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it keeps getting better


Sarah was nervous as she stepped out of her car and headed
for the doors that would take her back to work for the first
time since the New Years party where she had recently lost
her virginity. The whole night was still a blur… a legacy
of spiked fruit punch and a night of intense fucking that
she had neither expected nor wanted, but during which she
distinctly remembered having orgasmed over and over while
begging the men who had taken her to "fuck" her
and "cum inside" her. The whole thing might
have seemed like a bad dream if not for the fact that when
her co-workers had returned to the hotel room early the
next morning after spending the night out clubbing, they
had found her in bed naked. Sarah had quickly discovered
further proof of her night’s activities in the form of a
newly shaven pussy and a dull ache between her legs which
confirmed the harvesting of her cherry.

She had had a week of vacation scheduled after New Years,
and had asked for an additional week, pleading a case of
the flu. Physically she was recovered, but mentally she
was so dazed by what had happened and her own reaction to
it, that she had needed the extra time to decide what to do
next. To her relief, a check of her organizer had shown that
she had been in no danger of getting pregnant as a result
of her deflowering. That just left the issue of how to come
to terms with what had happened to her and her own response
to it. The truth was that two weeks later, she still had no

Sarah came from a good, religious family. One that didn’t
believe in sex outside of marriage. Sarah herself had no
desire to get married, and therefore had never given much
thought to the subject of sex beyond the clinical aspects
that came with training as a nurse. That a situation which
had started out as a could end up with her body cumming
to orgasm over and over again as she rode two strangers’
cocks and cried out for them to fuck her more and harder,
still left her dazed when she thought about it. It had taken
most of the time she had taken off work, but she finally managed
to convince herself (more-or-less… it didn’t help when
she had started having dreams about that night which had
her waking up with a throbbing between her legs and a wet
spot on her nightgown) that her reaction had been a result
of the shock of what was happening combined with the alcohol
that had obviously been in the punch “James” had given her.

When she had decided to go back to work, she had asked to be
transferred from the nursing home’s elder care unit to
its rehabilitation unit. Sarah didn’t know what the girls
she had gone to the party with might have figured out from
what they had found when they returned to the room the next
morning, but she didn’t think she could handle having to
work with them every day… at least not yet. She had worked
at the rehab center for a few weeks when she first started
at the home, and it seemed like a good choice. A little to
her surprise, her supervisor had accepted her explanation
that she needed a break from dealing with "end of life"
care, and since there was an opening in the rehab center,
she had approved the transfer without a hassle.

Her new shift supervisor was a woman she had only met in passing
once. She was instructed at once to call the older nurse
“Karen”, and was referred to her first patient. "You’ll
have Mr. Bryant in room 110, " Karen told her.

Sarah read the chart for her patient and began to check it
over. She learned that her patient was 44, male (of course)
and had until a couple of days before, been in the hospital
recovering from a severe car accident which had left him
with two cracked ribs, a severely sprained wrist, a severe
concussion, and a right leg that had been broken in three
places. He had been in the hospital for several weeks. The
more “minor” injuries were mostly healed but his leg had
required several surgeries to fix the damage, and he had
only just been released to begin rehab. She also saw that
he had just had his supper and his evening dose of pain meds,
and was scheduled for his next to last bed bath. Once he officially
started his rehabilitation, he’d be allowed to take an
actual shower before bed, albeit one supervised by a nurse
to begin with.

Sarah consulted with Karen before going into the room to
introduce herself to Mr. Bryant. They both agreed that
now was a good time to give him his bath since his meds should
be peaking, which should in turn eliminate any discomfort
that the bath might otherwise cause. She went to the utility room and gathered up a wash basin
and a bottle of soap. She then went to the linen cart and took
two towels, two washcloths and a clean gown. She then headed
to room 110 with her stash and knocked on the door.

"Come in, " she heard a deep voice say.

"Mr. Bryant?" Sarah asked as she walked in to
the room. Once she had gotten far enough into the room to
close the door she did so. As she entered the room, she got
her first look at her patient. He was 6 feet tall, had a muscular
build and green eyes. He was wearing one of the thin cotton
hospital gowns, and the covers were up to his stomach. His
hair was brown with just a hint of gray at the temples, and
was cut just to the nape of his neck. His hands looked very

"Yeah, that's me, " he replied. "You
must be my new night nurse."

"Uhm, yes. I am. My name's Sarah. You’re scheduled
for a bath, and I'll be giving it to you tonight."

Sarah’s patient looked her over appreciatively. She was
petite, with an unmade-up face that was pretty, though
she didn’t believe it when people told her that. Her long,
blond hair was tied back in a ponytail… a departure from
her usual habit of wearing it in a braid at work… which was
an experiment now that she had a job that didn’t involve
trying to keep old people who didn’t know what they were
doing from pulling handfuls of hair out by the roots. She
had a heart-shaped face with high cheekbones, a turned
up nose, and blue eyes. She was just under 5 ft 3 inches tall,
with fair skin. A flat stomach and narrow waist were accentuated
by full breasts and hips, and long (for her height) shapely

"Hmm… Very nice, " Mr. Bryant said to himself.
Out loud, he said, "Please call me Steve. You make
me feel like an old man when you call me `Mister’, "
he said with a grin.

As she let the water run, Sarah cleared off the bedside table
so she would have room for the basin and towels. She put the
soap on the table, along with a washcloth. Sarah then went
to the bathroom and began filling the basin with hot water.

"How’s the temperature?" she asked.

Mr. Bryant dipped his finger in the water and said, "Fine.
Though before you start, how exactly are you going to do

"OK, " she said. "First I'll use
the washcloth to wash your face, and then take off your gown
and cover your chest with a towel. I'll first wash the
left half of your chest, your arm and then rinse and dry that
area, repeating this on your right side. I’ll then help
you to roll over onto your left and right side so I can wash,
rinse, and then dry your back." She paused, "Haven’t
you had these before while you were at the hospital?"

The older man nodded, "Sure, but every nurse seems
to have their own technique."

Sarah proceeded to do as she had described. She took the
washcloth and dipped it in the water, wrapped it around
her hand and lathered it with soap. She carefully washed
Mr. Bryant's face, ears, and neck. Once she was done
with his face she rinsed the cloth, then soaped it up again
and proceeded to his chest, arms, and back. She washed all
the way down between his legs, and suddenly heard Mr. Bryant
sigh. It was then she realized that she was massaging his
balls from behind as she washed them! She pulled her hand
away and began to rinse him off and dry his back with the towel.

The young nurse assisted Mr. Bryant onto his back again
and covered his chest with a dry towel. She poured out the
dirty water and proceeded to fill the basin with clean hot
water. As she waited for the basin to fill she told Mr. Bryant
that she would have to pull down the covers now to wash his
leg and feet. Then if he wanted he could wash his own private
area. Sarah brought the basin of fresh water over to the
table and began soaping the washcloth again. She pushed the covers off his right leg, keeping his groin
covered for the time being. She could tell that he was aroused
by the outline under the sheet. She washed his right thigh,
rinsed and dried it, leaving the towel on it for warmth.

As he enjoyed Sarah’s ministrations to his injured body,
Steve thought, "God, I wonder what it would be like
to fuck her, " Being so young, cute and eager to help
out the less fortunate, set his mind racing, and he began
to wonder just how "helpful" she might be willing
to be.

Because of the cast, she could only wash the upper part of
his right leg. She rinsed and dried both legs, leaving the
towel on them for warmth. Sarah covered his legs, and then
pulled the covers back from his groin and stopped. "I'll
give you your privacy to wash your private area, and step
behind the curtain, " Sarah told him.

He knew this was too good a situation to pass up and innocently
asked, "Well, um, uh, I'm sorry but I think your
going to have to wash this area for me, " Mr. Bryant
said, "My arm is still pretty weak and it hurts to move
it too much." He also complained to Sarah of itching,
burning, and irritation from plaster which had broken
off around his groin and attached to his "member"
when they had put a new "walking" one on before
sending him to rehab.

Sarah eyed him suspiciously, but he had a point that technically
it was her job. After working in elder care for two years,
it wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen more than her share of male
anatomy. As she pulled the covers away from him they seemed
to get a little caught on his member. He lifted them to clear
his knob and Sarah gasped at the size of his manhood. Mr.
Bryant was well endowed. Sarah’s eyes widened at the size
of his penis. He had to be 8 inches long, and clearly wasn’t
yet fully erect. Hesitantly, she began picking pieces
of plaster out from around his groin.

When she tried to wash Mr. Bryant's erect member with
the washcloth, he suggested that the plaster might come
off easier if she used her bare hands. Without waiting for
her response, he took the washcloth from her and held her
hands in his as he lathered them with soap. When they were
covered, he put the soap down and then guided Sarah's
hands to his shaft.

"Do it just like this, Sarah, " Steve instructed.
He put her hands around him and had her stroke him up and down.
She moved her hand slowly up and down and then over his bulbous
head, sometimes concentrating on the head longer than
the shaft, and then moving down to his balls.

As she stood stooped over her patient, her back began to
cramp, and she raised her hands above, then behind her head,
leaning her head back and stretching. Her flat stomach
was revealed above the waistband of her skirt (when she
had gotten dressed that morning, she had discovered to
her chagrin that somehow she had neglected to wash her scrubs
recently, and she was down to one shirt and no pants, so she
had been forced to resort to her one uniform skirt and a button
up blouse), as well as the contours of her large chest.

"God, to be able to see those tits up close, "
Mr. Bryant thought. He stared intently at her face, chest
and delicate fingers as she manipulated him. It didn’t
take long for Sarah's "washing" to cause
his penis to become semi-erect. He noticed her growing
discomfort at his state, and muttered, "I'm
sorry, I can't help it."

Sarah didn’t reply. She couldn’t help but notice the length
and girth of his penis, which had appeared to have grown
to at least 8 or 9 inches. Unwanted images from her New Years
deflowering filled her mind, and she found herself comparing
the large cock in front of her to the two she’d taken inside
her virgin body a couple of weeks before. Her patient was
already as long and thick as "James" had been,
and it seemed he might rival her second partner before he
was through growing. Looking up she saw the veins pulsing
in his penis and felt herself become a little aroused herself.
She tried to gently move the erect penis down but it was so
hard it wouldn't move.

As her rubbing and massaging continued, Steve became more
and more aroused. As he became harder and the length of his
cock increased, she was forced to lean back and stand straighter.
His swollen cock became harder, stiffer and erect until
he was fully engorged.

Her face was now inches away from his large pulsing cock.
Embarrassed by the whole situation, Sarah rambled, "I
can't work like this. I'm trying to help you but
look, you’re right in my face."

"I can't help it; you’re rubbing in an awkward
area, Sarah." Mr. Bryant replied. Mischievously,
he suggested working quicker or maybe using both hands
might speed the process and end the work sooner.

Sarah looked at him thinking, he seemed sincere and tried
to put herself in his place. Yes, the material from the cast
would itch and irritate, and the friction from cleaning
him could cause an involuntary erection. She turned to
him, and said she would continue, "Reluctantly."

"I’ll do the best I can Mr. Bryant, " and agreed
to start using both hands.

Mr. Bryant thought to himself what a great bullshit job
he had done getting this cute little nurse to agree to do
this, and even doing it more-or-less willingly!

While she had paused, his cock had become semi-erect. He
folded his arms behind his head, enjoying the fact that
he no longer needed to hide his enjoyment. He began to anticipate
where this might be going, and a slight grin grew on his face
as he looked down watching Sarah intently work on his cock.

She was leaning so far over the bed her breast touched his
leg and stomach. She started to rub his groin more thoroughly
as she noticed flecks of plaster everywhere. With two soapy
hands caressing his shaft and balls, he became more and
more erect. She continued rubbing, and manipulating him
to try to make sure he was clean. With all this attention,
it didn't take long for him to again become fully erect.
His penis was being stretched the limits of its length.
He ached from pleasure, and tried not to make any noises
but it proved almost impossible.

Sarah looked up at him when she heard a quiet grunt escape,
and asked, "Are you OK?"

Steve answered with a barely audible, "Yes."

The pain in her back was beginning to make it hard for her
to continue to work. No matter where she moved, having to
bend over so far made it impossible to continue to work the
way she was. Reluctantly, she realized there was only one
real option. Sarah mumbled with embarrassment, "I'm
going to have to get on the bed; my back is killing me from
leaning over." She climbed onto the bed facing him
and knelt next to him. "If I’m touching your legs too
much, tell me, okay?"

She took her shoes and socks off and adjusted herself to
be comfortable. She felt light against him, and in spite
of the baggy uniform top, he could tell that she had great
curves. Sarah faced Mr. Bryant and looked up and down his

Looking at her face and her buxom chest as it filled her top
was making him horny as hell.

"I'm going to start again now, okay?"

He said "Fine." as he got comfortable, bringing
his arm above his head and grinning.

Sarah took hold of his penis and began to pull and rub it.
He had grown softer but as she worked he gradually hardened
again. She gained a rhythm, bouncing as she stroked.

He said, "There you go, you’re working it perfectly"

Occasionally, their eyes would meet. Her faced looked
awkward, while he had a grin and an expression of pleasure.
"Oh, ahhh, " he groaned.

She kept stroking and stroking, faster and faster.

They both jumped as the rubber band holding her ponytail
unexpectedly snapped, and her hair, wet with perspiration,
fell down over her face and shoulders, covering his stomach
and groin and her hands as she worked his cock. He heard her
grunt softly. Then again, "uhh, uhh." Her legs
contracted around his waist.

"Sarah, ooh, Sarah."

"Please, Mr. Bryant." She took one hand off
his cock to brush her hair back over her head.

"You’re doing great, " he moaned. She tried
to ignore him. Her thumbs moved to tip his cock now, where
she had found a lump of plaster lodged. He thought he heard
another soft grunt. He fixed his eyes on her face as she moved
over his body. He had measured his cock once back in college,
and remembered that it was around 9 inches, but he swore
she was stretching him to at least 10.

"Sarah, oooh, Sarah, " he groaned. She leaned
back and straightened a little bit, her head tilted back.
She leaned back a little more and rubbed her throat with
one hand, her eyes closed. "Sarah, ahhh, "
he groaned. She said nothing, but her face was beginning
to turn red from the exertion and embarrassment.

She leaned back to stretch again. He could see the outline
of her lovely chest, throat and moist lips. He looked into
her blue eyes and moaned. His cock was moist from sweat,
allowing her to stroke faster. He raised his hand and traced
a path along her side, but she didn’t seem to notice. Emboldened,
he cupped her breast and twisted her nipple through the
barriers of top and bra; this time she gave a short high pitch

Ignoring the liberties her patient was taking with her
body as best she could, Sarah told him, "You’re just
about clean. I'm almost done." He gently squeezed
the breast cupped in his hand. It felt very soft and inviting.
This time, Sarah slowly brushed his hand away. He felt a
twitch, a stirring. His balls tightened.

"So am I, " he said. "Why don’t you face
the other way, maybe it will go faster."

Sarah considered his idea, and finally agreed when it occurred
to her that then he wouldn’t be able to reach her breasts
if she was facing away. As she shifted positions, now sitting
facing his feet, she gripped his rock hard pole and began
to "clean" it again. She leaned forward and
used her thumbs to rub around the base of his cock to remove
the remaining residue.

"Sarah, my God, oh Sarah, " he groaned louder.
"I’m almost ready!"

"Y… you mean, you are going to, um, well, um, "
she stuttered as she realized what he meant.

"Yes, um, I am, " he replied in a strained tone
of voice.

She desperately looked for some tissue, a towel, anything
to capture his cum, but couldn't reach the bed stand.

"Ooh, " Mr. Bryant groaned.

"Oh no, " Sarah cried. "Hold on, Mr. Bryant,
wait. I need some tissue or something."

"I can't, I'm going to blow. Damn it; use
your mouth if you can’t find anything else!" He could
feel his load rising and knew it his orgasm was going to be
a big one.

She was desperate, not knowing what to do. Thoughts raced
through her head.

"Almost, " he cried.

Flustered by the situation she found herself in, without
really realizing she was doing it, Sarah continued to stroke
him and squeeze. She brushed her long hair back away from
her face and over her shoulders.

Then breathlessly he groaned, "Oh shit, here it comes!

Panicked, Sarah’s New Years experiences took over and
without thinking; she lowered her head and put her mouth
around his cock. Her head bobbed up and down, making soft
slurping sounds as he bucked against her face. She continued
to stroke his shaft with one hand.

Mr. Bryant wasn’t quite as close to blowing his load as he
had let on, but he couldn't believe she had put her mouth
around his cock. He thought convincing her to give him a
hand job was amazing, but he hadn’t honestly expected her
to agree to a blowjob when he suggested it. He bucked his
cock faster and faster into her soft, warm mouth. Taking
full advantage of the situation, he slid his hands beneath
her white skirt, and before she could react, he had slipped
her panties to her knees, slid his left hand between her
thighs, and inserted a finger into her tight cunt. He was
amazed to discover that her snatch was shaved smooth and
bare. "Mmm, Sarah. Do you know how hot it is when a woman
shaves her pussy like this? Very sweet!"

"Oh!" she grunted and sat up with a start as his
finger entered her. "Mr. Bryant, stop!"

Instead of stopping, his finger pressed all the way inside
her until he could feel her muscles clench around it. His
other hand moved around front and found her erect clitoris
peeking out from between her folds. As she moved her right
hand to try to push him away, he tweaked the hard nub between
his fingers, and her body instantly spasmed in orgasm.
Instead of pushing him away as she had intended, Sarah’s
right hand grabbed his wrist to steady herself as waves
of pleasure ripped through her body each time he manipulated
her clit. Her left hand had clenched tightly around his
thick cock as she came.

As he finger fucked Sarah through her intense orgasm, Mr.
Bryant used his right hand to unbutton her blouse and slip
it off her shoulders. He found the tiny clasp of her bra nestled
between her ample tits and released it. The garment fell
open to the sides, exposing her firm, 36C breasts. He removed
that from her still orgasming body too, and began to fondle
her exposed tit, squeezing it lightly and tweaking the
large tip until it became taut beneath his fingers.

Sarah’s mind was in turmoil. Part of her struggled to overcome
the sensations that had taken control of her body as she
came again and again in response to the thorough finger-fucking
her patient was giving her. She hadn’t wanted the experience
that she had gained two weeks before, and she was sure she
didn’t want this one. Her body however, was refusing to
co-operate, and another part of her mind remembered the
intense pleasures that "James" and the other
man had caused her to feel. She felt Mr. Bryant’s hands as
they removed her blouse and bra, but couldn’t seem to react.
A jolt of electricity pulsed between her nipple and cunt
as he played with her aroused peak.

"Ahhh! Nooo! M… Mr. Bryant, p… please stop! "

"Call me Steve, remember? Open your legs wider, Sarah.
You're so wet down there. It’s all I can do not to cum
right now!"

Her long hair now fell around her shoulders, and only the
tips of her breasts and nipples were still exposed. Mr.
Bryant’s hands moved to encircle her narrow waist, and
he lifted her up and made her straddle his hips. Her left
hand still held him, and as he moved her compliant body,
she unconsciously raised his cock until the head was pointing
at the entrance to her vagina. He knew that he wouldn't
need any extra lubrication, since her pussy was already
soaked with her own juices. In one swift motion he wrapped
one hand around hers, and suddenly his cockhead was aimed
and touching her wet, bare pussy lips. Then it was pushing
its way inside her. His thick cock was so big and her inexperienced
sheath was so tight, he strained against the resistance
as he met as he entered her quivering body.

The haze from her orgasm cleared abruptly as she felt his
manhood press against her opening. As her mind recalled
the feeling of having a man entering her recently virginal
body, Sarah began to panic. She squirmed, attempting to
pull up and away as she felt him press past the smooth skin
of her pussy lips. Steve’s hands were firm on her hips as
he held her in place.

She pleaded with him, "Nooo, p… please Mr. Bryant.
I c… can’t d… do this. I… I. Oh, please don’t do this!"
But her patient wasn't listening. His fingers moved
to her cunt and began to finger her erect clit until she was
gasping for breath as a new orgasm approached. He sat forward
and kissed her neck as he slowly pushed his cock even deeper
into her waiting pussy.

His thumb continued rubbing her clit to keep her wet enough
for him to slide the rest of the way in fairly easily. Almost
as an afterthought, he unzipped her skirt and pulled it
over her head, dropping it along with her bra and blouse
on the floor.

He eased her naked body down a little harder, and felt the
resistance against his hard cock, enjoying the damp heat
of her womanhood engulfing his manhood as he slid into her
tight pussy. She was making gasping noises now, her body
shaking above him as her climax continued to approach,
and he carried on relentlessly, sliding his cock inch by
inch into her virgin cunt.

Sarah moaned as he pushed further in, feeling him stretching
her tight hole even more. He paused about half way inside
of her as his fingers continued gently rubbing her clit
until she was so wet that he could feel her juices trickling
down his cock.

As her pussy had become adjusted to his cockhead inside
her, Mr. Bryant felt her tense, teetering on the edge of
another orgasm, and her legs started shaking. When she
finally came, she collapsed and slid down, impaling herself
on his entire cock. As her body gave way to him, he felt himself
suddenly become buried all the way inside her, and he moaned
as his cock bottomed out against her cervix.

Sarah fell backwards and half sobbed, "Ohhh, You…
you’re so deep inside meee!!!" Only Mr. Bryant’s
hands around her slim waist held her upright. As her orgasm
began to die down, her hands instinctively settled on either
side of his hips to prop herself up.

He moved slightly, and Sarah let out a long, slow, gasp,
feeling his nine thick inches stretching her insides unbearably.
He stayed like that, buried balls-deep in her cunt, until
he felt her muscles relaxing around his cock. He twisted
his hips to push deeper into her, and started to fuck her,
lifting her up until only the tip of his cock was inside her,
then plunging all the way back in again, his finger circling
her clit constantly.

She was moaning again now as he thrust into her again and
again. Without realizing it, the nursing student started
to raise her hips in time with his thrusts, then thrust against
him as they came together, as if trying to push him deeper
into her throbbing pussy. Suddenly, she started to cum
again, gasping and moaning, “Ahhh… Ahhh… Ohhh, ohhh!!”
Her cunt clenched around his cock. As Sarah’s orgasm grew,
she began bucking wildly on his thick shaft as she came,
her clit throbbing and her muscles squeezing the life out
of her patient’s cock.

Finally, Mr. Bryant couldn't hold back any more. He
began humping her harder, his hips pistoning up and down,
faster and faster, shaking the hospital bed beneath them.
Sarah felt his already massive cock grow even thicker inside
her with each thrust, and a thought tried to force its way
through her consciousness. Since she hadn’t been fertile
two weeks before when she’d been fucked at the party, somewhere
in the back of her orgasm-addled mind, it dawned on her that
she might be due any day now… She moaned and tried to plead
with the man beneath her, "P… please pull out! D… don't
do it inside me! Please!!!"

If Steve heard her, he gave no indication. His hands moved
from her waist to her hips and as he pulled her down, he thrust
his own hips up until he was even deeper inside her. She felt
the engorged head of his massive shaft against her cervix,
and she cried out at the sensations his manhood created
as he took aim at her unprotected womb. He made a few grunts
and moaning noises of his own and then suddenly his cock
began to spray deep inside her. He heard her cry out as his
hot cum rushed into her depths, blast after blast bathing
her womb with his potent seed.

Sarah managed to gasp a despairing, "Ohhh, nooo….
Please, don’t!" before the heat of his cum sent her
over the edge again, and she had to squeeze her mouth shut
to keep from screaming out loud as his steely shaft sent
millions of sperm to assault her womb. Her pussy clenched
around his rod, milking every drop.

When her orgasm subsided, she couldn't catch her breath.
She barely felt it when Mr. Bryant raised her off his still
hard cock and turned her around. As she straddled him again,
her pussy lips spread slightly, and she gasped as he slipped
a finger inside for a slow finger-fuck. With his other hand,
he moved his dick towards her pussy, just letting the head
slide against the silky smooth skin of her shaven mound,
tracing a path from her ass to her clit, thrusting against
her but not sliding inside. Finally, he positioned the
tip of his cock at her entrance, feeling how aroused she
was, pressing his cock against her lips.

Suddenly, without warning, his hands moved to her waist
and he pulled her down onto his thick shaft firmly and quickly,
sliding the full length into her, causing her to cry out
in surprise and a little discomfort as his size stretched
her again. Sarah made an effort to say, "No, please
don' can't!" In a panic, her words
tumbled out as he raised her until he was part way out and
then thrust deeply back into her tight sheath. "Uhhh!!
Ohhh!!! P… please. I’ve only done this once b… before."

He quickly withdrew again, before plunging deeply into
her, repeating the motion of nearly pulling all the way
out before sliding fully into her. When he bottomed out
deep within her, Sarah drew a sharp breath as his manhood
caused a small eruption. "Ahhh!!! Nooo… Uhhh… uhhh…
P… please… I… I don’t have p… protection!"

As he drove into her again, Sarah started to struggle and
he paused, allowing his hands to slide up to cup her large
breasts and tweak her sensitive nipples. As he pulled her
to him, his left hand continued to fondle her aroused tits.
The fingers of his right hand wove into her long, blonde
hair and he urged her head down until her lips landed on his.
Steve kissed her with unadulterated passion. His tongue
forced its way into her mouth and began to play with hers.

Sarah shivered as her patient’s mouth moved to trace a line
of kisses across her eyelids, ears, nose and cheeks. He
moved back to quietly whisper in her ear. "You smell
so good, baby, " and slid both hands up to cup her breasts
again. He was still impressed with how firm her heavy tits
were. He slowly licked and sucked his way up and down her
neck, and then back up to her chin. When he reached her mouth
again, he slowly began to kiss her again, urging her lips
to part and let his tongue inside.

She closed her eyes as his lips suddenly left hers and lowered
to fasten on one erect nipple and begin to suckle her tit.
Her nipples were pink and firm, with large areolas. The
veins around them wrinkled as he played with them. He took
each of them in his mouth in turn, and sucked and licked them
gently, as if he was breastfeeding, until she began to moan.
The warmth of his tongue and the sensation of his lips against
each pink tip sent what felt like electric shocks from the
aroused tip straight down to her throbbing, cock-filled
pussy. When he had licked one swollen nipple to maximum
attention he would then move to her other breast and repeated
the process. Sarah’s back arched, causing her tits to swell
and push deeper into his mouth. She gripped his arms as she
moaned and bucked against his crotch when he started to
suck her more aggressively, lightly nipping at her sensitive
nipples. She could feel his warm saliva dripping down her

Mr. Bryant loved the way her aroused little body was responding
to his touch. He returned to her lips and kissed her deeply
as he squeezed her breasts before sliding his hands around
to grab her ass and pull her tightly against him. He enjoyed
the sight of her small body as it swayed above him with the
motion of their lovemaking. He bet she never imagined she'd
be having sex in a hospital bed ‒ being fucked by a man old
enough to be her father. He smiled, closing his eyes, and
concentrated on fucking the brains out of this little sweet
little nurse. He felt his balls tighten up and his cock twitch,
so he slowed down. He didn't want to come just yet.

As his tongue explored the warm, soft insides of her mouth,
Sarah felt him slow inside her. There was a lengthy pause
before he began moving inside her again, slowly raising
her pussy off his rock-hard cock before thrusting back
in. She moaned in pleasure as he began pounding her pussy
with his thick cock. The intense sensation of being fucked
by his large maleness caused her to build toward another
orgasm. Before two weeks ago, Sarah had never had even a
small one, and now she seemed to be having one after another,
each one more intense than the last.

As he thrust into Sarah’s hot snatch over and over again,
Steve moaned, "Oh, Sarah, your pussy's so wet
and tight. I never imagined rehab could be this great!"

Between her embarrassment and her approaching climax,
Sarah could only manage to moan, "Uh, uh, uh… Ohhh!!!"
in response. As her body came closer and closer to yet another
orgasm, she began to ride his cock wildly as she moaned above
him. Somewhere her mind screamed for her mouth to stop as
she gasped, "P… please don’t stop!"

Surprised at her sudden change, Mr. Bryant slowed his movements,
and his hands slid over her sweat sheened body; rubbing
her taut nipples, tweaking her erect clit, and finally
gripping her ribs as his thumbs traced the underside of
her tits. He looked up into her flushed face, "What
don’t you want me to stop, Sarah? I want to hear you say it."

Sarah heard herself gasp, "Th… this. What we’re d…

"What are we doing?"

"H… Having s… sex."

He pinched her nipple, and he felt her pussy contract in
response, "Fucking… Say it. You don’t want me to stop
fucking your pussy with my cock.” He leaned in and began
to suckle her left nipple while rubbing the right with his

Though it seemed impossible, Sarah seemed to flush an even
deeper red as repeated the words she had only learned a few
weeks before, "Uhhh…. Ohhh, P…please don’t stop…
f… f… fucking my p… pussy with your c… cock, Mr. Bryant."

"Should I make you cum, Sarah?"

She understood what he wanted now, and closed her eyes in
embarrassment at having to say the words, "Y… yes…
M… make me c… cum."

His free thumb traced a circle in and out of her belly button,
"Should I cum inside your pussy, Sarah?"

The thought made her feel light headed as somewhere she
still remembered that she might be fertile, but when his
thumb rasped against her clit, still she replied, "Ohhh…
Y…yes. Please c… cum inside m… me!"

He grinned up at her, "Anything you want, baby."
Grasping her around the waist again, Mr. Bryant began thrusting
his cock deep into Sarah’s waiting cunt. She grunted as
he drove into her, held her tight against his hips, then
thrust into her twice more, triggering another orgasm
deep inside her tight cunt.

Finally he couldn’t hold back any longer ‒ her pussy was
too tight, gripping his manhood as though she didn’t want
to ever let his cock leave her. He moaned her name, pushing
into her one last time as his body tensed and he exploded,
sending his cum to invade deep inside her womb again.

"Ungh, Ungh, oh yeah, " he groaned. "Oh,
yeah, baby, feel me inside your pussy? Can you feel my cum
fill your sweet cunt, Sarah? Ungh. Feel me fill you with
my cum!"

Sarah tensed as she felt him shoot load after load into her
quivering body. Far in the back of her mind, she could almost
imagine his sperm as it searched for the tiny target that
might be there. Then all thoughts vanished as her orgasm
intensified from the heat of his cum as it erupted into her.

He pushed even deeper inside her, grabbing her waist as
he came, filling her and causing her own orgasm to peak,
as she cried out, "Ohhh, F… fuck MEEE! AAAHHH!!!"
Finally, her last climax spent, she collapsed on top of
him. His cock was still embedded inside her pussy as she
slumped forward onto his chest.

Steve took her face in his and kissed her deeply as they came
down from their mutual climaxes. His tongue pressed between
her soft lips and lazily explored the warm depths of her
mouth. It was several minutes before he broke the kiss and
pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy. She climbed shakily
off the bed and stumbled into the bathroom to try to clean
herself up. After several more minutes, she returned drying
herself off with a towel.

Still in a daze, she came and sat on the bed, her large breasts
and pussy still exposed, and began to gather up her scattered

"Sarah, you were fantastic, " Mr. Bryant praised
as his hand moved to caress her thigh. When she didn’t answer,
he continued, "I’m in here for several weeks. Will
you be coming back?"

Sarah didn’t look at him as she replied in a faint voice,
"Maybe, I don't know. I might not be assigned
to you again."

He paused, "Do you think your supervisor should hear
about what happened today, " he asked her.

Sarah’s flushed face paled as she realized his implication,
and asked, "Are you saying that if I don't come
back, you’ll tell Karen what happened?"

"Did I say that? It's just that I'd like to
see you again, to talk, for company, you know." He
paused expectantly, his fingers brushing lightly against
her swollen pussy lips.

Sarah felt a shiver run through her body at his touch and
the sensations it sent coursing through her. She looked
at Mr. Bryant apprehensively, "Yeah, well, I guess
I'll see you later this week then."

He stretched his arms, and then said, "I'll be

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Great story. I love Sarah. Keep her stories coming.


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I absolutely love the style of writing. It is a pity that
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