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It's early 1994 and they're selling tickets for
a "Woodstock Plus twenty-five Years" concert!

How depressing! Why bother you can't go back. They should have let it
go with that brilliant cola commercial about the twenty-five-year
Woodstock reunion, with the valet parking and the bald
babyboomers. But, on one dazzling Saturday afternoon,
looking out over the beach and ocean, nursing my Sam Adams,
listening to an ad for tickets, it sure brought back the

It was the Sixties, man.

The radio was playing Otis Redding and Motown, James Brown
and Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, the Stones, the Who,
and Buffalo Springfield and it's never sounded as
good since. You had to be twenty-one to vote or legally drink,
but at eighteen they wanted to draft your ass off to Viet
Nam. Things were changing. Maybe we didn't see it,
or want to see it, and maybe I was still wearing button-down
shirts, but all hell was about to break loose.

I was eighteen and a smart-assed freshman at an all-male,
Catholic college in a big Eastern city and full of myself.
Life was simple and fun, and I had it by the balls and knew

A bunch of us were day-hopping (commuting) to school and
had been together since then nuns abused us in Grade school.
Our college, being small and conservative and Catholic
put us a few years behind what was going on in the Ivy League
and at the California universities. We were aware of the
issues the war (BAD!), Civil Rights (Good!), Improving
the Environment (Very good!) but we didn't lend much more than our moral support.

Our personal issues were still getting drunk and getting
laid in either order, and preferably at the same time.

There were a few tightly-knit groups of hairy, strangely-
dressed guys beginning to appear on campus, talking about
peace, pollution and politics, and smoking some "tea;"
but our group was still into the clean-shaven, button-down
oxfords, khakis, and beefroll loafers look, talking about
broads, beer, basketball and booze.

We were oh-so-cool (or so we thought).

I lived at home, but, to tell you the truth, I don't remember
seeing much of my family during those years. I played football
and basketball in high school, but wasn't good enough
for a scholarship, so four afternoons a week, I went straight
from school to work (and I worked all day on Saturdays).
Then on the weekends I went OUT coming home, usually drunk
long after everyone else was asleep. I had a car, a job, a
college loan, and money in my pockets. As I said, life was

It was early April and a bunch of us were sitting around a
table in the cafeteria, bullshitting about everything
from teachers to cars to girls. When it was time for the next
class, everyone left but Mike O'Donnel and me.

"Jake, you goin" to Vince's party?"

Vince Capreto was an old high school friend. He was a year
behind us because his father pulled him out of our Catholic
high school and put him in a ritzy Prep school, hoping Vince
would get into an Ivy League college. All Vince wanted to
get into was a bottle of Scotch and a girl's panties.
But he was the youngest in a big family, so we could drink
and dance the night away in his basement; and, as long as
we didn't set the house on fire, his parents were cool
about it they said they had seen it all with Vince's
older brothers and sisters.

"Sure, I'm going. You?"

"Yeah, sure. Who you bringing?"

I had to think about that. Not dating anybody steady at the
moment, there were a few girls I wanted to ask out.

"Don't know, yet. You bringing Terri?"

Mike had been dating Terri Allen since they had met at a Christmas
dance. She was seventeen and only a junior in a local public
high school, but good-looking enough you didn't care.

"Of course. Hey, if you haven't asked anybody,
yet, Terri has a friend."

"Oww, you set me up! I don't need a blind date,
Mike. [pregnant pause] What's she look like?"

"I don't know. Haven't met her, yet, but
Terri says she's real cute."

"Ha, cute! She have a `nice personality, " too?"

Mike laughed.

"No, Terri said she has a GREAT personality!"

"Oh, boy! Even worse. Now I know we're talking about a fucking"

"No, really, Jake, I wouldn't shit you. And I
don't think Terri would shit me. Terri said that her
friend wants to meet a college guy, real bad."

"Real bad, eh? She fuck?"

"If I knew that the answer to that question was `yes, "
I'd be dating her myself, Jake!"

"Even if she was an Alpo-eater!"

"Yeah, even if she was. How about it? Do this favour
for me? Terri asked me to set her friend up with a nice guy."

"Nice guy! Not a hung stud? She go to school with Terri?"


"Okay, Mike, I'll do it but I hope Annette isn't
at the party."

Annette Parker was a girl that was on the periphery of our
circle of friends. She always had a sharp, fast tongue and
was very quick with the put-downs, but I thought she had
a nice face and body and was very sexy, and I had been working
up the courage to risk the public humiliation by the crowd
and ask her out.

Since he set up the double-date, Mike had driver's-duty
and he picked me up in his father's car on Saturday night.
It was a big four-door Dodge and had a great back-seat. It
was a warm night and we drove to Terri's house with the
windows down and a Sam and Dave eight-track tape blaring
from the dual speakers.

After we knocked on the door, Terri's mother led us
into the livingroom to wait for the girls. Standing there
in our ties and sweaters (remember, this was still the mid-Sixties!),
I could feel the approval oozing out of Terri's parents
as they asked us about college.

Finally, we heard the girls coming down the steps.

Both girls were dressed in short (but not mini, yet) skirts,
with matching jackets and smooth, white pullovers under
the jackets. I knew Terri, so I got my first look at my blind

I saw right away that she had great legs and a terrific set
of juggs. She was fairly tall, not all that much shorter
than my five" eleven inches maybe five" seven
inches or so. As my eyes roamed upwards, I saw she was cute,
not beautiful. A very cute girl. She had short brown hair
and large blue eyes. She was wearing make-up and her lips
looked great with the red lipstick on them. She looked young,
but I thought Terri looked young, too. My eyes drifted back
down to her chest that was definitely mature. `Not bad!"

was my first thought. And she wanted a date with a college
guy, real bad (`and all that entailed, " I leeringly
thought to my lecherous self). Terri introduced us, "Jake,
this is Penny. Penny, Jake."

We looked at each other and actually shook hands! And then she gave me a dazzling white smile.

All right!

The ride to the Vince's house was short and filled with
small talk. When we got there, the party was already going;
and, since this was Saturday night and most of us brought
dates, it was a "make-out" party, as opposed
to the Friday variety, drink- till-you-puke-type party.

The lights were turned down and the turntable was stacked
with Little Anthony, The Platters, and Lee Andrews and
the Hearts all slow and romantic songs.

Of course with my luck, Annette was there, looking terrific
in make-up, highheels, and a tight skirt. I said `hi"
to her as I popped a beer and fixed a sloe-gin-and-seven-Up
for Penny. She looked at me and then at Penny standing a few
feet away talking to Terri, and said, "Babysitting
your little sister, tonight, Jake?"

As always, I was busy looking at her face and body and her
sarcasm caught me off-guard. I started to reply, but she
was already walking away. Shit!

Penny and I danced a few dances, holding each other tight
and by about the third song, we were French-kissing. Then,
even before I expected, Penny was sitting on my lap in a large
over- stuffed chair in a dark corner of the basement and
we were making-out like crazy.

Every so often, we would come up for air and I would try to
be a little cool and ask her about school or her classes,
but she would just start kissing me again. Who was I to stop
her from what she obviously wanted to do just to have a conversation?

And, God, could she kiss!


Not too firm, not too soft. Not too wet, not too dry. Her mouth
moved against mine, her tongue alive and sexy, moving,
touching, attacking my mouth and then retreating as my
tongue followed. I had NEVER kissed a girl who could kiss
like that.

When I tried to be sly, she brushed my hand away from her breasts
or back down her thighs to below her knees, but I didn't
really care as long as we kept on kissing like that.

We kissed all night.

We kissed until Mike and Terri shook us apart and told us
it was time to leave. Terri had a strict midnight curfew
and Penny was spending the night at her house. I knew I wasn't
going to get lucky.

On the way home, I asked Penny for her phone number. I was
really curious if she kissed like that on a first date, in
a house full of strangers what kind of sexpot would she be
in the back-seat of my car at the drive-in? I couldn't wait to find out.

On Monday, sitting in the cafeteria, I took a ribbing about
no one seeing me at the party. Mike added his two cents by
complaining that I got his old man's upholstery wet
after he and Terri had to throw buckets of ice water on us
to get us apart. I didn't mind ribbing like that.

On Wednesday night I called Penny to ask her out for Saturday.
She seemed genuinely surprised I called her (which surprised
me, a little), but she quickly agreed to a date and got off
the phone. It seems that Wednesday night was the night Penny's
older sister's soon-to-be-fiancee called, and no
one else in the family was allowed on the phone. What a couple
of stiffs they must be, I thought.

Saturday night, dressed in khakis, loafers and my favourite
shirt and tie, I met Penny's parents and older sister,
Diane (an ice-queen, stuck-up snobby bitch, if I ever met
one! {but very good looking}). Penny had told me that her father
was a cop and he seemed pleased that I wasn't a Hell's
Angel or one of those "hairy-hippie-types."

He asked about school, and I told them I was in my first year.
And then thank God! Penny came prancing down the steps in a cute sweater and
skirt, and we made our way towards the door.

Penny's dad stopped us and said, "I usually say
eleven o'clock for Penny, but she asked me if midnight
would be all right, tonight. I guess it will be, young man,
but not a minute later."

"Yessir. Thank you, sir."

And we were off to the drive-in.

And that's the way we dated for the next several weeks.
On Friday nights, Penny would go to choir practice with
her family and I'd go out boozing and partying with
my friends. On Saturday night, I'd pick Penny up and
we would speed to the nearest drive- in or lovers"
lane, hop into the back seat of my Chevy, and kiss until our
lips were so sore we could hardly talk on Sunday. I'd
always get her home just before midnight. It didn't
seem to matter, though, because her parents would be asleep
already. Penny would invite me in for a coffee, and we'd
kiss on the sofa until her sister, getting dropped off from
her date, interrupted us. Our coffee cups still full and
cold and the two of us grinning like idiots.

That's all we ever did. We didn't double with any
other couple and we didn't go to parties. We went to
drive-ins or lovers" lanes and we kissed. To my genuine
and frustrating surprise, I wasn't getting anywhere
in the touchie-feelie game with Penny. I was still stuck
at home plate. Penny would still gently remove my roaming
hands from her breasts and thighs (but maybe not as quickly
as she used to). I was still suffering post-date blue-balls,
but my hormone-addled brain was always optimistic about
the next date.

Finally, in May, near the end of my school year, on a night
when her parents and her sister were asleep and we had the
downstairs to ourselves, we made some progress.

We were necking on the sofa, and as we rolled around, I wound
up on top of Penny with my erection, tenting my pants out
like a circus bigtop, between her legs. We were both dressed
and `decent" but certain things were definitely
situated in the right places. I began dry-humping and Penny
began moaning like I had never heard her, before. She didn't
push me off as she had in the past and, as her breathing rate
increased, I moved my hands up to her breasts. They were
so large and firm and round! If I wasn't in heaven, I was well on my way.

Penny was now meeting my humps with her own and pushing her
chest up, harder against my hands. Then she grabbed the
pillow from behind her head and covered her mouth just in
time to muffle her scream. She was cumming like a wild woman!

I soon felt myself cumming, too. Although I was anxious
to fill something besides my underwear with cum, I enjoyed
the strong spasms I felt as I pumped my groin against Penny's

Sweating, we rolled apart and sat up.

As I sat there looking at the huge wet spot in my khakis, Penny
looked at me and said, "I don't think we should
ever do that again. You better go, now."

"But, Penny..."

"Goodnight, Jake. You have to go! Now!"

I left, wondering what the fuck was going on.

The next week, Penny was tentative and almost shy on the
phone, but she agreed to go out with me on Saturday.

On Saturday night, Penny seemed fine in the car as we drove
to our lovers" lane spot. Just after we jumped into
the back-seat, I asked Penny if everything was all right.
She looked at the floor, "Things just got a little
out of control last week."

"We were in control, Penny. It couldn't have
been safer. Christ, we were both fully dressed!"

"Well, I wasn't in control."

"What do you mean, Penny?"

"I had a... an... an orgasm, Jake!"

"Yeah. What's the big deal? So did I."

"But I'd never had one before."

Holy shit! It had been Penny's first orgasm dry-humping on the
livingroom sofa! A junior in high school and never had an orgasm before no
wonder I wasn't getting laid yet!

I was at least smart enough to know that I should be gentle
and understanding at that moment.

"But, that's what we were trying to do, Penny.
At least I was. It's not a bad thing, Penny. It's
natural, and something special between the two of us."

She was still staring at the floor.

"I know. It just surprised me and maybe scared me a

"Sure, I can understand that, especially if it never
happened to you before. Do you know that it's Okay to
have orgasms? You don't get pregnant from them or anything."

"Yes, I talked to Terri about it this week. She's
been having them for a couple of years."

She looked really young and vulnerable to me at that moment.

I had my arm around her and I squeezed her tightly to me and
said, "Penny, I want you so bad, I can't see straight.
But I also like you" "so much that I don't want to do
anything to mess up what we have. So, I guess I won't
do that, again, if that's what you want."

(Shakespeare reincarnate, eh? Sonnet #369, I think.) She smiled that dazzling, white smile at me and pressed
her soft hand against the side of my face.

"Oh, Jake, you're so sweet! Don't worry.
You won't mess anything up. I'm all right, now.
I just got scared when it happened, and then I was afraid
you wouldn't call me anymore because I kicked you out,
or because you'd think I was some kind of floozy slut.
I was going crazy until you called."

I moved Penny around, into that now familiar position in
my arms, across my lap, and before I leaned down to kiss her,
I said, "Just relax, Penny. I'm not going to stop
calling you."

I could tell that something was different from that first
kiss that night. Penny was more relaxed. She didn't
stop me when I moved my hand up to caress her breast. Even
through her bra and sweater, I could feel her nipples grow
hard and long against my palm. Feeling bolder, I took my
hand away and let it creep up Penny's smooth stomach
under her sweater, still without protest.

I could feel my breath becoming more rapid when, after massaging
her breasts through her bra, I finally snaked my hand under
the lace and elastic and cupped her naked breast-flesh
in my hand for the first time.

Penny sucked in a breath loudly.

Something had changed! I didn't know if it was Penny's first orgasm, or
our discussion about it, or her talk with Terri, but I didn't

Penny was soon on her back on the back seat and I was kneeling
on the floor. Her bra was unhooked and it and her sweater
were pushed up under her neck, and I was making hungry, passionate
lust to her absolutely marvellous tits with my hands and

It seems like we stayed in that position for hours, Penny's
breathing fast and shallow, on the brink of orgasm. Finally,
as I flicked one nipple with my tongue and squeezed the other
between my finger and thumb, Penny began a monumental orgasm,
and I hadn't gone anywhere near her pussy! She moaned and then finally groaned so loud, I was sure people
were looking from the other cars.

Her cum went on and on, and as she was coming back down, I mounted
her. This time, she obligingly spread her legs for me as
I pressed my hard-on against her, finding the right spot
for both of us, again. As I humped against her only a few times
before I came, I gently held her softly-firm tits in my hands.

The ride back to Penny's house was quiet. I think Penny
was feeling a little guilty, but I was quiet out of satisfaction
her tits were wonderful to play with, and I was positive
that getting to fuck my little Penny was just around the

Inside, our coffee again forgotten, we were on the sofa
with Penny's sweater and bra up around her neck when
we heard Diane and her fiancee pull up outside. By the time
Diane opened the door, we were giggling, innocently sitting
next to each other, drinking our coffee and looking at a
photo album I had grabbed to cover my still-hard cock. When
Diane went into the kitchen, I used that opportunity to
make my exit.

Driving home, I reminisced about the night and looked forward
to our next date. Just as I had to admit that I had never kissed
a girl who could kiss as well as Penny, I realised that of
all the girls I had dated, Penny had the biggest, roundest,
firmest boobs, by far. I again wondered why she had changed
her mind and allowed me such total access, but I didn't
care if I could answer that question as long as she didn't
change her mind back.

I had my last exam the following week and I was done school
for the year. My first year of college over and I knew my parents
wouldn't be happy with my grades, but since I earned
most of my tuition and borrowed the rest, and wasn't
getting kicked out of school, they'd live; and as long
as I didn't loose my student deferment, I was happy.

Penny still had over a month of school left before her summer
vacation began.

By now, we were talking on the phone several times a week
and, that week, I was anxious about our next date. I was afraid
Penny had a week to think about what we had done and would
play head games with herself and change her mind. I didn't
have to worry.

On her suggestion, I picked her up at her church after choir
practice the following Friday night. Fifteen minutes
later, we were parked at the darkest end of the closest lovers"
lane and Penny's blouse and bra were lost somewhere
in the car. Later that night, a few minutes before midnight,
parked at the end of her driveway, we sat cuddled together
listening to the radio. We were both pretty tired. I had
played with Penny's breasts for hours, with her cumming
time after time, and had humped ourselves to orgasm twice.

As we sat there, Penny giggled a cute little giggle and pointed
to my still-wet trousers, "That sure makes a mess.
How do you get in the house looking like that?"

"Everybody's asleep by the time I get home. I
don't want to know what my mother thinks when she does
the laundry. I like to imagine that she's not checking
the crotch of my pants for dried cum-spots!"

"Geez, {giggle} I didn't think about that. Embarrassing."

As we were talking, Penny's hand was lightly stroking
my thigh and my eighteen-year-old cock was quickly rejoining
the living. This was the first time that Penny had taken
any initiative below my belt with her hand, and I was liking
it. I didn't want to do anything to distract her or scare
her off.

"But the pleasure is worth the embarrassment. Unless
I rub up against a rough seam or the zipper."

"Really? What happens?"

"Well, to say it gets sore would be an understatement."

Penny's hand was now very gently stroking along the
length of my now-hard cock. We sat quiet for a few minutes,
and then I caught my breath as I listened to my zipper being
pulled open.

Penny's soft hand felt its way past my zipper and into
the front hole of my boxers. I think I almost fainted when
I felt her cool, soft skin touch me.

"Oh, Jake... It's so warm and smooth and soft...
and hard. I had no idea!"

I shifted in my seat and Penny knew what I wanted, needed.

I helped her as she pushed my clothes out of the way and drew
my erection into the open. She gently placed both hands
on it and squeezed softly.

"Its so smooth, so smooth. I've never felt anything
like this before, Jake. Am I doing it right?"

Not wanting to talk and risk breaking the spell, I nodded
and placed my hand on top of hers, curling her little fingers
around my hardness and began a stroking motion.

Penny continued the rhythm perfectly when I removed my

"Mmmmm, so smooth. I can't believe this! I love
the way it feels!"

I couldn't believe it when Penny then leaned over and
kissed the head of my prick! She moaned something about it's smoothness again,
and then proceed to kiss and lick the knob and underside,
driving me absolutely out of my skull.

I had had blow-jobs before, but never with this innocent
enthusiasm before!

Without any coaching from me, Penny placed her hot, wet
mouth over the end of my dick and then lowered her head, moaning
as she was taking me deeper. I was ready to blow!

I placed my hands on the back of her head, illustrating the
motion to take, which she immediately started, bobbing
up and down on my cock.

I couldn't wait to cum in her mouth!

I didn't have to wait long.

With the first spurt of cum,
Penny pressed hard against my hands, but kept me in her mouth.
Finally, when I stopped shooting and moved my hands away,
she quickly straightened up, stuck her head out the car
window, and spit my cum out of her mouth.

When she pulled back into the car she turned and smiled at
me and wiped her hand across her lips, "Sorry, that
just sort of surprised me. It's not bad, at all, honest."

Then, with the most beautiful innocence in her eyes and
voice, she asked, "Did I do all right?"

I took her in my arms, "That was perfect, Penny. Perfect."

"And, it's a lot neater than the old way. You won't
go home with any wet spots on your pants ever again!"

And I never did.

[To this day, almost thirty years later, no one has ever
given me a better blow-job than Penny. She obviously liked
what she was doing and never tired of touching the skin on
my cock, either with her hands or mouth. She was energetic,
imaginative, and enthusiastic. After that first time,
she never again spit my cum out. Instead, she would suck
the last possible drop and swallow the load with a smile
on her face, happy with her accomplishment. She is the best
cock-sucker I have ever had the pleasure to meet.] The next
night, at the drive-in, Penny blew me three times.

The following Friday night, I picked her up after choir
practice, again, and she had my cock out of my pants and buried
in her mouth before we were off the church parking lot!

It didn't take me long to figure out that Penny loved
to suck cock.

But, over the next several weeks, it still amazed me that
after swallowing load after load of my cum, she still wouldn't
let me into her panties. What was she saving it for?

Other than not getting laid, I was having the Summer of my

I was working for the "Summit" supermarket
chain, and the big annual event was the employee picnic
in June.

About ten stores in the region got together and rented out
a private pool club for the day. The company supplied all
the food and the band, and we all chipped in five bucks each
for kegs and kegs of beer. There were all the picnic games,
like egg-tossing and bag- races, and there was a perpetual
softball game going on, all of them getting funnier as drunkenness
ran rampant as the day progressed. Over the five years that
I worked for Summit, something memorable happened at every
picnic (and I'll tell you about them at another time).

Anyway, the week before the picnic, Sharon Abrams, a cashier
at the store, asked me if I could give her a lift to and from
the picnic.

Sharon was in her freshman year of college, too, but I didn't
know her all that well. She was very cute and had a nice body,
but she didn't hang around with our group in work and
had made it clear that she was VERY seriously involved with
a guy (a Pre-Law or Pre-Med at the local Ivy). In fact, if
she took her breaks or hung around with anybody, it was usually
with the full-time cashiers, who were all married and mothers.
So, I was surprised when she approached me.

"Sure, Sharon. You're welcome to come along
with me, but I have to get there early and help set-up the
little kids" games."

"That's all right, Jake. I'm Jewish and
I don't go to church on Sunday mornings. I'll help,

"And I usually stay until they turn the lights out."

She smiled.

"I won't turn into a pumpkin."

"Is Larry coming, too?"

Larry was the love of her life.

"Lawrence? He prefers `Lawrence" now, you know. No, he's
not coming. Just me. Here's directions to my house.
I really appreciate it, Jake."

"No problem."

Now, I hadn't asked Penny to go, because the picnic
was a "guys'" thing for me.

It was a great time for the male part- timers to get together,
eat free food, drink till we couldn't drink anymore,
play ball and goof off with a bunch of the people we worked
with the rest of the year. It was a great time to act like an
idiot and not have to worry about a date. When I told Penny
that I helped set-up and that none of the guys brought dates,
she said she understood, and I took her at her word.

Sunday morning was perfect; clear and sunny and still a
little cool before the late-June heat cranked up for the

I didn't have any problem finding Sharon's house
(and it was too big to miss!), and she was standing outside
waiting for me.

I had to look twice to make sure it was her. In work, she almost
always wore her dark hair up in some kind of bun or knot, but
today, it was hanging free, below her shoulders, shiny,
black, and full of big waves; and, she was wearing make-up
something else I had never seen her wear. She was wearing
snug, white short-shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt top
that was tight enough in the cool morning air to make it very
obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. The uniform that
the women wore at work was pretty nice, as far as the male
employees were concerned it was a pale blue-green dress
that was thin enough that all the women usually wore full
slips under them, and they were tight enough that they didn't
hide a good body. So, as I said, we knew Sharon had a nice body,
but I didn't realise how nice until I saw her in that
tight top and those shorts.

"`Morning. I hope I didn't get you up too early."

"Hi, Jake. No, I didn't mind waking up today.
It's beautiful."

I watched her as she threw her stuff in the back and sat beside
me, putting her sunglasses on.

"You look great, Sharon."

She turned and looked at me for longer than necessary, smiled
a canary-full cat smile, and turned her head straight ahead.

"Thanks, Jake."

There was a little tension in the car for the first few minutes
(it was definitely sexual tension on my part!), but we were
soon talking about the people we worked with and we both

The pool club that the company rented had been a farm, so
there was no shortage of room. Besides the pool and pavilions,
there were two ball diamonds, fields for parking, fields
for games, etc. And on a winding path through some woods,
there was even a covered footbridge over a fast-flowing
creek. It was a cool place.

We got there early and started working. Sharon was the only
girl there, but she pitched in right along side of me and
we had a lot of fun, working up a sweat. (And I had a lot of fun
watching her T-shirt as she worked up a sweat.) We set up some of the kids" games, raked the base paths
and anchored the bases, set the tables up, fired up the charcoal
grills, tapped the kegs, and put all the sodas on ice. We
were done by ten and the crowd didn't show up until eleven,
so we decided to take a quick dip before the pool got too crowded.
Sharon ran to the cabana, but I just stripped off my shirt
and sneakers (Chuck Taylor All-Stars, of course!) and jumped into the cold water.

I was popping up for air after a couple of laps, to hear the
enthusiastic hoots and whistles of the other guys. When
I looked in the direction of the cabana, I whistled myself.

Sharon was walking to the pool in (what in those days qualified
as) a small white bikini. Her body was tan and firm and looked
terrific. She had nice-sized, firm breasts, a flat stomach,
a small, tight waist, and nicely rounded buns Larry (excuse
me, LAWRENCE!) was a lucky guy.

Sharon reached the pool, dropped her towel, did a big smile
and a small bow to her fans and jumped into the pool next to

I again had to wonder if this was the same girl I had been working
with for a year. The shorts and T-shirt, helping with the
dirty work, the bikini, the good-humored bow she seemed
so much more... relaxed... today than she usually was in
the store.

I felt her hand on my shoulder as she pulled herself up to
the surface.

"Woooo! You didn't tell me it was this cold!"
she spurted.

I laughed.

"It's still June, what did you expect? Want to
get out?"

"No, I'm getting used to it and it feels good after
all that work."

We just lazed around in the water until people started showing
up. Just before we got out of the pool, Sharon swam close
to me and asked me about something. As we talked, she sort
of drifted closer and her thigh slid between my thighs.

Instantly, even in the cold water, my dick reacted. Her
thigh stayed close long enough that I was sure she felt my
growing erection, and then she swam to the steps and went
to change. I stayed in the pool until I shrank to a less-obvious
condition, wondering if her touch had been intentional.
And where was Larry er, Lawrence?

I was beginning to wonder if something was going on here
and I was being a little slow on the up-take. And then I wondered,
if something WAS going on here, what about Penny? I didn't want to pursue that line of thought too long
at that moment.

I finally got out of the pool and dried off, waiting for the
sun to dry my shorts. I found some of my friends and joined
them. As we drank and talked, I saw Sharon come out of the
cabana and head for a table where some of the women from the
store were setting up with their families. Just before
she got there, she smiled at me and waved. I smiled and waved
back. My friends turned around and saw Sharon in her cute
little outfit and went nuts.

"No way that's Sharon!"

"Jesus, look at that body!"

"Look at that hair!"

"She sure looks a lot different out of uniform!"

I smiled at them.

"And you guys missed the real show. You better hope
it gets real hot and she feels like taking another swim."

It was a great day. Sharon helped me run some of the little
kids" games, and then she watched as our store's
grocery department played a softball game against the
meat department. Between innings, she'd hand me a
fresh beer. After I hit a home run (not so hard since the left
fielder was taking a piss as the ball slowly rolled past
him!), Sharon was waiting at home plate and gave me a very
enthusiastic hug and kiss.

Yep something was definitely going on!

After a quick dip to cool off and clean up, I found Sharon
waiting for me with a fresh beer.

"Want to go for a walk?" she asked.

"Sure. Thanks for the beer. I think I'll make
this my last if I'm going to drive anywhere."

I was buzzed, but not blitzed.

We strolled around the pavilions, talking to friends and
laughing at the drunks; then across the fields, and to the
parking lot. Sharon got a blanket from her stuff in the car
and we resumed walking.

On the covered bridge, almost pitch dark in the twilight,
we stood at the side opening and watched the water rush by
under us.

It was nice. It was cool and dark and the water was making
that slurpy, ripply noise as it rushed over the smooth rocks.
I didn't have to think too hard about what I did next.
I leaned down and kissed Sharon on the lips.

She didn't pull away. Instead, she dropped the blanket,
stepped closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck
and kissed me back.

After a while, Sharon broke away, and I thought the moment
was over. Instead, she picked-up the blanket, took my hand,
and pulled me across the bridge and into the small patch
of woods.

In seconds, the blanket was spread on the ground and Sharon
was spread naked on it, gesturing with her finger for me
to join her in heaven.

Reader, it's time you know something: There I am, standing
in the front of the room, looking at all the other horny guys
with the same affliction...

"Hello, my name is Jake and I am a virgin."

Or I was at that moment. Sure, I had dated a lot of girls, some
for a while, and had done almost everything, but I had not
yet gone all the way. It wasn't for a lack of trying on
my part.

It was a different time. I played the game hard, but never
got past third base (whatever that is). And here I was, on
the verge of losing the stigma.

This girl was naked and spread open and ready! She wanted it and she wanted it from me! Not that I was planning to tell her, but she was about to pop
my cherry and I knew I'd remember this moment the rest
of my life.

Then the thought flashed through my brain that it was the
wrong moment because it was the wrong girl it wasn't

As I said, that thought FLASHED through my brain.

I looked down at Sharon. Her breasts were firm and round,
topped with huge brown nipples. Her pussy was covered with
thick, black, tightly-curled hair. She was holding her
arms and legs open for me.

"C'mon, Jake."

I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts and underwear
in one move and collapsed to the ground into Sharon's
arms. Her skin was dry and smooth and taut. Her lips were
hot and she kissed my lips, my nose, ears, neck, and chest.
She started to move her lips down across my stomach and I
didn't want to stop her, but I did.

I wanted to just shove my cock into her so bad! But I wanted to wait, to take my time and show her I wasn't
just some testosterone-crazed asshole. I don't know
where I got that kind of control at that moment.

I wanted to taste her. We rolled over and I began kissing
and sucking and biting her wonderful skin. Her face, down
her neck, around and around those big, brown nipples. Now,
it was my turn to move lower.

As I did, she cried out to me through clenched teeth, "No!
Do it, Jake! Let's do it, right NOW!"

I wanted to, I really did, but I kept moving my mouth lower,
until I pressed it through her thick hair and found her hot
slit with my tongue.


She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed them tighter,
pressing me deeper into her cunt. I moved my mouth over her
hard little clit and sucked it between my teeth.


She was cumming over and over, still holding my head between
her thighs.

Finally, she let go and I slid up on her. Her eyes were actually
sparkling in the faint light.

"Oh, Jake, that was wonderful! Please! Let's
do it now, okay?"

"Okay, Sharon, we'll do it now."

My rock-hard cock was pressed into her dense, springy hair.

I adjusted my position a little and felt Sharon's hand
grasp my dick and place the head at her opening. I could feel
her heat, and as I inched down, her wetness. Much easier
than I expected, my cock slid into her until my pubic hair
was tangling with hers.

I had read and heard a woman's pussy described many
ways but no description prepared you for the true pleasure
of what it actually feels like wrapped around your prick.
Warm, hot, wet, tight, slippery, satin, silk, velvet words
just don't suffice.

I couldn't believe it. I was finally getting laid!
And by a girl I never expected to be fucking in a thousand
years. I didn't know how we had ended up on that blanket,
fucking like rabbits; but way down, in my deepest, most
secret thoughts, I was thinking I had slowly charmed this
girl in my subtle, quiet, inimitable way. That I had made
her forego a date with Larry to be with me at this picnic,
and that she couldn't help herself for wanting me.

But very soon, I wasn't thinking any more remotely
rational thoughts. I was going to cum. And I was going to
cum in a pussy!

EeeOwww! What a cum it was!

Even the little portable radio we brought with us cooperated
it was playing Otis Redding, singing "These Arms
of Mine" and I knew in that instant that I could never
again hear that song without thinking about Sharon and
me on that blanket.

When I rejoined the living, I rolled over, still connected
to Sharon. We cuddled.

"Ummm, that was nice, Jake."

"I'll say!"

"We better get back to the crowd before they send out

I laughed, "Believe me, when a guy and a girl disappear,
they definitely are NOT going to send out the troops."

"Maybe your friends. What about mine? You ready to
take on Agnes?"

Agnes was a big, bossy, mouthy bitch that thought she was
the unofficial leader of all the female employees at the

"No, I don't have the energy to take her on, right
now. I'll get dressed."

I held Sharon's hand as we walked across the bridge,
but she pulled away from me as we approached the pavilions.

People were packing up, and only the poker players were
staying put. We gathered our stuff and headed for the car.
I had never been this sober and this happy leaving a picnic.

Sharon was quiet on the ride home, but I didn't mind.
I was savouring my mood, and it was a very, very good mood.
The one speedbump on my little sex-filled road of life with
Sharon was telling Penny. I knew she thought we were serious,
and I admitted that I hadn't done anything to give her
a different impression, but... Well, having sex with Sharon
made everything different.

I pulled into Sharon's driveway and pulled her closer.

"Not here, Jake. My parents spy out the window."

"What days do you work this week?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you? I leave for Long Island
for a week, tomorrow. Vacation."

"A week? No, I... I didn't realise. I'll
miss you!"

She opened the door, "You're sweet, Jake. Thanks
for the ride."

"Yeah, the ride. You're welcome. Thank you!"

She gave me another of those smiles as she closed the car
door and waved to me.

"Bye, Jake."

Then she ran up to and into the house.

As I drove away I thought, "Well, that was weird! She
acted like nothing special happened."

I wasn't going to blab it all over the store what happened
with Sharon and me at the picnic, but on Monday, I did tell
Billy, my best friend working with me.

"Shit! I can't believe it, Jake!"

"It's true."

"Oh, I believe you, man. I just meant... you know...
Sharon Abrams? I'll admit, she looked very scrumptious
at the picnic, and now that you mention it, she was paying
a lot of attention to you. What about the guy she's dating?"

"Don't know. She barely mentioned him, and as
I said, we really didn't talk too much about things
after it happened."

"Are you serious about her, Jake?"

"Well, I've been thinking about it, and... yeah...
I mean... we did it, you know? So, I guess I AM serious about
her. She's a nice girl."

"Who fucks."

I smiled.

"Yeah, she's a nice girl who fucks."

"What about Penny?"

"I guess I gotta tell her, Billy. No sense leading
her on. She's really great and I really like her, so
I don't want to cheat on her."

"Don't do it, man. Don't say anything! At
least not until Sharon gets back and you see what's
going on. You know, to make sure you both are in the same place."

"Why? You know her. You think she'd fuck me if
she didn't like me?"

"No, she certainly doesn't seem like that type.
She always impressed me as the type that didn't fuck
before marriage, but I don't know. It's just weird,
Jake. For her to come on so strong after being the Ice Princess
for so long. It's just weird. Something's not

"Is that supposed to be a pun or something?"

Billy looked at me and then laughed, "No, no... I didn't
intend that, but that's something else to consider.
Maybe her folks won't dig their daughter dating a Catholic
boy. And I met your mom, Jake, she's going to shit grapefruits!
Her little Catholic bambino!"

It was a lot to think about, and it was a long week, each minute
dragging by. By Wednesday night I knew I couldn't hold
off talking to Penny any longer. I knew what I had to do. I
liked her too much to lie to her.

I called her from the store and said I'd stop by after

She was waiting out front when I pulled up.

"Hey, I missed you, mister!"

She was all smiles as she got in the car and leaned over to
kiss me and give my cock an affectionate squeeze.

This wasn't going to be easy.

In a few minutes we were parked in our favourite lovers"
lane spot. "We getting in the back-seat or what? What's
the matter, Jake? Something's very wrong. What is


She was close and staring into my eyes. I didn't want
to hurt her.

"Jake, tell me. What's wrong? Is it your parents?"

"No, Penny, it's not home. It's something

"Tell me. You can tell me anything, Jake."


I knew I had to jump right in. It wasn't getting any easier.

"Penny, I'm seeing another girl. And it's
got pretty serious."

Whew, I got it out.

Penny's face just sort of froze for thirty seconds
or so.

She didn't say a word. And then all of her features shattered
as she broke into tears.

"Penny... Penny, I'm sorry."

I tried to hug her to me but she pulled away and slid over against
the door.

"Take me home, Jake."

"Penny, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt
you. I-" "Now! Take me home now, you bastard!"

I felt like shit.

My mood didn't improve. I felt like a real dick for what
I did to Penny. We had been dating for a while and I had become
attached. I was really going to miss her (and in my less noble
moments, I admitted I was really going to miss her superb
blow- jobs!) I vacillated between missing Penny and looking forward
to Sharon's return.

Finally, Sunday came and I called Sharon's house to
see if they were home from vacation. She answered the phone.
She sounded cool and reserved after I said "hi!"

"Sorry, Jake. I can't really talk now."

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