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Younger man, older woman


During my last year of High School my father had taken on
a new job that
required we move. I wasn't any too happy about it, wanting
to finish
out my senior year with friends and activities that I was
with. But there was no way around it, and I reluctantly remained
my family as we moved several hundred miles away to our new
home and a
new way of life.
Though our family had "moved-up" as they say,
those first few weeks into
summer before the start of the new school year were very
trying for me.
I didn't know anyone, nor had I really met anyone at
that time to pal
around with or do things with. Worse, I was having difficulty
a job (that I liked) in order to save some money towards the
car I'd
been hoping to finally get that summer.
Two doors down from where we lived, there was a spacious
home sitting on
three acres of the most beautiful greenery, lawn and flowerbeds.
noticed however that it didn't seem to be in the best
of shape, far
from what it could be anyway. As I enjoyed gardening, working
more than anything else, and in desperate need of some money,
I decided
to inquire with the owner of the home to see if there was any
work for
me there.
On the day I first met Mrs. Steel, I had gone to her door with
the hopes
of landing at least a part-time job for some quick easy money.
I had
no idea if they already had a gardener or someone who took
care of the
grounds, but if they did, he or she certainly wasn't
doing a very good
job of it. By the looks of things, the grass hadn't been
mowed in
several weeks in fact. And for a home that elegant looking,
and so
huge, it didn't make much sense to me.
She opened the door and by all appearances, looked like
she'd been in
bed for a week her self. She was wearing some frumpy old worn

housecoat, her hair was a mess, and she looked worn and tired
as well.
By the looks of her, I didn't figure there was much chance
of landing
any sort of a job, my first impression being that something
disastrous had happened or something, and she was just
waiting to be
evicted. Pressing on however, I told her who I was, pointed
out where
I lived, and stated I was interested in landscaping, gardening
As I stood in the door telling her all this, I noticed that
she wasn't
exactly unattractive, and in fact, under normal circumstances
probably be a very attractive looking woman. She was certainly
in her
mid too late fifty's perhaps early sixty's even,
but looking older than
that at the time I first met her. To my surprise, she seemed

interested in my offer, and explained her present situation.

"Three month's ago my husband died......"
She began telling me.
".....Steven was the one who really enjoyed working
out in the yard,
keeping things up and all that. We'd once talked about
hiring on a
gardener, especially as it became more and more difficult
for him to
spend the time this place constantly needed. But for one
reason or
another, we kept putting it off, doing it ourselves. And
then of
course Steven died suddenly of an unexpected heart attack.
I've been
trying to keep up with it, but as you can see, I'm falling
behind in it
myself, and frankly, haven't had the energy or the
desire even to do
it." <br>
After she had explained this to me, things made a little
more sense, but
I still wasn't sure she was too keen on hiring me. That
was until she
told me she'd pay me a hundred dollars a week! Although
that was more
money than I'd seen in my short lifetime that I could
call my own, I
still hesitated, feeling somewhat guilty about accepting
such a salary
for keeping things in shape for her. Mrs. Steel then explained
to me
that I would definitely earn every penny of it. As that also
maintenance on their pool, as well as doing odd jobs around
the house
for her when she needed help doing something. Having heard
that, I
readily agreed. My very first day "at work"
would be bright and early
the next day. The first order of business was mowing the
lawn, but at
least they had one of those mowers you could ride on, and
that was
something to look forward to all by itself. The second major
would be to clean out the leaves and garbage that had fallen
into the
pool over the past few months.
I showed up at her place bright and early the next morning.
I preferred
working in the yard early anyway, my favorite time of day
when things
were still peaceful, quiet, and fresh. And though I would
soon be
waking up the neighbors once I started on the lawn, I enthusiastically

set out to begin to make a difference in how the place would
look once
I was done. Mrs. Steel had already given me a set of keys to
the shed
where everything I needed was secured and waiting for me.
So I didn't
need to bother waking her up when I began my day.
I had spent the past two hours out front mowing, and already
the place
looked one hundred percent better. Heading out back to
finish up
there, I ran into Mrs. Steel as she came outside to greet
me. The
first thing I noticed was that I had been right. She was an
woman, very much so. She had obviously gone through some
sort of
metamorphosis during the night, as I now saw her with a little
bit of
makeup, and entirely different looking. But to my immediate
delight, I
saw that she was wearing a tied in front halter-top that
defined her well rounded breasts, and deep cleavage that
hinted at the
smoothness of her dark tanned breasts as well. She wore
a pair of
white shorts that showed off her dark tan, as well as her
shapely legs.
Needless to say, she looked like an entirely different
woman than the
one I had met the day before.
"It's such a lovely morning. I thought I'd
at least come out and give
you a hand. After all, it's not your fault the yard's
in this bad of a
condition, so the least I can do is help you." She said.

"Thank you Mrs. Steel....." I began to say,
but she interrupted me.
"Katie. Please call me Katie." She told me.

Even so, it was difficult for me to call her by that name,
and I
continually addressed her as Mrs. Steel, sometimes Katie
after that.
"I'll start on the pool." She explained,
and told me about the pool
cleaner and how it worked. "You finish up with the
mowing, and then
come over and help me with this." <br>
As the backyard wasn't nearly as big as the front yard,
because of the pool and floral gardens, it didn't take
me even half the
time to mow, as had the front yard. I put the mower back in
the shed,
and then went around the house to rejoin her by the pool.
I had just
started up this narrow slate stone path between the house
and the
open-air green house they had also kept for growing their
roses, placed
my hand on the small gate that opened into the back yard,
and froze!
I know Katie was expecting me to come back around the other
way, as she
was still looking over her shoulder in that direction.
But as I had
left some grass clippings in bags to set out in the garbage,
I had gone
around the other side of the house. So it was that I stood
her remove the western style bandana she'd been wearing,
allowing her
shoulder length hair to fall free. Interestingly, she
had one silver
streak that swept back nearly down the middle, and reminded
me slightly
of Mrs. Munster, though I certainly would never ever have
referred to
her in that way. But what froze me in place was the fact she
untied her blouse, and realizing she was braless then,
watched as she
took the bandana and wiped her exposed breasts off from
her sweat.
Still looking in the other direction for me to come back
around, I
stood there momentarily, still looking at her beautiful
full breasts,
almost afraid to move. And in so doing was caught looking.

It wasn't the fact that she simply had bared her breasts,
but the fact
that they were so beautiful. Katie had the biggest darkest
(though I only knew them then as "nipples")
that I had ever seen
before, and I had seen several women's breasts in a
few "stroke-books",
but never any women's nipple's like hers. To me,
they were the most
erotic looking pair of "tits" that I had ever
laid eyes on. And so
literally frozen in place as I was, caught looking as Mrs.
suddenly turned to look in my direction as though realizing
since I'd
not come back around the other way that the possibility
existed, I'd
come around from the side that I had. And there our eyes locked
on one
Initially I felt embarrassed and a little alarmed that
she might think I
was actually spying on her. " So much for my permanent
job." I thought.
But Katie merely smiled, turned away from me so as to once
again cover
herself, and retied the blouse she was wearing back over
her breasts.
"Sorry...didn't mean to embarrass you."
She said. "It's just so damn
hot already, and I'm sweating like a pig as it is."
I walked through the gate towards her, a little dizzy and
a little
unsteady on my feet. But it had been an innocent incident
after all,
and if Mrs. Steel wasn't going to make any big deal out
of it, then
neither would I.
An hour or so later we'd finished cleaning the pool.
Katie suggested we
break for a light lunch, and as a reward for all our hard work,

suggested we go for a swim afterwards. I reminded Katie
that I of
course didn't have any swim trunks, and though I could
certainly run
home to get some, I worried about getting stuck at home doing
one thing
or another for my mother instead. Katie quickly informed
me that she
was sure she could dig out a pair of trunks that Steven had
without my having to run home.
Following her up to her bedroom, I once again felt a little
shy and
extremely nervous. Sitting on the edge of her bed while
she rummaged
through several drawers, she finally found a pair of swimming
that would fit me. I watched as she quickly located a two-piece

bathing suit of her own, and invited me to change clothes
in her
bedroom while she stepped into the bathroom to change.
I quickly
stripped out of my clothes and piled them in one of the chairs
near the bed. Looking up and towards the bathroom, I saw
then that the
door had not been closed all the way. A small crack gave me
a peek
into that room and I saw Mrs. Steel's reflection in
the bathroom
mirror. Once again, I sat watching as she undressed, watched
as she
cupped her breasts turning sideways in the mirror to look
at her self,
releasing her breasts, turning, cupping them once again
as though
wishing they stood up off her chest a little more firmly.
I for one
thought her breasts looked perfect just the way they were.
They were
in my young eyes, quite sexy and very alluring. I had never
seen boobs
as large as hers were, but had limited experience in trying
to compare
them to the very, very few I had seen. To me, just looking
at her as
she examined and touched herself was exciting beyond words.
because of that, I immediately achieved an erection, which
I did not
initially perceive as being a problem until I realized
she'd soon come
out of the bathroom.
"Mrs. Steel....Uh Katie? I'm going to go ahead
and run down to the
pool. I'll meet you outside." I yelled at her
into the bathroom.
Katie had by this time of course finished dressing as well,
and just as
I stood up to leave, she came walking out of the bathroom.
Once again
we caught one another staring and looking at each other.
Me with a
tent-pole bulging out of my swim trunks, and her with those
breasts of hers barely contained within the confines of
a nearly too
small top. Her white two-piece suit certainly highlighted
her dark
tan, and glancing down briefly as I did, I also noticed the
darker area that was shadowed between her legs through
the material of
her bottoms.
I stammered momentarily, unsure what to say or do. "I
just going." Dropping my hand down as non-chalantly
as possible, to
cover my obvious erection, I finally managed to get my legs
from the floor and headed out of the bedroom.
"Here!" I heard Katie softly yell at me then,
turning, I just managed
to catch the bath-towel she'd thrown towards me, but
the suddenness and
unexpected toss of the towel in my direction once again
revealed my
obvious stiffness. And worse, showing it off from a side
view that I
saw her glance down at as I reached up to catch the towel.

"I thought you might need a towel." She finished
saying then, still
looking at me, smiling.
I was sure she wasn't smiling at me in any suggestive,
certainly not in
any sort of an "interested" way. It was more
like in an understanding;
don't worry about it, sort of smile. I was grateful
for that, and used
the towel to wrap around myself, and hurried on down the
stairs with
Katie following behind me.
We swam for quite a while, splashing water on one another
and generally
having quite a good time. The coolness of the water rapidly
melted my
erection so that I was soon comfortable around her, and
as we swam,
talked and enjoyed one another's company, I relaxed
considerably as
Though the trunks Katie had given me to wear felt a little
big, and I
occasionally had to readjust them, it became second nature
for me to do
so and I gave it no further thought. I eventually decided
to go off the
diving board when Katie asked me if I knew how to do any "flips"
off it
that she could watch. I was delighted to show her what I could
"showing off" and climbed out of the pool and
stepped onto the diving
board. I hit the end of the board springing high into the
air, and
slid through the water in a near perfect vertical entry.
And promptly
felt my trunks come off in the water. When I surfaced a short
away, I turned around looking behind myself to see if I could
spot them
floating. Katie was already standing there in the middle
of the pool,
holding onto them.
"I guess they're a little big." And then
she laughed, unable to help
Though I was a little embarrassed, even feeling my cheeks
flushing, I
laughed along with her, but hesitated in approaching her
in my obvious
nakedness. I fully expected her to toss the trunks over
to me, watched
her even as though she was going to do just that, and then
was stunned
as they went sailing through the air far over my head to land
over by
the Patio table instead.
I turned back around to look at her, confusion showing in
my face I'm
sure, and saw her reaching behind obviously undoing her
"You know, in all the years we've owned this pool,
I have never once
gone skinny-dipping in it!" Katie then tossed her
own top over to the
side, landing near where the spot my own trunks had landed.
I saw her
reach down then knowing full well that she was now removing
the bottoms
to her bathing suit as well. This too was wadded up and sent
across the pool to land on the edge near the steps leading
up and out.
"Good place for them. I'll leave them there to
put back on when I get
out." She casually commented. Flipping onto her
back, she floated
momentarily while I stood in the shallows at the opposite
end of the
pool, though kneeling so as not to expose myself to her.
I was more
than confused now and totally unsure what to make of all
this as she so
calmly floated on her back. Those breasts of hers so easily
as was the dark patch of her pubic hair now clearly revealed
to me as
well as she lay on her back floating there in the water.
Though I was certainly more at ease now as we continued to
talk and swim
around, it was simply too tempting, and far too easy to continually

find myself gawking at her nude body, especially her breasts
as she
sometimes stood, or floated on her back. Eventually my
cock had once
again stirred in arousal, and feeling it growing, I made
a hasty
retreat out of the pool and sat down in one of the patio-table
Though I didn't put on my wet swim trunks, I did grab
my towel and laid
it across my lap. Katie had brought out a pitcher of lemonade
lunch, and I quickly poured a glass pretending to be thirsty
and sat
their drinking it....watching her.
She of course had seen me exit the pool. I knew she had followed
over towards the table, and though my ass was obviously
exposed to her
viewing, it wasn't nearly as bad had she seen my reawakened
When I sat, I did so with my towel already positioned in front
myself so that I would conceal my pre-"dick"-ament
before sitting down.
Mrs. Steel swam over then to the edge of the pool closest
to me. She
was perfectly concealed in this fashion, standing below
the lip of the
pool in such a way that I could not see anything of her except
for her
head, neck and upper shoulders. We'd left the pool
cleaner on the
entire time, allowing it to finish doing its job while we
swam. I saw
her taking in the hose, fully expecting her to ask me to shut
it off,
(dreading that) but was surprised when she never mentioned
anything to
me about it, but obviously stood there now holding on to
it as we
spoke. It was then that I noticed a peculiar expression
come over her
face. I had seen that look on my own face in the mirror when
I had
once caught my reflection while masturbating in the bathroom.
And it
was the very same one I was seeing now on her face!
"So......" Mrs. Steel began speaking, and
I picked up a slight
quivering edge to the tone of her voice as she did. "
think I have an ok body for a woman my age? I bet not though
huh? I'd
guess you have several young girlfriends with cute little
bodies to
look at occasionally....." <br>
I was about to respond...but she merely continued speaking,
so my own
response stuck in my throat, and I merely sat watching her
instead. I
was certainly intrigued, curious, perhaps intimidated
and even a little
bit afraid, but sitting there watching her doing whatever
it was that
she was doing was getting to me. My cock was as stiff and as
hard as
it had ever been, and the fear of her asking, no
to get
up and do something for her, like turning off the pool cleaner
suddenly a bit worrisome.
I was so into my own thoughts and wildly running imagination
at this
point that I had hardly heard a word on been concentrating
on what Mrs.
Steel had been saying. Sort of like coming in on the middle
of an
innocent conversation, and hearing something else that
could have been
taken as anything but innocent. And for a moment....that's
what I
thought I was hearing.
" least that long since I have even seen
man's.......cock." She said bluntly.
"And the last thing I wanted to do was frighten you
off, but it would
mean so much to me if you would come over here at least, and
just let
me see you." <br>
I know I sat there looking dumbfounded. But I had just barely
back into whatever it was she had been saying. The word cock
certainly embedded into my thoughts...and something
about her wanting
to see it. When I saw her own look change from the pleasured
one she'd
been showing me to one of uncertainty, even suddenly being
ashamed of
what she'd just said, I knew my inaction had mistakenly
been perceived
as something else entirely. I saw her face soften, almost
like she
was going to start crying or something then.
"Wait!" I heard myself call out, though it sounded
like a voice
belonging to someone else...not mine.
I stood up then, dropping my bath towel completely, revealing
my hard
swollen member to her scrutiny, and bravely walked over
to sit down on
the edge of the pool where she was still standing. Almost
I realized what it was she had been doing with the pool cleaner
too. She still had it nestled between her legs, and obviously
had been
using it to pleasure herself with while she had stood there
talking to
"You know what I'm doing?" She asked. Though
it was more of a
statement of fact than a question really. I nodded my head
yes with
sudden wide-eyed understanding, and an overwhelming
wave of excitement
suddenly coursing through and over my entire body.
Though I had not made any attempt now to conceal myself from
her, I was
also trying not to flaunt my arousal at her either. Sitting
her, legs tightly closed together, I was still taken by
surprise when
she moved over between them, and pressing herself against
my knees,
forced them apart. Almost immediately she reached up and
softly took
my cock in her hand, and though not quite stroking it, allowed
to fondle and finger it exploratorily as we continued looking
into one
another's eyes.
I was at this very moment entering into an area where I had
very little
experience. I had the summer before with an old girlfriend,
gone so
far as to dry-hump her as we called it, with clothes on. I
had managed
to fondle and even suck her tits one evening, and weeks later
to actually mutually masturbating one another to orgasm.
But except
for that very limited experience, I had done or experienced
more than that with anyone. So sitting here completely
naked with Mrs.
Steel was a new experience in and of itself. But as she had
now also
added playing with me to that list, I was already headed
towards new
heights, and totally unprepared or expert enough to understand
could or perhaps even should naturally happen next. Mrs.
thankfully took charge and sort of guided things along
for me then.
She continued to tease her self with the pool cleaner that
much was
obvious that she was enjoying that, and perhaps also enjoying
the fact
that I now knew and understood what it was she was doing.
Added to
that of course were the wonderfully erotic sensations
that she was
giving me with her hand. She was very gentle, and it was that

gentleness that had taken me to the very edge almost before
I even
realized it.
"Ah....ah. Mrs. Steel! Katie!" I near yelled
then, feeling my
impending orgasm, knowing full well that unless she quit
what she was
doing...and soon, she was going to have quite a mess and
quite an
unexpected surprise on her hands.
But what she did of course caught me off guard, and merely
speeded up
the process to its climatic finish. Instead of stopping
as I half
expected her to do, though I am not at all sure why I had even

entertained that as an option, she placed her mouth over
my cock
instead, a completely new sensation, one in which I had
personally experienced. It was something I had only heard
about girls
doing, and only seen done in a few pictures in one of my fathers

hard-core magazines I had at one time discovered secreted
away in his
Almost immediately of course, my cock throbbed and exploded
with a
torrent of cum gushing from the tip of it. My nuts seemed
to turn
themselves inside out, and I reached for her head, as the
only actual
source of anything to hold onto while I felt my body rapidly
inside itself. Mrs. Steel somehow managed to continue
sucking me
however, even as my cock grew to incredible proportions
within my mind,
and I had the weirdest sensation of watching my cum suddenly
from out of her ears and nose as she continued to suck me dry.
It was
after all my very first blowjob, and as silly as some might
think, I
had absolutely no expectation of what something like that
actually feel like. The orgasm was so intense, so overwhelming,
that I
very nearly passed out from it. I saw stars, felt my toes
cramp and curl upwards along with the sensation of my balls
and pulsating wildly.
Though I wasn't at all certain, I was fairly confident
that Mrs. Steel
had also experienced and enjoyed her own orgasm, brought
on from the
titillating pleasure of the pool cleaner. As I began to
be a little
more oriented and focused, I felt Mrs. Steel suddenly pulling
towards her in the pool. The feel of the cool water helped
to refresh
me considerably as I slipped into the water right next to
her, but so
did the feel of those magnificent breasts touching me,
pressing against
me as I did.
Normally after I had had an orgasm after masturbating,
once that
sensation had passed...the edge of excitement naturally
Surprisingly for me then, though I had only moments ago
had one of the
most intense "cums" of my cock hadn't
entirely deflated,
softening only slightly, and the interest and excitement
was still
I didn't ask....didn't feel under the circumstances
that I had to or
needed to actually. But I cupped both of Mrs. Steel's
breasts then,
felt the weight of them in my hands, and toyed gently with
them. She
moaned, and that simple solitary sound had my cock racing
back to
another full-hard erection.
"Suck them Nick, suck my's...
been... so... long!"
She breathed in the sexiest most sensual sounding tone
of voice I had
ever heard. I ravished them then, alternating back and
forth between
them as I kissed, licked, sucked, and pulled on her incredibly
fat nipples. Mrs. Steel continued to moan, coo, and whisper
things too
me that was having a definite effect on my own reawakened
"Oh Nick...Nick." She said calling my name
over and over. "Your hands
feel so good on my tits!" She said, using that word
instead of breasts,
or even boobs. And hearing her say like that, just put an
special emphasis on the mood we were both once again feeling.

At that moment, I felt something once again stimulating
me, and looked
down to see she had the pool cleaner in her hand.
"You're going to like this." She stated,
"I used to come out here and
do this all the time. Even Steven never knew I did it....and
I once
did so while he was sitting over there talking to me while
I did too!" She laughed, remembering that time. "I always wanted
to do this to
him, but for some reason was too afraid to mention it, fearful
that he
would think it too kinky....too strange for his tastes.
You don't do
you Nicky?" She called me then.
I moaned as well by way of an answer. It was a pleasant sensation,
fairly intense in its own way, and reminded me of many years
when I had once "tried" using the vacuum cleaner
hose on myself when I
was early on exploring various self pleasuring techniques.

She didn't continue on with this too long however,
I suspected she
already knew that it wouldn't take very damn long to
get me off using
that. And obviously, Katie had other things in mind for
a much slower,
drawn out pleasuring of one another.
I had of course been fully content to enjoy fondling and
caressing her
breasts. Even then assuming, albeit somewhat stupidly,
that if this
was all I was permitted to do, I'd be a very, very happy
young man in
deed! I felt her hand guiding my hand however, and soon she
placed it
at the apex of her sex. Even under the water, standing as
we were, she
parted her legs slightly, and my finger easily found itself
up inside
her. Her pussy was slippery sweet, like the baby oil I sometimes
to jack-off with, but this was underwater, and was remaining
which I found quite thrilling and quite exciting to be experiencing.

We stood fingering, jacking, and exploring one another
in this way for
quite some time. Eventually Mrs. Steel started rotating
against my hand, my fingers still working in and out of her,
but also
as she had begun instructing me to do, I was now tenderly
paying more
direct attention to her clitoris, which I honestly didn't
know very
much about, only that what she was telling me to do, seemed
to be
giving her immense pleasure.
"Right there Nicky. Oh yes, just like that!"
She urged me. Then she'd
sort of rotate her hips and press herself against my hand,
holding me
closely to her, all the while, my own dick in her hand as she
it, massaged it, or just simply squeezed the head. All these

sensations, most of them new ones to me, were driving me
wild with my
own desires. And I was once again rapidly building towards
orgasm myself.
Moments later, I felt her tremble, even as I bent down to
once again
suckle one of her hard erect nipples. She semi collapsed
against me,
and had it not been for the buoyancy of the water, we'd
have both
probably tipped over backwards. Feeling, and then seeing
her cum
triggered my own. And once again as I stood there enjoying
sensation of her hand milking my pulsating prick dry, I
swam in a sea
of ecstasy right along with her.
It was late in the afternoon by this time. And though I really
did have
no desire to leave her, knew that I would have to as my mother
had not
expected me to be gone all day. I hurriedly dressed after
that, and
spoke briefly with Mrs. Steel ensuring her that I'd
be back bright and
early the next day to start on the other areas that still
attention to around the yard.
I did notice what I thought to be a slightly guilty looking
on her face, but once I had assured her that I would be back,
grinning stupidly from ear to ear, she seemed to relax a
little and
gave me that same wonderful smile I had finally seen her
give to me
earlier that day.
I raced home whistling, excited beyond words and already
the possibilities of what the next day might bring. I was
starved of
course, had three helpings at dinner, helped with the dishes
even being asked, and even though I had the whole evening
ahead of me
with absolutely nothing to do, and no place to go to do it,
felt better
than I had in weeks. Heading upstairs to my bedroom, I closed
locked my bedroom door, hanging out my "Do not disturb"
sign, which was
something my parents respected. And spent the next hour
and a half in
blissful self pleasuring, relieving over and over in my
mind every
explicit intimate moment that I had enjoyed with Mrs. Steel.

I arose bright and early the next day. I knew that Mrs. Steel
would not
even be awake by the time I arrived, but that was ok. I was
intent on
getting, as much of the yard work done as was possible before
she even
knew I was there. My whole purpose now wasn't in doing
it to get paid,
or even with hopes or expectations of anything remotely
happening as it
had the day before. I actually wanted to please her. And
knowing how
much she had loved the way her yard had once looked was determined
see that it looked that way again as soon as possible.
It wasn't even eight o'clock yet and I had already
been feverishly
working for two straight hours. Most of the shrubs and bushes
that ran
along the long winding driveway were now once again neatly
trimmed and
groomed. I was just hauling off the trimmings, already
dripping with
sweat, it was going to be another hot day, when I saw her open
front door and wave at me. I figured she might come out and
greet me, say something, but then to my surprise she went
back inside
closing the door. I finished up what I had been doing in the
and then headed around to the backyard to start out there.

Nearly an hour later, she did come outside then, carrying
a tray of
pastries and juice. Setting it on the patio table, she invited
me over
to have something to eat.
"Good morning Nick." She finally said. But
I immediately noticed her
tone and mannerism though friendly, definitely didn't
have that husky
almost lustiness that I had heard in it the day before. She
was a lot
more "formal" sounding with me as we sat talking
about the weather, and
about how good of a job I was doing. Not a word was spoken or
intimated of what had happened between us yesterday, and
I immediately
perceived that she wanted to keep it that way. Somewhat
dejected, a
little disappointed in fact, I chalked up the encounter
to a moment of
weakness for her. Obviously, unlike myself, she had spent
the evening
thinking about everything we had done too, but was now feeling
and guilt over it. The worse thing I could have done was to
discuss it
or remind her of anything we'd done. I soon after went
back to work,
and though I occasionally saw Mrs. Steel looking out one
of the many
windows facing the backyard, I didn't see her again
until it was
nearing lunchtime.
As noon approached, I had eventually stripped my shirt
off as I was
dripping sweat. Mrs. Steel eventually came outside with
a plate of
sandwiches and an ice-tea for me. I didn't have the
heart to tell her
I didn't care for tea, but it went down well with the
sandwiches. Once
again however, Mrs. Steel had disappeared back inside
the house and I
was surprised that she hadn't even offered to sit out
side and have
lunch with me. By this time I was feeling pretty much like
a heel
myself for allowing things to have gone as far as they had.
Going back
to work then, I did notice her come out and head over towards
Greenhouse. She had dressed herself in far less revealing
this time, which was another hint to me that there wouldn't
be any
repeat occurring of the previous day.
Katie had told me the day before that she wanted me to haul
out the
clippings, sweep the floor of the greenhouse once she had
"dead-headed" and pruned the roses. I knew that in all likelihood, that's
what she
was busily doing now. After putting away some of the gardening
tools I
had been using, I then entered the Greenhouse carrying
the large
sweeping broom in order to do as she had asked me to do the
day before.
Though she wasn't at all surprised to see me when I came
in carrying the
broom, she spoke to me in what could only be described as
a very
authoritative tone in her voice.
"When you've finished sweeping up, I'd
like you to go along and
fertilize the roses. I'll follow behind you with the
watering can." She stated flatly.
By the time I had finished sweeping and was beginning to
fertilize the
plants, I was feeling extremely uncomfortable myself.
Already I was
having second thoughts about continuing to work for her,
not because of
the money, or even because I didn't enjoy the work I
was doing, simply
because I was now feeling really bad about what had happened
and what
had obviously changed our relationship.
Without turning around to even look at her, I could hear
Mrs. Steel
following behind m pouring water into the plants. The "silence"
they say was deafening, and I was beginning to hurry up the
process in
order to get out of there and head for home where I could reconsider

ever returning back to work for her. I'd already decided
I wouldn't
even bother asking her for any "wages"....hell,
what I'd experienced
with Katie was something I couldn't even begin to repay
her for. And
if anything, by my never returning back again, it would
make it a whole
lot easier for her to get over what had happened and finally
forget that it even had. I was really feeling like a shit
thinking about how her husband had just recently died,
and how I had in
some respects taken advantage of her lonely emotional
state. And for
that reason alone I knew that I would soon walk out the door
and never
come back.
I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I hadn't realized
I had
slowed down, or that she had nearly caught up to me as I worked.

Already she was standing beside me pouring water into the
plant I had
just finished working the fertilizer into the soil of.
Redoubling my
efforts, I quickly finished that side of the table, and
turned in the
isle to start down along the opposite side. I then heard
Mrs. Steel
refilling the watering can and was glad that I'd have
a little bit of a
head-start to stay ahead of her.
With my hand in one pot, mixing and working the soil, I heard
Mrs. Steel
come up behind me. I was several plants ahead of her, so had
expected to feel her so closely standing behind me as she
was, sensing
her, I merely continued working with the expectation that
she would
move on down to the end of the table.
Imagine my surprise at suddenly feeling her hands slipping
around my
waist. Her soft breasts pressed against my bare back, and
her breasts were bare as well. I felt her fumble with my belt,
it, and slipping her hand down inside my briefs. I was as
wet as a
limp noodle of course, and more than a little self conscious
that. I felt her turn slightly, her breasts sliding across
my back as
she did, reaching for something. In the next instant she
was pouring
the can of water down the front of my Khaki bush pants soaking
them and
me completely.
"I hear if you water frequently, things tend to grow
better." She said
teasingly. That "edge" that silky tone of lustiness
once again etched
into her sensual sounding voice.
Even the water felt sensually pleasurable, extremely
erotic as she
emptied the entire contents of the watering can down the
front of my
pants. Mrs. Steel, "Katie" had continued to
hold on to my cock with
one hand, slowly and ever so softly stroking and manipulating
it, and
all the while pouring the near ice-cold water over my cock
at the same
time. The combination of the two sensations, one
cold, was
extremely exciting, that, and feeling her breasts pressing
against me
from behind, her taut hard nipples biting into my back.

"I'm so sorry Nicky!" She said finally.
"I know I've been treating you
like shit all day long, but I was so confused. One moment
I was
berating myself for what I was doing. The next, remembering
wanting more, much more." She said breathlessly.
"I had decided to
somehow drive you away, you're being here simply too
tempting for me to
deal with, or control myself over. And the last thing I ever
wanted to
do was complicate things or hurt you in anyway."
I turned to face her then, kissing her passionately. And
for a moment,
she returned my kiss with a hunger even more desperate than
my own.
Breaking away then, she held me at arms length, it was hard
not to
stare at her exposed breasts, I wanted to once again capture
them with
my lips and make love to them exactly as I had done the day
"Nicky........." I knew then that only she
could ever call me that.
Not Nick, but "Nicky". ".......I'm
nearly fifty eight years old!" She stated. I am at least forty years older than you are,
and have no
business doing this, you're much too young for me,
and should be
"experiencing" things like this with girls
your own age!" <br>
"But I don't want to Mrs.....Katie. And in fact,
I haven't experienced
anything even remotely like this with any girls. I have
come close,
but its always felt weird...clumsy even, like I don't
know what I'm
doing, because I don't...not really. But with''s

different, nicer....somehow. I feel more........"
"Are you telling me you've never been with a woman?
Ever?" She asked.
Now I really did feel silly and foolish. I was afraid she'd
order me a
way, learning now, and finding out just how inexperienced
I really was.
That, and confessing to be a virgin to boot!
"So what you are telling me're still
a virgin? You've never
slept with another woman then? Ever?" <br>
I could only shake my head no, afraid that with that admission
direct me to leave her at once. It was bad enough that she
had allowed
herself to get excited over being with me, but adding insult
to injury,
I was as inexperienced as all get out, and learning that,
she'd realize
I wouldn't have a single clue as to what a "man"
would know how to do
in pleasing a woman.
The laugh that came out then was not that all unexpected.
I flinched at
the sound of it, "Guess it could have been worse."
I thought silently
to myself. "She could have yelled at me to get out or
something." <br>
"Oh dear sweet Nicky. You have so much
to learn. And so
much that I'm going to enjoy teaching you!"
Having heard that, you could have knocked me over with a
Leading me by the hand then, wet shorts and all; we soon left
Greenhouse heading back inside the main house and up the
stairway to
her bedroom.
"First things first." She said finally, "We
both need a shower....and
though I am sure your cock is all nice and clean after the
little bath
I gave it...the rest of us isn't. So your first lessons
is....some body odor's aren't sexy!"
We both hastily removed what remained of our clothing.
Stepping into
the hot steamy shower, we once again soaped each other thoroughly.
quickly applied a generous helping of liquid soap to Katie's
using the slick lubricant, my hands slid over and around
her fleshy
boobs. The sensation of her soft skin filling my hands,
the way my
palms slid over her erect nipples, all slippery and soft,
the feel of
her legs and ass as I explored her and touched, washing,
caressing every square inch of her was intoxicating.
Even as I soaped and played with her, she also soaped and
played with
me, cupping one another's ass, soaping them, and as
I felt her finger
enter me, so did mine explore and enter her.
The lewdness in which we stood, touched, exploring one
another was
exhilarating. It was like stepping outside of myself to
watch us
touching one another. Hands groping, urgent, needy, fingers
inside her sex, fingering her wet slit all slippery and
soft and
heated. Her hand's slipping up and down my prick's
skin, pulling it up
as though trying to stretch it over the head of my cock, one
caressing my ball-sack, sometimes her finger again fucking
in and out
of my ass while my own fingers alternated back and forth
between her
own openings. Soap and suds covered us, lathered us, but
still the
squishy sounds of our own juices as we produced them added
to the
passionate erotic sounds of our shower play.
"Do you want to fuck me now?" She questioned.

Sure...I'd heard that word several times. Said it
often enough myself
when I was screwing around with my buddies. But hearing
it said like was the most beautiful sounding word I had ever
"Yes...." I weakly managed to say finally.

"Yes what?" She teased.
"Yes....I want to....make love to you." <br>
"Make love? No...not yet. You will make love to another
woman someday.
And then you may call it that. you want to fuck me
now?" <br>
"Yes." I attempted once again.
"Yes what?" <br>
"Yes Katie. I want to fuck you!" <br>
We rinsed one another off then, still apart of the foreplay
we'd been
enjoying together, and then stepping out of the shower,
headed off into
her bedroom without even bothering to towel off.
Katie stripped down the comforter, clean crisp white sheets
and she lay down on the bed, brazenly spreading her legs
where I got
the first really good look at her womanhood. Unabashedly,
down, I watched her then as she spread her pussy lips apart
for me.
"This......" She began. "Is my vagina.
These...." As she spread her
legs even further apart, now pulling on her rose colored
pussy lips,
".......are my labia, inner, as well as outer."
She said pointing them
out to me as she pulled them apart and toyed with them at the
"And this......this is my clitoris. This is for a
woman a very highly
sensitive organ, sometimes you can touch it directly,
is far too sensitive, so you may only touch or caress it indirectly.

If you listen to a woman, learn her movements, her signs,
what she
needs and when she needs it to be touched, you will learn
her most
intimate secrets then. Remember that." <br>
"Now....come here to me." She told me then.

I wasn't totally naïve, I had read a few books, seen
several X-rated
photos in fact, so I wasn't totally unaware of how things
worked, and
what was supposed to happen when they did. I immediately
climbed onto
the bed, grasping my cock and aiming it at her like a flaming
about to slice through some magical barrier. Which for
me in some ways
it was.
Katie saw what I was attempting to do and immediately closed
her legs
together, barring me from even approaching her any closer
than I had
done already.
"Oh Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. You can't just climb
on and fuck a girl, you
must learn how to prime the pump first." <br>
I know I was looking at her with a deadpan expression on my
face. I had
no idea what she was talking about, obviously my total lack
experience was well in evidence here, and I had no clue as
to what it
was I should have done, or should be doing now for that matter.

"Guys and Gals are different in more ways than just
the obvious ones." She told me. "A man, a boy...." she said emphasizing
the word, can
easily get his rocks off with very little time and effort.
But a woman
isn't emotionally built that way. A woman needs you
to take your time
with her, she needs you to tease her and please her over a

longer....much longer period of time. Trust me on this
one. You may
want to jump on and fuck a girl almost immediately, and perhaps
for'll actually enjoy it. But for her...for
a woman anyway, she
won't. A man needs to stimulate her, excite her, pleasure
her and get
her to the point where she is ready to experience an orgasm,
that might be accomplished. But the secret is being patient,
and in
doing so, you will also find that your own pleasures will
be enhanced,
more intense, and far more satisfying as well."
"So what do you want me to do then?" I honestly
and sincerely asked
"Lesson number two." She stated with a wide
devilish smile on her face.
"Something that's called cunnilingus. And
if you learn to do it
right, and enjoy doing it, you will most likely find a woman
to be far
more receptive and willing to do similar things to you.
yesterday? When I put your cock inside my mouth and sucked
it and
licked it? Well that one's called fellatio. What the
woman does.
And so what the man does to a woman is called......"
"Cunnilingus!" I exclaimed happily.
"Yes!" <br>
"Eating pussy." I added then.
"Well yes...they do......." <br>
"Licking slit." I said continuing.
Katie laughed. "Ok enough..... enough lessons by
the book. Now its
time for the actual application of your continuing education."
I was grinning.
"Come here and eat my pussy!" <br>
"Eat it? Or lick it?" I said crawling over to
lie down between her
once again outstretched legs.
"Don't worry. I'll tell you which one to
do....and when." I think in
some ways, in some areas, there is a natural instinct borne
in some of
us to do something quite naturally with very little additional

instruction. After only a short period of time, and although
hearing Katie telling me to do this, or to do that, which
stimulating all by itself, I soon after began venturing
out on my own
as my tongue slid in and out of her pussy, circling and then
sliding up
and down her well lubricated labia both "inner"
as well as "outer" lips. I also visited...frequently her blood-engorged
clitoris, which I
had watched her expose with her fingers as she had pointed
it out to me
previously. I placed the very tip of my tongue against the
pink shinny
smooth surface, and with as light of a touch as I could manage,
the tip of it softly, slowly at first and then gradually
increased the
tempo as well as the pressure against it for a short period
of time.
Reaching up across her as well, I then found her breasts,
wonderfully and erotically heaving against her chest.
Here I traced
along her curvature, explored the soft tender portion
of each which
rested against her chest, caressed her, and then ventured
on towards
her nipples, treating each one as though it were another
clitoris, a
hard nubbed clitoris sitting atop her tit. These, I touched,
"patted" and sometimes rolled between two
fingers, or squeezed gently
whenever my mouth was doing likewise to the nipple-clit
resting between
her wet glistening slit.
"Oh Nicky!" She wailed and moaned softly.
"You....are....a.....natural....." <br>
"Cunnilingilar?" I said, making up the word
I thought might define for
her what it was I was doing.
"Cunt licker. One very fast learning pussy eater."
"Hmmm pussy." I mouthed into her cunt even as
I licked her and sucked
on her clitoris once again.
"Shut up and lick me." <br>
"Lick what?" <br>
"My cunt. My pussy. My quim. Whatever you want to fucking
call it.
Just do it!" <br>
"Lick it? Or eat it?" I continued.
But Katie simply groaned and then pressed my head firmly
against her
soaked pussy, effectively shutting me up.
I had actually gotten Katie close to having an orgasm, but
she made me
stop, explaining that she wanted to prolong the excitement,
which would
eventually make her orgasm even stronger. She told me to
still lay
between her legs however, but now taught and told me how
to explore her
with my fingers. Putting one finger inside her, she told
me how to
move it, what it was I was feeling as I moved it around inside
her. She
told me how to insert two fingers and then "walk"
them up inside her
pressing against the front of her cunt like I was trying
to reach her
clitoris from the inside or "backdoor" as she
called it.
Even doing this was exciting to me. There is something about
a woman as
I learned over the years who is comfortable using sensual
or naughty
words that is extremely exciting to me. And hearing Katie
use them...
speak them, all while I explored her and learned about her
was an
incredible experience.
I had also nearly brought her to climax with my fingers doing
this as
well when she once again stopped me.
"I am ready for you to fuck me now." She finally
said. " But I want to
trade places with you so I can control the action."
I quickly lay down on my back then, and waited, watching
as Katie moved
over the top of me, posing herself and then sitting down
on top of me.
Even then she had not taken my cock and put it inside her as
I had
expected her to do.
"You tell me if you're about to cum." She
told me. And then proceeded
to rub herself up and down the length of my cock without putting
inside her. The sensation was delicious....too delicious,
and within
mere moments of her doing this, I felt that special "tingly"
start to
happen deep inside my balls.
"Katie...." I breathed. And she stopped moving
herself against me,
reaching down then and squeezing my prick until the sensation
away. I reached up, attempting to fondle her large breasts,
but she
took my hands away.
"No. Not yet. If you do that, it won't help with
what I'm trying to do
for you here." <br>
I didn't totally understand what it was she was trying
to do as yet, but
reluctantly allowed my hands to fall by my side instead
of touching her
or playing with her in anyway the way I really wanted to.
Once again,
I came fairly close to orgasm, and Katie stopped, squeezing
my dick
firmly until the sensation ebbed away.
" should be able to go a little longer
this first time.
Though I imagine not too long even then. But your young still......"
She left off saying. And I still wasn't fully cognoscente
of what it
was she was attempting to do here.
She did finally reach down and guide my cock into her. I was
inside her
before I even realized it, all slippery, warm and wonderful
But she moved not even a fraction, as I lay buried deep inside
pussy. And to my surprise, not even moving I felt that sensation
exploding, just being inside her was such a heavenly sensation,
that my
prick wanted to explode right there and then. But Katie
knew this too,
without my even having to ask her, and quickly removed me
from inside
her, squeezing me once again.
She looked at me smiling, "That was close...."
I could only look back at her with apologetic eyes. I really
had had no
"It's ok....we're going to go slow. Really
slow. And if you do cum,
don't worry about it....we have lots of time!"
When I was once again calm enough, Katie easily captured
me with her
cunt, not even needing to use her hand. We were both so "slick"
"juicy" that I was once again inside her without
hardly realizing it.
But this time at least, that feeling wasn't there already,
and she
moved up and down against me so slowly that I wasn't
aware at first
that she was moving.
"Oh shit!" I exclaimed. And she stopped fucking
"You gonna cum?" She questioned.
" It just feels so damn good! I can't
believe this!" <br>
Katie went back to moving herself up and down my stiff prick.
velvety feel of her, the heat and moisture was beyond anything
I could
have been prepared for. Even the few times I'd used
baby-oil, or had
stood under the shower letting the water masturbate me
could not have
prepared me for the way my cock was feeling inside her cunt.

I don't know why the "thought" suddenly
came to me then either.
"Katie.....what if I cum inside you
get......" <br>
"Pregnant?" She nearly squealed, and burst
out laughing then,
uncunting me in the process.
"I am way past the possibility of that happening.
But you are right in
one respect, we probably should have used a condom anyway,
though since
you are a virgin....or "were" she amended.
"It would have been proper
to use one for protection, and not for prevention of pregnancy.
probably will need to buy some in the future if you intend
to become
sexually active with any other women. Especially if you
get involved
with any other girls and "we're" still
doing it too!" <br>
"I don't have any other girlfriends."
I stated.
"Oh....but you will Nicky. Especially if you treat
them right and
practice everything I'm teaching you about women
here." <br>
Katie then recaptured me....and perhaps the initial worry
and concern
had been enough to really take the edge off, as we soon moved
in unison. The sensation was not quite as intense as it had
allowing me to more fully enjoy the sensation and pleasure
of her as we
"fucked" together. I did feel those pleasures
increasing of course,
but at least I wasn't constantly on the verge of erupting
inside her
instantaneously either.
I did manage to last perhaps two or three minutes (that first
time), and
this time Katie made no attempt to stop anything from happening.
anything, she quickened the pace, driving herself fully
on to me,
obviously enjoying her own long nearly forgotten needs
and desires.
And this time when I reached upwards to fondle and caress
her breasts,
she allowed me to do so, and in fact encouraged it by placing
her own
hands atop mine and guiding my hands around her breasts
at the same
She had been right about that point too. The moment I touched
her, the
eruption signaled itself as being just on the horizon,
but again, Katie
neither slowed, changed, nor did anything to stop it from
"Oh Jeez Katie....Oh shit...Oh fuck...."
I was pumping what felt like
gallons of cum inside her pussy, and she continued to fuck
thrusting her self deeply upon my discharging, rampaging
"Let it go baby....let it go. Cum for me Nicky....enjoy
it, feel
it....let it go." <br>
She didn't need to coax me to do it....I was way beyond
that point
anyway. My cock felt like it was being peeled by like a banana
as I
slid in and out of her. I actually wanted it to, thinking
perhaps that
she could tear my cock out by the root and I'd probably
enjoy that
sensation as well. What I was feeling was so intense, so
extreme to me
then, that I could not have related it to any other previous
orgasm I
had ever experienced, though the quickie "blowjob"
I had received by
Katie was a close second.
When there was finally no more to give, and when my cock actually
begin to deflate of its own accord, Katie then slipped herself
off of
me and nestled down between my legs once again, gently and
toying with my somewhat flaccid penis. She also caressed
and stroked
my balls, as though milking them and my cock from the last
drops of whatever cock cream still remained there inside
me. She toyed
and played with me like this for quite a long period of time.
I was
reasonably certain that I was "finished" but
again, Katie surprised me
as after about twenty minutes, I was once again beginning
to become
aroused. When my penis actually began to harden, she then
took it
inside her mouth once again and brought me back to full hardness.

"This time........I will cum with you." She
knowingly said.
Unlike before however, this time Katie was the one to lie
on her back,
and as I entered her in the missionary position, I was in
far more
control than I'd been previously, and having already
experienced the
incredibly erotic sensations of the way her cunt felt around
my cock,
wasn't nearly as vulnerable to it as I had been that
first time. She
was still extremely wet too, and obviously very much aroused.
As my
cock slid in and out of her with slow purposeful thrusts,
Katie once
again instructed me, and cautioned me about going too fast,
or doing
too much. As she had said, "We have much
as we need." <br>
I was able to "perform" considerably better
than I had the first time.
And because of Katie's own arousal level, she actually
climaxed a split
second just before I did. So we had in essence a simultaneous
"Now Nicky now!" She had cried out. And I felt
her cunt clench tightly
around my cock as I drove into her that split second afterwards,

discharging my semen into her, holding it there, feeling
my prick
pumping its juice inside of her pussy as she in turn contracted
me. It was a strange sensation to me, feeling her cunt doing
that, but
I held it there momentarily, delighting in it, and then
slowly to plunge fiercely back inside her as I felt yet another

ejaculate make its way up from my balls.
We both collapsed after that. Lying atop her, nuzzling
her breasts and
kissing them, my cock slowly shrinking inside her to the
point that it
eventually slipped out of her without my having pulled
away. Katie
seemed to have liked that, as I had. Only then did she get
up and head
into the bathroom to freshen up and relieve herself.
"Nick, there is something I need to tell you."
She began. And the
alarm bells almost immediately started going off inside
my head. Once
again I was fearful that she was already having a remorseful

reconsideration about our unplanned, unexpected relationship.

"You know I hadn't planned on any of this happening.
But now that it
has, and now that I have come to grips with it, and accepted
the way I
feel about it with you, I think I should tell you that I hope
we can
continue to enjoy one another like this....for a while
longer anyway." <br>
Hearing her say that brought an overwhelming sense of relief
to me. I
wanted the same thing as well, and couldn't imagine
wanting to ever
stop doing it for that matter. But there was a "however"
too...and she was about to tell me what that was.
"However........Something I hadn't mentioned
previously, because I
didn't consider it important enough to tell you, especially
since I
didn't figure after today I would be seeing you anymore.
And that daughter and grand-daughter are coming for
a visit this
weekend, and will be here for a month staying with me."
"Kathryn, my daughter, went through a divorce from
her husband two
month's before my Steven died. Now that things are
pretty much
settled, she's coming out here to give me a hand in getting
rid of a
few things, and settling some of the aspects of the estate.

Plus....she needs a little time away as well, and coming
out here along
with my grand-daughter will make a nice visit for them both.
I guess
my point is this.......I have NO intention of not enjoying
you whenever
its possible for us to do so. But....and this is a BIG but
for me. We
will have to be extremely careful. So only when there is
no chance, no
possibility of us ever being discovered can we do anything.
means...while they are here, you will have to call me Mrs.
Steel, and
treat me no differently than you would your own mother.
When we're can call me anything you like. I don't
care. But unless
we musn't put me in any compromising situations?
Ok?" <br>
"Can I call you Mrs. Pussy then?" I teased her.

"When we're alone together, you can call me Ms.
Pussy...or even Ms. Cunt
if you like." She jo

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very good story! Keep up the good work! How true is it? If
so you were blessed by an earthly sexual being that most
of us guys just dream about.


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Great story, every young guys dream!!! So, is there more
to the story?? It seems to cut off at the end. Is there any

Again, GREAT story!!!


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A really excellent story...wished that i had such an experience.
Made me feel that I was right there.
Please can you tell me ... if there is more to the story....would
love to read more...please keep writing!


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great story if true i wish id had someone like that to teach
me is there anymore or is that it keep writing about you &
this ms cunt


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Great story was it a real experience or just imagination?
i wonder


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I thoroughly enjoyed the story, very well written, and
yes, it does end abruptly. For me, it doesn't matter
whether it is true or not, it is obvious that the experience
was good for both of you. I certainly hope there will be more.
I look forward to it, and if not, well thank you for giving
me something to remember reading and using for my enjoyment.


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Good work!


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Great story.I started t oread it really late at night and
had to go to sleep but as soon as iwoke u I finished reading
the rest.


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it's a great story, ,but long as hell, but good nevertheless.


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I read the entire story and was able to orgasm at least twice
because of it.


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Great story!!! I had a similar experience 42 years ago and
can remember it like it was yesterday.


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I love to read stores of older men and women taking younger
people and teaching them the art of fucking. I wash it had
happened to me. great story and would like to read other
fanisities of yours


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Very good story...thanks for writing it (true or
was good)


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great story with an older women teaching and training a you lad to do his best to help each other