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cassie cums home


my wife loves making these stories up while im away i think
there very good.

if you like them please let us know

David gets a divorce for his birthday. His daughter and
her friends help him set up his new apartment. He figures
he's set until one of his daughter's friends is
in need of a place to stay.....

David Parker stood back and inspected his handiwork. Not
bad, he thought, for a beginner. The curtains opened and closed
with the drawstring without being torn from the wall. That was a
definite plus. His wife always hired ‘professionals' to come on and
do that sort of thing but that chapter of his life had been closed abruptly
when she waltzed in on his 42nd birthday and said she was leaving
him for another man. One that was more ‘hands-on', she said.
That had been six months ago and, once the lawyers had gotten through everything,
had turned out in his favour - if that was really possible in
situations like this.

Marilyn had wanted to leave and start fresh with her new
beau, but because of the travelling David did with his work and the
fact that she never did anything at all, the judge assigned custody to
her. Of the three children, there was a minor involved. Paul was 20
and off at university in Florida, Cheryl was 18 and opting to go to
City College. Jonathan was 12. Moving forward, once Mr. New-guy found
out that she came with a kid attached, he ditched her.

He had to admit that his daughter Cheryl went out of her way
to keep him in the loop of things at home and was a great help getting
him set up in his new ‘digs'. Once he had found a suitable apartment,
she and her two best friends descended for a weekend of cleaning and
polishing. When that failed to deliver the apartment to their satisfaction,
he returned from a two week stint on the coast to find it had
been freshly painted and new covers made for his furniture. He offered
them payment but when refused, he insisted on taking them all out to dinner.
He checked his watch and realized that he had better get ready
as the girls would be here shortly for their ‘date'.

He was just tying the laces on his shoes when the buzzer announced
the girls' arrival and he pressed the button to allow them
access to the building. Cheryl, Cassie and Kim looked radiant in their
dresses. He kissed each on the cheek and comments were bandied about
that he would be like a sultan out with his harem. All were young, beautiful
and refreshingly intelligent able to swing from girlie chit-chat
when it was just them to current events, politics and just about
any other subject you could dredge up.

Cheryl, his daughter, was the shortest of the ‘crew'
standing about 5'4" tall. Her shoulder-length, blonde hair seemed to catch
the best light even in the worst situations giving her the appearance
of a halo. Her dimpled cheeks added to her look of pure innocence but her
eyes were always full of mischief. David recalled the many times
that he had, quite literally, saved her from herself. Now that she was
older and had a body that could stop traffic, he found himself trying
to watch her more closely. An impossible task considering his living
arrangement and this was not lost on him - but it didn't prevent his worrying
and the rapid accumulation of gray hair.

Kim was equally attractive but was just a few pounds overweight,
not that David found it any less appealing. He had often seen
her in her bathing suit in their back yard and she looked fine to him.
Strong legs, a nice round ass and breasts that made him wish he was
a baby so he could suck on her nipples. Her complexion allowed for
rapid tanning and it never ceased to amaze him that he could never see any
tan lines. He also suspected that she was gay and had a crush on his daughter.
She always offered to slather tanning lotion on Cheryl, and
would take her time - slowly rubbing the lotion on her legs and back. He'd
also seen the way she looked at his Cheryl with what appeared to be
a smouldering lust just being held in check.

Cassie was the tallest of the three , and that didn't
really say too much considering there was only three inches between them.
What set her apart were her legs. Long and shapely, always accentuated
by her insistence of wearing high heels. These lead up to a very
tight round ass that swayed delectably when she walked, a tiny waist
and a strong, straight back. Her highlighted mousy brown hair hung just
past her shoulders and framed a blemish-free face with large hazel
eyes, shapely nose and pouty lips. David had often wondered if the boys
she dated ever really appreciated their coup when they were with
her. As far as he was concerned Cassie was a walking wet-dream.

The evening out was a refreshing change for David and he
realized just how lonely he had been. Cassie was exceptionally charming
and Kim's smokey glances at Cheryl were, again, not
lost on him. By the time they returned to David's apartment none of the girls were
in any shape to drive.

"OK gang, " he announced, "it's
going to be cramped but it's only for one night." He began to pull the cover and cushions off
the pull-out. When the girls began to help he went off to retrieve the bedding.

"Ummm, Mr. Parker?" Kim called from the living
room, "we didn't bring anything to sleep in." This brought a wide array of
comments and peels of laughter from the three .

"Well, " David commented as he returned with
some quilts, "I can provide tee shirts or you can sleep in the buff." Again, more
guffaws from the girls. "The only thing I ask is that you tell me you're
up and about so we don't find ourselves in an embarrassing situation."
This brought even more comments, some of which David wished he hadn't
heard and so, laughing and shaking his head, he bid them all a good night
and retreated to his room.

David looked at the clock beside his bed. He had been asleep
for a few hours but knew that the pressure in his bladder wouldn't
wait till morning. He grabbed his robe and quietly opened his bedroom
door. The apartment was dark and with relief, went into the bathroom
to relieve himself . Com ing out, he thought he heard a soft moan so he
stopped and listened. Nothing. Still, wanting to make sure the girls
were alright and no one was ill, he wandered into the living room. Two
bodies there - both silent and sleeping soundly. He went forward and
checked - Cheryl and Kim. He chuckled and tucked the covers over Cheryl's
shoulder. He went towards the second bedroom which he had
converted to his office. There he was met with another moan. He stood
for a moment until his ears were assailed by a third. Noticing the door
was ajar, he opened it enough to peek inside to see if Cassie was ill.

The moonlight filled the room with a soft blue glow. Cassie's
form was on the couch and it took a moment or two for David to realize
that she had pushed the covers aside and was lying there in all her
glory. He watched for a moment and noticed that one hand cradled her
breast and the other was deep between her legs, rubbing herself and
burying her fingers into her pussy. He wanted to retreat to his own room
but she was so damned beautiful and he found his body was responding
to the sight before him.

Unconsciously, David reached for his hardening cock and
began to tug at it, watching Cassie roll her nipple. He matched the pace
of her thrusting fingers with his own stroking. He watched, fascinated
as her hand motion changed from thrusting fingers deep within
her to making circular patterns over her clit. He wished it was his cock
that was driving into her and not just her fingers. His fear of being
caught brought him back to the moment. He withdrew into the hallway
and back to his bed where, with fresh images of that stunning vision
in his head brought himself to satisfaction and back into a deep, restful

The next morning, David found it difficult to look at Cassie
with the same innocence. Each time she walked past, he could see
her nakedness in his mind’s eye. When she spoke, he found he was thinking
more about what her pouty lips would feel like swallowing his cock
than on whatever it was she was saying. By the time the girls left,
he was so desperate for relief he almost ran back to his bed where
he could satisfy himself until the next time - if there ever was a
next time.

Two weeks later, David was reviewing several contracts
he would be presenting for signatures, when the phone rang.

"Hi Dad." It was always a pleasure to hear his
daughter's voice. "Can you do me a really, really big favour?"

Experience had taught him to tread very carefully. Asking
for a favour was one thing, asking for a big favour another, and, asking
for a really big favour usually meant an issue with her mother.
So, a really, really big favour held the world of possibilities.

"What is it, hun?" It was as noncommittal as
he could be.

"Are you going out of town this week?" Ah, they
needed a party house.

"No, sweetheart, everything was put on hold until
L.A. sorts itself out. Why?"

"There's been a big blow-up with Cassie's
roommates and we have no room here, I was wondering if Cassie could crash at your place
for a couple of weeks." I could hear the desperation in her voice
and knew that all three would've wracked their brains to find a relatively
simple solution but I still heard alarm bells go off in my head.

"Sweetie, " David protested, "are you
sure there's no other place?"

"There isn't, dad. I even asked mom and she went
into orbit." There was some mild contempt in her voice. "Like she's
ever going to need those empty rooms."

"Hun, " he knew this was a half-hearted excuse,
"I don't think it would be wise if Cassie stayed here, I'm old enough to be her

"Dad, " Cheryl's voice was reprimanding,
"you are like a father to her, and to Kim, " she quickly added. "Besides,
we want her safe, don't we?"

That got him and any excuse he could think of went right out
the window.

"OK." David accepted his place as father and
protector. "She can stay but only for three weeks, max, " He made a feeble attempt
of putting his foot down. "Right?"

Later that day, the girls arrived. The Three Stooges as
he liked to call them. It never failed that Cassie and Kim always put on a
face while Cheryl rolled her eyes. However, today they arrived and
David's fatherly instincts only covered his daughter. All three
wore short-shorts and low-cut strap shirts. David was sure
Kim wasn't wearing a bra and Cassie's shapely tanned legs seemed
to go on forever. Try as he might, David's eyes kept drifting over the
nubile young bodies in front of him, imagining them naked and cavorting,
without his daughter, of course. In an attempt to get his mind off them,
David called for pizza.

Shortly, pizza arrived. David pulled out some chilled
beer and they settled in to watch a movie Cheryl had brought over. Unable
to get into the plot of college jocks passing themselves off as hairy
girls for the hundredth time in his life, David excused himself to take
a long shower. By the time he was through and emerged from the bathroom,
Cheryl and Kim were preparing to leave. Cassie, looking
somewhat forlorn, sat in the corner of the couch.

Once the door closed, David turned to Cassie and smiled.

"Welcome to your new digs." He noticed that
her smile seemed to light up the room.

"Thanks Mr. Parker for letting me crash here for a
bit. It was getting insane with my room-mates. All they wanted to do was party
and I'm not much for that." She was, he recalled, very serious
about her studies and had her life pretty well mapped. He understood how difficult
it would've been for her.

"Well, in the morning I'll move some stuff out
of the office so you can have a proper room and be assured of some privacy."
He offered. "I'll also pick up another door knob with a lock for you. Just so
you'll know you're safe." He thought about adding ‘from
me' but, under the circumstances, thought best not to.

"Don't worry about that, Mr. Parker, "
she wrinkled her nose, "I trust you."

Mistake number one, David thought.

For the rest of the evening, David thoroughly enjoyed Cassie's
company. It seemed like they had more in common than he had perceived.
She enjoyed the same types of programming on TV, read a lot of
the same authors, and even enjoyed a lot of the same music. He thought
long and hard as he lay in bed later, he could easily get used to sharing
this place longer than the three weeks and decided he would extend
the offer - at the appropriate time.

David was busy cooking breakfast the next morning and turned
as he heard Cassie pull open the refrigerator behind him.

"Good morning Cass..." David's words
caught in his throat as he turned and was looking directly at Cassie's shapely ass covered
by the thinnest pair of panties he had ever seen. She might as well
have been wearing nothing at all.

Cassie jumped, startled at the unfamiliar morning voice
and spun. This did little to lessen the situation, as in that split second
David took in Cassie's erect nipples and the jiggle of her tits
caused a miner stirring in his loins.

"Oh, Mr. Parker!" She attempted to cover herself
however her tee shirt was short so when her breast were covered with her hands,
her filmy covered pussy was exposed and when she reversed the situation,
her stiff nipples were there in their glory. "I'm
so sorry, I forgot where I was." She was blushing furiously and was attempting
a hasty retreat.

"No problem Cassie." David, equally embarrassed,
had dropped his head and turned away. "No worries on my end."

He tried to tell himself she was his daughter's best
friend, but it really didn't do any good. She was a young female with
the looks of a goddess and she was no more than six feet away. What was worse
was that she was damn near naked. When he looked up, Cassie had disappeared
and, the situation over, David returned to cooking breakfast.

When Cassie reappeared, she was back in her shorts and had
changed her shirt. Each time she tried to look at him she began to blush
furiously again and again.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Parker." She apologized
over and over. "It's just that in a house full of girls we never worried too much about
what we wore in the mornings."

"Look Cassie, " David started, "it's
a done issue." He lied. Every time he looked at her he was picturing her naked - or at least scantily
dressed - and it left him with the beginnings of an erection.
He opted to try changing the subject.

"I was thinking, " he smiled to try to put her
at ease, "if we are going to be room-mates for a while, perhaps you could start calling
me David. ‘Mr. Parker' is so formal and, to be quite honest, you're
making me feel really, really old." He was glad that she began
to laugh.

"Hmmm, David." She mulled it over. "It
may take a bit to get used to it." She smiled and rolled her eyes as David made a
face. "Well, what do you expect? For years you were Mr. Parker, Cheryl's
dad. Now you're David, Cassie's roommate."

The rest of breakfast and throughout the day went by pleasantly,
Cassie getting used to calling David by his name and David found
that he was using any excuse to be near her until, finally, with the
office almost cleared out, he made an exhausted announcement.

"OK Cassie, no more today." He flopped onto
the bed beside her. "I'm wiped. I'll clear a spot in my room tomorrow for the
computer desk and then you'll finally have your own space."

"I really appreciate you going through all this trouble
for me David." She smiled sweetly at him. "You really are a sweet
men." She bent down and gave him a hasty peck on the cheek. "Cheryl is really
lucky to have you for a dad."

It took all of David's willpower not to grab her and
ravish her. Damn, everything about her was so freaking sexy and whatever
perfume she was wearing was driving him to distraction.

As she got up off the bed, David reached out and swatted her

"I'm too tired to cook, let's head out for
something quick to eat. My treat." He offered.

Cassie readily agreed and, after a hasty change of clothes,
headed off to a quaint restaurant David had found. The both laughed
at the look of the host when he had been corrected. No, Cassie was not his
daughter, but his roommate. There was a definite look of admiration
in his eyes when he looked at David. He quickly hurried away once they
were seated.

"I can imagine what he's telling the kitchen
help now." Cassie chuckled.

"Yeah!" David smiled. "There's
a cradle robber sitting at table seven . Hide your daughters." He feigned an old man's
voice. "By the way, Cassie, " he changed the subject, "you look
lovely tonight." He mistook the look she gave him as somewhat scathing and he felt quite
trapped. "Not that you don't look lovely every day, "
he stammered, "it's just that tonight that skirt looks really nice on you."

She touched his arm. "No one has ever given me such
a grown up compliment before." She beamed.

"What kind of compliments do you usually get?"

"Oh, " she thought for a moment, "something
like ‘Nice ass' or ‘Nice tits', you know, the usual jock compliments."

They sat and ate and talked of school, work, dreams and failures.
David's suspicions were confirmed. This girl certainly
had her head screwed on right. No pie in the sky for her, he thought. A
well rounded, deductive thought process with definite attainable
goals in an attainable timeframe making this young lady, he thought,
a catch and a half.

The evening was warm and the walk back to the apartment pleasant.
David didn't mind that she had slipped her arm through his
and, in fact, welcomed the envious looks he was receiving from men many
years his junior as they passed. As he closed the door to his apartment,
he thought it time for a small nightcap and then bed - and he
sure wished the latter was not going to be alone - but knew better. He
opened the cupboard and reached for two wine glasses. Cassie accepted
his offer to join him and soon they were both sitting on the couch, TV
on, watching the last few minutes of an old black and white movie. Draining
their glasses at virtually the same time, David announced it
was snooze time and stood up. He held his hand out to help Cassie to her feet.
She waited as he shut off the TV and turned off the lights and
proceeded down the hall towards her room.

"Thank you for the lovely evening, David."
She smiled sweetly. "It was the best date ever."

"Well, considering it must've been like dinner
with dad, you're scoring big points sweetie." He laughed.

Cassie turned and took his hand. "No, it wasn't
at all like dinner with dad." She scolded. "I had a terrific time, really."

David felt the situation getting a little awkward. If he
had been twenty years younger he would've kissed her, but he wasn't.
Suddenly, Cassie was looking up at him, raised herself onto her toes, and
leaned in to kiss him on the lips. It felt wonderful having those soft
lips against his, even if there was no tongue, but his dick didn't
know any different and began to rise to the occasion. The kiss ended,
Cassie lowered herself back into place.

"Now did it feel like a real date?" she teased.

"Well, now that you mention it, " David laughed,
"yes, that had the distinct feeling of a good night date kiss." He wanted
nothing more than to pick this young woman up and carry her to his bed and
spend the rest of the night exploring her body but he restrained himself.
He knew that he had better get behind closed doors for both of their
sakes and so bid an abrupt good night and retreated to his bedroom.

Sleep wasn't coming easily for David. He kept seeing
images of Cassie's gorgeous ass and legs and tits. Those quickly morphed to
her ass swaying under her skirt. He reached down to his now very
hard cock and began to stroke its length seeking some badly needed relief.
He knew there was only an apartment wall separating them and he
wondered, just for a moment, what she would do should he just walk into her
room in his aroused state. He chided himself for his foolishness.
He was old enough to be her father and, what was worse, he had watched
her grow from a gangly fourteen year old to the glorious creature
she was today. That thought caused his cock to wilt in his hands so, giving
up, rolled over and tried to sleep.

He heard it in a distant fog, a soft moan, and wondered if
Cassie was having any better luck in the self-pleasing front. He lay
there for a few minutes, debating whether or not he should risk his
luck and see if he could see her again. It would certainly help if he could
get some form of release tonight and so, with lust beating out reason,
he slipped out of bed, into his robe and out into the dark apartment.
Her door was ajar as usual and he pushed it silently open, his
eyes focusing on the bed where Cassie, hopefully, would be splayed
out in her glory for his hungry eyes. The bed was empty, but there
was a flickering glow. Looking around he saw her sitting in front
of his computer, leaning back in his chair with one leg up on the
desk. He focused on the screen and saw she was looking at some porn
movie. A young girl was riding up and down on a cock with her partner's
hands reaching around to play with her clit. There was no sound
and thought that Cassie had muted it. He heard Cassie catch her breath
and proceeded cautiously into the room and into the far corner.

From his angled vantage point, once again he saw Cassie's
hand cradling her magnificent tit, her thumb flitting over her nipple.
The other was busy between her legs and, although in the shadows, he knew
she was giving her pussy a workout. He felt his cock stir to the point
where it parted his robe. He reached down to stroke it. Gone was his
sense of reason, all he desired, at that moment, was the young woman
who was pleasuring herself not ten feet away.

He matched his strokes with her hand movements, imagining
that it really was his cock sliding into her and not her fingers. He watched
with amazement as she drew her fingers from her pussy to her mouth
and sucked on her digits. He groaned as she slowly sucked on
them as he imagined she would a very lucky cock.

"It's about time you showed up David."
She didn't take her eyes from the screen. David's jaw hit the floor and a worst case scenario
filled his thoughts. He imagined Cassie telling his daughter that
her father was a freak and that he'd been spying on her. Instead, Cassie
turned the office chair so that she was facing him not bothering to
stop either hand in their mission.

"Please tell me that you want me as much as I want you."
Her voice was husky with lust and she accentuated her words by pushing
her fingers deep into her pussy. She withdrew them and held them out
to him as an offer. David wasted no time in crossing the gap between
them and allowed her to slide them into his mouth. He ran his tongue
over her digits savouring the bitter-sweet flavour of her wetness.
Letting her extract her fingers, David jumped a little as her hand wrapped
itself around his cock and began to slowly pump it.

"Cassie, I ..." His words were cut off abruptly
as she bent forward and sucked his cock into her mouth. Her lips were as soft as he
had imagined and she wasted no time in setting a tempo that was
sure to make him shoot his load quickly. He knew he should be doing
something to dissuade her but it had been a long time since he had been
with a woman - but this woman, this goddess, had raised the bar
on any blowjob he had ever received and was making his knees tremble.

He felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat and
felt her nose bury itself in his pubic hair. He couldn't believe
that she was so well versed in the art of fellatio and every stroke of her
hand or swirl of her tongue brought a groan from deep within him.
He felt his balls begin to tighten and he gripped her hair and began
to fuck her mouth like it was another pussy. In the back of his mind,
his voice of reason hoped that he wasn't hurting her, but his reptilian
brain really didn't care.

When he came with a bear-like groan, months of pent up seed
shot forth. Cassie took the first spurt in her mouth and quickly snatched
his cock away to let the remaining puling jets land on her face and
chest. When he was finished shooting Cassie swirled her tongue around
his cock head to gobble up the remaining dribbles while her other hand
worked the cum that landed on her tits and chest into her skin.

"You taste delicious." She purred.

Cassie, I'm old enough to be your father." He
protested weakly. "You should be with someone your own age."

Her laughter was like a gentle tinkling of wind chimes.

"Guys my age don't know what they're doing."
She was busy kissing his cock. "Besides, I've wanted you for a long time."

"You've only been here for a bit." David

"I've wanted you since I first met you."
Cassie stood up and put her arms around his neck. She tilted her face up to be kissed.
David mashed his lips against hers and pressed his tongue into her mouth.
There, they jousted as Cassie pressed the length of her body against
his. Parting breathlessly, she continued. "If you had
wanted me when I first met you, you could've had me."

David tried to picture her awkward, underdeveloped body
naked and was glad it had never happened. "Cassie, " he started,
the blood finally reaching his brain and allowing him to think straight again.
"This was nice, but you're Cheryl's friend." He struggled
to find the right words that wouldn't crush her. "What is she going to
think when she finds out?"

Cassie rubbed her body against his. His cock was responding
already, which was a new experience for him. She propped her leg up
on the edge of her bed and wedged it between her legs so that it rubbed
along her soaking pussy lips, and began to sway so that she spread
her moisture over the shaft. David was finding this most distracting
and began to get drawn back into his carnal desires. She kissed him again
and, parting, whispered in his ear.

"Squeeze my tits."

David complied and got his first handful of tits he had only
dreamed about. They had the firmness of youth - before gravity and
childbirth took their toll on sagginess and consistency. He brushed
his thumbs across the nipples and caused Cassie to draw a sharp breath
of air. They kissed again. David abandoned the tits in his hands
and reached down to her ass. Taking a cheek in each hand hefted her into
the air. Squealing, Cassie wrapped her arms tighter around his
neck and wrapped her long legs around his waist. He kissed her on the neck.

"If we're going to do this, " he started
toward the door, "we're going to do this in comfort."

He padded with his load down the hall to his own room. He deposited
her on the bed and turned on a soft lamp on his dresser. Turning,
he looked over his beauty in the soft glow. The first thing that struck
him was her all-over tan - it gave her skin an air of exquisiteness.
Next was her completely bald pussy - something he had dreamed about
but his wife had absolutely refused his wish claiming it a perversion.
David had thrown his only true defense - he hated getting hair in his
mouth - not a perversion, just a preference but not something that
he had ever experienced.

He walked over to the bed, shucking his robe as he approached.
Cassie's eyes gleamed and there was a look of subdued triumph in her
eyes. She spread her legs wide so David could see how wet and engorged
her pussy was. Once he was close enough, she took his hand and, kissing
it, placed it against her slit, taking a deep breath as she pressed
it against her clit.

David remained motionless - still battling in his mind.
She was so young and one of his daughter's best friends. Any way he tried
to reason, it still added up to robbing the cradle. Cassie broke into
his thoughts.

"I've wanted you to make love to me since the first
time I ever saw you." She whispered. "I want to feel your weight
on me, feel you pushing your way inside me." She paused and smiled.
"I've wanted you to fuck my tight, wet pussy until I came, " she was a wicked
child, "and I've wanted to feel you cum inside me." She sighed
as David began to run his fingers over her pussy, feeling the wetness, tugging
on her exposed pink lips. She moaned when he brushed over her clit.

David mounted the bed and, lying beside her, took her in
his arms and kissed her tenderly, letting his tongue scrape across
her lips as his hand scooped her tit again. He snaked his tongue inside
her mouth, he brushed the back of her teeth, slid over her tongue and all
the while mauled the fleshy mound in his hand. He let the feelings
of arousal consume him as he admired and then fastened his lips firm
to her nipple. He let his tongue caress and coax it into erection
and heard her moan in response. He felt her hand grip his cock again
and begin to stroke its length. She pulled away from him.

"If you don't fuck me soon I'm going to scream."
She panted.

David smiled and began to shift his body until he was between
her legs. He kissed up her thighs as he let his fingers dance across
her pussy. From his vantage point, David watched her arch her back
and heard her coo as he progressed closer and closer to her pussy. He ran
his fingers along the length of her labia, both admiring and fascinated
as he watched the lips part with her own arousal. He kissed his
way closer and was gratified when she shifted in an attempt to make
contact with his mouth. He wanted to tease her more, but his own desires
had to count for something so, as he covered the area for the final
time, he fastened his mouth to her pussy and let his tongue slide
into her as far as it would go.

Cassie arched her back and groaned. Her hands reached for
David's head and, grabbing handfuls of hair, pulled him tighter to her
mound. She ground her pussy tight to him.

"Oh, fuck!" She panted, "that feels soooo

David continued to lap at her folds, tracing each crevice
lightly with his tongue. He was amazed at how much fluid she was producing
and marvelled at its taste. As delicate a flavour as Cassie
was beautiful. He moved up and fastened his lips over her clit and began to
suck in a pulsing fashion. Cassie squealed at the intensity and
began to hump herself into his face, drawing her legs up and planting
her feet on either side of him. Each hump brought a panted ‘Oh!'
from her lips and David thought her very close to cumming for him.

He released his ‘lip-lock' on her pussy and wetted
two of his fingers. Refastening his mouth to Cassie's clit, David gently
inserted his two fingers into her curling them upwards until he felt the
infamous ‘G-Spot' and began to lightly stroke it at the same
time he sucked her clit into his mouth. Cassie began to thrash about on the

"Oh fuck oh fuckohfuckohfuck!" She was lost
between a scream and a sigh and either way, it was music to David's ears. Never,
in all the years he'd been married, had his wife ever responded with
suck blatant disregard to her inhibitions. David sucked harder and
stroked his fingers faster.

"Oh, geeze I'm cumming!" Cassie whined.
"I'm cumm..."

She arched her back and stiffened as her orgasm took possession
of her. With each passing wave, Cassie relaxed a little and then
immediately stiffened again as the next one hit. When she was finally
finished, she flopped on the bed, breathing hard and deep as though she
had just run a marathon. Her body glistened in the subdued light from
a fine coat of sweat. David, satisfied at his workmanship, gave her a
lopsided grin. Cassie cupped her breasts and pinched at her nipples.

"I want more." She pouted.

David shifted up and kissed her, giving her a taste of what
he had been privy to. He supported his weight above her with one outstretched
arm as he used his other hand to guide his cock to her opening.
Cassie caught her breath as he rubbed the head of his cock along
her slit. He was staring directly into her eyes as he began to push himself
into her. He was rewarded with a fluttering of her eyelids and
a soft, breathy hiss of a pent up inhale. He had to work at getting
his cock fully into Cassie - never before had he been in such a tight
pussy. He was also amazed at the heat and wetness. He could hear the
syrupy suction and that was definitely adding to his heightened
arousal. After the fourth or fifth push, David felt his balls slap against
her ass. Cassie was moaning now, and purring endearments into his
ear. He felt, as he slid his cock out and then into her pussy, Cassie's
fingernails rake down his back.

"I've never felt this full." She hissed
into his ear.

David knew he wasn't particularly large and any misconception
to the contrary had been chucked in the showers after gym in high
school. He felt Cassie's legs wrap around his ass and begin to
direct the speed. David wanted to cum inside this beautiful woman and began
to set his own, speedier rhythm. He began to use quite a bit of force
when he slammed his cock home and was rewarded with an assortment
of vocal works from Cassie, encouraging him to fuck her harder and
faster or just groans of frustration as her pleasure mounted.

David could feel his own orgasm mounting and couldn't
wait to spill his seed. He increased his tempo until, aside from their mutual
coupling grunts, the distinct slap of his balls hitting Cassie's
ass could be heard.

Suddenly, Cassie's moans increased in pitch and volume
and she began to thrash about more violently underneath him.

"Ohhhhhh fuck, David I'm cumming!" she
wailed. "You feel so good in me. Fuck me harder, I want to feel you cum in me."

This was enough to drive David to the brink and with a solid
grunt that emanated from his gut, froze as he began to cum deep inside
her. He pumped to match the pulsing spurts, almost as if he was trying
to get it deeper inside her. He didn't feel her fingernails
dig into his back and draw blood. He was only aware of his cumming and Cassie's
mouth planted tight against his - her tongue shoved far into his

Finally, he collapsed in a heap on top of her. He was vaguely
aware of her cradling his head and kissing him gently as he lay against
her chest. This had to be, he thought, the best fuck he had ever
had. Finally, noticing that she was having difficulties breathing
because of his dead-weight, he summoned his strength and rolled off
of her and onto his back.

"You were amazing." He said breathlessly.
Still unsure of his prowess, he asked, "How was it for you?"

Cassie chuckled and David thought it had been a terrible

"I guess I'm not as virile as the young bucks."
He sighed. Cassie, picking up on his rejection, decided to explain.

"I wasn't laughing at you, silly." She
chided. "I was laughing at us - me - now." She rolled onto her side to face him, drawing
his arm behind her so she could curl up against him. Draping her leg over
his, she continued. "There hasn't been anyone else,
David." She spoke softly, almost a whisper. "I always wanted you to be my first
- from the time I was fourteen. So, aside from my fingers, or the odd tongue,
you're the first."

David stared at her open mouthed. "What about all
those dates you had?"

"Why do you think there were so many guys?" there
was a hint of melancholy in her voice. "They all wanted the grand
prize and I wasn't giving it up. So I soon became the ‘tease' or the ‘bitch'
or the ‘lezzie', " She shifted so that she was looking
down at him, "but all that time, I was waiting for you, David." She leaned
down and kissed him softly.

David, unaccustomed to being the object of desire, searched
for the right words to respond with.

"Well, Cassie my dear, you caught me." He smiled
at her. "So, what do we do now?" It was a metaphorical question but in actuality,
David would've welcomed any rational suggestion. Here
he was, forty- two , had just finished making love to a twenty year old, and he had
no idea on how to proceed.

The predicament wasn't wasted on Cassie, but she wasn't
going to worry about it at the moment. She was enjoying the here and now
to much to be bothered worrying about tomorrow.

"Right now, " she pushed herself into a raised
position and picked at the dried cum on her chest, "I need a shower." She
slid off the bed and felt David's seed slither out of her and begin to trickle
down her inner thigh. She turned as she got to the doorway. "Coming?"

David was drawn to her as a moth was to a flame. He wondered,
fleetingly, if he was going to get burned as well.

The shower was a wonderful experience for both. David enjoyed
having his back scrubbed by soft hands and he thoroughly enjoyed exploring
Cassie's body with his hands, lips and tongue. Cassie's
hands, stroking his cock and cradling his balls, had him ready to perform
again. He patted her dry after towelling himself off and took her
back to his bed. There, after spending time kissing and raising the arousal
levels for both, Cassie spun herself into a sixty-niner.

David wasn't aware of how long he had been asleep. The
last thing he remembered was feeling Cassie's lips sliding over
his cock head and down his shaft. He didn't recall cumming. Cassie was
asleep beside him, still with her head towards the bottom of the bed. She was
on her back, one leg straight and the other cocked so it resembled the
number 4. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to her thigh and began
kissing upwards. There was no teasing this morning and he planted
a soft kiss on her clit. Cassie stirred and spread her legs a little
wider. He kissed her clit again and gently pressed his tongue against
it. There was a soft moan.

"What a wonderful wake up call." She murmured.
"Way better than an alarm clock." With that, Cassie returned to what she started
and sucked his cock deep into her mouth. David, in turn, buried his head
between her legs and began to lick in earnest.

"Well, holy shit, it's about time!"

David scrambled to pull his head from between Cassie's
thighs. Cassie on the other hand, sucked his cock harder before, reluctantly,
releasing it. He spun to try to get his blankets over them.

"Too late, " the voice chided. "Caught
you in the act!"

"Cheryl, " David gasped. It was one thing to
be caught, but to be caught by your daughter - AND with her best friend.... David prepared
for the onslaught. "What are you doing here?"

"You said to come over on Saturday and so here I am."
There was a mischievous glint in her eyes. "I take it the market
is out today?" She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I can explain, " he felt the panic well up inside
of him. How was he going to do that, He thought.

"Dad, " Cheryl spoke non-challantly, "ever
since Cassie and I started hanging round together all I heard was how hot she thought
you were. Now that you and mom aren't together and your date life
is non existent, who better to take care of you than someone who
really wants to be with you?"

"You're OK with this?" David was sure he
could feel something coming.

"I am now." She was speaking honestly. "At
first I was creeped out by it all. What girl in her right mind thinks her father is sexy?"
She reached over and slapped Cassie's thigh. "but
she never waivered, dad. She is truly in love with you, Aren't you Cas?"

Cassie smiled and reached up to rub David's back. "Have
been for years!"

"See?" Cheryl was smiling. "You're
too nice and too young to be alone." She turned to Cassie. "But where ever this goes, I'm
never going to call you ‘mom'!"

hope you enjoyed it i did if you want any more just say hi

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