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eastern_rose - Tracey part 5


Tracey part 5
by eastern_rose
It was a tap on the window that woke me up, I was disoriented
and slightly confused, "Where the hell am I?"
I thought to myself, I was lying om my back on the lambs wool
rug, it all came back to me, the body, face down pressing
me into the rug was Dell, a fifteen, almost sixteen year
old boy. Dell was lying on top of me, face down, his head,
nestled in the ‘crook’ of my neck, his right arm lying down
my left side and his hand pressed under my left buttock.
‘tap, tap’ there was the tapping on the window again, I pushed
Dell, "What’s the time?" I asked him, he tugged
his hand out from under my bum, he lifted his head up. Looked
around, spotted his watch which he had put on the coffee
table just above my head. He had to squirm around on top of
me slightly to be able to reach above my head, causing his
chest to rotate on top of my breasts and squish them down
even more than they were already. This movement caused
a memory trigger, something Harry often did, I would have
to check my diary later to see if I had mentioned it at all.
"God, it’s seven o’clock", Dell said, ‘tap, tap’,
there was the window again, Dell had heard it this time too
and was on his feet, I couldn’t believe him, his cock was
standing like a flagpole, we had fucked so much a few hours
earlier that I felt sure that he needed nothing more in that
way for a while. He cracked the curtain open slightly, turned
his head toward me and said, "It’s Sandy, shall I let
her in?" "Are you crazy?" I said pointing
to my naked body and then at his, "Sandy’s cool, she
won’t care!" he said and bounded out of the room. I
heard the latch on the door being turned, a "Come in",
from Dell as he bounced back into the living room. In the
seconds I had to try and compose myself I noticed that I had
huge patches of dried sperm on the insides of both thighs,
my pubic hair was matted with the stuff too. I tried to stand
up, I could just about get into the kitchen before Sandy
got in the room. I was wrong, my bottom was stuck to the rug,
"God that boy must have a tanker instead of balls",
I thought to myself. I had my left arm covering my breasts
and my left hand covering as much of my pussy as I could. Dell
bounced down at my side and sat there with a broad grin on
his face. Sandy stepped into the room, plonked herself
down on the sofa after first straightening the seat cushions.
"Well, a little early evening delight?" Sandy
said, then she looked at the hearth, all of the small candles
had burnt themselves out, most of the larger ones too, there
were only six candles still burning and a huge ‘scab’ of
solidified candle wax covering most of the hearth’s floor.
"Mmmmmm I see most of the day delight, rather than
just afternoon!" I know I blushed, fortunately with
the curtains closed at the front it was a little dark for
Sandy to see me colour up. Dell on the other hand looked as
pleased as punch. "I’ll have one sugar in mine",
Sandy said, not to anyone in particular but to ‘us’ in general.
"Oh, OK, I’ll do it", Dell bounced to his feet,
his cock looked great as it passed my face, I had, until the
past thirty-six hours or so, been a reluctant oral lover,
now as I watched Dell’s cock bounce past my eyes. I licked
my lips, imagining what it would taste like with the mixture
of my dried love juice and his sperm all over it. Because
I was trying to hide my nakedness I wasn’t trying to extract
my flesh from the iron grip of the lambs wool rug, Sandy must
have thought I was some kind of tart, sitting there in the
nude on the rug instead of going to get dressed. Sandy and
I engaged in small talk for a few minutes, Dell walked in
the room with one cup of coffee and the nighty that I had disgraced
in the kitchen that morning. "You look uncomfortable,
I’d prefer to see you like this all the time but that’s not
fare on you". I slipped the garment on and got Dell
to stand behind me and hlp me to my feet, there was a blinding
pain as the fine strands of wool were torn from my bottom
and I was sure that some of my bottom had been left behind
on the rug. I went th sit by Sandy’s side on the sofa, Dell
was standing in front of us, Sandy beckoned Dell to her,
she touched his penis, he was still solid and at full mast,
she tried to peel back his foreskin and he winced a little
with the pain, "I think you need to make an appointment
with the doctor young man". My mind put two and two
together and made five, "What for?" There was
a real note of panic in my voice, "He needs to be circumcised",
Sandy said. She told us that he was ok until he started to
have sex, now because of the tightness of his foreskin and
the fact that he had turned out to be such a ‘big boy’, he would
suffer a lot if he didn’t have the restriction removed.
Dell was totally unconcerned that Sandy had just played
with his manhood, almost accepted or even expected it.
He just turned and asked me if I would like a coffee, I shook
my head, "Well hotch up then", he asked me, then
he pulled my hand and I sailed to my feet. Dell slipped down
in my place and then pulled me back down so that I was sitting
on his knee. Dell made a deft move as I was on the downward
journey to his knee, he flipped the back of my nighty up so
that my bare bottom made contact with his bare knee. As Sandy
and I chatted Dell was moving subtly so that his cock was
nestling against my labia, he made no sound at all as he moved
the last inch and his cock popped into my body. My eyes closed
slightly as I felt the wonderful feeling of boyhood inside
of me.

Sandy had asked if I had ever done any amateur dramatics,
"No", "what, not even at school?"
"No, never". Dell’s left hand had sneaked under
the hem of my nighty and was even now fondling my breast,
pinching my nipple, squeezing the flesh gently, appreciating
the response he felt to his ministrations. "Well
I’m a member of the Arnold, amateur dramatics, we need as
many men and women as we can get to take part in a charity play",
Sandy said. "I don’t think I would be very good on stage",
the words were coming out of me in short gasps as Dell was
now rocking me back and forth on his knee, on his cock. Sandy
was smiling all across her face, "I’m sure that Dell
would love to be in the play too, it would give you two an opportunity
to meet once a week", Sandy had just recruited two
new actors for the play.

It didn’t take Dell long to shoot his load into me, he didn’t
make any sound, didn’t drive me to a climax, he must have
guessed how embarrassed I would have been if I had lost control
like that in front of Sandy. Dell patted my back, his way
of telling me that I could now get off of his lap if I wanted
to. I took the opportunity to stand up, Sandy’s eyes flashed
down on to Dell’s lap, there was still semen oozing from
his foreskin, Sandy dipped a finger into the pool and smiled
again. I could feel my face glowing bright red in the darkened
room, I made an excuse and ran upstairs. I sat on the toilet
and watched Dell’s deposit running from my body, it almost
looked like I was peeing, as I sat there I remembered the
memory jogger that Dell had caused earlier when he grouned
his chest into my breasts to reach above my head. After I
cleaned myself I rushed into my bedroom, found my diary,
I had noted with a red ‘X’ each date that Sandy had estimated
my ovulation had started, I counted back four days from
each one and I got the same note: ‘H crushed my last night
again, then I was too dry for intimacy without lubrication,
I hate H having to do that to me, I wonder if I get turned off
when he crushes me?’

the pattern seemed to be, normal sex for around ten days,
almost every day, following the second day of my period,
then, sex was less frequent for the rest of the cycle, but
each time we had sex in that part of my cycle I always seemed
to be too dry for sex. That didn’t ring true though, according
to Cosmo’ a woman’s body excretes a lubricating fluid at
ovulation, the fluid is to allow her egg an easy passage
through her fallopian tubes , that means that I should have
been more lubricated than usual not less. I had to go into
my room to get dressed anyway so I searched above the bed
to try and find what Harry could have been reaching for on
those occasions when he crushed me into the bed. OK, most
people have a regular headboard i know, but we had a book
case as our headboard. The bottom shelf was there as normal,
the first shelf up, which would have been below the level
of the mattress had been moved up, turned through ninety
degrees and fastened below the second shelf, right at the
front of the book case, to form a pillow stop. Then there
were three shelves of storage right there above the bed,
I checked the lowest shelf, what I was looking for had to
be on my side of the bed, just passed the central line. All
I found was a brightly coloured. ceramic pot, it had a tight
seal on the lid, something like a jam jar. I opened the jar
and it was full of a steel blue powder, there was no smell
to the powder but I didn’t want to dip a finger in it or anything,
I had a sudden thought, it could almost be the remains of
some dead person and a shiver ran down my spine. I called
to Sandy to come upstairs, I had my bra and panties on as she
walked in the room, she looked at my under garments and had
to struggle to hold back her laughter, "What the hell
are those? Did your mother get them for you?" I ignored
her comments, my under garments are for my comfort and mine
alone, not a fashion item to be shown off to anyone else.
I opened the small pot, "What do you think this could
be?" "Alum!" the phrase ‘does not compute’
ran across my forehead, "It’s used to tighten up a
lose woman!" Sandy said, "how the hell does
she know things like that?" I said to myself. "Before,
when I was first married and my husband was the jealous type,
if I had sex with someone else and had to go home to my husband,
I couldn’t guarantee that hewouldn’t want sex, he would
have caught me out, so I used Alum to make me feel dry and tight,
sometimes he carried on anyway and others he was put off
by the effort of trying to get me wet". I must have exhibited
my "Sandy, you are full of crap" look because
she rubbed her finger down her dress to make it as dry as possible,
then she dipped her finger into the powder, she pulled it
out and it had a thick covering of the powder, I was amazed,
I had expected, with a totally dry finger, that it would
have come out with nothing at all on it. Sandy used her other
hand to pull the front of my knickers forward and pushed
her powder covered finger between my thighs. "Feel
your self now", she said, I dipped a finger into myself,
I was totally dry and very tight, "You have just had
a pussy full of Dell’s baby cream haven’t you, well does
it feel like it?" I sat on the bed awkwardly, Harry
must have been doing something like that each time he wanted
sex in those dangerous days of my cycle, but why would he
do that and still have sex with me?

Sandy’s eyes were scanning the contents of the bookshelf
headboard, reading the titles on the book spines and taking
every thing in, "What have you got one of those for?"
"One of what?" She reached to the spot, which
was next to the space vacated by the small brightly coloured
pot, "This is the lubricant dispenser that a doctor
would use for cervical examinations or to place an instrument
inside a woman’s womb", Sandy said. I had actually
put the tube out of my mind completely, it was white, ten
inched long and four inched in circumference. It had a four
inch long applicator tube, the printing on the tube was
simple, ‘Medical quality lubricant gel’. The reason I
had erased it from my mind to the point that I didn’t actually
see it if I looked along the shelf was because it was to do
with sex, and worse than that, it was to correct a deficiency
on my part. Sandy unscrewed the top and squeezed a line of
the gel onto her finger, my flesh crawled slightly, "Do
you know where that thing has been?" I said, "Yes",
Sandy was studying the gel on her finger tip, she sniffed
at it, she put her thumb to her forefinger and rubbed the
gel between them, then she tried to pull a string of the gel
between her thumb and forefinger. "This is definitely
not lubricating gel!" "How do you know?"
Sandy reached into her handbag, she removed a small pot,
"Natural sponge", she said, then she found
a small tube at the bottom of her bag. She pulled my hand to
her and laid a trail from her tube on my index finger, then
a trail of the lubricating gel on my middle finger. "Can
you see any difference?", I looked carefully, "No,
they look exactly the same", I said. "Now smell
them", I brought the two strings of gel to my nose,
went from one to the other and back, "No they both smell
exactly the same", I said. "Now rub the first
one between your finger and thumb", I did, Sandy was
waiting with a tissue to wipe my thumb quickly so that I could
do the same to the second sample, "Absolutely no difference",
I said. Then the shocker, Sandy showed me that the manufacturer
of the cream was the company that Harry worked for, then
shocker number two, and this was the biggie, the cream in
Sandy’s tube was spermicidal gelly.

Sandy was still puzzling over why the gel had been put into
the container that it had been, "Does Harry put this
stuff in you after he tells you that you need a little lubrication?"
I nodded an affirmation, "Does it hurt a little when
he puts the cream in?" I nodded again, "Do you
watch him put it in?" I shook my head at this question,
"I always have my eyes closed and it is usually mostly
dark and Harry is usually bent over me so all I would have
seen would be his back anyway". Sandy pushed me on
to my back on the bed, she covered my body with hers and eased
my knickers down. She pulled my legs up so that my knees were
as wide apart as possible, and the soles of my feet were pressed
together. "Are you usually like this when Harry puts
the cream in?" "Yes", I felt a light scratch,
in my memory replay I felt that scratch every time, then
there was the pain that I always tried to block out of my mind.
"Does it feel like that when he puts the cream in?"
"yes", Sandy sat up, she had left the tube inside
my vagina, I had expected to see just the applicator’s nozzle
inside of me but the tube was right inside, Sandy told me
to feel for myself, she helped me to sit up, and sge guided
my fingers. I was shocked to feel the aplicators nozzle
was actually engaged inside the neck of my womb, the very
thin tip of the nozzle allowed it to slip easily past the
muscle that should have kept my cervix closed. "Harry
has been lacing you up with spermicidal gel before he fucks
you, how long as he been doing that?" "Ever since
we got married I think!" "Well you have no need
to worry about falling pregnant after today’s session
with young Dell anyway, I have pumped you so full of this
stuff that it would need am immaculate conception to get
you pregnant after that stuff.

Dell had become bored with being down stairs by himself,
he had come looking for us but also for his clothes, he had
been standing in the doorway watching my own personal little
drama unfold. I was feeling very emotional, I knew that
I was close to tears but was fighting to hold them back. Dell
came in, he cat by my side, put a comforting arm around my
shoulder and pulled me backward on to the bed. Dell half
covered my body as he began to kiss me once again, his cock
was pressing against my upper thigh, the boy was hard once
again, ‘Oh the miracle of youth’. I felt Sandy remove the
tube of gel from my cervix and vagina, the difference between
how Sandy removed the tube and how Harry removed it was that
Sandy didn’t carry on injecting the gel into me as she pulled
the tube from me. Dell was inching himself over my body,
moving slowly but surly into his favourite position between
my thighs. I put Sandy out of my mind for a while, my eyes were
closed, I was kissing Dell and there was a building feeling
of anticipation in my loins. Dell finally got into position
and pushed down, "Ouch! Ouch!" Del exclamed,
"Wow you’re tight", Del said, his voice had
broken the magic slightly, my eyes opened and I saw Sandy
still sitting on the edge of my bed, watching as I was being
fucked by her best friends son. I had left the wardrobe door
open while I had been selecting my clothes to put on and now
I could see the reflection in the mirror on the back of the
door. I saw Dell’s and my feet, looking up I could almost
see the point of out union but not quite, I saw Sandy sitting
by our side, her hand was lazily stroking Dell’s back, she
dwelled a moment with her hand on Dell’s bottom, Dell was
beginning to increase his speed slightly. This wasn’t
a secret fuck under cover ov my nighty, this was the full
blown thing with Sandy right there watching us. I saw Sandy
apply some of the gel to the tip of her middle finger, then
I saw her move her hand to Dell’s bottom again. It was dificult
to see exactly what she was doing in the reflection but it
looked like she was massaging spermicidal gel into Dell’s
anal muscle. As she pushed her finger into him hard he pressed
into me extra hard too, I watched as Sandy began to finger-fuck
Dell’s anus, itdrove him wild and he fired off inside of
me in a few seconds. Sandy was wiping her middle finger off
on her tissue as Dell climbed from between my thighs, he
kissed me tenderly and thanked me for the wonderful day
and then he kissed Sandy in the same passionate way and thanked
her for what she had just done for him.

Sandy and Dell left together, they had walked less that
a hundred yards before Harry’s car pulled onto our drive.
I still wasn’t dressed, so I had to dash up stairs quickly.
I thought that as Harry and I hadn’t had sex for four days
he might just want to exercise his conjugal rights, he seldom
went longer than four days without sex. I was still full
up with Dell’s sperm and didn’t have time to clean myself
up so I resorted to Sandy’s trickery and pushed a finger
full of Alum into my pussy.

I pulled my dirty nighty back on and climbed into bed. "Hi
darling, you still in bed?", "I have been up
for a while but felt a little tired again", I said.


Harry changed into his pyjamas and joined me in bed, he didn’t
even kiss me before his finger was searching for signs of
infidelity between my thighs. Fortunatly all he found
was an incredibly tight vaginal opening, Harry reached
for the gel and was in the process of lifting my nighty when
I told him that I had a headache, that was a milestone in our
relationship, the first time I had ever rejected his advances
since the first time he fucked me.

My working week went as normal, I spent every waking moment
either thinking about Dell and what we had done together
or busily working, Harry had three further rejections
from me during the week and was beginning to get quite frustrated
and very angry. Thursday evening I got home from work late,
Harry was already there, "One of your friends phoned
for you five minutes ago", Harry said. "Really,
who?" My mind was racing ahead, had Dell been stupid
enough to phone while I was out and Harry was there, "A
woman called Sandy, she asked me to remind you that rehearsals
are tonight". "Oh God, I forgot about that completely,
they need people to be in the crowd scene for a charity play,
I think it is for children in need later in the year!"
Harry wanted to know more about the play, I couldn’t tell
him, I would find out what it was all about this evening if
I went, but I told Harry that I still hadn’t made up my mind
to take part. I cooked a simple evening meal and was eating
when the doorbell sounded, Harry answered the door and
walked in with Sandy following behind him. "Oh Tracey,
darling, I love the way you have the place done up",
Sandy said in a flamboyant, thespian kind of way. I left
the rest of my meal uneaten, followed Sandy to her car and
climbed in the back, Carol was in the front passenger seat
and Dell in the back. As soon as the door was closed Dell’s
fingers were working at the hem of my dress, Harry was still
waving to me as Dell’s fingers eased through the leg hole
of my panties, I was panting by the time we were out of Harry’s
sight. Carol looked back and watched her son finger fucking
me, Dell checked out of the rear window before he kissed
me, a kiss so passionate that I think I may just have climaxed
from that kiss alone never mind the frantic action of finger
against clitoris. All I could do was smile in Carol’s direction
as she observed her progeny’s new found skills bring me
to an earth-shattering climax.

The play was by a new Russian writer, it centres around Lenin’s
tomb and a party, the ‘masses’ were needed for two scenes,
walking past Lenin’s glass coffin, stage rear, as the main
actors plaid out a scene front of stage. We would have to
walk slowly past the back of the coffin facing the players
and the audience. Then as soon as we hit the wings we had to
rush around the back cloth changing our clothes so that
we emerged from stage right once again at the back of the
precession. If we did everything right it would look like
a cast of thousands when there were actually hoped to be
around forty people for that scene. The other scene would
involve standing at the back of the stage drinking ‘stage’
Champaign, which turned out to be cold, weak tea, with out
milk. That first night gave ‘the masses’ all the direction
we needed, in truth all we would have to do was turn up for
one other rehearsal and the final dress rehearsal and then
we would be ok to go on opening night. Sandy told me that if
I wanted her to, she would collect me every week from home
and Dell and I could spend the evening in her dressing room,
if that’s what I wanted to do.

Carol insisted on us going to the pub after rehearsal, she
had a speaking part and it was going to be her first ‘am-dram’
too. "I need a fucking drink!" She exploded
as we walked from the stage door, Sandy did the trip to the
bar and came back with my Britvic fifty-five and lemonade,
a double brandy for Carol and a pint of bitter for Dell, Sandy
was on soft drinks as she was driving. I was about to protest
that Dell was much too young to be drinking in a pub but the
words stuck in my throat. I knew that Sandy would tell me
in response that he was too young for playing hooky from
school all Monday afternoon to fuck a married woman too,
or something like that.

We were joined by several of the other actors from the play
and a few other men, one was going to do the graphics for the
adverts, programs, tickets and flyers. He was mid forties,
seemed to be quite taken with me, Dell could hardly contain
his jealousy, fortunately Carol took him for a game of pool
while the rest of us chatted. Sandy introduced me to the
man as Phillip, "We all call him ‘Phil the photographer’
she told me, Phillip was an old school gentleman, he wanted
to know if I had an agent, I took a swallow from my drink as
I blushed, "What would I need an agent for?"
Phillip told me that, with the right agent, I could make
a lot of money from modelling. I treated his comments as
just another chat up line, I had to admit that I liked it.
There had been several occasions while I was at college
where guys would practice their best lines to try and get
me into bed only to be shot down by ‘Miss Prissy knickers’.
Sandy asked me to help her at the bar, "Phil is serious
you know, he isn’t the kind to shoot a line like that just
to impress someone, or to get a woman into bed". I blushed
again, softly punched her shoulder and told her not to be

I caught Dell’s eye and nodded towards the rear door, it
led out into a small yard with storerooms and old, hardly
used toilets. Dell misunderstood my intentions, by the
time he caught up with me his trousers were open and his cock
out in the cool night air. I gave him a stern look, "I
hope I am more that that to you", I said. "Just
a quick fuck in passing, whenever your horny", I could
see that I had wounded Dell deeply, for him it was his only
way of expressing his great love for me but he couldn’t see
how the way he was going about it would make me feel. I explained
that I was married, "I know that and I hate that you
are in that house with your prick of a husband every night",
Dell spat out at me. It took a long time for me to make Dell
see that what we had done was wonderful and special but I
wasn’t about to swap one man for another, especially with
the age difference between us. "And my colour!"
Dell said. I just set my jaw as solidly as I could, no matter
what I said next I could never get past that particular ‘chip’
on Dells shoulder. I let Dell go back into the pub ahead of
me, waited a few minutes and then followed.

"Phil had to leave but he gave me his card to give to
you", Sandy said as I reached the table. I told her
that I needed a walk and left my drink unfinished on the table,
as I walked out of the door I dropped the business card into
my handbag. Sandy caught me up in the street, "What’s
wrong, I think Dell was hoping that you would go back to his
house for a while tonight", she asked. "I doubt
that Dell will be wanting to do much with me for a while"
I replied. When I got to the end of my drive I could see that
the living room light was off, I checked my watch, Harry
would have been in bed exactly ten minutes. I looked across
the road, toward the footpath, if I hadn’t had my little
‘spat’ with Dell earlier I would probably have gone home
with him and Carol and if I hadn’t I would probably have been
inclined to take a stroll into the unlit car park. I seemed
to be standing there for hours, just standing, trying to
weigh up the pro’s and con’s of going to the car park or going
to bed, eventually bed won out.

I entered the house as silently as I could, I carefully avoided
the squeaky step on the stairs, undressed in the bathroom
and went in to the bedroom in just my bra and knickers. I could
tell by Harry’s breathing pattern that he was asleep, my
nighty was right where I expected it to be, clean, pressed
and folded, waiting under my pillow for me. I sat on the edge
of the bed as carefully as I could, there was a break in Harry’s
breathing, I sat totally motionless until Harry fell back
into his usual breathing pattern that told me he was fully
asleep again. I lay down in, ultra slow motion, but as I drew
the duvet over my shoulder Harry was awake. Harry turned
over to kiss me ‘goodnight’ he reached his right arm over
my body, and the familiar ‘sexual warm up’ manoeuvre began.
A second kiss, a little longer than the first, Harry inching
his chest over mine and his right thigh over my left. A third
kiss and now Harry’s chest is covering half of my body, the
fourth kiss and while ‘lip lock’ is achieved Harry’s right
arm moves toward the shelf above the bed. Harry’s chest
rotates against my breasts and squashes me down into the
bed and Harry has found the small, brightly coloured, ceramic
pot. In my mind I said, "No, dam you Harry, I didn’t
go through the pain of setting Dell straight earlier to
allow another insensitive prick do me now". Harry’s
right arm began it’s downward journey, and I caught his
wrist as his hand was level with my breasts. "Why don’t
you just put the cream in Harry, I don’t want that other stuff
in me anymore!" Harry was flustered, he spluttered
out that he didn’t know what I was talking about. With his
right wrist gripped tightly in my left hand I turned on the
table light to my right. "This stuff", I said
and pointed out the steel blue powder stuck to his middle
finger, "Wipe that stuff off and just put the cream
in me if that’s what you want to do!" My voice was probably
as harsh and as threatening as Harry had ever heard from
me, I saw the look that a driver sees in the eyes of the rabbit
caught in his headlights just before he hits it. Everything
stood still for an eternity, then Harry ‘harrumphed’ and
he turned away from me, "GOOD! . . . . . . NIGHT!"
He said, punching out the separateness of each word. He
was asleep in moments, this was now a record point in our
relationship, it had been just over a week since ‘intimacy’
had taken place, a record in itself! And now, he had turned
his back on me even though I was willing for him to be intimate
with me, albeit on my terms not his.

And then there was nothing, darkness and silence, the only
thing that pointed to the fact that two lives were sharing
this patch of the planet was the rhythmical breathing patterns
that had interwoven in the ballet of sleep. Terry Wogan
bid me wake, the alarm clock, on Harry’s side of the bed and
permanently tuned to radio two was talking directly to
me, usually I would hear only a burst of sound before Harry
hit the stop button, I would be drawn, gently from sleep
by the sound of the toilet flushing, the shower running
and finally the hot water tank refilling. Then and only
then it was safe for me to make the toilet run, and shower
and dress. By the time I got down stairs there would be coffee,
a rack full of toast and the comforting sounds of early morning
radio from the kitchen or GMTV from the living room. Terry
was prattling on, annoyingly, Harry never usually subjected
me to this much punishment this early in the morning. But
the truth was, Harry wasn’t there to turn the radio off,
it was a while before I realised I was alone in the bed, alone
in the house, even my car was alone in the drive. No coffee,
no rack of toast, no GMTV, no Harry. All that there was, in
the toast rack was a note, ‘Had to go in early, sorry, see
you tonight, love H’. I made my own coffee, I couldn’t face
the day without, "Dam", I said to my self, there
was certainly something to face today. Because I had missed
the ten o’clock meeting with the finance director, even
though I was ‘ill’ at the time, he had a difficult board meeting
and I had to meet him in his office first thing this morning.
I knew that if I met him in the mood I was in last night I would
probably be unemployed by mid morning. Coffee, coffee,
coffee, coffee, I was swimming in coffee by the time I rolled
in to work. I had been telling myself over and over that I
had to try and look contrite, had to sound as if I was really
sorry at failing him and putting him in such an invidious

I knocked on the finance directors door, even though the
senior managers office suites were only two floors above
the floor I worked on it must have been above the cloud line.
My office was dark and dismal and on this floor the sun shone
brightly, "Enter", the voice was female which
took me by surprise.

The directors PA was sitting at his desk, "I’m sorry
Tracy, the FD was called into an important meeting at the
last minute". I looked out of the window and said,
"I do hope he remembered his golf cap, would hate him
to get sunstroke on the back nine". Miss Heaver, she
always called us by our first names but we were under pain
of death not to use that familiarity with her, chose to ignore
my inference. "How would you like a slightly more
challenging position Tracey?" "Like the dole"
I said under my breath, "We need someone in Northampton,
someone bright and forthright, for a minimum six month
secondment as business analyst". "Pay rise?"
I asked, "No, not initially, but a generous expenses
package, I’m prepared to offer you one hundred pounds a
day in expenses!" I did the calculations quickly
in my head. "The company rate was twenty pence an hour
for travelling expenses, and with the three pounds for
missed meal provision, one hundred and ninety miles a day,
‘cerching’ thirty eight pounds, so I would be entitled
to forty-one pounds and she was offering me fifty-nine
pounds more, mmmmmmm why". Miss Heaver told me that
she wanted me to have the opportunity to chose between driving
the eighty-five miles each way each day or stopping over
in a hotel from time to time, so that explained the generous
expenses. Also it would be a little pay rise that she could
slip past the FD without it looking like she had approved
of my hanging her boss out to dry in front of the general board
of directors and rewarding me for it.

I was handed a folder of documents that I would need to read
before Monday and told to go home and prepare for Monday.
Bonus, no telling-off, extra pay and a day off as well, I
could get to like this idea. I fanned through the documents,
I had already seen all of them before so it really was a day
off. I sat in my car, do I go home of not? Not, I remembered
the card that I had dropped in my handbag the night before.
Designs on Phillip, Unit 5, Riverside Court, Nottingham.
There was a telephone number but I decided to go past instead
of phone. I took out my mobile, was just about to type in Phil’s
details and phone number when I noticed that I had several
messages and ten missed calls. I must have set my phone to
silent while in the theatre the night before and forgot
to put it back to normal. I just deleted all of the missed
call details and began to read my messages.

1, Dell, sorry

2, Dell, I really am sorry

3, Dell, Please give me another chance

4, Dell, I know, why should you?

5, Sandy, I have been chatting to Dell, he told me what happened
last night. You were absolutely right to wrap his knuckles
but remember he is very young and inexp

5, Sandy, erienced. It is really up to you but I think you
should at least help him to learn how to treat women right,
you have done so much to help him in such a sho

6, Sandy, rt time I honestly think that you are the best thing
that has ever happened to him in his life, anyway, just me
butting in again sorry

7, Dell, That colour thing, I really am a twat for saying
that, it would be nice to have a second chance but if you can’t
then thank you so very much

8, Dell, for everything that you let me do with you, I’ll
remember you for all of my life. Love Dell

It was a bit of a problem finding a parking space in Riverside
Court, fortunately someone was just leaving a space in
front of the Quay side bistro. "This used to be Ron’s
greasy spoon when I was eight years old, my dad would bring
me here to fish in the Trent River. We would have breakfast
and dinner in Ron’s café where my dad always talked with
Ron of better times when there were actually fish in the
river. I never saw him catch anything but a cold at the rivers
edge but dad loved just sitting there.

"Is Phillip in please?" I asked the very young
man who popped out to reception at the sound of my entering.
The young man had a vaguely Spanish accent, a slight lisp
and was very, overtly, gay. "Mr Phillip is very busy
right now, did you have an appointment?" I told the
man that Phil wanted to speak to me, "I’ll be in the
bistro having a coffee if he is interested, tell him Tracey
from the theatre was here please". I received a nod
from the man, his name and then he flounced off, well more
like minced off back into the studio area. This place had
really changed over the years, it was a warehouse before
the war, Nottingham didn’t take much in the way of German
bombs but one of them managed to flatten the warehouse,
Ron’s café spent the next forty years standing besides
a vacant lot, with a main road in front and the river behind.
I’m sure that the Ron that I knew, the Ron that allowed me
to sit at the corner table, drawing or crayoning when it
rained and my dad was too stubborn to leave the fish to themselves,
wasn’t the original Ron. The Ron that had been a prosperous
business man, the Ron that had a warehouse full of hungry
and thirsty workers on his doorstep before the ‘Hun’ took
a personal dislike to him. The place that my father would
sit all day Saturday was now a courtyard dining area in the
three days of sunshine we had a year. The windows that for
so many years had not been cleaned were now bright and sparkling.
The old tables with their oilcloth covers inside the dark
dining room. "Bloody hell, same old tables, same
old oilcloths, fuck a duck, same old Ron", I said to
myself. Ron was much older, close to retirement, I had always
seen him in my mind as the handsome, kind, and genuine, late
thirties gentleman. One of the few that my dad would trust
with his life and more, with his daughter, me. "Could
I have a tall latté with _Mocha chips please?" I asked,
Ron was standing as he always had, both hands pressing firmly
down on the counter, grubby apron covering even grubbier
clothes. "Is that a cup of coffee or a mug love?"
Same old Ron, "Cup please", "How’s your
dad?" I couldn’t believe that Ron really remembered
me, he probably sad that to every young woman that stumbled
in his bistro. "He’s OK thanks", Ron was busying
himself, he wiped the lip of the cup on his apron and dropped
a spoon full of Nescafe in the cup. "Haven’t seen him
fishing for a while" he said as he filled the cup with
hot milk, "God he really did remember my dad, which
meant he remembered me" I thought to myself. I took
a seat at the counter instead of at a table with it’s standard,
coffee stained top. "Here do you remember doing this?"
Ron brought a large picture from the kitchen, it was a crayon
drawing that I had done when I was eight, the back of the paper
bore the coffee stain because I had drawn the picture at
the table in the corner on a very rainy Saturday eighteen
years earlier. Ron held the picture towards me and as he
did he spotted the coffee stain on t he back, "I’ll
have to wipe that table one of these days" he said.
Just then the door opened, Ron whispered, "That’s
Phil, he’s a shirt tail lifter but a nice man all the same".
"Ron, one of these days you are going to say something
like that to the wrong person!" "Oh young Trace
is OK, her dad was the best fisherman that ever stood his
swim on the Trent". Phillip ordered a tea and got a
mug, whether he wanted a mug or not, then he invited me to
sit at a table with him, then he looked at the state of the
tables and changed his mind. He guided me outside to sit
by the river, he was glad that I had chosen to visit his studio
instead of just phoning up. He took my right hand, "You
really should look after these you know", he tutted
as he saw the state of my cuticles. "Your fingers are
the exact shape", he said, he lifted my chin and turned
my face to the sun, "No make up, no exfoliation, no
moisturiser, and yet you look prettier than any woman I
have photographed this year". I had remembered that
Sandy had told me that Phillip wasn’t into saying things
just to get women into bed, Ron had just attested to his homosexual
credentials, so why did I feel that I was being seduced by
a consummate lothario. We finished our drinks and Phil
invited me to join him in his studio, there was a second young
man in the studio, he was even more gay than the first, if
that were possible. A large portfolio was produced for
me to look through, mostly the work of Phillip but a few of
each of his assistant’s pictures too.

I was so impressed with the portfolio, the first picture
was a nude woman, she was lying on a wooden table in the foetal
position. The photograph was a contrast in light, colour
and texture but with an overlying message of vulnerability,
brought about by the foetal position. The camera had been
positioned slightly higher than the woman’s hip to accentuate
her body and allow the outline of her breast to be hinted
at rather than exposed to the viewer. The subject was illuminated
from a position slightly forward of the camera so as to deepen
the shadows without giving the impression of poor lighting.
I hadn’t seen all of that from just looking at the picture,
Phillip had talked me through the picture, I thought to
myself, "If we go into this depth on every picture
we’ll be here until Sunday". All I could say with any
degree of confidence was that the photograph was good enough
to be art rather than pornography.

Phillip asked if I would allow him to take a few pictures
of me today, he took a folder from a draw, it held photographs
of a woman. There was a Polaroid picture of her head and shoulders,
she could have been naked as far as the picture showed or
what the picture didn’t show. I thought that a photograph
like that would be very tasteful. I was placed in front of
a very large camera, Phil took the film cassette off of the
back and replaced it with a Polaroid cassette. He snapped
a quick shot, pulled the picture out and placed it under
his arm to develop. One of his young assistants had pressed
the button on a timer as Phillip pulled the picture from
the cassette. When I was revealed I wouldn’t have said that
I was over the moon with the picture but then I never liked
any photograph that had been taken of me in my life. "What
is it that detracts in this picture?" Phil asked me,
"Well my blouse looks untidy, it has caused a shadow
on my neck that makes my neck look dirty", I said. "Exactly,
I like to show this picture as a before, when I ask a model
to lower her blouse she often thinks I’m just trying it on.
I assure you that I am not trying anything on, it just makes
a much better photograph". I took the hint and asked
how he would like me to pose, "Would you feel comfortable
opening your blouse top and pulling it down off of your shoulders?"
I nodded, I opened my blouse and lowered it so that it was
resting on my elbows, Phil was about to shoot another picture,
I stopped him, "What about my bra strap?" Phillip
explained that the strap was probably better to be there
rather than the red lines that would be left behind after
I pulled the strap down. Phillip took the second picture,
when it developed I could see that there was a form developing,
the interaction of light and shade, the tones of my skin
but over riding my eye was the stark white lines of my bra
strap. I pulled the strap down off of my shoulder, I was struggling
to see the red mark on top of my shoulder, Phil snapped another
picture. I was much happier with that second photograph,
except the bra strap lines were almost crimson on the photograph.


Phillip suggested that I took my bra off, put my blouse back
on and took a walk around town for an hour or so and return
to him after the red welts had dissipated.

I left my car in the car park and caught the bus into Nottingham
City centre, my white blouse was very thin and I hadn’t intended
to wear it with no bra under. But there I was on the bus into
town with just a thin nylon blouse and no bra, each jostle
and jerk of the bus caused my breasts to move beneath the
slick material and caused a rather predictable response
from my breasts. I began to feel very self conscious, as
my nipples grew harder and longer and men on the bus started
to look at me carefully, then I would see the smile break
over their faces as they realised that they could actually
see what they thought they could see. I hopped off the bus
one stop before the terminus, mainly to save my having to
walk off the bus with all of the men that had been ogling me.
The bus had dropped me right outside an upmarket designer
label store. I popped in just to get off of the street, there
was a lingerie section in the store that was better than
anything I had ever seen in my life, panties that were little
more than two wisps of satin netting held together with
a shoestring and they were priced at fifty pounds. I was
happy to spend a while marvelling at the opulance and wondering
about the people who would spend one hundred pounds on a
linen handkerchief. I saw a wonderful dress that was way
out of my price range but, even if I couldn’t afford to buy
it, I could afford to try it on. In the fitting room I stripped
off my blouse, skirt and underskirt and slipped on the silk
creation, one thousand five hundred pounds for a cocktail
frock, I just couldn’t believe it, it didn’t even feel particularly
nice on. When I took it off I pulled down the side of my Marks
and Spencer’s knickers, there was a faint red line where
the waste band had gripped my hips. I didn’t intend to go
quite that far in my afternoon photo session but the way
the morning had gone I decided to remove my knickers anyway.


I decided to walk from the city centre back to Riverside
Court, I noticed a man was following me as I left the shopping
area. I wouldn’t usually have noticed him but as I was in
no hurry I kept stopping to look in the windows of shops that
I seldom had a chance of passing. Each time I stopped I noticed
the same man standing just a few feet behind me, often reflected
in the window I was looking in. when I got to the river I had
a choice, I could have taken the road, that would have added
roughly a half mile on to my walk or I could take the river
towpath. I decided to take the towpath, I sensed the man
walking a few steps behind me, the river towpath wasn’t
at all deserted, there were fishermen spread out along
the bank and couples walking along hand in hand. I heard
his footsteps increase, he passed me without looking at
me and I thought he would just disappear but as I took the
turn in the river by the old brewery building that had been
closed down for five years and was awaiting the demolition
ball, I saw the man standing by a large hole in the fence.
As I got close enough for him to get a good look at the effect
the long walk was having on my nipples he ducked through
the hole in the fence. I stopped at the hole, looked both
ways and there was no one close enough to see me so I followed
the man through the hole. He was standing just out of sight
of anyone casually looking through the hole in the fence,
he smiled as he saw me following behind him, he pointed to
a large wooden crate and told me to stand by it. I realised
that I was now standing out of site of anyone looking through
the hole in the fence too, the stranger undid his trousers
and allowed them to fall to the floor, he didn’t have anything
on under his trousers and his equipment wasn’t anything
to write home about, he began to massage himself while I
watched him. He asked me to open my blouse, he was masturbating
himself a little faster now, just asking me to open my blouse
had kicked his excitement level up a notch. I started to
open my buttons slowly, I didn’t take the bottom of my blouse
out of my skirt I just pulled the front open. As soon as my
breasts were fully exposedto the man he lost control and
fired off a string of sperm that flew more than three foot
in front of him before hitting the floor. I was amazed at
the quantity of fluid his body pumped out, I assumed it had
been quite a while since he had released himself that way
and that the volume was as a result of long term storage.
As soon as he finished climaxing he snatched at the waste
band of his trousers and ran for the hole in the fence. I buttoned
my blouse as quickly as I could and headed for the towpath
once more. The guy was nowhere in sight, I don’t know exactly
what I expected to happen but it certainly wasn’t that.


At the studio I didn’t hesitate, my blouse was off almost
as soon as I walked in the door, I was given a standard contract
to sign, it ran into ten pages so there was no way I was going
to read it. Phillip was quite impressed with the fact that
I had gone completely topless without further encouragement,
he spent an hour photographing my charms from every angle,
different lighting, altered camera angle, all the time
he was talking to me as if we were just having a chat over coffee.
Everything seemed just so dammed normal, "How far
are you prepared to go?" Phil asked, it was a little
out of the blue, we were talking about something and nothing,
I gave him my best, puzzled look. Phillip took the photograph
of the woman in the foetal position, "You mean full
nude?" I asked him, "Yes, how far are you willing
to go?" "I would be happy to try a pose like that"
I said, pointing at the photograph, "No pussy shots
though!" I went on, Phil asked me if I would do the nude
pose, I took my skirt off and Phillip smiled, "I see
you were half expecting my request", he said. I copied
the foetal pose and allowed Phil to take a few photographs
of me from behind, then he asked if he could ‘dress’ me, I
just nodded my head. Phil got me to sit cross-legged on the
floor, I was about to remind him that I didn’t want to do any
photographs like this and he placed a bottle of shower gel,
shampoo and conditioner from the same product range so
that they protected my modesty. I realised from the position
of the camera that he wasn’t even capturing my breasts.
He swapped the film pack for the Polaroid one again and snapped
his shot, after the minute or so that it took to develop I
was really impressed with the photograph. The light diffused
through the three different coloured, viscous liquids
had almost completely hidden my pubic region, you could
see the dark outline of my hair but that was all. Phillip
took around thirty photographs of me sitting in that one
position, each photograph needed slight adjustment of
the camera. It was soon four o’clock and time for me to leave,
I had thought that I would have felt very shy, ashamed or
unsafe being nude as I was but it had been quite a turn on,
even though the three men were very gay.

Harry was a little evasive all evening, I had been on a sexual
high for most of the day, showing my body off for most of it
had turned me on very much. I was waiting in bed while Harry
had his shower, I wanted to have sex even if I had to go through
the hole Alum routine, then I checked the shelf above the
bed and the brightly coloured pot was missing, the ‘lubricating’
cream was still there though. Harry climbed into bed, kissed
me goodnight and then turned his back on me and was about
to go to sleep. I told him about my new job for the next six
months, he didn’t seem particularly bothered by the fact
that I was going to be working over ninety miles away from
home. Then I dropped the bombshell, "I don’t see how
I can drive ninety miles each way every day so I might have
to stop in Northampton all week and only come home at weekends",
that got his attention. Harry asked if I was changing my
job because I didn’t love him anymore, I pointed out that
I was in bed with him and that if I didn’t love him I wouldn’t
be there. I got the feeling that Harry thought that the only
reason I was there with him was because I had nowhere else
to go. OK, so now I was very angry, my sexual frustration
finally beaten down by my anger. I slowly swung my legs out
of bed, sat up, and began to dress, I looked over at Harry
and he had simply turned his back on me and was pretending
to sleep. I had no idea where to go, I could have gone back
to my parents house but that would have entailed far too
much explanation, I didn’t want to go to Carol’s house,
even though I was sure that Dell would have welcomed me with
open arms. I knew that would make me no better than Dell was,
a user, using him for my own purpose just as I complained
to him that he was using me.

I weighed up the pro’s and con’s, I could go into town, find
a night club and just sit and listen to music all night, I
decided that wasn’t such a good idea, then I decided to give
Sandy a call. If I phoned her on her mobile then if she was
asleep she wouldn’t answer and if she were awake she would
at least be a friendly voice. I could hardly hear Sandy’s
voice over the background noise, "I’m sorry to have
disturbed you Sandy", I said when Sandy had moved
to a quieter location, "No problem Tracey, I’m at
a party, fancy a little fun?" I asked where she was,
"A club in Nottingham City centre", Sandy gave
me the address and I drove down to meet her. The doorman told
me that the club was members only and that he couldn’t let
me in. I phoned Sandy and told her that I was outside and couldn’t
get in, she was there at the door in seconds, I was made into
a full member in seconds, the date on my application was
backdated a week to cover the mandatory delay between joining
a club and being allowed membership rights. Sandy was dressed
in a simple wrap-over dress, it was pale yellow silk and
looked very much like a Japanese dressing gown. Sandy took
me into the ladies toilet and explained that the party wasn’t
just a drink and dance kind of party, she told me that it was
very much an adult club and that the people who were members
were into very adult entertainment. I should have left,
the reason I didn’t want to go to a ‘normal’ nightclub was
the fear that I would allow some sad low life to pick me up
just because I was sexually frustrated. I decided that
perhaps a little adult fun wouldn’t be so bad after all,
at least it wasn’t just a public nightclub.

Sandy pointed to a flight of stairs and told me that they
went to an upper floor with a cinema on one side and video
booths on the other and that the floor above that had ‘private’
rooms that members could hire by the hour. I followed Sandy
into the room that was grandly named ‘Ball Room’, people
were mainly sitting around small tables talking or kissing
each other, someone grabbed Sandy and dragged her on to
the dance floor where I watched as he slipped his hand into
the front of her wrap-over dress, as she moved on the dance
floor I could see that she had stockings and suspender belt
on but nothing else. I got a drink at the bar and a man approached
me, he put his hand on the small of my back and I stiffened
up slightly. The man introduced himself as Bill, he asked
me if I had seen the film that was showing in the cinema yet,
I shook my head and he asked me if I would like to watch it for
a while.

The cinema was a grubby room with banked seating, there
were no armrests separating one seat from the next. It took
a while for my eyes to acclimatise to the dark and as more
of the room came into focus I could see people sitting in
two’s three’s and four’s dotted about randomly in the room.
The film was a very strong blue film, there were close-up’s
of sexual acts, vaginal penetration as well as anal, lots
of oral sex too, and in the room I noticed many of the acts
on screen were being carried out in real life. Watching
the film had an effect on me but not as great as the effect
watching twenty or so people doing it in real life. Bill
had his hand on my knee and was working his way up my thigh,
as his hand slipped beneath my skirt I stopped him, I told
him that I didn’t want to have sex with him but that I would
give him hand relief if he wanted me to, he simply slid his
bottom forward in his seat and I did the rest. Bill’s cock
was a reasonable size and he climaxed reasonably quickly
under my slightly amateurish ministrations. I wiped his
cream off of my hand with a Kleenex and Bill thanked me before
slipping out of the cinema. I wandered across the passageway
and into the area that had video booths in two lines, one
on each side of the room. I could hear sounds coming from
the few booths that were occupied. I found one booth that
was vacant and checked it out, there was a ‘menu’ on the wall
of the booth, a seat with a TV behind it and the back of the
door had a mirror on it to view the TV screen through. The
coin slot took one pound coins and gave fifteen minutes
of viewing for each coin, I looked through the list of what
was on offer, there were subjects that no decent person
would entertain especially a woman of my age who was brought
up the way that I was. I placed a pound coin in the slot and
skipped through the 20 films that were on offer, spending
less than a minute on each. I found it very much less exciting
watching a blue film in the privacy of the booth than watching
the big screen with twenty or so other people, sex for me
was rapidly becoming a ‘sharing’ thing.

The party wrapped up at four in the morning, Sandy had a few
drinks and asked if I could give her a lift home as she was
well beyond the ‘drink drive’ limit. I had a coffee at Sandy’s
house with her and I fell asleep on her sofa. My mobile phone
woke me at nine o’clock, Harry was worried sick, he had assumedthat
I would have been sleeping on the sofa at home where I had
often spent the night before, he demanded to know where
I was but I refused to tell him. Then all of a sudden his temper
softened, he apologised for ignoring me the night before,
he wanted to talk, I had him on the ropes, so to speak, and
I took the whip-hand and told him that if I decided to return
I would see him later and that I expected him to be there waiting
for me when I got home.

I decided that it was time I updated my image, both my self
image and my outward one. The past week had proved to me that
I had something that a lot of men wanted, I had believed all
of my life that I was nothing special. I blamed my mother
really, she had brought me up in such a way that I had very
low self esteem and self worth. Now because of the interest
people were showing in my body I was beginning to realise
that I was something rather special. I decided to go on a
shopping spree, not to the incredibly expensive shop I
had visited the day before but I knew I could get a similar
look with far less cash if I shopped around. I hit my credit
card limit in short order, I had purchased a few skirts,
not my usual knee length or longer but very short. I got two
new blouses, very thin material, very see through, I got
two new dresses, low fronted and short as well as several
other items like crop-tops and t-shirts. I was home shortly
after four in the afternoon, Harry had been in the house
all day, waiting like the very worried husband that he was.
I took my arms full of shopping to the bedroom and spent time
sorting out space to hang everything in my wardrobe. I had
to throw several of my older, more sensible looking, clothes
out to make room but that was what I needed, I had woken up,
there was no way to go back to the sleepy, dowdy old me ever

Harry and I chatted long and hard, I told him that I would
try to drive to Northampton and back every day and see if
I could manage it, Harry pointed out that it would mean driving
as much in a day as I was use to driving in a month. I had looked
at the possibility of using ‘A’ roads for my journey but
it soon became apparent that I would have to use the motorway,
and that was something else, I had never driven on the motorway
since I had passed my test.

Harry asked me if I would like an early night at nine thirty
in the evening, "Do you mean that you would like sex
with me?" I asked him, Harry turned red and desolved
into schoolboy mode, we had never said the ‘S’ word to each
other in all of the time we had been together. Whenever we
had sex it was at night, in the dark, both of us wearing out
night clothes and in bed under the covers. Harry had actually
taken my nighty off on a few occasions but usually he was
happy to simply pull the front of my nighty up to under my
chin and have sex. I had also realised in the past few days
that sex was something that I could enjoy as well as the man,
that’s if the man takes the time and trouble to please me
as much as I try to please him. Harry was now riding on his
high horse, he couldn’t understand what had got into me,
I was usually such a timid, compliant wife and now something
must have happened because I wasn’t the ‘girl he married’, and
I realised that was how Harry saw me, as a girl. It was true
that I was ten years younger than Harry and when we met I had
been fresh from school, well college and he was the older,
more experienced man, he had after all been married, had
a child and was very well educated, he had his Masters Degree
to my lowly diploma in business administration but now
I wanted to be a woman not a girl.

In bed Harry kissed me goodnight and turned his back once
again and was asleep in short order. I thought through my
options, I could go for a walk in the country park opposite,
I could phone Sandy, I was sure that she would be up for some
fun or I could pop round to Carol’s, there was Tony there
or even Dell. I decided to try and get a good night’s sleep,
my nocturnal activities of the previous weekend could
become addictive, there was little disappointment in
casual sex, little politics and much less crap to contend
with. As I fell asleep I remembered an article in Cosmo’
from the previous year, I had skipped past it because it
wasn’t relivant to the me I was then but very relevant to
me I am now. I woke at five am, I decided to have a long soak
in the bath, I also knew that I needed to search through my
old copies of Cosmo’ for an article on casual sex. I searched
everywhere that I may have tidied up my old magazines to,
the one I was looking for didn’t jump out at me, I decided
to check out Harry’s shed in the back garden. I pulled my
mackintosh over my nighty, as I searched through the shed
I could hear Harry’s voice in my head, "You’re outside
in your nighty, what are you thinking about, decent women
don’t do that kind of thing". I noticed a few magazines
in a bottom draw in the shed, they weren’t Cosmo’s though,
they were quite old, "men’s" magazines, Fiesta’s,
Escort’s, Razzle’s and big boobs. The magazines were quite
old but seemed to be well used. I took them up to the bathroom
as well. I found the article I was looking for, it had a chart
of the consequences of casual sex. At number ten it had body
or crab lice, there was advice on treatment after, which
was a simple lotion that one would get from the chemists,
there was secondary advice, shave the pubic area, this
is considered chick and will prevent the problems of crab
lice infestations. Number three was pregnancy, they gave
all the afvice about condoms, contraceptive pills and
devices and the morning after pill. Number two was HIV and
number one was AIDS. The treatment column for AIDS was simple,
summery burial, quite frightening. Then I started to flick
through Harry’s "men’s" magazine selection,
there were several models in those magazines with shaved
pubic areas, I had no idea just how common it was. Harry opened
the bathroom door, "Sorry, you forgot to lock the
door!" I told him that it was ok for him to come in, Harry’s
face was bright red, I realised that this was the first time
he had seen me in the bath, the first time he had seen me nude
with the light on. I showed him a picture from his magazine,
the modle had her legs wide open and her pussy was completely
bald. "What do you think of this?" I asked him,
he stuttered and spluttered, he found it very difficult
to get any worde out, "Do you like this, a woman to be
bald around her vagina?" I said, I thought of using
the ‘pussy’ word or even ‘cunt’, pussy would have caused
Harry to run a mile and cunt would have stopped his heart
dead in it’s tracks. Harry managed to nod his head before
he closed the bathroom door and ran. I picked up a bath towel
and wrapped myself in it, I called to Harry to tell him that
the bathroom was free. I sat in the living room drying myself,
I had opened the curtains and could see a few people walking
past, there were a few regular church goers who liked to
show how pious they were by walking the two miles to the church.
When Harry came into the living room he was fully dressed,
he saw me sitting there drying myself, he was about to begin
spluttering all over again, he got as far as pointing at
the window before I cut him dead. "The net curtains
stop anyone from seeing me so don’t fret", I said,
Harry just stood there, moth wide open as I dried my exposed
breasts in front of him. Then I opened the towel to expose
my lower half and his eyes almost ‘bugged out’ of his head.
I grasped a hand full of the tangled hair between my legs
and said, "What do you think, shall I do this myself?
Or would you do it for me?" Harry’s jaw was now someplace
by his navel, I was obviously possessed by some kind of evil
force and he should probably run and fetch the vicar with
his bell, book and cand

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