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massage for wife leads to first female encounter


For years, I've been more than a little curious about
sharing a sexual experience with another woman. My husband
has been encouraging me to live my fantasy but I hadn't
had the courage or opportunity. But that all changed last
week. So let me come out of the closet a little and give you
some of the background to my fantasy and how I've lived

In addition to his regular job, Jeff is a certified massage
practitioner and use to give massage lessons to singles
and couples years ago. Through that work, he has a few friends
in the massage business. A few months ago, after he gave
me one of his wonderful sensual massages, I told him of my
fantasy to give a sensual massage to a woman and see where
it would go. When he was giving lessons, he sometimes used
me as the model on the table for the students, but after seeing
some of those great female bodies, I wanted to get my hands
on one. Based on that thought, he arranged for a female friend
of his, Cindy, to give me a massage. He told me she was an old
friend of his and that they went to the same massage classes
years ago. She had agreed to give me a massage and add some
sensuality to it not normally given in a straight massage.
This would give me some ideas from a woman's point of
view of what to do if I ever had a chance to live my fantasy
with another woman.

I met Cindy one evening at her house. Before we got started,
we talked for awhile getting acquainted. She was a very
attractive woman, about 40 and easy to talk to. She said
that Jeff told her that I wanted to experience a sensual
massage from a woman and was that ok. I said sure thinking
it would be nothing more than a slow sensual oil massage
not much different than a normal one. I was hoping she would
at least not drape me with a sheet like most professionals
and maybe get close to my upper legs and breasts for some
fantasy feelings. She then asked if it would be ok if she
also was nude for the massage.

"Jeff told me you guys are nudists and are comfortable
with it so if it's ok I'll be nude too. It gives me
more freedom of movement and might even add a little sensuality
to the massage for you, " she said with a smile.

We then started taking our clothes off. Like she said, I'm
comfortable with being nude so I thought nothing of taking
our clothes off together

She went to get a towel while I took off my t-shirt. She turned
around as I was taking off my bra and just stood and looked
at my breasts as I uncovered them.

"You've got great breasts Julie. They're
so full ...And those nipples! Jeff must love them ."

I was somewhat taken back by her frankness and a little embarrassed
at the way she was looking at them but then took it as a compliment
and felling a little sexy, I held them and said with a laugh,
"He sure does. And I don't mind it a bit."

She was so matter of fact in looking at me that I thought no
more of it. She worked on so many nude bodies, I thought she
was probably looking at me more like a doctor than another
woman. And her attitude on sex was just healthy and open.
She then took off her shirt and had no bra on. Her breasts
were a least a C cup and looked very firm with the nipples
having a little uplift to them and sticking out like little
fingers. I had never touched another woman's breasts
but I wanted to put my hands on those. My fantasy thoughts
started rising to the top but needless to say I tried to look
elsewhere and continued to undress myself. She had already
taken her shoes off when I sat down to do the same. While leaning
over to untie my sneakers she took off her jeans. She was
standing right in front of me when I looked up at about her
thigh level. She had on shear white panties and I could see
her pubic hair through it. I see why a man gets turned on looking
at panty shots. With me still taking off my shoes she slowly
removed her panties. She was so slow and deliberate, it
was almost like she was doing it for me. Was she flashing
me? I didn't think so but she was certainly taking her
time. She was still at my eye level so I got a good view. She
had trimmed her pussy to a small triangle and had shaved
her lips bare. What a sight. She just smiled when she caught
me staring.

I then stood up to take off my pants and panties while she
stood there and watched. I didn't know whether to be
offended or excited to have this much attention paid to
my body by a woman. But I started feeling a little sexy so
thought I would give her a little show too. After removing
my jeans, I sat down, raised my legs up and pulled my panties
up my legs and off. From her angle I was sure she got a good
look at my pussy and butt. I felt almost wicked exposing
myself like that to another woman, but it was fun.

She told me to get on the table and she would massage my backside

She started the massage and for the first 10 minutes or so
it was a pleasant caring oil massage. She slowly applied
oil to my body and used long flowing strokes on my back and
legs. The slowness and medium pressure felt great. The
slowness and caring was like Jeff does but with Cindy, there
was a little difference. Mainly in my head having a woman's
hands on me. So I lay there and let the good feeling happened.
I had a beautiful nude woman sensually stroking my body
with oil. This is about what I thought Jeff meant by a sensual
massage from a professional woman. But I spoke too soon.
She started doing long strokes up my leg with her two hands
surrounding my thigh working up from the knee. She moved
very slowly and on the first stroke, her inside hand came
up just to my pussy but didn't quite touch it while the
outside hand continued to the butt in a circular motion.
On the next stroke, her inside hand just grazed my pussy
lips while the other did the butt stroke again. That soft
touch gave me a little tingle again and felt good . This is
what I had hoped her sensual massage be. None of the professionals
ever even get 6 inches from the genital area let alone grazing
it as she had just done.

But after about three of these, her hand touched my lips
again with a little more firmness and stayed there longer
while the other hand did the circular strokes on my ass.
With each slow circle, the inside hand went deeper into
my pussy lips. Needless to say, I started getting turned
on and I'm sure she could sense it. After a little more
of the tease, each time letting the hand gently press into
the lips, she went on to my back and arms. It was about the
right time to change as I was getting a little turned on but
felt ok with it.

Up to this time I had felt her brush my hand with her leg or
hip as she moved around the table. But as she started working
on my lower back, she seemed to lean into the table near my
hand and I felt her pussy hair brushing against it. At first
I thought it was just an accident, but then she started a
backstroke that had her body going left and right along
the side of the table. On each movement her pussy brushed
my hand. She kept this up for awhile, each time letting her
pussy linger on my hand a little longer. On the last of these
strokes she held it for a moment and left her pussy resting
against my hand while she slowly kneaded and separated
the cheeks of my butt with two hands. With each slow squeeze
of my butt, she seemed to rise up to let her bare pussy lips
move against my hand. I could feel the softness of her lips
against my fingers.

She then moved on to my upper back. But this lady knew how
to give a sensual massage!!!!!!! This was a lot more than
I expected, but I sure wasn't complaining. And I was
getting turned on and starting to think if this is only sensual
I'm in trouble. Before finishing the backside, she
returned to the leg strokes and after about two of those
her hand was back in my lips. On the next stroke, I felt one
of her fingers at the opening of my vagina. It was very light
and subtle but she was in there. She stayed there slightly
moving her finger tip while the other hand did the butt circle
trip then slowly went out and back down the leg. When the
next stroke started, again very, very slowly, my mind and
senses were going a mile a minute. What was she going to do

As her hand approached my pussy I held my breath. My whole
being was focused on her hand. I felt her fingers touch my
pussy then enter with a slowness that was driving me crazy.
She seemed to go in about half way and held it there as she
stoked my butt with the other hand. I'm sure it slid
in easily, as I must have been very juicy by then. With each
following stroke, and she did many, she went in a little
further until it felt like she was penetrating the deepest
part of my vagina while the other hand sensually stroked
by butt. The combination of the oil and her slow in and out
with, probably two fingers by this time was more than I had
dreamed would happen today. I'm thinking....I have
the fingers of a woman in my pussy!! And this is only the backside.
She then moved to the side of the table, put both hands on
my butt and started kneading both cheeks. She squeezed,
pushed and separated the cheeks in a very slow sensual way.
I felt a little embarrassed having my butt so exposed again
as I could imagine what it looked like with the cheeks separated
as she was doing. But the pleasure she was giving me soon
overcame any embarrassment. She then went into the crack
of my butt and slid her oily hands up and down from pussy to
tailbone. She did this many times each time making the stroke
a little shorter until she was just going back and forth
over my butthole. Her finger came to rest against the opening
and made tiny circles around my button. I was starting to
lose my inhibitions and started to slightly rotate my hips
to encourage her fingers and hand. She put the tip of her
oily finger into my asshole while at the same time, slid
her other hand down and put a finger into my pussy. She then
mover her body against the table and put her pussy to my hand.
She started doing finger strokes to my ass and pussy....each
time slower...each time deeper! And with each stroke she
would press her pussy harder against my hand. I found myself
opening my hand and she pressed her pussy against my outstretched
fingers. As she stroked in and out of my ass and pussy with
her fingers, she mover her bare pussy along my fingers with
the same rhythm. She moved so that my outstretched fingers
went into her lips. I could feel her moistness coating my
fingers. The feeling I was experiencing from all she was
doing to me was almost overwhelming! Ever though my clitoris
wasn't being touched at all, I felt like I would climax
soon just from the eroticism of it all. If I didn't know
about anal sex before I was getting my first lesson.. I found
myself lifting my ass to her fingers wanting her in me deeper
and faster and at the same time trying to get my fingers deeper
into her lips. But then she slowly pulled away, ran her fingers
very slowly deep up the crack of my butt, pausing for an instant
at the opening, then went up my back and finished with a soft
massage to my head. With my head turned to the side, she leaned
down to my face and said,

"I'm through with the backside. Do you want to
turn over for the front?

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was her bare pussy
about 6 inches from my face. I could see the moistness glistening
on her bare lips. I was so turned on I just wanted to put my
face in it. To taste it. And she knew it. But I looked up, saw
her face and just smiled.

Yes , I was Bi alright. I realized at that moment you can
want men and women and be ok. And I came to realize that this
was going to be a lot more than a sensual massage and I was
going to live my fantasy. From now on I was going for it all.
On the front she started pretty straight putting oil on
my stomach and legs but staying away from any "vital
areas". Then from my stomach she worked up to my breasts
slowly putting oil on each one. And she took her time. At
first she just passed over them lightly but then returned
to caress the breasts and rotate the nipples between her
fingers. My nipples became very hard and erect and I felt
myself rising to meet her hands. She seemed to know when
my turn on was coming too fast and moved on to my arms and shoulders.
She continued around the body not following a pattern and
eventually drifted back down to my legs. By this time about
15 minutes had passed on the front side and altho it was a
great turn on, I was a little disappointed that she didn't
seem to be as "sensual" as she was on the backside...I
spoke too soon.

The long strokes on my legs started much like the back getting
a little closer to my pussy each time except this time it
was up and exposed and a lot easier to get to. Again she slowly
slid into my lips and kept a hand there while doing circles
on the side of my hip. And again after a few strokes she let
a finger slowly, ever so slowly, go in and out with each circle
on my hip. And each stroke was a little deeper and longer
than the last. I thought I was in heaven because besides
the good feelings I was getting, it was from a woman for the
first time in my life.

Leaving her hand on my pussy with the finger inside, she
moved her body up to my shoulder level and started some downward
strokes on the opposite side with her other hand. In doing
this, she leaned over and her breasts touched mine as she
came back up. While she was doing this, the palm of her hand
was on my pussy and rotating on my clit while the finger was
moving inside. It seemed like she did 10 of these moves down
the side. Each time slower. Each time with more emphasis
on breast to breast contact. And each time giving my clit
and vagina a stroke. I am going crazy by this time. Lying
still is getting harder and harder and I feel like my juices
are running down my butt cheeks. And I'm sure down her
fingers as well! On the last one, she rubbed her oily breast
against mine and slowly rotated her hand on my clit and put
another finger deep into my pussy. I tried to control myself
but started to hump her hand to get her fingers deeper and
the clit harder against her hand. She fingered me faster
for a moment while rubbing her breasts on mine then slowly
pulled her fingers and hands away, took her hands up my body
while letting her breast touch my face as she moved up, and
went to stand at the head of the massage table.

She started massaging my head ever so slowly and sensually.
I thought this was nearing the end of the massage and thought
that was probably ok. I was so very close to orgasm and thought
I would feel guilty if I had one from a woman. And I thought
she also was trying to get me close perhaps but not over the

From the top of the table she massaged my head then went to
the neck and shoulders with slow sensual strokes. Then
while still standing at the head of the table she took her
two hands down the center of my chest and stomach just reaching
my pussy then back up cupping my breasts on the way. She stayed
on my breasts for a moment softly caressing them. She then
continued the downward stroke, each time going more slowly
and each time getting deeper into my pussy. As she was bending
over reaching my pussy from the head of the table her breasts
were grazing my face with each downward stroke. She seemed
to be controlling her body so her breasts were surrounding
my face and gently caressing my cheeks with them as she was
stroking my clit. They felt so soft and inviting. After
a few of these I felt her move a little and when she did the
stroke this time, one of her breasts went directly over
my mouth and I felt her hard nipple cross my lips. The sensations
through my body were unbelievable. Every nerve seemed
to be standing on end. Once more she teased me and continued
the stroke. But on the next one, she let her nipple softly
rest on my lips....and stopped!! In this position, she
slowly put a finger in my pussy with one hand and started
massaging my clit with the other and then slowly moved her
breast back and forth encouraging me to open my mouth and
let her nipple in. I couldn't believe it! She held this
position for a very long time. While I was sucking on this
wonderful breast, she massaged my clit and slowly and deeply
stroked my pussy with her fingers. All of a sudden she pulled
her fingers from my pussy and breast from my mouth and I'm
near screaming. Five minutes ago I thought I would feel
guilty. Now, I don't give a damn. I just didn't
want her to stop!!!!

But with a slight repositioning of her body, she again started
the downward stroke. She teased me a few times again but
then put her breast in my mouth, reached my clit and started
a slow massage on it, put at least two fingers in my pussy
and then almost unbelievable to me, bent her head down and
started to lick and suck my breast! She rolled her tongue
around my nipple and gently sucked with light nibbling
from her teeth. I'm going wild. I can't hold still
any longer. I brought my hands up, cupped her breast and
sucked like a baby. It was my first and I'm sure my technique
wasn't the best but I didn't care. After a minute
of enjoying the bliss I was in, I wanted to feel more of her.
While holding on to that breast with one hand, I put the other
one back between the table and her pussy. She moved back
a little to let me in. I wanted to feel that pussy of hers again.
When I put my hand between her legs I felt those smooth lips
and they were dripping wet with her excitement. I tried
to gently stroke them but soon lost myself in my own pleasure.
For the next few minutes of ecstasy, I'm holding a wonderful
breast for the first time while sucking, licking and nibbling
the nipple and doing my best to play with her pussy. Those
bare smooth lips felt wonderful and made me feel good that
she was juicy too. Then almost by accident as I was stroking
her pussy lips, I felt my fingers enter her vagina. I couldn't
believe it. I of course had felt the inside of mine, but having
my finger in another woman's pussy was more than I had
ever imagined.. As I felt her in me I started matching her
strokes so that we were fingering each others pussy with
the same rhythm. I was losing control on the way to a giant
orgasm. She sensed I was about to come and increased the
tempo of her fingers, hands and mouth. She started to suck
my breast harder and started to moan with me as she felt me
humping her hands. I reached back with both arms, wrapped
them around her ass and pulled her pussy close to my head
and sucked her nipple as I had the most intense orgasm of
my life.

When I finally came down, she covered my body with light
finger touches for a few minutes to let my body return to
near normal. I thought she was done when, while at the foot
of the table she slowly brought her hands up my legs and stopped
while bending over and put her face to my wet pussy. She just
gently rested her mouth on my pussy and softly licked it.
She left her face there while slowly licking my juices from
the lips and putting her tongue inside of me. Ever so softly
she continued to lick my pussy while reaching up to my breasts
with her hands and massaged the nipples again. She took
her tongue up the lips and started to nibble my clit. She
continued to lick my pussy and clit until I started to hump
her face as I started to rise to another orgasm. As I raised
my hips to her face she buried it in my pussy then started
to lick down into the crack of my ass while raising my legs
up higher.

I couldn't believe where she was going. Was she going
to lick my butt? I got the answer as she raised my knees up
and pushed them back toward my chest. She buried her face
in the crack of my butt and started to lick the area close
to my hole. I had never felt this before and the feeling was
both erotic and forbidden. But I liked it and moaned with
pleasure as she started to lick around the opening then
cried out as she lightly probed my ass with her tongue. I
couldn't believe the feelings I was experiencing.
Her tongue felt so soft yet firm. I couldn't figure
out how she was doing it. But I didn't care. It felt like
she was two inches up my butt with her tongue. Then she started
moving her head and going in and out at a faster pace. She
was putting her tongue in and out of my asshole and I was losing
all control. With my legs up I separated them as far as I could
to expose myself to her mouth and tongue. I put my hands in
her hair and pulled her face into my ass. With me pushing
her wiggling tongue up my ass and her fingers stroking my
clit, I had another orgasm that took me right off the table.
After my second screaming orgasm, she slowly came up onto
the table on top of me and ever so slowly e rubbed our oily
bodies together, breast to breast....pussy to pussy.
With ever so soft a kiss, she pulled up and said "did
you like your sensual massage"? I hugged her pressing
her pussy to mine and said with a smile, "let me give
you one".

Needless to say, I wanted to do something special for her.
I felt a little self conscious as I didn't have any formal
massage training. But she said don't worry about technique.
Just do what feels good.

Putting oil on her body and being in control was another
turn on. I was like a kid in a candy store. All this to taste
and play with and I intended to taste it all.

Her breasts were high and firm and the feeling of massaging
them with oil was wonderful. I played with her nipples and
bent down to gently suck and nibble them. I put both hands
around each in turn and rolled my cheeks on them letting
my mouth pass over, around and on each one. While sucking
on one I let my free hand go down to her pussy and rest on her
lips. I was finally feeling that pussy completely and the
softness and smoothness of it were wonderful. I couldn't
get enough. I kept sucking and stroking this new found world
and enjoying it completely. Gently inserting a finger
in her pussy I sucked her breast while giving a slow stroke
to her pussy. I hoped she was feeling good because I was feeling
great! But I didn't want to be too fast so I pulled up
and went on to her stomach.

I teased here a little just briefly going between her legs
to bring my oily hand up and over her pussy. I paused there
long enough to feel the smoothness of her lips again and
slowly took my fingers between them. The feeling for me
was so erotic I knew I was going to be doing some shaving when
I got home. It also felt so good to me that I knew I couldn't
keep up the tease for very long. I wanted to feel it against
my face.

I got to the foot of the table and started the moves up the
legs that she had done to me. With one hand on each leg I slowly
moved up running my hands over her pussy to her stomach.
With a smile I found my face over her pussy. I lowered my face
and tasted a pussy for the first time. Liking those smooth
lips was more of a turn on than I had imagined. I licked up
both sides then stuck my tongue into her vagina. The moisture
and scent made my juices flow again. Coming out and up I found
her clit with no problem. It was hard and out. I licked it
for a moment while taking my hands up to her breasts. Having
never done this before I was learning as I went but from her
reactions and sounds, I must have been doing ok. Licking
her pussy while massaging her breasts combined with the
feeling of the oil was unbelievable. But I didn't want
to be too fast so I slowly pulled up and went to the side of
the table.

I started a slow stomach massage letting her come down a
bit. After a few minutes, I worked down to her pussy again.
I slid into her lips and inserted one of my fingers. She was
so wet my finger seemed to get sucked in. I slowly pulled
it out and with the other hand found her clit. While massaging
her clit I put two of my fingers in and tried to massage the
vagina as she did to me while also working the clit. The sensuality
of being inside her body and stroking it was extraordinary.
I leaned into the table and let my pussy rest against her
hand as she had done to me. She cupped her hand to my pussy
and we started to finger each other. She seemed to set the
pace as we stroked each others pussy. She started to speed
up but I didn't want her to come yet I knew how I wanted
to bring her to orgasm and it wasn't with my finger so
I pulled away and went to the foot of the table.

I slowly started doing strokes up both legs getting closer
to her pussy each time. I finally went all the way to her stomach
with my hands and let my tongue just barely touch her clit.
With each stroke I paused longer on her pussy licking and
caressing with my mouth. I kept this up each time stroking
higher and staying longer licking and nibbling in and on
her pussy. By this time she was starting to moan each time
I took my mouth away and brought her hips higher with each
stroke. On the final stroke I went all the way up to her breast
with my hands and was almost laying on the foot of the table
as I massaged her breasts and licked her pussy. I put my tongue
in and rolled it around the entrance of her vagina then went
up to the clit and started licking and sucking it with intensity
as I felt her start to tighten. She brought her hips off the
table and started to hump my face. I put my hands under her
butt and pulled her pussy to me and stuck my tongue in her
pussy as far as I could then stroked my tongue in and out as
fast as I could. She screamed as her orgasm came while I buried
my face deep into her.

When she finished she held out her arms to me. I got up on the
table and laid on her as she had done to me. The feel of her
body against mine was wonderful. With our bodies so oily
the movement against each other was highly erotic. But
I wasn't finished yet. I wanted to try the forbidden
treat. After she calmed done I lightly stroked her to get
her relaxed again. I said "Cindy I want to lick you
all over like you did me".

I slid down her body and started licking all the way down.
She moved both knees out and brought her feet up the table
till they touched so her pussy was wide open for me. She rubbed
her wet pussy with both hands and said,

"Make me come again Julie."
With her knees wide open I gazed at her pussy and ass wanting
to lick it all at once. I again put my face in her crotch and
just rested it there for a minute rubbing my cheek against
her pubic hair, the bare lips and the soft inner thighs.
I gently licked her thighs and went down to the bottom of
her cheeks. I wanted to examine her so I asked her to open
her vagina with her fingers so I could see as I put my tongue
in. It was so pink and wet. With her holding it open, I inserted
a finger and watched it as it slid in. I was fascinated with
what I was watching myself do. I took my finger out and went
up to her clitoris. It was under the hood but very big. I decided
to try something Jeff does to me. I lowered my face and gently
started sucking it. Then while still sucking I started
flicking my tongue on the end of it. Her response was instant.
She raised her hips to me and let out a long moan. But as I was
still exploring. I stopped and gave her a soft kiss on her

While looking down at me, she raised her legs and said,
"Don't forget this." She lowered her hands
and opened her cheeks so I could just see the edge of her asshole.
She was up on her elbows watching me. "Go ahead, play
with it. It wont bite you." With my fingers I stroked
the area between her asshole and vagina. It was so smooth.
As my finger moved on she raised her legs higher and I was
staring at her asshole. It looked perfect with little wrinkles.
Now I know why some books call it a buttonhole. I put my finger
on it and drew little circles around it. Cindy was puckering
as I was doing that and giggling. As I was still coated with
oil I started putting my finger in looking at her for an ok.
She smiled and said "please do". I slid the finger
in to the first knuckle and watched as Cindy closed her eyes
and put her head back. But as I kept slowly putting it in,
she spread her cheeks wider to give me a better angle. I got
my finger all the way in and felt the smoothness of the walls.
Her sphincter kept squeezing my finger. I started to move
my finger in and out and watched her respond with her hips.
But I wanted more.

I pulled my finger out of her asshole, pushed her legs back
and this time she wrapped her arms around her knees and brought
them tight to her chest. She was completely open to me. I
lowered my face to her ass and barely touched it with the
tip of my tongue. It felt almost rubbery and firm at the same
time. Then I closed my eyes and licked and caressed the whole
area with my tongue. Cindy was starting to moan and tell
me how good it felt.

"Oh Julie, that feels great. Put your tongue in my
butt before I explode."
I put my hands on her thighs for balance and started to lick
her asshole. And boy did I like it. I started to see how she
got hers inside of me. I rolled it up made it as hard and stiff
as I could then went for it. I probed and at first just got
the tip in but then she seemed to relax more and it felt like
I was an inch deep. I couldn't believe I was doing this.
It was so obscene but yet so erotic. And I knew how good it
felt. She was really starting to get turned on know. She
grabbed her legs and spread them wide and up. I put my thumb
into her pussy and started tongue fucking her asshole.
She was moving so much I had a hard time keeping the tip in
so I got firmer and started sticking my tongue in her ass
as far as I could while using my thumb to do her pussy. She
was close to orgasm and was going wild as I tried to keep up
with her making my tongue work her asshole as fast as I could.
She was so wide open I started licking between her asshole
and pussy going back and forth. She was so juicy my face was
slipping all over. She lifted her ass off the table and screamed
through a long orgasm as I forced my tongue up her ass as far
as I could and wiggled it for all I was worth.

When she was calmed down, she held out her arms to me. I got
up on the table and laid on her as she had done to me. The feel
of her body against mine was wonderful. With our bodies
so oily the movement against each other was highly erotic.
I pressed my pussy to hers and rubbed my breasts on hers.
I was hooked.

When I got home, Jeff had a smile on his face. After I told
him all the details he was very proud that Cindy had made
me happy and that I had finally fulfilled my fantasy of making
to a woman. Of course he said he hoped he could watch next
time and help with the massage. I have a feeling that will

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I only wish it could have been me My Husband has watched
me with another female and said it was very erotic. I have
not found the right female partner to experiment some more
with, but I know that someday My Husband and I will fulfill
our fantasy.


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I would like to give a massage like that...any takers?


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DAMN! I wish i knew the two of you! You guys have the best stories.
I need your handbook. I hope your stories are really true.


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This story is almost identical to one of my own fantasies,
hopefully to be fulfilled soon. Fantastic, and please,
don't stop writing. You have the style of writing that
reaches to men and women alike. Bravo!


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Neat story and am a fun of giving massages that end in orgasmic
rhyths any takers!!!


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I have fantasised about a massage like that for years!!!!!


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Great Story, wish I was there to watch!!!


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WOW!! Beautifully written sensual story. Keep writting
these PLEASE


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Very hot! can't wait for for the next part.


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WOW! will you help me with my fantasy? Keep the stories coming.
They are great.


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Love it ... sensual and hot ... kept getting harder, harder
... \8b


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Wow, that was way better than my first time! I may need to find a girl who likes massages as much as me so we can service each other erotically!