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frany 2


Frany slowly opened her eyes, it was morning and the bright
sunlight streamed through the windows, she ached in every
conceivable place but she thought ‘I am here on an emotional
plain that I only ever dreamed about. Oh god ‘SJ’ what have
you done to me, life was so simple before you came into my
life and now my friends know what I am, your fuck slut’

Gently she turned on to her side and there was ‘SJ’ led on
his back eyes tightly shut and snoring very gently, one
of his hands covering his flaccid cock. She thought for
a minute that she must get away from ’SJ’ and clean up from
the previous nights activities, the cum and pee stained
sheet on her bed and her clothes sitting a pool of the golden
liquid downstairs.

‘SJ’ turned on his side and faced her, his arm reached out
touching her arm. To hell with the cleaning, Frany thought,
I want him now and am going to be his slut again.

She felt between her pussy lips, it was sopping, she brushed
her cum wet fingers across ‘SJ’s’ lips and pushed it in and
out of his mouth until she felt ‘SJ’s’ tongue wrap round
her finger and start to suck it.

‘Oh god’ Frany thought ‘I want him so much more than I have
ever wanted any one before’ But she also though of the mess
around the house and the people who watched the from their
balconies, Frany felt ashamed.

She pulled her finger from ‘SJ’s’ mouth and moved across
the bed to the far edge. She swung her legs off the bed and
sat up. Frany started to think if she had a dressing gown
in one of the room’s closets.

She suddenly heard ‘SJ’s’ voice ‘My little fuck slut go
and clean up your mess now and don’t put any clothes on”

“But……….” Sobbed Frany

“Do as your told or get punished, now go or else.” Was ‘SJ’s’
reply “Now wipe your eyes and get on with it.”

Frany walked in to her bedroom and saw the dry pee and cum
stains on her sheets and the silk scarves dotted around
the bed. ‘What have I let myself into’ she thought. She looked
out of the window and saw her friend Judy’s husband watching
her every move as he stroked his cock. As she looked at him
she could feel a little wetness around her pussy.

Frany picked up the scarves and put the back in their draw
and changed the sheets, throwing the dirty ones on to the
floor. She waked down the stairs and picked her golden liquid
soaked clothes of the floor and put them onto the kitchen
table and washed the floor. ‘Its as clean as I want it to be’
thought Frany, ‘I will go round collect all the sheets and
things and put them in the washer.’

Frany was beginning to get used to her nakedness, it excited
her to think that other people could watch her. Judy’s husband
was still watching her as he stroked his hard cock. ‘SJ’ walked in to the room, like Frany he was naked. He put
his arms round her and pulled her close so that his huge hard
cock pressed against her stomach he tipped her head back
and kissed her, Frany pushed her tongue deep into his mouth,
licking his tongue and feeling his hard cock pressing more
into her.

She pulled away from him, “can we go somewhere else He’ she
was pointing to the man across the road “can see what we are
doing and I am not happy”

‘SJ’ looked at her and shook his head “no we cant, I told you
last night I want everyone to see us and know what a fuck slut
you are.”

“Please SJ let me put some clothes on. I have to live here
after you have gone.” moaned Frany

She knew the answer before he spoke

“No way. You do as you are told” “SJ’ said very softly. Turning
he looked out of the window and saw her neighbour slowly
watching them while he stroked his cock. ‘SJ’; waived to
him and got a wave in return.

“Frany darling you have got to learn to be obedient to you
master or be punished.”. ‘SJ’ softly said as he leaned over
and gently kissed her neck

Frany shuddered with anticipation. “SJ’ gently licked
all down her spine sending wave after wave of sensations
around her body, Frany didn’t care who saw her, all she wanted
was to be pleasured by ‘SJ’.

‘SJ’ went down on his knees so that he was level with her ass.
His spread her cheeks so her anus became exposed, for several
minutes he flicked his tongue across it. Then he pushed
it in to her slowly, in and out ass fucking her. Each time
he pushed in ‘SJ’s’ tongue seemed to go a little bit deeper.
By now Frany’s ass was well and truly lubed. He moved his
head away and pushed three fingers deep into her.

Frany screamed and panted as she felt his fingers and exploded
it a vast orgasmic cloud that made her dizzy.

She felt her cum squirting down her thighs in never ending

“SJ’ didn’t stop there another finger went in followed
by his whole hand. Frany shook and shook as wave after wave
of orgasmic pleasure engulfed her. He pushed her legs open
and started to lick her clit, he could feel with his tongue
her nub growing harder and harder

Frany felt luxurious no one had ever played with her ass
before and she didn’t want it to happen. But now things had
changed and she wanted every thing to happen to her including
‘SJ’ buggering her.

Frany couldn’t stop cuming, she was shouting and moaning
and panting and moving so she got as much pleasure as she
could out of ‘SJ’s’ actions.

‘SJ’ stood up and looked out of the window Judy had joined
her husband watching them.

He looked around the room and saw the pee soaked clothes
on the table, this made him angry, very angry. “Frany I told
you to clear up in here didn’t I”

“Yes Master” came Frany’s feeble reply

‘SJ’ removed his fist from her ass and pushed her against
the table “You know what is going to happen to you, don’t
you” he suggested

Again Frany nodded

‘SJ’ pushed her over the table so that her arse stood out.

“Please don’t spank me Master”. Mumbled Frany, in many
ways wanting him to beat her.

‘SJ’ picked up her pee soaked thong and stuffed it in to her
mouth squeezing it so that Frany drank the golden liquid.
He grabbed a kitchen towel and wrapped it round Frany’s
face forcing her to keep the thong in her mouth.

Across the street Judy had taken her husbands cock from
him and was stroking it faster and faster.

Frany coughed as the old pee went down her throat, she tried
to yell but her thong and kitchen towel stopped her. She
felt tears run down her face, but what ever she wanted to
do she couldn’t “SJ’ had total control over her.

‘SJ’ told Frany not to move as he went around the kitchen
looking for something flat and hard. He soon found something
a large metal fish slice. ‘This will do to start with’ he
thought. And walking across to Frany he used the slice to
give her bum a simple but hard whack. Frany jerked her body
and let out a muffled cry.

‘SJ’ used the fish slice several times more, each whack
a bit harder than the last. After 15 strokes ‘SJ’ bent over
Frany and as she cried whispered to her “You will be a good
fuck slut in future and do as you are told. Now go and clean
your house and when you have finished come back here there
will be a nice surprise for you”

“Yes Master” was all Frany could say. She stood up and still
crying took the towel from round her neck and the wet thong
from her mouth. All she wanted was to go to the bathroom and
be sick. But quickly she cleared up all the wet clothes and
the sheet from her bedroom floor and put them in the wash
bin. Frany then went round the rest of the house making sure
that there was no mess for her master to chastise her for.

Her ass hurt like hell from the beating that ‘SJ’ had given
her but alongside this was and wonderful ache deep in her
pussy and cum dripping down her leg.

Frany hurried back into the kitchen, ‘SJ’ wasn’t there.
She was scared, has he got his clothes and gone? Didn’t he
want her? Was she too much of a slut for him? Thoughts flashed
through her mind. Has the last few hours been a dream?

The kitchen door opened and in strode a nude ‘SJ’ carrying
a small over night bag.

Frany looked at him and wondered what he would do next. She
was beginning to think that she had made a very sad decision
in arraigning to meet ‘SJ’, but then the sex had been so wonderful,
exhilarating and had never been better.

What was in the bag wondered Frany; she was soon to find out.

‘SJ’ opened the bag and took out a dog collar. He walked across
to Frany and kissed her gently on the mouth, their tongues
intertwined as they came closer together their bodies
touching. Slowly ‘SJ’ reached up and slowly put the dog
collar round Frany’s neck and fastened it, and then he ran
his fingers down her spine and stroked her ass. Frany pushed
her body against his her tummy feeling his hard cock pushing
into her.

Her doubts disappeared fast but she wondered why he had
put a dog collar round her neck. She reached between them
and took his cock in her hand and squeezed it. ‘SJ’ shuttered,
she felt his cock harden. She started to stroke him, ‘god’
she thought, ‘I want this deep into me and I don’t mind where.

Frany felt his precum come out of his cock and run on to her
fingers, she put her fingers into her mouth and sucked the
juices. More and more her breath started to shorten.

Frany dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth
and started to suck it deep into her mouth. ‘SJ’ pushed his
cock deeper and deeper. Frany’s head bobbed in and out,
slowly speeding up. Then she felt his cock tighten. She
sucked his cock deep into her mouth as ‘SJ’s’ spunk shot
deep into her throat. Frany swallowed the salty fluid and
then licked his cock clean and dry.

Frany was shaking, it was like the start of last nights torrid
love making but she had an arse that was sore and red, the
pain was so good she thought, a dog collar round her neck
and a master she wanted more than anything, her life she
knew had changed for ever.

“SJ’ looked at her smiled and asked her ‘what are you’

Frany was a bit perplexed by the question and thought for
a minute. “ I’m your fuck slut and slave master”

“What else” asked her Master

“I don’t know Master” Frany replied.

‘SJ’ smiled and looked into her eyes and touching the dog
collar “you are now my little Bitch and when I am here you
will always wear this collar. And you will obey every wish
and instruction that I give you or you will be severely punished
do you understand this? He said gently.

One small part of Frany laughed at this and wanted tell him
to piss off and leave her, the rest wanted this and a lot more.

Smiling with bright eyes Frany looked at ‘SJ’ and with a
lot of enthusiasm she replied “Yes Master I will always
do what you ask of me”

‘SJ’ took her hand and led her to the kitchen table. He pushed
her so she was bent over with her ass sticking up and from
his bag took a butt plug, after putting some lube on it a shove
it into Frany’s arse.

She yelped and cried for him to stop and take it out, ‘SJ’
started slapping her hard on her ass telling her to be silent
and stop her stupid protest.

He stood her up and attached a lead to the collar.

Frany instantly knew what had happened to her. Inwardly
she smiled to herself as deep down she had always wanted
to be a slave to a strong man and ’SJ’ was certainly that.
She looked at his bag and wondered what goodies he had in

Where ‘SJ’ went Frany had to follow.

They walked towards the door, Frany suddenly realised
that it was Saturday morning and that her neighbours would
be sat on their balconies having breakfast. She shuddered
to think what they would see and what they would think. But
it was to late ‘SJ’ had reached the door and was opening it.

“Please Master don’t take me outside where all my friends
can see me’ Pleaded Frany but to no avail. He pulled Frany
out of the kitchen and into her garden. Where he sat down
at a table.

‘SJ’ looked at her and reached up and undid the lead “ I would
love some coffee and toast. Please would you go and get me
some and get your breakfast too.”

Frany scuttled away in to the kitchen as fast as her long
legs would carry her. ‘SJ’ looked around him and smiled
for across at Frany’s friends Judy’s house he could see
her husband was stroking his hard cock furiously, he wasn’t
the only one ‘SJ’ could see other balconies with the same

Soon Frany brought out a big tray with their breakfasts
on and placed it on the table. She went to sit in one of the
other chairs.

‘SJ’ snapped at her “Little Bitch you don’t sit in chairs
you kneel at your masters feet. Don’t you? “Yes Master”
came Frany’s feeble reply.

She went to his side and sat on the floor. Frany reached up
to get a piece of toast.

‘SJ’ brushed her hand away and slapped her hard across her
face. “I told you to kneel at my feet not sit and you will eat
when I tell you to eat.

Frany was in shock she had never been treated like this before
the pain was stinging across her face, but deep down she
knew what she wanted.

Frany quickly knelt at her master feet and look at him expectantly
for some food. “Sorry Master I didn’t know what I had to do.
She quietly said.

‘SJ’ looked down at her and handed her a piece of toast. “You
will learn quickly my little Bitch” came his sardonic reply.
Slowly he ran his fingers through her hair she shivered
with excitement. This was just what she wanted, to be controlled,
humiliated and yet loved and wanted. More toast and tea
was given to the slave by her master and greedily consumed.

After a while her master told Frany to clear away the breakfast
things quickly and returned to his side. Very quickly Frany
complied with his orders and was again by his crouched by
his feet.

‘SJ’ reached in to his bag and pulled out two special nipple
clamps and a small chain. He attached the chain to the collar
and Frany wondered where the other ends would go. She needn’t
have worried as ‘SJ’ attached the clamps to her nipples.

Frany screamed in pain ‘Please Master take them off as they
hurt so much’ ‘SJ’ shook his head and carried on with his
task of humiliation by attaching the chains to the clamps.
Frany tried to raise her head but couldn’t due to the pain
caused by the tightening of the clamps on her nipples.

“SJ’ stood up and walked round to the front of Frany she was
still crouched like the bitch she was. He knelt down in front
of her and gentle kissed the tears away from her eyes and
told her this was all part of her training and if she was good
then he would take the clamps off. “Thank you Master” was
the only reply Frany could give. But she knew that more and
more she wanted him but was afraid to touch him fearing his

‘SJ’ put on her lead, told her to clear the table and the walked
her in to the kitchen. Frany put the dishes and cups in to
the dishwasher and then kneeled down next to her master.
“That’s good bitch, ” said ‘SJ’. He turned and faced her,
pushing his hardening cock against her lips. Frany eagerly
opened her mouth and sucked his cock deep into her gaping

Soon Frany’s head was bobbing up and down as she eagerly
took his cock deeper down her throat with each thrust. ‘SJ’
cock was the best that she had ever known and what he did to
her, she wanted more and more. Frany knew the soon the feeling
would grow and she would cum yet again,

‘SJ’ leaned into her and took hold of the two clamps and pulled.

Frany felt the pain and wanted to scream in agony but she
had her Masters wonderful cock deep in her mouth and the
pain made her more and more excited and nearer the point
of no return.

‘SJ’ spoke to her in his soft and very sexy voice “don’t cum
till I say you can.” Frany didn’t know what to do, she felt
the pain from her nipples increase as Master pulled the
clamps more and more but her wanton excitement suddenly
exploded into another long wave of cum, she couldn’t stop
her self, her orgasiam was so intense as she sucked harder
and harder.

‘SJ’ pulled his cock out of her mouth ‘Bitch, what did I just
tell you not to do, tell me slut” he screamed. With tears
streaming down her face Frany looked down at the floor and
answered. “You told me not to cum my Master but………”

“You disobeyed me slut and for that you are going to be punished.”
Cut in ‘SJ’ “now go to the bedroom and bring my bag, don’t
open it. I will know if you do and your punishment will be
much harsher than just disobeying me.

With an excitement she had never know Frany hurried to bring
the bag to her master.

‘SJ’ took a big paddle and several pairs of handcuffs out
of the bag. He pushed Frany toward the kitchen table and
made bend over it. He cuffed each ankle to back table legs.
He then went round to the front of the table and did the same
with her wrists.

Frany felt the cold table against her body and wondered
what was to come.

She did not have to wait long as ‘SJ’ had picked up the paddle
and used it to whack her very exposed ass. It hurt and hurt
she could feel the pain growing as each stroke hit her bare
ass. Not only could she feel the pain but she could feel the
excitement growing deep in her cunt. After every stroke
she bucked her ass and screamed out for more. For the first
time in her life she equated pain to excitement and orgasmic

After about 30 strokes ‘SJ’ laid the paddle aside and went
to the front of the table. He smiled and looked down at her
asked Frany if she was going to be good and do as she was told
in the future. ‘Yes Master’ came her sad reply.

Frany opened her eyes and saw ‘SJ’s’ hard cock inches from
her face, she wanted it in her mouth, she edge a little way
towards her dream and with great effort started to lick
the shaft.

‘SJ’ edged towards her and pushed his cock deep into Frany’s
mouth, holding her head so it wouldn’t move. Within seconds
he was fucking her mouth each push went deeper into her throat,
she was gagging but soon she was used to the movement and
worked with him in a new enlightenment.

‘SJ’ suddenly stopped his cock deep in Frany’s mouth and
started to pee. Frany felt the hot golden liquid flow into
her. She knew that she couldn’t spit it out and had to swallow
it, It was hard as the more she swallowed the more poured
out from ‘SJ’s’ cock. All the pee went down her throat. Frany wanted to be sick but no way could she be. No more she
thought, never again will I see this guy and all I want is
a normal life and normal sex, no pain, no taking orders,
no humiliation just gentle love.

Still with his hard cock deep in Frany’s mouth ‘SJ’ reached
across to his bag and took a jar of cream out. He opened the
jar and spread some of the cool goo over his fingers. He leaned over her back and gently rubbed the cream in to
her burning arse, Frany started to squirm at his touch,
pushing her arse into his hand, this is what she wanted.
As he gently massaged her Frany’s head started to bob up
and down on his cock, Frany was alive again and wanting her
pussy dripping despite her being handcuffed to the table.

She knew that even after such a short time she was in love
with ‘SJ’ and would never let him go. He could do what he wanted,
he could do no wrong.

Slowly ‘SJ’ pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked to
the kitchen door opening it fully so that Frany’s friends
could see tied to the table with her arse up in the air. The
guy was still sat on the balcony with his wife, Judy slowly
wanking his cock, they smiled at each other, the guy waved.
‘SJ’ thought I need to teach that piece of shit a lesson.
He walked back to the table and released the handcuffs and
re-clipped the lead. Frany sat down besides him and felt
‘SJ’ pat her head. He adjusted the nipple clamps, Frany
immediately felt the pain and the start of a huge orgasmic
time. The more pain and humiliation she had from ‘SJ’ she
had the better she felt

‘SJ’ picked up the lead and his bag and started to walk to
wards the open kitchen door, Frany trotted along just behind
him. He stopped at the table where a short while ago he had
eaten his breakfast and started Frany’s training.

Frany, like any good bitch sat on her haunches waiting for
her masters commands

He looked around the area and could see many people sat on
their balconies having breakfast or just sitting in the
morning sun. Judy and her husband were still sat on their
balcony watching them. He was naked and Judy was still stroking
his hard cock. ‘SJ’ thought for a minute and wondered if
Judy ever got pleasure from her man. He though not.

He wanted Frany so much that his hands were shaking as he
stroked her hair. ‘SJ’ felt his cock harden as he looked
down at his naked lover and slave. He stood up and pulled
Frany to her feet and gently kissed her.

Frany was surprised at his tenderness and wanted more and
more. ‘What a strange lover, ’ she though, ‘harsh and brutal
one minute and the softest angel the next. Which one do I
want? She questioned herself. There was only one answer,
both of them.

Frany felt her juices drizzle down her thighs, she wanted
‘SJ’ deep in side her, it didn’t mater where just deep inside
her so that his big cock filled her up.

Gently and with surprising tenderness ‘SJ’ removed all
of his toys except the collar from Frany’s body and placed
them in his bag. Why was he doing this? Is he leaving me? Does
he no longer want me to be his slave? Has he got fed up with
the pain that he is giving me? Frany wondered. She knew that
it didn’t matter what he did to her or where he did it just
so long as he satisfied her and himself.

They kissed and stroked each others bodies gently and yet
with an intensity that Frany had never known before. They
were pressed together, their tongues dancing a tango,
their nails scratching trails of broken skin and yet not
once did they touch each others sex organs.

This was pure love

Frany felt another orgasm was building deep within her.
She had lost count of how many she had had. Her strength was
slowly sapping and she was begging to think that she needed
sleep wrapped up in ‘SJ’ arms.

Slowly ‘SJ’ pushed her away from him and led her to the table,
he pushed her so that she was laid on her back with her legs
dangling over the edge. He knelt between her thighs and
pulled Frany’s legs over his shoulders and slowly kissed
and licked her inner thighs. Frany shrieked with delight
and anticipation.

Slowly his tongue was moving closer and closer to her very
smooth pussy.

“God please fuck me” cried Frany “I need you so badly for
now and always”

Frany’s pussy was dripping, she had never known her pussy
to be so wet.

‘SJ’ gently used his finger to open her sopping lips and
flicked his tongue across Frany’s clit he sucked all of
her pussy into his mouth and nibbled her, now, very hard

Frany couldn’t stand any more and felt the biggest orgasm
she had ever had squirting her juices over ‘SJs’ face. She
felt his tongue go deeper into her sodden cunt.

“SJ’s’ hand were on her hips pulling his face into her groin.
Frany couldn’t stand it any longer. She grabbed his hair
and pulled his head from between her leg and up to her face.
She looked deeply into his eyes and mumbled to him “I want
to clean up your face” and started to lick him clean.

The taste of his sweat and her cum was wonderful and was taking
her to a much higher sexual plain. Frany knew that her body
didn’t belong to her anymore. It was his and his alone.

What had happened in the last few hours she didn’t know but
she knew that it had changed her life forever more.

They held each other tightly stroking each other’s body;
both of them were moaning and breathless. ‘SJ’ nibbled
Frany’s neck and ran his tongue across her chest until he
felt the hardness of her right nipple. He curled his tongue
around it, drew it into his mouth and started to suckle.

Frany felt more and more emotion envelop her, this she thought
is what a relationship and most of my life should be. I have
only just met him and I am not going to let him go.

‘SJ’ took her head in his hands and gently kissed all her
face and ran his fingers through her hair. His lips brushed
her for a brief second. Frany pulled him to her crushing
her lips against his, forcing her tongue deep in to his mouth.

She pulled herself up off the table and crushed her body
against his feeling his hardness push into her tummy. Her
body shook as she came again and again.

‘SJ’ pushed her back on to the table pulling her legs apart
and brushed the tip of his hard cock against her pussy lips
he pushed against her a bit harder and he felt the tip of his
manhood enter her streaming love hole. He pushed and pushed
till the whole of him was buried deep into her. He could feel
his balls slap against her ass. He pulled out till just the
tip remained, then with utmost delicacy he pushed his total
length back. Frany bucked and screamed, “faster, harder
please fuck me faster and deeper”

‘SJ’ took no notice and continued to fuck her slowly and
very gently.

Very gradually ‘SJ’ increased the speed and pressure that
he was fucking her, almost unnoticeable to Frany who couldn’t keep still or

By now all her friends who were watching from their balconies
knew what was happening to her, some of the wives where getting
the same loving as she was. Across the road Judy was being
buggered by her husband and hating every minute of it.

For years Judy had just put up with her husband, she never
knew why she stayed with him perhaps she was scared to leave
what was, except for him a comfortable existence.

Frany was cuming yet again, she knew that this time it was
different for now ‘SJ’ was the gentlest man on earth.

As ‘SJ’ fucked her he licked her neck and slowly stroked
her hard nipples. He continued to slowly increase his speed
and pressure and feel the reaction of his lover for now that
was what Frany was.

‘SJ’ could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew that
soon he would explode and send his cum deep in to Frany’s
womb. He pulled her to him tightly found her lips and as they
deeply kissed “SJ’ exploded and felt his cum rush out for
what seemed minutes. It was, he thought the greatest amount
of spunk that I have ever sewn.

They both cuddled up to each other panting and screaming.
As her emotions gently subsided Frany slipped of the table
and took ‘SJ’s’ hand and led across the garden to a bench.
They sat down and cuddled up to each other and after a while
both drifted off to sleep.

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