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a little insite....


I get up and stand on the bed straddling you as I look down upon your body and visually take you all in...with a wicked little smile on my for my pleasure....I fixate on your cock for a's big, thick and hard....from your prone angle you look up to see I am not wearing any panties ...i come down to my knees.....rubbing my beautiful butterfly on that thick hard cock.....reaching down behind me stroking your balls ever so sensually...perhaps a little squeeze to see your reaction.....rubbing, kissing and licking you all over.....i move up to your face....straddling your face...Close enough for you to feel the heat and see the wetness starting..but not close enough for u to touch.....abruptly I get off the bed and start to rummage around your bag of odds and ends.....i pull out a dildo...just a small one lube it up and and insert it into your squirm and moan out ever so slightly.....i stroke your cock come close to your ear and whisper....Empress is here....tell me what you want...what you feel ..what you need from Empress....I ask you if you enjoy being bound for answer yes Empress.....mmmm...Empress loves to hear those two words together the most....and when Empress is happy she like to express herself with a little cock worship....gaging on it...get it hard wet and shiny with her mouth...while she wiggles around that plug in your ass......tickling that prostate...what else can I find in this bag...hmmmmmm...a vibrator...I will put this on your cock and plug while I lick suck and gag on that piece of meet......but you can not cum with out Empress' a quivering breathy voice you say those words again.....yes Empress....after Bringing you to the edge a couple of times with my mouth you beg me to stop or you will cum and you don't want to displease ask please Empress let me cum .....i giggle and pull back to give you a moment to return from the edge...Empress isn't done with that cock yet my darling....i get back on the bed straddling your cock once again....i grab your cock and gently put just the head can feel how hot wet and tight Empress start rocking your hips...but Empress tells you to are not allowed to move....Empress is in charge right now.....i slowly push down on your cock letting it fill and stretch me...mmmmm...fuuuuuuck.....yessssss..... riding slowly at first...whispering naughty things in your ear...asking if you like filling up Empress ....your breath getting faster.....repeating over and over yes Empress....mmmmm....then I slowly let your cock fall out of my wet hole.....remove your plug....slowly rub and stroke you while telling you what a good cock you have been to let Empress play with you by one I release your legs from your restraints....then one by one your wrist restraints...staring into your eyes and as the last cuff comes off....i move close to your ear and whisper...Daddy's turn to be ontop....

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Yes, Empress!! Pick me, make me your personal toy. Make me shake, quiver, tremble, & beg to be finished! Use me as you wish & make me satisfy you on every level. Take my shaft in your hand & massage your lips & clit with my tip while whispering fucktalk in my ear. Massage my swollen balls & deny me when I curse & beg to enter you. Make me tongue your tight little asshole while you slow stroke me with oil til I scream!
I will come to your area, get the room, have a hot shower, & give myself over to your fantasy, on clean white sheets.


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so tantalizingly sexy and erotic!!