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Young Lover ( Male To Male )


I have been a bisexual male most of my life, starting at an
early age, right up through adulthood until now. In the
past I mostly had to keep that side of me hidden, as most people
just didn't understand or approve, including my first
wife, even though she and I were in the "swinging lifestyle"
for many years. I am so happy now that my second wife not only
knows I am a bi male, but it also turns her on, and so of course
she approves.

Having been a bisexual male most of my life was hard, as I
said before. I'd always thought it was so unfair that
being a bisexual woman was HOT, it was COOL, and it was mostly
always EXCEPTED, while at the same time, if OH MY GOD, you
told someone you were a bi male, well at least in most people's
opinions, you were really gay, or put in the crudest sense,
just a closet faggott! Sorry to even have to use that word,
but for so long, it was the majority though, as sad as that
might be! FOR ME, I love women, I love their bodies, and more
specifically, I love their bits, their nipples, their
pussy's and their asses, putting it bluntly, and would
NEVER give up sex with women for any reason! At the same time,
I am truly bisexual, and so I love a hard cock, the feel of
another man, and YES, I even LOVE, being anally penetrated!

AND SO, having confessed all of that, over the years I have
had some great, no some fantastic bi male adventures, ranging
from just male to male sex, all the way to threesomes with
a woman, and another man to couples swapping where both
of us guys were bi, and both women were too! Talk about a lot
of fun! BUT, one of the greatest adventures I ever had, actually
just happened last summer, and it involved a young man who
was a LOT younger than me, and at least in the beginning,
it was a total surprise!

His name was Derick, and he was the son of a widow who lived
next door to us. I'd known Derick since he was maybe
12 or 13, and I'd watched him grow up, and mature, slowly
becoming a wonderful young man. I was sort of a father figure
to him for a long time, and he spent countless hours at our
house, sometimes just hanging out, and sometimes helping
out, yard chores and other jobs, and I really like the kid
a lot! Derick was the typical teenage boy, loving cars and
girls and sports, and never once did I ever suspect another
side to him, a side I'd kept hidden about myself all
these years, so I actually felt a little silly I hadn't
seen other "signs" before! But then again,
none of my own family or my closest friends ever suspected
anything unusual about me, so why should Derick have been
any different?

As I also said before, it was last summer, and although Derick
was 19 now, and well beyond needing a care-taker, mom's
will be mom's, and when his mother was going out of town
for a two week vacation, she did drop by and ask me to at least
just keep and eyes on him. At the same time, it was one of those
rare quirks of fate, coincidences, at the same time Derick’s
mom was to be gone, so was my wife Shannon, as she was off on
one of her ten day summer business trips, this time to the
far east. In a way I thought it would be great, as I hate when
Shannon is gone that long, and I do get lonely (of course
horny too) and so I figured Derick and I could occupy each
other's time, doing guy things like playing golf,
fishing, and other stuff like that!

Derick seemed excited about it too, and his comment of "Now
I finally get you all to myself" just sort of went right
over my head, but it is one comment I would remember much
later, and then KNOW what he'd really meant by it!

Derick had really matured as a young man, and he was good
looking, muscular, had a fantastic personality, and was
just an overall great kid. I wasn’t in bad shape myself,
but being 49 then, I had put on a few pounds, and I's started
wearing my hair a lot shorter, since I was beginning to bald
just a wee little bit, and I'd even shaved off my life-long
mustache, hoping that would make me look younger still!
AND SO, where and how do I begin with this story? Except to
tell things I guess, just as they happened!

Derick's mom left on a Friday afternoon, and my own
wife left the following Saturday morning, and so by noon,
it was just Derick and me, two pals, ready to have a good time
together! My wife and I have a nice back yard, complete with
an above ground pool, a small Jacuzzi hot tub, a nice back
deck and grilling setup, and so you can probably guess where
Derick and I planned to spend the first afternoon and evening
together, just hanging out at my place. My plan at least,
was to hang out by the pool, have a few drinks, catch some
sun, and then later cook out on the grill, and watch movies
or something after that! Derick liked the plan as well,
and so shortly after Shannon had left, Derick was at my house,
wearing only his bathing suit, but with a change of clothes
for later that evening.

It was just the beginning of summer, and although Derick
and I are both dark tanners, neither of us had really gotten
a base tan yet this summer, and so I insisted we both put on
at least a little sun block. Derick did his face and front
and the rest of his body, except of course his back, and so
I offered to do that for him, as I sat down in a lounge chair
and then he sat down, his back to me, in front of me. Almost
as soon as my lotion slick hands touched his back he sighed,
and I had an instant erection! HEY, I AM bisexual, and just
as putting lotion on a pretty woman's back would turn
most any heterosexual man on, including me, putting lotion
on a sexy younger guys back, turned me on just as much! What
can I say?

As I applied the lotion, Derick sort of scooted back a bit,
and just for an instant, the head of my hard cock touched
his butt, but I quickly broke contact, hoping and PRAYING,
he hadn't noticed! I mean keep in mind, I had no idea
Derick was anything but 100% straight AND add to that "I"
was supposed to be his father figure, AND as far as I knew,
HE had no idea of my sexual preferences, and so you see why
I might have been MORE than a little cautious, as well as
nervous! He never said a word though, and as soon as I was
lotioning up his back, he of course offered to do mine. His
hands on my back felt so good, and for just an instant, it
almost felt more like he was caressing me than just applying
lotion, but then again, that oo had to be just my imagination
at work, or so I thought!

The rest of the day went without incident, as we both enjoyed
the sun and swimming, and hanging out and just being together.
Early that evening we did cook out, had a great dinner, and
then enjoyed a few drinks. I for one didn't have a problem
letting Derick drink with me in moderation, as the legal
drinking age when I grew up was 18 back then, and by the time
I was his age (19) I was already in the U.S. Air Force, serving
my country! Moderation may not have been the right word
though, as after dinner we'd switched from beers to
hard liquor, and after a while we were both getting a little
giggly I think! Later we talked a lot, and of course the subject
turned to woman and sex, and I soon learned that Derick was
far from a virgin, as well as a few other things about his
sex life, including seonce he said) with another guy!

I let that go, telling him that experimentation was a perfectly
natural part of growing up, but I could swear he was almost
TRYING to steer the conversation that direction, until
I turned it to another topic! Soon however it was getting
late, and we had an early tee-off time for golf the next morning,
and so I suggested we both hit the sack. It was almost a given
he would spend the night, and I told him he could use the guest
room, but he insisted the couch was good enough, and besides,
he'd be able to watch some more TV that way, since our
guest room didn't have a television at that time. I
got him some covers and a pillow, and as he made himself a
bed, I wished him good-night, and headed off to my own bedroom.

The first night Shannon is gone, as well as the last night
before she is to return home are always the roughest for
me, and I often have trouble falling asleep on those particular
nights especially! That night was no exception, and after
tossing and turning around for a while, I decided one more
stiff drink might just do the trick, and allow me to relax
a bit more, and finally fall asleep. Now to go from my bedroom
to the kitchen bar, you don't have to pass the living
room where Derick was supposed to be sleeping, and so I didn't.
After preparing myself a good, stiff drink though, I decided
to just peak in on him, and make sure he was OK. I was extra
quiet, so as not to wake him, but as I poked my head around
the corner to look, talk about a shock!

Derick was there on the couch alright, and although the
covers partially obscured his body, it was still easy to
see he was naked, AND he was masturbating! For a second or
two, all I could do was watch him, but then I looked over at
the TV, and I saw what he was masturbating too! Shannon has
two children from her previous marriage, and every summer
they go up to Washington state to stay two and a half months
with her ex, leaving Shannon and I alone as a couple. As a
result, we tend to get a little lax in the way we do things,
as opposed to when the kids are home, and apparently Derick
had discovered and X-Rated video Shannon and I had made
the summer before, one night when we were both a little drunk,
very horny, and feeling a bit wild!

Although I couldn't see Derick’s cock, I could see
his arm moving slowly up and down, and I could hear him moaning
softly, as well as mumbling under his breath for me to fuck
Shannon! The particular scene he was watching, well, I
was behind her, fucking her in the ass, and it was quite obvious
I was doing just that, because besides her moans, Shannon
herself was telling me over and over how good my hard cock
felt up her ass and to please not stop, because she was so
close to cumming! Right then, as I watched both the video,
and Derick masturbating, I got an immediate erection,
and I was so turned on, I had to leave and go to my own bedroom,
just so I could jerk off too!

As I jerked off, I relived that night, that video in my mind,
as it had been one very hot night for both of us! It had started
out with Shannon stripping for me, and then her taking my
clothes off, and sucking my hard cock. Eventually I'd
pushed her back, spread her legs open, and licked her pussy
until she'd had one huge orgasm. That was followed
by some plain old missionary fucking, until Shannon had
first begged me to lick her asshole from behind, and then
to fuck her up her ass! She'd masturbated as I'd
taken her anally, and I'd even pulled out, and shot
my hot cum all over her ass and back, just like in the porn
movies, and after, I'd licked my own cum off of her!
As I thought of that, I wondered what Derick would think,
seeing me licking my own cum up, and that diverted my attention
back to him, and wondering what his young hard cock looked

At breakfast the next morning, neither of us mentioned
the night before, and IF he'd known I was watching him
jerking off, he certainly didn't indicate it! We did
play golf that morning, and had a nice lunch at the country
club, before returning home to my place. After getting
back home, we each wanted to take a shower, before changing
and getting back in the pool, and so as I made us drinks (margaritas)
he went first. At one point I thought I heard Derick calling
out to me, so I investigated. I could have sworn there were
towels in the guest bath, but he yelled through the door
he couldn't find one, and so I crabbed a towel from the
hall closet, and opened the door to hand it to him. Without
the least bit of embarrassment, he stood there naked just
outside the shower, as he took the towel from my hands, and
my eyes went straight to his crotch!

His young cock was maybe 3/4 erect, and even in that semi
hard state, it was clear he was a little longer than me, if
not a little "thicker" as well. I couldn’t help
but stare, as his cock was truly beautiful, but then I realized
I was staring, and so I quickly retreated from the bathroom,
but not before I could SWEAR, I saw Derick smiling! After
he was through, I took my own shower and then joined him out
by the pool, where once again we went through the ritual,
of applying lotion to each other's backs! Again, nothing
was said about the earlier incident, and we talked and laughed
and played, as well as drank! Later that evening, I didn't
feel like cooking again, and so we both agreed on going out
for dinner.

After dinner and a few more drinks, it was Derick who suggested
we go hit this one topless bar/strip club, and my only objection
was that of course he was under age, and IF they carded him,
he would never get in! He surprised me by telling me he'd
been there before, and he knew the doorman, and wouldn't
have a problem, and so I guess I let the alcohol get the better
of me, and I agreed to take him! Besides, what harm could
looking at a few pretty girls, and a few beautiful bare tits
do? Just as he'd said, we both had no problem getting
in, and as the doorman waved us through, I could have sworn
I saw him wink at Derick, and Derick wink back at him!

More drinks, more alcohol, and a lot of very pretty, very
young girls, and I wondered how many of THEM were even over
21 as well? I paid for us both to have several "table
dances" and although the young girls definitely
paid a lot of attention to Derick, they honestly paid as
much attention to me as well! After all, they weren't
dumb, and it was quite obvious where the money was flowing
from! By the time we left, I was quite sure if Derick's
cock was anywhere near as hard as mine, we'd both be
doing some heavy masturbating, very shortly after getting
home, and going to our separate beds!

After we got home though, Derick insisted he wasn't
tired, and even wanted another drink, and as I mixed us both
more drinks, he stripped off his clothes down to his boxer
shorts, and made himself comfortable on the couch. When
in Rome as they say, and so I too stripped down to my boxers,
and then also sat down on the couch, as we sipped out drinks,
and talked about all the pretty girls at the club, and who
we liked best, who gave the best dances, and to put it bluntly,
who we'd each best love to fuck! After a while though,
it seemed like Derick was fading to me, and then the next
thing I knew, he was slumped back, eyes closed, and seemed
to be snoring softly. I started to get up, but decided instead
to at least finish my own drink, before doing so. As I sat
back, sipping my drink, it was then I noticed the head of
his cock, poking out!

Actually it was the head of Derick’s hard cock, and a couple
of inches of his thick hard shaft, and my god, it looked so
absolutely sexy! The head of his cock was a beautiful, full
mushroom shape, so well defined, and the shaft leading
up to it was a bit thicker than my own hard shaft, and I just
sat there, slowly rubbing my crotch, as I stared at his!
The alcohol, poor judgment, or I don't know what, but
suddenly I had the most overwhelming urge to reach over
and just touch the head of his hard cock! Without thinking,
suddenly my hand was moving, and then with just the tips
of my fingers, I was touching the velvety softness of his
beautiful cock head. Derick stirred but didn't seem
to wake, and even more of his hard cock slid out of the leg
hole in the side of his boxer shorts!

I couldn’t help myself, and right then I knew I wasn't
thinking, as I slid my hand over the head, and then partially
down his thick hard shaft. My own cock was hard and throbbing
as well, and then I looked back up, and Derick's eyes
were open, and he was looking directly at me! I quickly started
to jerk my hand away, but before I could, Derick's hand
covered mine, holding me there, his hard cock now firmly
in my grip, and he whispered softly for me to PLEASE, not
stop! He then whispered to me that he'd wanted me to
touch him like this for a very long time, and then he smoothly
sat up, and keeping his hand on top of mine, his cock still
in my hand, he leaned forward, and kissed me. His lips were
so soft, and as they parted, I allowed his tongue to slid
into my mouth.

His hand now left mine as we kissed, and I didn't even
try and to let go of his hard cock. He then reached over, and
slid his hand up the leg of my shorts, and I moaned into his
mouth, as HIS hand, now wrapped around my hard cock as well.
We were both stroking each other's cocks, as our tongues
mingled and explored each other's mouths, and by the
time we broke our kiss, we were each a bit breathless! I didn't
know about Derick, but for me it had been a long time since
I'd last felt the touch of another man, and by this time,
I didn't want to stop. Derick looked at me, and I could
plainly SEE, the lust in his eyes, and when he suggested
we go get into my bed, all I could do was nod in agreement and
whispered a weak "OK", as we both began to stand

In my bedroom, we first stood kissing at the foot of the bed,
and then we each slid the other's shorts, down and off.
It was then I think our roles switched a bit, as I let him take
charge, and pull me down onto the bed beside him. More kissing,
our hands explored each other's bodies, and then I
felt the slight pressure of his hand on my head, pressing
me down, and leaving little doubt what he wanted! Slowly
I licked my way down his neck, and then I took first one of
his nipples, and then the other into my mouth, as I licked
them, and sucked on them. He moaned, and I slid my hand down,
barely cupping his big soft balls, and caressing them,
but purposely ignoring his hard cock, as I again began kissing
my way lower down his young hard body!

As I kissed my way down to his crotch, which by the way was
shaved completely smooth, I felt the head of his hard cock
brush my face, and a drop of his pre-cum, smear against my
cheek. Quickly my head turned, and then I slowly ran my tongue
around the large mushroom head of his hard cock, and he groaned,
and then whispered softly again, who much he'd dreamed
this night would come true! His words honestly excited
me, and turned me on, and so I slowly licked down his hard
shaft, to the base of his cock, and then just as slowly licked
back up, taking my time, enjoying his taste, his smell,
and at the same time, using my tongue to flick, lick and tease
him! Up and down his hard shaft my tongue went, and then,
one time as I once again reached the base of his cock, this
time I let my lips, my tongue go lower, as I slowly began working
on his big balls!

This seemed to really drive Derick wild, as his hips lifted
up off the bed, and his voice went raspy, and he moaned out;
"Oh God Yes Steven, PLEASE, make love to my balls with
your hot mouth!" I was doing just that too, making
love to his balls with my mouth, my lips and my tongue! Derick
was moaning, and his hips were moving around, and as I licked
him, I also stroked his hard young cock! Sliding my hand
up and down his now throbbing shaft, I sucked one of his balls
into my mouth, and sort of rolled it around as I sucked on
it. He groaned even more loudly, and I again felt pre-cum
sliding out of the tip of his hard cock, as I worked him over!

I had a feeling though, youth, I knew he probably wouldn't
last a whole lot longer, and by then his hips were moving
rhythmically in a fucking motion, and I KNEW he was getting
close! I quickly let his ball slip from my mouth, and then
slid back up his hard shaft. as my lips parted, and then I
took the head of his cock into my mouth, his hands went to
my head, and I allowed him to force me down onto his cock,
to take charge, and MAKE ME, suck him off! I locked my lips
around his hard shaft, and his hips lifted up, as his hands
pushed my head down. I was able to swallow most of his cock
down without gagging, and then after letting my throat
relax a bit, I was able to suck all the way down to the base
of his thick shaft!

He really groaned loudly now, and as I slid my lips back up,
and then barely started sucking him back down once again,
he suddenly shook violently, his hips bucking, and then
he cried out, "OH GOD YES" just as his cock jerked
in my mouth, and he exploded in a violent, and powerful orgasm!
His cum shot out in a great massive load, and I sucked hard
and swallowed, as it began to fill my mouth! It tasted so
good, so fresh, so almost sweet, and right then I knew I had
to have more of this beautiful young man's cum. Derick
moaned loudly, and his hips bucked, as his hard cock jerked
in my mouth, and I swallowed every drop of his hot cum. Long
after he'd stopped shooting, I held his still hard
cock in my mouth, and he slowly stroked my head, as I continued
to gently suck him.

I eventually had to let his cock slip from my mouth though,
and as I did Derick sighed, and told me that was the best blow
job he'd ever gotten. I slid back up beside him and we
again kissed, and then as our kiss broke, Derick grinned,
and told me it was my turn! Much the same as I had done to him,
Derick started with my neck, and then down to my nipples,
and then lower, until he was slowly licking my hard cock!
His lips and his tongue felt fantastic, and right away,
I knew my cock was not the first he'd had in his mouth!
Also just like I'd done to him, Derick licked and played
with my balls, but then he moved lower, lifting my leg as
he went, and the next thing I knew, e was licking and sucking
on my asshole! I went wild! For some reason, my asshole has
always been super sensitive, and it just sends shockwaves
of pleasure though me, having it licked!

Derick could both see and feel my reaction, and so he not
only stepped up his licking, but at times he was even inserting
his tongue into my ass! At the same time his tongue was now
going wild on my asshole, his hand was steadily stroking
my hard cock, and I could now feel my orgasm building. Suddenly
he pulled his face away from my ass, and in a hoarse, almost
raspy voice, he demanded to know what I wanted! I knew what
he wanted to hear, and so I quite bluntly told him I wanted
him to fuck me! I told him I wanted, no I needed his hard young
cock up my ass, and I wanted him to jerk me off while he fucked
me! Looking down at him between my legs, I could see his eyes
were again glazed over with lust, and so to additionally
turn him on, I suddenly rolled over and stuck my ass in the
air, and looking back at him over my shoulder, I said;

"Oh God Derick, FUCK ME!"

"I want to FEEL your hard young cock penetrating my
tight hot asshole, and I want you to jerk me of, while you
fuck me hard!"

As Derick rose up to his knees behind me, I had the presence
of mind to quickly reach over to my nightstand drawer, and
pull out a bottle of lubricant I kept there. Tossing it back
to him, I felt him drip the lube onto my asshole, and then
I felt him applying it up and down my ass crack. It felt so
cool and slick, but the coolness of the lube was quickly
replaced by the heat of his hard cock, as he began sliding
it up and down between my ass cheeks! I groaned, feeling
the pleasure of his hard cock slipping and sliding against
me, and then I moaned loudly, as suddenly I felt the sift,
but firm head, as it pressed against and into my asshole!
I let him take charge, as he slowly eased forward, and then
I felt the head of his hard cock penetrate me, and pure pleasure
just shot straight through my own balls!

I just love being fucked in the ass, ever since I was young,
much younger than Derick, and an older, boy took my anal
virginity one night on a summer camping trip! Since back
then, I've had all different shapes and sizes of hard
cocks up my tight ass, although none any bigger than Derick’s,
and I never get tired of being used as a fuck toy by other men,
and letting my hot ass pleasure their hard cocks! Slowly,
inch by inch, Derick slid his hard cock into my ass, until
I soon felt his big balls, as they pressed into me, and his
smooth crotch, as he forced it against me!

"Oh God, Uncle Steve" (Derick often called
me uncle, and Shannon, my wife his aunt!"

"Oh God, your ass is so tight, so hot, and feel so fucking

"Does my cock feel god to you. inside you?"

Looking back at him, my answer was to begin to move, and rotate
my ass against him, and at the same time, I told him yes, and
then begged him to fuck me! He then asked me how I liked it,
slow or fast, deep or shallow, and I told him I loved it best,
when HE was fucking me the way that HE wanted too! Having
said that, I felt his hands on my hips, and he began to slowly
withdraw his hard cock, and then slowly ease it back inside
me, sometimes pausing, and pressing hard against me, as
if trying to get just that much more of his cock inside my
ass! He started out slow, but soon his tempo built up, as
did his speed, until he was fucking me in the ass, just as
he would fuck a young girls pussy! My ass WAS his pussy, and
he was using it to give himself the maximum pleasure I could

By then, as he concentrated on his own pleasure, I knew he'd
forgotten about MY pleasure, and honestly I didn't
blame him! I leaned forward, pushing my own upper chest
and face into the pillows under me, and at the same time,
raising my ass up even higher, providing him with even deeper
penetration! He groaned, and I reached up under myself
and began stroking my hard cock, jacking off, as he fucked
me! Now he was really fucking me hard, and his big loose balls
was slapping up against mine as he humped me. My own hand
was moving rapidly, and soon I felt the tension building,
until I couldn't hold back any more! I suddenly groaned
loudly and announced I was cumming, just as my cock started
jerking min my hand, and my own hot load began shooting out
of the tip of the head of my throbbing hard cock!

I soaked my hand, and the bed sheets beneath me, and I swear
it was one of the biggest loads I'd shot off in a very
long time! At the same time, I could feel my ass contracting
around Derick's still thrusting cock, and then he
slammed hard into me, grabbed my hips even tighter, and
slammed my ass back into him, as he held me tightly against
his crotch, and his cock erupted, deep inside of me! My orgasm
had triggered his, and his orgasm was making my climax,
that much more intense! We were both moaning and groaning
loudly enough that it almost echoed through the entire
house, as neither of us held anything back, and we both just
let it all go! I feel forward, and Derick feel with me, and
on top of me! He shifted his weight, and again thrust his
hard and now jerking cock as deeply inside my ass, as he could

I lay there still, my own cock just throbbing against the
bed sheets under me, and soaking in a pool of my own cum. Neither
of us moved for the longest time, and STILL, his young cock
remained hard, and buried deeply inside my now very slick,
as well as very hot, and very tight ass! I felt his body slacken
slightly against mine, and so I slowly started rotating
my butt back against his crotch! He groaned, and kissed
the back of my neck, and then moaned again, as he whispered
to me, and said;

"Oh God that feels so good, and you want more, don't
you Uncle Steve?"

My answer was to contract my ass around his still hard cock,
and then flex and release it, as I continued rotating my
hips back up against him. This time he didn't bother
to speak, as he again started moving, first slow, and then
faster, as he began to fuck me again! Oh My God, to be young
again like he was! My own cock was soft now, although the
friction of it slipping and sliding across the bed sheets
as he fucked me felt good! Now Derick was fucking me real
fast, real hard, and not holding back in the least! His crotch
was literally slapping off of my ass, and I could tell he
was concentrating on nothing but the pleasure he was experiencing!
I knew he'd cum twice now, and I honestly wondered how
long his third orgasm would take him, when suddenly he again
stiffened up, and shuddered, and then once again I felt
his hard cock throbbing deep inside of me, and yet another
wet blast of his hot cum filling me!

This orgasm seemed even longer, even more intense than
his first two, and this time as his climax ended, his cock
actually began to grown soft, until it finally slipped
out of my ass, on it's own! As Derick's soft cock
slipped out of me, he rolled onto his back, and sighed, and
all he could manage to whisper was, "THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!"
I rolled over on my side facing him, and we snuggled and he
held me. I then got up, and he groaned, not wanting me to leave
right then, but I quickly returned with a hot, damp, wash
cloth, as I cleaned off his limp cock. After wiping him down,
I bent over, took him back into my mouth, and sucked him for
several minutes, before releasing him, and moving back
up beside him. By the time I let him slip his arm around me,
he was already gently snoring!

At some point during the night, I'd rolled over on my
side facing away from him, and at another point during the
night, he'd rolled onto his side, and was spooning
up against me. It was still quite early in the morning, maybe
3 AM or so, when I again felt his cock against me, only now
he was hard, and he was slowly sliding it up and down, through
my ass crack. He wanted to fuck again, and I wanted him to
fuck me! Gently lifting my leg up, I reached back between
us, and guided the head of his hard cock against my asshole.
I was still fairly slick inside from the earlier lubricant,
and TWO of his hot cum loads, and so he easily slipped back
inside me ass, and then held me, as his slowly started moving
his hips, thrusting his hard cock in and out of me!

This wasn't the hard, intense fucking like earlier,
as he was taking his time, and truly enjoying the pleasure
my body was giving his. I purposely kept my leg propped up,
and then I reached back between us, and as he fucked me, I
gently held and played with his big balls! His fucking just
seemed to go on and on, and at one point I could actually feel
my own orgasm building once again, and I was a bit amazed,
because to be quite honest, I had yet to even touch my own
hard cock, as I continued caressing and playing with his
big balls instead! Suddenly a powerful sensation swept
through me, and as my own cock was once again shooting out
my hot cum, Derick groaned in my ear a single, "YES",
and then held me tightly, once again emptying his balls,
deep inside of me!

We both awoke about the same time the next morning, and I
made us breakfast, which we both ate nude, as we sat at the
kitchen table. After we showered together, and I first
sucked him off, and then he did me! The rest of the day was
pretty much no-sexual, except once, when Derick got horny
again, and walked over to my lounge chair, and stuck his
hard cock right in my eager and waiting mouth! Later that
night, we 69'ed each other to mutual orgasms, and then
Derick fucked me in the ass once more! After a short rest
however, he now had a request of his own, and it was for me
to fuck him, which I was MORE THAN HAPPY, to do! His ass, so
young, so tight, so smooth, as well as so hot and tight inside,
I'm not sure if I even lasted an entire five full minutes,
before I was grunting, and groaning, and emptying my balls
deep inside of him!

AND SO, not to cut this short, but it has been a fairly long
story so far ... For the next several days, Derick and I had
sex with each other, as often as one or the other, or the both
of us could get an erection, which more often than not, was
him! As I suspected might eventually happen during all
of this, one night after we'd finished having sex,
the subject of Shannon came up as part of our pillow talk.
As I anticipated, he eventually got around to asking me
what I would think of the three of us getting together, and
I gave him my honest answer. I told him as far as I was concerned,
I would love it, but of course the final decision would be
up to Shannon! It was then that I noticed the almost ear to
ear grin on his face, and that's when he said to me;

"Well Gee, Uncle Steve, I honestly don't think
she'll mind it at all!"

Right then I knew, and as my own cock again sprang to life,
I had to ask though!

"You've already fucked her haven't you

"More than a few times, Uncle Steve!" "Your not mad are you?"

I told him that not only was I NOT mad, but I had to have him
tell me all about it, and NOW! I then rolled back over on my
stomach, and thrust my ass up, and told him I needed his hard
cock inside of me, as he told me! Derick got on top of me, straddled
me, and I felt his big cock head pres into my asshole, as he
reached down and parted my ass cheeks wide open! He then
penetrated me, and slid his cock inside my ass as deeply
as he could, leaned over and whispered in my ear;

"It was actually SHE who seduced ME, uncle Steve,
and I guess as YOU know, man that woman can fuck!"

It was the beginning of a long hot story he was about to tell
me, but for YOU, the reader, it is the end of THIS STORY!






. THE END ....



. ............................................



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Now just how close are you to his mom!Just thinkin if you
ask him his mom has had him too!I'll bet!Tell us more
of how she suduced him.Tell us if he did his mom too!Come
on come clean for us!Nicely written too! Very hot for sure!


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Made my ass want to be fucked by one or both of your hard cocks
while sucking off the other shes one lucky woman. how about
the story fo him and her and the story of the 3 of you bet its
one fuckign hot story.


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love your stories babe keep them cumming.


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love to here more


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I look forward to reading your stories. They are the best!


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Thats the best man to man fuck I have ever heard


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Yes, Yes, and, YES! Loved it!!!


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Who would not want to have that much sex dam hot story came
all over the place.


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Would love to have a young man who could do me like that. Great
story can't wait to hear more


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That was a very similar lead up as the last story but its was just as hot. Keep writing, I love reading