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lunch time


Laying there half naked in my silk sheets tired from the lack of a good night sleep, I never would have guessed the adventure that would happen four hours later would ever be a reality in my life. These type of experiences only happen in my fantasies. I'm a good wife. Today a very naughty wife took over my body.... and I loved it!

It was a beautiful summer morning. The sky was clear and blue, the air had a slight cool breeze that made the leaves on the maple trees dance slowly. The sounds of lively song birds chirping and singing filled my ears - they always bring a smile to my face as they welcome each new day.

I awoke horny as usual... sliding my smooth legs all over the bed, moaning quietly. Touching my breasts.. nipples erect. I didn't sleep well the night before, as usual a chat rush caused me to stay up till the wee hours of the morning, playing, teasing, pleasing, connecting- on a sexual high. The lack of sleep is something I am used to, I've been doing this for years... I'll sleep later. Being sexually aroused does not make me think about being tired. The more sex I get the more I wanted. I wanted it today.

I went downstairs and poured my cup of coffee. I turned on my computer-thinking about chatting. I recently discovered a chat room filled with local people. I enjoyed talking to people who lived nearby- it was more dangerous knowing that if there was a connection - I could actually meet this person. Being a safe, smart, responsible wife and mother - I longed for danger and spontaneity. My husband was out of town for the fourth day this week. I knew he'd be home it was my last day on my own.

I had no plans- basically my ideal kind of day. I thought laying in the sun, working out, taking a walk and listening to music would fill my day. Boy was I wrong.

The next 10 minutes while sipping my morning coffee were filled with friendly chat with local people- all of whom are strangers to me. I love exploring new possibilities! I feel as if I am always on a this filled my curiosity. I recognized a few names but most of these people were new acquaintances. I said hi to a guy named EagleNights after noticing his witty intelligent chat style. He stood out in a room filled with 40 people. I have always enjoyed chat and found that to be noticed you have to be quick, observant, and responsive. A sharp mind helps in this process...and it is easy to pick out the ones who are. This man was as a star in the room. I always want the my appetite for his attention was growing rapidly.

I had no cam at this time nor did we had no idea of each other's looks. I liked it this way actually, when a person's inner beauty and mind was what you based your first impressions on. Charm shines when cam's aren't in the picture and my, was he charming! I had fantasies about what he might have looked like.......but being who I am - it mattered not. He talked to me and was able to engage me with a desire to get to know him better. I felt an instant connection. Feeling very naughty I wanted nothing more than to transition this every day talk into a naughty sexual conversation- one where I became dripping wet with every word - a conversation that resulted in the need to slowly remove my panties and use my fingers to do more than typing. I wanted so desperately to use my morning arousal to turn a man on and get off with him.....I was already extremely wet and wanted to orgasm. My fingers wanted to slip and slide.

We moved out of the room and into a private chat where the conversation turned electrically sexually focused. I realized he wanted exactly the same type of chat I preferred. We found many similarities in the lives we lead..and although he was much younger than me, we had a lot in common. He was funny, intelligent, sensitive, confident and sexually charged... my kind of man. We chat danced using stimulating words and sharing intimate experiences. Being open and honest we poured it all out. Sex sex and more sex! This was a man who was living without passion in his marriage. Something that happens so frequently with couples...his marriage was new...mine was not. He had much more sexual experiences than I, and married later in life. I married young with very few experiences. I loved hearing about his sexual escapades... oh to be a slut! I longed to feel that. I had always been a "good girl".

Fully aroused we chatted for what seemed like a few minutes...the conversation was so interesting and sexy we lost track of time. Minutes turned into an hour.

After describing each other physically he asked to see a picture of me so we exchanged emails....I sent him one. He was pleased, said I was hot and that he'd fuck me. I laughed- knowing that most men would fuck most women...and I wasn't "most" women... His comments about the way I looked seemed to dominate the entire conversation after that point and he shared an implicit craving to have me. I was pretty new to the idea of sharing my's not like I would ever meet a man in real life, so what does it matter how I look? I always received enough attention without them ever knowing what I looked liked...and I delighted in the idea that it was because of personality and conversation. Anyone can get attention with looks, it's keeping their attention without them that makes someone desirable.

Not to be arrogant but I know a few things about the way I look. I know that I'm very whole being speaks to men and women about wanting to fuck. I have a face that says "Look at me I want you, do you want me?". I've always been sexually driven. I call it is something that is constantly on my mind, and I think that's what he saw in my picture. Yes, I've been told that I'm pretty. But my sex appeal isn't because of's the 'hunger' I have to please and be wanted. You'd have to be an idiot not to see that in me.

His cock was hard and told me that he was rubbing it through his pants while we were talking. He was at work, so had to do this under his desk with discretion . He told me that the whole time we were in chat he was rock hard. Mmmm, the thought of that drove me wild. To be that hand.

He described himself as 6'2, blonde, with an athletic build and glasses. I was attracted to his mind and personality, I never asked to see a picture...I thought handsome looks would be a bonus not a necessity which surprised him. If he was arrogant I think at some point he would have sent me his picture anyways. But the fact that he didn't made it cool. He said he was average looking but had a body that he worked on a lot. I wanted him. Bad! My mind kept thinking- shit, this man works in Seattle. I could seriously get in a lot of trouble here.

At this time in my life I longed to be sinful. I had been loyal for so my life as a committed wife and mother. Being unselfish suited me....yet a more exciting life was also appealing to me on so many levels. My mind wondered to a place that made me feel both erotic and restless. I wanted him so bad. His mind was moving faster than mine....he asked to call me. I said of course. I am very intuitive and an able to tell a lot about a person through their voice, so I was eager to discover what his sounded like. Was he sincere, a good listener, intelligent - all the things I had discovered about him in chat....or would his voice disappoint me? Oh, the build up was more than I could take. I slid my fingers under my panties as we typed in anticipation of hearing his voice and the possibility of sharing phone sex with him. Phone sex.... that's what I was thinking.

He wanted much more.

I gave him my number and ran to my couch with my phone in hand. I slid off my wet panties and awaited his call as I took turns rubbing my erect nipples and massaging my glistening pussy. I moaned and purred with every touch. My hips were grinding into my hand while I pleasured myself. Every sensation was better than the one before. I was exhilarated. I wanted sex....I wanted this man inside me inside me. Hearing his voice was sure to make me cum. I wanted to cum with him more than anything else in that moment.

The phone rang once and I answered it with heavy breathing. "Hello Ryan". Oh my god...the man I heard on the other end had to be gorgeous! His voice melted me. He said "Hi Jessi! Listen, this is going to sound crazy but I want to meet you.... I can't stand not touching you. Come meet me on my lunch break and let's see if this connection is something we should explore". I was frenzied. I wasn't thinking of actually meeting sex would've been enough for me at that point. Hell, I've only known this man for an hour!

I couldn't believe my ears...yet my body was yearning to embrace him. I understood his urgency to be with me. I felt it too. I was impassioned by him. The sheer thought of being with him drove me to the edge. In our earlier chat we talked about how kissing was the most intimate and beautiful way to express passion. I thought of kissing him....mmmhhmmmm, deep wet passionate kisses. Oh, to get lost in his mouth would be heaven. Oral exploration was one of my ultimate pleasures. I also thought of touching that cock that I had aroused so wonderfully. He described it to me in complete detail earlier and I could almost taste it. A million thoughts raced through my head, the spontaneity of this moment made my pussy throb! He was oh god, his voice. Having that voice whispering in my ear would surely make me do anything. I was if I was under his spell.

I'm an intelligent woman. I am not easily tempted to make decisions quickly. I am a thinker and play out my choices to make sure that I am making good decisions. I have a great life because of my ability to think things through. This type of situation only happens in my fantasies. Was it real?

Am I so longing for passion that I would actually do this? Could I live with myself if I was to meet him? What if the attraction was unstoppable and I fucked him today....oh my god. I desperately wanted to fuck him uncontrollably. But....would I? What would this do to the man I love and adore? It would kill him if he ever found out. I have been so honest with him. He has loved me unconditionally for 16 years and deserves my loyalty. My marriage is worth the world to me...why would I risk it over a fuck? What about my family. How would I face them knowing I betrayed them? What about me, what would it do to my soul? Would I want my man as much as I do now...or, god, what if Ryan was someone who will take me to sensual places I've only dreamt of. What if I was able to finally meet my match in bed. Passionate fucking like animals.

After 16 years of being with one man- I wanted to be worshiped and fucked like never before. I needed fresh eyes and hands on me. It was imperative for my flesh to be devoured by a stranger. One who with every inch on my skin would be a new discovery. A man who didn't grow up with me. A man who when he touched me would give me goosebumps. Butterflies in my tummy. A man who sees me only as a sexual being. One who is so turned on by me all he thinks about is fucking me, not wanting to provide for me and grow old with me. Simply HOT sex.

Secretly, I have always wanted to fuck a stranger. If not Ryan...then who? I'm tried of always thinking....."what if". This could be my 'what if' moment. What if it rocks my world - and brings me more pleasure than I could imagine? I feel pleasure potential in this man unlike any other I've known in my entire life.

Rationally the smart thing to do would've been to hang up after this question was asked by Ryan.......I nstead, after much conflict that took place in my mind in a split second ..... I quickly said yes!! I'll meet you on your lunch break. Oh my god, I said YES.

Part Two

Oh my god....I said YES.

As I spoke Ryan, he was confident.....unlike me, he didn't sound the least bit surprised I said yes. Instead I noticed he was severely turned on by the idea of meeting me. He couldn't hide his arousal. It was discovered easily in his deep breathing and noticeably distracted tone of his sexy voice. By no means was his elation one sided. My primed crotch was burning hot. My bold reply even though it scared the hell out of me, was easily spoken.

Yes felt great! Saying yes to Ryan meant many things to me. Yes to life, yes to the passion of sex, yes to pleasure and excitement. A simple three letter word celebrated my vibrant sensuality! Yes meant allowing 2 wounded souls to unite. A sexual awakening of a man and a woman who were both honored by finding a loving mate to share life with yet each needing more than that to feel complete.

Monogamy alone wasn't fulfilling. Each of us practiced loyal committed relationships yet dreamt being a free spirit. Ryan and I needed each other- even if it was only to be a single meeting of bliss...our bodies yearned to be exposed, taken to the heights of full arousal and release. Quenching the thirst for our sacred passion for sex and enjoying the aspect of being able to do so in the discreet manner which we both needed....gave us freedom to accept this experience and live in the moment. To be present.

My orgasm had been building since I awoke... the pressure inside of me felt like hot lava bubbling to burst. It was as if I couldn't be any closer to an eruption, yet my body stayed in this elated state for almost an hour. I had been intensely rubbing my soaked pussy with my full hand, caressing it's nectar, staying in full bloom- waiting for the perfect moment to release it's treasures. Staying on the edge of climax was what I craved. It satisfied me to cherish my body. It's unreal the capacity of stimulation my clitoris is able to sustain. I knew this orgasm when allowed to release would ignite my inner sex goddess and leave me moaning for more.

After he accepted my answer with a shit eating grin on his face, I knew I had his full attention. I then informed him that I wanted to suck his delicious cock like it had never been sucked before. I told him that he better be ready for action when I met him. I assured him was serious, so that he was fully aware that I wanted him . This was not a game. To meet him was to please him.

I guess my mind kept going to the place where Ryan made me feel adored and safe. He was someone who amazed me with his ability to exude honesty and passion with every word. Something so rare to find. He was easy to open up to, accepting and largely candid. These qualities seduce me the same way a look or touch would. Words that are sincere and filled with passion are felt in my stomach. The pull to devour such a man steadily energized me. It had to be that... why the fuck would I promise a man I just met an award winning bj? Since I'd been with my husband, I hadn't ever sucked another man's cock! Oh my god.

I quickly wrote down directions to his workplace, and told him I'd be there at lunch.

We continued our conversation. We talked, moaned, masturbated, flirted and discussed many different topics while we shared. He was so down to earth-it was cool. Ryan not only made me laugh - he made me think. It made me want to know him deeply yet knowing that if I wasn't careful and lost my perspective on things, I'd easily fall in love with him. Oh my, how that would complicate matters.

I am the type of woman who falls in love easily...I've always been. Loving feels unlike any other emotion that exists. Not only do I allow myself to love freely....I love fiercely. To love is what I feel I was put on earth to do.

Knowing that I was a "lover" I had to keep my focus on the prize! Ryan's cock- that beautiful erect, 7 inch long, girthy, curved, dark pink, mushroom headed unit that I wanted to fuck. The only worshiping I was about to do was purely sexual. My heart would not be present in this engagement. Love was not what I was after. I wanted my hands on his body and his on mine. Never once thinking of a love affair....only wishing for erotica.

Was this naive of me? Possibly yes. How loveable will he be? How loveable am I? Is satisfying sex possible to share without love? I had heard it was..... and for the first time, I was anxious to find out through my own life experiences.!

We hung up the phone after explicit naughty talk and sexy goodbyes....both eager for our next encounter in which we would gaze into each others eyes and finally touch.

I couldn't believe how turned on I was.

I quickly ran upstairs and took off my black tank top. I was already naked from the waist down. I started my shower and thought only of Ryan. Mostly kissing him now that I missed his voice. Oh to kiss those lips. It was addicting the way I wanted him...the more I talked to him the more he enveloped me.

I got in the warm shower. The water ran down my horny body as I rubbed my clit and pussy, moaning quietly with my eyes closed. This was a place I masturbated daily- in fact my dildo could often be found right next to the shampoo. I loved my private time in the shower and looked forward to it. (Not that I didn't enjoy my husband in bed...I did that too.) See, I favor my body on my own. I like myself. Being alone brings me happiness. My shower massager and I know each other well.

I thought for a brief moment that this was not happening, that I should get it out of my head...and forget about it. But that thought was washed away suddenly by the warmth of my throbbing pussy that kept me on the right track- a track that would be purely pussy focused today!

I didn't want to cum yet...I thought it would be more impressive to wait for Ryan. My hands were quickly directed to soap up my tanned body and shave my smooth legs and pussy for bodily exploration. I wanted to look good, smell good, feel good and taste good for this first mischievous meeting. I gently soaped up, and shaved like it was my last shower. I spent much time making sure I had the closest, sexiest shaved pussy and legs I've ever had. It is common knowledge (by those who know me well) that I am today more than ever I was exactly that...paying attention to every physical detail of body. I washed my long blonde straight hair.... (yes at this time in my life I was a blonde) and sun tanned skin to make sure it was glowing. I wanted to be as fresh as a daisy.

I got out of that shower feeling radiant!

I had to squeeze my smooth legs and firm ass together several times as I dried off to appreciate the feeling of my overactive pussy. I was so caught up in what was about to happen! It was legendary how much I wanted to fuck Ryan. I'm hypersexual yet this intensity was insane. Talk about anticipation...God! All I could think about was fucking, sucking, licking, kissing, drinking, fingering, rubbing, grinding, screaming, cumming....and much more..... sigh....

I used my favorite lotion all over my body so that my skin was as soft and moist... I looked shiny as I caught my reflection in the mirror. I smiled a wicked grin as I took in this feeling of overwhelming desire. I knew now what sheer lust felt like. My urge for Ryan dripped from me. I had to close my eyes on several occasions to stop, breath in deeply and relax. It calmed me. I was so worked up. I felt high.... lust is that powerful. Maybe this lust had more power because it was going to be realized. I'm not sure...but I have never felt so lustful and powerful in my life as I did now--getting ready to meet Ryan for lunch.

I knew exactly what makeup to put on....eyes and lips would be my only target. My face looked sun touched and had a healthy glow so a bit of mascara and gloss was all I needed. I didn't want to doll up too much...even though I love to do that. The picture I showed him was a very natural me. I love makeup but I don't like to use it during the summer months.

Now for the perfume.... I carefully gave my neck a single squirt of my favorite French perfume... Éclat D'arpege. Mmmmmmm to this day it puts me in the mood . That scent will always remind me of this experience.

I went to my closet and chose my favorite sundress. Such a pretty feminine dress made with a soft flowing cotton gauzy material which was peach colored and kind of crinkly... It was fitted in the chest and very low cut showing my cleavage. The straps were braided thin like spaghetti straps.... it was a flattering dress...people noticed me when I wore it. I wanted to be as sexy as hell today and I knew that this sun dress would help me pull off that look. When I wear that dress - I feel good. You must know how the "right" outfit makes you feel like a better you. This was mine.

I never did put panties on that day... I wanted to be able feel my slippery cunt as I put my legs together. It was a good choice. I love the way I feel when I don't have underwear in my way. Yes, panties are sexy, but so is knowing your partner doesn't have any on. I also felt a bit slutty - which turns me on...I delighted in the fact that he had easy access to my pussy.

I had just gotten a pedicure the day before so my feet looked sassy. Red toes and soft clean heels. I love feet. I pamper mine weekly in the summer time. All I needed was a sexy pair of high black sandals to finish the I slid on my favorites and walked downstairs feeling very confident that I was ready for this. I stood tall. (5' 10 to be exact, with these heeled sandals on) .... heels are what I always prefer. I guess I'm a gilrie girl in that regard. Heels make me feel sexy.

Getting into my car, I had an overwhelming feeling of infatuation. I wanted to be there now...our lunch date couldn't come fast enough!

Part Three

Being that the sun was shining brightly on this summer I slid into my car, I quickly turned on the air conditioning and blasted it on my sun touched face and legs keeping me cool. I get really warm when I am worked up, so the sun was not the only blame for my bodily feelings of warmth. The adrenaline rush I received from Ryan was unreal. I was breathing hard..and had a very difficult time thinking of anything but fucking. What was so hot it could melt my dress was my dripping wet hot pussy. God, as I sat on my leather seat I could feel my bare legs underneath my sundress together gently hugging my sweet freshly shaved pussy. I was squeezing my vagina muscles together as if I was doing kegels to exaggerate the intensity of my pleasure zone. I love this feeling... I would easily convulse when it was time. Pussy convulsions. Mmmmm, it doesn't get better then that. As I squeezed my womanly muscles together- it was as if I could cum right then but of course I waited.

The drive was one of those where you get into your car and mentally turn on the "auto pilot" cruising there without know the kind, where your mind drifts off...somewhere else....yet you arrive safely to your final destination having no idea how you got there. It's amazing the capacity of our minds to hold information. All I could think about was sex yet I somehow drove the car exactly where I wanted to go.

I clearly remember the burning feeling I had as I drove to meet Ryan. It was as if I was in heat...searching for a man to make me a woman. I felt like I needed the opposite sex to devour me and make me feel whole. I knew that this awareness was something that could also be seen when looking into my eyes. I had them slightly closed in a pensive manner which may look sexy- yet gives me the function of searching profoundly for a target; an exact mate. My eyes and mind were in tune.

I looked around quietly watching men in their cars (as if they were my prey)...I saw them at stop lights, pondered them as they were driving, I noticed them all over the every direction - many men. I looked at them in hunger of some cock. I knew they had what I wanted so desperately. I also became aware quickly that they were looking at me...I usually feel this way when I know I look good. I have a confidence about me that shines. I explain it like this: I feel that my scent is being expelled in the air so that all men I'm attracted to are able to find me. It's "my" scent of a woman that men notice. Only men who are looking for sex and ones who are open to a heavenly experience smell awakens them to my female energy and makes them stop and take notice. In that moment there is nothing else on their mind, and I happen to be the prize.

Ryan was the one my intent eyes were looking for. I had him in my mind the whole time as I looked at these men...knowing that I would be with him soon.

I lifted up my sheer dress and exposed my firm thighs. I opened my legs slowly as I leaned back in my seat slightly. I wanted to feel my excitement. Oh how delightful! Sure as the sun warmed my face- my pussy was wet and slippery! I slid my fingers in touching the delicious honeysuckle that made me a woman. My fingers wanted to stay here....I breathed out deeply and sighed....ahhhhhhh God, I love being a woman. What a celebration it is to have a vagina...moments like these make the others worth living. I cherished being a woman. I am free to be passionate, sensitive, caring, loving, emotional, affectionate, expressive, daring, wild, carefree, talkative, quiet or whatever I felt like expressing at any given moment because I am a woman. Woman are able to change their behavior without judgment by adapting to many different social situations and use a plethora of emotions. Men are only allowed certain behaviors if they are indeed ever to be judged as being "manly". Bullshit. Men must feel what we feel. The inability to express it freely is what they lack. It's a shame. And now why I will say it again :'s beautiful being a woman. What a blessing.

My heart was ready to burst as I gently stroked my clit and rubbed my warm pussy juice all over my princess. I moaned softly and took in deep breaths to assure good oxygen and blood flow. Seriously, each minute became one mile closer to Ryan and I knew that very soon I would hold him tight. I was elated.

I brought my latest CD. I had been listening to it for days now... I remember it was playing a favorite song of mine as I fingered my pussy. The music took me to an almost spiritual place. The lyrics spoke to me unlike ever before and I saw clearly the vision of the artist. It was mind blowing.... feeling it, hearing it, moving to it, becoming entranced. Music moves me like nothing else does. My ears are not what hears's truly my soul and today my soul was standing at attention.... wishing that this day would never end. What if today was my lat day?

I felt like I could not have been more ready to meet Ryan. The drive was calming yet inspiring. I felt great...infatuation did me good. I couldn't wait to get my hands all over his body. I thought of his cock...mmmmmm. I focused on how I wanted to please him with my lips and tongue. Heaven was having a hard cock in my mouth. My man's was all I knew for many years- so even thinking of having a new cock on my tongue made me cream.

Could it be....was I close to his work? Yes, only a few blocks away now. He told me to call him on his cell when I arrived at this I did. My hands shaking now, I realized I was more nervous than I had imagined. Oh my god, I could barely dial his number. Whew...I'm worked up. This is a trip. What the fuck am I doing? God, he better answer. I am too horny not to at least meet him and make out for 20 minutes in my car... it was much to late to turn back now.

Ring...ring...ring... Hello, he answered. "Hi's Jessi". "Ahhh... wow, that was fast! God, I missed you Jessi.....park near the building and watch for me at the double doors. You know what I look like right? Tall, blonde with glasses. I'll be right there."

I agreed and said "oh Ryan I'm so nervous". We both laughed (nervous laughter) and just before we hung up he asked me... Jessi- are you sure you want to do this? Awww...I paused and thought about how sweet that question was. How considerate and sensitive. (now, that's a man I have to fuck) Oh...Ryan yes I am sure about this. I want you. Good, he said me too Jessi..and we hung up. Oh his voice... it made me melt. What a man.

Part Four

Pulling up into the parking spot couldn't have been more nerve wracking. My emotions were soaring, my head was spinning and my ripe body, primed for anything. I turned off the engine and waited ... looking eagerly for this man who was driving my senses wild. There he was...he opened the door looking very dapper... Oh wow, he was sexy. (not that I was surprised, he carried himself in a way only a confident man would) A very trendy sorta guy, dressed very professionally yet hip. He was indeed tall and also very handsome.. ohh my I wanted him!

As I stared him down..he slowly approached. It was almost as if he was walking in slow motion, I remember it perfectly. I wanted him to run to me. But this was a good time for me to soak up his presence. I was very pleased with the way he presented himself to the world. He was a hottie. I was able to confirm he was not only nice on the eyes..but honest (whatever that meant, married, and talking to another married woman... meeting her after only a few hours. Honest about his looks, I guess, at least so far. Ha) Everything else I knew about him put me in a very nice place. I was ready to get my hands and lips on him!

I was shaking like a leaf as I got out of my car. I stood up, adjusted my dress, tossed my hair back and licked my lips.. this was the moment.

When I say shaking, I mean it. Not only my hands... but my soul was trembling. The excitement affected my whole body. I have never in all my years been this aroused and apprehensive simultaneously. Whatever it was ... this feeling haunts me to this day. I get butterflies in my tummy recalling it.

Seeing someone who over the internet you have an attraction to ... is quite amazing really. Online it is so easy to talk to someone and dive right into the juice that get's you charged sexually... yet in person - no one is really able to have such a free conversation so soon after just meeting someone. It's tremendous and overwhelming how easy it is to meet someone over typed words. Seeing on the other hand this face, this body, this man I was irresistibly connected to in such a short period of time was believing. I needed to see if this connection was truly anything it was cracked up to be. I needed to touch it, taste it, hear it, see it to confirm it was indeed anything special.

Ryan was here... next to me now! I looked at him eye to eye, sundress to cotton pants... vagina to cock. I was in awe. He smiled as he reached out to me with both hands, taking mine into his chest.. then separating them wide saying look at you! "Jessi, you couldn't be any sexier" Ahhh, to hear those words from a man who hadn't fathered my children, sounds silly now but meant so much to me in that moment. To me - this was a fantasy. I was a sex object. I was someone who ignited this man. It was purely about sexual attraction, and oh my god ... the physical attraction was just as good if not better than the online feeling i had developed. I was barely able to contain myself. I wanted to attack him at that moment mounting him like an animal.

We hugged... I was shaking... he thought it was sweet... I laughed, embarrassed that I was so nervous. My emotions were powerful.

We got into my car and agreed to find a hidden place somewhere close to explore each other. We had joked about it on the phone... but, my car (an SUV) had tinted windows, and if the "meeting" went well we could fuck the shit out of each other inconspicuously. I wanted to eat him up.

As I drove carefully, in full distraction, I gently reached over and rested my hand on his thigh. Mmmm, it was muscular.. he felt so good. It made me wet just being there with him thinking of what was going to happen next. Feeling his leg on my hand was just as delicious as I thought it would be. My mind played out many different traffic-stopping scenarios as we looked for a place to stop and play. We were determined. At the first stop light I unbuttoned his pants slowly with both hands, focusing on him. I looked into his eyes... I couldn't wait to see and feel what he had waiting inside to offer me. My eyes had a hungry look, I could see in his response he was approving as well as equally hungry for me. Oh, he was rock hard. I felt his throbbing through his pants. I rubbed his erection over the fabric with them fully unbuttoned and unzipped, teasing him sweetly. I slipped my fingertips just below the waist band of his boxer briefs and traced his beautifully fit abs. Mmmm all of it was a feast for my flesh. My fingertips fancily danced along his smooth skin charting new territory.

He closed his eyes and stretched out his long 6'2" frame filling the passenger seat as he lifted his hips and cock to my hands. The light was green now but I hadn't noticed. Driving again, I kept my right hand tucked gently inside his underwear touching the very tip of his penis. It was silky and warm , the texture of his pounding flesh was like satin in my hand. I bit my lip, finding it very frustrating to hold back my passion for him. He reached over, looked at me, and seductively pulled my sundress up exposing my leg. So smooth and soft, he rested his strong hand there as if to calm and encourage me. He caressed my leg as I melted into him. Being that I was driving, I had to focus on getting us a spot to park.

The next stop light approached and as I stopped I took action on Ryan's body again. This time I exposed his full cock, it was beautifully erect. Pulsating and sensitive, I took it into my hands and rubbed it lightly... moaning soft moans, wanting only to please him. I bent down and brought my sensual mouth to him licking my lips, getting ready to taste his hard cock. I did, and ohhh god... it was delicious. I tasted pre cum... it was sweet and salty... made my mouth water. I traced the outline of his unit up and down... and he said my name.As I took his dick deep inside of my mouth he said.. oh jessi stop - you're gonna make me cum. I giggled to myself knowing of his hypersensitivity to this moment. I too could cum ay any moment. I let my mouth release from his pleasure zone and smiled knowing he wanted to cream in his pants.

At this point, we were both getting impatient. The need to attack each other sexually- like animals was more that each of us could bear.
The lust was dripping from the car - seeping out for all to smell. We craved to be one. ... Ryan, in almost a panic told me to pull over... I quickly did .. it was a busy cross street, traffic sped by us as I parked.

What happened next awakened my soul, my being, my core. How can I possibly describe our first kiss? Something so sensual and beautiful. An act so sacred and intimate, one I personally could not imagine living without. Such a simple expression- yet one so full of meaning and power..... our first kiss.....

Ryan looked into my eyes as I watched him closely in anticipation for his next move. We were both breathing deeply. He leaned into me, reached over, took the back of my neck with his left hand and his other towards my face and neck. I almost cried out at this point in sheer delight. He parted his lips and literally devoured me. Oh god! I felt more passion in a single moment with his lips on mine than I am able to express in words. The synchronicity of our kiss was heavenly. Aggressive, skilled, and full of fire. Exactly what I desired in a kiss. Ryan knew how to kiss me like Picasso knew how to paint. I suddenly felt like I was alive and more in tune with all of my senses. If I didn't just meet this man...I would have sworn I'd been kissing him for years! I never would have known a single kiss could affect me in this way. I was already near orgasm...but, he took me so deep inside of him with that kiss- it was like having an actual orgasm. I wanted him to never release me! I felt his kiss with every cell.

The kissing lasted several minutes. While we were connected tongue to tongue I called out softly with desire. I explored his body with my hands...searching and discovering many places he enjoyed. What was so wonderful was the way we each were interested in feeling in complete detail each other's bodies. He didn't miss a spot. His kisses covered me with warmth... he lead them to my neck, ears, shoulders, and then as he lowered my dress straps, he exposed my chest. My erect nipples greeted his tongue. His sweet kisses licked and sucked my tits. It felt incredible.

As he kissed my nipples his hands were now on my waist, then my hips, my legs and my inner thighs. My soft shaved wet pussy waited patiently for his eager touch ... ohhhh, he was close... and I couldn't wait. He followed my thighs to my ass and said "oh Jessi" as he learned I had no panties. He touched my ass in approval. My ass loved having him there.

I couldn't hold still. Thrusting into his touches, I allowed myself freedom to be open to all of his expressions. Just then...he found the warm nectar between my legs. Sigh... what a feeling. As he fingered my moisture moving it around my engorged clit, I was now touching his naked cock again. Happiness! Stroking it in a steady yet soft rhythm, I wanted to bring him to orgasm, but not with my hands. I wanted to drink his cum.... and feel it inject me deeply. I enjoyed his erection as he fingered me.... oh his fingers inside of me unfolding me - releasing the lust allowing it to reach out was more than I could take.

He rubbed me as I was grinding hard on his hands. My hips moving with a purpose- after the ecstasy of being stimulated in all the right places I finally let myself go! I exploded in an orgasm all over his hands as he fingered me aggressively and pushed on my clit. Oh My God!!! It was exactly as I needed... the release, was what I was waiting for so desperately. It was exhilarating. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! My pussy throbbed, tight contractions hugged his wet fingers. I exhaled... he left them in for the full vaginal muscle massage. I enjoyed my rapture as it was in full peak, and smiled.

I told him I wanted him to fuck my face.

I took a few moments to adore his cock again visually, noticing every aspect of what made it such a special prize. I love cocks, and this one in particular I was quite fond of. It was very impressive. It was about 7 inches, nice and thick and had a slight curve. The tip of his penis had a great mushroom head. It was delicious. The way it felt in my hands and mouth was even better than how it looked - if that was possible.

I licked my lips knowing that I was about to receive my reward. I wanted to make him cum hard and I hoped I was going to be able to work for it. I took his glistening cock inside of my mouth and with my lips tightly around him, I started licking and sucking him. I brought my middle finger to my tongue and licked it... I inserted it slowly and steadily right inside of his tight ass hole...bringing him erotic indulgence. He loved it... I took my finger and moved it slowly around, in and out, and bent my finger massaging the rectal wall. The whole time sucking his cock inch by inch. He was so close to orgasm now, I could feel my mouth welling with juices and his cock thrusting and throbbing deep inside of me. I also heard his breathing stagger. I knew it would near astonishment at any moment. Suddenly he thrashed about... shooting cum down my throat....he froze in that moment and I took in my drink of choice.Yum! It tasted so warm and oh my god there was a lot of it. His cum filled me. I released pressure, and very carefully licked up every last drop. I looked up at him noticing a beautiful smile and even a giggle. No words were needed. Finally, I brought my cum soaked tongue up to his mouth and we kissed passionately again, this time sharing his cum. We smiled naughtily.

We each took this experience in as something very hot, rare and also dangerous. We talked about it as we laid together in our "O- Glow's". Ryan and I learned many things about each other that lunch break.

I will always remember the way he looked at me as I drove away... You see, he didn't look at me at all. He never looked back... not once.

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was a little bit lengthy at times, but overall pretty good.