the kiss without movement. Charlene pressed him down and
back onto the couch, placing herself on top him.
Unable to hear anything, I watched as she pried his dick
from beneath his trousers. In a few moments Charlene was
in rapid motion atop Mark's lap. The entire episode
lasted only a few minutes, but in the passion of the moment,
both had achieved that nervous expenditure of relief both
had desired.
As they caressed and kissed on the couch, neither wanting
to be the first to move, I thought back, and wondered if they
had been doing this all along? Has Charlene been flirting
with Mark? Has Mark been coming on to Charlene?" The
possibilities were mind boggling.
Charlene saw Mark to the door, and kissed him good bye. Entering
the bedroom, she wasted no time getting me on my back and
thrashing me as I had hoped she would. She's back, I
thought. Life is good.
Mark became a regular visitor to the apartment. Invariably
he would show in the late evenings. Charlene was making
love to Mark three to five times a week.
One night Charlene had come home from work and indicated
to me that Mark's parents were out of town for the weekend
and he had asked her over to their home for the evening.
She asked, "Do you think it would be ok?" <br>
"Hell yes, " I returned.
For all I had seen, they were not getting real bold in the
living room. Mark still thought that they were 'cheating'
on my couch, and he wanted desperately to get Charlene on
his turf. This was an obvious development and I agreed that
she should go. Although at the time I realized that my watching
them make love was going to suffer, I still went along with
It was a weekend and I was to keep the kids while Charlene
and Mark elevated their romance to a new level. She had bathed
languorously and prepared herself for the event methodically
attending each and every aspect of her being.
She left for Mark's house in the early evening. I anticipated
her coming home sometime around midnight, not that this
was agreed upon, but my hope that I might get her back in time
to make love to her while she told me of her night out. I fell
asleep, and woke at some time around dawn. I remember looking
around expecting to see Charlene there, she was not.
Later, she came dragging in, tired, and not very conversational.
She cleaned up and went to bed. I halfway expected her to
sleep all day, she didn't. She was up by noon.
"Just a nap." she said.
All day long I grilled her for the details; I couldn't
wait for pillow talk.
"It was great!" She said.
She related the mundane details of the night out. It sounded
as though it was a date between two lovers, but I wanted the
steamy details.
"Getting him into a bed was so-oo good." She
said. "He has so much energy, he is young, ya know?"
"How many times did you make love, did he make you cum
a lot?" I asked.
"Well we did make love several times; I don't
know how many times I came, maybe three. He is so fast, too
quick, I had to teach him to slow down and make it good."
She shared.
She's teaching him! That's my girl. I thought.
I wasn't going to last through the day so I scooped her
up and we fucked hot and heavy. I say 'Fucked' because
the emotion had been one of complete frustration on my part,
and tender accommodation for her part. She was not the least
bit in the mood for love making.
This pattern of quickie in the living room along with the
rare night out alternated for months. Charlene and Mark
were becoming very close. Our lives took on a balance that
had Charlene and I happy parents by day, sexual machines
by night. She would often come into the bedroom while I slept,
having just been with Mark, and begin to make love to me,
tenderly administering orally to my manhood. What a way
to wake up! Charlene had it coming and going, literally.
I was content. Life was good.
Mark was the best thing that ever happened to Charlene.
He loved her warmly. Cared for her, and never a cross word
passed between them. That is special in anyone's book.
Because of my complete dedication to this relationship,
I failed to see the storm clouds on the horizon.
Charlene worked at a convenience store and she seemed to
enjoy it. She met people who were regular customers that
liked her. And several became good friends to us.
An acquaintance of Charlene's, a young guy that worked
construction, was always flirting with her at work. Charlene
handled these situations well; she always was a little
flirt. I think this guy's name was Tony. He was a looker.
The kind of guy girls swooned over. At any rate, the weekend
had come and I was thinking again. I was looking for something
new, a twist to the routine, so to speak.
When I recalled that this Tony guy had been making obvious
overtures to Charlene, I asked her, "Do you know how
to contact Tony?" "You should hook up with him
tonight." I continued.
She was purring and said "I don't know his number
but I know where he lives." <br>
"Really?" I said. "That's convenient."
"Go get some strange honey." <br>
In less than ten minutes she is out the door on her way to forcing
herself onto this unsuspecting guy. Returning, late that
night, she relates the always awkward first time lovers
As we cuddled on our bed and talked of the adventure, she
looks at me, levels her gaze and says, "thank you."
I think she had two more dates with Tony, but Mark was still
the lover de-jour.
I had to go to the field for a few weeks, and offered Charlene
the opportunity to use our bed while I was away. She said,
"Sure, ok." Rather matter-of-factly.
Upon my return I was greeted by a very happy, energized Charlene,
just busting with excitement. I should do this more often,
I had thought at the time. The adventures were boundless,
though she didn't relate as much as I was expecting
her to. She was reluctant to share.
Her relationship with Mark was taking a turn to a new direction.
They had become more than lovers they were a couple apart
from our marriage, it was foreboding a dark future.
I was now feeling deprived of being involved with the sexual
adventure. Mark and Charlene were making love late, while
I slept or when I was not around. I don't blame them,
it was better for them. But, it made me push for situations
that centered on my needs. I felt abandoned.
Once I asked Charlene to call Mark and tell him I would be
at work all night. I parked the car out of sight, and returned
to watch the show. He came in and sat in the living room. Charlene
waited on him as though there was nothing in the world that
was amiss. Soon, she led him to the bedroom and in no time
they were fucking like minxes.
Charlene was first to cum and gasped, "oh god!"
as Mark picked up the pace of his thrusts.
Mark's orgasm followed, and he collapsed having spent
his seed.
I became aware that I had never really seen Mark fully naked.
I had seen him partially clothed, but never really exposed.
I had no idea how big he was, or wasn't. I asked Charlene
about it and she said, "Not much different than you,
I guess." That was soon to be exposed as a mistruth.

I had rented a video camera for the kid's baseball game
and enjoyed experimenting with the different features
on it; fade, pause etc. I had a master stroke that night and
told Charlene my idea.
She would call Mark and have him make love to her in the living
room right where I would have the camera setup to record
the entire affair. A great plan, if she could get him into
place. She never fails at this stuff, and this time was no
I had the camera rolling as a knock came to the door. Mark
came in and Charlene chit-chatted with him very briefly
before they settled to the place selected before hand for
the taping.
It was hot! I was not being patient though. The placement
had left them out of sight to me. I dared to sneak down the
hallway to catch a glimpse of their love making. As I moved
slowly down the hall everything seemed to creak, my bones,
the floor, everything! My heart was pounding in my ears.
I was sweating profusely. As I approached a position where
I could see them from the waist down, I was struck with pangs
of awe. Plunging into my wife's gaping hole was Mark's
penis, an 8 inch monster that dwarfed my ordinary tool.
I choked back a gasp, and began a retreat.
Returning to my lair, I wondered about Charlene's
description of his package as 'not much different
than you, I guess.' Really, there was no comparison.

After Mark left, Charlene and I reviewed the tape. What
we saw were two people, intimate, and very comfortable
with one another. Their love was obvious to me now, the realization
coming to me abruptly. I said nothing of it, at the time.
Charlene and I went to bed and finished the evening with
a passionate romp in the bedroom.
In the days that followed I saw that the roles had shifted
between the three of us. Charlene and I were living together,
while she and Mark loved one another. The transformation
was complete. What could I do? What should I have done differently?
Not bringing Mark into the relationship was not the answer.
Perhaps Charlene and Mark having too much time for them
to bond was the problem. Or was it? Charlene had after all
had other men during this time. She had always adored me,
always the attending wife. So what could it be this problem
we had?
I was finally intimidated by the relationship with Mark
and Charlene sensed it. She became distant, the more I tried
to talk of it the more she resisted. That is until I had managed
to bring up Mark in a conversation about life in general,
just idle chit-chat. I'm not sure if she realized what
she had said, but that just meant it was from the heart and
She stated that "I don't know if I could have done
without Mark, let him go I mean. I think I really needed him."
I was floored! "You loved him dearly didn't you?"
I inquired.
Tears welled in her eyes. She just nodded, yes!
My heart was torn between the woman I loved and the woman
that loved Mark. Torment was upon my every waking moment.
This caused friction between Charlene and me. She was desperately
searching for an answer to which way she should turn with
her life. I secretly wondered if Mark was enticing her to
go away with him. Could she be contemplating such a move?
I was careful for some weeks after these thoughts came to
me. I did not want to force a show down. I was not confident
that I could win an affair of the heart with this fragile
I noticed that Mark had less and less time to spend with Charlene.
Not wanting to pry, I maintained a safe distance.
Orders came down from the Army; I was going to West Point,
New York. It was decision time. Charlene had mixed feelings
about leaving her friends, and the area. She had come to
like it there. I asked her if she knew what she wanted to do.
She was still undecided, and more distant than ever. Forcing
a broken heart only damages it further, I thought. I made
preparations to move as if we were all going together. Without
her ever saying she had made a decision one way or another,
Charlene moved to New York with us.

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