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You walk with a steady quick step...


You walk with a steady quick step
down the hotel’s corridor to your room, the room we occupied
that night. Your head is bowed down, you are lost in your
own thoughts. You almost feel yourself becoming hypnotized
by the rhythm the pattern of the carpet disappears and reappears
with each one of your steps, by the sound your heels make
as they hit the carpet, a small muffled sound, by the accelerated
pace of your heart. Three young men, in their mid-twenties, are trying to keep
up with you. You know them, you just met them. They are Armand,
a light skinned, dark-haired Adonis, Berndt, a broad shouldered,
well carved statue of a hulk and Cortez, a Hispanic stud
with piercing eyes and soft hands. They catch up with you
as you stop in front of your door, take your key out of your
purse, and push it into the electronic lock. The men gathered
around you, you push the handle down and enter the room.
“What a strange evening” you think, recalling the events
as in a flash. You in front of your vanity mirror, satisfied
with the way you applied your make up, enhancing your features,
without hiding anything. The patent leather open toe high
heel shoes, the black stockings, the skirt and the blouse,
showing enough cleavage without becoming vulgar, you
knew you were dressed to hunt, and you sensed, without ever
admitting to yourself, as with the confidence of someone
who moves through life without ever doubting success,
that your hunt would be successful tonight. You walked into the lounge, and headed straight for the
bar and a high chair. Like a huntress, you had decided to
have a sense for your surroundings first, to determine
the kind of pray that is available, and the one you will finally
choose. This corner of the bar is empty. There must be room
for at least six or seven more customers around you. There
are two empty chairs on either side of you. You spin the chair
forward and motion to the bartender that you are ready to
order. He walks toward you with a broad smile, as if he was
meeting a long lost friend. You immediately felt at ease,
the tension of the huntress on the hunt somewhat relieved.
You smile and feel good. You now spin your chair slowly towards
the large room and let your eyes move across, judging, estimating,
feeling each man, each woman, each couple, trying to see
whom you are most interested in. Did anyone even notice
you when you entered, you wonder. And then you caught a glimpse
of a head quickly bowing down as your eyes moved in its direction.
You smile. He was looking at me, you think, delighted to
see that you had been noticed. But wait. He is not alone.
There are two other gentlemen with him. That’s too bad you
think, and decide to concentrate on your drink and your
next move. You spin the chair around again, and face the
bar. Lost in your own thoughts, you never heard them approaching.
“Hi, I am Armand. How are you?” says a voice behind you, taking
you completely by surprise. You turn around to answer,
and you realize that the three gentlemen are now standing
around you. “Hi. I am fine. And you?” you answer, whishing you had found
something better to say. After a brief introduction that seemed awkward for all
parties, you started to chit chat. That’s when you realized
how young and attractive these three men were. This flattered
you immensely. Suddenly the huntress wondered if she hadn’t
become the prey. But somewhere you felt a little uneasy,
until you realized that the bar tender knew these three
very well. You thought that he even gave you a wink, suggesting
that they were fine. You felt relieved and started to relax
completely. Your chair is spinned half way around, Armand is standing
behind you, and Bernd and Cortez are on either side. As Armand
leans over to the bar, you feel his chest and arm rub against
your back and your shoulders. “I am sorry” he says, apologizing. “No, that’s ok” you answer lifting your eyes up and smiling,
meeting his gaze as he looks down at you. You almost feel
as if you had entered some censored episode of the Twilight
Zone. Armand accepts this indirect invitation from you, and
rests his hand on your shoulder. You now realize how the
men are crowded around you, sheltering you from the gaze
of the other patrons, of whom you suddenly become intensely
aware. His hand starts to gently massage your shoulder,
passing over the strap of your bra, and sliding over your
shoulder blade. Armand leans closer to you, and you can
feel his powerful breath breathing down your neck. Berndt
and Cortez now have their hands on your laps, rubbing them
gently. You look into their eyes, and you can feel their
desire for you mounting as your desire for them also mounts.
You catch a glimpse of the bartender looking at you, and
you realize that he knows what is happening, and that he
does his best to attract all new patrons toward the other
end of his bar. All three hands are massaging you gently,
softly, you almost feel yourself melt, the heat of their
bodies warming your flesh. But the bar suddenly becomes too busy to squeeze all the
patrons in only one area. Armand still standing behind
you spins your chair facing the bar and rests his hands on
both your shoulders. You instantly lift your hands up to
them and grab and feel his fingertips. You realize that
this is the first time your flesh touches his. It feels smooth,
strong. Berndt and Cortez have now taken their seat on either
side of you. You understand that you must make a gesture,
that you must show them that you are interested in them.
You bring your hands down again, and hesitantly, knowing
that with this gesture you will seal your fate for this evening.
Then as if without any will of your own, your hands reach
for Berndt and Cortez’s legs. You rest them, feeling their
strong muscles with your fingers. They both look at you
with a smile, a smile you return to each one, with a conquering
smile of your own. Then upon the simultaneous decision
of all, you all left the bar and walked to the elevators.
You waited for the elevator impatiently. You wondered
if anyone is thinking anything. Are they suspecting anything?
The elevator finally arrives, the doors open, Armand keeps
them open for you to enter first and then they all enter.
You all look stiff, the way everyone does when with strangers
in an elevator. Then you all giggle at the same time. Armand
puts his arm around you and starts to want to kiss you. You
resist somewhat, but then find yourself groping for the
men’s crotches. You give in to his kiss, and open your mouth
to invite his tongue in. Just at that moment, the elevator
reaches your floor and again Armand holds the door for you
to go out first.

And this is why you are now entering your room with three
strangers, filled with desire and with mixed emotions.
You are still not sure if you want to go through with it, or
if there will even be something to go through with. You turn the light on and the soft glow of the lamps creates
a soft dark brown atmosphere which instantly relaxes you.
Each step you take deeper into your room brings you confidence
and when you reach the sofa and sit down in the middle of it,
you now expect to have a man sitting on either side of you.
And you do. Right after you sit down and extended your arms
across the back of the sofa, Berndt and Cortez take their
seat next to you. Bernd is sitting on your right and the first
one to settle down, the first one your heads turns to with
a smile, your right arm resting on his shoulders. Cortez
sits on your left, and when he settles down, your left arm
nudges him to get a little closer to you, and all the while
your eyes are looking deep into Berndt’s. You can see his
passion through his eyes. Cortez sits very close to you,
his right hand resting on your left leg, rubbing it gently.
Your hand tightens its grip around his shoulder. You feel
compelled to look upwards and realize that Armand is standing
behind the sofa, hovering above you, looking at you with
his deep dark eyes. His hands are resting on your shoulders.
He leans forward and both of you kiss, desiring each others’
lips. You can feel the warmth of his desire fuel your own
desires for him. But at the same time, the attention you
receive from Berndt and Cortez makes you desire them too…But
Armand seems different to you. You feel more attracted
to him than to the others. His beauty is more mysterious,
less obvious but still exposed for all to see. Armand’s hands glide down your shoulder blades to your
cleavage, and find and open each button on your blouse until
your bra is fully exposed. This seems to have been a signal.
Now Berndt and Cortez sit very close to you. Cortez has his
left hand on your leg, his right hand now playing with your
left breast, bulging from the bra. Berndt has his left hand
on your other breast and his right one on your leg. Both together
lift your skirt up, revealing your naked thighs. Feeling
two strangers’ hands on your body, so close to your private
parts confuses you. When a fantasy start to turn into reality
there is doubt, but you want this and the sensations that
pass through your body, the thoughts that seem to assail
your mind, all increase your desire to discover more. Still
kissing Armand who gently massages your neck and shoulder
blades, who then slowly pulls down the straps of your bra,
you offer your body and mind to carnal pleasure. You lift
each of your legs and rest them on either of Berndt’s and
Cortez’s legs. You open up your charms for them, and they
quickly take advantage of your generous offering. Their
fingers now explore under your panty, you feel them searching
for the entrance to the cave of your hidden treasure, hoping
they find it, but not too soon. Cortez has managed to get your left breast out of the bra
and is now kissing your nipple. You moan inside Armand’s mouth at the feeling of another
mouth on your body. Berndt is playing with your right nipple
through your bra, pinching it gently, pulling it with his
fingers. How strong his hands feel. You like his touch.
It sends quivers through your body. It electrifies your
mind. His other hand is closing in on its objective, but
suddenly moves upwards, his palm flat against your inner
thigh. He clasps the elastic band of your panty between
his fingers and makes delicious little tugs at it, tempting
the temptress to reveal herself. How much you want to. How
much you want him to pull your panty down and reveal yourself
to him. Armand glides his hands down under your blouse and bra straps,
and you move your back a little forward, bringing your arms
down next to you and let him slip both garments off your body.
Both your breasts are now exposed; you can feel a little
chill on your erect nipples. Both Cortez and Berndt have their hands full of your breasts
now, massaging them, squeezing them, playing with and
teasing your nipples by pulling on them, by pinching them,
by rubbing the palm of their hands against them. Their hot
mouths against your skin spark strong urges of desires
from deep within you. Still kissing Armand, playing with
his tongue as it looks for yours, you cannot help but think
back as to when I was sucking on both your tits at the same
time, and how different it is when two men suck on them, each
playing with one, each providing a different sensation,
each tongue different in texture, each mouth its own warmth,
contrasting in a very erotic fashion with the other. Armand’s strong hands cup your head. You now have the desire to look for their manhood. Your hands
are becoming restless. You grab Cortez and Berndt’s head
from behind. But soon your hands come back to the sofa. You
look for their legs; your hands are now massaging these
young strong muscles. You love the feel. How would it feel,
without their pants on? Slowly your hands move up each leg,
reaching for their crotches. Hummm their mouths pulling
on your nipples, sucking your breasts, the soft flesh extending
and then contracting again. You find the men’s crotches, recognizable to your touch
by the small bulge in their pants. You rub your hands over
them, estimating the size and shape of their penis, wanting
to know if you had aroused these men in any way. You smile
when you feel the hard, well sculpted muscle of their manhood
throb underneath their pants. Your hands now tighten their
grip over their organs, moving up and down along their clothed
shaft. Your fingers feel for their balls, are they really
big? Are they hard too? Humm….You now search for the little
metal tab pf their zippers that will open up the flaps of
their pants. You find it and slowly, simultaneously you
pull them down. The sound, you remember. The tips of your
fingers make their way between the flaps and feel the warmth
of their aroused penises through their underwear. You
look for another opening; you want to touch their flesh….
“Hummm Yes….” You moan as one of your lover’s hands touches
your clitoris. You feel that they want to take your panties
down. They want unrestricted access to you… Armand suddenly straightens up and putting his strong,
elegant hands under your arms lifts you from the sofa. He
stays behind it. Berndt takes this opportunity to quickly unzip and pull
down your skirt and panty. He easily removes them, with
your shoes and stockings. You are now fully naked in the
room, and with a conniving smile you look as they do the same.
Cortez first removes his shirt to reveal a beautiful dark
skin muscular chest, and strong well defined arms. His
skin is dark, but not too dark. Just a perfect bronze. You then look at Berndt who decided to first take his pants
and underwear off. He removes his socks, and facing you
he pulls on his turtle neck and flies it above his head. You
can see his cock, it isn’t erect, but it is bulging. He is
shaved all around. It is just flesh. It looks big, thick,
and juicy. You now look at Cortez who just finished undressing himself.
He too now faces you and his cock is also bulging. Its color
fascinates you. His balls look like a stud’s balls, large,
well defined, round to a fault, exiting. The men now invite you to sit again on the couch. But the positions
have changed. You are now sitting, with Cortez kneeling between your
legs, his soft hands, pushing them apart, them lifting
them and resting them on his strong shoulders, your feet
dangling, and your heels sometime touching his back. He
sometime squeezes your inner thighs. Berndt now stands on the sofa, close to you on your left.
Your head instinctively turns his way. You feel a kiss near your belly button that Cortez just landed.
You feel his tongue making small circles on your belly,
his lips sucking in your flesh, making your blood surge
here and there. Berndt’s penis is so close to your face. You lift your left
hand and clasp it around his manhood. It reacts to your touch
and seems to have gotten more erect, harder even then just
a second ago. It is warm in your hand; you are amazed at how
well you can feel the veins and the blood flowing through
them. The tip is open, pulsing as if calling to you. You start to stroke it gently, pulling the foreskin further
back, slowly revealing its whole tip. Berndt now rests
his right hand on your head, his fingers playing with your
hair. He takes a small step forward you think, Armand now plays with your tits, both his hands massaging
them, squeezing them hard; pulling on your nipples until
it almost becomes painful. You feel the sweat building
on your skin. You feel hot. “Ohhhh Yes…” You moan, closing your eyes, slightly tightening
your thighs around Cortez’s head. A new sensation down
below. Cortez is now kissing you, very close to your clitoris.
You tighten your grip on Berndt’s cock, which seems to have
lost some of its stiffness. It seems to be waiting for more…
Armand is roughly mishandling your tits now. How much does
his rough touch contrasts with Cortez’s. His hands are
massaging your inner thighs, very softly, very gently.
He again kisses you, this time his tongue glides over your
aroused clit. “Hummmm….” You moan again. You put your right hand on Cortez’
head and apply just a little pressure on it. You are now firmly
grabbing Berndt’s penis, stroking it again, trying to
revive its stiffness. “Ohhh Cortez, yess…” you say. His tongue is now firmly planted
on your clit, licking it with the tenderness of desire in
its early stages. Armand just squeezed your tits very hard, his fingers digging
deep into their flesh, pulling them upwards. “Hughhhhh”
is all you manage to articulate for protest at this mishandling
of your breasts. You turn your head to your left, and with a tug of your left
hand force Berndt’s penis closer to your face. His hands
still on your head, now teasing your earlobes, now caressing
the nape of your neck, he gently leads it closer to him. As
the distance between you and him diminishes, you open your
mouth to receive him. You can see and appreciate his organ
even more now. Its head still half covered, not fully revealing
its full strength. And his shaved pubic area…hiding nothing.
His balls, so full of promises to come. You open your mouth
wide to receive him. He gently enters; you clasp your lips
around the head, your mouth warm with desire, warming his
muscle. Your lips gently glide down his cock, while your
hand pulls his skin back some more. A muffled moan as Cortez
now applies more passion to the discovery of your feminity.
He sucks on your labia. Your right hand clasps his head more
firmly. Armand has stopped massaging your breasts, and you can
hear him undress behind the sofa. You feel the sofa sink
on your right side. You can feel his body getting closer
to you. You can feel his power next to you, his presence,
demanding some of your attention. You take your hand away
from Cortez’ head and seek Armand’s legs. You move your
hand up his left leg, enjoying each inch of this strong man’s
body. As you reach his inner thigh your fingers are spread
out. Then with his left hand he guides you for the final inches
to his manhood. You clasp your fingers around it. How wonderful
it feels. It is also large, and well sculpted. His balls
are thick. You start to stroke it. You can feel one of his
hands grabbing your right tit. How gentle he his now… You now have one man between your legs, one cock in your mouth
and another in your right hand. The thought of this realization
brings you newly discovered pleasures. Your body tingles
with lust, with carnal desire. You start to suck on Berndt’s cock in earnest, feeling it
grow larger and larger inside your mouth. Your left hand
massages his balls, strokes him when your lips reach the
tip of his penis. With your left hand you start to stroke Armand in earnest
too, pulling the foreskin back, exposing his head to the
touch of your thumb. You feel it moistening. Cortez now massages your labia with his hands while his
tongue teases your clit. He hits a spot which makes you gasp. Armand takes this opportunity
to turn your head his way, and so naturally that it surprises
you, you take his cock in your mouth and start to suck it,
long and slow. His cock starts to glisten with your saliva.
Berndt jump starts your left hand and you begin to stroke
him again. ”Hummm….” Another muffled moan from you. But
this time, it is from the pleasure you derive from the situation.
Not from the excitement of a particular erogenous zone
being stimulated at this particular point. “She likes it.” You hear Armand comment. “Yes she surely does.” Berndt answers. “Yes guys, I really love it. It’s a forbidden dream come
true” you answer back, pulling Armand’s cock out of your
mouth. You look at both of them, see them smile, look down at Cortez
who just happens to lift his head up, your eyes lock for a
brief moment, he smiles back at you. You feel kindness.
How strange you think. You pull both cocks closer to your lips now. Cortez has started
to finger you, exploring deeper inside your vagina. You kiss both cocks. Your tongue separating both heads
jus a little, playing with them. You lick the tips alternatively,
as if you were eating ice cream out of two cones. A little
bit of one, then the other, not sure which one you like best.
Maybe both together. Then pulling the cocks a little closer
to your mouth, your hands firmly grasping them, you attempt
to introduce both of them inside. They are big now. Their
tips sometime touching. You circle your tongue and your lips around them, moistening
them as much as you can, hoping for a smooth entry. Then as
if of a common accord, both cocks push pass your open lips
and slide inside your mouth. You feel them struggling for
space. They are nudged right behind your front teeth. Your
tongue now darts from one tip to the other, feeling each
peehole, and then tries to make large circles around both.
Your hands are tightening on their organs. “I am a slut.” You think. “I even sweat like a slut. Ohhhh
yes Cortez, explore my cunt, it will lead you to the real
El Dorado. Yes. Your tongue feels so good down there, the
warmth of your breaths, the gentle touch of your hands against
my thighs. I want to open myself up to you Cortez. Let me spread
my legs wider. Yes, You see it is better this way…Give free
rain to your desires Cortez, . I am a slut tonight and I enjoy
being with all three of you. Ohhhh Cortez, yes, deeper please,
El Dorado is near. Send in your fingers, do not let any rocks
unturned in your quest. Investigate every nook and cranny.
Remember. There is no turning back. You burnt your ships.
You are now enflaming me with lust. Oh yes Cortez, your snake-like
tongue, trying to bury itself deep inside me. Hummm how
delicious you are. How good you make me feel. I am all yours
Cortez. I am your slut for a day. I am all yours Armand. I am
all yours Berndt. Please me and I will please you. I am your
divine Slut my dear friends.” Both men suddenly pull their cocks out of your mouth, and
Cortez, turns around and pushes the coffee table further
away. Armand and Berndt step down from the sofa, holding your
hands and leading you to kneel in front of them. You squat
comfortably on your hind legs, sitting on your heels. You
grab both Armand’s and Berndt’s cock again, kissing one
then the other, maybe spending a little more time with one
before returning to the other. Your eyes dart upwards,
seeking their gaze, looking for approval. Cortez now turns and faces you. All three men stand in front
of you in a close semi circle, their cocks just inches away
from each other and from your mouth and face. Your eyes now
gaze at Cortez’ cock. You now remember that you hadn’t actually
ever seen it before. You had touched it, felt it throb under
your fingers as you were exploring his crotch through his
pants, you had wondered what it looked like, what it would
taste like, what it would smell like. Now your questions are all answered. The sent of his masculinity
is strong, but pleasing. It is standing, a little limp before
you, its head covered by the foreskin, its immaculate brown
color glistening from sweat. It is huge. Much bigger than
Armand’s and Berndt’s. His balls are hanging, waiting
for you. He puts his hands around your head and brings it near his
throbbing organ. You instinctively want to use your hand
to guide the shaft, but Armand stops you and gently motions
for you to keep stroking him. You oblige. You open your mouth, wide, as wide as you can, not wanting
to disappoint the conqueror of your El Dorado. You quickly manage to twist your tongue around your lips,
moistening them, preparing them to receive your future
master. Cortez now gently pushes his monster against your open,
wet lips. You feel the tip sliding gently, widening your
mouth a little. It stops. Then moves forward, just a fraction
of an inch, just a little deeper in your mouth. Your tongue
wants to investigate this intruder. But you don’t. Instead,
you try to inch your lips just a little more forward, getting
that much more inside your mouth, just a little more, to
satisfy your demanding lover. The movement of your lips
and of your jaws and their muscle, reminds you of a snake
swallowing its prey. But unlike a snake, you have arms and
hands. And you know that you will need the support of more
than a cock for what could be coming, for what you want to
come. Letting go of Berndt’s penis, your left hand grabs
Cortez’s balls and then steady itself by holding on to his
penis, close to his crotch. You open your eyes and are amazed
at how much of his cock you have managed to swallow, and how
much more there is left. The effort makes you sweat, and
with every little victory, you feel your inside warming
up a little more to your passion. “ Yes Cortez…I love your huge cock.” You think. “I can’t
suck on it really…but I can chew on it. Slowly, like this…Humm.
What a piece of meat. Maybe not FDA Approved, but definitely
Approved by me.” And you chew on it, slowly, your lips pressing
against the outer skin, as if you were chewing on a mouth
full, one you knew would be too big, but still decided to
bite into. His hands are massaging your scalp. He rocks
back and forth, slowly, gently. With each of his body’s
movement you feel his cock slide in a bit deeper, you feel
your mouth being forced to accept and open up a little more.
You now chew his cock past its head, eagerly and carefully,
loving every part of this soft and hard penis pressing against
your inner cheeks. You feel very comfortable. There is no tension in the room
at all. You feel yourself relax into your role. You start
to really enjoy yourself. You don’t feel the need to balance
yourself by holding onto Cortez’ penis anymore. You remember
Berndt, standing, his cock neglected by you for too long.
You then straighten out, extend your left hand, grab his
cock, tug on both his and Armand’s and bring them close to
your breasts. You rub their heads, now bulging, against
your nipples, around your areolas, you push them against
the soft flesh, press them deeper into the muscle and fatty
tissue. You feel their organs growing at the soft touch.
Cortez now start to slowly pull his cock out, just a little,
just to push it right back in, each time gaining a little
more of your mouth’s territory. “Hummm…” you moan. “She loves your cock Cortez, ” Berndt comments. “You feel so good, Baby.” Cortez says, his hands clasping
your head. He pulls his cock out entirely, giving your mouth the respite
it was yearning for. “What a cock Cortez!” you exclaim.” Give me more!” you wish.
But the men now have decided something else it seems. They
each take their cocks back from you and Armand, lifting
you, leads you toward the bed. Both he and Berndt jump on
the bed, ahead of you. They lie side by side, on their back,
their arms crossed behind their heads, their legs close
together, slightly spread apart. Their cocks are standing
erect, against their stomach. You climb onto the bed, and kneel between their legs, facing
them, your left leg over Armand’s left one, and your right
leg over Berndt’s right leg. Your elbows are touching their
balls. You kneel forward, on all four, and with your hands you grab
each man’s cock and straighten them up. You feel Cortez climbing onto the bed. He kneels behind
you, his right hand making delicious passes over your buttocks,
flirting with your skin. You push your ass up with appreciation…
“I always wanted to do this, guys…” you say, looking into
Armand’s eyes. He smiles. You now plunge your mouth on Armand’s cock, holding it stiff,
from your mouth saliva dripping out, deeper inside your
mouth, all the way in, smoothly, shamelessly, pleasurably.
When it is lodged as far back in your throat as you can imagine,
you feel a growing gentle burning sensation on your ass.
And another. Stinging this time. Cortez is deliciously
spanking you. He stops now, and rubs his hand over it, as
with the intention to undo what he had just done. You now
turn your attention to Berndt whose cock you have been stroking
and hardening. You start by running your tongue around
the base of his cock, licking his balls, your tongue enjoying
this new discovery. You stroke Armand’s cock harder now. You feel Cortez playing
with your cunt. He puts a finger in then quickly removes
it; he spreads it apart, opening you up for him to see. He
spits around it, then with his fingers rubs the spit around
and inside you. He is lubricating you. You suck Berndt’s dick now. He fills you up good. You twist
his cock’s skin while sucking his head. “Ahhhhhh….” You exclaim when Cortez plunges one of his
fingers deep inside you. You grab Berndt’s cock and as if
to let him know how good you feel, you clasp it against your
right breasts, closing your eyes. “Hummm…so good guys….”.
You grab Berndt’s cock by its hairless base, and just as
your mouth is about to engulf the symbol of your lust, your
eyes lock. You corkscrew your left hand down his moist cock.
Your head follows right behind. ”Uhuhmmm…” you moan, mixed
with a little devilish laughter. Your mouth is filled with his member. But you have a goal
to reach. You want these men to see that you can take their
cocks into your mouth, all the way down. You don’t want them
to think that Cortez’ was a rule, and not an exception. You plunge deeper and deeper onto Berndt’s hard cock, your
lips gliding each time closer to his stomach, down this
long hard pole. And quickly you glide up again. A little
squeeze between your thumbs and forefinger of his head,
a sudden kiss on the peehole and you glide back down, and
then up, and down, up and down, that long shaft, that long,
moist, hard shaft, each time with more determination.
You feel Berndt’s body tightening. You feel him succumb
to your dexterity. And then you just plunge one last time, straight down this
beautifully carved cock, a cock Michel Angelo could have
carved, but unlike his sculptures, this one is hot inside
your mouth, vibrant, full of life, capable of satisfying
or disappointing, capable of tearing you apart when you
lust for it but can’t get it, capable of bringing you beyond
the threshold of pleasure. And your lips touch their goal.
Your mouth is now full with Berndt’s cock. You have his full,
throbbing penis inside your mouth. It is lodged right at
your throat’s opening. You almost strain from under this
effortless effort. Berndt’s leg just jerked a little and
bangs against your left tit. And you pull your mouth out. And then back down again, all
the way down. A few seconds at the base, and back up. And down
again, and up. And then you pop it out of your mouth, and look
at the object you just conquered. You suddenly feel Cortez kneeling between your legs. His
hands grab each of your ankles, and massage your legs up
to your bended knees, and down, slowly, gently, lovingly.
He then rubs your ankles; glides his fingers down the sole
of each of your feet, and plays with your toes. He lands a
kiss on your ass’ left cheek, and then one on the right cheek,
then one more in the middle of them, a little saliva runs
down the middle of your ass. You feel it drip down, warm.
As if in a pause in time, you lift your head and your eyes meet
Berndt’s. He is smiling. You catch a little movement in
his eyes, as if you should look to his right. Your gaze follows
his and your eyes meet Armand’s, Armand whose cock you have
been stroking lovingly all the while, teasing his balls,
squeezing his head. “Yes Armand, I am going to suck you now,
my dear” your eyes convey to him. You twist just a little to your left, and your mouth gulps
Armand’s cock. Your hand is tight at its base. You feel him
move his hips up and down, trying to fuck your mouth. You are holding Berndt’s cock tightly, as if you didn’t
want to let go of this prize. Armand’s penis is stiffening. You know that he can get harder,
that you can make him much harder, harder than he has ever
been before. And you apply yourself. You sense that Armand
is in a hurry to get very hard. Does he want to cum already?
Then Armand lifts up his upper torso from the bed and rests
on his forearms. You suck his balls, lick his penis, rub
your lips against it, up and down, on all sides. He is very
hard. It feels like a bronze, a well polished bronze in your
hands. Suddenly Cortez steps down from the bed, and Armand follows
suit. When they are both of the bed, Berndt sits up and kneels
on the bed. He stands straight, forcing you up on all fours.
Your buttocks are now up in the air, your body almost parallel
to the mattress. You let go of Berndt’s cock, needing both
hands on the bed to maintain balance. He grabs his cock in
his right hand and starts to gently slap your face with it,
rubbing it around your lips, open, moist, exhaling your
passion, inhaling his sent, gently, slowly mixing your
emotions for each other. He then pushes his cock inside
your begging mouth, and gently rocks his body back and forth,
pushing his cock in and out of your mouth, but never taking
it out. Armand has now stepped back on the bed and kneels behind
you. You recognize his touch, more virile than Cortez’,
more rough. He rubs his left hand against your ass, sometime
squeezing it. Cortez steps onto the bed next to you. His right hand rubs
your back gently; his left caresses your hair. Then you feel the tip of Armand’s cock pushing into your
vagina. You pull away your mouth from Berndt’s cock: “Ohhhh…Yes….Yes….Armand.
Yes….” You moan. But Berndt immediately forces his cock
back inside your mouth. As Armand pushes in deeper inside you, your body is forced
forward and Berndt’s cock plunged deeper and deeper inside
your mouth. You are sandwiched by two men’s cock; Armand pushes his,
slowly but strongly inside your cunt. Your vagina expends
as he penetrates, welcoming this intruder, hard and hot
like his companions. This first thrust fills not just your pussy, but your whole
body. It is not just his cock that fills you up, but also the
presence of his cock that floods you, through every nerve,
through every pore, through every vein. “Ohhhhhh…Hummmm”,
a cock-muffled moan. Armand holds you very tight by the hips. He forces your body
back while thrusting his cock forward inside you. You now
hang on to Berndt’s cock, keeping it in your mouth, trying
to suck it, until you cannot hold back another moan#x201D;Oahhhhhh….”
Cortez lies on his back across the bed, his legs hanging
of it. He rests his head right under your jiggling breasts,
thrusts forward and backward to the rhythm of Armand’s
pumping penis. They slap Cortez’ face, making little smacking
sounds, emphasized by the sweat that covers them and your
whole body. Your right hand lets go of Berndt’s cock, and
as if to welcome Cortez, rests on his head first, and then
offers him your right breast, shaping it with a gentle pressure
of your hand. His lips breeze over the offering. He then
kisses your nipple and starts to suckle on your tit. His
right hand grabs your left breast and fondles it. He swallows
more of your right breast, you feel his teeth gently gliding
along its side, like an ivory blade that will not cut through
the skin. “Ah! Oh! Uh! Uhmmm! “You exhale. Armand has started to fuck you harder now, is cock plunging
deep and hard inside your vagina, pulling your labia in
with each thrust and pushing them out upon his exit. His
fingers dig deep inside you. He increases speed. Your whole
body shakes. Berndt wants to put his cock back inside your
mouth. But you have just leaned your head against your right
arm, now half folded onto the bed. He manages to force his
cock in your hand and tries to have you stroke him. But Armand
is fucking you so hard, you can’t believe it, his supper
hard shaft showing no mercy for your pussy. He grabs you
by the shoulders. It forces you back harder onto his raving
cock. “Ohhhhhh….God. Yes Armand. Fuck me Fuck me hard!”.
His body bounces back off your ass, his balls slapping you
shamelessly. Six hands, on your body. A cock in your cunt.
Another one in your hand. You visualize and spiritualize
the scene. Your senses are not attuned to the mortal world
anymore. Your feelings are of a different plane, the one
so many seek and never find. Or is it just another Shangri
La? Am I here? Are they here? Where are we? Who are we? Armand’s hands now glide away from your shoulders down
your back, his fingernails scratching deeply into your
skin, to you hips. They dig themselves in them. He wants to fuck you into submission. His pumping is relentless.
In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Each penetration
more violent each time, smacking against your ass harder
and harder. You start to crumble under the assault. You
want to submit, you want to give in, how much longer can you
hold on, how much longer can he? “Submit! Submit!” his cock
demands. Like a medieval battering ram banging on the Castle’s
gates, loosening the resistance with each blow. “I submit!
I Submit!” your body rages. And then an enormous release overcomes you. All the tension
you were just feeling gushes out of your body. It leaves
from deep within you and travels down to the lair of your
love. You suddenly feel yourself cum, hard, long, powerful,
rushing past his cock still plunged deep inside you, your
juice forcing its way between his organ and the thin walls
of your vagina, out past your labia and spraying his cock
and balls and stomach. “ Yessss…Ohahhhhhh Yesssssssss….”
You exclaim as a flow of energy departs the base of your spine
and rushes up through each vertebra and reaches your brain.
Ecstasy! You submitted, but you didn’t submit to him. You
submitted to yourself, to your desires, to the snake that
is coiled at the bottom of your spine, waiting to share his
energy with you, waiting to show you a different world.
Armand pulls his cock out of your pussy. Cortez slides out
from under you. You collapse on the bed, utterly spent,
but feeling special. Your body still has some convulsions
from your orgasms. One last shiver of pleasure, then relaxes
completely. You feel cum dripping out of you, between your
legs. Armand and Cortez have gone in a corner of the room. Berndt
now moves to your left, still on his knees. He stands tall.
But you can’t see him, your eyes closed, your head resting
on your folded arm. He grabs your left ankle, and pulls it towards him, until
your whole body follows the movement and you find yourself
sideways across the bed. He then slaps your ass a few times,
hard enough but not in a mean way. He wants to wake you up,
bring you back to a reality you didn’t know could exist for
you. The quick sting makes you settle a little faster. He
then turns you on your back and spreads your legs wide open,
lifting them up, holding each by your ankles. Your pussy
is completely exposed to him. Your head rests near the edge
of the bed. Berndt starts to slap his cock against your wet pussy, sometime
letting it glide up and down, pushing on your clitoris,
pushing a little more, and a little more, and then he slips
his shaft in all the way, deep inside you with just one push.
“Ohhhhh….” You let out, grabbing your breasts with both
hands, as if you needed to hold onto something. Berndt pushes
his body forward, his arms behind your legs, forcing them
to almost touch your breasts. Your feet are dangling straight
up in the air. And he fucks you, oh yes does he fuck you. Unlike
Armand, he is rhythmical, maintains a medium, steady tempo,
but each time he pushes all the way in and almost all the way
out, leaving his head to rest just at the entrance of your
pussy long enough to arouse you even more. “Oh Yes. Berndt.
Fuck me. Yes…Let me feel your cock inside me.” When he has
you fully impaled, you notice how good his shaved skin feels
against you, how it rubs you, rubs your clitoris. You put your hands against his strong chest, feeling his
pectoral muscles, tight by the strain of the effort. You
feel beads of his sweat drop on your chest. Your legs move
in contra unison with his thrusts. He pushes and pushes.
Your body slides on the sheets. Your head leans gently off
the edge of the bed. Your close your eyes and both Bernd and
you breathe of a same breath, at the rhythm of your love making.
You pick up the sent of Armand’s and Cortez’ masculinity.
They are coming close to you. You pull your arms from under
Berndt’s chest and extend them to your side as an invitation,
your hands open. You keep your eyes closed and smile with
anticipation. Then the two men lay their cocks in your hands,
Armand to your left and Cortez to your right. Their cocks
are still stiff. Were they watching you and Berndt? Were
they getting aroused by it? Your hands now start to gently stroke these love muscles,
moist and hard. You pull back and forth on their skin, masturbating
them. They feel warm in your hands. “Oh yes guys. This is
great.” You giggle. You tug at the cocks, bringing the men
closer to you. Cortez’s cock, so much bigger than Armand’s,
has much more your attention. You tug him closer, bringing his head to your cheek first,
then against your lips, rubbing it around, letting your
tongue dart around it. Oh yes. How large it is. Yo

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