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I was driving down a deserted country road after a two-day
business trip. My job was to drive around the region and
make presentations, so this wasn't unusual. I usually
get the weekends off to spend with my wife so it's not
a bad thing to be gone a couple days at a time. It was a Friday
and I was half an hour from home so I was starting to feel the
anticipation of seeing my wife again. There is road in front
of me and fields around me as far as the eye can see.

Then I saw him. There was a big guy on the side of the rode thumbing
for a ride. He had on blue sweat shorts and a tight tank top
that showed off his muscular chest. He was bald with a goatee
and looked to be in his 40's. He was a towering mass of
muscle that I'm sure a lot of people would've been
intimidated by. But not me, I pick up hitchhikers all the
time. They're all just normal people trying to get
somewhere that ran into some bad luck. Being on the road
a lot made me sympathize with them.

So I pulled over and lowered my passenger window. He walked
over and leaned into the open window. "I need a ride
into town, " he said. His voice was deep and slightly

"Sure, hop in. I'm going that way, " I responded.

He immediately opened the door and got in. I started driving.
He scooted his seat back to accommodate his long legs and
got comfortable.

He then turned to me and said, "Thanks, for picking
me up. I got left out here by my slave."

I thought he was making some sort of joke or I misheard him.
I really didn't know how to respond so I just waited
for him to clarify what he said.

"The little whore was supposed to drive me out here
in the middle of nowhere so he could suck me off. He couldn't
stand take my face fucking so he just got in the car and left
me, the worthless little pussy."

I looked over and saw him playing with this large, growing
mound that was inside his shorts! He obviously wasn't
wearing underwear. I was shocked by both what he said and
by him playing with himself. I still didn't know what
to say. I realized there was no harm in him talking about
his sexual escapades. I just remained silent and tried
to keep my eyes on the road.

"He whined about how my dick was too big for him. Little
bitch. He said I was too rough. Obviously, he wasn't
a serious cocksucker. How can you resist a dick like this?"

I glanced over and saw that he had pulled out his naked semi-erect
penis and was playing with it! I couldn't believe it!
I was appalled. However, part of me did notice that it really
was insanely big. It was longer and fatter than any erection
I had ever seen.

A part of me briefly thought about how my wife had said she
wanted to see me penetrated. It's her sick little fantasy.
She wanted us to do a three-way but I've just never been
into guys. Just for her, I did try masturbating to some gay
porn. I wasn't attracted to the guys themselves but
I could get into some of the oral stuff that just focused
on a guy's member or someone sucking it, especially
when the member was big. I was mildly curious about how it
must feel like to have a cock in your mouth, but I never told
her that.

Of course, in the car with some whacked out stranger wasn't
the time or place to test out my curiosities. I yelled, "Cut
it out! Put it back in your pants!"

He had his hand wrapped around his growing member as he responded,
"You can't be serious. You don't really
want me to put something this big and powerful away. I bet
you want it, don't you? Every man really wants a big
hard cock in his mouth."

I glanced back over at him. The monster between his legs
was now fully erect. He was stroking it slowly with his hand
going from the top to the bottom of his extremely long, hard
erection. He was looking at me and smiling. I was worried
he was going to start ejaculating on my car seats!

Before I could anything he continued speaking, "Yeah,
you want it. I can tell by the way you're looking at it."
He started to move his hips back and forth thrusting his
hard erection forward, jabbing the air. He continued as
he humped the air "You want to be on your knees with
this big hard piece of meat shoved down your throat don't
you? You want me to fuck your throat and shove my dick so far
down your throat that I choke out all the air! Isn't
that what you want cocksucker!?!? Isn't it!?!"

"No, I don't! Put it back in your pants now!"
I yelled. He was getting too excited. I was afraid he was
going reach over to grab me next.

"You're lying, I can tell by that big hard-on
you got in your pants. My dick turns you on, cocksucker.
You know want it in your mouth. You know you want my cum-"

I slammed on the brakes and we screeched to a halt I wasn't
going to take it from this horny pervert any more! I pulled
my cell phone out of my pocket. I looked directly at him and
yelled "Get out now or I'm calling the cops!"

I stared at him intensely for a minute to make sure he knew
I was serious. He didn't really show any reaction.
He just opened the car door and got out, with his shorts still
pulled down and his erection still exposed. He closed door
and then turned around. His erection was pointing directly
at me as I turned away and hit the gas hard.

I sped off down the road, trying to avoid looking in my rear
view. I was relieved to have him out the car. At the same time,
I found that I was excited by the whole thing. My heart was
still racing but it was starting to wind down to its normal
beat. Maybe it was because the excitement was over, but
I suddenly noticed that he was right about me having an erection.
I could now feel it throbbing in my pants.

My mind wondered to what just happened. The fear I had felt
was there but I also thought about how big his penis was.
It really did arouse me. I started to think about all that
gay porn I had jerked off too and how excited I was pretending
to go down on a guy while I looked at the porn. But those guys
weren't half as big as this guy. And they weren't
forceful either; they just stood there and let the other
guy go down on them.

An image of the hitchhiker's big fat erection in my
mouth popped into my head. Having it shoved down my throat.
I had always wondered what that was like. I rocked my hips
a little and rubbed my throbbing erection against my pants.
I opened my mouth pretending the hitchhiker was forcefully
filling it. I was so turned on. His voice ran through my head
repeating the part about me wanting it. It repeated louder
and louder in my mind. My cock throbbed more and more. I gripped
the steering wheel tight and yelled "Yes, I want your
cock in my mouth!"

I hit the brakes and the car screeched to a stop. I put my head
down on the steering wheel while trying to catch my breath.
I had never been so horny in my life. I really did want to suck
dick. This was my one chance with the biggest, most powerful
guy I could find. He would use my mouth so good. I knew I would
love sucking him off. He still scared me and he was still
a stranger. Could I risk it? There might be other opportunities.
Maybe my wife could arrange something. But that would be
later and wouldn't be anywhere near as good as this
guy. I wanted it now. I needed a cock in my mouth at that moment.
Every fiber of my being was telling me this. This could act
as a test run for that three-way.

I did a three point turn and turned around. I sped back towards
the hitchhiker. I shook with anticipation. In a minute,
I would have my first cock in my mouth. Then I saw the hitchhiker
still standing on the side of the road with his hard dick
still hanging out. As I got closer, "Master"
began entering my head.

I frantically rolled down the window as my car slowed pulled
over in front of him. He didn't say a word. He just held
his rigid dick in his hand and took a couple steps towards
me. He stuck his massive cock through the window dangling
it only an inch from my mouth. Its width was huge, I wasn't
even sure if it would fit in my mouth. It was so long I didn't
know if it was even possible to swallow that much of it. It
so massive, so powerful, and beautiful.

I suddenly grabbed it and shoved it into my mouth. I took
his giant head into my mouth and slid my lips down his long,
hard shaft. I took as much as could fit in my hungry mouth
and then tried to take more. I gagged a little on his cock.
I wanted to take every inch of it in my mouth. I wanted it so

I rapidly bobbed my head back and forth on the length of his
dick that fit in my tiny, little mouth. He yelled, "You
like that don't you cocksucker? I told you that you
would be back for your Master's cock!"

I made a muffled noise that sounded like "yeah"
as I continued to take more and more of his long, rock hard
dick into my mouth. My lips slid even more rapidly back and
forth as I mumbled louder noises of pleasure. I loved it!
I loved taking this man's rigid, powerful cock into
my mouth!

Suddenly, I felt his large hands grab my head on each side.
My mouth stopped moving while my lips were still squeezing
around his thick cock. I had seen enough pornos to know what
was next.

As he firmly held my head in place, he rocked his hips, thrusting
his hard, manly cock deep into my mouth. He thrusted again
this time harder and deeper. He kept doing this, thrusting
his huge cock deeper and deeper down my warm mouth, until
it filled my mouth and throat completely. I choked on it.
I coughed and gagged but there was nothing I could do. He
wouldn't let me move my head. I just had to sit there
and take it.

His thrusts got harder, more violent. I choked a little
on every thrust as he held my mouth in place. He fucked my
mouth hard like a tight pussy as yelled at me, telling me
what a dirty little cock sucking whore I am. I was absolutely
helpless. He was my face and I loved it.

I heard a car coming and snapped back into reality. I tried
to pull back hoping there was still time to for him to hide
his dick but he wouldn't let go! He held my head in my
place and kept his dick in my mouth as I struggled! I made
a muffled noise for him to let go.

I could hear him laughing as the car got closer. I knew whoever
was in it had a good view of my car by now. Suddenly, I didn't
care. I was actually excited that others might see me with
a dick in my mouth. I stopped struggling, closed my eyes,
and submitted myself totally to my master's control.
He continued to fuck my mouth. I was in heaven.

After the car was past us, one of his hands let go of my head
and he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He held my head with
the other hand as he stroked his monster erection with his
right hand. His massive hard fuck tool was just inches from
my face ready to cum.

As he furiously stroked it, he yelled, "Open up slut!
You're about to get your Master's cum!"

I opened my mouth wide and closed my eyes. I wanted his cum.
I wanted to taste it. Feel it. Swallow it. I wanted it bad.

With a groan, I felt a thick warm stream of liquid shoot into
my mouth; then another and another. It shot all over the
place. It sprayed violently into my mouth. It splattered
onto my cheek and forehead. After a minute, the squirting
stopped and I opened my eyes to see a glorious drop of cum
forming on the tip of his head. I swallowed the sperm in my
mouth and took his head into my mouth, licking up ever drop
of cum that seeped out. It was delicious.

My face was covered in cum, drenched in cum. I could feel
the wet, warm man juice on my face dripping down my creeks.
It dribbled off my chin unto my shirt. I wore my Master's
cum as a mask of pride. It felt good.

"You belong to me now don't you, cocksucker?"
My Master said as he put his massive man meat back into his

"Yes, Master." I said with a smile.

"You love sucking dick and being my slave, don't
you, cocksucker?"

"Yes, Master."

"Then you're going to drive to my place so I can
use you some more. Don't wipe off any cum. I want it to
be on your face the entire way there so everyone will know
you're mine."

“Yes, Master.”

He got in the car and we took off. I was just so caught up in
the moment. I would've done anything he asked. All
I wanted was more dick. And when we got to his place that's
exactly what he gave me.

I'm sitting on a couch watching a porn video. A blonde
with a tanned, tight body and large breasts is on her knees
with a dick in her mouth. She slowly bobs her head back and
forth on the massive cock in her mouth. Another man on her
left rubs his long semi-erect cock against her check and
one on her right strokes his thick, rock hard erection just
inches from her face. The little whore goes from cock to
cock with glee enjoying the massive dick being shoved down
her throat. I've watched videos like this before but
they've never turned me on this much because I'm
not thinking about what it feels like for the guys getting
sucked. This time I'm thinking about what it must be
like to have that dick in your mouth. I'm thinking about
the dick I had in mine minutes ago.

My master sits beside me on his couch, still in his blue sweat
shorts and tight tank top. He rubs the large bulge in his
shorts and looks at me as I watch the movie. He looks at the
hard erection that's straining the crotch of my pants.

"You ready to suck my dick again, slave?" my
Master asked.

I turned towards and said "yes" with an enthusiastic

"I want you to take off all your clothes, cock whore, "
he commanded.

I immediately stood up and feverishly unbuttoned my shirt
and threw it off. I pulled my undershirt over my head; unbuckling
my pants; my clothes flew everywhere as I frantically undressed.
My cock was throbbing; I had to have his dick in my mouth now.
I stripped down to my briefs and then realized I had never
been naked in front of another man. It hit me for a second
just how far I was going.

But it was only for a second and then my erection made me not
care. I wanted to be naked in front of my master. Having his
cock was the only thing I cared about. So I frantically slide
my shorts down and tossed them aside, exposing my naked
erection to my Master. I fell down to my knees immediately.
I was completely naked on my knees in front of another man.
It felt great.

My Master walked up before me and quickly took off his tank
top exposing his muscular chest and slid off his shorts,
exposing the massive monster inside. His dick was so big,
so hard, so powerful. He held his hard cock firmly in his
hand as he stood there naked in front of me.

"You want my dick, cocksucker?" he shouted.

"Yes, Master!" I yelled.

"Put your hands behind your back and keep them there, "
he commanded.

I obeyed, locking my hands together behind my back. He harshly
grabbed my head and held it still, his dick only inches from
my face. I opened my mouth and prepared to receive my Master's

Suddenly, his hard cock thrust itself into my warm, hungry
mouth. He moved his hips forward while holding my head still
and thrust his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

"Yeah! Take your Master's cock, you filthy little
whore! Take it in your cocksucker mouth!" he yelled
as he slammed his dick into my mouth over and over again

It felt so good for him to use my mouth like the cock slut I
am, on my knees with a dick hammering away at my pussy mouth.

Suddenly he shoves his long, hard shaft all the way in my
mouth. I feel his giant balls pressed against my chin. He
holds it there as it fills my mouth and throat, choking out
all the air.

"Gahhhh!" I gag loudly as my Master holds my
face in place forcing me to take his full length.

As suddenly as it went in, he pulls it completely out. It
flies out of my open mouth with streams of saliva attached
to it and saliva exploding out of my mouth. The saliva splatters
all over my face and chest. I gasp for air. I smile a little
realizing just how much of a slut I had become.

Suddenly his hand pulls my head as he walks into his bedroom,
dragging me along as I rush to get to my feet to follow him.
He enters the room dragging me with him and violently throws
me down on his large, king-size bed. I bounce on the bed a
little as my back lands on the center of its width.

My Master jumps on the bed and quickly positioned himself
behind me. My head is in between his muscular, naked thighs.
His massive balls rest on my forehead as he strokes his long,
hard erection just above my mouth. He grabs my throat and
holds me down. I open my mouth, ready to receive him again

Using his hand he points his hard dick down and slides it
into my open mouth and down my throat. He proceeded to gyrate
back and forth shoving his dick deeper and deeper down my
throat. So I lay there, helpless, as this man violently
my mouth. I just lay there on my back, very still, as
his dick shoves itself inside me.

I keep thinking to myself: "I am your pussy! My mouth
is your pussy!" Over and over. I loved it. I wanted
him to use me. I wanted him to fuck my face hard and my
mouth. I loved being his slut, his pussy, his cock whore.
I loved every second of it.

Suddenly he stops and his dick pulls out of my mouth. More
saliva flies out.

"Get on your belly now, whore!" he commands
as he slides off the bed and stands up.

I quickly roll over with my hands still locked together
behind my back. My Master grabs me by my armpits and pulls
me forward until my head is dangling over the edge of the
bed. He grabs both sides of my head and holds it straight,
looking at his crotch.

I open my mouth again and his cock is rammed down my throat.
He violently fucks my face hard gyrating his hips like mad,
shoving his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I keep
gagging and he keeps shoving it in, yelling "Take
my dick, cocksucker!" over and over. He truly had
turned my warm mouth into his pussy and me into his helpless

Again he pulls out, leaving me gasping for air again, covered
in my own saliva. I loved being used. I had never so turned
on in my whole life. My cock throbbed like crazy.

"You want my dick in your ass, cock slave?" he

"Yes!" I said without thinking. I didn't
care how I got his cock just as long as I got it. He could've
have done anything to me at that point and I wouldn't
have cared.

"Get on all fours like the slut you are, " he
commanded and I obeyed.

He climbed on the bed and got behind me. Suddenly, I could
feel his finger inside me. His finger was shoved up my asshole.
It startled me, but it felt good.

"You like that, slave? You like things in your ass?"

"Yes, Master."

His finger went back in forth in my ass and my dick throbbed
more and more.

"Do you want my big hard cock up your ass, slave?"

"Yes, Master!"

He finger fucked my ass faster and faster, it felt so damn

"You want me inside you, slave?"

"Yes, Master, I want you inside me! I want you to cum
inside me!"

Suddenly I could feel his massive hard dick shoving itself
into my ass. I could feel his long hard cock stretching my
ass, filling me. I groaned in pain at first, then in pleasure.
My master leaned his hot, muscular body over me and pressed
himself against my back. I felt his hand wrap around my hard
erection. My cock jumped in pleasure.

As his rock hard dick went back and forth inside me, his hand
stroked up and down my hard shaft. We both let out loud moans
of pleasure. I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass as
mine throbbed in his hand.

Suddenly, I could feel him shooting into my ass and as my
own cock shot streams of cum all over the bed sheets. We both
let out yells of pleasure as we came. My Master filled my
ass with stream after stream of his warm cum, long after
all my cum was sitting in puddles on his bed. Stream after
stream blasted inside me. It was fantastic. He pulled his
cock out and whipped the last drops of cum on his slave's
bare ass. I collapsed unto the cum covered bed and laid in
my own cum. My ass was sore and so was my jaw, but I felt great.
I rolled around in my own man juices as I felt my Master's
cum in my ass. I was such a dirty, filthy whore. It was fantastic.

My Master let me clean up in his bathroom and he asked me who
I was. I told him. I mentioned I was married and that what
got me curious about cock in the first place was my wife urging
me to do a three-way with another guy. I told him at first
I wanted to do this as a "test run" for a three-way
but it went far beyond that. I really did become his slave.

My Master told me that I would have a three-way with him and
my wife. The idea boggled my mind. I had to do it. He gave me
his number and I would call him later to arrange it. So I left
my Master knowing that the next time I see him, I would be
sucking his dick in front of my wife. Nothing could turn
me on more.

When I returned home I talked with my wife about having a
three-way. I told her I had found someone with a large cock
for the third person. The thing is, I didn't tell her
the truth about how I picked up a hitchhiker with a huge cock
and ended up sucking it and being fucked by it. Once I mentioned
the three-way to her she was dead set on it. No excuse I can
think of could get me out of this now.

So I was nervous. She has wanted to see me penetrated for
a long time. It's a long-time fantasy of hers. She's
always been dirty like that. So I called the guy back and
arranged a time for us to come over.

A couple of days later, when I returned from the office;
I walked into the house and saw my wife at the kitchen table
checking her small duffel bag. She was wearing a short,
tight one-piece green dress that showed off her figure
perfectly. I could see the hard nipples on her large breasts
through the dress. I could tell she wasn't wearing
a bra. As she bent over to check her bag, her tight dress rose
up and I could see the bottom of her round, supple bare ass.
She wasn't wearing panties either. I smiled.

"Good, you’re home. It looks like I'm ready to
go, " she said as she zipped her little bag shut.

As we walked out the door, I asked her what was in the bag.
She just smiled and said it would be a surprise.

And so we got in the car and took off. We were on our way to our
first three-way. As I drove my wife constantly readjusted
her short skirt and had this strange smile on her face. She
seemed very excited and maybe a little nervous.

Suddenly my wife breaks the silence of the ride.

"I'm looking forward to meeting your friend;
he seems like a nice guy. He called me yesterday."

"What?" I blurted out in shock. "What
did he say?"

"Not much. He just had a few suggestions on how to make
it more fun, " she said holding up her bag while smiling.

I laugh, trying to hide my nervousness. At least he didn't
tell her over the phone. Maybe, he really will keep our secret
when I get there. I still was a little uneasy. I can't
even imagine what HE would want in the bag.

We finally got there and I pulled into his driveway. We get
out and walk to the door. He instructed me to go ahead and
walk in, so we opened the door and proceed in.

"We're here!" I yell as we wife scan his
living room.

He walks out of his bedroom wearing only the blue sweat shorts
he wore when I originally met him. His muscular chest and
large muscular legs and arms are on full display, not to
mention the massive, hard erection bulging in his shorts.
Clearly, he was again without underwear. My wife smiled
as she examined him head to toe with her eyes. I noticed her
eyes lingered at his erection. So did mine, but I tried not
to show it.

"She's as fine as you said she was, " he
said with a smile.

My wife walked over to small table and put her bag down. Her
breasts jiggled and her dress stretched tighter across
her ass with every movement. He was watching ever second
of it, with a big grin on his face. My wife looked right back
at him and smiled seductively.

He then looked at me and smiled even bigger. "Let's
get this started right. Take off you clothes now, "
he commanded.

I quickly threw my t-shirt off and pulled my pants and underwear
off together. In less than a minute I was completely naked
with my hard erection exposed. I didn't even stop to
think if this would make me seem too eager to my wife. I was
just thinking about that big bulge in his sweat shorts.

"Put your hands behind your back and keep them there.
Get on your knees, you're going to suck my dick."

I obeyed and quickly fell to my knees, hands behind my back.
I could see my wife rubbing herself under her dress out of
the corner of my eye.

He walked up to me until his crotch was only inches from my
face. He then pulled down his shorts and revealed his massive,
hard naked cock. He gripped it firmly in his hand, just inches
from my face. I couldn't take my eyes off his massive

"Suck my dick now, " he commanded.

He didn't have to tell me twice. My lips immediately
wrapped around his head and slid down his long, hard shaft.
I took as much in as I could until I gagged. Then I began to
rapidly bob my head back forth rapidly on his monstrous

"I knew you would love that dick in your mouth, "
he said. I was just hoping he wouldn't say why. I heard
a buzzing noise and glanced over at my wife as I continued
to suck dick. She was now completely naked with a working
vibrator in her hand. She was teasing her pussy with it while
playing with her soft, supple breasts. I could hear her
moan over the vibrator. She stuck it inside her pussy and
began to pump her pussy with the long, hard machine.

Then I felt two strong hands grab both sides of my face, holding
it in place with the dick still in my mouth. Suddenly he began
to pump my mouth, fast and hard. I hear my wife groaning loudly
off to the side but I don't look. I'm just concentrating
on this glorious hard cock that's getting shoved in
and out of my warm, hungry mouth.

As he continues to fuck my face he says, "You like that
don't you, you little cock sucking whore? You enjoy
sucking me off even more than when we first met."

Suddenly my eyes open and I try to pull away and say something.
But his hands are holding my head in place as his dick continues
to pump my mouth. I try to say something but it just comes
out as a loud muffled mumble with the dick in my mouth.

"Keep sucking, whore." he said as he turned
to my wife, who put down her vibrator down. I couldn't
tell what the expression on her face was.

"I guess he didn't tell you what a cock whore he
is. When we first met, he ended up sucking me off on the side
of road right through his car window. I took him home and
wore out his mouth and ass. He loved every minute of it."

So now it was out. My wife knew that this man was my Master.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and my saliva exploded
everywhere. He held my head with one hand and his hard cock
with the other. I could finally speak but I wasn't sure
if I wanted to. I just kept looking at that big head dripping
with my saliva. It was being held a couple inches from my
lips. I couldn't help it.

"You're my cock slave? Isn't that right,
cocksucker?" I should've been thinking about
my wife but I just couldn't at that point. I had spent
the last few days longing for my Master's cock in my
mouth. It was just inches from my lips. I had to have it. I
had to have his cock in me or I would die.

"Yes...Master." I said looking up at his smiling

He shoved his dick back into my mouth and continued pumping
my face. It felt good to have my Master's cock in my mouth

"Your husband's my dick-sucking cock slave.
You okay with that?" my Master asked my wife.

I opened my eyes as my Master kept pumping my face. My wife
walked up to us. She stopped behind me and stood there.

"No, let go of my husband." she said sternly.

My Master let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth.
I just sat there on my knees for a second waiting to see what
would happen.

Suddenly my head was grabbed from behind and shoved forward.
I opened my mouth and my master's length shot down my
throat. I gagged.

"No one uses my husband but me!" she said as she
pulled my head back. It was her hand on the back of my head!

"Suck his dick you no good whore!" she yelled
as she fell to her knees and continued to force my head back
and forth on my Master's cock. "Take it, you filthy
cocksucker! Take his cock in your mouth like the slut you
are!" She yelled. She rapidly pushed and pulled my
head forcing me to suck dick faster and deeper. I kept gagging
but she just kept pushing, calling me filthy names. She
was in total control of me, forcing me to shove a dick down
my throat. She loved it. I could hear her moan in between
the dirty things she yelled at me.

Then my Master pulled out of my mouth. His wet hard dick hung
there. My wife looked at it and smiled. "You want to
get fucked by a real man?" he said.

My wife pulled the back of my head down to the floor. I still
had my hands behind my back, the good little whore that I

"Stay there and don't move, " she commanded
as she stood up.

I obeyed, laying there flat on my back.

We were right beside my Master's couch. So she laid
her naked back on the couch and spread her legs. My Master
got on the couch and began to fondle my wife's large,
soft breasts. She moaned with pleasure. He licked her hard
nipples and she moaned even louder.

"Yes, " she moaned as he worked her nipples.
Then she let out a loud, long moan. I couldn't see my
Master's cock from the angle I was laying but, from
the sound my wife was making and the movement he was making,
I could tell he was penetrating her.

Then his hips began to gyrate in quick, hard thrusts. He
was hammering her pussy hard. Thrust after thrust, she
yelled in ecstasy.

"Fuck me! Yes, fuck me!" she yelled as my Master's
jack hammer of flesh pounded deep inside her. "Fuck
me! Oh God, yes!"

I laid on my back watching this man fuck my wife. I was completely
helpless as he fucked the hell out of her. It turned me on
so much. I could feel my cock throb. I wanted to touch it so
bad but I couldn't move my hands from behind my back.
I couldn't disobey.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she yelled as my Master groaned
loudly. I could tell he was cumming inside her. Another
man is cumming inside my wife as I just lay here and watch.
I had never been so turned on in my whole life.

They both get up but then she throws herself down on top of
my chest, her thighs on either side of my face. She grabbed
my face and shoved it into her pussy.

"Lick it out, whore!" she yells as she held my
face against her crotch.

I ate her out wildly. She moaned loudly. The smell of her
pussy was overwhelming. I could taste both her and my master.
It was delicious.

She then threw my head down and gets up. She walks over to
her bag and pulls something out. Her back is turned to me
so I couldn't see what it is. It looks likes she is putting
on some sort of weird leather panties. She turns around
and I see a large rubber dick hanging from her crotch. It's
a strap-on!

She walks over and grabs my hair, pulling me up to the position
I was at on my knees. She holds my head in place with one hand
and grabs her large fake dick with the other. She brushes
it up against my right cheek.

"You want it, bitch?" she yells slapping my
cheek hard with her dick.

"Yes, Mistress." I reply.

My Master sits back on the couch and watches. Out of the corner
of my eye I can see him stroking himself.

"You want me to use you, you filthy slut?" she
yells, slapping my other cheek.

"Yes, Mistress. I am yours!" I respond.

"Then open up and take this, bitch!" she yells
as she shoves her rubber dick into my mouth.

It tastes a little like new plastic but I don't care.
I'm on my knee with my wife about to face fuck me and my
Master watching. It doesn't get any better.

She feeds it to me little by little, giving me more and more
of her dick with each thrusting of her hips.

"I'm fucking your pussy mouth, whore! You like
it?" she screams while wildly thrusting her whole
body, jamming her dick down my throat.

"Gahhh! Gah! Gahhhhh!" I choke as she merciless
fucks my mouth. She shoves it in so hard and so deep, I can't
help but gag.

"Take it you worthless whore!" she puts it all
the way in, my face pressed against her body. She holds it.

"Gahhhhhh!" I choke.

She pulls it out. Saliva explodes all over my face and I gasp
for air. My God, she really had used me like a whore! My own
wife! It was incredible.

She holds it in front of me. I look up at her, panting. I'm
at her mercy wondering what she'll do to me next. She
looks down at me, expressionless.

"Get on your hands and knees now! On all fours like
an animal!" she says shoving my head down.

I obey. I get on my hands and knees, bent over on the floor.
She walks behind me towards her bag. My Master sits on the
couch masturbating his dick, now rock hard again.

I suddenly feel a wet finger up my ass. I jump a little. She
fingers it hard, adding additional fingers quickly. I
moan a little.

"You like that don't you? This is all your good
for isn't it, meat-hole? You're here to be fucked
and used for our pleasure." she says.

"Yes Mistress! Use my ass!" I yell more ready
now for than ever. "Ahh!" I whimper as her rubber
dick enters my ass. Slowly, slowly my wife penetrates me.

As she inches her dick inside me she says, "A wife fucking
her husband, an unnatural act that can only happen if the
guy is a bigger pussy than the girl."

I yell in both pain and pleasure. "Yes, I am your pussy!"

"You like it in your ass you nasty, filthy whore? You
like being fucked like a girl?" she barks out.

"Yes, Mistress, fuck my ass!" I yell as I start
to gyrate my ass up and down her fake dick.

We both groan as I feel it moves inside me. I felt more like
a whore now than I ever had before. Then I noticed my Master
was in front of me holding his thick, hard fuck tool.

"You mind if I use the whore's mouth?" he

"Make him choke on it" she says.

I open my mouth, ready to serve my Master. He shoves it in;
so big; so hard. It goes deep down my throat. I gag as he holds
my head in place.

He pulls back out and does it again. Pounding my mouth, just
like he did my wife's pussy, I can still taste her on
his dick. As he does this, my wife jams her strap-on deep
into my ass, with a harsh grunt each time.

"I think our whore is enjoying himself, " my
Master says.

"Would you like to take over his ass? I've loosened
it up for you." she asks, pulling her fake dick all
the way out of my ass.

"Of course, you don't mind me being inside your
husband?" my Master asks while walking towards my

"If that's what he's really good for, "
my wife says with a smile, moving to my front.

I felt him entering my ass, his thick dick stretching me
even wider than the strap-on. I groaned. My wife shoved
her rubber dick into my gasping mouth, pressing it up against
the inside of my cheek.

"Uhhh, " I mumble with a full mouth.

She then proceeded to fuck my pussy mouth as my Master resumed
the pounding of my ass; fucked from both ends on my hands
and knees. What an absolute whore I had become. I was heaven.

"You like it in your ass don't you, bitch?"
my Master yelled as he thrust deeper and deeper inside me,
fucking my ass mercilessly.

"Take it in your mouth, cocksucker!" my wife
yelled as she used my mouth.

"You like being fucked with a real man's dick
don't you? Just like your wife, she loved the feeling
of a real man's cock inside her!" my Master yelled.

"Yeah, he's so much bigger and more powerful
than you are. Your little dick is worthless! You’re just
good for being fucked like a little bitch! He called me after
you first sucked his cock and gave him our number. He's
been fucking me ever since." My wife yelled pulling
her dick out of my mouth and slapping me with it.

"Yes Mistress! Yes Master! I am your pussy!"
I yelled in pleasure as my ass continued to be fucked.

My Master pulled out of me, grabbed my head, and pulled it
to his cock. He stroked his dick wildly and, with a loud yell,
shot his load all over my face. It was a massive spray of cum
that covered most of my face. It oozed over me. I licked my
lips to taste a little of it.

My Master sat down on the coach, as did my wife. They were
breathing hard, their naked bodies' glistening with
sweat. I just sat their on my knees and enjoyed the feeling
of fresh cum dripping down my face.

My wife told me to get cleaned up and I did. We all got dressed.
Before we left, she and my Master were talking about how
they could regularly use me, both together and apart.

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wow that was great i would love to be you


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Hell of a story!!!!!!!!!!!


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