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aunty desires with guys


Hai i met an aunty she described her exp so i felt like to share
all my friends.she described if i did any mistakes in my
story pplz xcue me. My stats are 42G-34-40. I have used “G” with my breasts
size because it is a fact that I am really having such big
tits that they are a point for concern for me also. But now
they are not very firm as of a teenage girl but still they
are far better than the women in 30s and from the women of
my age also.

I have been brought up in a very orthodox family. My father
would punish me if he found me talking to any boy. He was sick
of his thinking. Right from my puberty, I blushed due to
my stats and used to get all sorts of non-veg comments from
boys of my school and all the boys from my colony. My father
came to know about this and so I was married at an early age
of 19, to Atul. At that time I was not that big in terms of stats.
At that time I would be 38C-30-36. Anyway, within 1 year
of my marriage I conceived. After the birth of my first baby
boy I became somewhat plumpish. But after this I lost control
over my stats as since then I have given birth to 4 more children
and that also within 8 years after my marriage. So the fat
I gained during this period just became permanent on my
body. But as I grew older I found Atul becoming hornier and
he never missed any chance of fucking me. Even after birth
of 5 children he was not at all alarmed to take precautions
and would always fuck me without condoms. Although he is
very educated and broad-minded, but still he hated even
the idea of using condoms. If I asked for using condoms,
he would become angry with me and fucked me like a devil.
From this u all must have got the idea of his horny nature.

When it was my 28th bday, he gifted me a set of 4 nightgowns.
They all were so transparent that it made no difference
to wear them or being naked. Our all 5 children used to sleep
with us. So I refused to wear them in front of them. But he
was mad to see me embarrassed in front of my children. So
I had to wear them and to that he added that he wants me without
undergarments at night. I was also aroused at his idea so
I agreed. And when my children saw me like that, they all
questioned me about what were the two football shaped things
hanging in front of my chest and about the dense hair growth
over my pussy. My husband was also there only and he was laughing
like hell after hearing all this and I was just soooo much
embarrassed that I just entered in the bed sheet to hide
myself. Then my husband started to explain them all about
what they were asking and he used me as an instrument to explain
female anatomy to them. But my children were too young to
understand all that. But they remembered the word that
my husband used for my breasts i.e. “chuche” and they
also knew that for what they were used. He sometimes fucked
me in the same room in which our children slept with us and
sometimes in the kitchen with my children moving in the
house. I never matched his skills in terms of horniness
but yes due to his charismatic nature I also become bold
and didn’t felt embarrassed to reveal my treasures to
males, then they may be his friends or my neighbors. I knew
that all the males in our area wanted me in bed because their
wives used to tell me that their husbands compare their
bodies with mine. Due to this they were also jealous of me.
But I never bothered about that. Instead I kept on teasing
their husbands by displaying some part of cleavage or waist
to them whenever they came to our house to meet my husband
or to have tea or anything with us. But I knew that all these
were just the reason to stare at my sexy body. And this made
me more and more proud of my body.

But as my husband got more indulged in his job tours and other
office formalities, his frequency of fucking me decreased
but not by a very great extent. He still satisfied me. But
when he started growing old as Indian men become after attaining
a certain age of 40 or 45. He also became very less adventurous
and he fucked me just to satisfy himself. But I never complaint
him about this as he had always satisfied me when he was young.
So I thought that now I have to be content with what he gives
me. But this was just like lying to me as now my body became
used to intense fucking and I was unable to control my feelings
if I was not fucked with great vigor. Sometime went like
this only and I had to satisfy me by masturbating. I masturbated
thrice to 5 times a day and this amazed me a lot that even at
the age of 43 I was so horny. But since it is a fact that a flame
becomes more aggressive when it is near its end. The same
was my condition. I was near menopause and this made me hornier
all together. I became like bitch. I used to stare at every
man’s cock moving through my house or whenever I visited
somewhere. I myself used to brush my tits to any men’s
chest if was in a crowded area and as men’s are always horny,
they also used to touch my waist and bums and I also never
objected. Sometimes I felt that it is really bad that at
this age I should not behave like this but my body was sick
of getting fucked. Few years passed like this and now my
husband stopped fucking me and I was fed up masturbating
with tooth brushes, cucumbers, gourds and all such stuff.
I also found that my pussy had started becoming smaller
than it was once when I was regularly fucked. I found it difficult
to insert the whole cucumber in my pussy. Now I was unable
to control my urge and was really hungry for a cock. Then came the turning point of my life which transformed
me forever.

One day I was going to my friend Karuna’s house. As I entered
her house, I found his son (Eshaan , 16) with a boy (Venu ,
16). He was his friend who lives in our colony and I knew him
also as he lives in Next Street to mine. They were discussing
something very seriously. I didn’t want to disturb their
conversation. So I went straight to Karuna’s room, and
they didn’t notice me. But she was not there. I thought
of asking it to Eshaan. As I moved towards them, I found him
uttering my name. I just stopped there and tried to listen
to their conversation. I was completely shocked of what
I heard. They were having a conversation about me and my
body. I thought that they would be good boys who respected
their elder. But after listening to their language, my
views were changed about them. They were using all sorts
of dirty words and abusive language. Now I am writing their conversation as it is as I heard:

Eshaan: kal raat to bada maza aaya. (Last night was a real
fun) Venu: kyon, kya hua? (Why, what happened?) Eshaan: kal raat ko maine Neeta aunty ke bare mein soch kar
muth maara aur mera itna sara semen nikla jitna aaj tak kabhi
nahin nikla. Yaar Neeta aunt kya bomb lagti hai, agar woh
meri patni hoti to main to unhe din raat chodta rehta. (Last
night I masturbated thinking about Neetra aunt, and so
much cum came out that I had never ejaculated that much ever
before. Neeta aunt is such a bomb, if would be his husband,
I must have fucked her whole day and night) Venu: haan yaar, Neeta aunty ne to mera lund ka bhi bura haal
kar rakha hai. Main to din mein kam se kam 4 -5 baar Neeta randi
ke bare mein soch kar muth maarta hoon. (Yes buddy, due to
Neeta aunt my cock is also in very bad condition. I masturbate
4 –5 time’s day imagining about Neeta, the slut). Eshaan: Atul uncle ke to maze hain. Aisi biwi ho to aadmi
kabhi Buddha hi nahin hoga. (Atul uncle is very lucky. If
a man has a wife like that, then he will never grow old.) Venu: Buddha hoga bhi kaise. Din raat Neeta ke chchon ka
doodh peeta hoga aur saari raat chodta hoga. Kya mast chuche
hain saali ke. (How will he grow old? He would be drinking
milk from Neeta aunt’s breasts whole day and night and
then he would fuck her the whole night. She really has awesome
breasts.) Eshaan: agar who meri patni hoti to abhi kam se kam 50 –
60 bacchon ki maa hoti. (if she would been my wife, she would
be have given birth to 50 – 60 children) Then 1 more boy, Nishant came: Nishant: hi guys, what’s up? Eshaan: Nothing really serious. We were just discussing
about the hot candy. Nishant: Ok! By the way what was u guys discussing about
her? Venu: Eshaan told me that he masturbated last night thinking
about her and he ejaculated so much semen that he never ejaculated
ever before in his life. Nishant: Anyways, what about the plan of her. I was dumbstruck after hearing this. Venu: Let’s wait and watch when that time comes. But firstly
we have to know exactly about her daily schedule only then
we can fix the time and date. Nishant: This is ur duty Eshaan and does it as soon as possible
as I can’t wait for more time.

Then they all went away to play leaving me shell shocked.
I just could not believe my years of what I heard recently.
I just could not understand that how such young children
can think like this. But at the same time, the slut inside
me, made me excited and I thought that now they are not children,
infact they are capable of giving me a child or may be more.
I was just too happy of thinking that now I don’t need to
wait longer for a cock or infact 3 cocks together.

Eshaan started his work from the next day only. From that
day till a week and a half, he came to my home numerous times
a day. He didn’t know that I knew the reason behind his
frequent visits. But another week passed and no action
took place. Now my pussy was giving me a real pain. I was dying
for their young and hopefully virgin cocks. Then I myself
took the initiative and asked Karuna to leave him to my home
for some days because Atul was going out of station for some
days and so I would be alone, so she should leave Eshaan with
me for some days. Karuna was very frank with me and she readily
agreed to my idea and said that she was also thinking that
same as she and her husband have not enjoyed from a long time
alone in the house. I thought that Karuna would be having
her share of fun with her husband and I would be having my
share of fun with his son. So she sends Eshaan with me. On
hearing this news Eshaan was also very happy. I knew that
he would be thinking that now he would be able to keep a good
watch at my daily schedule. But I was in some other mood,
I wanted something to happen at the earliest or otherwise
I have to force the things to happen. Few days passed, but
still there was no sign of what they guys were talking about
the other day, I mean of me. I thought that it is more
than enough, now I have to do something myself. So I planned
that I would show my body to Eshaan anyhow and then may be
he can to something.

The very next day I went to bathroom to take bath and intentionally
left the towel and my bra and panty on the table outside the
bathroom. Our bathroom has a door of glass which is transparent
but curtains are there to keep the secrecy. I also didn’t
turn on the curtains, so that Eshaan can see my buxom body.
I started removing my clothes and then went under the shower.
I knew that if Eshaan would hear the sound of shower running
in the bathroom, then he would definitely come to see me.
And that happened also. He came and stood outside the bathroom,
looking at my scintillating body with great curiosity.
I moved my face towards him but didn’t look at him and started
pressing my breasts and making some noises simultaneously.
Then I started scratching my cunt over my panty. Then immediately
I removed my panty also. Now I was completely nude in front
of the horny boy. Only the glassed door separated us. To
my surprise, Eshaan took his cock out of his undy and started
masturbating. I was amazed at the size of his cock. His cock
was good in size as compared to his age. I also started rubbing
my crotch with greater force. In few moments Eshaan came
on the floor and at that exact moment I uttered his name in
loud voice from bathroom to ask him to give me my towel and
undergarments. He had no option left. He had to come immediately.
So he didn’t get anytime to remove his semen from the floor
and from his pant also about which he didn’t knew. As he
knocked the bathroom door, I opened the door and instead
of hiding my body behind the door, I came right in front him
completely naked.

He handed over the clothes to me and started looking at my
naked parts. I also didn’t make any attempt to make him
feel that I was in a hurry to go inside and get the clothes
on. It seemed to me that he froze there. I cunningly asked
him “what is this white fluid spread on your pant?”
He looked at it and said that it was his saliva. I thought
to myself that today young boys have started to “ejaculate”
their saliva and that also from their cocks and starting
laughing. He felt embarrassed and quickly ran away. I went
out of bathroom only in undergarments with a towel wrapped
above them. I found his semen still lying there. I cleaned
it from there with my finger and immediately gulped his
cum. It was really a thrilling experience as I have never
tasted a man’s cum before but today I was just too much
excited that I knew no limits. I just wanted a powerful cock
in my pussy which can rock me till I become embedded in the
bed. I went in the same room where Eshaan was sitting. When
he saw me wrapped in towel, and his eyes became twice their
original size. I also sat down on the sofa with him cuddled
only in a towel like a prostitute. I started talking with
him. But he was not at all interested in my unyielding talks;
instead he was busy in looking at my naked legs and more than
half of my naked breasts. I found him looking at my assets,
so I also opened my legs to show him my pussy but it was covered
with a panty. So I excused him for a moment and went in other
room and removed my panty and went back to him. Now I spread
my legs and I knew that now my pussy would be clearly visible
to him. I pretended as if I was completely unaware of what
was happening. I displayed my cunt to him for around 15 minutes
and then thought of displaying my breasts also. So I undid
the knot of the towel and got up. Since its knot was not tied,
so the towel fell down and my breasts and my naked pussy were
clearly visible to him. He shamelessly peeped at my assets
and didn’t move even a bit. I myself gathered the towel
and wrapped it again and went to other room. I was out of control.
I threw the towel on the bed and took the comb with the widest
handle and started masturbating with it. I cum in no time
and immense amount of cum came out from my pleasure hole.
I never felt so satisfied and excited in past 3-4 years.
It was just amazing. I knew that what I was thinking or wanted
to happen with me was completely wrong or bad for me, but
still I was damn crazy about it and wanted to happen it at
the earliest. Now I knew that Eshaan can’t control his urge for a long
time or may be even for a short time.

In the evening Eshaan was watching TV. I also went there
and sat with him on the bed. I was in a complete transparent
saree and, today I also applied some make up on my body to
look sexier, after so many years. Since I was looking more
beautiful than normal, I knew that this would definitely
catch Eshaan’s attention. I was sitting very close to
him. He tried to look at my tummy from the corner of his eye.
I noticed this. So I tried to display it to him so that he can
admire properly. My navel is very big and round. It can easily
contain 2 completely filled teaspoons of anything and
still nothing will come out from its sides. He was fascinated
when he looked at my navel. I knew that now I am the queen of
his thoughts. I knew that he is my silent admirer, like all
the males in our area. But I wanted him to speak up. He was
not that bold enough to speak about the beauty that he was
silently admiring. So I thought of asking him what he was
thinking. Our conversation went as follows:

Me: U r looking somewhat disturbed!! Eshaan: no! I am perfectly fine. Me: No, I don’t feel so. Eshaan: Why? I am really fine. Me: I am feeling that you are lying to me. Eshaan: Why would I lie to you? Me: How would I know unless u doesn’t tell me? Eshaan: I am telling the truth. I am really fine. Me: sure?? Eshaan: Ya! Very sure. Me: Okay then, will you answer my simple question. Eshaan: With pleasure. Me: but before that u has promise to me that u won’t lie.
Eshaan: Aunt! Why would I lie to you? Me: I really don’t know. But I am feeling this way. Eshaan: Now common ask me your question. Me: What were you looking at just few moments before? Eshaan: nothing…..g!! Really. Me: Are u sure? Eshaan: (hesitatingly) yes. Me: Cheater. Eshaan: Now what I have done? Me: you have told a lie. Eshaan: No aunt. Me: Don’t tell me. You were looking at my navel or not.
He felt embarrassed. Eshaan: YA, but I was not doing it intentionally. Me: Common, Eshaan at least don’t lie now. Why will you
look at my navel for more than 5 minutes and that also not
intentionally? Eshaan: I am sorry, aunt. Me: No, no. Please do be. Don’t hesitate. I know that you
have been admiring my body from a long time but u is never
able to accept that. At least now tell me the truth. Eshaan: (sobbing a little bit) yes aunt, u r right. I have
been admiring your body since I was 8, and now I am 16, such
along time have passed like this. But at that time, I was
too young to understand why this happened with me. But now
when I have grown up and know all about sex and all that stuff,
I have been mesmerized by your body. You are just awesome
aunt. Even at the age of 45, I guess, you are sexier than other
younger women. I have always dreamed of being with you in
bed and give my cock in your… You know what I mean!! I mean
I just want to be like a dead body by fucking you whole day
and night and till the time when I have no energy left in me,
and till you cry out that you can’t handle more of my cock.
It is just the dream that has been in my heart right from the
age of 13, the age when I came to know about the real pleasure
that a woman can give to a man. Me: That’s like a good boy. But I have one more question
that I want to know which parts of my body do you like the most.
Eshaan: actually aunt it is your long and pendulous breasts
that I love the most. I want to drink all the milk in your breasts
and want to eat them like a devil. Me: you know eshaan that I am dying to have sex. Your uncle
hadn’t fucked me since more than 3 years. Eshaan: Now u r telling lie to me aunt. I mean, how uncle can
control himself from fucking you. Me: believe it or not but that’s the only fact. Eshaan: but then how you control your feelings or are it
like that at this age women become cold in terms of sex. Me: yes most of the women become cold in terms of sex at this
age but at least I am not that way. Infact the thought of being
old makes me more comfortable to have sex with anybody and
I am surely much hornier than even the younger race of women.
Eshaan: how can you say so? Me: I masturbate 3-5 times a day and your mom only once. So
I can say this and it is a fact. Eshaan: well, aunt if I ask you something will you do it for
me? Me: ya sure but not here. Let’s come to the bedroom. Eshaan: but first listen to what I am going to ask from you
to do? Me: I know it very well. Your and mine body need each other’s
body. Lets come and make it fast.

Then we went to the bedroom. I latched the door as soon as
we reached the room. We embraced each other wildly and then
we went in depths of the wild kissing. His hands started
moving on my almost naked back in a restless manner and he
also scratched my back at some places. I also behaved like
I was having my virgin kiss. Eshaan moved his hands from
my back to my protruding tummy; his lips started making
my lips wetter and wetter. He became so immersed in kissing
my lips and neck that he never knew when his hands made holes
in my transparent netted saree. He removed the pin which
was holding the pallu of my saree. My mammoth cleavage was
visible to him and he just couldn’t resist himself from
attacking my breasts. In his violent act he also tore my
blouse. Now my breasts were just in the small bra that hided
only small part of my breasts. He kissed my breasts in such
a way that I felt that he had bitten some part of flesh out
of my breasts. He ate my breasts as if he was hungry from years.

I was a bit hurt by his violent acts but my body knew that how
much pleasure was hidden in this hurt that has been parted
from me since three years. His every touch gave me intense
waves of pleasure and my craziness knew no limits. I have
been very hungry for sex from a long time and when the time
has come, I wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Although
Eshaan was still a virgin and not an expert in foreplay but
his curiosity to explore my body made him behave like a real
expert and I came only by the kissing of him in just such an
arousing manner. My panty has become completely soaked
in my cum and when I came I cried aloud as if no neighbors lived
in the nearby area. My cry must have made Eshaan feel a little
bit scared but he didn’t express that. After that he tried
to remove my bra but he couldn’t as the bra was badly sticking
to my back and there was no room for his fingers to enter inside
the bra to unhook it. So I myself lowered the bra straps from
the front. His eyes seemed to come out of their place when
he saw my aureole and my nipples. My aureole must be far bigger
than the size of his palm and I hope that there is no need to
comment about my nipples as u all can imagine that after
feeding 5 children what could be the length of my nipples.
My nipples are bigger than half an inch. He became mad after
his eyes got such a treat. He kept on admiring my breasts
again and again while sucking them. He sucked my breasts
till he felt his mouth cannot hold more of one of the biggest
breasts of the world. His sucking made my breasts red and
the pain given by his sucking gave me immense pleasure.
I have never experienced so much fun by someone sucking
my breasts. Now both of us were ready for the real fun.

He removed my under skirt by opening the knot of it by his
mouth. Then I hurriedly removed my panties and lie on bed.
I lowered his pants and undy and his 6 inches snail came out.
It was harder than my husband’s. I opened my legs wide
to give him maximum penetration and asked him to come on
me. His chest crushed my breasts and he felt something that
he never experienced before as he told me that it feels very
nice to him to crush my breasts. He told this position makes
him feel as if lying on a extra-smooth and fluffiest bed.
Then he tried to insert his cock in my shaven cunt. Since
he was virgin, he had problems to insert his dick in me but
I helped him and told him to give me deep but slow thrusts
if he wanted to enjoy it long and with maximum fun. He felt
some pain initially but after sometime he behaved like
an expert. I also found that my cunt’s hole has become
somewhat tighter and I also felt the pain as his cock stretched
my cunt a bit but I got comfortable in no time as I have already
taken a bigger cock than eshaan’s. He did as I told him.
He gave me deep thrusts and moved slowly. But as it was his
first time, he didn’t last long and I too came with him
as I was also getting a cock after almost 4 years. He came
within 2-3 minutes.

He collapsed over my bust and kissed them continuously.
But when he noticed the mixture of our cums coming out of
my pussy he asked me that he had not ejaculated so much cum
that it can come out of my pussy then why was it overflowing.
Then I told him that as boys ejaculate cum when they are excited,
the same way women also ejaculate cum from there pussy and
that’s why it was over flowing. After sometime his cock
came out of my pussy on it own. It had become limp and needed
to be stimulated fast as he wanted to do it again and I was
dying for another round. So I masturbated his cock and it
sprang up again in no time. This time it felt harder and bigger
than last time. I again lied with my legs opened wide and
he came on top of me. This he inserted his dick without my
help and again gave me deep thrusts. This time his cock was
rubbing my g-spot also and I was getting the maximum pleasure.
This time he was no hurry, whenever he felt he was about to
cum, he stopped for few seconds and then started again.

This way he fucked me for about 10-12 minutes. This time
we both were satisfied. He felt tired and sleepy. He slept
on his fluffiest bed and I also went in deep slumber. We woke
up at night. It was 11:00 pm at the time we woke up. I made some
quick preparations for food. We had some food and some soft
drinks and then again had two more rounds. This time I asked
him to fuck me but this would be on top of him. He was 59 kgs
and I was 77 kgs. So it was difficult for him to bear my weight
but the passion of fucking out weighed the pain and this
time I rocked his cock like hell. I had the steering as well
as accelerator under my control. I increased the speed
whenever I needed and cried as loud as I could. After two
rounds I was ready for more but Eshaan’s cock was completely
exhausted. But to tell you the truth I must say that I personally
felt that he really had much more stamina than the boys of
his age might had as fucking 4 times in a single can really
drive you nuts. He wanted to sleep naked on my naked body
so that he can experience the smooth skin of woman’s body.
I also allowed him. Infact I could have done anything for
him that day because he made me felt in heaven after so may
years. We both slept that way only. The next morning Eshaan
woke me up by sucking my breasts like hell. His cock was rock
hard and ready for fucking me again. I always wonder why
boys and men wake with such a horny mind. Is it the natural
morning erection or they always think about having sex?
I can never guess. Anyways he rocked me again. The first
thing that I did that morning was getting fucked by him like
a slut. He completely satisfied me and was learning rapidly
how to give me pleasure. Then we both took bath and had breakfast.

After many years I was feeling so fresh and cheered up and
all the credit goes to Eshaan solely. Then we again sat together
and talked about different things. When the conversation
was turning boring, I tried to know when they guys are going
to me. I asked him:

Me: hey eshaan, when the “hot candy” is going to be ?
Eshaan: (it seemed like he was half dead when he heard the
words “hot candy”) what are you saying? I don’t understand.
Me: don’t try to be smart eshaan. I am neither going to
scold you and nor going to tell it to anybody. C’mon tell
me. Eshaan: how come you know about “hot candy”? Me: try to guess it yourself! Eshaan: (thinking deeply) sorry!! No guesses. Me: I heard your conversation with nishant and venu the
other day. Eshaan: (surprised) ok! I am sorry aunt but we all are damn
crazy about you. Me: its ok. But tell me when you are going to me and who
all are crazy about me. Eshaan: Actually aunt it could be the next Monday because
we had planned to you on Monday only and the group your
admires include all three of us and Himanshu, Gautam, Ankur,
and Jeet. I mean all three of us had planned to you. (these
four boys also lived in our colony and they all were of same
age) Me: am I really that hot? Eshaan: aunt you are hotter than this. Few months back I
heard Amit and Himesh uncle talking about you and they also
wanted to have physical relations with you. I just couldn’t
stop blushing after hearing such comments for my body.

Then I asked Eshaan if he can ask his friends to me today
only. He told that it might be possible and might be not but
he added that today only he, nishant and venu can come as
all other four boys are not here. I agreed to him and asked
him to go at the earliest to call his friends. I also told
him to inform me by calling if they guys were coming and not
to tell it to anybody that he as already fucked me. He went
to call them and they agreed. He called me from the near by
PCO booth to inform me that they are coming. I locked all
the rooms of my home except the bedroom and acted as if I was
sleeping in the bedroom. I placed a hidden camera to record
the of mine. They all came and entered the house very
quietly. I was able to hear their conversation. Nishant
and Venu were sounding quiet afraid and they were talking
about the consequences if they were caught. But Eshaan
was not at all afraid and was telling them that he will manage
if anything happened. To this both the other boys commented
that Eshaan knows me very well and he already has fucked
me because he was saying that he will manage. But one was
sure that didn’t know the truth that Eshaan has already
fucked me.

They all entered the bedroom and closed the door behind
them, and then they turned on the curtains on the window.
They also turned on the night bulb. Then all three of them
shed their clothes. At this point I thought if boys didn’t
feel ashamed in shedding their clothes in front of other
males. I felt aroused till zenith when I watched their cocks
from the corner of my eyes. It seemed as if came at that moment
only nut it was not so. Then they circled me from three sides
on the bed. I acted as if I was in deep sleep. I was wearing
a thin night gown. It had buttons in the front. I had kept
two buttons open for them so that their eyes can cherish
this moment. Then nishant and eshaan held me tightly and
venu took out some ropes from his pant and they tied me with
the bed. Now I could just behave like a spectator. Then venu
kissed my buxom tits and nishant crushed them. I woke up
at this point and shouted loudly so that they can feel that
I was unaware of the activities going on in the room till
now. Nishant tore my night gown with his hands only. He was
strongest of all three of them. Immediately all of them
jumped on me and started kissing the whole of my body. I came
at that moment and my cum made my panty soaked and it made
a big circle on my panty. Nishant and venu laughed and said
to each other that aunt had urinated here only on the bed
because of fear of getting . But they didn’t knew
its correct meaning and I saw eshaan smiling when they said
this. Then they removed my bra and panty also by tearing
them in pieces. Then what they saw amazed them.

They were dumbstruck like eshaan when they saw my aureole
and my nipples and my pussy too because it was already swollen
and the pink petals were visible quiet clearly. Eshaan
took the first step by kissing and licking my nipples and
both the bys followed him. Then venu’s finger entered
my pussy by mistake and he started to fuck my pussy with his
finger and he said to eshaan and nishant that he is doing
the magic. But eshaan said to him that it is no magic as their
cocks can also enter there. Nishant started fucking me
first while eshaan was licking my breasts and venu was smooching
with me. I was reciprocating to their every move. After
nishant fucked me, he asked me that they can release me from
the ropes if I agree to cooperate with them. I agreed to him.
So they released me. Now I was also participating willingly.
They all said to me that you are really a slut because you
are the first woman who herself is ready to get . I smiled
to their comments and kept on instructing them. The movements
of three cocks in and out in and out in and out in and out of
my pussy made it as hot as an iron heated till it turns red.
My breasts were never treated so roughly that it had now
few scars on it and some bleeding also took place. They were
so crazy that they inserted 3 and a half inches wide log in
my pussy and I felt like I was virgin when they inserted it
in me because a lot of bleeding took place and I was literally
crying and pleading to them to stop this but they said that
they were so frustrated because of me and they will not forgive
me. They kissed my waist and put their semen in my navel and
applied it all over my body. I mean it seemed that even after
may cooperation they were not but they punishing
me. But I didn’t understand what my mistake in all this
matter was.

But anyways they fucked me for at least 10 times and it was
morning when they came and now it was 6:00 pm. They all were
completely exhausted. I was also not able to stand because
of the log that they rocked in me. They all left after taking
short nap and went away at 7:30 pm. Eshaan returned after
half an hour and was again wanted to fuck me once more till
his desire was fulfilled that he wanted to feel like a dead
body only by fucking me. I was helpless as any movement from
my side could have resulted in more bleeding from my pussy
and I don’t wanted more of my blood to shed. He again fucked
me but this time I was not feeling as if his cock was going
in and out in my pussy as my pussy had already widened so much
that his cock also didn’t felt any friction while moving.
He came in me after few minutes and went to sleep to wake up
the next morning. Since I could not move any bit, at least
that day, I had to sleep naked. When he wakes up next morning,
I asked him why he and his friends inserted that big log in
my pussy due to which I was fixed to my bed for few days. To
this he answered that they had already planned about it
and he could not stop them because then they would have suspected
him of having some personal relation with her. So he didn’t
interrupt them. Anyways I forgive him again as he was also
helpless in that case. Since I had recorded this grand day,
I was very happy that I can cherish this as long as I want as
I can watch myself getting anytime. Eshaan was now
very comfortable with me. He talked to me about anything
and never hesitated in touching me anywhere and we usually
used to talk in double meanings and then we would laugh loudly.

Although it all seemed wrong to me when I thought about it
keeping in mind all the aspects including natural and social.
But I could never stop me from having sex because I was really
turned into a bitch that could go to any extent to have sex
with anyone. Anyone means that could be the washer man,
the young boys, and any old man or with anyone who can give
me pleasure in return. I was now a real slut.

The next week was even more painful and at the same gave me
more pleasure. Next week all the 7 boys came to me and
the real fun was that the other 4 boys didn’t know that
I was already being by their horny friends. The whole
week they came in the morning and stayed in my house till
night. They bunked their schools, tuition classes and
even skipped their meals at times. They all shed their virginity
to me and they all were very happy for this. And this time
also I had recorded their acts in my PC through the hidden
camera. This time they even fucked my breasts and rocked
my ass-hole, which was anew experience for me. They tried
out many positions and we all enjoyed it. Due to handling
7 cocks the whole week, my legs were really paining badly
and so was my pussy and ass-hole because I must have been
fucked more than 80 times that week. They all were fuck crazy
and they named my pussy as “factory” and my ass-hole
as “retail shop” as it was not used always. During the
whole week, I had cried in pleasure countless times as they
all never stopped and gave me continuous rocking for as
much as time as I wanted. At times my cunt was continuously
fucked for more than three hours. They divided themselves
in 2 teams comprising Nishant, himanshu and ankur in one
team and Eshaan, venu, jeet and gautam in the other and they
competed with each other that which team can fuck me for
more time. Although first team had three members but they
were the stronger and the ones with the bigger cocks. Infact
himanshu’s was even bigger than my hubby’s. His cock
was an 8 inches and all other cocks varied from 5 to 6 and half
inches. I mean that week was the most memorable week of life
which took me to the new heights of sexual pleasure.

After that week they all didn’t came to me for 3-4 days
and I also wanted some rest after such along week, so I also
didn’t call them. But then Nishant came to me and said
that after few days, it is his b’day and he wanted to celebrate
this b’day in a new manner. I asked what his idea was. He
told that he wanted to take me with all his 6 friends to some
peaceful place where they all can again enjoy for as long
as they can. So we packed our bags and went to Nishant’s
haveli in his father’s village. We were there to stay
for a week or so.

As soon as we reached there, they all became naked and started
making signs towards, ordering me to shed my clothes too.
They all again fucked me like mad that day. But the newt days
were the fun-filled ones. I didn’t know anything about
Blue films till that day, and none of the boys, except Nishant,
knew about them. Nishant had taken around 30 cds with him.
But there was no TV in the haveli. So he rented it from somebody
in the city and also brought the VCD player. He told us that
these are some of the finest films that are ever made. We
thought that these would be really good movies. But venu
interrupted Nishant saying that it is a waste of time as
they have come here just to fuck me and not to watch movies.
Nishant said that just wait and watch these are special
movies. When the first scene came on the TV, we all were shocked.
It showed a woman showing her tits like a whore. All the boys
took out third cocks and started masturbating. Nishant
came behind me and circled my breasts from behind. I asked
from did he brought these Cds. He said that these cdss are
easily available in a city like ours but not in that haveli
region and added that he had bought these cds for this special
occasion. He started pressing my breasts with great force.
Btu I was too busy in watching the movie. I just could not
believe my eyes, it showed a woman taking three cocks in
her simultaneously.

She was shoved with 1 cock in her pussy, 1 in her ass-hole
and third one in her mouth. All the boys were masturbating.
Nishant called them and said that lets do the act. They all
came to me and all started kissing me. I was already aroused
after watching the scenes and now these boys were driving
me mad. They all kissed my every part. Nishant removed that
Cd and inserted another one. This one showed the way to do
foreplay. A man was sucking the woman’s breasts and another
man was having a blowjob by her. At that time only she was
being fucked in both her holes. I felt very bad when I saw
the woman sucking a cock. I thought that these girls don’t
care for anything. But I didn’t know that I also had to
suck all the cocks I was having around me. Then the man started
ejaculating his cum on the woman’s naked breasts and
the other one ejaculated on her tummy and mouth. She gulped
all cum by whipping it from everywhere. I felt really bad
after watching all this. But the boys were badly aroused
and they removed all my clothes and mad me nude. They kissed
my inner thighs and this made me cum immediately and eshaan
placed his mouth on my pussy when he watched me cumming.
Actually the men in TV were also doing the same when the woman
came. But I felt it very dirty thing to do and scolded Eshaan
for this. But he argued that he really liked my salt and warm
cum. All the boys were really crazy and said that it is nothing
bad as the men in TV were also doing it. When Eshaan drunk
my cum and when his tongue touched my clit, I really felt
very nice and it stimulated me badly.

Eshaan started licking my pussy and all the other boys were
watching him doing the trick. I was moaning in pleasure
and was moving my head side ways. It really aroused me. I
came after sometime and came only after 2 minutes, he again
drunk my cum and said that I tasted very nice again. Then
all the boys jumped on my body. One was kissing my lips and
neck, another one was working on my stiffed nipples and
someone poured his cum in my navel and Ankur was trying his
tongue in my pussy. Then all the boys moved away and Venu
asked me to drink his cum from my deep navel. I said that it
is dirty and I can’t drink it. Eshaan said that he also
drunk my cum, so I also have to drink Venu’s. I was not at
all ready but they all forced me and forcefully put it in
my mouth. I felt that it tasted very bad and I vomited. All
the boys said sorry to me but they tried to explain it to me
that it is not a waste product, infact it is that basic unit
of birth and it can’t be dirty in any way. They also said
that if the men in TV were having blowjobs then it should
not be a bad thing and they gave me numerous reasons to prove
that their point was correct. But I still didn’t agree
to them. Then suddenly Himanshu brought his cock close
to my mouth and asked me to suck. I was just not at all ready
for it and I was no way going to do it. But he said that aunt
at least give it a try and if I found it bad then I can leave
at that very moment and he will not force me to do it again.
I never wanted to do it, but then I thought that I should not
be selfish as Eshaan gave me real pleasure by licking my
cunt and they all have gave me all the pleasure over such
along period. So I agreed to do it just in order to repay for
their acts. I took his cock in my mouth with a heavy heart.
As my tongue touched his cock, he moaned loudly in pleasure.
I was not at all experienced at this job, but still I tried
my level best and made him cum by sucking only. He ejaculated
his cum on my breasts and the sucked my breasts clean. I felt
it dirty again but then again they argued with me. This way
I had many new experiences.

Then the real game started. They wanted to copy all the scenes
from the movie. Eshaan shoved his dick in my “retail shop”
and lied on the bed and then Jeet came on top of me and shoved
his dick in my “factory”. They were moving in a rhythm
and it gave me maximum pleasure. They moved their dicks
with the speed of light and I was completely deformed by
this position. My long hairs were spread all over my breast,
mouth, on the backs of the boys and on the bed. I was already
uncomfortable in this position and to increase the discomfort
Gautam shoved his cock in my mouth and Nishant kissed my
inner thighs. I was not able to breathe properly but they
were not concerned. They continued their barbaric acts.
When jeet was about to come, he removed his cock from my pussy
and placed it between me breasts and asked me to hold them
together tightly and then he fucked them also and came there
only. He spread all his come on my neck, face and my breasts.
Gautam and eshaan also did the same way and my breast and
face bathed in their cum and then I myself gulped their cum
like prostitute. This way all the boys fucked me for more
than 6 hours and after this I was damn tired and was unable
to move. But still they were not done. They licked my cunt
for more time. It gave tickling sensations and my hungry
stomach felt the pain every time I shouted due to the pleasure.
I wanted them to stop but I was not able to even move my hand.
I was completely out of energy. I don’t know how many times
I came that day. But one thing is for sure that I never came
so many times even in a month as I came that day. I was never
satisfied to this extent before. I was very happy and satisfied.
Let me tell you one thing that when these boys fucked me together
for the first time, I felt tired but gradually I became used
to it and now my stamina had increased and I craved for more.

They fucked me like that for 2 more days in all the new positions.
In standing position, they made me sit on the arms of the
chair and then shoved in my “factory” and all the other
positions shown in the movie. The next day it was Nishant’s
b’day and he had invited all his friends from city. There
must have been more than 30 boys in the haveli that day. There
were drinks all around. I was shocked to see young boys drinking
alcohol like soft drinks. Nishant gifted me a beautiful
lingerie and a saree that was as transparent as glass. I
moved in the haveli in that saree and all the eyes were on
me and I was getting all the non-veg comments like I used
to get when I was young. They called me prostitute and call-girl,
I felt bad but then I was helpless as there were so many boys
and if they all would have got horny then I had to suffer so

After 2 hours they all were completely drunk and I also had
4-5 pegs when forced by Nishant. I had never consumed alcohol
before and 4-5 pegs for the first time!! You all can guess
what would be my condition. I was not able to stand properly
and completely out of senses. Then the boys executed their
plan and some boys came to me and kissed me and pressed my
bums and breasts. I felt that it was wrong and wanted them
to stop. But the effect of drinks already made me horny and
when the boys kissed me, I just could not resist. In just
few moments, I was stark naked. Then all the boys became
naked and they played the game with me. A single lady can’t
quench the thirst of over 30 boys but that day I did it. They
all fucked me and I didn’t know how many blowjobs I gave
and how many time I was fucked. It was like if one was done
other was ready and I just could not help it. They fucked
me for the whole day and I became prostitute in real terms
that day. I was still happy for being fucked by so may cocks.
That I didn’t even felt tired as I took drink after drinks
and that didn’t allow me to feel the tiredness. After
they were tired, they all got dressed and went away to the
city. I slept for 17 hours continuously after that looooong
fuck. Then we went back to our homes and I received Rs 20, 000/-
cash on returning home. It was the money that all the boys
paid for fucking me all the day long. I also accepted it happily
like a prostitute. Now I was really turned into a prostitute
and this was now my pet name. All those boys called me by this
name only and I never objected as it made no difference to
me. I was also preferred to more boys after this incident
and I never turned down anybody’s offer but now I charged
for every fuck. But I never charged those 7 boys who brought
me to this bad world.

In my heart I always feel bad for my condition, but to me heart
never mattered and I always lived on terms of requirement
and now my requirement was food to feed myself and more and
more boys to fuck. I never thought beyond this after those
days and I was very happy with my life. Infact I am still happy
with my life. My husband died long ago at the age of 47. After
his death I shifted to Malaysia because a customer of mine
offered me this and I accepted. But I didn’t enjoy my life
there, so I came back to my place. Nobody in my family knows
about this, not even my children. But I know someday they
will come to know about it and then they will definitely
leave me. So I have stopped bothering for this because I
know that they just can’t forgive me for my mistakes and
even if they will them also I will not able to control myself.
So I an way now I am a real “prostitute” and I am satisfied
with my life as I have all that I want to survive. I earn money
form me myself and have a access to good house and food. To
my surprise I still have friends. So I am living my dream
life but still a corner of my heart cries continuously because
I have spoiled my life in every way.

But the sad part of the story is the condition of those boys
now. You know, now they all are regretting for wasting the
most precious years of their life in fucking me and their
destiny has fucked them now. They all are sorry for their
acts but this can’t bring the time back in their hands.
Now they are just mere men like labors. Once they all were
brilliant students and had bright futures in front of them
but they deviated from their paths only a bit to have fun
and the result is if front of you.

So this is a message to all the young ones and especially
teenagers that they should not get into this business at
this age. You may give any reason to prove your point correct
but believe it or not, just ask to yourself honestly if you
are lying to yourself and to your careers or not. I am sure
that you all will realize the lesson that I want to teach
you. And if you leave all these bad habits then I will feel
that I have succeeded in my cause and then I will be happiest
person if even one of you follows my lesson because you all
know the consequences of my mistake and of those boys also.
We all are regretting our decision.

So there is nothing left in these useless things. Once you
achieve your goal then the whole life is left to fulfill
these desires. Anyways that is the end of the story!!

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You are one very good aunty to make these boys men


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very nice great artiicle.


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very good.write more.


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really Hot....


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