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Your Business Trip. (written for women)


You’re away at a business convention and in the bar having
a drink with others (male and female) from the meetings.
While they are mostly women that you know, there are a couple
that you don’t know, and a couple of very good looking
older men that you’ve never met. After awhile, you strike
up a conversation with the one man who appears a bit older.
He, like you, is a wonderful flirt and great tease. The group
finally decides it’s late, and you all head for your rooms,
which are, coincidentally, on the same floor. You are not
really ready for bed. Well, not for sleep. This man, who
is older than any man you ever thought would interest you,
has been very exciting company. His flirting and teasing,
his attention to you, his well-spoken demeanor, and even
his grey hair, have you surprisingly aroused. For your
part, you have teased and flirted more with this man than
you have any man in years. Maybe even enough that you’ve
given him a hint at some of your fantasies. While you haven’t
given any specifics, a man who is paying attention might
draw some conclusions. Though it is so very exciting, you
hope to yourself (perhaps insincerely) that you haven’t
revealed too many of your secrets.

As you and he are walking slowly down the hall (it is actually
YOU who is walking slowly- he is only walking with you; neither
in a hurry to end this encounter) the others begin to pull
ahead and their voices begin to fade. As you walk, you fantasize
about going into this relative stranger’s room and experiencing
some of the things that others who know you would never suspect
had even crossed your mind, much less dominated your thoughts
on many days; would never have dreamt you masturbate as
often as you do; would never believe what is about to happen.

You stop to say good night when he reaches his door, not really
wanting to night to end this way, not wanting to go back to
your room alone, not wanting to give yourself an orgasm
when this man would do it so much better. Before you can speak,
he smiles and unties his tie then turns you gently until
your back is to him. Before you can protest, he places his
tie over your eyes, tying it snugly in back. You think you
hear others giggling and sounding surprised, but you are
certain the others were too far down the hall to see what
you are allowing this man to do.

You are so excited, yet you want to run. You are blindfolded
and standing in the hall of this hotel, not knowing who is
there, who might be watching, what this man you barely know
is planning, or what is going to happen to you. That uncertainty,
the years of being the good girl while never revealing the
truth to your husband, and the fantasies you’ve never
spoken combine to excite you more than you thought possible.
You hear his card slide into and out of his door, the lock
click, and the handle turning. As you hear the door open,
he grasps you firmly (but not too tightly) by the arm, then
turns you and guides you through the door. The room is quiet
and smells faintly of soap and his cologne. You count your
steps- one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven; but
as you're blindfolded your steps are shorter and more
tentative. He says nothing as he places one hand on your
stomach and applies enough pressure to indicate you are
to stop. As you do, his hands release you and you stand alone
and blindfolded, hearing nothing but your own breathing
which has quickened, and touching nothing but the floor
where you stand. You have no idea what the room he has led
you into is like, nor do you know whether the two of you are
alone. You don't even know if the lights are on, or the
curtains are opened or closed. You are alone and blind.
You feel a hand (and naturally assume it is his) touch your
left arm above the wrist, moving lightly up the bare skin
of your forearm and elbow, up the sleeve of the black dress
you are wearing, to your shoulder and down across the bare
skin of your chest- around your neck to your right shoulder.
It pauses briefly, then moves softly across your pearl
necklace to your neck and oh, so softly up your neck to your
chin and down, back across your necklace, down your chest,
lightly slipping down the hint of cleavage showing above
your shallow v-neck, then floating across the material,
and sliding his hand across your right breast. You wonder
if he can feel your hard, swollen nipple through your bra
and dress, knowing that when he does, he will know how much
his hand excites you. You think of yourself as always in
control, but we now know that you are not when you are blindfolded
and standing alone in the room of a man you barely know, having
unknown hands touching your body, and exploring it at will.
As they do, you become too aroused to be in control and too
excited to say no to anything.

As his hand continues exploring, it slides under your right
breast, cupping it for a moment and lightly squeezing your
nipple through your clothes. There is no longer any question
whether he can feel your swollen nipples through your dress
and bra- anyone standing nearby could tell by looking that
his touch excites you- your nipples are fully erect and
pressing visibly through your clothes. His hand does not
linger long, but slides slowly and lightly down between
your breasts and moves ever so slowly down your stomach
towards your mons- slowly and deliberately- not in a beeline,
but moving around your stomach- down lower...lower...across
your stomach, oh so lightly, down to your right pelvic bone,
then down in a shallow arc- not rushing to your pussy, but
teasing it as it moves across to your left side and back up,
resting on your stomach for a moment. Almost immediately,
you feel another hand- this one starting at the back of your
neck and moving lightly, slowly across your shoulders-
slowly moving down and across, gliding over so slowly down,
down to the top of your cheeks, playing lightly... delicately
stroking each, then moving slowly up your back again until
it reaches the top of your zipper.

Only then(for the first time since being blindfolded)
are you spoken to, his mouth so close to your ear that you
can feel his hot, deliberate breath on your neck and ear.
But there is no "speaking", only a soft whisper
asking you if you want to be free of your clothes- naked for
anyone and everyone to see, whether it's just the two
of you in the room, a room full of people watching you, or
if you are standing in front of an open window for anyone
to see who looks. You try to say "yes", but are
so excited it comes out as a barely audible whisper. He responds
that while it may be possible, it will not happen until you
ask him politely to undress you. You comply immediately
and with a pleading voice, asking him to please undress
you. As his hand slowly begins to unzip your dress, he says
he didn't hear you and that you need to say it louder.
You are embarrassed, but in a clear, strong voice say, "Please
undress me- I want you to see me, I want you to touch me- please
touch me."

As you feel your zipper begin to move, you also feel his breath,
at first on your neck just below your ear, then moving up
over your ear, and slowly across your face. His mouth is
so close you can feel it, yet his lips stay just far enough
away as they move towards your mouth, finally brushing
your lips. You bend your neck forward to press your lips
against his, but they move away just quickly enough to stay
just beyond your reach. As your zipper reaches the small
of your back, his lips brush against your neck just above
your left shoulder and begin kissing your neck- upwards
to the soft flesh below your ear, then strokes your ear,
his breath loud and intimately close. As your zipper finishes
its journey, he pulls your dress down off your shoulder
as his lips move down your neck to the top of your arm. You
feel the right shoulder of your dress being pulled down
until both are halfway between your shoulders and elbows,
your dress barely covering your breasts, threatening
to fall at any moment. One hand is travelling oh, so lightly
across your chest, from left to right, down to where your
breasts begin to swell, caressing each in its turn, his
mouth almost touching yours- while the other hand begins
slipping your arms out of your dress one at a time. Your dress
drops, revealing a sheer black bra, your hard nipples pressing
through. It continues sliding down, exposing your bare
stomach, then your sheer black panties- revealing your
trimmed pussy, and thigh highs. His hand moves to your left
nipple, pinching it, then moves across your stomach, downward,
palm flat on your flesh with fingers spread open, moving
down and around to your right hip then across your panties,
pausing briefly below your belly button then sliding down
between your legs which spread instinctively in response.
His hand presses against your labia, stroking you briefly,
slipping easily across your wet, wet crotch. Simultaneously,
the other hand unhooks your bra, letting it fall. You do
so immediately when a soft whisper tells you to place both
of your hands on top of your head, as the hand slips around
your ribcage, cupping your right breast and gently tugging
on your nipple. It continues downward to the waist of your
panties and both hands pull them down, and off you as you
lift each foot. You stand naked except for your blindfold,
pearl necklace and black heels, hands on your head and legs
slightly spread, completely exposed. It’s as if you
can feel eyes moving across your body, examining parts
of you that few have seen. You become wetter and more aroused
standing there, unable to see, exposed to the world as hands
and eyes roam your naked body. You have seldom been this
excited- so excited that your clit aches to be touched,
realizing that as soon as it is you will explode in a deep,
violent orgasm. But the hands do not touch you there. Instead
they grasp your arms and guide you, turning you, moving
you forward and stopping you just as your legs touch what
feels like the comforter. They then press you lightly forward,
your legs automatically bending, as you put your knees
on the bed, both feet on the edge. One hand continues pressing
between your shoulders, bending you over and folding your
arms so you are resting on your elbows, your head free to
move several inches above the bed and your breasts hanging,
your nipples barely touching the fabric of the comforter
as the other hand begins sliding down your back, moving
with open palm across your left cheek then slowly down the
outside of your thigh, past your knee, down the outside
of your calf to your foot, then turns and begins moving up
the inside of your calf to your thigh. As it presses slightly
against the inside of your thigh, you spread your knees
apart, completely exposing your wet pussy, your clit glistening
with moisture, your lips open-waiting to be spread by a
hard throbbing cock, and your ass. It excites you knowing
the eyes can see how excited you are, knowing you are ready,
no eager to be fucked there on that bed in that position with
your eyes covered, by a stranger- with only your senses
of touch, taste, smell, and hearing to focus on. Your touch
is so sensitive; it’s as if your entire being feels the
hands as they drift across your body, anticipating their
next moves.

The hand that had pressed you down to the bed now moves up
your back to your neck, and lightly through your hair, continuing
around to your left ear then pauses as two fingers trace
the outline of your ear then move on to explore your face,
and brushing across your lips. Your tongue darts out to
touch them, and your lips open slightly to embrace them.
You fantasize that the fingers are a cock as you slide your
head forward, stroking them with your soft, warm lips and
your tongue as they enter your mouth. You hold them in your
lips as you explore them with your tongue. As they pull slowly
from your mouth, you suck them as to keep them in you, but
they withdraw and trail along your cheek, down your neck
and across your chest to your breasts. The hand cups your
left breast from the outside, pushing it towards your right
breast and squeezing the two together. As the hand begins
to roll your nipples between its thumb and forefinger,
the other hand continues up your inner left thigh. You ache
for it to caress your labia and clitoris; to release you
from this orgasm that is demanding to be released, but it
does not. Instead it traces lightly around your labia,
not touching it, then lightly across your perineum, and
softly up and around your rectum in an increasing circle,
then back across your perineum and down along your right
labia and down your leg and back up moving in an arc across
your right cheek, and back down along your labia, pausing
for a moment, then just as the other hand is rolling your
nipples and pinching them with its thumb and forefinger,
begins moving slowly and lightly across your tender skin
towards your clit. Your body is screaming, building, and
building to the point where you could collapse in an orgasm
at any second. Finally, it moves up, moistened by your juices
which have flowed down your waiting pussy, and making one
light, slow circle around your clit, slides over it, lightly
rubbing it as your nipples are being pinched harder, and
pushing you over the edge almost instantly. Your body shudders
and writhes as the orgasm sweeps through you in waves, consuming
you completely as you moan, nearly crying from the intensity.
The hands then move away from your nipples and pussy, resting
nearby so you can rest and recover for a bit, before they
begin their dance upon your body, driving you to another

After a few minutes, they begin their relentless march,
preparing to move forward, pushing you to another orgasm.
The hand on your thigh moves upwards and begins slowly and
lightly kneading your left cheek, causing it to tug lightly
on your labia and clitoris, spreading your cheeks open
and exposing you further as the hand that was squeezing
your breasts and moves up and around your shoulder and onto
your head, as a man would as you were sucking his cock, entwining
itself into your hair. Not pulling, but massaging your
scalp, as your excitement and arousal grow and you feel
another orgasm beginning to build. The hand on your butt
begins dancing around your pussy- several inches away
at first, but moving closer as you become clearly more excited.
Slowly and relentlessly, you become more excited, unable
to stop your body responding to the touch of these two hands
as they work in harmony to drive you over the edge once again.
As you get closer, the hand on your head runs lightly across
your face once again, sliding under your chin and lifting
your face so it can be seen, lightly holding it up as the other
hand moves closer and closer to your clit. It first takes
your labia and rolls it between its fingers, then tugs on
them, causing them to pull lightly at your clitoris. As
you raise your pelvis, offering yourself for more attention,
it begins rolling your clit by starting with fingers about
an inch on either side, then pressing and squeezing your
lips, with your clit covered, rolling it gently as it continues
to swell. As your excitement builds, you want nothing more
than to pleasure a man in anyway. Your mind races, thinking
first of the feel of a cock as you slide your mouth over it,
feeling the ridges of the head with your tongue, running
your tongue along the shaft, and marveling at the strength
and power it has as it becomes unbelievably hard; and the
feeling of a big, hard cock sliding along your labia, opening
them so it can drive deep into you, filling you so completely.
You turn your head, wrapping your lips around the thumb
pressed against your cheek, licking it and sucking it as
though it is the last cock you will ever see, fucking this
thumb with your mouth, wishing it was a hard cock. Finally,
it is just not enough, so you raise your head a bit to release
it and say, “Please let me suck your cock… Please!”

You hear a zipper and the sound of pants being taken off as
the fingers rolling your clit move and begin massaging
it directly, without the shroud of your labia to soften
the pressure. You feel a slight pressure on your cheek from
his cock and turn your head slightly to inhale it, taking
it into your mouth and washing it with your tongue. Just
as you begin to slide your mouth down the full length of the
cock, taking as much of it down your throat as you dare, the
fingers massaging your clit begin moving faster, driving
you into another orgasm. It flows over you like water, warming
you from your feet to your cheeks, its warm glow spreading
across your face as you impale yourself on this man’s
erection, and begin moving your head up and down on it, slowly
taking it deeper with each stroke, tasting this strange
cock as your pussy aches to be filled with it. You drop it
from your mouth and say, “fuck me with this cock- I want
your cock in me, fucking me!” But instead of moving away,
two hands guide your face forward and press your mouth against
the cock. As you open your mouth and begin to feel it slip
over your lips, you are startled to feel something pressing
lightly against your pussy. Then as two hands spread your
cheeks, the head of another cock begins to slide deeper
and deeper into your waiting pussy. You try to squirm away,
surprised that there are two cocks driving into you from
different ends, you try to protest, to say you didn’t
know this was going to happen, but it is in vain. It is only
half-true anyway- while you didn’t know someone else
was in the room, you suspected at times that the two hands
did not belong to the same person. While it is a surprise,
the excitement of having two cocks at once overcomes you
and you begin moving back and forth, driving one cock deep
into your pussy as you slide the other one out of your mouth,
then reversing and taking it deep in your mouth while you
pull away from the other one, pulling away until just before
it falls out, then reversing again, fucking yourself with
each motion back and forth. Surprisingly the cock in your
mouth pulls back and away from you and you can sense him getting
up. Almost immediately, the cock buried in your pussy pulls
out and he moves away only to have the other cock quickly
take its place, hand grasping your hips and pulling you
back, driving deep into you. As it drives deeper, a pair
of hands takes your head again and presses a cock against
your lips. You can smell your pussy on this cock- it is the
one that was fucking you. As you slide your mouth eagerly
over it, you feel his hands loosening his tie from your eyes
and removing your blindfold.

First, you look up the length of this cock - the one that fucked
you first; to the man and his face. It is the older man from
the bar. The one that blindfolded you with his tie. The one
who seems to know what deep dark thoughts you have. He smiles
that knowing smile. The one that says, “I knew you would
like this. I knew you couldn’t get enough, and I was right.
I’m the reason you have two cocks in you right now, and
I have more in store for you.” As he drives his hard, fat
cock deeper down your throat, he says, “Look at your friends…”
and turns his head sideways (to your right). You look and
see there are four women sitting on the next bed. They are
all women you know. You work with two of them and the other
two are friends from your business group. These are women
who know where you live and either know or have met your husband
and family. You are stunned that they are in this room, watching
you get pounded from each end by two cocks- stunned that
they were sitting there watching you as you were blindfolded
and being fondled by strange men. Stunned that they saw
how eagerly you wrapped yourself around a strange cock
and how eagerly you took the second in your mouth. At first,
you are mortified and want to flee but these two cocks have
you pinned between them, and the men they are attached to
hold you down so you can’t escape. The man behind you has
a firm grip on each of your ass cheeks as his cock grinds into
you, and the older man is holding you by your hair as his cocks
fill your mouth. Secretly, you are glad that you let it grow
out, giving him a better handle to hold you down with, but
you pretend otherwise, squirming as though you want to
be freed. Knowing there is no escape (either from these
two cocks OR from your own sexual cravings), you settle
in again, lifting your pussy and driving in back on the cock
while taking the other from your mouth so you can lick the
head and the full length of its shaft with your tongue.

With the women are three men who were in the bar. One is a part
of your group and you’ve known him a few years, but the
two others are businessmen from in town that you only met
tonight. The women are half undressed, with their dresses
down around their waists and their breasts exposed and
being fondled and pinched. Debbie, the younger of the two
that work with you, also has her dress pulled up around her
waist and her legs spread wide, exposing her shaved pussy
to all as she masturbates, stroking herself as the others
watch, and as she watches you. The men are clearly aroused-
you can see their swollen cocks pressing against their
trousers- and all stand almost simultaneously to undress.
As their cocks swing free, you appreciate each of them,
but especially that of Glenn, the man from your group. You’d
always found him attractive, and had fantasized about
him sometimes in the shower or when you were having sex with
your husband, but not even your fantasies did his cock justice.
It is simply beautiful, and you want it. As soon as the men
are naked, Anne (your other co-worker), Dana, and Arlene
dive for their cocks, almost inhaling them. You are surprised
by Anne’s eagerness simply because anytime anyone has
said anything even remotely sexual at work, she has made
it clear that she is not interested in such talk and is offended
that someone would broach the topic publicly. Yet, here
she is, having watched everything that has happened so
far, with a strange cock in her mouth, sucking it as though
it’s the last cock she’ll see. As she slides her lips
up and down the length of its shaft, she reaches over to wrap
her fingers around Glenn’s cock as Dana rolls her tongue
around its head. As Dana sucks, Anne begins pumping the
shaft, pausing only briefly to lightly stroke his balls
and reach around to tickle his ass, pulling him towards
Dana’s eager mouth.

As you continue sucking the older man’s cock (will you
ever know his name?), you sense his body tensing and his
cock straining and know that your warm, hungry mouth has
worked its magic yet again and that this cock, like all others
you’ve ever blessed with your talents, is about to explode-
unable to resist the warm wetness of your lips and the coaxing
of your tongue. He moans, arching his back as his cock quivers,
draining his balls on the back of your tongue and down your
throat. You swallow repeatedly, drinking nearly all his
hot, sweet, and salty cum but saving the last few drops on
your tongue, savoring the flavor. Watching you suck his
friend dry and the zest you had for swallowing this stranger’s
cock, coupled with the view of your sweet ass in the air welcoming
his cock, and the way your pussy has squeezed, massaged,
and encouraged it to erupt, is so exciting that he, too,
arches his back, driving his cock deeper, burying it to
the hilt as he cums. You can feel his cock pulsing as it empties
itself, spewing cum deep inside you. The reality of having
two strange cocks drain themselves in you almost simultaneously,
one in your mouth and one in your pussy- being filled with
cum from both ends, while watching these people you know
masturbating and sucking cocks, brings you to your own
overwhelming orgasm. It courses through your body, involving
what seems to be every muscle and each nerve, collapsing
you into a spent pile of woman. It sweeps over you in wave
after wave in the most intense orgasm you have experienced
in years. As you lay there watching your friends, the two
men get up. As the younger man nears Debbie, she smiles at
you and reaches for his cock, and licks it from base to tip.
As she opens her mouth to take it deeper, she says your pussy
tastes great on this man’s cock. He is still surprisingly
hard considering that he just left what you assumed was
everything he had behind inside of you, and even more surprisingly,
responds almost immediately to her actions and regains
what appears to be every bit of erection he’d had before
he came in you. After a minute or two, she stops and rises,
walking towards you. You are lying on your left side, watching
the others in front of you. Debbie stands in front of you,
and then lies down on her left side, facing you- her head
between your legs and her shaved pussy in front of your face.
She begins licking your clit. Softly and gently at first-
avoiding any real direct contact, and then moving closer
and closer. Tasting both your wet pussy and this man’s
cum, she slips her tongue deeper in an effort to taste even
more and moves her hips closer to your face. You spread her
legs, and begin kissing her inner thighs, running your
tongue along them towards her glistening clit, and settle
in to bathe her with your tongue. As you do so, the man with
his refreshed erection, comes over and lays behind Debbie,
his cock between her legs and in front of your face. He slips
his cock into her and thrusts a few times then withdraws,
at which point, you take the head of his cock in your mouth
as he fucks your face for a few strokes, and then withdraws
in order to slip back into Debbie’s pussy. He alternates
back and forth like this for a few minutes before cumming
again, partly in Debbie’s waiting pussy, partly on your
cheek, and partly in your open mouth. After you’ve sucked
the last drop from his cock, he gets up and moves to a chair,
where he can watch as you and Debbie work on each other. It
doesn’t take long before you are both moaning and writhing,
pushing each other into a warm exotic orgasm. After you’ve
both cum, Debbie moves her face to yours, giving you a deep,
soft kiss as she tells you that she has never tasted a woman
before but had fantasized for months about how you would
taste. You had tasted a woman in college, but it had been
long enough ago that you forgot how sweet a pussy tastes.
Now you know why your husband (and your new friends) like
tasting you so much.

The older man, upon rising, goes to his suitcase, takes
out a small jar, and goes to where Anne was sucking her man’s
cock. He stands on the other side of her face and doesn’t
have to wait long before she is taking turns sucking first
the other man’s, then his. Anne continues to surprise
you with her obvious wanton desire as she sucks two cocks,
sitting naked in a room with 7 others, but she is about to
surprise you even more. After a few minutes of work, Anne
has the older man’s cock hard again. It’s then that
he moves her so that she is reclining on the bed, her body
supported by her right elbow, her right leg on the bed and
her left spread wide, and opens his jar. He begins by dipping
a couple of finger’s worth of some type of cream from the
jar, positioning himself between Anne’s legs, and begins
gently rubbing the cream on and around her sphincter. Anne’s
moans become increasingly long and loud as he begins sliding
his fingers (first 1, then 2) up her ass, working copious
amounts of lotion into her as lubrication. As she continues
sucking cock, he moves behind her and presses the head of
his against her ass. Her eyes widen as it slowly slides into
her, but she continues sucking cock. He stops with the head
of his cock just inside her ass and waits a moment for her
to relax. He then slowly slides deeper and deeper up her
ass and is soon fucking her ass slowly. You are amazed that
this woman who always struck you as such a prude is before
you with one cock in her mouth and another in her ass, while
her husband and kids are at home thinking mommy is away at
a working meeting. No one would believe that she is working
these two cocks the way she is. The older man’s cock is
by no means small, but you can’t help but think of Glenn’s
fat monster of a cock and how Anne would be split in two if
Glenn had his cock buried up her ass instead of this mans.
You are amazed at how quickly Anne loses control and collapses
into what must be a phenomenal anal orgasm.

While Debbie’s tongue certainly knows what it’s doing
and certainly feels good it’s another cock that you want,
and you know which one. As you’ve watched Dana suck Glenn’s
massive monster, you’ve imagined how it would feel being
stretched open and pounded by that marvelous example of
erection. So you get up from where you are and go to where
he is sitting and drop between his legs and begin sharing
his cock with Dana. You tell Dana you can’t believe she
hasn’t fucked Glenn yet and she responds by saying she
is afraid to because it’s so big. You smile and say you’re
glad, because you want to fuck him. Dana says she’s jealous,
though still afraid, then asks if she can “join in”
by steering his cock into your waiting pussy. You agree
and drop to your hands and knees with your legs spread, your
ass high, and your pussy waiting to be filled. Dana kneels
beside you, grabbing Glenn’s big cock firmly, and pulls
him down to the floor where she pulls his cock towards your
waiting lips. She has her left hand on the small of your back
and her right wrapped around Glenn’s cock, which she
begins sliding up and down your pussy, opening your lips
and lubricating the massive head of his cock. She then reaches
around behind him and presses on his ass, sliding his huge
cock slowly into you. You moan with delight as he spreads
you and slowly slips as deep as possible, then pulls back
and begins pumping his cock into you. While Dana holds his
balls in one hand, she reaches up and begins pinching and
squeezing your tits. You feel consumed by Glenn as his huge
rod quickens its pace and know it won’t be long until he’s
spewing cum. As Dana releases your tits and places her hand
on Glenn’s belly and begins kissing him, her other hand
still holding his balls, you feel the head of his cock swell
inside you. Glenn moans through Dana’s kiss and buries
his cock, pulling your hips back on him, impaling you with
his thick, quivering cock as he begins to cum. After he drains
himself in you, you both collapse on the floor. As you lay
there, fully satisfied, you begin to drift of to sleep,
wondering what tomorrow’s meetings will be like.

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damn..... i came at least twice while reading this and had
to stop because i have made a complete mess! great writing!
so aroused by all the descriptions in this....never been
into the blind fold thing but just to let u know, that is the
first thing i will be trying the next time i am with a man!!


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Thank you, it's really nice to get feedback! I'm
glad you think I write well and that at least 2 people agree
with you!


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Since I liked the other ones, I went looking for any other
ones that you'd written. I enjoyed this as well. Thanks
for posting it.