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Worth the Wait


After more than a year of flirtations behavior between
the two, in March Fred called Laurie on the phone and invited
her to join Muffin and himself to a Maroon 5 concert at Mohegan
Sun in April to which Laurie replied “absolutely I would
love too”. Fred then explained that he was going to take
care of everything, hotel, tickets, expenses all she has
to do is meet them at the hotel on the day of the concert and
he would email her an itinerary before the big night arrives.

That evening, while the two were in the hot tub soaking away
the day’s troubles, Fred told Muffin about the concert
and explained that a friend Laurie would also be joining
them. Very excited about the concert Muffin then said,
“you have mentioned her before this should be fun will
she be bringing anyone” and Fred explained no he could
only get 3 tickets together.

Patiently awaiting their rendezvous, Muffin, Fred and
Laurie continually discussed their plans over the next
3 weeks by email and in person then 5 days before the concert
Fred sent Laurie their itinerary, it read….

Hi Laurie, I hope you are as excited about the concert and
meeting Muffin as I am. I have booked two rooms at the Mohegan
Sun Casino, both are all ready paid for and one is in your
name. I have been watching the weather and it is going to
be beautiful on Friday but it may be cold in the concert so
you should bring a jacket. I am taking Muffin out shopping
tonight to buy her something sexy to wear for the concert
and after , I wish I could dress you up too but you know what
I like so I will have to just trust your judgment. We are going
to try to get to the hotel around two 0’clock so we can relax
for a little while then go out for dinner before the concert.
When we get there I will see if you have already checked in
and you do the same please and give me a call if you arrive
after us so we can get together for a drink. See you Friday
- Fred That evening as Fred and Muffin were at the mall shopping,
Laurie was doing the same and as she was shopping she was
sending Fred text messages with pictures of clothes she
liked when Muffin came out of the dressing room at Macy’s
wearing a red short sleeved, scooped neck, light weight
sweater with 3 pearl buttons down the front, a red and black
plaid mini skirt, and black stilettos, and striking a pose
said “what do you think, do you like this outfit”, shaking
his head Fred said that’s the one as he took a picture with
his cell phone. Calling into the dressing room Fred called,
“honey that is defiantly the one but lets take them all”
as he typed a message to Laurie, hey girl stop the search,
go to Macy’s and pick up this (see picture attached)

Reading the message, Laurie then proceeded to leave the
store she was in as she viewed the picture attached. Walking
towards Macy’s, Laurie walked by Victoria’s Secret
when she decided to take a peek inside before going to Macy’s.
Paying for their purchases, Fred and Muffin proceeded
to Victoria’s Secret also and as Muffin is looking around
Fred reads a text message from Laurie, how do you like this.
Opening the attachement Fred then picked out a black lace
push up bra, tiny matching thong, tiny matching garter
belt and stockings identical to the Red set that Laurie
sent him a picture of and replied to Laurie buy it PLEASE.
Handing his selections to Muffin, she showed him what she
had picked out and after a little more browsing the two paid
for their purchases and headed home.

The next 3 days were hell for Fred, anticipating having
both Muffin and Laurie all to himself. Finally when Friday
morning arrived, after getting the girls off to school,
Fred decides to blow off work and returns home to pack for
the girls and him. Going upstairs to the bedroom Fred finds
Muffin wrapped in a towel laying her clothes out to pack
and pulling her towel off throws her onto the bed and ravages
her body until they are both drained. Collapsing, the two
then slip under the covers and cuddling take a nap for a couple
of hours until they are woken up by Grandma calling from
down stairs “hello, where is everyone?”

Putting on a bathrobe Muffin goes downstairs as Fred gets
dressed and begins packing the girls bags for the weekend
with grandma. After Grandma leaves, Fred then packs his
own suitcase and then packs the clothes Muffin had laid
out while she puts on her makeup and does her hair. At twelve
o’clock when the two are ready to go Fred throws the suitcases
and box of liquor he had packed in the car as Muffin writes
a note to the girls and then the two leave for the Casino.

As the Fred and Muffin are driving, at two o’clock sharp
Laurie arrives at the hotel and as she checks in she asks
if the other party has checked in yet to which the reservationists
replies “no, not yet.” Following the bellman Laurie
then goes to her room to find a bottle of champagne on ice
and tips the bellman after he places her suitcase on the
bed as she requested and the bellman asks “can I open the
bottle for you miss” and Laurie replies “yes please”
as she unzips her suitcase and the bellman pours her a glass
of champagne handing it to her as he leaves the room.

Taking a sip of her champagne before she sets it down, Laurie
takes out her clothes for the night lying them on the bed,
places her suitcase on the stand and goes to the bathroom
to turn on the shower. Standing in front of the mirror, Laurie
then proceeds to get undressed, pulling her blouse off
over her head, taking her bra off and slipping her Jeans
and panties to the floor. Checking the water temperature,
Laurie then steps into the shower and as the hot water beats
down on her breast her nipples immediately become erect.
Unwrapping the soap, Laurie then begins to lather her body
paying extra attention to those important places she hopes
will be visited later until she begins to day dream about
what might be and rinsing off, turns off the shower, grabs
a towel, steps out of the shower and begins to dry off.

Going back to the bedroom, Laurie finishes drying off her
gorgeous body, picks up her glass of champagne and finishes
the glass before getting dressed. Placing her glass on
the bureau, Laurie then proceeds to put on her bra and garter
belt before rolling her stockings up her legs when she glances
at her soaking pussy in the mirror and begins exploring
it with her fingers. Leaning back Laurie continues to slide
her fingers in and out of her pussy, until she is startled
by the phone ringing and rolling over answers it in a deep,
soft sultry voice, “hello” and Muffin says “hi this
is Muffin, Fred’s wife, is this Laurie?” to which Laurie
replies “hi, yes it is” and Muffin replies “we just
got to the hotel come to room 1169 when you are ready” and
Laurie say “thanks, I will be down soon”. Hanging up
the phone, Laurie immediately regains her composure and
finishes getting dressed before pouring another glass
of champagne and going to the bathroom to touch up her hair
and makeup.

Meanwhile, laying out her clothes Muffin then tells Fred
that she is going to take a quick shower to freshen up after
the drive and asks him to pour her a glass of champagne when
she hears the cork pop and Fred replies “way ahead of you
baby” handing her a glass. After changing his clothes
Fred then makes himself a rum and coke when he hears a knock
at the door and opening it find Laurie standing in front
of him looking so hot he is left speechless. Grabbing the
drink from his hand Laurie says thanks you and after taking
a sip Fred grabs Laurie by the waist and pulls her close as
he gives he a long soft wet kiss on the lips before she whispers
in his ear “oh my god I have been waiting for that for so
long” and Fred whispers to her “you look so fucking
hot” Sitting down at the table in the room Laurie then asks about
the drive down, mentions how nice the hotel is and talks
about how excited she is about the concert as Fred pours
another drink and sits down with her when she wipes her lipstick
off his lips. After about 30 minutes and another drink Muffin
comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her,
opens her arms wide and give Laurie a big hug after she stands
up as they kiss each other on the cheek. Handing Fred her
glass, Muffin then says “oh my god you are not going to
believe this” and Fred says “I know” as Muffin grabs
her clothes off the bed and goes back into the bathroom.
Opening another bottle of champagne Fred then pours three
glasses before Muffin comes back out of the bathroom with
the towel wrapped around her again, grabs the glass of champagne
from Fred’s hand saying “thank you honey” and takes
a drink while she reaches for her sweater on the bed and her
towel falls to the floor.

Admiring Muffins sexy body in her black lace matching bra,
thong, garter and stockings for a moment, Muffin tells
Fred and Laurie to close their eyes as Fred says “I know,
it’s hot” closing his eyes. Frantically getting dressed
Muffin then takes Laurie by the hand to the mirror and says
“open your eyes” when the two hug and kiss again on the
lips this time complementing each other on how great the
other looks and Fred hands each of them their glasses, raises
his glass and proposes a toast “to the two hottest babes
he will ever have the pleasure of being with.” Taking
a sip of their champagne, Fred then put his arms around both
of the ladies as the three admire one another, the ladies
dressed identically and Fred between them dress in pleated
black slacks and a black button down shirt before Fred gives
Muffin a long passionate kiss.

After finishing the bottle of champagne Fred had opened
minutes ago Fred then suggests they go to dinner holding
his hand out to the ladies sitting at the table. Holding
his hand, the ladies then proceed to stand up and Fred puts
his arms around their waists as the walk down the hall towards
the elevator. Entering the elevator, Fred then pushes
the button for the lobby and cornering Muffin begins kissing
her neck as he slides his hands up her skirt. Rubbing her
bare ass and kissing her neck, Fred then swings Muffin around
so he is in the corner and kisses her sweet lips while rubbing
her ass lifting her skirt and exposing her beautiful round
ass to Laurie who is in the other corner starring at the Fred
and Muffin as they make out.

Arriving at the first floor the bell rings when Muffin turns
to get out of the elevator and notices Laurie standing in
the opposite corner of the elevator running her tongue
over her ruby red lips and rubbing her crotch through her
skirt and wrapping her arm around Laurie’s waist Muffin
says “come on honey lets go have dinner.” Finding a
secluded table at a Japanese Steak house the three then
enjoy dinner and drinks together sitting in a booth with
Fred between the two ladies before going to the concert.
After the concert was over Fred suggested to Muffin and
Laurie they get a drink and after searching around for a
bar where they could sit and actually hear one another,
Muffin suggests they go back to their room to have a drink.
Once inside the room Fred immediately gets started pouring
drinks while Muffin and Laurie sit down to relax and handing
them their drinks Fred pulls up a chair and sits down with
the ladies. Sipping his drink, Fred then rubs the inner
part of both of the ladies thighs closest to him and suggests
to them “why don’t you put on something more comfortable,
I am sure Muffin has something you can wear Laurie” and
Muffin says “that’s a great idea” taking Laurie
by the hand to the other side of the room.

Pulling a couple of nightshirts from her suitcase, Muffin
hands Laurie one of the nightshirts when she notices Laurie’s
bra as she pulls her sweater over her head and pulling her
sweater off says “oh my god we have the same exact bra but
in different colors”. Standing next to one another to
compare their bras Fred then says “and in different sizes
also” giving them a wink and then asks “does the rest
match?” Reaching around Laurie, Muffin then proceeds
to unzip Laurie’s skirt for her as Laurie does the same
and the two ladies turn around with their backs towards
one another and slide their skirts down to the floor at the
same time.

Stepping out of their skirts the ladies then turn facing
one another and Muffin says again “oh my god we have the
exact same panties but in different colors” when Fred
says let me see stand closer. Grabbing her hips, Muffin
pulls Laurie close to her and Fred says “you are like twins
but you are a little taller and have bigger boobies honey”
when Laurie tilts her head ever so slightly and licks Muffin
beautiful mound causing Muffin to let our a soft moan as
she pulls Laurie closer to her grinding their pelvises
together. Reaching around Muffin, Laurie then grabs onto
Muffin’s bare ass before burring her face between Muffin’s
breasts and running her tongue slowly all the way up to her
neck as Muffin begins caressing the inside of Laurie’s
bare ass so she can feel the heat from her body.

Reaching around to caress Muffin’s ass as she rolls her
tongue up Muffins neck the two then begin to kiss while caressing
one another as Fred begins rubbing his rock hard cock through
his pants. Pulling her bra straps down and exposing her
beautiful mounds, Muffin then pulls down Laurie’s bra
straps also exposing her beautiful breasts and pressing
them together as their tongues continue to dance and Muffin
begins caressing the sides of both of their breasts occasionally
sliding her thumbs between them to play with Laurie’s
nipples. Pausing for a moment to catch her breath, Laurie
then grasps both Muffin’s breasts in her hands and begins
alternating sucking on both of her erect nipples as Muffin
runs her hand through Laurie’s hair while her other hand
plays with Laurie’s nipples.

Removing one of her hands, Laurie then proceeds to reach
between Muffin’s legs, pull her panties to the side and
buries her finger deep inside Muffins hot soaking pussy
before removing it for a moment to lick it and taste her sweet
juices when Muffin pulls Laurie towards her to kiss her
again, as Fred stands up, pulls his pants down and sits back
on the chair stroking his cock while watching the two beautiful
women pleasure one another. Unbuttoning his shirt and
removing it Fred then watches as Muffin begins licking
and sucking on Laurie’s wanting nipples as she reaches
around Laurie and rubs her hot wet pussy through her panties
occasionally sliding a finger or two between her panties
while Laurie runs her hands through Muffins hair moaning
with pleasure.

Pulling Muffin towards her the two ladies kiss again before
Laurie takes Muffin by the hand towards the bed when Muffin
pulls Laurie towards Fred sitting in the chair and kneels
down into front of him as Laurie kneels down next to her.
Then simultaneously two lips and two tongues begin licking
up each side of Fred’s throbbing cock and then alternating,
all the way from the base to the tip and back down again. Making
her way back up Muffin then takes Fred in her mouth, looking
him straight in the eye with love and desire, knowing that
the sight of him in her mouth was one of the favorite views
of his while Laurie runs her tongue up his thigh, before
she catches his fingers in her mouth and begins sucking
on them as if each were his cock, licking between the fingers
before enveloping each one individually into her mouth,
sliding it slowly in and out to match Muffin's pace
on his erection.

Feeling his approaching orgasm, with the sight of two women,
the feel of Muffin's warm wet mouth sucking his cock
and Laurie licking and sucking on his balls, Muffin senses
his eruption and eases off. Pausing ever so slightly with
her lips savoring the taste of his head, her eyes teasing
him just as her mouth had before as Muffin then begins kissing
Laurie passionately while gently stroking Fred’s cock
with one hand and exploring Laurie’s pussy with the other

Sliding her hand between Muffin’s legs, Laurie then
begins rubbing her clit through her soaking panties while
sliding her middle finger in and out of Muffin in rhythm
with Muffins fingers sliding in and out of her pussy until
Muffin feels Fred’s cock shuttering and moves Laurie’s
head towards Fred’s erection. Wrapping her lips around
his cock, Fred immediately explodes shooting his sweet
juices down her throat as Muffin licks his shaft dabbing
the juices overflowing from Laurie’s mouth until the
women take turns trying to suck the last drop of cum from
his body.

Climbing to her feet and standing in front of the bed with
Laurie facing her, Muffin then slides her thong to the floor
before sliding Laurie’s thong to the floor next to hers
and slithering onto the bed on her back. Crawling on top
of Muffin, as she slowly runs her tongue up Muffin’s leg,
stomach, chest and neck before reaching her wanting lips,
Laurie and Muffin then kiss passionately as Muffin begins
caressing Laurie’s sexy ass. Sliding Muffin’s bra
straps off, Laurie then takes turns sucking and licking
each of Muffin’s hard nipples.

Taking turns, the two continue to place one another’s
breast into the others mouth, occasionally kissing all
the way to the others mouth when Muffin begins exploring
Laurie’s dripping wet pussy with her fingers as Laurie
nibbles on her nipples. Letting out a soft moan, Laurie
then rolls off Muffin with her tongue still dancing on her
nipples and slides two of her fingers deep inside Muffin’s
aching pussy. Lying next to one another the two then continue
to take turns licking one another’s breasts while fucking
each others pussy’s with their fingers and occasionally
inserting the tip of a finger into their ass.

Wanting to taste her sweet juices, Laurie then climbs back
on top of Muffin and turning around buries her face between
Muffin’s legs feverishly licking her pussy while Muffin
begins licking Laurie’s swollen clit while still sliding
her fingers in and out of Laurie. Watching the two sexy ladies
lick one another’s pussy’s Fred’s cock begins to
stiffen again and stroking it he approaches the ladies
on the bed, pulls Muffin to the edge of the bed, slides his
cock into her pussy and begins fucking her while Laurie
licks and nibbles on her clit until she explodes into orgasmic

Pulling his cock out of Muffin, Fred then kneels on the bed
behind Laurie stroking his cock and slides his cock into
her tight wet pussy and begins slamming his cock into her
while Muffin licks her clit and Laurie fingers Muffins
pussy while licking it. With her face buried between Muffin’s
legs, fucking her pussy with her tongue Laurie then explodes
dripping her juices all over Muffins face while Fred continues
to feverishly fuck Laurie while playing with Muffins tits.

Finally when Laurie’s body stops shuttering, sliding
his cock out of Laurie as Muffin runs her tongue over it,
Fred lies down on the bed next to Muffin and says “climb
on ladies”. Immediately rolling over, Muffin sits on
Fred’s face while bending over and sucking on his cock
tasting Laurie’s sweet juices again when Laurie straddles
Fred and lowers herself onto him as Muffin guides his cock
into Laurie’s pussy. Playing with one another’s heaving
breasts the two ladies continue to ride Fred taking turns
sucking on each others breasts and kissing.

Wanting to feel his wife’s tight pussy Fred then attempts
to push Muffin off of him when she presses her pussy down
onto his face and explodes with her legs quivering as her
juices flow into Freds wanting mouth before she gets off
to have her turn riding Fred’s rock hard cock. Grabbing
Fred’s cock Laurie then guides it into Muffins pussy
as she lowers her pussy onto Fred’s face as he begins excitedly
licking it. Within minutes with the two ladies playing
with one another’s breasts and Fred licking her sweet
pussy, Laurie has another incredible orgasm as Muffin
is sucking on her nipples and Fred sucks all the juices from

Climbing off of Fred Laurie then says to the two, “it’s
my turn now” and gets on the bed on her hands and knees next
to Fred as Muffin lies down in front of Laurie pulling her
legs towards her chest. Rolling over behind Laurie, Fred
then slides his cock into Laurie and begins slamming it
into her as she buries her face in Muffins pussy. Continuing
his long hard thrusts into Laurie, she then takes a breath
for a moment and says to Fred “fuck my ass” and without
saying a word Fred presses his cock against her ass and gently
eases it into her tight ass until it can go no further.

With long slow strokes so he can feel ever inch sliding in
and out Fred then begins fucking Laurie’s ass when Muffin
sits up and gets on her hands and knees next to Laurie. Pulling
out for a moment, Fred then grabs the KY from the suitcase
on the floor, dribbling it onto Laurie’s ass before dribbling
some onto Muffins ass and as he watches it drip into Laurie’s
gaping ass he slides his cock deep back inside of her, fucking
her harder now as he simultaneously begins fucking Muffins
pussy with three of his fingers while easing his thumb into
her ass.

Moaning, Muffin then pleads with Fred “fuck me please”
and pulling his cock out of Laurie Fred eases his cock into
Muffins tight ass and begins fucking her while using his
other hand to finger Laurie’s pussy and ass. Alternating
between the two incredible pieces of ass placed before
him, for the next ten minutes Fred takes turns fucking Muffin
and Laurie’s asses, occasionally sliding his cock into
their pussies while finger fucking the other until he can’t
stand it anymore and feels another eruption coming.

Running to the bathroom, Fred then wets a washcloth and
wiping his cock off calls to the women and says “get on
floor on your knees ladies” and standing in front of them
grabs the back of Muffin’s neck and begins fucking her
mouth. Alternating between the two ladies mouths, sometimes
having both mouths sliding down either side of his cock,
Fred finally pulls away from the ladies and sprays his hot
juice like a fire hose over Muffin and Laurie’s chest
until Muffin wraps her lips around Fred’s cock to suck
out the last drop as Laurie licks Fred’s cum off of Muffin’s
neck and chest.

Staggering back, Fred then collapses onto the chair as
he watches the Ladies remove one another’s bras and take
turns licking the others chest while finger themselves.
After sufficiently cleaning Muffin, Laurie then stands
up, unhooks her stockings, slithers out of her gather,
rolls her stockings down and slithers onto the bed signaling
to Muffin to come here. Standing, Muffin follows Laurie’s
lead, unhooking her stockings, sliding her garter and
stockings to the floor then kneels on the floor in front
of the bed and begins licking Laurie’s pussy as she fingers
her own pussy until Laurie has another orgasm sending shivers
up and down her entire body.

Pulling Muffin towards her, the two ladies then kiss so
Laurie can taste her sweet pussy while they play with one
another’s breasts before Laurie says “sit on my face
Muffin”. Pushing herself up, Muffin then does as she
is told and straddling Laurie’s face lowers her pussy
down onto her and as Laurie begins licking her pussy, Muffin
plays with her own nipples. Tugging at her erect nipples
as she looks down to watch Laurie lick her swollen pussy
Laurie looks up at Muffin with her big brown eyes and she
fingers her own pussy while tasting Muffins sweet juices
until Muffin grabs Laurie’s head and pulls her towards
her smothering her as she explodes into orgasmic bliss.

Collapsing on the bed for a moment, Muffin then stands up,
pulls the covers down, climbs in bed and says “it’s
time for bed now” when Fred climbs into bed spooning Muffin
and Laurie slides under the covers pulling it up over the
three of them and snuggles up behind Fred. After a few deep
sighs from the three, Fred then rolls onto his back pulling
Muffin and Laurie onto his chest, then gives Muffin a long
passionate kiss, gives Laurie a passionate kiss holding
her head and Muffin and Laurie kiss before lying their heads
on Fred’s chest and falling asleep.

After sleeping for what felt like an eternity Fred wakes
with Muffin still lying on his chest when he feels something
warm and wet wrapped around his cock and pulling the covers
up to peek finds Laurie, sucking his cock hard again until
it fills her mouth and she begins licking his shaft. Playing
with her nipples as she sucks and licks his cock while fondling
his balls Fred keeps the covers up so he can watch Laurie
work her magic until he can’t stand it anymore and says
to Laurie “come up here so I can fuck you please.”

Climbing out from under the covers onto the floor Fred climbs
out of the bed also covering Muffin back up as she rolls over
to her side and grabbing her ass pulls Laurie close to him
and begins kissing her neck and lips. Lifting Laurie off
her feet Fred then lowers Laurie’s wet pussy onto his
throbbing cock and Laurie grinds her pelvis into Fred’s
still kissing him before Fred lie’s Laurie onto the bed
and sucks her nipples for a moment before thrusting his
cock back inside her.

Slowly Fred then slides his cock in and out of Laurie’s
pussy and as she begins to moan softly his pace increases
waking Muffin from her sleep. After a pausing for a moment
while watching Fred fuck Laurie in front of her, without
saying a word Muffin then crawls out from under the covers
and begins licking Laurie’s clit as Fred continues to
fuck her. Gently running his hands through Muffins hair,
Fred then pulls her head up and looks into her eyes as he slides
his cock out of Laurie’s pussy and slides his cock into
Muffin’s mouth.

Sliding his cock in and out of Muffin’s mouth as she flicks
the head with her tongue each time he pulls it out, Fred then
kneels down to give his wife a good morning kiss, when she
begins licking Laurie’s clit again until the two kiss.
As Fred and Muffin share a long passionate kiss, Laurie
begins rubbing Muffin’s pussy before sliding her fingers
deep inside and Muffin then returns the focus of her attention
to Laurie’s swollen clit as Fred joins her licking Laurie’s
inner thighs and the rest of her soaking pussy occasionally
entangling their tongues.

Feeling her approaching orgasm Laurie then pleads “Fred
please stick your cock back inside me I am about to cum”
and as Fred stands Muffin engulfs his cock in her mouth before
he plunges it deep inside Laurie and begins pounding her
aching pussy. Within moments Laurie’s body then begins
to quiver as her pussy tightens around Fred’s cock and
Muffin feverishly licks her clit until she goes limp as
her orgasm subsides and Muffin then pushes Fred back, engulfs
his cock in her mouth again before she burry’s her face
between Laurie’s legs licking the juices running out.

Bending over to look Muffin in the eyes, Fred says to her
“its your turn baby, get on your back” and doing as instructed
Muffin lies down next to Laurie as Fred pushes her legs back
standing at the edge of the bed and begins slamming his cock
into Muffin’s pussy. Lying next to Muffin still exhausted,
Laurie rolls onto her side and begins licking Muffins nipples
while rubbing her clit and occasionally kissing her while
Fred continues to pound Muffins tight pussy showing no

Turning around, Laurie then lies down next to Muffin again
and as she begins rubbing Muffin clit with one hand she reaches
her other hand around, eases her middle finger deep inside
Muffin’s ass and begins fucking it as Fred simultaneously
fucks her pussy with longs slow strokes and as Muffin moans
begins to increase Laurie begins licking her clit until
Muffin can’t stand it anymore and bursts into orgasmic

Finally as her body stops trembling, Muffin slides three
of her fingers into Laurie’s sopping pussy and begins
fucking her with her fingers as Laurie pushes Fred back
for a moment and grabbing his cock pulls him to her so she
can devour it deep in her throat. Running his hand through
Laurie’s hair as she licks his shaft engulfing it in her
mouth at times and feeling the vibrations from her moans
as Muffin fucks her pussy with her fingers Fred feels his
impending eruption and grabs Laurie’s hair so her can
better control the pace and with his other hand reaches
down between Muffin’s legs and begins fucking her ass
with his finger and her pussy with his thumb.

Not being able to stand it anymore Fred finally pulls away
from Laurie moments before he is about to cum and kneeling
down in front of Muffin to get his composure for a moment
buries his face between her legs and begins licking her
pussy while continuing to fuck her ass with his finger occasionally
pushing three and four in at a time when Laurie swings her
leg over Muffin’s head and presses her pussy onto her
face as she joins Fred pleasuring Muffin with her tongue.

Licking Laurie’s drenched pussy, Muffin then begins
fucking Laurie’s ass with her fingers as she continues
to have her pussy licked by Fred and Laurie and her ass fingered
until Fred decides he is ready to fuck again. Standing up
and reaching for the KY, Fred then dribbles some over Muffin’s
ass while Laurie sits up pulling Muffin’s leg towards
her and Fred glides his cock deep inside Muffin’s ass.
With long forceful thrusts Fred then begins fucking Muffin’s
ass as Laurie holds Muffins legs back as she sits on Muffin’s
face and Muffin licks Laurie’s pussy.

After 5 minutes of pounding Muffin’s ass, climbing onto
the bed behind Laurie, Fred bends Laurie over and begins
fucking her ass while Muffin alternates between finger
fucking and licking Laurie’s pussy as Laurie begins
licking Muffin’s clit and fucking her pussy with her
fingers. As Laurie’s ass starts to get sore with Fred
pounding it for a while, Laurie holds her hand against his
thigh to slow him down when Fred pulls out and say’s “Muffin,
get on your hands and knees.”

Rolling off Muffin, Laurie then lies her head on the pillow
as Muffin gets on her hands in knees and starts licking Laurie’s
pussy as Fred slams his cock deeps back inside Muffin’s
ass. Pounding away, Fred continues to fuck Muffin’s
ass with long thrusts pulling his cock all the way out and
slamming it back into her while Muffin burry’s her face
between Laurie’s legs as Laurie runs her hands through
Muffin’s hair and play with her nipples. As Muffins screams
begin to intensify, Fred then goes to the bathroom and wipes
his cock off with a washcloth and when he returns to the bedroom
he leans over Laurie so she can suck his cock while Muffin
continues to lick her pussy.

Looking up at Fred as she runs her tongue up his shaft Laurie
then says “I want your cock in my pussy again Fred” and
Fred replies “get on your hands and knees.” Doing as
instructed, Laurie get on her hands and knees next to Muffin
and Fred slides his cock deep inside Laurie’s pussy and
grasping her hips begins driving his cock in and out of her
as Fred says to Muffin “honey lick Laurie’s pussy”
while he runs his finger up her soaking slit. Slithering
underneath Laurie Muffin then begins licking her clit
while fingering her own pussy before Laurie pushes her
hand to the side and starts licking her clit.

Pulling his cock out of Laurie Fred then eases his shaft
down Muffins throat as he plays with her nipples for a moment
before he gets off the bed, pulls Muffin to the side and begins
fucking Muffins pussy when Laurie repositions herself,
sits up and takes turns playing with Muffins tits and Muffin
fucks Laurie’s pussy with her tongue. Wanting to prolong
the pleasure, Fred then takes turns fucking both Laurie’s
and Muffins pussies pausing for a brief moment as he switches
between while Muffin and Laurie continue to lick each other
soaking pussies.

Knowing that he can no longer prevent the inevitable as
Fred is fucking Muffin, grinding his pelvis into hers,
finally he shoots a giant load of hot cum deep inside her
pussy grunting with ecstasy and after pausing for a moment
pulls his cock out so Laurie can suck out the last drop. After
Laurie suck the last bit of cum out of Fred’s cock Fred
then kneels down in front of Muffin and joins Laurie in cleaning
Muffin’s pussy before he collapses on the bed next to
the ladies.

Still a little dazed, Fred then rolls on his side and watches
Muffin and Laurie as the continue to lick one another’s
pussy then he begins playing with their breasts and nipples
as he continues to watch. Wishing he could fuck them again
lying next to the women playing with one another Fred continues
to play with their heaving breasts occasionally stroking
his to see if he can get it hard again and kissing Muffin while
Laurie licks her sweet pussy. After a while, believing his flaccid cock can be hard again
and realizing that the ladies are beginning to loose their
enthusiasm Fred rolls onto his back once more and says “OK
ladies who want to climb aboard?” Pausing for a moment,
Muffin then say “I just don’t think I can do this anymore
I need a rest” and Fred says “come mere baby and cum on
my face just one more time please!” as Laurie kneels down
in front of Fred and begins sucking on his cock.

Pushing herself up of the bed, Muffin then places her beautiful
ass down on Fred’s face for one more taste and Fred begins
feverishly licking her pussy once more as Laurie continues
to suck Fred’s cock trying to make it hard again. Devouring
all of Fred’s cock and balls in her mouth as once, Fred’s
cock start to grow until finally it is touching the back
of Laurie’s throat when she quickly sits on him and guides
his cock into her wanting pussy.

Sliding her pussy up and down on Fred’s cock, Laurie then
bends over and begins licking Muffin breasts as Fred continues
to feverishly lick her aching pussy until once again to
Muffin’s amazement she screams with pleasure as she
erupts into one of the most amazing orgasms she has ever
had. Stunned, Muffin then climbs off Fred and slides under
the covers next to him and says “I am going back to sleep
now, thank you” as Laurie continues to grind her hips
into Fred’s and begins kissing him sharing Muffin sweet

Realizing that he is loosing his hard on, Fred then whispers
to Laurie “I don’t think this is going to work, I just
don’t think he has it in him again today” and without
saying a word Laurie gets off Fred and kneels down in front
of him again putting his cock in balls into her mouth again
moving them around inside of her hot wet mouth as she tastes
her own juices.

As Laurie continues to work her magic, Fred then whispers
to Laurie, “turn around please so I can have a taste”
to which Laurie obliges and sits on his face so he can lick
her pussy as she sucks his flaccid cock rolling it around
in her mouth and sucking on his balls at the same time frequently.
Enjoying her sweet pussy Fred then feverishly licks, sucks
and nibbles Laurie’s pussy while playing with her breasts
as she continues to suck on him.

Glancing over at Muffin, Laurie notices that she is still
awake and watching her suck her husbands cock and becomes
increasing aroused looking at Muffin as she continues
to suck on Fred’s cock. Loving the audience within moments
Laurie begins grinding her pussy onto Fred’s face as
she begins to cum causing Fred to loose his mind with excitement
and yelling he cums again in Laurie’s mouth as the two
suck one another dry. Without saying a word, Laurie then climbs off the bed and
stumbling around gathers her clothes, putting on only
her skirt and her sweater and as Fred climbs under the covers
with Muffin, Laurie leans over the two, kisses them both
and says “thank you” before leaving the room.

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