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house call


It had been one of those weeks. Too many no’s as I’d pursued
my career in sales. Yesterday was one of the worse. I was
thinking I might just have to change careers again. Or go
back to the life of an accountant. That I didn’t want to do.
I’d enjoyed the past 4 years of non-structured employment.
Self-employeed had its pluses, but also some negatives….and
I was in the midst of a huge negative. I needed a big sale to
get me back on track. The weather wasn’t any help that morning
to improve my disposition; dark and stormy as the weather
forecast said interment heavy thunder boomers all day.
Procrastinating, I stopped by McDonald’s for a cup of coffee
and a sausage biscuit. Sitting there, I really was debating…just
throwing in the towel….but something told me to try once
more. Something seemed to be telling me to knock on that
one more door. So, pulling myself up from the booth, I walked
to my truck and not knowing exactly where I was going, started
driving. After wandering a bit, I found myself in a residential
area I’d not been before. As I walked up the sidewalk of the
first house on the block, I kept saying to myself. “Hey,
I have a good product here and everyone needs this.” Trying
to get my spirits up. Ringing the doorbell got no response.
No one was home. I was deflated…
But I went to the next house and rang the door bell. I stood
there for what seemed like forever…and tried again…and
followed it with a knock…maybe the doorbell was out of commission.
Turning on my heels, looking up at the dark clouds as a clap
of thunder rumbled in the near distance, I began to walk
away. I heard someone behind the door. Sounded like someone
unlocking the dead bolt. I turned around as the door cracked
open just a bit…only as far as the chain of a second security
bolt would allow.
With my card in hand, I made a gesture to hand it to the person
behind the door as I introduced myself. A hand reached from
the still nearly closed door….a feminine hand….nails
painted the color of candy apples…a faint sweet sensation
hit my nostrils. She took the card from my hand and without
saying a word, closed the door. I shrugged my shoulders
as it began to rain. It was a sudden downpour. I was about
half-way to my truck when …I heard a voice calling. “Hey,
wait a minute!”
I turned to see her framed in the doorway. Sex was the furtherest
thing from my mind until that instant. Damn! She was saying
something, but my mind was saying to hers, “Baby, you look
sooooooooo damn gooooooood!” I know I shouldn’t have such
thoughts. After all, I was a married man. “But married men
have needs too right?”....I said to myself. It had been
a very long time since I’d felt the stirrings that were bubbling
in my insides.
Her words were ringing in my head. “You’d better come inside…you
are getting soaked!” I guess I must have been standing there
starring at her…time seemed to have stood still as well.
I imagined running in slow motion up the sidewalk..rain
spattering across my face…soaking my shirt…you know….like
some expressive event in a movie or something. Finding
myself on her porch, I stammered apologies for intruding.

Why was I in such a state of eroticism? Just the sight of her
threw my sexual desires into overload. It was all that I
could do just to look at her and not grab her. I was a professional
here. If this lady was letting me into her home, I had to be
on my best behavior. After all, I was selling insurance.
Just insurance! Nothing else should be on my mind. I kept
thinking. “Does she answer the door dressed that way all
the time?”
Let me describe her as I saw her. Standing in the doorway,
framed like a goddess. Dressed in a floor length robe of
white shimmering silk. It was wrapped around her feminine
body and tied at the waist by a sash. The way it was wrapped
accented her breasts and hips. The material wasn’t see-through,
but the loose weave of the fabric allowed a hint of what was
hidden behind. It was impossible not to see the little bumps
caused by her nipples. And her hips just seemed to beg to
be grabbed. Without experiencing it, I could tell her body
was toned and energetic. Her toes peeked out from the bottom
hem of her garment…matching nails……candy apple red….
I thought, “I bet she is as sweet as candy too!”
All this was going through my head as I entered the doorway
at her invitation. She said something like, “Let me see
what you have. I might be interested!” Turning her head
to me as she walked on into the room. I know she must have seen
my eyes as they were locked on her butt. I saw a distinct smile
from the side of her face as she invited me to have a seat,
motioning me to a huge over stuffed sofa. She asked me to
give her my sport coat I was wearing noticing it was soaked.
“Let me hang your jacket up so it will dry without wrinkling.”

She left the room, apparently taking it to her laundry room.
A few anxious moments later she returned. She sat down in
a matching chair to my left….I could have sworn she pulled
her robe away from her knee as she crossed her legs…exposing
her left leg as she draped it over her right. Her legs were
firm and shapely…sexy..obviously she worked out.
“Are you sure I’m not intruding? I could come back later.”
“No, that’s okay. I have no plans today. I’d been for my morning
walk, came in and took my shower. I was about to have my coffee
when you rang the door bell. Where did I put my coffee?” As
she looked around, the opening of her robe exposed more
leg to me.
“Would you like a cup of coffee?” She stood up and walked
into the kitchen area. I told her that would be great. My
clothes were damp and the a/c was working well, sending
a slight chill over me. A cup of coffee would warm me up I thought
to myself. My eyes followed her as walked away. I felt a stirring
in my groin.
She returned with a cup of coffee in each hand. Leaning over
to place my cup in the coffee table in front of me, my eyes
fell upon her cleavage. She looked up at my eyes and with
a knowing smile said, “Here, maybe this will warm you up!”

She sat back down in the over stuffed chair….crossed her
legs again….giving me full view of her sexy legs. “I love
that cute little duck in your commercials! I particularly
like the one when he tries to join the sycronized ladies
swim team into their locker room. It is apparent he is a
they kick him out!’
We laughed together. This broke the ice..taking my mind
off my inner desires for the moment. I began tell her about
the different policies that were available to her. Though
try as I might, I found it difficult to keep focused. I kept
wondering was she always this flirty and provocative?
That’s it! She was so damn provocative! What man wouldn’t
want to bust his way between those thighs of hers…
The more we talked, the more I got the feeling she wanted
more than insurance coverage. It was beginning to get warm….or
was it cause my blood was rushing with anticipated desire?

She told me she really thought what I had to offer in the way
of insurance sounded great, but that she just wasn’t financially
positioned at the moment to commit purchasing just yet.
I told her that I perfectly understood. I could only imagine
how difficult it might be to be a single parent, having all
the responsibilities of maintaining a household. I was
making small talk as I began to pack my outlines of coverage..and
rate book back into my brief case. She leaned over to grab
one of the coverage brochures she was particularly interested
in. As she did, the sash of her robe apparently loosened…her
left breast fell into full view. What man in his right mind
wouldn’t look. I mean, it was right there. what else could
I have done?...
She seemed slightly embarrassed as she quickly reached
to cover it saying, “Oh, I’m sorry!”
“Please…. Don’t be. You have a gorgeous body”…….I can’t
believe those words came out of my mouth. Did I just say what
I thought I said? My manhood was responding all too quickly.
I felt the blood rush. I had an instantaneous hard on.
“Oh, I don’t think it is all that special!” Her remark had
to have been to my statement. I did say that…and my mouth
was speaking again…without thinking.
“Please don’t cover it up. Let me see the other one too.”
How bold I’d become. Certainly, I wasn’t me. Some alien
had to have taken over my body or something.
Before my mind could compute these thoughts, she stood.
Her eyes dropped to the bulge that had appeared in my lap.
It was so obvious the aroused state I was in. Like a goddess
she stood before me ready. I reached for her hand….and guided
her next step toward me. Our eyes locked on the others…my
hands reached for her…drawing her even closer to me. Seemed
everything was going into slow mo again… my hands slid down
her waist…to her firm round hips…fingers lingering behind
her thighs as they curled around them…grasping the ever
tensing muscles responding to my touch. I felt her body
trembling. I knew what she wanted, but I also knew she was
frightened. After all, here was the stranger in her house….she’d
just a few fleeting minutes earlier had first met. How could
she be allowing this? How could this be happening? But through
all the apprehension, I sensed she wanted me.
I’d not done anything like this before. But I knew I was past
the point of stopping. My upbringing told me this was all
wrong, but my desires, my needs……were in control. This
woman standing before me….was hungry. And my needs lusted
for her.
I drew her closer as my hands swept up the back of her thighs
and captured her sweet ass cheeks. Leaning forward, my
nostrils a fraction of an inch from her warm body, smelled
the sweet essence of passion. I kissed the fabric of her
robe in the proximity of her Mound of Venus, a light kiss
designed to assure her I would never harm her. As I stood,
my hands traveled up her back. I could see the fear in her
eyes and sensed what she was wrestling with behind them.
I also saw such desire. A desire in one’s eyes that I’ve never
seen before.
“You want me to go?” I said, as I kissed her neck..smelling
the aroma of her freshly washed hair.
“No!...Please, no!” she replied in a shaky voice, wrapping
her arms around me. Our lips met for the first time. If it
was already electrifying enough, tasting her lips was
something I will not soon forget. The sweet little innocent
like kiss turned quickly into a frenzy of passion. Our tongues
danced a dance of their own. I thought she was a damn good
kisser. Overwhelming. It had been a long time since a kiss
had taken my breath away. Her hands were grasping my butt..kneeding
them through my slacks. Her pelvis was grinding against
my swollen cock. I didn’t have to look to know that I was seeping
My hands moved down her sides to her waist where they snaked
between us…searching for the opening of her robe. Once
finding it, I slowly began to explore her silky smooth skin.
My heart was beat so hard in my chest I felt like it might burst.
As my hands trembled from the anticipation, they continued.
Along her sides…behind her…down her back….sweet ass..mmm…back
up her sides……..all this time…and our lips are still locked
in passion…..her kiss was taking the very life from me….at
that moment in time, I was hers….and if she wanted my life,
it was hers for the taking.
As we broke our kiss, my lips moved to her cheek…and lower
against her neck..nibbling on her earlobe….causing her
to giggle. My hands drew back the opening of her robe as they
found the wonderfully soft mounds of female flesh. I love
the feel of breasts…and hers felt awesome. They were perfect.
When my mouth touched her left nipple, I thought her legs
were gonna cave in. I took the other one in my mouth…rolled
it with my tongue….Her breathing became very heavy….she
leaned against me for support as her body responded to the
Turning her around, I gently pushed her down…and into the
seat that I’d been in. I leaned over, kissed her lips….and
ever so slowly, my tongue explored her exposed breasts…circling
her taunt nipples…kissing the valley between….lower
my mouth went….leaving a cool wet trail as I planted kiss
after kiss along her torso. Stopping at her navel, I wiggled
my tongue gesturing of what lay ahead.
My hands reached for her ankles and drew her feet to my mouth.
I kissed the soft area at the arch of her feet. My tongue snaked
in out and around each toe….Sucking on each toe before moving
to the other..till I’d bathed them all..The lower portion
of her robe was draped across her thighs. As I moved upward,
I uncovered them. Kissing her at the crease of her thigh
and torso, first one side, then the other. The sweet fragrance
of her arousal heightened my desire. I wanted her. But I
also wanted to give her all the pleasure she could handle.
I wanted this to be good for her too.
My tongue traced the crease along her thigh….then across
to the other…and back…I kissed her trimmed Mound of Venus.
The heat of her passion was radiating. I swear I could feel
the heat from her. She opened her thighs, drew her legs up…planted
her heels on the edge of the cushion…exposing her wet pussy
to me. God….what a pussy! Her outer lips were swollen and
flushed. Glistening from her arousal, her inner lips like
dew on delicate petals of a flower….each fold of sensitive
flesh sandwiched against another. It had been ages since
I’d had the opportunity to bask between the folds of a woman’s
sweetness. I love the taste of sweet pussy nectar.
Teasingly, my tongue snaked through her trimmed bush.
Flickering the tip of my tongue at the apex of her pussy,
her ass came off the cushion. My hands found themselves
cradling her ass cheeks as she attempted to grind her pussy
against my face. Pulling back, I licked up the sides of her
outer lips. It was hard to offer delicate touches with her
gyrating movements. Sliding my tongue to her clit was more
than she could handle. Her body convulsed in a mind blowing
orgasm. I took her sensitive female counterpart to a man’s
cock into my mouth…rolled it around my tongue…and she nearly
came off the sofa….throwing her into a string of orgasms….one
after the other. I wasn’t done. Before she could catch her
breath, my tongue slid down …lower…between her thighs…lower…
Tracing the tiny ridge of flesh between her pussy and her
back door. I’d read somewhere this was quite possibly the
third most sensitive spot on a woman, after the clit and
nipples…I don’t know…but I wonder where the back of the
neck would rank…and the crease behind the knee….so many
places……so much territory to explore…and experiment.
I wonder what she’ll think if I lick that sweet little puckered
back door. Also read that this could bring a person extreme
pleasure. I had to try. After all, I was already at the door
step. Why not go past the threshold. Circling it, I was made
aware of her sweetness. Also I was made oh so aware of how
aroused she was. Her pussy was dripping her sweet nectar.
Momentarily returning to her pussy, I lapped at those juices.
Savoring every morsel.
As the tip of my tongue circled her buttyhole, she squirmed.
At first I was afraid she wanted me to stop. I didn’t know
like I said, how she might feel about being rimmed (I think
that is what they call it). I moved away as I responded to
her squirming. But I heard, “No!....please don’t stop!..”
So I returned, circling it again….and intermittently
probed with the tip of my tongue. As I got caught up in the
moment and before I realized what I was doing, I was fucking
her ass with my tongue. She was moaning…and squirming…and
moaning….and bucking….damn, she was one hot woman. A few
more strokes with my tongue and she was cumming….HARD!...Her
pussy squirted this milky fluid into my waiting mouth…realizing
I’d just met my first “squirter”. Awesome.
I spent the next few minutes licking up her juices with a
devouring hungry tongue. As I took this task to “mouth”
as it were, my goal was to give her all the pleasure she could
manage. To take her to heights of sexual bliss she’d never
experienced and beyond her imaginations. As her orgasms
subsided and she was able to catch her breath, she lowered
her legs…and began playing teasing my cock with her toes..By
now, I was sure that there had to be a wet spot at the front
of my slacks the size of an orange…My cock had been hard for
so long now, it was almost painful. It certainly needed
to be released from its confines. Her touch felt good. My
body ached for the touch of a desiring woman.
In the back of my mind, I was thinking…trying to justify
my actions even as the sweetness of her nectar lingered
on my face, mouth and tongue. My wife…I love her and all,
but she never had been what you would call wild and exciting
in bed. Every now and again, a guy needs his ego boosted just
so he knows he is still wanted…needed…and desired. And
it had been a long long time since she had made me feel that
way. Past several years, it was as though she was just making
love to me out of “wifely duty.” That’s what I felt. I was
always the one to initiate sex. She thought oral sex was
perverted behavior. So extended foreplay was limited.
I got the impression that the sooner I came, that was fine
with her. She lacked a desire to even cum.
“I want to taste you!”…
Those words spun my senses back to the moment. She pushed
me up and reached down for my cock. Stroking it through my
slacks, she said, “Let me see what you have hiding in there!
MMMMmmmm…feels awfully good…and my my my…it’s wet too!”
I stood up. She raked her nails across the bulge sending
chills of excitement and began to fumble with my belt. As
she unbuckled it, she pressed her lips and kissed my hardness.
Damn, that felt good. She was doing something she wanted
to do. Not just to please me. I could feel her desire.
She licked at the wet spot on my slacks……”Mmmmmmmm….God,
you taste good!”

As she pulled the belt from it’s loops, she began to knaw
on me with her teeth thru the fabric….as if she couldn’t
wait to set me free. I’d never experienced anything close
to this before. I’ve never felt more wanted. And this from
one I didn’t even know a couple hours ago. The feeling was
so exciting, I didn’t know if I would be able to control my
orgasm. I could feel it already beginning to bubble deep
down inside. I wondered if she could sense how turned on
I was. She slowly unzipped my pants…revealing my pre-cum
soaked bikini briefs. As she slipped the button through
the hole and before my slacks hit the floor, her mouth was
on me…her hands were grasping my ass. I was mustering my
will of self-control…as I shucked my shoes and socks…but
I felt I was loosing. It was so unbelievable the feeling
I was getting from this woman. Damn, I wanted to cum in her
mouth, but I wanted to fuck the living day lights out of her
too….I tried thinking of something else…but with this
wanton woman devouring me even through the thin fabric
of my undies, I was loosing the battle. She lifted her hands
around my butt..and put her thumbs inside the waist band…and
pulled downward. She had to pull the waistband out and over
to get past my throbbing cock. As she did, it sprang out….startling
her. Fully exposed, she was a little caught aback at how
thick I was. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around it…and
cupped my balls with the other…leaned in and licked off
the clear liquid pearl that had formed at the tiny slit.
“Hmmmmmmmm…God! You sure are sweet.”
Her lips kissed the head. Her tongue circled the ridge……My
legs become weak as I take a deep breath..and concentrate.
I can’t loose it now…Slowly, but certain, I began to melt
before her. The feeling was enormous. It was more than I
could handle…Without warning, the flood gates swung open
wide and a gush of hot cum hit the back of her mouth…followed
by another…and another…and another. Sucking hungrily,
she contained it all…My knees buckled…I twisted and fell
upon the sofa next to her…..her mouth still engaged on my
cock….drawing in every single drop.
This woman was something else. Have the pleasure of a woman
that “wanted it” was a new experience for me….howbeit,
my limited experience was. It was more than I could have
dreamed. I laid my head back into the soft cushions and felt
as though my body was floating….held in place via the grip
of those soft warm lips around my still swollen cock. I don’t
think it had lost any of its firmness as she continued to
give it lip service. She didn’t let it cum up for air for a
Getting down on her knees between my feet, her warm mouth
continued. It was as though she was on a mission of importance…and
nothing would sway her agenda. I could do nothing but lay
back and …enjoy…Tried to reach her breasts on one occasion,
but they were pressed against the cushion…Wanting to show
some form of affection, I lifted my feet and caressed her
legs and back with my heels…She plopped my cock from the
warmth of her mouth…slid her tongue down the rigid shaft….teased
my balls…rolling them within their hairless sack.
I’d long ago made it a practice of mine to pluck the hairs
from my scrotum. I liked the “naked” feeling it gave me.
And I dreamed of one day this very thing happening. Call
it planning! Or whatever! I was gonna make sure that if anyone
ever wanted to lick my balls, it wasn’t going to be a “hairing”
experience. And now, seems it was actually happening.
She lifted her eyes in apparent approval as she inhaled
my balls…God!......That felt so good. Gently she rolled
them around in her mouth…separating them…juggling them
with her wiggling tongue…I could feel her tongue slide
off her bottom lip underneath my appreciative balls…as
it flickered at the tiny ridge leading to my puckered back
door. I didn’t know what was next….if she was intending
to rim me too…as I’d done to her…but that was her option.
I wasn’t going to stop her.
I wondered if she wondered…if I wondered……how my cock was
staying hard…after cumming…Yes!...I was wondering too….But
I wasn’t gonna complain, as I could tell she was obviously
impressed as she pulled back…took her right hand…circled
her fingers around it…as far as they would go…smiling….shaking
her head from side to side…and almost on my cue said, “I want
to feel you inside me…Now..I want to feel this thick cock.…I
want it now!”
Reaching for her hands, I took them and pulled her to her
feet…and told her to sit down beside me. As she did, I leaned
into her…kissed her lips…tasted my juices on her tongue…and
gently pushed her over…her head against the sofa’s arm
rest. As I leaned over her, my mouth naturally fell upon
her breast. Raising myself in a kneeling position with
my left knee between her leg and the back of the sofa and my
right knee between her thighs, she pressed her pussy against
my right knee..humping it indicating her desire…her need….Sliding
my leg up and down against her pussy, I teased her..sucked
on a nipple….then the other….
I moved my other leg between hers….and lowered my body upon
hers…as our lips met, the hardness between us was making
a way of its own. Without any guidance, I felt the mushroom
head separate her outer lips. My cock was drawn to her hot
pussy like a heat seeking missile locked in on the hot jets
of its target. Intending to penetrate slow fell by the wayside,
when she thrust her body upward…The heat of her pussy seemed
to draw me in….in a single thrust…I was deep inside the tightest….hottest…pussy
I could ever have imagined. The deep moan from deep within
her chest told me she too was experiencing something as
never before. I wondered what it might have felt like to
be split open…and filled with my hard thickness..Must
have felt she began to buck…and gyrate against
Initially, our thrusting was random…and rampant….she
going up her own path..and I mine…As she exploded into orgasm,
I pumped my cock in and out of her so forcefully, I was on the
verge of fear….was I hurting her?...The moans and groans
between her ragged labored breaths indicated she was anything
but in pain…Her hands gripped my ass…”Harder! Harder!,
she repeated as her nails raked across my back…up and down
my sides…and then she started all over again…grapping..reaching…scratching…for
something tangible to hang onto…….something to hold her…as
her body trembled from the force of her orgasm. She held
on….as another followed the last rapid succession…
Grabbing her hips, I pulled her over where her left ass cheek
was off the sofa….With my right foot on the floor, I gained
tremendous leverage as I slammed into her pussy….I didn’t
know how much harder she could take…but her words kept screaming
in my ears, “HARDER>>>>HARDER….HARDER!....
I wondered to myself how long I could keep up the pace that
was being demanded of me. I couldn’t help but think how glad
I was that my personal trainer at the health club had encouraged
me to develop my cardiovascular training elements. I remember
her saying during my initial evaluation that I must have
a very strong heart. She was amazed at how hard I had to work
out just to get my heart rate up to a substantial benefiting
rate. I wasn’t about to stop till this lovely lady that was
begging me to fuck her… HARDER… HARDER….had had enough.
I was determined to be the best fuck she’d ever had. After
all, she’d already exceeded everything I’d ever experienced
I lifted her right leg up, rested it against my shoulder…and
began a slower pace….setting a steady rhythm….she met
me ..thrust for thrust….arching her ass upward as our bodies
danced the prone dance of passion….Her pussy hadn’t loosened
one centimeter even from the intensity of the onslaught.
Our bodies provided a constant supply of lubricating juices….like
the piston of a well-oiled machine, my cock slid in ..and
out..over and over…
I felt the vise-like grip of her sex around the pleasuring
blood engorged muscle…her body tensed beneath me….she
grew motionless…then began trembling….I knew she was
having one huge mind blowing orgasm….rushing thru her
entire body…Indestinguishable sounds came from her lips
as she tried to remain conscious. As we stared eye to eye,
I sensed she’d about had all she could handle for the moment.
This was my cue to cum…I’d been thinking of everything under
the sun to maintain control, but the moment I redirected
that thought pattern to cumming, I came…Though it couldn’t
have been much volume wise, it felt like buckets were streaming
from my balls into her hot pussy. As she felt my hot offering
coating her inside, the sensation threw her yet once again
into a tail spinning orgasm….
Falling upon her, my body…a depleted state of bliss…I kissed
her lips, dry from the rushing of air that her body had been
demanding. I licked them to moisten them. And before I knew
it, we were locked in a passionate kiss…promising more
to cum….

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Wow, that was hot! Very well written. I loved it.


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Outstanding !! realy enjoyed it