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kelly's adventure (somewhat long) but please enjoy


Playing online is awesome. There was one adventure there
that I will not forget.

My name is Kelly. When I have down time, you can usually find
me online in the chat rooms. I like to meet and chat and I have
to admit 99% of the time it becomes well what many refer to
as cyber-sex. I will also admit that I have played around
with role-playing online as well. But truth be told that
can get a little old. There is only so much you can type about
what you would do to some-one. I was feeling a little bored
one night while in the chat rooms and decided to try something

I had been chatting with this really curious guy for a little
while asking the normal questions, like when did you loose
your virginity and what’s your fantasy. Well once we reviled
to each other what our fantasies was and discovered it was
the same. Well I became very, very excited. He asked me a
question that made me cream my panties just thinking about.
He asked me if I’d like to make it come true with him. Wow,
I thought to myself. This would be so awesome. I am a very
curious woman. I enjoy sex immensely. The thought was there
to take him up on his offer. I asked the safe questions now.
The ones that can turn you off or make you feel very safe.
I asked about diseases and if he had anyone else in mind.

You will know my fantasy soon enough.

We also discovered that we live very close to one another
so that wasn’t going to get in the way. He did have someone
else in mind and he would take care of the details. We agreed
to meet in the middle and started making plans.

The anticipation grew over the next few days as our plans
started coming together. We would meet at a hotel between
where we live, at night and fulfill our fantasy. The fantasy
was intensified by the fact that we where strangers.

As I drove to the location we had planned I wondered would
he be what I expected. Would this be an adventure of a life
time. Would it be the most awesome experience I would ever
have. Little did I know it would be better than my imagination
could express.

As I reached the hotel and went in side, I felt anxiety. Would
he be here yet. Would we find each other before the event.
Would… suddenly I heard “Kelly” which brought me back to
reality. I turned to see a tall dark and handsome stranger
looking at me.

I responded “yes.”

He looked at me with a smile that, I could not resist. “Would
you join me for a drink at the bar?”

I said “of course John” with a pleased smile on my face.

As we walked to the bar we began to talk randomly about things
like, the weather, and how beautiful he found me to be, and
small talk which eased my nerves.

Suddenly the bartender leaned in and said something to
John I couldn’t quit make out.

With a smile once again on his face he said to me “Shall we?”

As we stood I took his arm and he escorted me to the elevators.
He said to me quit innocently “Are you ready to have your
fantasy?” I nodded my head, with a smile the widened as we
left the elevator. Once we reached the door. I felt excitement
again. He opened the door and allowed me inside first. The
room was beautiful. There where candles burning all around
and I noticed a large sunken tub in the middle of the room
filled with bubbles. I was now smiling so big, and could
say nothing.

As I walked farther into the room I noticed that there was
a shadow of another man standing in the corner of the room.
He was half dressed only in jeans and I could see the handsome
outline of his strong frame.

John was behind me now and I felt his hand gently being placed
on my shoulder as he stepped to my side. He asked “pleased
so far?”

I looked at him and glanced into his eyes, smiled and said

As we walked up to the tub I noticed yet another shadow. Standing
at the window. I strained to see that it was yet another man.
Standing there. I could see that he was also strong. I could
see the cut of his chest and the muscles of his arms that where
folded in front of him. I felt very aroused by this.

John turned me toward him and softly pulled me into his arms
for a kiss. A very passionate kiss. I was surprised, very
happily surprised. I could feel his strong arms as the wrapped
around my small frame and I could feel his hands as the caressed
my near bare back. As our kiss ended. He looked at me with
a smile and then reached into the pocket of his jacket and
pulled something from it.

I stood there with curiosity, and then as he turned me around
so that my back was to him, I realized what he had pulled from
his pocket. He placed a blind fold gently around my head
covering my eyes. Now the arousal in me was growing as I knew,
I was now in the company of three handsome strangers. And
that I was there not only their pleasure but my own.

I stood there quietly for a moment. And suddenly felt a hand
and then two and then three. The first hand was caressing
the back of my head, the second was caressing the cheek of
my face and the third I felt as it was undo my blouse. My breathing
increased dramatically as I felt another set of hands undoing
my jeans. The soft touches where so amazing. I was completely
at there mercy. I realized that they where undressing me,
and admiring me. I reached out with my hand and a found an
arm and caressed up to find his chest. My hand brushed across
his pecks memorizing what I could not see. As I felt my jeans
being pulled from my hips and down. I then reached down and
found the head of another and found my balance as he knelt
to remove my jeans. His hair was thick but short. As my jeans
where removed my blouse was now open exposing my bra covered
tits. And I felt as from behind hands where pulling my blouse
off and down my arms. I felt as hands caressed my exposed
body slowly across my chest and down my belly and the inside
of my thighs and my back. The pleasure of there touches made
me moan slightly, as I then felt hand on each hip to remove
my thongs. I felt his hands slide down the outside of my thighs
all the way to my ankles and I reached out for balance once
again to step out. I found a hand and placed mine for support.
I noticed that it was larger than mine and I very strong.
My imagination was now wondering, who where these handsome
strangers. What did they look like. Where they pleased
with what they saw and what would happen next. Strangely
there was silence. I could only here breathing as I noticed
that there was faster now. I felt hands as they unfastened
the front of my bra and then reached in to caress my tits as
they removed it. Another set of hands removed the straps
from my shoulders and slide it off my arms. Hands where still
caressing my breasts. Gently and I again had to let out a
slight moan of pleasure. I could feel hands as they caressed
my firm little ass and then I felt hands on each side of the
inside of my thighs as they pushed my legs apart. I felt a
warm breath as it breathed heavily on my exposed pussy.
And I was pleased. I knew that my pussy wanted the kiss. I
wanted to feel a warm wet tongue lick my pussy. I then felt
a kiss on the inside of my thigh as I leaned my head back. I
felt a mouth embrace my now hard nipple. I felt hands behind
me caressing and then I felt a body as it pressed against
my back. I could feel him as he pressed against me and began
to kiss my neck. And tease my ear. My breathing was heavy
and I was moaning a louder now. I felt a hand take my wrist
and pull my hand to him and rub my hand down his chest to his
now exposed cock. It was hard as I wrapped my hand around
his shaft. I began to stroke it. And I John say into my ear
“Are you enjoying yourself so far?” I moaned a “yes.” And
then asked him “Are you?” He placed his hand on my chin and
turned my head to his and said “More than I imagined” as he
kissed me once again so passionately. I suddenly felt everyone
stop and they took my hands one on each side and slowly walked
me into the bath tub. I submerged my body into the warm bubble
bath, still blind folded and then felt someone else enter
the tub with me and then another and yet another slide in
behind me. I was now sitting in the middle of the tub surrounded
by three handsome strangers. I sat there a few moments anticipating
what would be in store for me next. I suddenly feel a warm
wet cloth begin to caress my shoulders. I could smell its
sweet perfume. I then felt another as it began to caress
my collar bone. I sat there submissive to them as they washed
me softly and gently. I felt the cloth as it caressed my breast
and my hard nipples. I felt as someone leaned in and began
to kiss my neck and tease my ear. Nothing was said. The silence
was piercing. I wanted to be taken and used for each of there
pleasure. I wanted to taste each one of them I wanted to feel
more than just there caress. I wanted to feel the passion
that each of them had to offer. The anticipation was starting
to kill me slowly, as I moaned. I then heard John as he asked
me to stand. I did as I was asked with the help of the others
and I felt as each of them began to lather me from all sides
with the clothes that smelt so sweet. And suddenly I felt
warm water being poured down my chest and back, rinsing
the lather of the sweet soap from my body. I stood there a
moment, but not long enough for a chill. I felt as hands where
place on the insides of my thighs once again pushing my legs
apart. I felt someone as they stood up beside me and leaned
in to find my hard nipple with his tongue. I wanted this so
badly. And suddenly I felt as hands parted my pussy and I
felt the caress of his tongue as it licked every inch of my
slit. I moaned as I felt the third man stand and begin to kiss
my neck, and slowly work down to the other nipple that was
feeling so neglected. I was being so completely pleasured.
This was better than anything I had imagined. I felt my pussy
as it was being licked ache for more wanting to be filled,
wanting to be fucked, craving each of their hard cocks for
its selfish pleasure. I felt as the man licking my pussy
slowly made his way down with his tongue to my hole and began
to lick it as if to drink me up. I felt so awesome. I was now
moaning and they could hear my breathing. And suddenly
the man to my right leaned down and began to lick my clit at
the same time as the other licked my hole. This was so amazing
and felt almost to weak to stand. The other man moves behind
me and places his arms around under mine and caresses my
breasts. I lean back on him for support as I take all the pleasure
being offered. I can’t believe how damn amazing this feels.
I feel myself as I begin to climax my body jerks with pleasure
as I cream, they do not stop the one is drinking me up as the
other doesn’t slow. I am now in the arms of the man behind
me as I again squirt juices of pleasure. Noticing that I
could stand up no longer. The man behind me turns me and picks
me up and carries me from the tub to the bed. As we reach the
bed. He sits me down gently and leans in to kiss me and I notice
right away that it is John. I would remember his passionate
kiss. My hands reach out and begin caressing his chest and
make my way down until I find his cock. I want to taste his

So badly. I lean forward to find it with my mouth, and feel
a hand on my chin and then John whispers once again in my ear
“Not yet, we haven’t finished.” He gently pushes me back
on the bed and I feel sweet, soft kisses as they are scattered
down my chest and over each of my nipples and my belly to my
wet aching pussy. He pushes my thighs apart and begins kissing
each softly and slowly as I then feel teasing kisses on the
right side of my neck, and lips as the close around my left
hard nipple. I moan as John opens my pussy with both hands
and begins to tease my clit with his tongue. I reach out each
arm to find each hard dick to my sides and stroke, as the kisses
move down to my lonely breast and begins to suckle. I feel
John’s tongue teasing and licking every inch of my pussy.
I pull the cock in my right hand closer to my mouth and lean
to meet it with my lips. The head was large and hard and yet
so soft on my wet lips as I moved it slowly over my lips. And
suddenly John looks up and tells them to remove the blindfold
from my eyes. As it was removed my vision was blurry but I
could tell the room was still only lit by the candles that
had been placed carefully around the room and the spell
of musk was thick in the air. As my vision returned I could
now see the strangers. Their strong built bodies where
well defined and I was very pleased to now see what I had been
kissing only moments ago. I looked down at John as he raised
his head and our eyes met and I could see the questioning
of approval. I smiled and he knew I was pleased. He lowered
his face once more between my thighs as I moaned and continued
to admire these strangers he had picked for me. I pulled
the hard cock in my right hand back to my lips once more craving
it. My lips parted and I wrapped them around the head. Caressing
it with my wet tongue memorizing the softness and curves
as I ran it all around, before taking more deeper into my
mouth. The shaft was thick, and I could feel the hard throbbing
veins and texture as it plunged in deeper, slowly. Suddenly
I could feel the head of his cock at the back of my throat as
I heard him moan. My eyes where closed as I began to slow try
to swallow the head of his shaft. As I was thinking how I couldn’t
wait to have each of these cocks as my lollipops. As tears
began to run softly down my cheeks I pulled his shaft out
only part way and the back in and quickly began to milk it
with my mouth, and with each stoke craving for his hot juices
became stronger. But I also knew there was another at my
fingertips that I couldn’t wait no longer for. As I could
feel his hand caressing my hair I released the cock I had
and turned to face the other. Stroking the one I had just
left and feeling the pleasure of John’s tongue and mouth
I pulled the new one closer. And with my hand lifting his
shaft I started kissing his nicely shaven balls. Softly
with my wet lips on at a time before pulling them into my mouth,
sucking and rolling them around on my tongue. My hand still
holding his shaft and pressed against his stomach I could
feel his breathing increase with each little tickle of
my tongue. I slowly released the last one from my mouth and
with my tongue made a slow climb up his shaft to the tip. As
I removed my hand I moved it to his sack and took his shaft
slowly into my mouth memorizing it as I had the first. Once
he was at the back of my throat I gave and Swallow or two before
beginning to milk his cock as I had the one before. John’s
tongue was now teasing my pussy hole I could feel my wetness
increase as it mixed with that from his tongue and suddenly
tongue was inside me. I had to stop sucking as I through my
head back and sighed out load with pleasure. The feeling
of his tongue inside me teasing was extremely pleasant,
but when he began to tease my wet little ass hole with his
fingers, I feel back on to the bed and arched my back and almost
held my breath so I could keep the moment. The Stranger to
my right leaned in and began to caress my stomach and kiss
my neck. While the other stood there watching and stroking
his cock, once I opened my eyes again I could see he was finding
pleasure in my pleasure. I had opened my eyes once I had convulsed
from orgasm and as John was literally drinking my juices.
We all stayed where we were for a moment as if savoring the
moment. I laid there with my eyes closed still feeling the
energy that surged through my body from orgasm and knowing
I was the only one who had experienced that so far that there
was much more to cum (come).

My eyes still closed I felt John slow raise up between my
thighs with his hands out stretched against my stomach
and then as his body slowly lowered on top of mine. I opened
my eyes to met his and his kiss. I embraced him with my arms
and caressed his firm hard back as our tongues explored
each others mouths. His back was smooth and as my hands moved
down slowly across his round hips to his firm round ass I
squeezed. It felt like we kissed for so long but I knew it
hadn’t been but a moment his lips left mine and began to travel
down my chin to my neck. His kissed where sweet and gentle.

He raised his body up once more from mine and his hands started
exploring my body slowly as he rubbed down the center of
my breast and then each hand finding my tits. He caressed
each of them with the same motions squeezing and petting
them I looked at him once more and in his eyes I saw his pleasure
with me.

He now stood up as I rolled over and got on all fours and crawled
slowly to the end of the bed toward him. I wanted to have his
cock now. I wanted to memorize this man who made my fantasy
real. As I neared him moved forward knowing what I wanted.
His cock was hard, and thick and throbbing as I neared I wrapped
my hand around the thickness of his shaft and began to lick
the head with my tongue slowly. I felt his hand as it began
to caress my hair softly. I teased the head for a moment and
the with out warning I opened my mouth and inserted every
inch of his thick throbbing cock that I could down my throat.
I felt as his hands caress became a push and tightened with
and hand full of my hair. I closed my eyes as I began to try
to swallow every inch of him. My tongue caressing the underside
of his cock and my lips tightening with every swallow. His
cock was long and hard so I could take every inch but I could
tell he was still pleased. As his hand released slightly
I slid him out about half way for a moment and then back once
more where he had once been. His hand tightened as his hips
trusted and tightened. And suddenly from behind me I felt
movement on the bed. I could tell one of my strangers was
joining me on the bed. I felt as his hands grabbed my hips
as he moved in between my spread legs and as he removed his
hand from my right hip, I felt the head of his cock as it begin
to be slid up and down the slit of my still wet pussy. My eyes
closed as I pulled John from the back of my throat. I knew
what was to come. And the thought made my body tighten. I
wrapped my hand around the shaft of John’s cock while my
mouth was still around the other half and I felt John’s hands
move to each of my shoulders for support. The head of the
cock at my pussy was now placed in its position and I could
feel it as he pushed every inch of his hard cock inside. My
breathing sped up more and mores his hands tightened on
my hips with each thrust of his hard cock. The cock in my mouth
slid in at out with each thrust. With each thrust I felt the
pleasure and craved each of theirs. As he slid his cock from
my now socking pussy and crawled off the bed the third stranger
took his place. He placed is cock to my dripping wet pussy
and slid it up and down tease my clit with the head of his hard
dick. My moans of pleasure where regular now as I heard each
of them and their increased breathing. The one that had
just left my pussy moved around beside John stroking his
cock and I wanted to taste his shaft and lick my juices from
it. I removed my lips from John’s cock and leaned in as I grabbed
the juicy cock with my hand pulling it near I felt the other
as it was pushed in filling me up completely. I closed my
eyes and bit my lips as my back arched. It was so hard, but
silently I was still waiting to feel the pleasure John had
in store for me. After all he is the one I had connected with
and he is the one that had made all of this possible. As the
cock in my pussy began milking itself inside me I opened
my eyes once more feeling the juices around the cock in my
hand and still wanting to taste the tangy sweet juices that
covered it. I brought it to my lips and began to lick it all
over, every inch. The juices were pleasant to my lips and
tongue as I licked the cock in my pussy was pumping harder
now, I dropped my head bracing myself before asking for
harder I could feel my energy peck as I was at climax. My head
now thrown back and my back arched, my eyes closed I could
feel his hands as they grabbed harder at my hips as the thrust
now not only harder but faster and suddenly my body convulsed
with ecstasy as I felt my orgasm take over my entire body.
It was exquisite. He only slowed for a moment and continued.
My pussy juices now running down my thighs as he thrusted.
And suddenly he stopped, I’m sure he was close to loosing
his load but he stopped and slid out slowly slid back on the
bed as I felt another body moving onto the bed behind me.
It was John, as I looked back to see he was crawling and then
I saw as his head moved into the inside of my thighs and began
to lick the pussy juices from my thigh. I felt so good. His
tongue was warm and as he moved up closer to my pussy and then
he licked my pussy from clit to hole and back again before
sitting up. He placed his hand on my stomach and raised me
up onto my knees so that my back was pressed against him.
He moved his hand to my jaw and turned my face to his as kissed
me, as our mouths parted and our tongues began to explore
each others mouths again I could taste my juices still on
his lips. My eyes closed as we kissed I feel it as one of my
strangers moved into the front of me and placed his mouth
to my pussy tasting me for himself. John placed his hands
around me placing them first on my stomach and softly caressing
and the slowly sliding up finding each of my breasts with
each of his hands, squeezing them gently and then teasing
each of my hard nipples with his thumbs and index fingers.
Your kiss continued and I felt his hard pressed against
the top of my ass cheek. He felt so good, and I knew now that
it was his turn. The anticipation built inside me wanting
to experience him wanting to pleasure him as much as he was
wanting to please me. Our kiss released and he laid me back
on the bed. My eyes open looking at John with a wanting look
he spread my thighs and crawled between my legs. He lifted
my knees and began sliding the head of his cock up and down
my wet throbbing pussy. The head of his cock slid smoothly
and I closed my eyes closed wanting it inside me. He slid
it up and down now from my clit to my asshole and back again.
And then it found its way to my pussy hole and I tightened
my closed eyes as he slid his bulging hard cock slowly into
my pussy. His cock was bigger than the others and filled
my tight pussy so full. I let out a moan as my eyes opened to
look at John and say that his head was back and his eyes was
closed and the he was pleased, as he moaned. His cock stayed
buried for only a moment before he raised my knees higher
into his hands and began to slid in and out of my pussy slowly.
With each insertion I moaned, the juices where slowly trickling
down my asshole as John began to fuck me faster I reached
my hands up to his chest burying my nails into his firm pecks
as his thrusts got harder and harder, and I moaned “yes,
oh yes faster, Fuck me hard.” He pressed my knees down to
the bed at my sides and began to fuck me so hard that I forgot
that we where not alone, I forgot where I was, I only felt
need for his thrusts, I only wanted more and more of John.
I could feel my climax once more as it built inside of me it
was ecstasy. I could feel John cock as it hardened he was
nearing climax and I wasn’t ready for him to cum as I convulsed
with my orgasm he pulled out to stop his. I lay there for just
a moment enjoying the moment. John lay down beside me and
whispered in my ear “Are you happy so far.” I leaned in with
a quick kiss to his lips and replied “ So very happy.” He raised
up and motioned me off the bed. I crawled to him and slowly
got to my feet beside him. He took my hand and lead me to the
fire place which wasn’t lit since this was a beautiful summers
night. There where pillows placed there for couples to
snuggle in the winter. John placed two pillow side my side
so they touched and lay down on them and motioned for me to
come to him. As I neared I got to my knees beside him and began
to rub his muscular body slowly exploring every inch of
him. Feeling his skin and muscles with my palms. He was slightly
sweaty so my hands slid smoothly over him I leaned down and
met his chest with my lips. I kissed his pecks slowly until
I found his nipple and began to tease it with my tongue. It
was hard as I began to suck it soft to begin with until his
hand touched my head and I heard him say “yes, mmm harder.”
I sucked as hard as I could for a moment before he pushed my
head away and pulled me over to the top of him. My body pressed
to his as we lay there I felt his cock against my thighs as
our lips met and we explored a passionate kiss once more.
When our kiss broke I raised up straddling him, my knees
on each side of him pressed to the floor and his cock, against
my still wet pussy. I slid back and forth on his hard cock
for a moment and then lifted my ass and with my hand placed
the head of his cock to the hole of my pussy and slowly lowered
myself down slowly inserting his hard cock once more into
my pussy. His hard cock filled my pussy once more so fully
as I pulled my knees up and placed my feet on the floor. I then
began to raise my ass pulling his shaft slightly from my
pussy before dropping and pushing all of him in once more,
over and over. My head back and my hands placed on my thighs
for support his hands under my thighs near my ass pressing
against me with each rise and fall. My tits bouncing against
my chest with each movement. And my moans echoing once more.
I could feel my juices as they began build and I knew they
where dripping down his balls, I could here the wetness
with each insertion. His cock was pure ecstasy. When my
strength diminished I sat back down on his shaft hard once
more. Breathing furiously, I now felt the wetness that
had covered his balls, as the pressed against my asshole.
I sat there only a moment before he pulled me to his chest
once more I was shorter than him so he raised his head and
met my lips once more with his as my knees pressed once more
to the floor. His cock still inside and my pussy throbbing,
he kissed me. And suddenly from behind I felt a stranger
which I had innocently forgotten as he moved to his knees
behind me, and ran his finger down the crack of my ass. I knew
that this was going to be the moment I would never forget,
as his finger rested on my wet asshole and began to press
and tease for a moment. My kiss released as I turned my head
and looked back and gave a smile of approval. His eyes smiling
he leaned down and began teasing my wet asshole with his
tongue my head turned back to John and threw back as my back
arched. His tongue on my asshole teasing it and licking
the juices and John’s cock in my now tightening pussy sent
pleasure all through my body that is hard to explain. All
I can say is that it felt to fucking good. My moaning was more
of whines of pleasure whining for more. He removed his tongue
from my asshole and I looked at John panting as I looked into
his eyes with a look of exquisite pleasure. I slid up and
down his body slightly moving his shaft in and out of my pussy
for a moment before hand was placed on my hip and I felt the
head of his cock as it was placed against my now throbbing
asshole. I stopped moving for moment waiting to feel this
hard cock be added to my already full filling. He pressed
slowly and I felt the head of his cock as it parted my tight
little asshole. John’s hands where on each of my sides for
support as he pushed more and more his hard cock into my ass.
I feel the to of their shafts as they now filled me up completely.
There was no pain only fullness only full and complete feelings
of satisfaction as all of his cock was now inside my ass along
with John’s in my pussy. The stranger began to pull out and
push back in slowly. With every small thrust he made at my
asshole I slid slightly up and down John’s cock in my pussy.
We where all moaning and sighing with satisfaction now.
As his thrusts to my ass came a little faster. The strangers
hands tightly squeezing my ass with each thrust and John’s
hands still on my sides, and suddenly to my left side I see
my third stranger, his cock in his hand stoking it very hard
and caressing my shoulder. Oh god, yes I think to my self
as I turn to his cock and he offers it to my mouth. My lips open
I begin to suck the tip of his cock as he continues to stroke.
The thought of having every hole of my body filled by the
sexy strong beasts made me cringe with delight. I could
feel myself near climax once more as my asshole began to
tighten and I just held the head of his cock in my mouth I began
to orgasm and convulse my back arched my stomach pressed
against John’s I could feel the cream as it oozed out of my
hot throbbing pussy. The pleasure was so extreme. No one
stopped and then another flush of orgasm filled my body
once more as I released the cock from my mouth and screamed
with ecstasy. Just then the stranger behind me removed
his cock from my ass and John slid me from his cock and as I
set back in the middle of the floor the three of the surrounded
me and stroking their hard cocks. I leaned in to taste the
pussy juice on John’s thick hard throbbing cock just as
the stranger who had been in my ass shot his hot load all over
my back and ass John was nearing his orgasm as I leaned my
head back at the head of his cock with my mouth open and tongue
ready to taste his hot juices as he unloaded all over my face
and in my mouth. I ran my tongue out teasing the head of his
cock as I could hear the third strangers breathing and knew
he was ready I turned and offered my tits for his cum. As he
shot hot cum all over my breast, I could feel the hot liquid
at it hit my nipples. I turned back to John’s cock and wrapped
my hand around his shaft and began to lick it clean of all
of its juices it still had to offer, while I massaged the
cum on my chest and felt the stranger as behind me as he rubbed
the cum around on my ass with his cock. We all lay down on the
floor once the moment was over and they caressed me and I
them for a little while. Fortunately there where 2 bathrooms,
so I went to one and climbed into the shower, I didn’t lock
the door because after all what was the point. As I crawled
under the warm streams of water and leaned my head back with
my eyes closed I heard the shower door as it opened. John
was stepping in with me. A smile crossed my face as I looked
at him once more with admiration. His hard body now being
covered by the spray of water I reached out as he embraced
me and we kissed once more. Our wet body meeting again as
if for the first time. His strong arms around me made me feel
warm and safe. Our embrace broke and we began to wash each
other. Making sure we touch every inch of each others bodies.
Once we had washed he stepped behind me as I leaned my head
back so he could wash my long dark hair. I felt his hands and
his caresses and he massaged. My head back and my eyes closed
I felt our connection as it grew. Once my hair he pulled me
against him once more and held me for the longest, no words
where said the only sound was that of the shower as it sprayed
our entangled bodies. He turned off the shower and stepped
out of the shower first, he dried himself off quickly and
then offered his hand so help me step out. He dried my body
slowly and then wrapped the towel around me, before lifting
me into his arms and carrying me back out to the bed. He lay
me down gently and pulled down the covers underneath me
and removed my towel before covering me once more with the
spread. He crawled in beside me laying at my side. Running
his hands through my hair and looking at me as if I where his
queen. And I felt like his queen. Suddenly it hit me…..where
were the strangers I was about to say and as if he knew he placed
his finger to my lips and said softly. “They are gone and
now you are only mine.” I rolled over with my back to him and
he wrapped his strong arms around me. I lay there feeling
so fulfilled, so satisfied, so happy. I feel asleep in John’s
arms that night and every night since and each night he whispers,
“I’m so glad you are mine.


"Lovin' every minute of it"

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Wow!! That is everyone's ultimate fantasy!! Loved


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wonderfully hot fantasy. i'm enjoying my hand as I
read it again...


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...and enjoy it I did!!!