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eastern_rose - Tracey Part 9


Tracey part 9
by eastern_rose
After meeting Woodrow I decided that keeping a small bag
in my car with a wash-bag, blouse, skirt, underwear and
makeup in it would be worth the effort, just in case I had
a breakdown and had to stop over somewhere, I had planned
to sort it out on Saturday. I would need to buy a small, soft
sided, case and a wash-bag with everything I may need for
an overnight stay but now I was contemplating stopping
out for reasons other than a breakdown or traffic problem
or even because I needed to work late and I hadn’t actually
had a chance to sort my case out.

I phoned Harry on his cell-phone around eleven in the morning,
one of his colleagues answered his phone, Harry was out
in the factory, they didn’t allow cell-phones to be taken
into the main chemical works area as it could be a potential
explosion trigger, I was glad in a way, I wasn’t looking
forward to telling Harry that I wouldn’t be home, in fact,
I didn’t feel like talking to Harry at all if I could help
it. “OK, thanks, could you tell him that his wife called
please, and that I’ll send him an email later”. I hung up
the phone and went into a blank few minutes, Harry’s work-mate
had said something that I could have misunderstood, misheard
or anything but it sounded like he had said, “OK, Sarah I’ll
let him know”. Sarah, it isn’t like Tracey could be mistaken
for Sarah, Harry had been married before but her name was
Dawn and he didn’t work at Boots back then.

Twelve o’clock came rapidly, I jumped into my car and drove
into the centre of Northampton, I needed a M&S of a BHS,
I didn’t need anything fancy, just a few bits of ordinary
work clothing, navy skirt, white blouse, white bra and
panties, a wash-bag and face-cloth, soap and box to hold
it in, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, talcum-powder,
lipstick, eye-liner, mascara, face powder, simple compact
with mirror in the lid. It took the whole hour to find everything
I needed, including the small case to hold everything.
I did deviate slightly from the merely practical and picked
up a thong as well as the usual M&S white cotton double
gusseted knickers that I would usually buy, the skirt I
picked was shorter than I would usually wear, the blouse
a little sheerer but I picked up a camisole top to put under
it for work. I also picked up a pack of five tan tights and
one pair of self-supporting stockings. I was late back
from lunch which didn’t go down well with the line manager
but I made him laugh when I said that I had nipped home for
dinner and the traffic was a little heavy on the way back.


I wrote my email to Harry, it just said, “Traffic very heavy
this morning, late for work once again, decided to stop
over in Northampton so I will be on time in the morning” I
received a reply a few moments later asking for the name
of the hotel but I chose to ignore it. I phoned Woodrow at
four o’clock to tell him that I would be turning left at junction
fifteen instead of right, it took him a few seconds but when
the penny dropped he dissolved into laughter, his image
immediately flooded my mind, that huge, round, black face
of his rent asunder with the most perfectly white, perfectly
formed teeth I had ever seen. He gave me directions to a multi-storey
car park, which was close to Staples corner and a safe place
to park my car overnight, he would pick me up from there at
six thirty.

The afternoon had dragged by but that last hour between
four and five o’clock went by in the twinkle of an eye and
there a was, approaching junction fifteen of the M1 and
planning to turn left and head south for London. The car
park was, fortunately, easy to find and there were directions
inside to a special overnight parking area which was a cage
on the bottom floor, just behind the security officers
room and had a floor to ceiling gate that would be locked
between tem pm, when the car park closed and six o’clock
in the morning when it re-opened again. I took a deep breath
at the ten pounds it cost to use the overnight facility,
the attendant told me that I could leave my car in the general
area for five pounds but it wouldn’t be protected, I paid
the extra. Woodrow was fifteen minutes late, '‘Traffic”
he said as I eased myself into his passenger seat and threw
my bag onto the lap of a man sitting in the back seat. “Oh My
god, I’m sorry”, I blurted out, “This is Gary, my flat-mate”
Woodrow explained, Gary and I shook hands after Gary moved
my new bag over to the empty seat by his side. Woodrow leaned
over and kissed me long and hard while all around him people
were paping their hooters to show their anger at the place
he had stopped to pick me up. It took almost an hour to get
to Woody’s flat we seemed to crawl along main roads through
‘pinch points’, like railway lines or rivers and then drive
at frenetic speeds up and down side roads to avoid the crawl
along the main road and then join in the crawl again for the
next ‘pinch point’.

Flat was rather a misnomer for the space that Woody and Gary
shared, well the space that Woody, Gary and Leroy shared,
I met Leroy when we arrived, he was cooking the evening meal
and he acted just like a stereotype wife, ‘What time do you
call this, why didn’t you tell me there would be another
for dinner, you could have called, we’ll be lucky if it isn’t
all ruined’. Woodrow whispered to me, “I’ll get my own back
tomorrow, It’s my turn to be the bitch tomorrow.

I needed to use the toilet and drop my bag off someplace,
I could have just put it on the floor in the cavernous space
that was the living area of the flat, it was an open plan area
that encompassed the kitchen, living room, and study but
was around three hundred square feet of pristinely clean,
totally uncluttered space, definitely along the minimalist
line. I had placed my bag on the floor originally but it simply
screamed out ‘untidy’ as it sat there all alone. I held my
bag up towards Woodrow and said I need the toilet and a place
to put this, Woody pointed to a flight of stairs half way
along one wall, again open plan, I looked up and there was
what seemed to be a mezzanine floor with a three foot high
divider to stop people in the living space seeing beyond.
The mezzanine floor took up around half the space that the
main living area took up and the kitchen / dining area was
situated under the mezzanine floor. I have to say, the shock
I got from finding that Woodrow lived with two other men
was as nothing compared with the shock I received when I
reached the top of the stairs, the mezzanine floor was also
open plan, there was a three foot high wall dividing the
sleeping area from the bathroom and all three beds, all
three double beds, were in one large open plan room. Shock
number two came from seeing Gary, standing in his boxer
shorts, hanging his suit in his wardrobe. The look on my
face must have been very telling as Gary said, “I do hope
you’re not the shy kind, Woody said that he thought you would
be open-minded enough to cope with this!” I didn’t answer,
I knew that I had turned the colour of Lobster Thermadore
from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Gary gave me a
slightly impatient look, the kind a father might give a
child after the fiftieth time of explaining something,
“You can have this if you need it”, he said, pointing to a
Japanese screen. The screen was freestanding, around
eight feet long and was currently being used to screen a
computer table from the rest of the sleeping area. I did
manage to get a good look at Gary though, he was definitely
a sportsman, he was six foot two tall, around fifteen stone
and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. I had heard of men
with a perfect ‘six pack’ in my life and I had believed that
I had met one or two but seeing Gary I realised I had only ever
seen runners up before. Gary pointed to Woodrow’s bed and
I dropped my bag on it, again it shouted out ‘untidy’ but
this time I left it there. I still needed to negotiate the
bathroom, I walked through the opening with two, three
foot high, louvered swinging doors, mocking a western
bar entrance. Gary was watching me as I walked into the bathroom
area, I could have made a big thing out of it but I decided
to just begin the squat and pull the draws down when I was
sure that I was low enough to be hidden from Gary. It was very
disconcerting sitting on the ‘crapper’ and still being
able to see the bedroom and the still almost naked Gary,
we even chatted while I sat there, I found it very difficult
to do even a number one, never mind the number two that I wanted
to do. I had noticed that as I entered the bathroom area a
powerful fan had started silently to draw up any miscreant
odours that may have emanated from anyone using the bathroom
and there was a kind of cowl that gathered the fan’s efforts,
like a huge cooker hood. “I’ll leave the number two until
later, when I’m alone on the mezzanine floor”, I said to

The meal was surprisingly good, despite Leroy’s bitching
about it being ruined because everyone was so late, Leroy
was the shortest of the three men that were sharing the flat,
he was five foot six tall, dressed is very stylish clothes,
looked like a model, even half way through cooking an elaborate
meal he still looked amazingly well turned out. The conversation
over the meal was sparkling, the three men were obviously
very well educated, Gary, the white guy, lived in Yorkshire
at the weekends, he was married with two children and lived
in London because that was the only place he could find work,
his wife simply refused to move to London so the weekly commute
was all that Gary could do. Leroy lived at the flat all week,
he was consummately single as no woman would put up with
his neatness obsession, he was the reason the flat was so
pristinely tidy. When Leroy went to the oven to bring the
sweet through Woody whispered, ‘He actually gets off on
tiding up, if he is down I deliberately spill flower on the
floor and then go to the pub, when i get back he is as happy
as Larry!”

With the meal over Woodrow took my hand and led me to the stairs,
I was totally full from the meal and if I had thought for one
minute that I would be dragged up to the bedroom immediately
after the meal I might not have eat so much. In my mind it made
sense, with the room being so open if one of them wanted to
‘entertain’ a friend it would be better while the others
were downstairs watching TV than when the three beds were
actually occupied. I was of course wrong, Woodrow simply
wanted me to have a shower and get changed so that he could
take me out and show me off. The shower screen was clear plastic,
naturally, I could be seen in the nude from any point in the
sleeping area, naturally, Gary came up the stairs while
I was half way through my shower, naturally. Gary and Woodrow
were busy chatting about something while I was finishing
my shower. I called to Woodrow for a towel, which was the
first time that Gary actually looked around in my direction,
he nodded his head, he was impressed with what he saw and
didn’t mind showing me that he appreciated the fact that
I wasn’t squirming down, trying to keep out of sight, he
seemed to instinctively known what a major step forward
it was for me not to try and hide myself.

Woodrow had opened my bag and taken out my thong, the rest
of the things he simply placed in his wardrobe. He had a new
deodorant for me, he told me that he had smelt it the day after
he met me and he knew that the delicate scent in the deodorant
would suit me perfectly. I looked at the fact that the only
thing he had left out in the clothing line was my thong panties,
“Is that all I am going to be allowed to wear?” I asked, Woodrow
shook his head, he had a rugby shirt which Gary had donated
and a black leather belt that was borrowed from Leroy. The
Rugby shirt was an understatement of clothing while the
belt was an exaggeration of every belt in the world, it was
three and a half inches wide, had an ounce of silver in the
buckle, I actually thought that some girls would have worn
that belt as a skirt and chuckled inwardly. I was amazed
at the length of the Rugby shirt, it was shorter than any
dress that I would have been tempted to wear and with the
belt on it was even shorter. Woodrow had asked me to go braless,
again something that I wouldn’t usually consider, wouldn’t
have considered three weeks ago anyway but now it seemed

Woodrow and I left the flat, me in a lilac rugby shirt, belt
and thong and Woodrow in beige Chinos, white silk shirt,
Alligator skin shoes and a gold chain around his neck that
would bend the back of a lesser man. Woodrow had organised
a taxi to take us into the city, it wasn’t the usual Ford Sierra
that we would have found in Nottingham, not even the traditional
‘black cab’ that London was renowned for but a sleek, black,
Mercedes limousine. I got a little shock when I sat in the
rear seat, the leather was very cold on my bottom which only
served to point out just exactly how short my sporty dress

The pub looked like any other from the fa├žade, it was called
the Lion and Unicorn and standing outside the front of the
building I began to wonder what we were doing at this particular
pub. I could see through the windows that the pub was full
of older men, and I could hear form the cacophony of sounds
that the customer base was predominantly of Irish extraction.
Woodrow led me to a side door, there was a flight of stairs
that past the bar and up to a room above, the door was marked
‘Private Party’. The room was large, not as large as Woodrow’s
flat but still large, there were five men in the room already,
a small bar in one corner of the room and a buffet on a trestle
table on the opposite side of the room to the bar. Woody remembered
my preference for soft drinks and ordered me a St. Clements,
it wasn’t half as good as the on he had ordered at the hotel
the first time we met but it was still refreshing. The room
above the Lion and Unicorn public house was a theater, a
concept that we simply didn’t have in Nottinghamshire,
they could put on small plays or show films of have parties,
the seating had been stacked at the end of the room opposite
the stage so the floor was totally uncluttered, well that
was apart from the carpet which was very cluttered with
the detritus of many years of abuse. The room began to fill
up around ten o’clock, there had been sporadic music played
on an old sound system. Hardly disco, but the music was slow
and the dancing was interesting. At ten fifteen the lights
were turned down to a glimmer, usually at a disco, even with
the room lights out there is still plenty of ambient light
given off by the disco lighting to see reasonably clearly
on the dance floor, this place was different. No lights
meant that the dance floor was in almost total darkness,
the windows had the blackout curtains, used when showing
films, closed and I began to feel quite intimidated by people
bumping into Woodrow and I as we danced. I was guided to the
side of the room by Woodrow, we stood talking as best we could
over the noise of the music. “Why have they turned the lights
down so much, it’s dangerous!” I said to Woodrow, “Well,
new people don’t like people seeing them”, he replied,
“seeing them do what?” I asked, I was led to the stage end
of the room, Woodrow was searching for something, then
he found it and he positioned my hand onto something that
was lying in the stage. A pile of clothes, I could make out
the course material of a sweater and much softer material
of a woman’s knickers, then a pair of men’s trousers. “Are
they dancing in the nude?” “Yes, and in thirty minutes or
so the lights will go up one notch”, “Why?” “To allow the
new members to get use to dancing in the nude with each other”.
I had never heard of anything like this, but then something
struck me, I was new, well new to this place, new to Woody
really, we had after all only known each other for three
days. I felt Woodrow moving about at my side, he wasn’t dancing,
then I realised that he was undressing. “Am I supposed to
undress?” I asked, I have to admit to being on the one hand
annoyed that I was being taken for granted and on the other
hand being mildly turned on by the thought of couples dancing
in close proximity in the nude. “No little girl, you don’t
have to do nothing that you don’t want to do, never”, Woodrow
took me by the hand into the corner created by the end of the
food table and the front of the stage, I was bumped into by
someone, my hand brushed against very soft flesh, a woman
had collided with me, her hand touched my bottom at the same
time that mine brushed against hers and she withdrew quickly
as she realised that I was fully dressed.

Woodrow and I danced for twenty minutes or so, most of the
dances were slow, some were bump and grind, because of the
fact that Woodrow was so much taller than I, the fact that
I only had my one inch high work shoes on and the fact that
Woodrow was particularly well endowed and hard as a flag
staff, while we danced the bump and grind dances I could
feel the tip of Woodrow’s cock brushing the underside of
my breasts through the course material of the Rugby shirt.


A buzzer sounded in between two records, “Well it’s time
to go I guess”, Woody said, “I thought you said that the lights
would go up a notch, why is it over?” “After this record the
lights will go up a little but we will have to go first”, “Why,
because I am still dressed?” “Yes, but this isn’t to pressurise
you in any way, the whole point of these evenings is to ‘acclimatise’
new members into the club at their own pace, so it is perfectly
ok for us to go now and maybe try again another time!” “Do
I have to be totally nude?” “No, for the next stage you can
keep your panties on, we could dance for another thirty
minutes and then go before the lights are turned up more”.


I unfastened the large silver belt buckle and placed the
mockery of a belt on the edge of the food table, the Rugby
shirt was next to be discarded, to join the belt at the end
of the buffet. I watched as a few couples left the room and
then the lights went up to quarter brightness. I could see
that there were already people fully nude, mostly the men
but a few of the women were too, many more dancing in their
underwear. While the lights were out the room had filled
slightly, there were around twenty couples dancing on
the main floor and a few single men standing chatting in
three small groups. The thing that was most noticeable
about all of the men that I could see clearly was the fact
that they were all incredibly well endowed, not all as well
as Woodrow but all bigger than I was use to seeing. The next
record started and woody moved in on me and started the rhythmic
movement that was dancing, very slow dancing, very close
and personal dancing. Woodrow’s cock felt even harder
now as it pressed against my stomach during the close order
dancing. We spun and swayed and eventually danced our way
out of the corner and into the main body of the room, there
was no accidental collisions now, there was enough light
for everyone to avoid each other.

Half way through the third record a white man wandered over
to Woodrow and I, he had been standing talking to three other
single men but he had been watching Woodrow and I for two
of the three records. He walked right up to the back of Woodrow
and placed his right hand on Woodrow’s left shoulder, Woodrow
looked back and said, “Hi Jerry”, then he turned back to
me and said, “Tracey, this is Jerry, Jerry this is Tracey!”
Jerry had taken the opportunity of the introduction to
peer over Woodrow’s shoulder and have a good look at my semi
naked body, he made no attempt to hide the fact that after
taking in every inch of my frontal elevation he shifted
position slightly so that he could look down my back. Jerry
had begun to match our rhythm, still with his right hand
resting on Woodrow’s shoulder and at a point in the record
where the more flamboyant dancers had spun their partners
around Jerry spun himself around and now he was standing
behind me, facing me and he was taking up Woodrow and my rhythm
again. I felt Jerry’s right hand now resting on my right
shoulder and his left hand on my hip, Jerry and Woodrow were
now forming the bread and I the filling in a human sandwich.
I could feel Jerry’s cock pressing into the small of my back,
he was four inches shorter than Woodrow and his member wasn’t
quite as long so it felt quite odd to have the head of one cock
touching up under my breasts and another feeling like it
was eight inches lower pressing into the small of my back.


Woodrow kissed up my neck until his mouth was next to my ear,
“Are you ok?” I nodded my response, “I think Jerry would
like to dance with you”, pulled my head away from Woodrow
and looked puzzled, Woodrow pulled me back so that my ear
was back in contact with his mouth, “You can say no, you can
stop anything at any time, this is your night, but it would
be nice if you had a little dance with Jerry as well as me”.
If I was at home in Nottingham, at a normal disco, with normal
people, dressed normally, I would have thought nothing
of dancing a few dances with Harry’s friends. The main difference
was that I was fully dressed at a normal disco and everyone
knew that Harry was quite a jealous man and would be watching
every step to ensure no liberties were taken.

That record finally stopped and in the dying chords Woodrow
spun me in a slow pirouette on the end of his finger, when
I stopped turning I was facing Jerry, I knew I could have
said no, but I got the feeling that this was all part of Woodrow’s
generous nature, willing to share everything, but did
that include me?

Fortunately the fourth record wasn’t a bump and grind,
but it was still a slow dance, Jerry held me tight to his body,
I could feel his heat pressing against my stomach, “What
was it like?” Jerry asked me, “I think it’s quite nice here”,
I lied, “No, not here, What was your first time with the Woodster
like?” “What?” “You don’t have to be shy here, the whole
point about this place is total openness, did Woodrow manage
to get right inside you?” I knew that I was blushing once
again, I also knew that over the last few weeks I had blushed
less and less at more and more extreme situations, I was
becoming desensitised to sexual situations but Jerry
coming out with questions like that out of the blue was still
able to turn me momentarily scarlet. “It’s not that easy
for a guy as big as Woodrow to make it all the way in without
help!” “What kind of help?” “Well like Ray over there, ten
inches long but his cock is as thin as a pencil, lots of guys
ask him to go first, after he has paved the way they might
ask me to go second, I’m not as long as Ray but I can open up
the passageway for someone as big as Woodrow!” I felt the
blush rising once again as Jerry continued, “I’m really
impressed, not many women could take Woodrow from a standing
start like you”, I pushed Jerry away from me, “How come you
know all about it?” “Woodrow was really proud about you,
couldn’t help himself, he went straight on the web as soon
as he got in his office and talked about you”. “My god, how
many people know about me?” “Everyone in this room, all
the members that don’t come to introduction evenings like
this, probably four hundred men altogether”.

Woodrow rescued me from Jerry at the end of the record and
we danced the next record alone, “I’m a little peed off with
you!” I said, “Why baby?” “You told everyone what we did
the other day in the hotel”. “I told you that I had told my
buddies at the JH club. It’s a sharing thing; some of these
guys only get to go once a year if they are lucky. Everyone
thinks it’s so wonderful to have a huge dick and the girls
fall over themselves get between the sheets with you but
believe me, more turn and run that stop to try and those that
do try less than half make it happen.”

I remembered that he had told me that he had told his mates,
but I hadn’t realised that he had told, like four hundred
men about us, I did feel a little guilty that I had been a little
terse with Woodrow and very sharp with Jerry too. Woodrow
was pulling back now, we seemed to be heading back into the
food corner, dancing closer to my, borrowed, clothing.
“Would you like to call it a night now?” Woodrow asked, “What
time does it go on to?” “Late”. I took a hold on Woodrow and
began to dance again, “I quite like dancing with you”, I
said. “Well it’s more a sharing experience, tonight that
is, were not just here to dance, well dance and get naked,
it all about sharing our bounty with those less fortunate!”
I didn’t fully comprehend what Woodrow was getting at but
I knew that he was a little on edge and then there was the buzzer
again and the last record of the set.

I noticed that the single men that had been standing around
in groups were now making a beeline for different couples
on the dance floor, Jerry had begun to walk towards Woodrow
and me but the icy look on Woodrow’s face had turned him away
and he was now being introduced to another new female member
by her escort. “Am I really going to hate the next part of
the evening so much that you have to run me out of here?” “Probably”,
“Why?” “I don’t think you are quite ready for the ultimate
sharing experience yet”. Woodrow was searching for his
Chino’s on the front of the stage, it took him only seconds
to be fully dressed, it took me even less time. As we walked
toward the door Jerry said, “Sorry you’re going, the evening’s
just about to brighten up!” Woodrow rushed me out of the
room as the lights went up to full brightness, I managed
to see that a few of the single men were busily helping to
undress the female half’s of the couples and more, then
the door closed and the scene vanished completely.

We hailed a black cab and Woodrow took me home to his crazy
flat, his two flatmates were in the process of getting ready
for bed, Gary said, “Wow you’re home early” as he looked
at his watch. “Maybe another time”, Woodrow said. I followed
Woodrow up the open plan stairs and into the open plan sleeping
area, I sat on the open plan toilet and Leroy wandered in
while I was sitting there and he began to brush his teeth,
I gave him one of my best ‘disgusted’ looks, I really wasn’t
use to sharing the bathroom with others, especially strangers,
“What you looking at, never seen a body brush his teeth before?”
Leroy said in his campest voice.

I joined Woodrow in his bed, I was a little uncertain that
he actually still wanted me to, Gary had placed the Japanese
screen around two sides of Woodrow’s bed so that for the
most part the bed was un-overlooked. Leroy had very nice
pyjamas on for bed but Woodrow and Gary both slept in the
nude, Gary was definitely not a member of the JH club. I still
had my thong on when I hopped into bed, Woodrow turned to
cuddle me, “Do I have to promise to be good all night?” “Why?”
“Because we are not alone!” “Well I’d prefer not to have
an audience…. But!” I whispered, Woodrow fumbled in the
dark for his little blue tube of lubricant, I was propped
up against a pile of pillows and I felt him empty the tube
inside of me, just as he did before, he lifted my knees against
my breasts, as he did before. There was a slight difference
this time though, the last time it was daylight and I could
see everything, this time it was black as pitch and I could
see nothing. I listened to the sounds of Gary and Leroy,
it sounded like they were both sleeping, well from the rhythm
of their breathing it did, I doubted if I cared one way or
the other in all honesty, not seeing what Woodrow was doing
was spoiling things for me so I whispered, “Can you put a
light on or something?” “Aren’t you worried that someone
might see?” “No!” Woodrow turned on the bedside lamp and
I blinked as I tried to get accustomed to the light again.
I loved seeing Woodrow kneeling between my thighs, even
though my back was bent double again and I knew that would
soon become uncomfortable though.

As soon as the light went on I realised that Gary at least
wasn’t actually asleep and Leroy was probably still awake.
I also realised that the way the screen had been positioned
meant that I couldn’t see the rest of the room but most of
my body would now be visible to both of the room’s other occupants.
I had thought, and usually it would have been right, that
it would have been the top half of my body that was in danger
of being overlooked, as the rest of me should have been snugly
covered by the king-sized duvet but now, because of how
Woodrow had positioned me only my head was screened from

Woodrow was waiting for the lubricant that was leaking
out of my vagina, forming a ring spreading out over my labia
to suddenly recede, telling him that the lubricant had
worked it’s way into my cervix and begun the process that
would allow him full access to my body. Woodrow looked like
a proud, black, stallion poised as he was on his knees between
my thighs with his flagpole of a cock in his hand, slowly
pulling his foreskin back and forth, his cock-head a scant
few millimetres from my womanly flower. Woodrow leaned
forward as the ring of lubricant began to fall back into
my body and he began to massage his cock-head through what
was left of the lubricant, it felt so nice, just teasing
the entrance of my pussy that way and was a pleasant reminder
of the previous time he fucked me.

I was waiting expectantly for him to push his huge cock deep
into my body, that would signal him releasing my legs so
the pressure on my back would ease too and then the rocking
to allow him entry into my inner sanctum but he didn’t do
it like that this time. After his cock-head was covered
in a generous amount of lubricating fluid he moved his cock
down slightly and began to press it against my anal muscle,
he wasn’t actually trying to penetrate me there, he was
just transferring the lubricant from one place to the other
using his cock as the carrier. “What are you doing there?”
I whispered, “Just seeing if you like it” he said. I didn’t
know if I would like it or not, no one had ever even suggested
that place before. “Mmm, it’s nice and tight, if I take it
really slow you’ll enjoy it, and if you ever get pregnant
it will mean I can still have fun, that’s if you would let
me try it in there!”

My whole ‘thing’ against the anal sex concept, was the idea
of the pain, far too horrible to contemplate and the fact
that all my life I had been told that my bottom was dirty,
it was ingrained into my psyche that even touching there
was so wrong that I would be dammed forever. As Woodrow’s
cock pressed against that most dirty of places all the bad
things were running through my mind. I was amazed at how
casually Woodrow was approaching the prospect of engaging
in anal sex with me; he hadn’t told me he was going to try anything
like it. He hadn’t even asked me where I stood on the whole
idea of anal sex or even if I had any kind of objections to
him trying.

There is something about a new affair, a new lover, you,
kind of don’t wasn’t to say or do anything to stop your new
love from doing something that he obviously wants to do,
so long as it isn’t something that you have a firmly held
belief is wrong. I didn’t have that strong a feeling one-way
or the other, just the worry about the pain and the dirty
aspect of it all. I gritted me teeth, metaphorically speaking,
at the first sign of pain I would call a halt, if it all got
too messy I would call a halt, if I suddenly felt to grossed
out to continue I would call a halt. Failing all the above
I would allow Woodrow to pleasure himself and at the same
time, hopefully, pleasure me too.

I was being hyper critical, each twinge that I felt I asked
myself if that was pain or not, I almost wanted it to hurt
so that I could call a halt and get back to the serious pleasure
of being monstrously fucked by Woodrow’s monstrously
large dick. Woodrow was, as I expected he would be, gentle
and considerate in his attempt to invade my ass, I watched
as just the absolute tip of his cock-head was being massaged
against my anal muscle, I watched as the lubricant worked
it’s magic and began to part the brown sea and open my anus
a little more with each pleasant press of his cock-head
into inviolate muscle. And then he was gone, the suddenness
of his departure came as a shock, he was back though within
a second, he had a colourful box in his hands, something
called a ‘butt plug’ according to the box, and yet another
little blue tube of lubricant. “This would be much better
if it was being done for the first time by someone like Ray
from the club” Woodrow said. I remembered seeing Ray, he
had a long cock but it was very thin, I could imagine how someone
like that would be a boon for a first timer to anal sex.

Woodrow pressed the tube against my cunny lips and emptied
half into my pussy again and then he placed the tube against
my anal muscle and fired the rest into that orifice. He worked
very fast to put the rubber stopper into my bottom, I caught
only a quick glance at the prosthetic, it didn’t look anything
like a man’s penis which is what I expected it to look like,
it was more like a baby’s pacifier but without the traditional
ring to fasten a ribbon through to pin on to a baby’s clothes
or around its neck. The plug was thicker than Harry’s cock
but a little shorter and it was pinched in at its base with
a broad, flat, flange, to stop it continuing into the anal
tract, further than intended.

Woodrow once again jumped from the bed, “Stay in that position
if you can baby girl”, he said as he left me momentarily,
I heard water filling the sink in the bathroom area and when
Woodrow came back he was drying his cock with a towel, he
had only pressed his cock-head into my bottom a fraction
of an inch and he had washed himself before he tried anything
else, I was very impressed.

Woodrow did everything from that point onward almost exactly
the same as he had done the previous time we had sex, pushed
himself into me as hard as he could, I watched the lubricant
fire out from between his cock-shaft and my vaginal wall,
this time it wasn’t half so impressive, I must have looked
disappointed as Woodrow said, “You are a little looser
this time, I have already stretched you once, that’s why
we didn’t get the same jet as before!” Woodrow wasn’t whispering,
I realised that there were now four people involved in our
sexual act, two enjoying the feeling, the participation,
the joy and two just taking voyeuristic pleasure in the
darkened room beyond my sight, beyond the slight cover
of that ornate Japanese screen. Woodrow released his hold
on my legs so that the strain was taken off of my lower back
and a little comfort restored to me. I was waiting for the
rocking this time, it didn’t take me by surprise this time,
didn’t want to make me giggle inwardly, I had felt the pleasure
that Woodrow could inflict with his rather unique method
of entering me so totally and completely, it was no laughing
matter, it was pleasure of such a high magnitude that it
demanded to be taken seriously. I even found myself reaching
my climax faster than I did before, my body knew what would
happen as my cervix went into spasm during my orgasm and
it was driving me on all by itself, trying to force the issue
and allow Woodrow’s cock to begin its wonderful journey
into my womb.

My climax washed over me, and suddenly there was a pop, almost
an audible pop, it was Woodrow’s cock breaking into my cervix,
his cock suddenly jumped an inch and a half further into
my body, where the previous time it entered that final tract
in quarter inch steps that took almost an hour from first
contact to ‘balls against the bottom’. I thought that if
it hadn’t been for the fact that Woodrow had to reposition
himself to continue his progress inwardly he might have
jumped further into me than he did. Total penetration took
only a few minutes instead of the hour a few days earlier
and then Woodrow and I rested. My legs were placed down on
to the bed, I didn’t want to lower them, I would have preferred
to have hooked my heels over the small of Woodrow’s back
and let him ride me in that position.

My new position felt strange, and it meant that I couldn’t
watch Woodrow fuck me as I did before and the straightening
out of my body altered the pressure dynamic on my lower body,
the junction between cock and pussy. Woodrow placed the
palm of my hand onto my own stomach and then he began to move
in and out a fraction of an inch, the movement was transferred
to the palm of my hand, my stomach was being invaded by Woodrow’s
cock and I could feel the subtle movements transferred
to my palm. It took just a few delicate movements of Woodrow’s
cock in my pussy to drive me over the edge of my next orgasm.
Woodrow was fucking me almost the same way as a much smaller
man would, he wasn’t concerned if he pulled back too far
this time and slipped out of my womb, I realised that if he
did he would be able to get back into his target without any
difficulty. I was being driven to higher and higher climactic
states, I was making far too much noise and the more noise
I made the more Woodrow increased his speed and power, my
head was shaking from side to side, I had lost most of my reason
and was close to losing my consciousness too when Woodrow
suddenly slowed down and allowed me to catch my breath.


I lay panting, the slow climb down from such dizzy climactic
heights took a long time and as I climbed down Woodrow was
just moving slightly so that our skin contact was allowing
his cock the stimulation it would need to keep hard, to keep
delicious contact inside my body. We had been fucking for
twenty minutes although it seemed like an hour. “Well baby
girl, you ready for me to wash you out again?” “Oh yes! Please
fill me up totally”, I said. Woodrow began to fuck me, he
built up his speed and was postponing into my body, his bedsprings
were complaining bitterly as he pounded into me. I had one,
then two, then three and finally four orgasms in rapid succession
before I had a system overload and my mind re-booted its
self and all faded to black.

I woke up as Woodrow carried me from his bed and into the bathroom,
my eyes fell on Gary and Leroy, they were sitting up in bed,
I could see that they both had huge mounds in their duvets
right over their hard cocks. Woody carried me still connected
to his cock, it was growing soft now and I could feel it slipping
out a little with each step he took. He just managed to hold
me over the toilet as his cock finally slipped from my body
and, because of the way I was being held as soon as my vagina
was vacated I watched as a flood or cum and lubricant ran
out of my pussy.

Gary slipped in behind Woodrow and I felt his fingers fumbling
around my bottom, I was way past caring what happened to
me, I had just had my brains fucked out of me. Gary pulled
the plug from my bottom with one swift movement and I watched
as a brown liquid poured from my bowels, I knew that it was
mainly the lubricant but I still watched as my body expelled
it. Woodrow kissed me tenderly, “Would you like to make
Gary’s night too?” he asked, I could here that Gary was washing
the rubber plug, cleaning all the detritus off of it, all
I was capable of was a nod of my head and Woodrow turned around,
I had my arms linked around Woodrow’s neck and my legs around
his waste. Gary moved up behind me and I felt his average
sized cock press against my anal muscle and my body offered
him no resistance at all and he slipped his cock into me in
one fluid movement. I looked toward the half height wall
with Leroy’s bed beyond, he was sitting watching me being
ass fucked and he was masturbating himself as he watched.


I had melted into Woodrow’s neck as Gary fucked my ass hole,
he wasn’t gentle but it didn’t matter. I felt Gary stiffen
up, he was grunting obscenities, he was very close to filling
my bottom just as Woodrow had done to my womb a few minutes
earlier. I didn’t exactly feel Gary fill my ass with his
hot cum, there was a feeling but that’s all, a feeling like
being washed over, like a filling, a pressure but different,
I guess that the first time a girl gets her ass filled it is
hard to separate all the feelings and the emotions, as Gary
pulled his cock out of my bottom he quickly replaced it with
the rubber plug.

From getting into Woodrow’s bed to getting back in it to
sleep was over in ninety minutes, the only one who hadn’t
had a wonderful fuck was Leroy and I had watched him wash
his duvet in man juice at the instant that Gary flushed my
bowel with his own hot enema. And finally sleep fell upon
me like a great weight, pinioning me to the mattress of Woodrow’s

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