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Working Girl Ch. 02


Tracy emerged from a modest basement workout room in an
upscale urban apartment building and walked to an elevator.
Her brown hair was stylishly placed in a bun on top of her
head and secured with a large pink plastic hair clip. Sweat
moistened her face and soaked the hair along the top of her
forehead and the back of her neck. She was breathing heavily
and sweat still clung to her creamy skin. She was wearing
a light gray sports bra beneath which her ample breasts
jiggled as she walked. A pair of thin, skimpy light gray
workout shorts completed her attire, which left her smooth
flat stomach and nicely toned legs revealed. As she walked
her tight, round ass swayed seductively from side to side.
She was momentarily seduced by the elevator as the automatic
doors slid open and a resident stepped out. He glanced at
her and smiled. She waved. He was a familiar face but they'd
never spoken beyond the obligatory "Hello".
Despite the timely temptation Tracy instead passed by
and opened a fire door to a stairwell. Four stories, ninety
six steps, waited.
After walking inside her two bedroom apartment Tracy made
a conscious effort to lock her door. She wasn't very
good at that but after everything Chrissie had been through
it seemed like a wise thing to do. Her sexy brown eyes glanced
at the phone as she passed through the living room. A red
message indicator insistently blinked. She activated
the answering machine and walked into her bedroom. As Tommy's
frustrated voice spoke, she removed her sweaty clothes.
"Look, I'm not sure what's going on with
you, Tracy. If you need some alone time, that's fine.
I understand. But to start making accusations you know
aren't true just to cause a fight? I'm assuming
tonight's off. Call me when you've worked through
whatever problems you're having."
Tracy cringed. She walked out of her bedroom naked to the
phone and hesitated. He was right. She wasn't sure
why she said such a terrible thing. What had she been thinking?
Tommy was such a wonderful guy, and here she was trying to
screw it up. Tracy felt badly about her behavior and wanted
to apologize, but a voice in her head told her to give things
a few days to settle down.
She smelled of sweat as she stared down at the phone. Her
luscious twenty three year old body shimmered in the bright
orange glow of a setting sun that streamed through her open
living room blinds. Her gaze lowered to her breasts as she
recalled the night Tommy named them. The naturally upright
swells were cute, she decided, as were the dark pink nipples.
They swelled to their full size as she playfully poked at
them with a finger. He was the one that talked her into the
piercing, and now both nipples had shiny silver posts through
Tracy grasped and twisted on both posts as she softly groaned.
That triggered a warmth in her loins that she knew wouldn't
be satisfied, not until she fixed things with Tommy. Tracy
didn't know why she continued to tease herself. Maybe
she was punishing herself for how she treated Tommy. Realizing
it would only leave her frustrated she pinched and twisted
on the throbbing nubs anyway. The tingling warmth in her
lower belly intensified as she grew sexually aroused.
Her right hand reached down and sifted though a small rectangular
patch of brown curls.
Tracy wanted to touch herself down there, but once she did
she'd be miserable all evening. A sex toy simply wasn't
enough once she got herself all wound up. It was so difficult
for her to climax using one. But the excitement short-circuited
common sense and two fingers danced over the smooth, moist
outer lips. The tip of one pushed between and teased the
awakened clitoris. Tracy gasped and shuddered as her finger
traveled up and down the narrow slit. It collected the wetness
of her flowing nectar and smeared it over her aroused flesh.

"You need to shower and eat dinner, " she reminded
herself in a whisper.
Although the cool shower was refreshing, it did nothing
to quell her sexual desire. It didn't help that her
soapy fingers lingered in areas they shouldn't have.
She was even more aroused afterward. Tracy dressed in sweat
pants and a yellow pullover T-shirt. She nuked a low-calorie
frozen meal and ate as she watched the evening news. Just
as prime time started Tracy's phone rang.
"Please let it be Tommy, " she hoped. "I
am so in the mood for some make-up sex."
Her brown eyes glazed over. She hung up the phone and walked
to her front door. She unlocked the door and returned to
the news and her meal.
Ten minutes later voices could be heard in the hallway,
growing louder as they approached. Tracy was unresponsive
to them.
After a brief delay the door opened. Tracy glanced up, unconcerned,
as a middle-aged man and a younger woman entered her apartment.
They locked the door behind them. The woman was a beautiful
blonde with an impressive body. The blonde immediately
captivated Tracy's attention and her pink lips formed
a sincere, welcoming smile as she rose from the couch to
greet them.
"She's gorgeous, " James realized with
a stunned expression on his face. "You both are, I
"Hi, Tracy, we're Linda and James, " Linda
introduced themselves.
Tracy embraced the strange woman and kissed her lips. Tracy's
tongue anxiously pushed into the wet mouth and rubbed the
woman's delicious tongue. Both women softly moaned
as their heart rates spiked. The swirling muscles entwined
in passionate kissing which persisted for several moments.

"Oh, she's hot, and I'm getting that way
very quickly, " Linda admitted to her older husband.
"Take a seat and we'll give you one hell of a show."
Tracy's mouth reattached to Linda's and her tongue
thrust deeply inside. Their hands began to explore. Linda
grasped the bottom of Tracy's shirt and pulled it off
over her head. Topless, her breasts exposed and pink nipples
swollen, Tracy eagerly tugged the buttons of Linda's
blouse apart and pushed it off her shoulders. Neither woman
wore a bra. Tracy's hands blindly cupped and fondled
the soft mounds as the woman did the same. Their swells were
squeezed as fingers rubbed on erect nipples. They both
groaned in pleasure as tingling warmth filled their loins.
James sank into a nearby chair and watched, riveted. In
his younger years he'd be hard by now, but although
aroused, his penis remained soft. He adored his thirty
nine year old wife whom he'd seduced years earlier
with his wealth. She had a nearly perfect body, and what
she lacked elective surgery corrected. Despite his natural
affinity for blondes he was equally impressed with Tracy.
Watching the two embrace, excitedly fondling the other's
breasts and heatedly kissing, was a treat for him. He suspected
Linda sought sexual satisfaction from other sources but
never dreamed it was with other women. The thought made
his cock twinge. He began to stir.
Tracy's lips left Linda's mouth and licked a path
down her slender neck. The woman tilted her head back. Tracy
hesitated at the soft, scented base, sucking and nibbling
on a small patch of skin. Linda was eager for more and her
hands gently grasped Tracy's head and guided it to
a breast.
"Oh, that feels so good, " Linda moaned in delight
as the tingling warmth in her loins ignited into a raging
Tracy enthusiastically kneaded the woman's firm
swells. Her mouth roughly sucked and licked an erect nub.
She dragged her front teeth up the sides of the pink tip,
smiling to herself as Linda's form twitched with excitement.
The soft moans became a series of cries as the woman's
pussy surged with juice that coated her covered lips and
soaked into her clothing.
The smell of sex tinged the air. Tracy retreated from the
moistened nipple and sank to her knees. She eagerly slipped
her fingers under the waistbands of the woman's skirt
and panties. Tracy tugged both down her slender, bronzed
legs. Linda kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the clothing.
When Linda's wet crotch was exposed the smell of her
arousal intensified. Tracy was drawn to the juicy pussy
like a child to Chrissie. She admired the shaved rise of
flesh. As the thighs shifted apart her eyes gazed at the
glistening pink lips. Linda's hands held the back
of Tracy's head and pulled the mouth to her folds. The
woman cried out in pleasure as her body shuddered. Her toes
tightened and back arched as joyous sensations rippled
through her.
Tracy's wiggling tongue licked the lips and tasted
her nectar. After wetting them with saliva the tip pushed
into the slit and felt the swollen clit. As it was touched
Linda gasped and jerked from the wonderful stimulation.
Tracy continued teasing the nub as her fingers stretched
the folds apart and explored her hot valley. A finger pushed
against the opening and slid inside. Juice covered the
appendage as it began stroking the hot chamber.
Linda inched back and sat on the padded armrest of the chair
her husband occupied. Her legs spread wide apart. James
watched the girls in a state of mild shock. Tracy feasted
on the offered body, licking and finger-fucking the stranger.
Her face glistened with wetness as it smeared onto her cheeks
and rolled down the chin.
James' penis was fully hard and surprised Linda with
its upright stature. He unzipped his pants and released
his throbbing member. The dark, red head shimmered, moistened
with seeping cum. She moved her right hand from the back
of Tracy's head to the shaft and tenderly stroked him.
She loved the way it pulsated beneath her fingers.
It was wonderful to see him so hard again. Linda salivated
and wanted to taste him. She moved off the armrest and knelt
between his legs. Tracy moved to her back and tightly wrapped
her arms around the front of Linda's thighs. As Tracy's
mouth anxiously returned to its task, Linda took the head
of her husband's prick into her wet mouth and enjoyed
the salty musk flavor of his seed. He leaned back and savored
the tingling sensations in his balls as his wife hungrily
devoured his stem.
Tracy was so hot; she'd never been with a woman before
but hungered for sex. She relished the warm juice that coated
her face and eagerly filled her mouth with the precious
offering. Her tongue curled and pressed into Linda's
canal, pushing forward and back. She tongue-fucked her
pussy and captured the flowing juice. Linda tensed and
shuddered as her pelvis shamelessly thrust into Tracy's
James grasped the back of Linda's head. As he pulled
down his hips thrust upward, driving his cock into her skilled
mouth and down her throat. His loving wife was very attentive
to his needs and desires whenever he could get hard, and
when he couldn't she sought different methods for
inspiring him. Tracy was another successful attempt.
His spirit soared as tingling pressure and delight filled
his lower belly. Watching and hearing his wife being eaten
as she feverishly devoured him was a beautiful thing to
Linda's wet mouth felt incredible. His cock swelled
as his balls filled with seed. Within a couple of minutes
her oral attention had him on the brink. He enjoyed the slow
rise of his cum from the hair-covered nuts. The balls pulled
up tight against the base of his cock as her lips and tongue
rapidly moved up and down his saliva-soaked shaft. Thick
semen oozed from the tip and seeped from the corners of her
luscious mouth.
James rammed into her as deeply as possible. He grunted
in delight. His toes curled as the semen finished its journey.
His entire body tensed and twitched as he ejaculated down
her throat. Linda kept sucking and swallowing, knowing
there was more. His quaking form jerked twice more, both
times squirting additional packets of hot cum into the
orifice. She licked and sucked his withering cock clean,
proudly smiling up at him as she did.
When Linda turned around and gave Tracy her full attention,
the ravishing brunette licked the oozing semen from the
corners of her mouth and tasted James' flavor. Their
tongues pushed inside and they briefly shared a deep, intimate
kiss. Linda withdrew and moved Tracy into a sixty-nine
position with the brunette on top. Linda chose the bottom
and wrapped her arms around her narrow waist and clung to
her body. Tracy leaned down and buried her face between
the blonde's eagerly parted thighs. As James watched
from a few feet away the two women anxiously gorged themselves
on one another's juice-soaked center.
There were joyous muffled moans and cries of sheer delight
as tongues thrust between outer folds and embraced the
slick, hot slits. Lips playfully nibbled and tugged as
mouths drew in the flowing essence. Fingers moved in, rubbed
along sloped valley walls, and thrust into tight chambers.
Their naked bodies writhed and shimmered with a light coating
of perspiration on their sleek skin. As James watched the
women wildly finger-fucked each other and hungrily devoured
the juicy pink flesh.
James noticed that they seemed to know exactly where to
focus their attention. Within a few minutes Tracy's
gorgeous young form appeared to be on the verge of climax.
Her head lifted up and away from Linda's crotch. Tracy's
back arched, revealing her firm, jiggling breasts to his
view. Her moans were loud as she lowered herself onto Linda's
face. Her entire body violently shook in spasms of ecstasy.
A surge of juice soaked his wife's face as the girl achieved
orgasm. Linda kept her mouth attached to Tracy's crotch
until her vibrating form relaxed and fell silent.
It was quite a show and he was surprised when he felt his cock
stirring. Within just a few minutes the head lifted up off
his belly as the shaft was revived from its brief state of
rest. It wasn't hard yet, but there were signs of life
that had eluded him so many times before.
Linda gestured to Tracy and she knelt at James' feet.
She pushed her soft, firm beasts together and formed them
around his semi-erect penis. She looked up at him with the
sexiest smile and the most beautiful eyes he'd ever
seen. Her steamy gaze renewed the tingling pressure in
his loins and he grew somewhat harder. The swells felt wonderful
wrapped around him as they were. When he grew harder a few
moments later she began raising up and down, sliding his
prick between the silky mounds.
When her breasts descended to the base of his cock, Tracy
leaned down and briefly sucked on the smooth, glistening
tip. As she rose up her eyes returned to his, with that same
steamy look he so adored. She repeated the process for several
minutes, and as she did, life slowly returned to his penis.
Semen began to ooze from the tip, smearing against her skin.
The seed provided lubrication and she started titty-fucking
him faster.
When he was fully hard and throbbing she backed away. Her
right hand grasped his left and she encouraged him to join
her. James arose from the seat and settled onto the carpeted
floor on his back. Tracy straddled his waist. He looked
up at the girl and drank in her stunning beauty.
She pivoted upwards at the knees, grasped the shaft of his
cock in her right hand, and carefully lowered. Tracy made
minor corrections as she eased his swollen head between
her slick folds. She rubbed the smooth tip along the valley
walls. He loved the feeling of her wet core as he glided over
the flesh. She moved him to the entrance of her canal and
removed her hand from his stem.
Her hips shifted as her body descended. Tracy winced from
the sharp, stinging pain as her opening was stretched wide.
When his head penetrated her chamber it formed a tight seal
around his stem. James reached up and grasped her narrow
waist. He pulled down and gently thrust upward, working
his prick deeper inside the wet channel. Tracy's juice
coated his advancing cock. Her tight walls stretched to
accommodate the size and contours of his pulsating mass.

Tracy's eyes fluttered and closed. Her head cocked
back. Her moans became loud as she rode his stiff prick like
an unbridled mare. Her dark hair and bare breasts bounced
as her body quaked with every thrust. He felt her taking
more and more of his shaft. After he filled her core with
his full length James commenced a brisk pace. Their bodies
fell into a complimentary rhythm that satisfied both of
their sexual needs. Beads of perspiration formed on bare
skin, grew heavy, and rolled downward in small, salty rivulets.
Linda straddled James' chest facing Tracy. Her mouth
licked and nibbled on the brunette's extended neck.
Her teeth tenderly bit and dragged over the tight skin.
She could taste the salt in her seeping sweat. Her hands
cupped and squeezed the wondrous breasts. Her tongue licked
an indirect path down to the swells. Her flicking muscle
moved between the mounds, tasting the remnants of James'
dried semen that he'd leaked and smeared on the skin
earlier. His salty flavor was an unexpected surprise and
heightened Linda's desire.
Once her hands lifted and steadied the bouncing globes,
her mouth attached to a swollen nipple. She licked and sucked
on the rubbery tip. Her teeth intermittently bit down on
the nub, sending a jolt of stinging pain through her body.
Every time she did, Tracy softly cried out between her breathless
moans of joy. After one nipple was wet and sore, her mouth
moved to the other.
The rapidly rising and falling body pumped his swollen
cock deeply in and out of her juice-soaked pussy. Essence
coated James' moving piston and dripped from her pink
folds, clinging to the dark curls of hair that covered his
balls. Constant vibrations stimulated her enlarged clitoris.
Tracy was soon on the verge. The added pleasure of Linda's
squeezing fingers and hot mouth filled her desperate body
with wondrous tingling pressure.
Her sweaty, passion-filled body stiffened in climax.
Her voice emitted cries of joy as she wildly shook in uncontrollable
spasms of ecstasy. Essence flooded her center and ran down
James' swiftly moving cock. Tingling warmth erupted
in her pressure-filled loins and radiated outward. She
breathlessly groaned as the orgasm released the pent-up
energy. Her toes curled and muscles quaked. Her tight canal
embraced the steel-hard prick as Tracy reached the height
of climax. As it dissipated her violent spasms quieted
and her moaning tapered off, replaced by heavy gasps.
Linda was anxious for her husband. He looked harder than
he'd been in months, and hiring a girl to get him stiff
was her whole reason for instigating the threesome. She
guided Tracy off his penis and anxiously moved him between
her own thighs. Linda turned and faced him. She smiled down
at the loving man she so adored and desperately wanted to
please. She lowered, feeling as the unsupported, juice-covered
cock easily speared into her wet slit. She moved him into
position as his hands reached up and grasped her slender
waist. His round head pushed the tight pussy walls apart
and eased inside of her canal. She slowly rocked up and down
as he thrust upward. Her juices that bathed his shaft quickly
displaced those of Tracy's.
"Oh, James, you're so hard tonight, "
she softly moaned in sweet surprise. "Love me, baby.
Make me cum. Oh please; I need for you to be inside of me when
I get there."
Tracy knelt on the floor beside the couple, on Linda's
left side. She returned the favor, supporting and fondling
the bouncing breasts while sucking on a swollen nipple.
Tracy also recalled the jolts of stinging pain that she'd
found oddly erotic, and intermittently bit down on the
rubbery tips. Linda's arms embraced Tracy's
head, pullig her mouth harder against her mound. Her loud
groans indicated the pleasure she experienced. James
softly grunted with each powerful upward thrust, driving
his cock fully inside of his mate. Seeping essence splattered
with each impact; droplets appeared on his balls and lower
belly, and on her inner thighs.
"Oh, James!" she exclaimed, enjoying the feel
of his throbbing prick filling her void. It had been weeks
since they'd made love as successfully as tonight,
and she savored their union.
Tracy's teeth bit down, injecting a jolt of sharp,
stinging pain through Linda's body. It added to her
growing excitement like fuel to a fire. The warmth in her
loins became a raging inferno. Intense tingling rushed
through her writhing form as juice dripped from her vibrating
"Oh yeah, baby, keep fucking me; I'm getting
close, " she groaned.
James pulled down on her hips as he drove upwards. He loved
her deeply, straining to extend as far into her love chamber
as humanly possible. Between his thrusting prick and Tracy's
mouth, Linda was at the threshold of ecstasy. She briefly
tensed, then twitched in spasms of delight. Her animated
form writhed in joyous release as she loudly moaned in response.
Her core was filled with a rush of tingling sensations as
her sensitized body felt a combination of stimulating
forces. Essence leaked from her pussy as James held on to
her jerking body.
When it seemed to be over, with his cock still inside, he
moved her into a missionary position on the floor. He continued
loving her, pumping hard and fast into her. Linda was unaccustomed
to such stimulation. Feeling his large, amazingly hard
prick spearing so deeply into her belly was a thrilling
rush for her. Within a few moments she reached the brink
of yet another orgasm. He hadn't made her cum so hard
in years.
Linda braced for what she sensed would be a powerful climax.
As their bodies slammed together, pounding his penis into
her juicy, hot flesh with the floor at her back, she stiffened.
Her body seemed to freeze. For several glorious seconds
her sex was so sensitive that she could imagine every ridge
and groove in his shaft. She felt the smooth round head gliding
along the slick walls of her canal. Her toes curled and every
muscle tensed. She could hear his heavy breathing and smell
the cologne on his neck.
Finally she gasped and resumed breathing. She felt a tremendous,
thrilling rush of delight. Her body gyrated as never before.
The sounds of her own cries surprised her as she thrashed
beneath his driving weight. The pleasure was more intense
than ever. It raced through her sweaty form, consuming
her energy as seemingly every muscle convulsed. It stole
the air from her lungs. She panted breathlessly as her form
writhed in a desperate dance of sexual ecstasy.
When it was over Linda was exhausted. She hugged and kissed
her husband in stunned appreciation and gestured for him
to finish off with Tracy.
He eagerly complied, gently leaning the lithe brunette
belly-down over the back of a couch. He tightly hooked his
arms around her sleek thighs and pulled them far apart.
He stood behind her and speared the tip of his penis between
the juicy outer folds and into the narrow canyon. When he
located the small orifice he plunged his cock inside. Her
tight tunnel resisted but his moving mass forced its way
deeper. He was greeted with wet heat as her canal stretched,
conforming to his size.
Tracy groaned as he entered her a second time. She'd
never been taken in such a manner and she loved it. His hips
rocked back and forth, sliding his cock into her flesh.
The moving stem reached far into her belly, filling her
with passion and desire. She breathlessly groaned as tingling
warmth radiated outward from her steamy core. Juice leaked
from her narrow canal, bathing his plunging prick. Essence
dripped from the glistening outer folds. Slowly, the tingling
pressure in her loins multiplied.
Linda rejoined the action, kneeling on the couch beside
Tracy's luscious, quaking form. Tracy's skin
shimmered with perspiration that rolled down and dripped
from her body. The smell of sex filled the room with its unique
and readily identifiable aroma. Linda's hands reached
out and grasped the jiggling swells of flesh. Her fingers
squeezed and kneaded on the supple mounds and nipples.
As her hands steadied the vibrating orbs Linda sucked on
a salty nipple.
Tracy tensed. She suddenly gasped as her juicy canal tightened
around his thrusting cock. Exclamations of joy flowed
from her in a train of breathless whispers. Her sweat-covered
form jerked in spasms of pleasure. Powerful waves of tingling
delight crashed through Tracy's flesh. Whispers
turned to loud celebratory cries as she enjoyed the most
amazing orgasm in her short life.
James held on to her hips and drove into her center with jack-rabbit
speed. A surge of juice soaked her sex and his throbbing
cock. He felt his balls as they tightened. The pressure
in his loins increased as he approached release.
His semen rose quickly. James groaned in amazed delight
as he completed a sexual act for the first time in several
weeks. He grunted and twitched in climax. Hot cum filled
her void and seeped out from around his moving shaft. He
ejaculated several times, finally draining his heavy
balls. When he withdrew he was physically exhausted but
emotionally elated.
* * * * *
On Friday afternoon Tracy sat out on the back patio of the
Mexican Café and Cantina. She was already sipping on her
third Margarita. Her head was buzzing nicely. She was still
struggling to comprehend the events of Wednesday evening.
Now she understood what Chrissie had been going through.
She glanced up and watched as her best friend approached.
Chrissie was dressed in a short dark skirt and a white blouse,
showing off her shapely legs and jiggling breasts.
"Where have you been?" Tracy asked in an aggravated
Chrissie frowned and shrugged her shoulders. "What
are you talking about? You know I don't get off until
five. And where have you been, by the way? I haven't
heard a peep out of you all week."
Tracy glanced down at her wrist watch. It was ten minutes
after five. The watch reminded her of Tommy, the neglected
boyfriend she still needed to make up with.
"It just seems later, I guess, " Tracy decided
as she finished off her third drink. "Things got weird
this week."
Chrissie noticed her friend's condition. "How
long have you been here?"
"Long enough to have three of these, " she replied,
indicating to a waiter that two more would be appreciated.
"Is something wrong?" Chrissie asked, concerned.
"I spoke with Tommy a couple times. I hope you realize
that guy loves you."
Tracy nervously ran the tip of a finger around the rim of
her empty glass, collecting salt granules and pushing
them into a small pile.
"I know he does. Maybe that's what's freaking
me out." Tracy's eyes moistened with tears.
Finally she admitted "What happened to you happened
to me, too. That's why I've been so quiet this week."
"What happened? What are you talking about?"
"You know! The same as what happened to you!"
Tracy was short with her friend.
Chrissie shook her head in confusion. "What's
wrong with you?"
"I woke up one morning and remembered having sex with
an older man and a younger woman. I recall some things in
vivid detail, but other things escape my mind entirely, "
Tracy finally confessed.
Chrissie was shocked. "You had sex with a woman?"
Tracy nodded her head in confirmation. "And a man, "
she added.
Chrissie smiled. "So how was it?"
Tracy's lips formed a guilty smile. "It was the
best sex I ever had. I was worn out and slept like a baby. But
I wasn't dreaming. When I woke up there was semen leaking
out of me. What's going on, Chrissie?"
Chrissie swept back her blonde hair and nodded her head
in disbelief. "First me, and then you; this is absolutely
crazy. There must be a connection."
"This week, did you..." Tracy started and trailed
off as the waiter returned with two fresh drinks and retrieved
the empty glass.
After the waiter left Chrissie lifted the glass to her lips
and enjoyed the refreshing lime flavor. She nodded her
head up and down twice.
A quizzical expression formed on Tracy's face. "Two
"Yeah. Two times, two different guys. It wasn't
all bad, either, to be honest. And although I can't
recall anything about them, I have the distinct impression
that they're all different. I'm sorry it happened
to you also, but in a way it's nice to know I'm not
a mental case."
"Why us?" Tracy asked in rhetoric.
The conversation idled for several minutes as both women
tried to think things through.
"What was it like being with another woman?"
Chrissie asked. She had always been curious about it and
even considered trying to talk Tracy into it on several
occasions. But she never could get up the nerve to initiate
Tracy hesitated several moments before answering. In
one way it wasn't something she was proud of, but in
another she'd discovered it to be highly erotic. "It
was nice, actually. I remember feeling this strong attraction
for her. She's the one I went for first. The man just
sat back and watched us going at it. Do you think my attraction
for her was genuine, or just another part of this bizarre
Chrissie gave it careful considerstion. "With me,
nothing happened that deep down I didn't want to happen.
I just felt totally free, unrestricted by inhibitions.
It's like somebody turned on a switch inside of me and
I turned into this sexually charged person."
"Yeah, " Tracy concurred for a lack of a better
For a brief moment Chrissie hoped this might be the elusive
right time to confess her sexual interest in Tracy. "Do
you think you could ever... Never mind."
Tracy was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn't
pursue Chrissie's withdrawn revelation.
"Who could be doing this to us?" they both questioned
at the same time.

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