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Sex with my wife had never been good. Oh yes, she'd a
highly defined sense of "wifely duty" and we'd
produced a family.

She opened her legs for me on request but that was it. She
literally laid there with her thighs spread apart giving
me access to her cunt, (which she'd only refer to as
her vagina.

She never used any of the regularly accepted words relating
to sex or the sex act. Only the proper medical dictionary
terminology). She would lie there, eyes closed, unmoving,
as I worked myself off inside her. Most times it wasn't
even as satisfactory as masturbation, it was just "relief."

When I withdrew she would get up and go to the bathroom to
clean herself up,

"Sex is so messy, " she'd say.

When she came back she'd ask me "Was that all right,
did you ejaculate, do you feel better now dear?"

It didn't really matter what I replied, she wouldn't
be listening. She'd done her "duty" and
been "a good wife, " given me my "conjugal

"That's nice dear, " she'd say and
go to sleep.

That was what it was like when sex was good in her book!

Then things became much worse. She still gave me access
on demand but reluctantly. Sometimes I had to be quite persistent
about it; it was never but it got close to it on occasion.
She would lay there legs spread but rigid, trembling, and
silently weeping. She said there was nothing physically
wrong, I wasn't hurting her or anything, she just didn't
like it but "I know that you need it dear."

It got so that I was having trouble getting an erection,
or I'd lose it when I looked at her lying there, erotic
it wasn't!

She eventually went to see the doctor. From what she told
me when she came back he gave her a complete physical, doing
things to her that I wasn't able to, feeling her breasts,
dilating her clit, and looking, and feeling, deeper up
her vagina than I was ever allowed to put my fingers, "just
stimulate my labia dear, don't put them too far in."

He couldn't find anything wrong and told her that it
was all in the mind.

He gave her some tranquilisers to take about an hour before
sex which he thought would relax her.

The pills were an improvement in that they stopped her trembling
and crying when I actually fucked her, and her limbs were
more relaxed, but still she just laid there unmoving. We
also had a new psychological problem in that instead of
just jumping her when we were in bed I now had to preplan and
she got herself into a nervous state before the tablets
took effect. I never said a word, I just used to hand the bottle
of tablets to her and she'd immediately get all agitated.

"Are you sure? Why tonight? Must you dear?"
she'd ask.

I'd quietly take the bottle from her, open it, and hand
her a tablet with a glass of water. The trembling and tears
would come now rather than later.

This went on for a few weeks and then one night when I handed
her the bottle she produced a different bottle from her
purse and swallowed a tablet from it. She explained to me
that she'd been back to the doctor. This time she'd
got strong sleeping tablets from him. She explained to
me that she'd realised that the tranquilisers didn't
really help anyone and that since she knew she wasn't
very responsive maybe it would be better for both of us if
she was completely relaxed when I "copulated"
with her, asleep in fact!

She stood up and went upstairs, before she went she told
me to come up to bed in half an hour as the doctor had said the
pills took about twenty minutes to act. I was flabbergasted!

I actually waited about threequarters of an hour, to be
on the safe side.

When I went up my wife had turned the bedcovers back and was
lying in the centre of the bed. She was lying on her back and
looked to be sound asleep.

She'd put her nightdress on but it was pulled up around
her waist. She'd spread her thighs and bent her knees
and gone to sleep like that. She'd put a towel underneath
her hips, heaven knows why, she wasn't a virgin but
she did always complain "please try not to let your
semen stain the bed, dear, " so I suppose that was
the reason!

Her pubic mound was fully exposed, I could see her cunt nestling
in her pubic hair. I reached forward and touched her on the
shoulder, gently at first then quite firmly, but she didn't

Just looking at the debauched way she was lying gave me an
instant erection and I quickly stripped off my clothes.
I laid on the bed next to her and fingered her pussy as usual.
Also as usual, her juices soon started flowing to give me
the necessary lubrication. As I have said before there
was nothing physically wrong with her. I rolled over between
her thighs and slipped my prick straight into her, half
expecting her to tense up when I did so. I laid there on top
of her, waiting for her to start weeping or to stiffen up,
but still nothing happened. I slowly began to fuck her then,
as there was still no response, I fucked harder pushing
deeper than usual and with more force. Still nothing, well
that's not quite true. It'd been such a long time
since I'd fucked her so forcefully that I came before
I expected to. I shot my cum deep inside her and there seemed
to be more than usual. I laid on top of her, and still inside
her, until my paroxysms ceased and I felt my erection subsiding.
I slowly withdrew from her and rolled away. She just laid
there, unmoving and uncomplaining.

I looked down at her cunt and my cum was oozing out. Knowing
how fastidious she normally was I went to the dressing table
and got some tissues to clean her up with. I wiped the cum
from her cunt lips and then pushed my fingers inside her
to clean her internally. My fingers slipped in very easily,
with no resistance, and no reaction from her, not even a
change in her breathing pattern. I took the tissue out then
replaced my fingers inside her.

I watched her face and began to give her a vigorous finger
fuck. Some rapid eye movement, probably cooncidental,
and that was it. I took my fingers out and experimentally
spread her legs really wide, still no reaction. I suddenly
realised that a whole new world might be opening up for me.
I was wondering what to do next when discretion took over
and I realised that I'd better wait until the morning
and find out what my wife had actually experienced of the
fucking I'd given her.

I wiped her again with the tissues and went and threw them
away. I put her legs together and pulled her nightdress
down to make her "decent" again.

I pulled the covers up and turned out the light.

"Yes, thank you dear, I did enjoy that" I said
and chuckled to myself.

In the morning she slept later than usual, the effect of
the tablets, and then spent much longer than usual in the
bathroom. When she came out she said to me, "was it
all right for you last night? Did you enjoy it?"

I somehow kept a straight face and repeated my remarks of
last night, then I asked her how it had been for her. She replied
that she wouldn't have known anything about it except
that I hadn't cleaned her up very well afterwards so
she knew that I'd fucked her, or rather, in her parlance,
"you copulated with me dear."

"Perhaps you could wear a condom dear, in future,
when you do it? It'd be less messy, " she said.

She must have seen my face.

"No. I suppose after all these years that is an unfair
request. Well please clean me up properly, dear; sponge
me well, inside and out, and spray me with Femfresh afterwards
if you don't mind dear."

"Should I spray up inside your cunt, dear?"
I asked.

She looked crossly at me, "you know I don't like
that word, " she said.

"No, don't spray into my vagina just my labia
dear, and my pubic hair. You'll find everything you
need in the bathroom cabinet, dear."

I checked again with her that I hadn't caused her any
pain or inconvenience but she confirmed again that she'd
felt nothing, it was just the "dried semen"
which gave the game away.

I went off to work quite excited and the day dragged. We watched
television when I got home, after we'd eaten, then
about nine.thirty I said to her "Time to take your
tablet dear."

My wife looked at me in horror.

"Oh No!"

She said "You're surely not planning on copulating
with me again tonight are you?"

I nodded my head and with a great show of reluctance she got
the bottle and took a tablet.She stayed watching television
for a few minutes but when I saw her getting drowsy I suggested
that she should go to bed.

I left it a good hour, my how the time dragged, until I went

She was lying like last night, legs akimbo, cunt exposed.
I went over and shook her quite roughly by the shoulders
but got no response.

I pushed her nightie right up under her arms, exposing her
boobs. I touched her nipples, tentatively at first, and
then squeezed her boobs hard.

The only response was in my trousers so I hurriedly stripped
off to release my erection.

I sat on the side of the bed facing her feet and put her legs

then I put my hands under her knees and lifted her legs up
towards me. With one arm across the backs of her knees I was
able to push two fingers of my other hand into her cunt and
start giving her a vigorous finger fuck. Her cunt was soon
producing juices and my fingers squished in and out. With
the ever increasing lubrication two fingers soon became
three, then four. My whole hand was going in and out of her
cunt but still she was not reacting, the tablets were doing
their job! I'd seen a fuck movie with whole fist fucking in it but
I decided that I shouldn't go too far on this first occasion.

I suddenly realised that there was a strong danger that
I was going to cum without fucking her properly, my erection
was like steel and my balls were throbbing. I stopped and
lowered her legs back down onto the bed.

I took the two pillows and put them at the edge of the bed.
Then I moved my wife to the edge, with her legs dangling over
the side, and pushed the pillows under her hips to raise
her cunt up. I spread her thighs wide apart. I stood between
her thighs and directed my throbbing prick down into her
very moist, wide open, cunt. Slowly I entered this warm,
wet, pulsating chasm. With the finger fucking she was
really moist and stretched.I stopped with my prick buried
right up her vaginal channel. I leaned over her and grasped
the orbs of her boobs and squeezed. Mentally I heard her
voice saying, "No please don't do that, you know
I don't like it dear" but there was no response
from her in her drugged condition.

I began to play with her nipples and felt them coming erect
under my finger tips. Slowly I started to move my penis in
and out of her cunt feeling her pussy lips gripping me securely
and listening to the sucking squelching sound emanating
from her juicy twat.

I held her thighs wide apart and began to thrust home hard,
and rhythmically, driving her onto the bed. All the time
I was waiting for her to wake up and push me off her, but it
didn't happen. I powered in and out, squelch! squelch! squelch! I didn't want to cum too quickly so after a few more thrusts
I stopped but stayed deep inside her. I reached down and,
putting my hands behind her knees, lifted her legs up and
bent them back to lie across her breasts and shoulders.
Then I resumed fucking her, driving hard and fast deep into
her cunt.The fronts of my thighs slapped on the backs of
hers and her head jolted back every time I slammed into her,
harder and harder. I knew that I couldn't hold out much
longer, her cunt was pulsating, clasping and unclasping
my penis. The head of my prick was hitting her cervix on every
savage thrust. I began to cum and shot twice into her cunt
before pulling out and letting her legs fall back over the
edge of the bed.I leaned right over her and worked my prick
to send great gobs of cum spurting up
onto her breasts and stomach. I stood back, panting, and
watched my cum roll off her breasts, down her breastbone
and into her belly button. Yes she was right, sex could be
a gloriously messy business, oh how she'd have hated
this if she'd been aware.

Her body had reacted completely normally, her nipples
were erect and firm and her cunt lips were swollen with her
engorged clitoris clearly visible, throbbing with passion.
I pushed her legs apart and watched my cum oozing out of her
cunt and rolling down the inside of her thighs.

I found the sight very exciting and I rushed downstairs
to get my Polaroid camera. I laid my wife out to the best effect
I could and took several close-up shots of her cunt and pudenda
to show her swollen cunt lips and the cum. I found one of her
scarves to put over her face and then took some general body
shots showing just how cum covered she was. I could think
of some guys at work who would enjoy these pictures.I didn't
want them to realise it was my wife.

When I'd recovered my composure I went into the bathroom
and got all the paraphernalia to clean her up. First I used
a damp sponge and tissues to give her a surface clean, getting
my cum out of her navel and off her stomach and boobs before
it dried. Then I wiped her pussy lips and the inside of her
thighs. There was an elastic band around a sort of stick
with a sponge on the end and a bottle of "Personal Disinfectant
with Spermicidal Effect, " (according to the label).

I realised that this must be to douche out her cunt. I soaked
the sponge in the disinfectant and then pushed it up into
her cunt. I started to clean her vaginal walls methodically
but before I knew it I realised that I was using the sponge
device as a sort of dildo and giving her another fuck!

This caused her juices to start to flow again which helped
to wash the remnants of my cum out of her vagina. I found myself
wondering how much of the time she used to spend in the bathroom,
after I'd fucked her, was spent masturbating with
this device. When I'd finished I took the aerosol of
"Femfresh" and dutifully sprayed her swollen
cunt lips and her pubic hair.

I knew that I'd given her a hard and vicious fuck so I
thought that I'd better check for bruising. I manoeuvred
her back onto the bed and turned her over, face down. I was
afraid that the backs of her thighs might be marked, but
they weren't. I squeezed her buttock cheeks which
were quite firm, not flabby.

I realised that in all our years of married life I'd
never fucked her in the backdoor.

I rolled her back over, parted her legs again, and was pleased
to see that her pussy lips were no longer as swollen as they
had been. I massaged her breasts again before I pulled her
nighty back down. I took all the cleaning materials back
to the bathroom and washed the sponges out.

She slept late again the next day and when she appeared she
was moving a little awkwardly. Once again she asked me if
everything had been all right, and did I enjoy it. I replied
that it had been and I did. She went on to thank me for cleaning
her up decently but she also said, "I think you must
have been a little rough with me last night, dear, my labia
are a little swollen and my breasts a little tender. I hope
that you aren't taking advantage of me and doing things
you know I don't like, dear?"

I hotly denied the accusation but all the time I was thinking
of all the other ways that I could possibly take advantage
of her insensibility for my own gratification.

The guys at work got really excited about the pictures and,
stupidly, I boasted that I'd more I could show them.
I went out at breaktime and did some shopping in a local sex
shop. I bought a leather face hood for my wife as well as a
massive dildo and some other items. The rest of the day didn't
drag, I was too busy planning my campaign for that night.All
the same at the back of my mind was a worry about how my wife
was going to react when I asked her to take a tablet again
tonight, the third night running.

I hadn't solved my problem by the time I got home but
to my amazement my wife solved it for me. I was stunned to
see her go into her purse, at about nine.thirty, take out
the bottle and swallow a tablet. She must have seen my face.

"Don't worry, dear" she said, "I
know that even you couldn't want sex three nights running
but, quite honestly, I have slept so well the last two nights
with the tablets that I think I'll take one every night.
But be sure to tell me the nights you want to have copulate
with me so that I can prepare myself for you. Goodnight!"
and she went up the stairs.

I gave her time to get into bed then I went up to say goodnight
to her, and wish her a good nights sleep. I noticed that since
she wasn't expecting any sexual activity tonight
she was wearing PJs and not a nightdress.

I gave her time to get into bed then I went up to say goodnight
to her, and wish her a good nights sleep. I noticed that since
she wasn't expecting any sexual activity she was wearing
PJs and not a nightdress.

I came back downstairs and waited impatiently for another
hour until I was sure that the tablet would have taken effect
and she'd be in a good drugged sleep.

When I went back up she was sleeping like a babe with the bedclothes
tucked around her. Better safe than sorry I shook her by
the shoulders, like I had the night before, just to make
sure she was right out... she was.

I pulled the bedclothes right off her and folded them down
to the bottom of the bed. She was lying on her side in a foetal
position so I straightened her out and put her flat on her
back. I lifted her head up and carefully put on the leather
hood I'd bought in the sex shop.It just had nose and
mouth holes for her to breathe through, it didn't have
any eye holes. It was held in place by velcro at the back of
the neck.

I unbuttoned her jacket and opened it up to expose her breasts
which I squeezed and fondled until her nipples came erect.
Her PJ bottoms were the old fashioned type, held up by a cord.
I undid the cord and parted the top exposing her triangle
of pubic hair. I ran my hand down across her bush and slipped
two fingers through her pussy slit into her cunt. It was
already getting moist following the attention I'd
given to her breasts. I took the first snapshot of the evening
with her lying like that, half undressed.

I grasped her PJ bottoms firmly at the waist band and pulled
them down over her hips and thighs. Finally down over her
calves and right off. She actually looked quite erotic
with her jacket still on, but unbuttoned, and naked from
the waist down.

I spread her legs wide and bent her knees slightly. I pushed
two fingers into her cunt and worked her off until she was
fairly moist. The dildo I'd bought was enormous. It
was the traditonal style, shaped like an erect circumsized
penis. The balls served as a handgrip and the main stem was
about nine inches long and two inches in diameter. It looked
so huge that I had a momentary concern about using it, then
I realised that women's vaginas and cunts were stretched
far wider, without ill effects, when they gave birth.

I lubricated the tip of the dildo and slowly introduced
it through her pussy lips, then pushed. Her cunt opened
up to receive it and I was able to force it inside. I pushed
it in and out a few times until it was moving easily, her vagina
walls had expanded to accept it.

I took a series of pictures using the dildo. I took it out
of her cunt and then took my wife's hand and closed it
round the handgrip and took a shot like that, with the head
of the dildo just at her pussy lips. Then I pushed it in so
that there was about three inches sticking out of her. It
looked as if she was using the dildo. With the hood having
no eyeholes you couldn't tell she was asleep.

I took several more shots, pushing it in further before
each picture.

Occasionally I had to massage her boobs again. With her
being asleep her nipples wouldn't stay erect and it
was noticeable in the shots. Finally by spreading her thighs
as wide as possible I was able to get the dildo right in with
only the balls protruding. To make this shot more effective
I put both her hands on to the dildo.

This gave me another idea.I put the dildo aside and took
my wife's left hand and pushed two fingers into her
cunt. Her cunt lips held her hand in place. I repeated this
trick with her right hand as well and it looked as if she was
opening up her cunt for the photographer.

I turned her over, onto her stomach, and squeezed her butt.
Then I parted her buttock cheeks to open up her anus. I considered
using the dildo but since she had never actually been ass-fucked
I decided that going straight in with the dildo would be
a bit reckless, and dangerous. If I split her sphincter
she would certainly be aware of it in the morning. Instead
I moistened my fingers and pushed two through her asshole
and worked them about. With a bit of effort I was able to get
them in virtually all the way.

Another idea came into my head! I put her PJ trousers back on, pulling them up to just above
her knees and straightened her jacket to lie just above
her waist. Her buttock cheeks and ass were still completely
exposed.I took her right arm and bent it behind her, moistened
her first two fingers and pushed them right into her anus.
It made a sensational photo.

By now my erection was waving in the air, demanding to be

I moved the stool from the dressing table and put it by the
full length mirror. After I'd taken her PJ trousers
off again I dragged her over to the stool. I laid her over
it on her stomach.Her head and chest dangled over one end
and I bent her knees so that it looked as if she was kneeling.
When I spread her legs and parted her thighs she was in the
perfect position for a fuck, "doggy style."

I hoped that I could take a good shot in the mirror of my penis
sliding into her.

I knelt down besides her and eased my prick through her pussy
lips and just into her cunt, so that it was just held in place.
I was able to twist round with the camera, without dislodging
myself, and get a close-up shot in the mirror of my prick
entering her cunt.

It was a disaster! I'd forgotten that you can't take a flash picture
in a mirror, all you get is a blinding light!

I tried to take a good shot without using the flash but there
just wasn't enough light.

By now my prick was throbbing and there was no way I could
concentrate on anything else until I'd relieved myself.
I pulled out and moved my wife a little further over the stool
and raised myself up to get more comfortable. I leaned over
her and grasped her boobs firmly. Then I thrust deep into
her. My rod was as firm as it has ever been and slid in to fill
her cunt completely. I had been afraid that after being
stretched by the dildo her vagina might have been slack
and sloppy, but it wasn't.

I worked myself off inside her, slowly at first then building
up until I was pounding into her meat with a savage ferocity.
Although she was sound asleep her cunt was producing love
juices as usual and I soon felt her vagina start to palpitate
around my prick in orgasm.

I felt myself cumming and convulsed and threw my first load
up inside her vagina. I hurriedly pulled out, still ejaculating,
and sprayed copious amounts of cum up onto her buttocks.
I held her buttock cheeks apart so that some of my cum landed
around her asshole. I worked myself by hand until my orgasm
was over to make sure that I'd no more cum to paint her

I lifted her back onto the bed, face down, and spread her
legs wide apart. I spread the cum around her anus and down
to her cunt lips so that it looked as if she'd been fucked
in both holes. I finished off the polaroid cassette with
shots of her cum streaked butt.

I lite a cigarette whilst I thought about how to proceed.
I really wanted to be able to get some shots of my wife being
fucked but the experinent with the mirror hadn't worked.
I supposed that I could get high power spotlight bulbs and
put them in the lamps but that would be a bit of a nuisance.
What I really needed was for someone else to either take
the photos or, perhaps, fuck my wife.

I immediately though oft Tom. He was often making lewd comments
about my wife and although I'd tried to persuade him
that she wasn't really up to much.

Well that was then and now is now. She could take whatever
we wanted to give her as long as we were careful. Yes, Tom
would probably be the guy to ask.

I was glad that I hadn't cleaned her up yet. Thinking
about possible solutions to my problems had given me another
hard. I pulled her to the edge of the bed spread her thighs
wide and gave her another good fucking. I had no plans for
any more photographs so I just concentrated on giving it
to her hard, fast, and deep, and this time she got all my cum
inside her.

Afterwards I cleaned her up well and carefully dressed
her back in her PJs. I had to clean some cum off the back of
the jacket; after I'd fucked her over the stool, when
I was cumming over her butt, I'd accidentally fired
some cum too far. I sponged it off and reckoned the jacket
would dry by the morning, at least I hoped so! I took the hood off her and put her back in the foetal position.
I had a shower then went to bed myself. I slept like a baby.

At breakfast I asked her how she'd slept, was it worth
her taking the sleeping tablet.

"Oh yes dear! I slept very well indeed. I didn't
dream and I don't think I stirred. I'm going to
carry on taking a tablet every night, if you don't mind?"

If I didn't mind! I laughed to myself and went off to work with my new set of
photo's to show the lads. I was also thinking about
the other things I'd seen in the sex shop, manacles
and silk ropes and other devices, and planning to talk to
Tom. Oh No! I didn't mind!

"Oh yes dear! I slept very well indeed, like a baby.
I didn't dream and I don't think I stirred. I'm
going to carry on taking a tablet every night, if you don't

If I didn't mind! I laughed to myself and went off to work with my new set of
photo's to show the lads. I was also thinking about
the other things I'd seen in the sex shop, manacles
and silk ropes and other devices, and planning to talk to
Tom. Oh No! I didn't mind!

When I got to work the lads pestered me until I showed them
the new photos. The leather hood aroused some comment but
as I expected the lascivious photo with my wife's fingers
stuck into her asshole got raucous support. The other one
they particularly liked was the butt cum shot.But they
also asked me when I was going to have some "proper
fuck photos" to show them.

I showed Tom the photos later. He spent some time studying
them all, squeezing his crotch at the same time. He gave
me the opening I needed when he whistled in appreciation
and said

"Wow! I wouldn't mind giving her one, quite a

When I told him that he had said that before. he looked at
me strangely and said, "you aren't telling me
that this is your fucking wife are you? I didn't think
that she'd be into this sort of thing. No offence, she's
got a hell of a fuckable body but she always seems so prudish."

I laughed and told him that he was half right. I explained
that it was my wife but that she was drugged and asleep, hence
the hood.

He looked at me in utter disbelief, even more so when I explained
that it was her idea to take the sleeping tablets but that
she didn't know about the photos. I explained to him
my problem with the flash photography and that I was looking
for an assistant who would certainly be able to "give
her one" if they wanted to.

He whistled again and then said to me, "you've
got a den in the basement haven't you, " I nodded,
"and your wife never goes down there, " I agreed

In fact perversely, although there is nothing special
down there its just a room with some basic funriture and
with my darkroom off it, I keep it locked just to annoy my

"Well look" he said "with a little bit
of work we could probably turn the den into a first rate studio
and fucking parlour. What do you think?"

This sounded an excellent idea so I suggested he should
come round that evening to have a look at the den, not for
anything else I hastened to add.

At supper time I told my wife that Tom was coming round and
we would be discussing some things down in the den.

When he came I saw him looking at my wife in a speculative
manner and I hurriedly rushed him down into the den, taking
a six-pack with us.

He whistled appreciatively when he saw that I actually
had a divan in the den. I took notes as he pointed out where
we could fix rings on the wall and floor to take the rope and
manacles I'd bought. Another good suggestion was
that we could swop some of the wall lights for proper photographic

He said that he had a padded bench at home which he could bring
that would be just right for spreading my wife over. He measured
up for some background drapes and for a strategically positioned

We chatted a while, finishing the beers, and then went upstairs.
It was quite late and my wife had gone to bed. With Tom having
been such a big help, and me feeling a bit mellow, I thought
I should let him see what was on offer for the future.I told
him to wait a minute and went up to the bedroom. My wife was
sound asleep. I shouted down to Tom to come up.

I pulled the bedcovers down and she was wearing her pajamas.
I straightened her put on the bed then unbuttoned her jacket
and released her boobs. Tom licked his lips and began to
squeeze his groin, as he had done when he looked at the pictures
in the morning.

I undid the cord on the PJ bottoms and pulled them down slightly,
spreading her thighs slightly at the same time. Tom looked
at me and I nodded to him.

He unbuttoned his belt, dropped his pants and pushed his
under-shorts down. His prick shot out firm and erect. I
laughed and pulled her PJ bottoms right off then stood back
to watch.

He ran his hand through her bush and over her pussy then thrust
two fingers hard into her cunt. He pushed them firmly in
and out until he was satisfied that she was ready.He grabbed
her by the hips and pulled her towards the edge of the bed.
He spread her thighs wide and pushed her legs back on to her
boobs then leant forward and sank his tool into her with
one firm thrust.

I watched fascinated! Despite having seen many fuck movies it was sensational
not only being within touching distance of the action but
also realising that the cunt the prick was working in and
out of was my wife's. I suddenly realised what was going
on and rushed to get the camera and started snapping away
as Tom fucked on. It was my 35mm SLR, not the polaroid, and
I realised that that I would have to develop and print the
film myself, which would be a chore for later on, but for
now I was happy enough viewing Tom's prick squishing
in and out of my wife and watching her cunt lips open and close
around his tool, wrapping thenselves around it like a glove.
Not expecting her to be fucked tonight I hadn't put
her hood on but I was so close to the action that the chances
of getting her face into the shots had to be remote. Tom had
always fancied "giving her one" now he was.

"Squish, Slap, Huh! Su..uuck; Squish, Slap, Huh! Su..uuck; Squish, Slap, Huh! Su..uuck" I hadn't realised how noisy fucking
could be, as a participant I suppose you don't notice
but as a bystander I did. As Tom thrust powerfully into her
cunt, sliding his prick right into her vagina as far as he
could the fronts of his thighs slapped against her buttocks
and the backs of her thighs. My wife was involuntarily exhaling
as the breath was forced from her both by the power of his
thrusts and by the way her thighs were forced down onto her
chest as he drove inwards. As he withdrew prior to driving
in again he had to overcome the suction of her cunt.

I stopped taking "photos and just enjoyed the spectacle
of my wife being well and truly fucked. My only worry was
that in the morning she may be sore or bruised from the battering
Tom was administering, and how would I explain that?

His rod was quite long and sometimes I thought that it was
going to slip out of her cunt but he never pulled it out beyond
the tip before hammering it back into her. Her silence,
apart from the enforced exhalation of air, was eery. Watching
the way Tom was fucking her, the depth of his thrusts, the
power he exerted and the way he was increasing speed, I knew
that any normal, wide awake woman would be bucking about
underneath him, screaming and shouting in ecstasy as she
approached orgasm.

I suddenly realised that Tom, himself, must be getting
pretty close to his orgasm so I picked up the camera again
and focussed on her groin area. His prick was almost a blur
as he fucked her faster and faster. I set the shutter as fast
as I could in the hope that I'd get a good shot of his cum
flying though the air before it splattered down on to her.

Even as I watched his stroke got shorter and slower, but
deeper and then after four powerful final thrusts he groaned
and came to a halt with his prick buried completely in her
cunt, his groin pressed hard against hers, and I realised
I wasn't going to get a cum shot! He had filled my wife's vagina instead.

He stayed lodged in my wife for a minute or two before slowly
withdrawing his now shrivelling prick, a final drop of
cum at the tip. As it slipped out through her cunt lips they
closed behind it and some of his cum was forced out of her.

He held his tool over my wife's stomach and worked his
foreskin backwards and forwards until the very last of
his emissions had been expelled on to her.

Tom backed away and took a tissue off the dressing table
to dry his tool off with. I couldn't take my eyes off
my wife's freshly fucked body. Even as I watched more
cum suddenly oozed out from between her pussy lips and I
realised that her vaginal walls were probably still contracting
from the unconscious orgasm which she must have experienced.

I became aware of an ache in my loins and realised that I'd
developed a very strong erection. Although I hadn't
intended for my wife to be fucked at all tonight, not by me
and certainly not by Tom. I suppose that my subconscious
had wanted to see Tom fuck her, otherwise I wouldn't
have invited him upstairs and now my erection was going
to make me take her as well.

Tom had dressed himself by now and said that he had better
get home to his own wife so I took him down stairs and let him
out. He insisted on chatting a bit longer.

"That wife of yours is one hell of a fuck, " he

"Even though she was asleep her cunt was still responding,
that's why I couldn't pull out to give you a good
cum shot. Sorry about that."

He went on, "If you set the den up right we can have a
great time! I think we will be able to stake her out for some great shots"
I nodded, all the time aware of the hardness in my pants,
hoping that what he was saying wouldn't stimulate
me too much with possibly disastrous consequences. "Say,
has she ever been ass-fucked? If she hasn't that will
be a real challenge, ass-fucking her without her knowing
anything about it. We would need to spread that over a few
nights, I guess. Maybe you should add some different sizes
of dildos to your list so that we can stretch her a bit further
each time. Whaddya say Bud?"

I nodded again and then, thank goodness, he went.

I closed the door behind him and rushed upstairs, unfastening
my belt as I went.

My wife was lying on the edge of the bed with one leg, knee
bent, on the bed and the other dangling off the side. Her
cunt was exposed and cum was still seeping out of her. There
was a puddle of cum on the bedclothes. The sheer fury with
which Tom had fucked her and the amount of cum he had produced
set me wondering just how well, and how often, he was allowed
to service his own wife, Mary.

Looking at Tom's cum dribbling out of my wife I realised
that until a couple of days ago I'd never fucked a cum
filled cunt before.My wife always felt that fucking her
more than once at a time was a form of perversion and had never
allowed it. Now I was going to drive my prick into my wife's
cunt which was already filled with cum, not mine but a strangers.
The thought hardened my erection still further and caused
me problems getting my shorts off.

I put both her legs back on the bed and spread her as wide as
I could. I held her thighs apart and leaned over her. My throbbing
tool found its way straight through her pussy lips and I
slid into her moist, warm, gooey channel right to the hilt.
Tom's cum and her own juices had lubricated her so well
that maximum penetration was easy. As I began to work away
at her I marvelled at how her cunt was so adaptable. Although
Tom's phallus was bigger, and longer, than mine and
he must have stretched her wide open her vagina was now clasping
my penis tightly.

I stayed still for a moment, savouring the sensations.
The warmth and the moisture, the velvety feel and then I
felt her vagina walls beginning to palpitate around my
prick. I realised that the second penetration by me had
stimulated a reflex action and the orgasm she'd experienced
with Tom was returning. I remembered how she'd always
resisted a second penetration in the past not realising
that her body could take as much fucking as it was given.She
would never know what she'd missed.

I began to drive into her hard and her cunt responded by gripping
and releasing me ever more firmly. I grasped her hips and
pulled her buttocks off the bed.I thrust harder and faster
and her cunt responded magnificently and I could hold back
no more. My cum shot out of my prick and up her vagina to mix
with Tom's. Again and again I convulsed and even as
I pulled out cum was still spurting [color
black]out and landed in her bush and on her stomach.

The next morning she did comment that her thighs were sore
but she accepted my suggestion that she'd probably
had an attack of cramp in the night.

Over the next few nights Tom and I did the necessary work
in the den. We left my wife alone so that we would be able to
do her justice when we were ready for her. We watched some
fuck movies, when we were drinking our beers, to give us
ideas on how to use her best.

Actually it isn't quite right to say we left her alone
because she actually had some anal sexual activity every

Following Tom's suggestion I'd been pulling
her pajama trousers down at bedtime and using first my fingers
and then a dildo in her anus to get it stretched ready for
us when we wanted to assfuck her.

I didn't want her to think I'd gone off sex completely
so the night we expected to finish the den I told her that
I was going to fuck her. Since she didn't think she'd
been fucked for a couple of weeks she took it graciously.

"Very well. I'll make myself ready for you later."

When I went up she was on her back, the bedclothes turned
down and she was wearing a nightie which she'd bunched
up around her waist as usual. Her legs were spread wide apart
with her knees bent fully exposing her cunt. To be fair to
her she did try to make it easy for me to fuck her even if it
was a bit clinical.

I didn't actually fuck her, I hadn't intended
to. Tonight was to be the moment of truth for her asshole!
Tonight I was going to use the biggest dildo.

I fingered her first and then fucked her in the cunt with
the dildo. As her juices started to flow, and the dildo was
squishing in and out with little resistance, I saw that
her tits were coming erect and she was obviously becoming
aroused.I fucked her faster until her cunt lips and tits
were fully engorged and she was having an orgasm. I reckoned
she deserved the occasional orgasm if Tom and I were going
to abuse and exploit her.

I took the dildo out of her cunt, it slid out easily, it was
soaked with her slimy juices, really well lubricated.
I thought about it and decided it was now or never.

I turned her over and spread her buttock cheeks as best I
could.Then I took a deep breath, and slowly pressed the
tip of the dildo against her asshole and pushed firmly.
At first nothing happened then slowly her anus opened up
and accepted it. Her sphincter stretched wide open to accept
the head of the dildo and then closed around the shaft to
gtip it firmly. Her juices were a good lubricant and I worked
the dildo slowly in and out, a bit deeper on each insertion,
watching for any sign of tearing or bleeding. Finally I
was working it in about four or five inches without any problems.
I fucked her fast for a minute or two then pulled the dildo
out with a plop. There was no sign of any bleeding but to be
sure I pushed my fingers right in to her ass. They came out
without any blood on them. I heaved a sigh of relief. The
dildo was far bigger than either Tom or myself, we would
be able to assfuck her with impunity as long as we were hard
enough to get in.

When I'd turned her back over, and pulled her nightie
back down, I went downstairs and telephoned Tom to tell
him what I'd done and suggest that tomorrow night we
could initiate the den.

I debated with myself the next evening whether to warn my
wife or not, after all Tom and I didn't really care
whether she went to sleep in her nightie with her legs spread
apart, or curled up wearing her PJs, we were going to strip
her completely. I guess it would have been kinder not to
say anything but pure cussedness made me tell her that I
was going to fuck her again that night. She wasn't happy
about it and protested long and loud. The affect of her complaints
on me was to make my prick hard and she was lucky that I didn't
take her then and there.

When Tom arrived we went down to the den and set up the ropes
and pulleys over the divan which would enable us to manipulate
and expose her however we wanted.

About 10pm we went up to the bedroom. Despite her protests
earlier my wife had made herself easily accessible as usual,
if I'd just been planning a simple fuck, that is.

I pulled her nightie right off over her head and arms, and
folded it up and put it on the bedside chair. Whilst I was
doing this Tom had parted her thighs and pushed his fingers
into her cunt. He was preparing it for later. I watched and,
when he was satisfied that she was moist enough, we turned
her over and I parted her buttocks so that he could insert
his fingers into her anus. Now that I'd prepared the
way assfucking was definitely scheduled for later.

When we'd turned her back over I put my hands under her
arms and thighs and picked her up. Tom led the way back down
to the den.

I put her naked body down on the divan, under the ropes and
pulleys, and spread her arms and legs apart.

Whilst Tom put manacles on her ankles I secured another
set on her wrists, then I put the leather hood over her head
and fastened it. We intended to film all the action and had
set up two camcorders. Her head was sure to come into shot
on many occasions.

Tom and I stripped off also and put on the rubber face masks
we'd got for ourselves so that we wouldn't be recognised.

Now we had to decide how to use her to best advantage. What
was going to give us the most satisfaction, make the best
video, and exploit her best for all the humiliation she'd
caused me in the past?

Tom looked at me, "what shall we do to the Cunt first?"
he asked.

Tom and I had been enjoying my wife for several weeks. I think
enjoying is the word although some might say that exploiting
and abusing was more accurate. With the apparatus in the
den we'd been able to set her up how we wanted. For example
we'd been able to suspend her with the ropes and manacles
so that we could double fuck her, cunt and ass at the same
time. When you consider that her ass had been virgin just
a few short weeks ago we felt this was quite an achievment.

My wife, of course, knew nothing of this. As far as she was
concerned she was simply fulfilling her wifely duties
by making her cunt available to me on request. She thought
that I was fucking her, in her own bed, cumming in her cunt,
cleaning her up and saying "Thank you mam! Three bags full" every time. She didn't know
that she was being stripped naked, manacled and strung
up for Tom and I to exploit both by fucking her and photographing
her for the vicarious pleasure of our workmates. She didn't
know that both her cunt and her asshole were being used by
us both.She didn't know that we were taking advantage
of her most nights, not just those when I'd to demean
myself by asking her to make herself available for sex.

Despite all these advantages, however, Tom and I had to
confess that we were getting bored! We knew her cunt and asshole intimately, we knew what was
necessary to instigate a reflex orgasm from her. We both
kept coming up with different ideas to freshen up our relationship
with my wife but any new ideas only offered transient vicarious

Many nights my wife was tied down, both exposed and available,
but serving purely as a backdop to Tom and I playing cards
and drinking beer. She could have been lying sleeping in
bed for all the use we made of her.We could look at her naked
body now without developing instant erections. She was
becoming a bore!

Things changed dramatically however. One night Tom was
late arriving. I'd already stripped my wife and carried
her downstairs before he came. I'd laid her on the divan
and spread her arms and legs out wide. We had put rings in
the wall at both sides of the bed head and on the floor at the
foot of the bed. I had manacled her wrists and ankles and
tied the manacles to the rings. Then I pushed a bolster under
her hips so that her pudenda was pushed forwards and upwards.
Once I had her in position I'd pulled the ropes taut
before tying them off. She was completely immobilised
and completely exposed.

Tom knocked at the door as usual but when I opened it he stepped
inside then stood there looking, and acting, a little embarrassed.

"I've got Mary with me" he said.

Mary was his wife and I'd been wondering for some time
what his relationship was with her. Certainly when we first
started abusing my wife he had always performed with such
enthusiasm that I'd felt his own sex life wasn't
that good. I wondered what he'd done to Mary to get her
here. drugged her secretly? Got her drunk?

I told him that it wasn't a problem and he had better
bring her in. He went back out and I was stunned when Mary
appeared not being carried by Tom but walking with him,
neither drugged nor drunk. I didn't know what was going
on so I invited them both into the living room and got us drinks.
Then it all came out, and it was almost unbelievable.

Apparently Mary had been disturbed by the decreasing interest
Tom had been paying her and had finally got it out of him what
was happening; the whole story.

"So you are the other pervert" she said to me,
"Is it fun taking advantage of a sleeping woman?"

She went on, "wouldn't you rather get your kicks
with a woman who would actually enjoy being tied-up, humiliated
and exploited? Why didn't you look for one like that
to share your pleasures with?"

Tom and I just looked at her and said nothing, not really
believing what we were hearing.

"No! I don't suppose it would occur to either of you that
a woman might enjoy it as much as you. You are both too selfish.
Well, I'm here now. Take me down to the den and abuse
me" We went downstairs and Mary saw my wife spread
out for the evening's activities. She walked over
and had a good look at the way she was stretched out. She grasped
my wife's boobs, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.
Then she ran her hands up my wife's inner thighs and
worked her thumbs into her pussy slit.

It was quite erotic watching another woman caressing my
wife's body. Mary shuddered and stepped back from
my wife. She inspected the ropes and manacles aand then
saw the dildos lying on the table she picked up the biggest

"You use this in her regularly?" she asked,
we nodded.

She stepped up to the divan and with one thrust buried the
implement right in my wife's cunt, right to the hilt.
She worked it roughly in an out of my wife a few times rubbing
her other hand in her own crotch. She shuddered again and
pulled the dildo out.

"God, that must be delicious and the silly cow knows
nothing about it" She turned back to Tom and I, standing
there dumbfounded.

"Well, why don't you boy scouts untie her and
put her back to bed then strap me down in her place. I can't
wait to have that thing up inside me."

She began to unbutton her blouse. We had our orders!

Tom helped me unfasten my wife and carry her back to the bedroom.
I put her nightie back on and we put her back in bed.

When we got back to the den Mary was lying on the divan, stark

"Right! Strap me down just like you did your wife" she demanded.
"I want you to use me just exactly the same and don't
take any notice if I tell you to stop. Play by the same rules.
I didn't see any sign of bruising on her so you haven't
been too brutal. Just get on with it. I'm hot!"

Tom and I hurried to obey. Mary was smaller than my wife.
In all honesty she was neater and had a much better figure.
We had to adjust the length of the ropes to get her stretched
and exposed the same way. I put the hood over her head and
fastened it securely.

When we had her laid out as my wife had been I picked up the
dildo. Tom was going to work her cunt with his fingers in
preparation for penetration but I held my hand up to stop
him. His darling Mary hadn't prepared my wife. I could
see Mary licking her lips as she sensed that I was near her.
There were no eyeholes in the hood so she couldn't see
me. Just as she'd done with my wife I shoved the didlo
right in her in one swift movement. Her hips came off the
bed and she screamed. I remembered what she'd said
and took no notice but just pushed the device in and out as
hard and fast as I could. Her screams turned to moans as the
dildo slipped in and out more and more easily and her juices
gushed out of her pussy. She'd quickly come to orgasm.

We undid the ropes from the floor rings and tied them to the
extra set behind the bedhead. I did up the restraining belt
around her waist and Tom and I pulled on the repositioned
ropes so that her legs were pulled back towards the head
of the bed. She was still enjoying her first orgasm and didn't
realise that what we were doing now was bending her back
to expose her asshole as well as her cunt. The restraining
strap prevented her whole body from being pulled up the

Tom then said to me, "hold on! Mary has never been ass-fucked
by me in her life."

I just smiled at him. Tonight's happenings had made
me realise that there were probably many things that Tom
didn't know about his sweet, demure, wholesome Mary.

He tried to stop me but I brushed him aside and told him to
remember her instructions to treat her as if she was my wife.

I pressed the dildo against her asshole. As I'd half
expected instead of tightening up she relaxed and pushed
back at me as best she could, it definitely wasn't going
to be the first time her asshole had been penetrated whatever
Tom might think. I slammed the dildo through her sphincter
and into her rectum. She shrieked but her sphincter had
opened to accommodate the dildo and there was no tearing.
I worked it in and out and she moaned and struggled.

I finally got it all into her.

I left it wedged in her anus and motioned to Tom to help me
untie the ropes and restraining strap. We kept her manacled
and dragged her over to the bench Tom had brought from home.
I pushed her face down over it and tied the ropes beneath
her.I cuffed her wrists together under the bench. My cock
was hard and rigid. I pulled the dildo out of her asshole
then leant over the bench and pierced her with my prick.
My weight took me straight in up to the hilt.

Besides me I heard Tom wimpering as my tool slid into his
little Mary's asshole. He had never realised before
what a slut his Mary was.

I did press-ups over her as she cursed and swore underneath
me, obviously enjoying the deep anal insertion. Finally
Tom could stand it no more. He knelt in front of her and pressed
his phallus against the mouth hole of the leather hood.

"Suck this you bitch! Take it all in you slut!"

He pushed his tool through the opening and Mary became silent
as his prick filed her mouth.

I suddenly realised that I was being . I'd never
experienced an assfuck such as I was getting from Mary before.
With my sleeping wife it had been a different form of masturbation
but Mary was fucking me, I wasn't in control. She was
relaxing her sphincter as I drove into her so that I'd
go deep then clenching and unclenching her muscles as I
withdrew.This was sure as hell no virgin ass.

I couldn't hold out for long with Mary milking me this
way and as I came and spurted my
cum deep into her bowels her muscles clenched and unclenched
more rapidly to milk me dry. I withdrew, dribbling the last
drops of my emission on to her buttock cheeks.

Tom was fucking her mouth, hard. It was bizarre, it looked
as if he was pushing his prick in and out of a leather ball.
Mary definitely had no control with him. Her hands were
cuffed together under the bench and he was grasping her
head firmly, pushing and pulling in time with his thrusts.
When he went too deep she gagged and spluttered.

He came in her mouth and withdrew still cumming. The hood
was splattered with gobs of his cum. Mary's tongue
appeared out of the mouth hole to lick the remnants from
the corner of the mouth opening.

Tom and I sat back, leaving Mary squirming on the bench cum
dribbling from the mouth hole of the hood and running down
her thighs. We looked at one another. We both knew that this
was more satisfying than exploiting my wife could ever
be... being able to indulge our obscene fantasies on an
awake partner was going to be really stimulating!

This word was chosen for it’s unusually high frequency
in erotic texts. It is marked to draw attention to when,
why and where it is used. To some, it may stimulate, to others
it’s a bore. What does your brain say?

This text contains one or more repetitions of specific
BLUE WORD(S) . Each is marked
thus to draw your attention to it’s placement and useage
in an erotic environment. Enjoy........

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