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fantasy 4


fantasy 4

After much planning and a great deal of thought, she decided
it was time to
turn the tables on Him. Time for Him to discover just exactly
what it was He
did to her every time they made love, or played. Time for
Him to find out what
it was to be teased and denied release. His turn to find out
just how hard it
really was for her to wait until He gave her permission.
After months of His
game playing through their love making, she decided it
was her turn to be in
control of who came when, and how.

There was nothing easy or simple about living with a body
that was nothing but
urges, hormones and way too much passion. What made it even
more difficult to
control was the simple fact that He had learned how to use
all of those things
for and against her, depending on how you looked at it, and
she was always
wanting more. He made sure He always left her wanting more.
She woke up wanting,
she wanted throughout the day, and only when He was with
her each night did that
ache become sated. Didn't seem to matter how often
she took care of the urge
herself. It was always there. Nothing completely sated
her but His arms holding
her, His cock filling her, His tongue licking her, His fingers
sliding around
her clit, His entire body claiming her and His passion and
love filling her heart
and soul. She had never felt this way about another person.
She loved it, and
didn't have the slightest clue how to change it, but
if it was this good, did
it really need changed?

Her cunt was more than wet just from thinking about it, and
she knew it would
be just as hard for her to keep from cumming while she made
His life an ongoing
round of pleasure, and denial, and more pleasure and sensation.
Ideas raced
through her mind as she stepped into the shower. She rinsed
her entire body
before engaging with any soap, and felt the moisture between
her pussy lips
dissipate as she slid her fingers through them. She quickly
ran a razor over
her legs and under her arms, and took only a few minutes more
to shave a bit
of stubble from her cunt. She rinsed her body and thought
about her plans.
This was about handing Him back some of the torture He had
given her. Especially
after the punishment He had given her for cumming when He
hadn't told her she

Washing her hair, she had wild images running through her
mind. Him tied to
the bed, His cock hard as a rock, and blindfolded so that
He could see none
of what was coming, or see her cumming. She could ride Him,
spank His cock,
shove her nipples in His mouth and jerk Him off, ride Him
some more...maybe
even a little Japanese rope bondage before He got to lay
in bed and be
completely restrained. As she lathered her body puff with
jasmine bath soap,
and began spreading it over her already soft skin, her body
began to respond
to the arousal of her mind, and the scent of jasmine added
to the sensations
of slippery skin. Her nipples rapidly became hard, and
her pussy, only moist
from the water, became truly wet again.

She tried redirecting her thoughts to planning the afternoon,
but her fingers
and the puff kept returning to her nipples and pussy lips,
and it wasn't long
at all before she was leaning against the wall and breathing
heavily. She slid
her fingers between her cunt lips and rubbed her clit until
it protruded from
the hood and a bit more before it emerged from her lips, and
rubbed the hard
little bud with the puff. Her fingers slid over her soap
slicked nipples, and
she moaned as pleasure shot through her body. Deciding
she wouldn't get anywhere
as long as she was this turned on, she changed the shower
spray to the pulsating
jet, and sat down in the tub with the shower head.

As the pulse beat a steady rhythm over her clit and her fingers
pinched at her
nipples, she fantasized over His reaction to being so close
to cumming, and
then being told, "No." Her cunt muscles tightened,
and she groaned against the
emptiness she felt there. Using the hand that had previously
only been tugging
at a nipple, she slid her fingers deep into her cunt from
behind while the pulse
on her clit continued to drive her crazy. She only needed
a few minutes of this
to be cumming hard, and she continued until she came several
times. Better to
try and plan something like this when she was already somewhat
sated, as she
couldn't resist the urge to get herself off. An hour
and a half later, she was
finally dressed and headed out to her errand.

The trip to the lingerie store had proved to be most arousing.
Feeling the lace
scratch against her creamy skin, and seeing the way the
sheer fabric enhanced
her nipples, and the way the tiny panels had clung to the
crease of her pussy
lips, she had been more than ready to cum again before she
even left the
changing room. She left with not one, but three new outfits
that she knew would
drive Him wild. One was a cobalt blue bustierre with sheer
peek-a-boo cups,
matching thong panties and thigh high stockings. The second
outfit was a frilly
black baby doll nighty trimmed in pink lace and satin bows,
with crotchless
panties made to match, and the bra cups of the nighty were
split and held by
little pink satin bows that hid eye hooks to hold them closed.
The third outfit
was an old fashioned corset in a stunning emerald green
velvet. It was trimmed
with black lace, and came with a garter belt that held the
same green velvet in
the panels. The rest was mostly black lace, with green straps
that held up the
thigh high stockings that were also black, though they
were shot through with
metallic emerald thread. All of them matched her black
come-here-and-fuck-me pumps.

When she arrived home, she quickly removed the dress she
had thrown on before
leaving the house. With no bra or panties, changing in and
out of her street
clothes hadn't taken too much time at the store, and
she had been able to
caress her aroused flesh during the drive home. Living
out of town had it's
advantages. The further she got from town the less traffic
there was, and she
was able to unbutton the front of her dress without worrying
that some truck
in the oncoming lane might get a peek, and feeling the fresh
air and sunlight
on her bare breasts was bliss as she caressed her pussy as
she might carry a
six-pack, her thumb sliding over her clit as her first two
fingers slid in and
out of her pussy. Driving kept her distracted enough to
keep from cumming while
she was driving, but a beautiful view of the lake from a scenic
turnout provided
a soothing view as she brought herself to orgasm before
finishing the trip home.

Knowing He would love the bustierre over the other two,
she slipped into the blue
outfit. Her nipples were hard, and poked at the sheer material,
and her pussy was
quickly saturating the thong panties. Calling Him at work,
she provoked Him into
coming home early by telling Him that she wasn't wearing
anything but the new
outfit she had picked up at the lingerie shop that morning.
By the time they
had hung up the phone she could hear His breathing fast and
heavy in her ear.
She had described the outfit to Him in detail, as well as
letting Him know
that she had something special in mind for the afternoon.

He didn't hesitate about taking the afternoon off,
and she had a very limited
amount of time to prepare for His arrival.

Their bedroom had been transformed into a playroom quite
a while ago, as the
ongoing kink relationship had expanded beyond a blindfold
and the odd foreign
object. Eye bolts were now a permanent fixture in both the
head board and foot
board of their bed, and she attached the extension chains
and clips to them.
The night stand had been converted to a toy chest, holding
all of the smaller
items. She took the satin scarf they used as a blindfold
and tied her hair up
with it. He might notice it, and figure it out for what it
was, but it would
be a convenient way to have it handy. She opened the taller
cupboard next to
the night stand, and pulled out several lengths of neatly
coiled rope. It was
only 1/2 inch thick cord, but the soft nylon was gentle to
the touch and left
no abrasions with moderate use. She quickly released the
coils and separated
it out to have the exact centers of both cords available,
and tied a quick slip
knot into the cord before re-hanging it over the top of the
cupboard door.

She heard His car as He pulled into the drive, and quickly
ran to the door.
Hiding behind it, she waited for Him to let Himself in and
shut the door before
stepping up directly behind Him. Without saying anything,
she slid her arms
around His waist and hugged Him before she began unbuttoning
His shirt. He tried
to turn in her arms, but she held Him and told Him to be still.
She slid the shirt
from His shoulders, and knelt behind Him to remove His socks
and shoes, and then
reached up quickly to unfasten His belt and pants. Her hand
brushed over His hard
cock several times during the removal of His pants. She
walked around Him so that
He could finally see what she was wearing, and as His eyes
widened and took on
that heated glazed look, she new He was pleased.

She turned in a circle, so that He could see all of it, and
smiled as she watched
His eyes narrow and His tongue darted out to lick His lips
as if she were a giant
steak. Her nipples were hard and poking at the sheer fabric
that covered them, and
the sheer panel in her panties was totally wet and clung
to the crevices of her
pussy. She told Him to kneel, and with an oddly quirked eyebrow
He smiled before
He got down to His knees before her. She rubbed her nipples
across His lips while
He looked up at her, and she asked Him to give her His hand.
She placed His
fingertips at the sheer panel that covered her swollen
cunt lips and moved His
fingertips across the fabric. He smiled even bigger when
He felt the moisture

She loved the touch of His fingers on her, and wanted more.
Time for that later,
she thought as she reached up and pulled the scarf from her
hair. His eyes
widened and He started to protest. She asked Him if He wanted
her or not, and
when His response was affirmative, then she told Him the
rules. Today it was her
turn to be the aggressor, and if He didn't want to submit
to her, then the whole
thing was off, she would go take a shower and get herself
off, and He could go
back to work. He quickly agreed, and closed His eyes as she
slipped the blindfold
around His head. He was quick to move when she told Him to
put His arms up over
His head and still she cuffed them quickly before He could
change His mind.

His cock never softened as she had Him stand before she began
to bind His body
in a rope harness, and became even more swollen and the head
took on a purple
tint as she wrapped His balls with a strand that ran back
up around His ass
cheek to His hip. Impulsively, and in anticipation of the
yet to come, she quickly
stepped out of the wet panties that clung coldly to her overheated
cunt before
returning to tie the last coils of the harness. His throbbing
cock became a
burning pulse as she ran an alternating cord around the
base of His shaft, and
she stopped wrapping Him for a moment as she took the length
of Him between her
thighs and slid Him up into her aching cunt. She fingered
her clit as she rolled
her hips and took Him even more deeply. He groaned and she
licked at the muscles
standing out on His neck. Her cunt spasmed around Him and
she pulled on the ropes
that bound Him, cock and balls. He thrust His hips in an attempt
to drive deeper
into her, and felt the ropes pulling at Him again. As aroused
as she was already,
His cock thrusting into her and the rope bumping into her
clit was all she needed
to cum, and cum again she did.

Trembling from the spasms still running through her cunt,
she fumbled as she
finished tying Him into the harness, and directed Him up
the stairs to the
bedroom before she ordered Him to move towards the bed and
then to sit on the
edge of the bed. His cock was so full of blood that the head
looked as if it
might burst, and she filled her mouth with His rock hardness.
Saliva dripped
from her chin as she sucked, licked and lapped at the full
length of His cock,
and He groaned as she sucked His balls into her mouth, one
at a time. Her tongue
ran the full length of His cock before returning to suck
at His head again, and He
thought He would scream if she didn't take the rope
off Him and let Him fuck her.
Not very long after He had that thought she ceased her cock
sucking, and gently
pushed Him back onto the bed, and turned Him length ways
before she tied Him to it.

Bound to the bed, He could feel it when she stepped up onto
the bed, and where
her hands or feet were straddling Him on either side by the
ongoing depressions
her weight on the matters was causing. He felt her hands
playing with His
throbbing cock, and the head as it slid along something
cold and wet. He groaned
when He felt wet and the cold became heat encircling His
cock, and He tensed as
the sensation continued down the full length of His hardness.
She began a rapid
bouncing that also rubbed the head of her clit against the
tiny curls and rope at
the base of His cock, and He felt her fingers as they rubbed
His chest and
tickled His nipples. His cock throbbed inside her, and
she bounced her cunt up
and down His cock before changing strokes and taking Him
deep inside her and
rocking her hips back and forth so that her clit rubbed the
rope tied around Him,
and she cried out when another orgasm ripped through her.

Her pussy throbbed and squeezed tightly around Him, and
He thought He might cum
with her bouncing, but she suddenly changed her movement,
and only took Him more
deeply inside her so that He might feel the strength of her
orgasm. He felt like
He had no control, and as that idea rattled through His mind,
the idea that His
feeling out of control may very well be the idea intended
wasn't far to follow.
He smiled, and groaned as her cunt squeezed Him tightly.
His mind worked quickly,
even amongst the sensations.... let's see, she has
me tied to the bed, using rope
as orgasm and erection control, and what she's doing
to me seems to be turning her
on even more if the way she keeps cumming is any indication.
His mind eventually
reached the conclusion that it wouldn't be long before
she was too worn out for
all the orgasms she was having, and then He would just have
to put things back into
perspective for her.

She slowly crawled off Him and reached for the vibrating
clips that He liked to
put on her tits, and attached them to His, knowing the sensitivity
was there even
if it wasn't as much as her own. She turned the pack up
to high, and reached for
the next toy. She had bought a pussy simulating silicone
sheath for Him as a gag
gift when she had gone for a weekend trip, and warmed on a
heating pad with the
tube of lubricant, she thought it might be pretty close
to the real thing. Time
to find out. She squirted a massive glob of lube into it and
fucked the pussy with
her own fingers to smear the lube around. Yep, it felt pretty
close to the real
thing. Her hand controlled the tightness, and the sheath
itself provided all the
other sensations, all the bumps, ridges and suction. His
cock jumped as she
touched it, and she smiled at all of her cum on Him making
Him sticky in her
fingers. She slid the pussy sheath down over His cock and
He groaned.

Long. Slow. Deliberate. Hot, tight strokes the full length
of His cock, and
He wondered at it. He hadn't felt her climb back onto
Him. He couldn't feel
the weight of her there now, and it felt as if she were sitting
beside Him.
He knew it wasn't her mouth. When He was as hard as He
was right now, she
couldn't take much more than the head, and this was
holding all of Him. His
cock couldn't get any harder, and the rope was acting
as a cock ring, and
keeping Him hard. He knew it wasn't her hands. His cock
would feel the cool
air when it wasn't covered by her hands. What the? It
felt as if He had been
sucked into the tightest cunt in the world, and it was only
moving enough to
rub the head of His cock like a tongue swirling around the
head. He tried to
slow His breathing and control it, but it was so tight, and
it was sucking at
the head of His cock so hard. The tension in His body became
a visible
trembling and His attention was diverted by her voice.

"You are not allowed to cum until I say you may. Do you
understand me?" her
voice was low and her breath hot on His stomach as she leaned
over Him to
bite at His skin while her hands squeezed and squirmed over
His cock with
the pussy.

Unable to catch His breath to speak, He nodded. His hands
were clenched into
fists, and He was so close to cumming that He didn't
think He could control
it. He knew even asking would be a challenge. She knew it,
too. She had been
right where He was now hundreds of times, and it was His turn
to find out
what it was like. She continued with the motions that were
driving Him nuts
until she dared no longer. In one cold stroke she pulled
the sheath from His
cock, and giggled when He gasped at the cold air as it His
well lubed shaft.

She removed clamps from His nipples, and smiled as she knew
what He was
experiencing with each one. While He didn't gasp or
cry out, she continued
using one arm for leverage, and used the other to take her
hand to her clit,
so that she could play with it while she fucked herself into
an orgasm on His
thick shaft. Swollen, hard and extremely sensitive, only
a few stokes of her
fingertips across it's slick surface gave her all
she needed, and the world
as she knew it exploded and became something new with her

He felt her spasms before she cried out, and He knew she was
cumming again.
His movement in this position was limited, but He thrust
into her as far as
He could and was rewarded with a gasp as she felt an unexpected
movement. He
continued thrusting into her, and she quickly joined Him
shoving her cunt
hard onto Him, and playing with her clit again brought her
to another peak.
As the spasms ripped up through her pussy into her belly
and out through the
top of her head, she cried out from the intensity of it.

Quickly reaching His own orgasm, He knew she expected Him
to ask first, but
He didn't think she would hear Him anyway as far gone
as she was with her own
orgasm, and He continued thrusting into her, fucking her
hot cunt harder until
He heard her cries reaching what He knew to be the peak of
her cumming again,
and He gave in, pumping a massive load of hot cream into her
spasming pussy.
He groaned with the force and pleasure of it, and thrusted
deeply into her as
the last of it seeped from His balls. He gave himself only
moments before He
resumed thrusting into her, attempting to keep her distracted
so that she
might not notice that He had cum without her permission.

She came on Him again and again, sometimes so hard that her
cum squirted up
between their bodies. Even when she was supposed to be in
control of the
situation, with Him tied up and blindfolded, He could make
her cum like this.
He could fuck her into absolute mindlessness, and she loved
it. She loved
the feel of His huge cock stabbing hard and deep into her,
of His tongue as
it lapped at her clit, His hot mouth as He sucked at her nipples,
and she
loved the unity that came from the physical joining, because
it was mental,
emotional, and spiritual for them both. They both felt
as if they were seeing
into the spirit when they came, and as deeply as His cock
stuffed into her
cunt, the act itself affected them on every level.

He slowed His strokes when His knees began to feel like jello
and He knew it
would be a while before He came again. He didn't think
she would be able to
take Him cumming in this position anyway. She was already
exhausted. Slowly
her mind came back to what was what, and she realized several
was still tied up, and He still hadn't asked to cum.
Had He cum? She thought
she had heard Him cry out, and her cunt felt very gooey. She
felt Him slip
out of her as she rolled off His hot body, and she released
His hands and the
cuffs from the eyebolts in the head board.

She was busy with something in the cupboard, so she didn't
see Him removing
the bondage gear and was extremely suprised when she turned
to see Him without
cuffs or blindfold. Now what? She had never thought to do
anything like this
when she was the one to submit. This wasn't supposed
to happen this way. What
would He do if He were truly displeased by the boldness of
what she had done
to Him? What if He decided to punish her for it? She looked
at Him for any
clue of what His mood might be, and found that He didn't
look angry, or appear
to be holding any negative energy. That itself was a relief
of sorts. The look
on His face gave her no clue though.

She stood there for several minutes thinking, and He could
see her mind racing
as she tried to figure out why He had taken the gear off, and
what would come
next. He waited, and watched. He could see the relief when
her mind registered
that He wasn't mad about any of it. Knowing how limited
her experience in this
type of lifestyle really was, He knew she was having trouble
figuring out what
happens when the tables are turned midstream. He himself
had discovered this
extremely delightful streak of kinkiness in her, with
her. From the time they
had begun, He had taught, trained and protected her. He
had taken it where she
wanted it to go, only pushing her a bit further in directions
He knew she
enjoyed. He hadn't expanded things for her to the point
of knowing just how far
it could go. He could see her mind trying to figure out where
He was in the
scheme of things, and He deliberately kept His face blank
and gave her no

With nothing better to think of saying or doing that might
diffuse the
possibility of punishment, she assumed the posture of
submission that He
had trained her to receive Him in. Kneeling, heels pressing
into her as with
her thighs spread as far as possible to allow ready access,
hips thrust
forward to expose the pussy and even the clit visibly if
she was seriously
aroused. Her back arched with her hands behind her head
for easy access to
cuffs and to raise and expose the nipples, lips parted and
moist, ready to
receive whatever He chose to put there. Eyes lowered to
the floor though her
head is up. She held it, and allowed her mind to slip into
the space that let
her be empty. Let her be whatever He chose for her to be, feel
whatever He
chose for her to feel, and relaxed her body into the position
that pleased
Him most. Becoming the waiting.

He watched her, unaware that He was actually grinning.
His cock throbbed with
renewed life at the sight of her. He knew that what she had
done was most
probably what she would do before she had done it. He had
expected it. She
would revert to what she knew pleased Him, and she would
also revert to the
most comfortable and expected aspect of their relationship.
Their relationship
was one based largely on instinct, desire, passion, intuition.
Reaching a
point of not knowing, with no guidance, she would instinctively
retreat to a
space she knew with Him.

He rose from the bed and stood before her, His cock hard and
aching to feel
the soft heat of her tongue, and as she slid her lips over
His head, He slipped
a cuff onto her wrist, and buckled it. With His cock deep
in her throat, she
breathed evenly through her nose while He thrust into her
mouth, and became the
tight wet heat that sucked Him and gave Him pleasure. He
buckled her other
wrist into the cuff, and clipped them together. Her tongue
slipped out from
between her lips to caress His balls as He thrust deeply
into her mouth, and
He grabbed a handful of her hair to hold her head still as
He pulled back from
her mouth to cum great globs all over her face, groaning
as His orgasm sucked
more cum from His balls to shoot it onto her lips and chin.

His cock was still incredibly hard. The feel of her mouth
on Him and the sight
of her at His feet was enough to turn Him on and keep Him that
way for a month
of Sundays, and He loved her for it. He helped her to her feet,
and led her to
the kitchen, and laid her out on the table before He sat down
to feast on His
beautiful love slave. Her pussy was dripping with her pleasure,
and with long slow
strokes of His tongue, He cleaned up each drop of her arousal
and then began the
sucking on her lips and clit that would create lots more
for Him.

He slipped His fingers deep into her and thumped hard on
her g-spot, knowing
she would cum really hard from it, maybe even give Him a bit
of a cum bath. Her
hips rolled her pussy up and down across His lips, and He
quickly latched onto
her clit, sucking at it as if it were her nipple. She gasped
through trying to
ask permission, and He rewarded her efforts. Her orgasm
was long and hard, and
with His fingertips thumping away at her clit, it wasn't
long before He was
rewarded with several blasts of hot cum from her already
over-fucked cunt. She
couldn’t catch her breath, and as her orgasm faded a bit
her breath slowly
returned. Her pussy throbbed, and she groaned as He released
her clit. Her pussy
muscles automatically tightened when He moved His fingers
within her, and she
tightened her grip on the edges of the table. In a space where
all she could do
was react to the sensations He created within her body,
it only took a few long
strokes from His fingers before she was squirming again.
She felt His thumb
slide up across her clit, and cried out as it throbbed in
response, and His
fingers slid deeper into her pussy, thumping the g-spot
along the way.

He finger fucked her slowly, rubbing her clit the whole
while, and thumping her
inside just for variety on occasion. He loved watching
her body react to His
touch. He loved controlling her so completely. He slipped
deeper into her, His
thumb rolling back up over her clit, and He reached up over
her body and grabbed
a nipple. Pulling and twisting and squeezing it while He
fucked her burning hot
cunt quickly brought her to the edge of an orgasm, and He
smiled as she begged
Him to allow her to cum again. He slipped another finger
into her dripping lips
and fucked her hard and fast with it as she came, her squirts
filling His hand
and dripping to the table and floor.

She floated, not really coherent of much around her. She
didn't really feel Him
pick her up and carry her to the bed, or even His voice as He
spoke to her and
told her she wasn't quite done yet. Her pussy was one
giant sensation, and there
wasn't much else that got her attention beyond it.
Her mind was empty of thought,
and only registered sensation. She slowly became aware
of feeling other things.
Something cool and soft against her skin, His hands caressing
her body, His
fingertips as they plucked at her nipple. His hard cock
as it rested against her
swollen cunt lips. His lips sucking at her nipple, and His
thighs pressing
against the insides of hers as He knelt between her legs.

He loved the view. He leaned back to appreciate her beauty.
Her eyes were closed,
her breasts were flushed and her nipples swollen hard.
Her lips were swollen and
the lipstick was definitely worn off. Her breath still
came in rapid spurts each
time she felt something new, and her cunt was a flushed and
swollen mass of
rippling quivers. He could see the aftershocks of her last
orgasm as the
contractions of muscle occurred. The moisture from her
last orgasm was still
damp, and His cock slid into her easily. He knew she was beyond
needing to
cum more, but He still felt the raging need to bust a huge
nut deep in her
cunt, and was it not her purpose at this point to satisfy
His needs?

She gasped as He filled her, and felt the aching burn as her
need made itself
known again. How? She had already cum so much, and here she
was feeling like
she needed more? The questions in her mind quickly became
nothing but sensation
as He fucked her cunt in hard and fast strokes. She held back
her need to cum
as He filled her, and fucked her, and gave into it as she felt
the tension in
His body peak and His hot cum gushed deep into her cunt, and
her own orgasm
ripped through her. She felt the wet heat of their juice
as it ran down her ass,
and she came again as He thrust into her. He slowed as His
orgasm faded, and
wrapped His arms around her as the last of her orgasm rippled
through her body,
and He kissed her softly on the forehead. With a sigh of contentment,
snuggled against His chest, and as she drifted off to sleep
she realized the
tables didn't need to be turned at all. Things were
fine exactly as they were.

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