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XMAS Party Night out


Rachel had been on a night out with her ex-colleagues, actually
it was a team of men and she used to be their manager. She’d not see most of them for some time, since leaving as
there manager and moving with the company. She had a great
evening clubing, dancing and the guys had been buying the
drinks most of the night. They were now on their way back
to the hotel.

Rachel had wanted to make an impression, she knew at least
a couple of them fancied her. She wore her black cocktail
dress, it had a very low ‘V’ neckline with a little gold coloured
clasp just under her boobs to ensure nothing fell out and
was approximately thigh length, showed just enough leg
to be sexy without being tarty. No need for a bra, as she couldn’t
wear one under the dress and packed a selection of underwear.

They had got back to the hotel around 2.30am, John suggested
they have a drink in the bar, everyone agreed. Rachel walked to the front saying she would get the first
round; she asked them what they wanted and went to the bar.

The guys went and sat down at a corner table booth, but they
could still see her walking to the bar, watching her sexy
wiggle. Matt said to Tom, “Doesn’t she have sexy body; I’d give anything
to feel that ass”. Tom replied” I wonder if she’s wearing
any panties, as I can’t see a panty line”. John was surprised
at their comments, but was too drunk to care. He replied
“yeah”, looking at her ass, “I bet she likes a hard fucking.
I’d love to fuck her ass”. Martin overheard this, “be careful
she does not here you, which would be hard to explain” he
said. “Well, she’s been felling my arse all the way back
to the hotel”, said Matt. “Me too”, said Tom. “How interesting”
said John? Tony had been listening to the conversation
and said “You’re not the only one who wants to shag her; I’d
fuck her in an instant, if I got the chance”. The four way
conversation was now just about fucking Rachel every which
way was getting really dirty.

Rachel was making her way back to the table with the drinks,
“Hi, guys. What you all talking about?” she said. They were al stuck for words; they couldn’t be honest and
say they were talking about fucking her. “Nothing much,
just tasking the piss out of everything”, said Tom. “Well you all went quite when I came over, so it must be something
about me” she said. Tom piped up, “It was that… we were talking about how sexy
you look and didn’t want to embarrass you”, said Tom. “I’m not. I’d think you were queer if you didn’t find me sexy,
we’re all just friends especially now you don’t work for
me. You can be yourselves around me”, said Rachel.

They all started commenting how nice and sexy she looked,
especially this evening in that dress. Tom said, ”Please don’t take offence; may I ask how you
hide your bra in that dress?” Rachel said with a cheeky smile, “That’s easy, I’m not wearing
one, just my tits holding the dress in place and this little
clasp on the front. Hadn’t you guessed that already”, said
Rachel Tom just smiled. “Anything else you’d like to know but dare not ask” said
Rachel. She was seeing how far she could push them. “Plenty… but I’m not going to ask in public”, said Tom nervously.
There was an awkward silence after Tom spoke, waiting for
an answer from Rachel. “You are a bunch of cheeky boys. How about we go somewhere
private to continue this conversation”, said Rachel.
As she finished her drink a stood up and headed towards the
elevator. The guys were really surprised; they were expecting a completely
different answer. They all got up and followed her to the
elevator. She said, “get in then” and waited until they were all in
before following them. She deliberately stood in front
of them so they could stare at her ass. To their enjoyment
she slowly smoothed out her dress by pushing it down from
her waist and over her ass to her hips.

The lift doors opened and she walked to her room, with the
guys in tow. They were all wondering what was going to happen
next. She opens her room door and said, “No one can here us now”.
The guys just smiled to one another and went in. There was plenty of space and chairs in her exec double room.
A big super king size bed and 2 chairs and a settee. As she
had changed in a hurry she’d left her lingerie out on the
bed and chairs, much to the liking of the guys. “Well don’t just stand there, put some tunes on, get some
drinks and sit down. I thought we had a conversation to finish”,
said Rachel, wondering if they would get dirty. She was
desperate for a fuck and would fuck any one of them; they
were all reasonably good looking and got fit bodies. Tom got drinks, the rest sat down. Rachel came over and joined
them. “What did you want to ask?” said Rachel. “Well... our conversation got more dirty than we said.
It we were talking about fantasies with you” said John.
“You bad boys, at least I know the truth now and what you think
of me... Now then, what do you bad boys want to see” said Rachel.
Matt said, “I’d like to know what panties you wear”. “I always wear thongs never panties, well, most of the time,
they look and feel better”, she said. As she turned round,
lifted her dress and stuck her bottom out to exposing her
naked ass, thongs don’t cover much. They all stared in disbelief
at her naked ass, their eyes following the top of her thong
down to her pussy. Just a small bit of material was covering
her pussy which was pulled tight highlighting her mound,
almost like nothing was there.

They were all shocked, this, their ex-boss, had just shown
them her ass and bent over enough so they could see her pussy.
A sexy ass, it was too. “That is one dammed sexy ass, I’d love to feel it”, Said Matt.
The others went silent not knowing how she would respond.
“Would you now, what do I get in return” said Rachel. “Name your price” said Matt. He wanted her ass badly. “I’ll tell you later and you have to do it” said Rachel. “Yes,
yes”, was the answer, not worrying about what he had to do.
Rachel moved over to Matt, lifted her dress and put her bottom
right in his face. Her skimpy thong covered little of her
ass. He promptly put both hands on her, one on each butt cheek,
feeling and squeezing them, his hands following the curves
down into her butt crack. “Your price is…” Rachel paused and Matt wondered what his
command would be. “…to lick and bite my ass now”. He could
not believe it, not only was he feeling her ass, she just
told him to lick it. He did as he was told, began licking and
sucking her ass. He couldn’t resist, he slid a hand down
to the mound of her pussy and gave it a quick feel. She moved
away and said, ”I think you’ve had enough… for now” and
put her dress back down. Matt was smiling like a cat that’s
just got the cream. “Now where were we”, said Rachel. “Fantasies, that’s where”.
John spoke next, “I’d love to see your tits, your cleavage
has been on show all night and I’m desperate to see them“

“I’m sure I can oblige” she said, as she reached for the clasp
on her dress, but paused over her tits and felt them through
her dress. The guys cheered in appreciation. She teased
them more, playing with her nipples through her dress,
they become erect quite quickly and the guys could easily
see them trying to push through. The cheers were almost constant now, with a few dirty calls.
Her nipples were a good size, always became erect with a
little stimulation and stayed erect for some time. She move her hand to the clasp and flicked it undone, running
her fingers from the bottom of the ‘V’ in her dress up between
her breasts to her mouth and finally sucking her finger
like she was sucking a cock. John just wanted to see her tits, but this was better than
he ever expected. Rachel could see they all had bulges in their trousers and
decided it was time to show her tits. She ran her hands up
the front of her dress parting the material either side
of her breasts exposing them. Her ample 36C breasts were
completely on show. Her tits were firm and pert, did not
sag at all, she could have been a model with tits like those.
The guys cheered with appreciation, even more as she licked
her fingers again and began to tease her own nipples. The guys were really enjoying the show. “What do you think John”, said Rachel. “Fantastic, better
than I ever thought” replied John. “Stand up and come here
John”, said Rachel. He came over as ordered. She leant over
and whispered in his ear, “I want you to unzip your fly and
suck just my nipples without touching me”. John could not
believe what she just said, it was like a dream. He undid
is fly and put his mouth over a nipple and started sucking
on it and flicking it with his tongue. Rachel gasped as he
first touched her and reached down and put her hand inside
his trousers, she grabbed his cock and started squeezing
and feeling it while he sucked on her nipples. Every time
she squeezed he sucked. He also sneaked his hand between
her legs to feel her pussy. Her pussy felt soft, hot and just
becoming damp, through her panties he pushed his fingers
to middle of her pussy. The others could not see him doing
this as her dress covered just enough. She let him feel her
a bit longer than Matt, she was enjoying the attention and
his fingers felt good on her pussy. He stroked her pussy
from front to back pausing to tease her clit through her
panties. After he had sucked on both nipples she told him to sit back
down and left him with a really hard cock in his pants. As she was rearranging her dress so it just covered her nipples,
Tom spoke “I really want to see your pussy. “Really…” she said. Tom thought he’d asked for something
out of order by the tone in her voice and was a bit worried
now. Seeing her tits and ass was no problem, asking to see
her pussy maybe too much. As he was thinking this, Rachel had move over to the edge
of the bed and sat down. “Ok” she said. “But your forfeit
will be a lot more than the others”, she said. She slowly opened her legs displaying her white panties,
pulled tight against her labia leaving nothing to the imagination.
The guys all went quiet in surprise; they thought this would
never happen. “Fucking gorgeous” said Tom. “I’m not finished
yet, not even started”, said Rachel. As she moved her hand
down her body to the top of her panties, pausing at first,
then slowly felt her own pussy. She moved her fingers slowly
down the centre of her panties, pushed a finger into the
centre of her pussy, just enough stimulation for her juices
to wet her panties as Matt had got her started. The guys were
going crazy now with what they we seeing. They shouted,
“More, more” “What do you want to see?” she said. They shouted “Your naked
pussy”. Slowly she pulled her panties aside just showing
a bit of her pussy and paused. “More, more”, they shouted.
She obliged and pulled her panties completely to the side
exposing all of her naked pussy to them; they could see it
was freshly shaved all over, not a hair sight, her pussy
lips met perfectly together. “Do you like my smooth pussy?”
she said, as she stroked it with her fingers. “Oh god, Yes,
very much” was the reply, they all said. “What should I do
now” she said. “Feel yourself”, one of them shouted. As
if on queue, she ran one of her fingers up and down her pussy
lips before slowly spreading them wide apart revealing
her clit, with the other hand she teased it. Using her fingers,
flicking and rubbing it in circles. She was getting really
turned on now, started to moan as she pleased herself, her
pussy juices were really making her wet. As the sensations
got more and more intense, she inserted a couple of fingers
into her pussy and finger fucked herself while still teasing
her clit.

Her ex-colleagues were beside themselves watching Rachel
please herself in front of them, they all had hard-ons bulging
in their trousers. Her moans of pleasure were getting more intense, they could
tell she was going to come at some point soon. Suddenly,
she stopped and told Tom to come over. She whispered in his
ear, “I want you to remove my panties, lick my pussy and suck
my clit”. He could not believe it; he only wanted to see her
pussy. Immediately he dropped to his knees, pulled down
her panties, she kicked them off her feet. He pushed her
legs apart and put his head down between her legs all the
way to her pussy. Cheers came from the guys, “suck her pussy”
they shouted, urging him on as he started to lick her pussy,
she grabbed his head and pushed it into her groin and held
him there to do his job… to make her come. He licked and pushed
his tongue deep in her pussy time and time again. “Suck my
clit now!” she shouted. He did as ordered and sucked hard
on her clit, put it between his teeth and teased it with his
tongue. “This was it”, she thought, just enough to make
her come. She grabbed his head once more, pulling it to her
pussy. “Suck it harder and faster” she screamed. Tom was
sucking like mad and teasing her clit like crazy. All of
a sudden her body stiffened and she orgasmed. Tom tried
to get up, he couldn’t, she wanted more, keeping his head
firmly on her pussy. “Don’t stop, keep sucking my clit”
she shouted in ecstasy writhing on the bed, he continued...
She was insatiable and wanted more. The guys watching were
ecstatic shouting “more, more”. Tom placed two fingers
in her pussy; it was hot and very wet. He felt her pussy for
her G-spot, she moaned as he found it, teasing it while he
sucked her clit. Only moments before, she had orgasmed, making Tom continue
sucking her pussy was almost unbearable but she needed
to cum again. She was moaning, screaming and writhing even more now.
She could feel a second wave coming. Tom increased his pace,
finger fucking her and sucking her clit. Soon she orgasmed
a second time clamping Tom’s head with her thighs and coming
all over Tom’s face. This time she let him go, his face covered
in cum and her juices. A big cheer came from the rest of them
after what they’d just seen. “That was good. How did you all like it?” said Rachel, trying
to recompose herself sitting on the edge of the bed, her
pussy now dripping with her own cum and juices. “Fantastic”,
“excellent”, “fucking ace” were the replies. Tom had gone to the en-suite to clean his face before returning
to the room. Martin was the only one she had not played with. “Martin,
what was your fantasy” said Rachel. He got up went over to her and whispered in her ear, “I want
to fuck you so bad, I’ve fantasised about you many times”
“What like” she said “I want to rip your clothes off, throw you on the bed and fuck
you from behind” was he reply. “I think we can come to some arrangement. But, I’m not ripping
this dress, so, you can either: pull my top down and pull
the bottom up around my waist. Or, I’ll change into a cheap
blouse and skirt which you can rip off” said Rachel. “Will you change into the blouse and skirt” he replied.
“OK, without or with panties” said Rachel. “With, I’ll
rip those off too” replied Martin. With that, she got up and grabbed her bag and went into the
en-suite as she said” I’ll back in a few minutes, just got
to freshen up” and closed the door. “How was her pussy Tom”, said John. “Fucking excellent,
she nearly crushed my head with those legs of hers” said
Tom. “What did you say to her Martin” said Matt. “Nothing much,
just asked her question or two” he said The guys were comparing notes about what had just happened
and being a lot dirtier this time as Rachel walked back into
the room. She was wearing a white lacy crop top blouse exposing
most of her cleavage, a half cup lacy bra that barely covered
her tits, a short pleated skirt (which she used for clubbing)
came just an inch or two below her bottom and some lacy black
panties. Her entrance suddenly made the room go quiet;
they just looked at her, thinking, what she was up to now.
“Do you like it” said Rachel. “Yes”, “sexy”, “shows us your
ass” and “fucking hell” were the replies. “You know what
happen the last time I showed you my ass” she said. “Yes,
I know” said Matt. “Ok” she said. Bending over slowly and enough to show that
perfect bottom to them. This time she had her black lacy
panties on, which hung low on her hips and covered more of
her ass but still very sexy, her wet pussy was already marking
her panties. She quickly stood back up and said “that’s enough before
any of you start anything” smiling.

“Martin, come here”, she said. He went to her. She whispered
in his ear, “This is for you, all these clothes can be ripped
off” He said “Ok, when do you want to start”. She told him
to grab her and kiss her passionately and take it from there.
The rest of the guys were watching them but could not here
what they were saying.

Martin grabbed Rachel and started kissing her passionately
and feeling her body all over, Rach responded by grabbing
his ass giving it a good squeeze. He was running his hands
down to her ass feeling how pert it was and giving it a good
feel before moving his attention to her tits. He cupped
a breast in each hand feeling them gently, following the
contours of her breasts. He could see she was wearing a lacy
bra which barely covered her tits; he put his fingers inside
her bra to feel her nipples and lifted them out to sit on top
of her bra. There was enough for him to lick and suck on her
nipples. Without pausing he grabbed her top, ripped it open and pulled
it off. Gasps came from the others, wondering what the hell
he was doing as he wrenched at her skirt, ripping it off too.
Grabbing her, he spun her round, grabbed her hips with one
hand and pushed her head to the bed with the other; her ass
was high in the air stretching her panties tight up her ass.
Seeing her panties covering her pussy, he cupped it in his
hand giving it a quick feel, pushing his two middle fingers
into her pussy, he could feel her juices soaking through
her panties. Then he clenched her panties in his hand and
ripped them off too, Rachel let out a loud gasp as he ripped
her knickers off and she knew he was going to fuck her. She
was naked except for her bra, much to the enjoyment of the

While she was still pinned down, he forced her legs apart
with his feet. He immediately put his hand between her legs,
right on to her naked pussy. She gasped and moaned as he felt
his way to her clit. She had already had two orgasms and she
was feeling very horny now. He quickly teased it, she gasped
as he made contact with her clit, already well stimulated
from her previous orgasms. He felt her wet pussy, spreading
her juices with his fingers all over from her clit to her
ass. She was moaning all the time as he teased her. He put
all his fingers together, found her pussy entrance and
rammed his hand into her. She shrieked in surprise enjoying
the waves of pleasure coming from her pussy as he fist fucked
her. His hands were small for a man so he could put most of
his hand into her. His cock was so hard now, he really needed
to fuck her. He stopped feeling her and got his cock out.

The rest of the guys could not believe it; he was going to
be the first one to fuck her. Cheers came from the rest of
them, “go on fuck her”, “fuck her hard” they shouted. She knew he was about to fuck her and she was now dying for
it. Her pussy was dripping wet from all the attention it
had. She tightened her pussy so it would be a tight fit for

Martin put his cock on the tip of her pussy and just touched
it before ramming it into her without warning. “God, she’s
got a tight cunt, even after two orgasms” he thought. She
let out a loud scream of surprise and said “Go on fuck me,
fuck me hard, now!” He obliged, gabbing her hips pulling
her to him as he rammed his cock into her as hard as he could.
Pulling her right up to his groin, smacking her into his
pelvis she screamed “Oh fuck, that’s good, Fuck me, fuck
me”. Martin relentlessly rammed his cock in her wet hungry
pussy time after time without pausing. Her screams and
moans were getting louder and quicker as she must have been
getting close to orgasm. He moved one hand down to her pussy,
hunting for her clit. He knew he’d found it as Rachel gasped
again. He’d got the right spot, he began to tease her swollen
clit with the tip of his fingers, flicking and rubbing it
relentlessly. Her clit was so sensitive now from all the
abuse, the slightest touch was electric, her body spasmed
every time he teased it.

He was fucking her harder and abusing her clit at the same
time, ramming his cock into her tight wet pussy again and
again and again without stopping, she was screaming so
loud she had to come soon. Rachel was really enjoying his
big cock filling every inch of her pussy; she was tightening
her pussy as much as possible squeezing his cock and resisting
the urge to come. But not this time, she’d reach the point
of no return, her orgasm was building up faster and faster,
it was going to be a big one. She screamed out “I’m going to
cum, can’t hold it any longer” Martin wanted to time it right
and luckily he was almost there too. He fucked her few more
times and then one more big push and squeezed her clit tight
with his fingers; he exploded in her as she screamed out
another orgasm. They fell on to the bed together completely
knackered, rolling on to their backs. She left her legs
spread enough so they could see her wet swollen pussy, her
juices and his cum oozing out on to the bed. “That’s going
to leave a mark” someone shouted and they all laugh loudly.
“That was one of the biggest orgasms I’ve had in a long time,
really enjoyed it, thanks Martin” He took a moment to recover
and said “I’ve never fucked like that before, it was fantastic”.
The guys were cheering a calling out what a fantastic fuck.
Rachel and Martin were lying on the bed recovering.

Rachel was thinking something dirty, there were three
of them left and she’d not had three men in one go before,
but what the heck, could be interesting.

She said, “why don’t the rest of you undress, I have an idea.”
They were not going to miss an opportunity as this; they
took their clothes off as fast as they could, much to her
enjoyment, three big hard cocks standing to attention.
“Matt, get on the bed, John stand next to me and Tom between
my legs. She was going to get three cocks in one go. “I’m going
to be knackered after this”, she thought.

Matt was on the bed, she pulled herself up, straddled him,
squatted down, grabbed his dick and put it in her ass. Slowly,
it went in until most it was in her ass. “Tom, don’t wait to
be asked. Fuck my pussy, I know you want to” she said. Rachel was correct; he couldn’t wait to fuck her. He moved
closer to her and grabbed her legs and spread them wider.
He teased the entrance to her pussy with his cock before
pushing it deep inside her. She gasped not realising how
thick his cock was. She could feel every inch going in all
the way in. “This is going to feel good”, she thought.

This left John; she grabbed his dick and brought it to her
mouth. Before taking it in she said “Now fuck me hard” and
sucked on his cock. Tom was ramming his cock in her pussy
while she was riding Matt’s cock in her ass. Tom had grabbed
her head, not content with a blow job he was skull fucking
her, pushing it right down her throat. She gagged a couple
of times as his cock hit the back of her throat, slowly she
got used to it. Martin was just enjoying the show lying next to her, she
reached over grabbed his cock and started to wank him. She could not believe the sensations from all these cocks
in her at the same time, one in her ass, one in her cunt and
one in her mouth. The three guys were fucking her so hard
she came straight away after only a couple of minutes, her
body going into spasm and her pussy pulsing on Tom’s cock.
“That’s the fourth”, Tom shouted as he continued fucking
her pussy, pounding it time and time again, even though
she’d just cum he did not pause. She was shrieking now, “Oh
God” she screamed, the sensations were almost unbearable.
John grabbed her head again and stuck his cock back in her
mouth and carried on skull fucking her as she moaned and
shrieked, muffled by his cock. Tom just carried on fucking
her pussy, he was close to coming, a few more thrusts and
came so hard filling her pussy with cum, he fell on to the
bed knackered. John let go of her head, moved quickly and positioned himself
between her legs before she could move. “Oh No, not another one, I can’t take anymore” she shouted.

“Yes you can, I’ve got to fuck you now, I can’t wait” said
John. His cock was rock hard and ready for her pussy. He so
needed to fuck her now. “Oh No” she screamed as he rammed
his cock into her tender pussy already covered in cum from
the previous fuck. She screamed in so much pleasure, it
was almost painful. She shrieked every time Tom thrust
his cock into her repeatedly without pausing. He was close
to coming from skull fucking her, but he wanted to fuck her
pussy before coming. She was screaming more and more as
he relentlessly fucked her faster and faster. She could
feel another orgasm building, on every thrust it got higher
and higher, she would cum again very soon. Her screaming
and moaning was really turning Tom on, he was fucking her
faster and harder, he could feel his orgasm building. He
could feel her body beginning to stiffen; she was really
close to coming. He grabbed hold of her legs and pushed them
up in the air while pulling them together, this tightened
her pussy on his cock enough to make him cum. He exploded
a massive load of cum in her pussy, She screamed as she orgasmed
again, that was five orgasms in less than a couple of hours.
She was feeling well fucked. He withdrew his cock dripping
with cum and lowered her legs back down, a mix of his and hers
cum and her juices were running out of her pussy and dripping
on to Matt’s balls. She was so knackered now after all that hard sex; her pussy
was throbbing beyond belief her clit constantly tingling
and cum still oozing from her pulsing pussy. She just laid
there, could not move still perched on Matt’s Cock which
had been pounding her ass while the other two fucked her.

Matt suddenly rolled her over on to her front and pulled
her down to the edge of the bed, her legs dropped off the end
and feet hit the floor. “God no, Matt, my pussy can’t take
any more” she screamed. “I’m not going to fuck your pussy
but that tight ass of yours” said Tom as he grabbed the
top of her hips, spread her legs apart and rammed his cock
back in her ass. She shrieked as she felt his cock force its
way into her ass. This time he would ass fuck her properly. Her moaning started
almost straight away as she felt his cock go much deeper
into her ass. “My god, his cock feels big and tight, didn’t
feel that big when I sat on it” she thought. It felt twice
as big now. Matt was fucking her ass like a madman, “it’s so tight” he
thought, making him push harder and deeper. She was screaming
in pleasure every time he rammed her ass with his cock, her
ass was stretched to its limit. “It felt so good” she thought
now pushing against him every time he thrust into her to
make his cock go deeper. John was so close to coming, his
balls full of cum were about to release everything into
her ass, he felt it building, pulled her hard on to his cock
and then shot cum into her ass making sure every drop filled
her. All this time she was teasing her clit and pussy, she wanted
to come again, the sensations were almost unbearable,
a few more and she orgasmed again dripping on to the floor.

She was well fucked, six orgasms and absolutely knackered
after all that fucking, cum dripping out of her pussy and
ass. Martin had been wanking while watching the others fuck
her and was ready to come again. He went over to her, pulled
her by the shoulders so her head was hanging just off the
bed and said “I want to come in your mouth” no one had cu in
her mouth and thought it was a fair request. “I so fucked, I’m really knackered” she said. “Just lye
there and I’ll do it all” he replied as he grabbed her head
and rammed his cock in her mouth before should could reply.
He was really close to coming so it would not take long, he
just want to come in her mouth. Rachel almost gagged on the
first couple of thrusts, then he forcefully pulled her
head on to his cock, she gagged and coughed as his cock hit
the back of her throat a few times. He withdrew it almost
completely then rammed it all the way in hitting the back
of her throat again and she gagged again. This appeared
to excite him and skull fucked her harder, she closed her
teeth and lips tightly on his cock, he felt a huge orgasm
building. A couple of more thrusts and he was there, his
cock exploded into her mouth, first couple of spurts straight
down her throat, she was swallowing every drop as he withdrew
and came all over her face. It was dripping down her face
as she laughed and said “that was fun to finish with a hard
skull fuck. She just lay there on the bed breathing hard, covered in
sweat, cum and pussy juices dripping out of her. Tom said
“You might as well loose the bra” as he leaned over between
her legs and pulled her shoulder straps down her sides then
grabbed her bra pulling it to her waist, her tits wobbled
as he wrenched it down, finally unclipping it and throwing
it on the floor. They stood around the bed looking at her lying on her back,
completely naked, covered in sweat and cum still oozing
out of her pussy and ass. This was there whore for the night.

Matt, started to wank over her, the others looked at him
and started as well. They knew what he was going to do. Within
a few seconds three of them were wanking over her.

She knew what was going to happen and didn’t even say a word,
as long as they didn’t fuck her again, she couldn’t take
any more. She just watched them wanking, waiting for them
to cum on her. They were all wanking like mad, Matt was almost there, and
she could see it in his face. All of a sudden, he spurted all
over her tits and face covering them in hot cum. It looked
like Tom would be next... and he was, covering her tits,
again. Martin and John were looking as they would come at
the same time, they did on her tits, face and belly. She was covered in cum, she could no believe how much came
out of them. They must have been really horny. Most of her
body was covered; she rubbed it over her tits, down her front
into her pussy. The guys watched and cheered as she rubbed
cum over herself. “She had been fucked every which way,
it was fantastic but she was now really fucked” she thought,
still not moving. The guys were all standing around her,
drained of cum, just looking at her.

There was an awkward silence when Rach spoke up, “Well,
I’m fucked” she said laughing. The guys smiled and laughed
while commenting it was the best fuck they’ve ever had and
would love to do it again sometime. “There’s always next
XMAS” she said sexily. “it’s a date” they all said eagerly.
“I’ve go to get a shower she said, as she got up of the bed,
cum sliding down her body, dripping on to the floor. She
went into the en-suite and turned on the shower and got in.

The guys noticed she had left the door open, they were wondering
if she had done it deliberately as they watched her wash
all their jiz off her body, she was covered in it. It was a
very erotic sight watching a sexy young woman in a shower,
somewhat voyeuristic but really erotic. They could feel
themselves getting hard again watching Rach in the shower.
They still didn’t know if she had noticed them, they didn’t
really care, as long as they could watch her rubbing her
hands all over tits, soap bubbles hanging off her breasts
and running down to her pussy. She was washing all the cum
off her body, “it gets everywhere” she thought as she washed
her pussy, making sure it was clean, rubbing her fingers
all over it. The guys were still watching and couldn’t believe how erotic
it was thinking she did not know they could see her. Then
she looked straight at them and said “Do you think I forgot
to close the door?” they were silent, then someone replied, ”
Err yes... It’s such a turn on watching you in the shower”,
said Tony. “You can carry on watching, I’ll make it interesting
for you” she replied, as she rubbed her tits provocatively
with shower cream frothing all over her breasts. “This
is quite erotic” she thought, all of them watching her and
just the glass of the shower between them. She stroked her
body moving her hands down to her ass rubbing shower gel
all over her ass and in between her buttocks, she moves one
hand round to her pussy and strokes it while the other she
feels her ass. The guys are really turned on by this and start
to move closer to the en-suite.

She then inserts one finger in her ass and the other in her
pussy which made herself jump. Her pussy and ass still had
not recovered and were still really sensitive. The guys
moved even closer getting inside the en-suite to get a better
view. “She was at it again”, they thought. All of them now
in front of the shower cubicle, they were still naked and
Rach noticed their cocks were hard again, very hard by the
looks of it, standing to attention, four cocks all like
flag poles. She liked looking at hard cocks. Even better
was watching them cum. “She said, “Why don’t you all wank
in front of me”. No need to tell them twice, they all started
wanking together. She was enjoying this; they did everything
she told them to do. She was fingering her pussy with force
now even though it was so sensitive, she leaned against
the glass door squashing her tits, they appeared to like
this for some reason, probably it made her tits look a lot
larger than they were. The more she fingered herself the
harder they wanked. She could feel another orgasm building.
“Fuck, this is going to be the seventh orgasm all in one night”
she thought. She could feel it building more and more, she
teased her clit even more, opened the door and knelt down,
she was going to get it in the face again, “Oh well, at least
I’m in the shower” she thought. As she knelt down she shouted,
“Cum on me now or in my mouth” and she opened her mouth wide.
They were all wanking like mad as Tom stepped close to her
and aimed at her mouth, he came shooting into mostly in her
mouth and some down on her tits. Matt and John step towards
her one on each side and came at the same time hitting both
sides of her face and mouth. Martin stepped into the shower
grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and put cock right
next to her open mouth shooting all his hot cum down her throat.
She orgasmed just as his cum hit her throat making her convulse
feeling every spasm of pleasure pumping through her pussy.

She had not swallowed any of their cum, she held it her mouth,
with her head tilted back she opened her mouth and played
with it with her tongue, letting some dribble down the sides
of her mouth for a moment before swallowing all of it. The
guys sheered and clapped, “that was so dirty and erotic”
they said.

She stood up and said, “that’s enough I really do need to
wash this off. You can watch, but I'm getting washed
now” with that she shut the shower door to continue washing.

The guys walked back into the room, leaving the door open,
so they could still watch her wash. They’ve had a fantastic night fucking and abusing their
old boss. This was a fantasy, which came true. They were
now talking about what happened saying it was the best fuck
of their life and would they ever have chance to do it again.
Rachel had mentioned “wait until next Xmas” but could they
wait that long, probably not. They wondered if they could
make it a regular thing. The worst she could say is no. Rach had finished her shower and cam out with a towel around
her waist, her breasts bobbing slightly as she walked in.
“how are all you feeling now?” she said. “Dammed fucked”,
“high as a kite”, “I’m in heaven” .....

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SIMMO20 48,1947 C


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Great story.. mine is true.. My wife went out with her work
mates.. little black dress and no underware. Every time
she got out of the car the guys could see her naked sheved
pussy.. she text me to say that she was going back to the guys
house afterwards and would text me.. oh she said by the way
they are going to fuck my arse off.. keep your cock hard for
me.. and that they did they sent her home 2 hrs later, fucked
and full of cum! Dirty bitch.


rm_daxion2301 replies on 12/14/2007 4:16 am:
Sounds similar mine, she arranged for a work colleague to come round one night, to fuck his brains out. I went for a ride out on my bike (GXSR1300), he didn't like the idea I knew.

When I returned, after n hour or so, he'd gone. All she had on was a silky night-gown looking so sexy and well fucked. Didn't even get upstairs, just fucked her in the hall way and on the stairs.

Something dammed erotic fucking her after she'd just had sex with someone else.

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wow...thats an amazing story...


rm_daxion2301 replies on 12/14/2007 4:08 am:
Thanks... Glad you liked it. Not all my stories are fiction. Usually they're take from my own experiences (what my girlfriend and I have done over the last few years)

There's more to cum...

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Excellent story--too bad most of my ex-coworkers are gay!


rm_daxion2301 replies on 12/14/2007 4:19 am:
Hhhhmmmm... I volunteer...

Hope you got all hot and bothered

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rm_daxion2301 replies on 12/14/2007 4:22 am:
Did you get all excited??...

So would I.... Come to think it, I have, been there, done that.

That's another story... tbc

Keep watching, I'm still writing, will be another uploaded soon

Keep thinking those thoughts... dirty ones, I hope..

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damn that is so hot .... I soooo wanna be Rachel ..... all
that rampant cock .. yummmmmmm .... kisses, Chrissie


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Send that work crew my way darlin' and keep writting


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That was one hot erotic story. Still hard after cuming and
stiil very horny so I am going to read it again. Please keep
the stories coming. Thanks. PS Where is your next Xmas party being held? Would love to
be part of it.


rm_daxion2301 replies on 12/17/2007 6:42 am:
Have you read the other one?

How do you think I feel, when I'm writing them?

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wow ... would have been fun to be a part of that