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a first for sarah


Several weeks had passed since Steve Bryant had finished
his physical therapy and checked out of the rehab center
where Sarah had been working since shortly after New Years.
The weeks had passed uneventfully, which was a relief after
the nights she had spent being fucked by her older patient.
She hadn’t really come to terms with everything that had
happened to her over the past couple of months, but after
her second night with Mr. Bryant, she had seen a doctor about
birth control, since it was clear that the man intended
for regular fuck sessions with her to be part of his “rehab”.

All of that was in the past now, though she had kept taking
the pills… with everything that had happened, she didn’t
dare to go off them. This particular night, Sarah was back
in her old job at the elder care unit. When they had asked
her to fill in for the regular nurse who was on vacation for
a couple of weeks, she had hesitated, but decided that she
might as well, as long as it was a temporary assignment.

It had already been a long shift at the nursing home when
the night took a decided turn for the worse. As Sarah was
attempting to get one of her more difficult patients back
into bed for what seemed like the dozenth time since she
had put him to bed originally. The patient in question had
a bad habit of trying to feel up his nurses and aids, but until
tonight, he had never tried it on Sarah. Tonight her luck
had run out. She had come to his room yet again to put him back
to bed, only to find him standing at the foot of his bed naked
with an impressive hard-on for an 87 year old man. Sarah
had tried to ignore his condition as she located his nightshirt,
which had been tossed under his bed. As she knelt to pick
it up, her patient was suddenly behind her trying to pull
her scrub pants down. She had managed to push free and had
scolded him angrily, since it was obvious that he knew exactly
what he was doing. His response had been to make a grab for
her ample breasts. Angry and embarrassed, Sarah had threatened
to send for the orderlies and have him sedated if he didn't
put his pajamas back on and behave. If that wasn't bad
enough, just before her shift was supposed to end, another
patient had complained of a stomach ache, and when Sarah
had tried to give her a dose of Pepto, the poor woman had chosen
that moment to launch the partially digested remains of
her supper all over he hapless nurse, drenching her scrubs
in foul-smelling goo. In the course of cleaning the old
woman up and getting her back into bed, Sarah heard something
pop in neck and immediately developed a stiff neck and headache
as a result.

Sarah rarely made use of the staff showers, since she lived
only a few minutes from the nursing home. She made an exception
tonight. As she passed the door that connected to a general
use steam bath that was unused because of the late hour,
she decided to put it to use to see if she could fix the ache
in her neck and back. She took a large towel from a shelf and
quickly removed her smelly clothes, tossing them into
the dirty-clothes cart. With the towel wrapped around
herself, she stepped into the steaming sauna. Only once
she got inside did she notice that the room wasn't empty

Sarah recognized the other woman as a nurse in the next ward
over from hers. Anne, she thought her name was. She didn't
know the other woman too well, but had gotten an impression
of someone who was a little full of herself. She remembered
the other nurse's name because, ironically, she had
the same name as one of Sarah's college roommates...
a girl who definitely wasn't full of herself. Even
now as she stood next to the bench, she had removed her towel,
and was apparently admiring her tall, slim body as best
she could without a mirror. She was older than Sarah, maybe
30 or 35, but even Sarah could tell she was the type of woman
who caught men's eye. She had long brown hair, In contrast
to Sarah's long blonde. Her breasts were perfect ‒
really perfect; some guys didn't think they looked
real but they were. They were perky and round, stood out
and up and were a good size, even larger than Sarah's
ample 36C's. She had brown, fluffy pubic hair. It was
trimmed, and the skin on her whole body was smooth and soft.
She was tall. She easily had six or seven inches on Sarah's
5' 2" frame, and had a slim, curvy waist with long,
toned legs. She nearly seemed to be strutting for an invisible
audience, as she stood beside the wooden benches, almost
in a pose. Her long, rosy nipples were hard, and Sarah couldn't
stop looking at her. Her naked body seemed so sexual it came
naturally for her to show off.

Happily no one else came in. Sarah began feeling hot all
over, from the heat of the steam, she told herself. The air
was damp and hot. The other woman sat down on the bench with
one leg up on the bench, her other leg bent beneath her. From
where Sarah stood across from her, she could see that her
position spread her lips and parted her pubic hair. Her
pussy was pink and slightly swollen. Sarah began to feel
wet and swollen herself, but she was unsure why it was happening.
Anne didn't seem to notice Sarah yet.

She began to move the leg she had on the top bench back and
forth, then she put her other leg up next to it. Her knees
were bent and, from across the sauna, Sarah could see her
pussy between her legs. She started to rub her legs against
each other. The younger nurse realized with a start that
she was masturbating but it was hard to imagine she would
be, with another person in the room. By now, Sarah's
own pussy was beginning to respond. She slowly became very
wet and her own juices began dripping down toward her ass.

As Sarah gasped from the sensations she felt. Instinctively
her right hand moved to touch herself, to feel how wet and
swollen she was. She didn't trim her pubes, but the
blonde hair between her thighs was soft and downy. When
the 23 year-old nurse touched her pussy she found it swollen
and wet. The pink lips of her entrance felt as though they
were on fire. The other woman didn't seem to be looking
at her, and the middle two fingers of her right hand slid
into her pussy before she even thought about it. Her innocent
body had become so hot and wet. Sweat was dripping between
her full breasts, tracing the path of her scar.

Sarah's gaze was locked on the other nurse as she looked
up. Sarah realized that Anne was looking at her, after all.
She felt her skin flush and self-consciously took her hand
away from her pussy.

The other nurse was shifting positions, moving her legs
back and forth, rubbing her pussy with her legs. The tops
of her inner thighs were wet from her dripping cunt. She
arched her back a little and opened her legs a bit. Her pussy
was redder, more inflamed, and wet than it had been before.

They were looking at each other steadily now. Anne knew
they were both turned on but Sarah was new to feelings of
sexuality, and didn't recognize what was happening
to her own body. Anne did recognize what was happening,
and realized that she was new at it, too. Both women were
sweating freely from the heat of the sauna. Sarah's
eyes grew wider as Anne wiped the sweat from her neck, then
down her body, grazing over her breasts and taut nipples,
down her stomach, to the top of her pubic line. Her legs spread

She ran her fingers through her pubic hair for a moment then
back up to her stomach just above her pelvis. Next time she
ran her fingers down her pubic hair, and her middle finger
touched her swollen pink clit.

Without fully realizing what she was doing, Sarah's
hand mimicked the other nurses' actions. It was as
though she couldn't help herself. Almost as a mirror
image of Anne, she ran her fingers down her wet slit, made
them slick and moved them back up to her clit. She rubbed
her middle finger next to her clit, moving it up and down
vertically. She felt her womanhood dripping, on fire.
Abruptly Sarah seemed to realize what she was doing and
stopped, mumbling, "I... I'm sorry... I..."

Anne's voice was husky and full of sex. She replied,
"No, " Sarah had to strain to make out the words.
"Don't stop. Keep going, " she said, "You
look so hot." Her hand went right back to her own pussy
and she spread her legs farther.

Sarah's breath was coming in short gasps, and her skin
tingled. She shook her head and mumbled, "N... no...
I..." Even as she refused, her hand returned to finger
her swollen pussy lips and she spread her legs farther.
As Sarah spread her legs, her fingers slipped down to the
bottom of her slit, then back up to her clit and rubbed the
tip. She quickly learned that she came easily and had to
try not to let herself come. In spite of her efforts, she
had a small orgasm anyway. She felt the heat rush through
her pussy and body, up to her tits, and wetness flow from
her pussy. A part of her aroused body didn't want it
to end as she moved her hand up and down her pussy. Two fingers
dipped inside her cunt and she could feel her pussy pulse
around her fingers.

Meanwhile, Anne was rubbing her clit hard with two fingers
and squeezing one of her nipples with her other hand. She
was moaning with soft, high-pitched sounds that seemed
incredibly sexy. Her body was shaking with the orgasms
she was causing herself. The wooden bench she was sitting
on was dark around her pussy and ass from her juices. As she
came down from her climax, she slid over on the bench to sit
next to Sarah. She captured the younger nurse's gaze
again before murmuring, "I... I want to taste you, "
she whispered. "I... I've never, I... I want
to taste."

Sarah's eyes grew wide at the suggestion, and she shook
her head, "N... No, that's w... wrong, I c...

Anne slipped off the bench and knelt between her legs. "Just
a little taste, Sarah. It... it'll be okay."

In spite of her protests, Sarah still had her hand on her
pussy as Anne's tongue flicked out to taste Sarah's
flushed skin. She licked her way up her inner thigh. She
tasted like sweat and the juice dripping from her aroused
cunt. Musky, yet somehow like powder, female, soft. On
her knees on the floor, Anne's hand was on her own pussy
as her tongue reached Sarah's. She had her hand on either
side of Sarah's pussy now, spreading it open but not
touching her inner lips. She touched the very bottom of
her slit with her tongue, which received an instant reaction
from her. She moaned and her hips bucked, telling Anne that
she was VERY sensitive there. She ran her tongue around
the V Sarah's lower pussy made and she spread her legs
wider. The older nurse knew her clit must have been aching;
it was hard and even more swollen than it had before, but
she tasted so good that Anne didn't want it to end.

Sarah's hand settled on Anne's and she seemed
to by trying vainly to gather enough strength to push the
other woman away. She shook her head as the sensation of
having her pussy eaten by her colleague threatened to overwhelm
her. "Uhhh...! Oh, H... Anne, please s...
stop. I... I can't... Nooo... NOOOSSSAA!"

The denial had turned into a scream of pleasure as Anne took
one side of her outer lip in her mouth, and reveled in how
slick she was with nearly tasteless yet delicious, sex
juices. Her tongue traced Sarah's inner lip as she
took her outer lip gently between her teeth. She ran her
mouth up her pussy this way, and when she approached Sarah's
clit she licked her way back down without touching it.

Anne moaned as she felt as though she was aching as much as
her victim was. She pressed her hand into Sarah's pubic
bone, and took the other outer lip in her mouth and did the
same thing ‒ ran her tongue up the girl's soft inner
lip as her mouth caressed the outer lip. She blew a warm breath
against the sensitive skin. When she approached Sarah's
swollen clit she ran her tongue around just under it, without
touching it, then back down to the sensitive V at the bottom
of her pussy. Her back arched and the hand at Anne's
head stopped trying to push away, and pulled the back of
her head closer as she began to come in the other woman's
mouth. Anne ran her tongue around this spot of until Sarah
was shaking and grinding against her. All the while, Anne
was fucking herself with two fingers, careful not to touch
her own clit until she was finished tasting Sarah's.

Anne's lips were wet with Sarah's cum and the younger
nurse was breathing quickly, telling her that now was not
the time to stop. She looked up at the girl and saw one hand
begin to her squeeze her own nipples, even as the other pressed
Anne closer to her throbbing core. When Sarah's orgasm
subsided, Anne slid her tongue up the dripping cunt, to
the folds near her clit. She pressed her tongue just under
the engorged clit, and moved it in tiny circles. Sarah held
her head limply as she tried to keep still. Anne moved her
tongue up next to the now extremely swollen nub, pressing
it into the side of her clit. Sarah moaned and her head shook
from side to side. The older woman sighed. This girl tasted
so good! As her tongue stroked the side of Sarah's clit,
she did the same thing to her own clit with one finger, moving
her finger up and down her own swollen clit. She knew she
was dripping onto the floor she was kneeling on. Her tongue
grazed Sarah's clit as she went across it to the other
side. Anne's tongue grazed the side of the other girl's
pussy and when her tongue touched it Sarah let out a guttural
moan and jerked her hips toward Anne's face. Anne realized
that she'd found another "spot" and she
kept her tongue there moving it in small circles, still
pressing softly. Sarah was moaning louder and louder and
bucking hard against her face.

As she kept coming, her legs opened wider and Anne flicked
her tongue in the same spot over and over as she fingered
her own clit the same way. She was cumming too; moaning and
feeling the heat and wetness grow between her legs.

She thrust two fingers from her free hand into her own pussy
as she kept tonguing the other girl's clit. She thrust
two fingers forward to find Sarah's g-spot started
rubbing up and down.

"Oh, nooo, H... Anne, please... please…!"
Sarah cried out. She had stopped bucking but her juices
were flowing even more than before. Her cunt was steaming
hot and very wet inside.

Anne was still cumming herself. She always came easily,
so that was nothing new, but the amount of cum gushing from
her throbbing pussy was. As she finger fucked herself she
was overcome by her first intense orgasm. She continued
rubbing her clit hard and she felt her pussy grow very, very,
hot and swollen. It felt like she was going to explode and
she kept pistoning her fingers, rubbing and rubbing her
clit as she continued licking Sarah and rubbing her g-spot
with her other hand. Her own climaxes crashed over her like
waves. Suddenly she felt one huge one rising, her inner
muscles spasmed violently, and suddenly a gush of wetness
against her own hand. It was the most intense orgasm she'd
ever had.

"Ohhh... Ohhh... Sarah! Ohhh, my goooddd! Ahhh!"
When her own orgasm died down, she covered Sarah's
whole swollen clit with her mouth. It was the first time
she taken the whole thing in her mouth and it felt amazing.
She still had two fingers in Sarah's pussy and two fingers
in her own pussy.

By now, Sarah was openly playing with her breasts, rubbing
all around the swollen mounds, pinching her nipples and
squeezing them all over. All of Sarah's normal inhibitions
seemed to have evaporated along with the steam that surrounded
the two women. Anne ran her tongue around Sarah's clit
and sucked on it lightly. "Ohhh, " she gasped,
"A... Anne, This can't... can't be happening!
It still feels so g... good! P... please don't s...

Anne was so happy to hear her say that. She wanted her to have
the same massive orgasm like she had had. She took her fingers
out of her own pussy and started touching Sarah's body,
first her outer lips, while she continued to finger her
pussy and lick her clit. Her outer lips were nearly as wet
as she was inside. Anne stroked two fingers, one on each
side of her outer lips up and down, then up to the spot at the
bottom of her pussy that had made her cum before. While she
fucked two fingers from one hand in and out of her, she began
to finger that V spot with the other. Sarah moaned, and slumped
down to lay back flat on the bench. She still had one leg down
on the floor below and the other bent on the bench.

Anne moved her fingers all around Sarah's throbbing
cunt, anywhere that felt warm. She was moaning again, and
Anne could feel her getting wetter again. She slipped a
third finger inside the tight opening, but quickly went
back to two. With her other hand, she began to feel her everywhere.
She ran her hand down below her pussy toward her ass–she
was slick and wet from the steam and her own juices–to just
in front of her pink asshole. Anne wasn't sure if she
should continue or not, but again Sarah gasped, "Ohhh
Y... yes, ohhh... Please, don't stop. Ohhh!"
she moaned as she squeezed her own breasts and arched her

Anne ran one wet finger around her asshole, which was wet
with her juices. Sarah was panting, her breath becoming
faster and more labored. Anne could feel her pussy becoming
even wetter around the two fingers inside her. All at once,
she pushed one long, thin finger gently past Sarah's
tight sphincter, and used the two fingers inside her pussy
to rub the spot behind her clit. She used more pressure with
her tongue against her clit. The younger woman came ‒ letting
out a high-pitched moan and arching her back ‒ and her pussy
erupted, launching a stream of cum from between her swollen
lips! Her back arched and her pussy heaved; her juices coating
Anne's face and hand, as her body heaved up and down
in rhythmic spasms. The older nurse swore, climaxing without
even touching herself, just from how hot it made her feel
to have fucked Sarah to such a massive orgasm.

As her own orgasm eased Anne, slowed down her work on Sarah's
pussy, but kept going gently until the girl had completely
finished. She lapped up as much of Sarah's sweet cum
as she could ‒ savoring the delicious taste of the younger
woman's love juice. After Sarah had finished cumming,
Anne moved up her body slowly, kissing her flat stomach,
sucking at her belly button, and nipping at her breasts.
She traced the scar between Sarah's large tits with
her tongue before taking one nipple into her mouth for the
first time. She moaned a satisfied, happy moan of pleasure
against the soft skin as she nursed at the hard peak, "Mmmm...
Mmmm..." She lowered herself onto her and covered
Sarah's mouth with hers. There was a brief moment of
resistance before Anne felt her lips part and allow her
tongue to delve inside. For what seemed like ages, Anne
taught Sarah how to french kiss as she explored the other
nurse's soft mouth. Her tongue was soft against the
pressure of Anne's insistent caresses and her breath
was hot and sweet. She felt Sarah's wet pussy as their
thighs pressed against each other. The two women were lost
in the intense sensations as they kissed, their tired,
sweaty bodies moving together, until they climaxed together,
a small orgasm pulsing between them as they pressed against
each other's thighs. Anne pressed her thigh up against
Sarah's cunt as the girl came against her, and she rubbed
her own clit against Sarah's thigh and came against
her at the same time.

The two lay together for just a few minutes before the older
nurse stood and urged the younger to stand. "Come
on Sarah, I think we could both use a shower, " she
said. Sarah could barely breathe as she allowed herself
to be pulled into a sitting position. Anne stooped to kiss
her on the lips, and then lowered to suckle one breast as
she sat up. She flicked her tongue over the taut nipple one
time before standing and pulling Sarah to her feet.

The shower room had three stalls, and Anne led Sarah into
one of them and turned on the water. The warm water felt cold
after the heat of the sauna, and Sarah's skin came all
over in goosebumps as her the skin of her already aroused
nipples became achingly tight. In the full light of the
shower room, Sarah could see that her sex instructor's
toned body was a beautiful bronze color and unbroken by
tan lines. It blended perfectly with the gold highlighted
brown of her hair. Her breasts seemed even more full and
perfect than before, and she couldn't help but notice
that her nipples appeared to be as hard her own were. Anne
caught her staring and smiled at her. Sarah's whole
body flushed with embarrassment at the whole series of
events that had happened so-far that night, and she turned
away, to face the shower.

Sarah tried to ignore what was happening as she tilted her
head back to let the hot water cascade over her neck, shoulders
and breasts. Although it felt wonderful it did nothing
to alleviate the sexual urges that Anne had awakened inside
her, and ultimately only increased the sensations that
were overruling her mind's objections to the whole
situation. As she thought of the older woman standing behind
her, she peeked over her shoulder to find her staring at
her with a wide grin on her face. Sarah quickly looked away
but this time she could feel the heat on her face as she blushed.
She tried desperately to turn her attention to the feel
of the waters that were supposed to be rinsing the sexual
tension from her body.

As Sarah stood there for a few moments with her eyes closed,
suddenly she felt hand on her left shoulder. This was quickly
followed by second hand reaching around to fond her right
breast from behind and a gentle kiss on her right shoulder.
Anne pressed into her until the young nurse could feel Anne's
nipples press sharply into her back and the warmth of her
mound against her soft ass.

Sarah's first instinct was to escape, put an end to
the sensations she knew were so wrong, but with the shower
wall in front of her and the other woman almost surrounding
her from behind, she was trapped. The gentle caresses of
the woman behind her felt so good and a part of her wasn't
sure she really wanted it to stop. Now both of her hands had
surrounded her ample breasts, fondling, kneading and
tweaking. Sarah's already firm nipples were as hard
as pebbles and despite the hot shower she was still covered
with goosebumps. Abruptly, Anne grasped her narrow waist
and turned Sarah around to face her. Sarah felt her nipples
brush against her skin and it seemed as though an electric
shock coursed between her tits and the very center of her
womanhood. Anne lowered her head and her lips pressed insistently
against Sarah's. There was no resistance this time,
and her tongue pushed into the younger woman's warm
mouth. Sarah's knees went weak and her pussy came alive
with moisture. Without breaking either the kiss or their
embrace, Anne's right hand found its way down to her
crotch and felt the dampness her pussy was producing. Slowly
her lips left Sarah's and without moving her hand from
her pussy, she lowered her head and took the nipple of her
left tit into her mouth.

Up until now Sarah had only been a passive participant in
her own seduction. All that had happened so far finally
got the better of the innocent nurse, and she pulled her
seductress' head hard against her breasts with one
hand while the other hand lowered to massage her breasts.
Anne groaned with pleasure as she realized that her lover
was now a full participant in their lovemaking! Without
letting her mouth lose contact with Sarah's body she
went down on her knees in front of her and kissed a path from
her nipple to her belly button. The fingers of her right
hand had found Sarah's clit and were alternating between
rubbing it and beginning to thrust into the younger nurses'
steaming vagina. Her left hand had slid around her buttocks
and began exploring her rosebud anus.

With a gentle shove Anne pushed Sarah back against the shower
wall and put the thigh of her right leg on her shoulder. This
laid her pussy bare so that the older woman's tongue
could replace her fingers on her clit. Between her finger
sliding in and out of Sarah's ass and her tongue doing
the same to her pussy it was only a matter of time before she

Anne sensed this and pulled Sarah down to the floor and had
her take a position on top of her facing in the opposite direction.
Sarah's head rested against the soft, wet fur of Anne's
trimmed mound. All she would have to do if Anne could convince
her to eat her out the way she had done for Sarah was to lean
forward to reach her pussy with her mouth. The shower was
still running and the stream of hot water continued to massage
their bodies as they lay on the floor, enraptured by their
lovemaking. Anne's tongue fuck in and out of Sarah's
pussy and her finger fucked in and out of her ass hole making
it impossible for her to concentrate on trying to stop what
was happening.

"Ohhh... Anne! Aaahhh, Noossaa! P... please don't

Anne paused, causing Sarah to whimper, "Ohhh, Sarah,
it's your turn! Time for you to do your part of this 69
fuck. Taste me, baby. Taste my hot pussy!"

Sarah shook her head in protest, but her tongue flicked
tentatively from between her lips and slid lightly along
the swollen folds of Anne's pussy lips. When the soft
skin of Sarah's lips suddenly closed over her erect
clit, all she could do was to lay there with her head back
while waves of pleasure washed over her.

Within just a few moments Sarah had eaten Anne to the first
orgasm she's ever had created by another woman, and
she could feel rivers of cum flowing out of her pussy and
over Sarah's face. Each time her tongue touch Anne's
clit she shuddered and more of her love juices flowed. Even
her nose touching her engorged folds caused her to shiver.
After cumming another time from Sarah's increasingly
confident ministrations, Anne stretched out and buried
her face in Sarah's crotch again. She couldn't
tell where the dampness on her mons Venus from the showers
ended and the cum from their Sapphic encounter began. When
she slid her tongue into Sarah's pussy she knew the
younger woman was ready to cum for her again. The moisture
was sweet and musty, and Anne drove her tongue as far inside
Sarah's womanhood as she could. She began to squirm
almost immediately and within seconds Sarah was bucking
her hips against Anne's face has the woman's tongue
plunged deeper and deeper into the warm tightness of Sarah's
love channel.

"Ahhh! A... Anne... You... you're making me...
Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!"

Anne's middle finger replaced her tongue inside Sarah's
pussy, and she drove it roughly in as far as it would go. She
moaned with pleasure she felt the tip of her nail rasp against
the walls of Sarah's tight sheath. Sarah gasped at
the feel of her lover testing her body's limits. She
squirmed beneath her as she approached her next climax.
Anne suddenly noticed a wand propped in the corner of the
shower. Used by the cleaning staff to scrub the walls, no
doubt, but it had a smooth plastic handle about a half an
inch around and more than long enough to do the job.

Abruptly, Anne rolled over and turned to cover Sarah's
body with her own, pressing her full breasts against Sarah's
and drawing her into a deep, French kiss ‒ all the while preparing
to fuck Sarah's tight, hole with the plastic phallus
she had found. Anne kissed her she had before, passionately
and deeply. Sarah no longer resisted the probing tongue
as it stroked the insides of her mouth. Anne savored the
cum flavored kisses they were sharing. Abruptly, the older
nurse pulled back slightly.

Before Sarah could respond, Anne kissed the tip of her sensitive
breast, placing a hand between her tits, and holding her
down against the floor. "Uhhh... A... Anne?"

"Relax, baby." Anne responded. "Just
lay back and shhh." Sarah opened her mouth to try to
ask a question, but the older nurse silenced her. She let
her gaze linger on Sarah's naked body for a moment,
enraptured by her large tits, then continued. Her hand
went to Sarah's mound, and the girl automatically
spread her legs apart again, allowing full access to her
recently virginal womanhood. Gently, Anne teased her
a little with her fingers, confirming that Sarah's
pussy was still fuckably wet. Sarah sucked in a breath as
she felt Anne's fingers easing their way inside her,
and she moaned softly as Anne finger fucked her gently for
a moment. But Anne then withdrew her hand, preparing to
replace the fingers inside Sarah's tight channel
with the tip of the makeshift cock.

Sarah's eyes shot open as she felt the thick wand begin
penetrating her, and she looked down to see Anne gently
sliding it inside her. She struggled against the hand that
held her down.

"A... Anne, Nooo! Please, nnn... not th... that!"

The older woman smiled down at her, "It's okay,
Sarah. I'll be gentle, baby." Anne's voice
murmured against her lips as she leaned in to whisper, "I
want your pussy, Sarah! Please say I can have it. Let me fuck
your tight pussy!" Her moans echoed with Sarah's
as the long makeshift cock paused, the tip resting just
inside her swollen folds.

She had lost all ability to refuse Anne anything, and didn't
realize that the woman making love to her had reached the
same point. While having another woman's mouth had
created sensations Sarah had never imagined, her body
was designed to receive more than another woman’s body
alone could give. It yearned for the feeling of a thick shaft
driving in and out of her soaking wet core. Hot juices flowed
over the tip of the wand as Anne continued stroking it against
the entrance to her womanhood, keeping time with the sound
of her moans. Finally, the younger nurse cried out in surrender,
"Uhhh... Uhhh...! Ohhh, AAANNNEEE! Yes! Yes! T...
take me, Anne! Please fuck my pussy!"

Anne gasped as she heard Sarah offer herself, and gasped
again as she felt small hands slip from her waist to tentatively
cup her mound, and softly finger her erect clit.

She leaned down a little, giving Sarah a few well-placed
licks around her sensitive nipples, causing shivers of
pleasure to course from the aroused tips to the molten core
being filled slowly with the substitute phallus. That
got Sarah moaning again, and Anne knew she could continue.
She finished plunging the dildo as far as she could into
Sarah without hurting her, until it pressed gently against
her cervix, and then slid it out again. The smooth plastic
shaft was slick now with the girl's juices, and Anne
worked it back into her. Sarah moaned loudly as she was fucked
with the fake dick.

Anne knew that her young partner had never wanted anything
like this inside her. She had also heard the rumors around
the nursing home that the standoffish bitch had recently
been “cured” of her virginity a month or two earlier, and
that she had been fucking a patient in the rehab clinic until
recently. Anne noticed that Sarah had stopped protesting,
and the thick shaft pistoning in and out of her tight hole
seemed to be driving her toward another orgasm. Anne was
burning up inside as well, as the anticipation of what she
was doing turned her on. Her own juices were dripping from
her pussy as she suckled Sarah's nipples a few more
times, and then repositioned herself above her. It took
a little maneuvering, but Anne was soon in a position over
Sarah's flushed body, between the young nurse's
spread legs, and with the long wand in her hands. Sarah watched,
shaking her head in denial, as Anne slid the tip of it back
between her swollen pussy lips, and started to slowly thrust
down. At first, the wand met resistance as Sarah's
tight muscles tried in vain to defend her sheath against
the probing shaft.

Sarah's hands rose to hold onto Anne's slim waist
as her gaze met that of the older nurse. Part of her wanted
to beg the woman between her legs to stop, but the soft pressure
of fingers against her engorged clit drove the idea from
her mind. She gasped sharply as she felt the thickness of
the wand plunging even deeper inside her waiting cunt.

Sarah's vaginal muscles contracted around the shaft,
holding it in place, but Anne soon had a good rhythm going.
Her arm rose and fell, driving the fake cock deep into Sarah's
pussy. Her lover kept her legs spread wide, like she would
have for a man. Instead, she had Anne thrusting into her,
the woman’s heavy breasts swaying above her with each stroke.
Sarah's tits jiggled too, bouncing up and down every
time Anne drove the wand into her. The sensations Sarah
had experienced so-far between her legs has robbed her
of all ability to resist the amazing woman kneeling above
her, first having been eaten and fingered so skillfully,
and now about to fully accept the shaft that was pistoning
in and out of her womanhood.

"Ohhh, Sarah! Finger-fuck my pussy while I fuck yours!"
She lowered her head and drew her lover into another intense
kiss, frenching her deeply as they serviced each other's
cunt. The wand slid in and out of Sarah's throbbing
center quite easily now, and Anne was rapidly increasing
the pace. The plastic shaft drive deep, its path well lubricated
by the juices streaming from the younger woman’s body.
Both partners were crying out in unison now, their climaxes
building together as Anne thrust harder, deeper, and faster,
while Sarah had begun to match Anne's rhythm as she
finger-fucked her sex teacher toward an orgasm of her own.

With an orgasmic scream, both women came at about the same
time. As she came around Sarah's probing fingers,
Anne had thrust the long, thick wand sharply between Sarah's
widely spread legs. The tip drove deep into its waiting
sheath. Sarah cried out at the discomfort of the penetrating
shaft, but it was quickly swallowed by the climax that had
already begun.

"AAAHHH!!! ANNE! Please f... fuck m... me!"

Anne leaned forward, mumbling quietly as Sarah's
fingers worked her pussy, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh
my god. . . ." Enthusiastically she pushed the wand
in and out of Sarah's streaming pussy. Sarah's
back arched, and she pulled her knees up to encircle Anne's
hips as she fucked her methodically with the wand -- looking
intently into Sarah's eyes as she guided the soaking
wet instrument in and out of her body.

"Please do it, Anne, " pled Sarah, "Ohhh...
Please don't stop!"

Sarah's request caused a frenzy of movement from Anne.
With Sarah spread wide before her, Anne was on her knees
between Sarah's legs pushing the long shaft in and
out. Feeling her breasts swaying back and forth with each
of Anne's thrusts, Sarah free hand massaged her nipples.
Suddenly, Anne's thrusts became less powerful and
Sarah raised her head to see what the other woman was doing.
She still clasped the wet and glistening wand in one hand.
With the other, Anne took Sarah's hand and guided it
to methodically rub her pink and exposed clit with her fingers
while she became mesmerized by the sway of Sarah's
breasts. Cumming hard and loudly, Sarah's hips thrust
tightly against Anne's cock-holding hand so that
the makeshift cock could be buried deep within her as her
orgasm pulsated through her over-stimulated body.

"Did you cum, sweety?" asked Anne knowingly.

"Y... yes, " said Sarah, "I... I did."

Anne left the wand embedded in Sarah's pussy, but temporarily
shifted her attention. Her, now free, hand traced a circle
across Sarah's flat belly, along her ribs, between
her heaving breasts, and gently along the length of her
jawbone. Anne's lips lowered to cover Sarah's
and she proceeded to kiss her as deeply and as passionately
as she had earlier. For the first time, Sarah reciprocated
fully; kissing Anne with all the wetness and warmth the
older woman had given her in their earlier kisses. Anne
ran her hands through Sarah's wet hair as they kissed
deeply and long. As Sarah and Anne's tongues intertwined,
Sarah's hands rose to caress Anne's breasts lightly
and rub her nipples. With one hand feeling her way down the
arch of Anne's back, Sarah then began kissing her neck
chest and then, after Anne pushed her away just long enough
to look Sarah directly in the eyes, started sucking on Anne's

"Ohhh, yeah, suck me Sarah, " groaned Anne
writhing with pleasure. "Ohhh lick me!"

The younger nurse obeyed, licking Anne's long, hard
nipples and covering them with her lips as she nursed them.
As she did so, her hand moved down Anne's torso and navigated
across her belly button and found the delicate bush of her
mound. As Anne took Sarah's head in her hands to kiss
her on the mouth again, Sarah moved her hands to cup her soft
mound. Her fingers thrust into her lover's womanhood,
and she looked into her eyes and begged, "F... fuck
me again, Anne. Please." Anne humped her hips against
Sarah's probing fingers as she began to move the wand
inside her throbbing center again. She withdrew it until
the tip was just touching the lips of Sarah's waiting

"OOOooohhhh!" moaned Sarah lifting herself
up off the tile floor to thrust her pussy towards Anne's
hand. "Put it in! Please, put it in!"

Anne held the tip of the makeshift cock at her lover's
entrance. She was going to fuck the younger nurse one last
time. She paused for a moment, surveying the landscape
of Sarah's naked torso and swollen breasts.

"Please, Anne! Put it back in me! Make love to me!"
she pleaded.

Anne plunged it inside her and Sarah screamed!!!

"Ohhh... Noosssaa! Ohhh... Ohhh... YES!"

Anne fucked her to the rhythms of her own moans. With each
penetration Sarah gasped, "Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck me
. . . fuck me . . ." Suddenly, her thrusts quickened
to a frenzied pumping and she could only stare, open-mouthed
at her lover as her eyes opened wider and wider.

"Are you going to cum again, Sarah?" panted
Anne - working furiously as Sarah's fingers continued
to fuck her pussy.

Sarah could only nod.

Anne suddenly stopped fucking her with the wand, placed
her hands on the inside of both of Sarah's thighs, spread
them, and plunged her mouth onto her throbbing pussy.

Sarah's hips thrust violently upwards, her back arched,
and she screamed again as she exploded in orgasm, "Ahhh!!!"
Her cum ran messily from her spasming pussy. Anne drew her
head back a few inches from Sarah's streaming mound,
and began moving her tongue from side to side - licking her
lips and attempting, as best she could, to lick each drop
that ran from Sarah's opening. She moved her hands
up and down Sarah's body to rub the warm cum into her
skin like a lotion. Finally, exhausted, Anne collapsed
against her new lover as Sarah fingered her to a softer climax
of her own. Her orgasm, when it came wasn't as intense
as Sarah's had been but it still left her gasping for

The two nurses held each other close as they slowly came
down from their orgasms; each of them giving into the overwhelming
sensations their lovemaking had awakened in their throbbing
pussies. Anne was still thrusting a bit, keeping up the
pace until the cries of passion subsided and she rolled
off of Sarah, completely out of breath. The long wand she
had been fucking Sarah with slipped out of her pussy, but
they were concentrating solely on each other now. Their
pussy juices trickled out of well-fucked cunts and washed
down the drain, yet they made no effort move. For several
minutes, they lay panting in each others arms as the hot
water poured over them. Anne kissed her way slowly up Sarah's
neck and when their lips met, she frenched the younger nurse
long and deeply as they lay together, recovering from their
intense orgasms. When it was over, they took turns bathing
each other, slowly washing away the evidence of their first
sapphic lovemaking.

They didn't talk much as they dressed, and as they left
the nursing home to find their cars and return home, neither
allowed herself to think about what had happened... or
about whether it might happen again.

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