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house guest (some bi)


"Why does she have to stay with us, " I asked
Nikki? "She's not a real member
of your family as such, is she?"

"I know Mark, but we practically grew up together
and she is three years
younger than me, " she replied. "I feel kind
of responsible for her in her
first year at University."

The discussion was about Lisa. Nikki and I had met 5 years
previously at
high school in Reading near London. We had been going steady
ever since.
Lisa was Nikki's second cousin but as her parents had
split and she lived
with her mother close to Nikki, they had played together
as kids and through
their teen years. However, though I had met Lisa, she was
only 13 or so at
the time. Their friendship had become a little more sporadic
after Nikki
left school and also when she met me. They had e-mailed but
I had gone to
university in Edinburgh to study Civil Engineering and
Nikki had followed
being successful in getting a place at another university
in the city doing
a course in Social Work. My parents had bought a flat in the
city and now
rented it to us at a peppercorn rent so we had a pretty good
lifestyle for
two poor students. Now at 21 we had been here for a couple
of years and
enjoyed our isolation from everyone back home.

The reason for the disagreement was that Nikki had received
a telephone call
from her mother saying that Lisa was now coming to the city.
She was 17 and
had managed a place doing what sounded to me like "media
studies, " one of
those courses that meant nothing but sounded good. Nikki's
mother had talked
to my parents and they thought it would be a wonderful idea
for Lisa to take
our spare room for her first year rather than have to go into
accommodation. I was arguing with Nikki but I knew full
well that our
parents had stitched us up and we would have no option.

Nikki and I had a fun relationship together. My first thought
was what sort
of intrusion having a snotty kid in the place was going to
have on our sex
life. We were never quiet in sex and also we liked to walk
about the flat
naked before and after sex. All these things would be curtailed.
It's not
even as though Nikki still really knew here. Though they
kept in touch, she
hadn't even seen her in 2 years and that was only briefly.
I had met her
twice and she seemed an ungainly and immature teenager.

Well I was right, the decision had been pre-made and Lisa
was coming whether
we liked it or not. The girl who arrived hadn't changed
a great deal. The
initial impression after all the hugs and kisses was of
a slightly "punk"
image. She had multi-coloured hair, a few visible piercings,
a sprinkling of
dark clothes all around a thin young girl. She was attractive
in a way but a
little immature for my tastes. Nikki seemed positively
adult compared to her
with her smart, natural coloured trousers, well-shaped
bottom, generous
breasts and short, smartly cut short hair. Both were about
the same size, 5
feet 5 inches, but Nikki's shape was of a woman rather
than a girl. I was
proud of having Nikki as my girlfriend. I was 5 feet 9 inches
and of an
average build with a few freckles, even though my hair was
dark. There must
have been a "red hair gene" though as my pubic
hair had a dark to medium red
hue on it as did my sprinkling of chest hairs. I suppose I
look like the
"lad next door."

To recap on my views of Nikki, as it might explain what follows
a little
better, I hadn't touched another girl since a met her.
I was besotted by her
but secretly, it had gone beyond that and Nikki had helped
me with this
little fantasy in a small way. She knew I got turned on seeing
her being
attractive to other men. Sometimes when we went out, she
would deliberately
dress provocatively and even flirt at the bar if she went
for drinks. The
real turn on was if I guy thought he was in with a chance and
I would see
him make a suggestion to her, just as she would nod over to
me to let him
know she was taken. It made me so horny and she knew she was
in for a good
fucking that night. She said it would turn her on if we did
the reverse but
it didn't really work out so well. I managed to chat
up some girls once or
twice but it somehow always looked as though I was picking
them up behind
her back, whereas she hardly needed to say anything to get
the guys in heat.
Sometimes I could even see an erection in a guy's jeans
while he flirted
with her. She got an extra special fucking on those nights.
I often wondered
what these guys had in equipment and whether they would
satisfy her more
than me. My only view of another male organ erect was when
my friend Tom and
I once shagged Sheila Riley in second year one after the
other. He also once
let me wank him off when he stayed over at my place and was
horny, so we did
each other. However that was it, so my view was that all male
erect cocks
would still be about 5 inches long!!

Anyway, I digress. Lisa turned out to have changed quite
a bit. She was
outgoing, drank and smoked what I presume to be cannabis.
From what she was
telling Nikki, she also had quite an active and promiscuous
sex life and had
taken the place in Edinburgh to get away from a prying parent
and she knew
that her mother would only allow her to stay away if she knew
she was safe
with us. From her second day, she was staying out until the
"wee small
hours" and coming in drunk. By the first weekend,
we found her on our couch
with some lanky teenager snogging for Britain when we came
home. By week two
it was obvious that she had no intention of finding one boyfriend
and was
intent on being shagged by everyone she met, judging by
the assortment of
guys that came and went.

The change in my attitude happened one night when Nikki
was on a girl's
night out. I was going out with some friends and Lisa was
also going to a
party so the flat was empty. I had quite a lot to drink early
on and decided
to head from the flat about 10.30 pm with the intention of
a wank in peace
and an early night. I left some lights on in the flat and went
to bed,
stripping down to my briefs and lay on the bed for a peaceful
session of
self abuse thinking my favourite thoughts of Nikki feeling
some guy's bulge
at the bar in front of me. My evening's pleasure was
interrupted by the
outside door opening and voices. I quickly realised it
was Lisa and she had
company. I assumed she would either have a quick coffee
and drag her victim
to her bedroom or do without the coffee. They sounded drunk!

After some stumbling around and a few toilet flushes and
running taps, I
heard her drag the victim to her room. I lay and soon heard
the sounds of
heavy petting. My erection returned with a vengeance.
I climbed out of bed
and tiptoed to the door. Why I tiptoed I don't know,
as they were playing
music in the room and making enough noise to waken the dead.
I opened my
door and moved into the hall with the intention of pretending
to go to the
toilet should I be asked. Her door was slightly ajar and
the bedside light
was on. I stood in the dark hallway and could see the arsehole
of a thin
male winking at me as some young lad had his tongue buried
in Lisa's cunt.
She was screaming encouragement. She then threw him over
on to his back and
I saw this stunningly attractive young lad who looked to
be only about 16 or
17. He had blonde hair and a cock which looked to be about
8 inches long
standing upright like a large pink stick of seaside rock.
It might well have
been as Lisa attached her mouth to it as though it was a confection.
As she
was slightly to his side, I had a ringside view as her lips
wrapped round
his cock and she swallowed almost all of it in one go. His
balls were pink
and his blonde hairs, though at the top of the pubis, were
hardly visible
round them. I could see a loose foreskin being flexed back
and forth with
the movement of her lips. Her other hand was between her
legs, working away
at her sex.

She rolled off the bed leaving this Adonis lying there in
my full view with
his stunning erection standing upright. For one moment,
I so wanted to suck
his cock. She took a condom out of the bedside cabinet, opened
the wrapper
and expertly rolled it over his bursting cock. My cock was
in my hands and I
started to stroke my 7 inches of uncut meat slowly as I watched.
straddled him with her back to me, so I moved closer and watched
as her slit lowered itself on to his cock. She took the first
inch or so
very carefully and then lunged downwards to take the entire
length in one
go. Then she started in earnest. The lad's hands seemed
to be holding her
small pert tits as she bounced. I could see the entire length
slip out, then
back into her. Once again, she had an orgasm. I had such an
urge to walk
into the room, cock in hand and joined them but thought the
might be too much of a problem.

I heard the teenager, shout, "Oh my God, I'm cumming!"
He pumped upwards
slowing after each pump. His cock slipped out and I could
see his warm load
in the end of it. I couldn't cum for fear of being heard
so I quickly
slipped back into my room and jumped under the covers. I
heard all the
arrangements as they dressed and then I heard her say she
would walk him
back to the Student Union about 20 minutes away.

As soon as they had gone, I rushed through to the room and
lay on the warm
bed. As I wanked, I realised the condom was still lying by
the side of the
bed and I had an urge to empty the contents of this young lad's
balls on to
my face and chest. The quantity was about double mine and
it was still thick
and slightly warm. I came in seconds. Thin jets of cum sprayed
up my chest
to mix with his and some even landed on Lisa's sheets
which I found really
erotic. My heart was pounding as the whole voyeur, homoerotic,
cum fetish
thing was brand new to me and I had no idea where in my brain
it had come
from! I lay the now empty condom back on the tissue on the
floor and dashed
through to wash a wave of guilt now driving me in haste. Nikki
came home
while I was asleep and I had no need to perform again that

In the morning, Lisa made no mention of the previous night's
visitor and
neither did I though my views of her had changed slightly
and I found this
raunchy sex craved beast suddenly more exciting.

Things continued in this fashion for another month or so
and I was never in
a position to witness the sex again, though I did try once
or twice by
pretending to go to the toilet when Nikki was asleep and
I knew Lisa had
someone staying over but I couldn't quite coordinate
it again. The next
episode took place when Nikki announced that she had been
asked to do a two
week, Monday to Friday stint as part of her training, with
the Highland
Social Work Department based in Inverness, 120 miles North.
This left me at
home from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon, alone.
I was quite
looking forward to some wanking fantasies and even a pretend
night out with
the lads "looking for women." I say pretend
as it would have been a look but
don't touch night out. However things took a turn almost
as soon as Nikki
had left. The first Sunday night to be precise!

"I have invited a couple of friends round tonight, "
said Lisa almost as soon
as Nikki had left. "Hope you don't mind but we
don't have any lectures in
the morning so thought we would have a bottle or two of wine."
volunteered to stay in her room as I was staying in and then
asked me to
join them.

"I'll see, " I said.

Her evening started early and I was sitting watching television
when I heard
voices at the door. In came Lisa, already with a drink or
two in her,
followed by the tall thin blonde guy I had seen that night,
another small
guy of about 17 with a shaven head and an earring, a pretty
young blonde
girl of about 18 with a pierced eyebrow and a small tattoo
of a rose on her
shoulder and a third guy who looked a little older at about
20, was my
height and had clean cut model looks. He was smartly dressed
for a student
and his clothes looked very "designer label."

Lisa came in and swooped her hand around giving introductions
which allowed
me to realise I was talking to Simon (designer label guy),
Matt (butch
shaved head), Jason (tall blonde guy) and Penny the girl.
"My landlord, sexy
Mark, " she said nodding in my direction and winking,
"Let's drink!"

I was about to leave but was told to stay and enjoy the fun.
I had a light
day on the Monday so was happy to join them and the conversation
easily. They smoked "roll your own" cigarettes
the contents of which seemed
to be supplied by Simon who looked at me guiltily each time
he rolled them.
I had a few drags though I noticed he had less than the rest.
Penny was
giggling a lot and I noticed from her position on the ground,
her legs were
apart and I could see her white briefs and even make out the
pubic hair
through their flimsy fabric. Simon kept looking too and
winked when he saw
me looking. By 10.00 pm we were all at that giggly stage.
I went to get a
drink of water and Simon followed me.

"Have you had your hands in Lisa's pants yet, "
he asked?

"No, " I was able to ask honestly.

"I had hoped for some fun tonight with them all, "
he continued, "But you
being here scuppers that!"

"All, " I questioned?

"I find with this stuff, " he said pointing
to the cigarette in his hand,
"All they want is sex and they don't care where
or who it comes from." "It
gets me really horny, " he continued, nodding down
to a lump in his pants.

I suddenly felt my cock twitch. Maybe he was right!

"Don't let me spoil you plans, " I said.

"Don't you want to fuck, " he said?

"It's not a case of want more a case of won't, "
I said, "I have a

He said nothing more and left the kitchen. When I wondered
back in, another
bottle was open and they were all drinking merrily. The
body language was
very sexual. Lisa had her blouse open and a nipple showed,
Penny's knickers
were now very exposed and obvious and Lisa was kissing Matt
with a hand on
the front of his jeans. Jason leaned over and put his hand
straight up
Penny's skirt and I saw his finger slip round the elastic
to her cunt. Simon
winked again. He unzipped his immaculate trousers and
fished out a stiff 7
inch cock. He walked over and stuck it in Lisa' mouth.
In fact it almost
went in Matt's mouth as he was kissing her at the time.
She sucked like a
pro, completely oblivious to my presence. Clothes started
to come off and
before I knew it they were all naked except me.

I stood transfixed and felt as though I was a spectator and
no one could see
me. Penny struggled free from Matt and stumbled in my direction.
She reached
me and lifted herself on tiptoes, putting her hand around
the back of my
head and pulling me down to her lips. Her mouth opened and
her tongue
invaded me. I did nothing to stop her, even as her hand unzipped
me and
slipped inside my jeans to massage my straining stiff cock.
She whispered,
"I want you to fuck me!"

My jeans dropped with gravity and left me standing in my
black briefs with
my cock sticking out as Penny kissed me and my hand slipped
up her skirt to
finger her wet cunt. Warmth enveloped my cock and I looked
down to see Lisa
sucking my cock. All three guys were sitting back watching
and wanking and I
felt like an exhibitionist. Simon stood up and walked across.
He knelt
beside Lisa and reached forward as thought to kiss her but
instead, he
directed my cock away from her mouth and into his. Lisa just
shrugged and
crawled back across to the two waiting cocks behind her.
The difference
between Lisa's soft sucking and the forceful strength
of Simon's was
noticeable. This guy knew how to suck cock. He would pull
back the foreskin
and lick the head, then plunge his mouth over it, sucking
firmly as he
pulled back up. Just as I felt the blood rushing towards
an orgasm, he would
stop and wait before doing it all again. Penny jumped and
I realised I had
been a little too forceful with my fingers. I mumbled an
apology as my
briefs and pants were pulled off by Simon and I was pulled
down to the floor
and a tangle of bodies encompassed me.

Two girls lay naked with their legs wide apart and four guys
were feeding on
them like hungry animals. Mouths licked cunts, tongues
licked tits and stiff
cocks leaked pre-cum on to the girl's legs. At one stage
I turned round to
find Jason's large stiff cock almost in front of my
face. This was the cock
I had dreamt of sucking just a few days previously. He was
occupied, lying
sideways kissing Penny as I was about to lick her and the
temptation proved
too much. I put my mouth over the head, gripped the stiff
organ and started
to suck. Simon looked across and winked again. Jason looked
down and then
continued as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening
but he also
started to thrust into my mouth which suggested I was doing
something right!
I picked up a condom from the little heap which had appeared
at the side of
the group and pulled it on my cock. I was in this too deep to
change my mind
now. I stretched the rubber on my cock, clamped my mouth
back round Jason,
and stuck my cock into Penny. I lay partially upright and
started to fuck
her. It felt so good. Her cunt was tighter than Nikki's
and the leaking,
salty flavoured cock in my mouth was driving me to ecstasy.

I looked across at Lisa. She looked very drunk and was being
pummelled by
Matt's small stubby, thick cock. I suddenly wanted
to fuck her. When Simon
did an "excuse me, " I willingly pulled out
of Penny and let him take my
place with both her and Matt. I crawled across, and put the
cock, complete
with condom, into Lisa's mouth and she eagerly accepted
it. Matt continued
to hump her and when I nodded to him that I would like to try,
he pulled out
like a trooper and allowed me to take over. My cock had a bit
of a struggle
at first but I was soon well into her and fucking like crazy.
Matt stood
alongside me and looked down saying, "Want to try
mine, " as he beckoned to
his short cock. The condom was off and his rigid member dangled
in front of
my face. I took it on one swoop and he started to gently wank
it into my
sucking mouth.

I felt my orgasm bubble in my balls and knew I didn't
have long. As I tried
hard to control my impending cum explosion, my mouth was
suddenly filled
with a rush of warm fluid which hit the back of my throat causing
me to gag
and pull back from Matt's cock. As I did so a spray of
cum splattered on my
face and down on to Lisa beneath. I swallowed automatically
to gain some
control as more cum jetted on to my face. The texture was
not very pleasant
but the liquid was gone before I could really think about
it. I stopped
shagging with thoughts of cumming, diminishing slightly.
Simon rushed across
to us as I collapsed back on the floor lying flat facing upwards
and started
to lick the cum off my face. My cock rose again!

Matt went to clean up, Jason was fucking Penny and Simon
sat astride me with
legs either side of my chest. He looked at me and then slowly
pushed back
against my cock with his buttocks. I could feel the tip of
my cock meeting
resistance against his hole. It felt wet. "It's
lubricated, " he said as he
pushed down and the head of my cock plopped inside.

I have fucked a few times but nothing was like this. The sensation
was like
having a heavy mould gripping the full length of my cock
from tip to base. I
had been about to push him off until this sensation overwhelmed
me. Fucking
a woman is a velvety feeling of loose warmth wrapping around
your cock as
you fuck. This was like a tight fitting vice around my entire
shaft. I would
have thought it impossible to move but gently my cock moved
as he slid up
and down on my cock. This was so new that he sadly did not get
much of a
fuck. I think it was on his third of fourth stroke when I emptied
my balls
into the condom up his arse. The resultant orgasm forced
me upwards with
suck force that I thought he was going to be bounced off me.
His own cock
erupted without me even touching it and a fine jet of cum
spurted three or
four time over my face. This was becoming my forté.

Jason and Lisa were oblivious to all this as he shagged her
and came inside
her. She screamed her orgasm as usual and then slipped off
to freshen up,
never to return to the group as she went off to bed. We dressed,
falling asleep after doing so and the guys decided on one
more drink.

Simon said, "Are you bisexual?"

I replied, "I didn't think so until tonight."

He ignored my answer and said, "Do you and your girlfriend

"God no, " I replied.

"Would you like to see her fucked by us, " he
asked? He then continued by
asking if I would like to fuck a guy in front of her.

"What I would like and what is going to happen are two
entirely different
things, " I said.

"OK, is she raunchy in bed, " he asked.

"Yes, " was my reply.

""Do you play fantasy games, " he asked?

"Yes, " was my reply.

"Then with the right preparation, I think I can fulfil
your fantasy, " he
said. "Can I come round at the weekend for a chat?"

We agreed and they all left at about 3.00 am.

In the morning I felt like shit. I felt guilty, I felt like
a cheat and
above all I had fucked my girlfriend's girlfriend!!
Lisa crawled in about an
hour after I had risen.

"Christ what did I drink last night, " she said.
"God I feel sore!" I presume
Jason had his way again and he's so big he hurts like
fuck, " she continued.
Where were you last night, " she said, looking at
me vaguely?

Realising the importance of what I was hearing, I quickly
said, " Oh I came
in and went to bed after midnight as I didn't want to
disturb you."

"I presume the others had gone by then, " she
shrugged indifferently, and
then went to make coffee.

I realised that whatever Simon fed them with, had quite
some effect on their
memory as I could remember every sordid detail and now that
Lisa couldn't, I
perked up again and actually raised an involuntary erection
at the thought!

The guilt did have one effect and I did nothing untoward
for the rest of
that week, though Lisa continued with her string of visitors.
On the Friday
I was blessed with another perfect view of Jason fucking
her as I hid by the
door and my quicker than normal release, left a large stain
on the carpet
that took quite some removing the next day.

Simon came up to visit the next night. He explained that
he slipped a small
dose of a drug (he gave me the technical name but it went straight
over my
head), into their drinks. It was not enough to make them
incapable but with
the pot and the alcohol, inhibitions were immediately
lowered and their sex
drive rose. If they drank enough, the small quantity of
the unpronounceable
drug made the alcohol an effective amnesia agent and they
could remember a
thing except that they were drunk. He went on to explain
that the people
wanted sex but the mix of potions made them less inhibited
and the amnesia
was a side effect created by drinking far too much along
with it so the
"victims" were not coerced or being " ."
He found it handy for getting
people to explore their inner feelings. He said this with
a nod in my
direction which was obviously aimed at my homosexual experience
the previous

"Ever done anything like that before, " he

"Other than a brief fumble at school, no, "
I replied.

"Feel guilty, " he continued?

"I don't really know, " I said. "I
can't say I didn't enjoy it because I did
and I suppose because it was in a bisexual environment it
didn't seem gay."

"I love sex, " he went on, "And I take it
any way and from anyone." "My
biggest turn ons are when people do unexpected things."
From the pictures of
your Nikki, she looks like a hot little virgin and the fact
that you have
wild sex with her suggests she might be a great candidate
for one of our
little sessions."

"I won't drug her and I won't force her, "
I said forcefully.

"I don't think you'll have to, " he
said. "Next time you're having a night in
or out, slip this little pill into her drink and then use
the evening to
talk to her openly about her fantasies." "I
bet the two of you have the best
night's sex ever." My cock rose again. "When
she's ready, invite myself and
a few others for a little party and see what happens."

Well time passed quickly, no one mentioned the little party
again and Nikki
came home. She had missed me, of course and after an evening
of making up we
went back to our routine. It was the following weekend before
we decided on
a night out. We didn't go to any of our usual haunts,
just out for some
pasta then on to a couple of wine bars for a few drinks. I made
sure that
Nikki had the pill in the middle of the evening and noticed
that by the time
we were ready to go home, she was quite frisky, commenting
on this guy or
that girl. Though this was not unusual, it was the fact that
she was being
quite explicit about them that made my eyebrows raise.

Neither of us smoked so we were not used to hash but again,
I had been given
some and when we got into the flat, I joked about some of Lisa's
leaving it. Nikki was immediately up for trying some. After
another 30
minutes she was naked on the lounge floor with my cock embedded
in her. I
asked her about some of the guys she had mentioned earlier
and she started
to tell me what she would have liked them to do to her. I told
her as I
fucked her that I would love to be in an orgy with her and she
shouting "God that would be great!"

After we went to bed and before she fell asleep, I stroked
her as I asked
her again and she confirmed again that it would be a blast
to try a bit of
fun. "Who would do it, " she asked?

I mentioned that a guy I knew called Simon loved little groups
of students
or sex parties and that it was what had planted the idea in
my head. "So how
many boys and how many girls, " she asked?

"I think probably more guys that girls but from what
Simon says they are
also a little bisexual so some guys work together and with
the girls, " I
told her.

"And do the girls do things with each other too, "
she asked?

My ears perked up as this was new territory to me and my cock
twitched too
as I hadn't actually thought if Nikki with her tongue
up some girl's snatch
but now that I had, I was doubly interested. "Well
I presume they do."
"Would that interest you in any way?"

"Don't know really." "I once fantasised
about you and I being dominated by a
guy and you being forced to watch us having sex and then the
guy doing
things to you so I suppose the reverse would be cool too."
I would need to
see how I felt." She finished and promptly fell asleep.

The real surprise is that a couple of days later when I brought
the subject
up, she still wasn't against it. "Perhaps I should
invite Simon and some of
his friends round for a few drinks one Saturday night and
we can talk about
it, " I asked.

"Ok talking never hurt anyone, " she said.

Two weeks later and Lisa was out with Jason and we were waiting
on Simon to
come over. We had some snacks and a whole lot of beer and wine
and I think
secretly Nikki knew that if things were right, it might
actually happen. Now
Simon was coming here, fully expecting it to happen but
I hadn't mentioned
that to Nikki. I slipped the pill in her second drink before
they arrived.

Simon arrived with Matt, Penny and Jason. "I thought
you were meeting Lisa, "
I asked Jason?

"No, she's doing some clubs tonight, "
he answered. "We just drift in and out
of sex."

The Sunday sessions a few weeks previously, was a banned
topic and anyway
the little group of three were already a few drinks down.
I also assumed
Simon had given them all, their little "uninhibited
pill." They immediately
started to drink and smoke a few joints. Nikki had a little
but looked very
apprehensive. Simon suggested another wee pill for her
so I slipped it to
her. We danced a little and Matt jokingly pulled off Penny's
briefs and
lifted her skirt up to show her buttocks. Penny didn't
care. It ended up
with Penny wearing only a t-shirt top and nothing underneath
and Matt doing
the same. I saw Nikki staring at his stiff, stubby cock.
When she went for
more beer, Simon followed her to the kitchen. I went and
stood outside so I
could look in. I really wanted to see her being seduced.

After a brief chat, I heard him comment on how beautiful
she was and also
how attractive I was. He told her he was bisexual. She started
asking him
banal questions about it and he leaned forward and kissed
her. She said that
I might mind and he said she shouldn't worry as he would
kiss me too. She
smiled. I saw him take her hand and place it on his erection.
He opened his
trousers and her hand disappeared inside. Jason, impatient
for his beer
brushed past me and went into the kitchen. Nikki jumped
as he entered.
"Don't mind me, " he said.

He opened a can, pulled down his zip and took his massive
cock out to wank
it while he watched. Nikki's eyes almost jumped out
of her head when she saw
the cock. Simon saw her and led her over to Jason. He took
her hand and
placed it on Jason's cock, then pushed her head down
gently until she was
facing the beast. Her mouth opened and she swallowed nearly
all the cock.
Her flushed face told me she was excited. Simon saw me and
called me over. I
walked in and took my cock out. When Nikki saw me she looked
embarrassed and
tried to stand up but I motioned for her to continue. Simon
stood behind and
freed her breasts from her bra, lifting her top off completely.
"This is
your night Nikki, " he said softly, "And I want
you to sample everyone and
let everyone sample you." She mumbled something
which seemed to be in the
affirmative but she was too preoccupied to say anything

I wanted to be part of this. I walked forward and put my cock
Jason's. Nikki took me in her mouth and alternated
between cocks. I then
dropped down beside her and kissed her, with Jason's
meat bobbing sloppily
between us. "Are you ok about this, " she asked

"I think we should just chill and enjoy, don't
you, " I replied rhetorically?

Jason's cock slipped between us and we both licked.
"Would you like that in
you, " I whispered?

"You think he would, " she responded like an
eager child.

"Nikki, I think they all would, " I said.

She flushed. I stood up and Simon stood behind me, his stiff
cock pressing
into the seat of my pants. He rubbed it against my buttocks.
This brand new
sensation was highly erotic. Jason was stripping and this
fine hunk of a boy
stood there with his proud manhood sticking outwards and
upwards, and low
hanging balls weighing heavily between his legs. I wondered
if the quantity
of sperm in them would find its way on to Nikki's tits
tonight. Nikki's
skirt was off and she stood erotically in just a tight white
top with the
brown of her nipples clearly visible through it. I could
hear Simon strip
behind me so I followed suit until, Nikki apart, we were
all stark naked.

We all went through to the lounge and I grabbed some of the
large cushions
and bean bags we had and threw them in the centre of the floor.
Matt was
already shagging Penny doggy-style and looked up as the
four naked bodies
entered. Nikki knelt down beside Penny just as she orgasmed
and almost
brought the place down. I started to run my cock against
Nikki's cunt. I had
always wanted to fuck her in public. My bare cock slipped
in quite easily.
Matt pulled out of Penny and he ripped off the condom and
went to Nikki's
head to stick his cock into her mouth. She took the short,
thick piece of
meat willingly. Penny slipped under Nikki and was licking
her clitoris as I
fucked her. I could feel her warm tongue on the underside
of my cock as I
fucked. This was the stuff dreams were made of, my cock inside
the love of
my life, a woman licking her cunt and my cock while I do it,
and a complete
stranger being sucked by her.

I pulled out of Nikki and rolled her on to her back. Penny
opened her legs
and continued the onslaught with her tongue and had Nikki's
legs raised
above her head. Nikki reached orgasm quite quickly. Penny
knew exactly what
she was doing. I went behind Penny, pulled a rubber on and
ploughed my cock
into her. I so needed to fuck another woman! Nikki watched
me and clambered
to her feet. She put her hands between my legs and stroked
my balls as I
fucked her. Simon, meanwhile, was at my rear and started
to rim me. This was
absolute heaven but it was going to get better as I saw Jason
stretching a
condom over his monster cock and I knew what was coming next.
He crawled
round behind Nikki and started his onslaught. She gasped
as he fiddled
around, trying to get into her. Even with her flowing juices
and Penny's
saliva he was struggling. Bit by bit, he managed.

Penny came as I fucked her and it took all my control not to
do the same
with Simon's tongue up my hole. Matt's cock was
back in Nikki's mouth as I
pulled out of Penny and left her to Simon who eagerly plunged
into her. I
decided to sit on the couch and wank while I watched the scene.
Out of the
corner of my eye, I saw movement and there was Lisa.

My first thought was, "Shit, Nikki is going to feel
like she has been found
fucking by her sister." Lisa put a finger to her lips
as if to say, "Shhh, "
and quickly stripped.

Her slim body and boyish shape, with tiny little tits, was
so attractive to
me and she dropped between my legs and sucked my cock. Nikki
was facing away
and could see none of this. The scene continued for some
minutes before Lisa
pulled off my cock, tapped Jason on the shoulder and persuaded
him with sign
language to pull out of Nikki with a sloppy plopping sound
and then drop on
all fours like a second dog to lap at Nikki's cunt. Nikki
was groaning in
ecstasy with the flooding sensations and her orgasm started
to build, then
drop, then build. Lisa knew how to lick cunt and that was
sure. She flipped
Nikki over and opened her legs. As she went down, Nikki recognised
her and a
shocked look came over her face as she realised who was licking
her to
orgasm. It hit her as a wave of sensations washed over her
with Lisa's
ministrations. She was wet with perspiration as she climbed
down from the

I went over and started to fuck Penny as Matt mounted Lisa
and Simon entered
Nikki before she could relax. Jason came over and dangled
his monster in my
face so I sucked it, holding it in one hand as I fucked Penny
from behind.
"You want to try taking it, " he said to me?

"I couldn't get that in my hole, " I said,
realising that all the action had
stopped and everyone was listening. Nikki had a devilish
look of her face.

"I wouldn't force it but I would love a virgin
straight arse, " he said.

Sounds of encouragement came from all around, even from
Nikki. I found
myself tentatively agreeing. Everything stopped and
the pair of us were in
the middle of the floor, me in a doggy position and Jason
standing behind me
stretching another condom over his cock and it looked as
though it would
burst with the tension. Simon was idly stroking his cock,
Matt was kissing
Nikki's tits with his finger in her cunt and Lisa and
Penny were stroking
each other on the sofa with their legs open and their gaping
wet sex

I felt coldness on my hole and a stickiness there which I
assumed was the
lubricant, I had seen Simon take from his holdall. I felt
an intrusion as
Jason's finger slid into me and wiggled about. My mind
was racing. Here I
was, a seemingly straight guy, down on all fours, being
watched by my
girlfriend and two other girls, plus two guys, as I am about
to lose my
virginity to another seemingly straight guy. This was

The sensation on my hole was odd. It wasn't really painful
as his fingers
slid in and out but it was like being full at the end of a meal
-- but at the
wrong end!! Simon handed me something else from his bag.
It was a little
bottle and he told me to inhale the content's fumes,
then he put the cap
back on and stroked my cock. I felt a warm rush building which
then filled
my head with the most stimulating feeling. My cock started
to rise to full
firmness and I felt an amazing high. It stayed like that
for about 3 minutes
by which time I realised that Jason's cock was almost
fully inside me and I
hadn't even felt him enter. I WAS feeling him now though
and had to ask him
to go easy. The bottle was handed back to me and I inhaled
again. This rush
was absolutely wonderful and again, Jason used it to push
further in and
wait. We went on like this for about 10 minutes with the audience
subtle little sex shows in front of me as Jason pushed and

Soon, to a small round of applause, he was in me to the hilt.
I had often
fantasised about this for some reason, but had never expected
to actually do
it. Between sniffs at the bottle and Jason's insistent
pushing and
withdrawing I was now actually being fucked. He really
built up some speed
and as I flopped down on the floor, facing the audience,
he lay behind me
and my cock stuck out straight in front. Lisa and Penny dropped
down and
took it in turns to lick my cock and suck it as Jason hammered
at my virgin
hole. Well it didn't take long at all. I felt a swelling
inside me like a
balloon inflating and suddenly, with only a slight lick
from Lisa, she was
rewarded with a half mouthful and half faceful of cum. Jason
was howling as
his cum filled the condom inside me and this triggered a
mad rush to orgasm
from everyone else. Matt climbed on Nikki to fuck her to
orgasm, Lisa
started to lick out Penny and Simon, for every the director,
came forward
and wanked his cock on to Penny's face. She came with
her face being
splattered with warm cum.

Soon we were all lolling around naked on the floor in the
aftermath of the
orgy and there was a general tidying and requests to shower
or dress. As is
usually the case in these things, everyone drifted away
with the promise of
an "even better one next time." Even Lisa popped
out to walk Penny and Simon
down to a local bar. That left Nikki and I bemused and looking
at each
other. Thankfully she spoke first.

"That was awesome, " she said.

I was relieved!

"Not that I want to do it everyday but it was just so
amazing to explore the
dark corners of your sexuality so openly, " she continued.
"Would you do
something like that again?"

"Yes I would, " I said, "As long as you
were comfortable with it and it
didn't jeopardise our relationship."

We agreed we felt closer than ever and I found a new stamina
as my cock
started to rise again. I dragged Nikki into the bedroom
and fucked her,
leaving the door open. In our new relationship, I had nothing
to hide from
our house guest any more.

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Great story and well written. I'd welcome everyone to a duck fest like that.