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Wish you were here


Wish you were here…

early evening
almost sundown
cool breeze flutters
shaded window
cools my body
still warm, sticky
from sunbathing
a shower
yes you’ll be here by then
strip off
water just right
arch my breasts
to showerhead’s hurling
gusting bursts
soapy hands
run all around
neck, throat, shoulders
breasts nipples, hard
long longing
down my belly, thighs, calves
i’m a shimmering perfumed bubble
hands drift up
caress pussy lips
middle finger slides in
clit reaches for tiny circles fingers make…
hand frantic now, can’t cum…holding back
what next?

rinse off dry
seek drawer where resides state-of- the art vibrator
and amazing psuedocock,
made of some wonder plastic
eerily tauntingly real
vibrator teases lips
Now! put it down hard
instant waves of clit-cum wash over me
moan thrust my hips
five times clit explodes
still I want more, needy today
too bad you aren’t here
i’m exactly like you like me.
plastopenis in hand
tip just inside my cunthole
wet pussy starts to suck for it
pull it in. I ram it home take several longstrokes
feels so real
you HAVE to be here

vibrator back on clit
keep thrusting with the big blue dong.
NOW riding
the wave i needed
i am cummmmmmming like a mad thing
yowlhowl escapes my lips
sets dogs to barking somewhere near
we sing a chorus older than time
back arches, hips buck
in final ecstatic heated thrust
fall back
finally at rest
dream of you.
and your turn
cock sucked deep into my mouth
(ummmmmm i love your cock, warm, hard, salty)
until you let go, scream
as sticky delicacy flows down my throat
into blessed nirvana
we are one

Where are you?

Cougar on the loose...

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I have never enjoyed reading attempts at erotic poetry before. This is very well done. Thank you for the effort.