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Will Ever Happen Again


Will It Ever Happen Again?

This is something that happened about eight years ago.
I don’t know how to bring the topic up again or even if I should.
Let me tell you what happened.
It was a Friday night and my wife Terry and I were just about
ready to go to bed when the phone rank. It was my mother and
she wanted me to call my sister on her cell. She was broke
down somewhere in Florida and I was the closest relative
that could help.
I had Terry get on the other line while I called.
We found out that she was down there getting her 18 year
old daughter Julie and was in the middle of nowhere broken
down. She was flat broke after having to pay some bills that
Julie had not told her about. And that they hoped, that I
could come down, and get the pick-up running again.
Terry had been listing to the conversation on the other
line and broke in and said that we could be down there sometime
Saturday if we left right now. That she told them to get a
room and put it on our credit card. Have the front desk call
here. Plus not to worry and said, bye.
My sister said thanks and that as soon as she was home she
would send the money to pay us back.
After hanging up the phone I looked at Terry and she just
said that it was family and that this was the first time she
had ever asked for anything and that besides knowing Min
(my sister) she would pay us back.
So putting a tool box in the back of our Yukon we hit the road
with only an overnight bag. We figured it would be about
a fifteen-hour drive from Tennessee to where she was.
It was a pretty good trip down. We made good time as neither
of us can sleep in a moving vehicle. We took turns driving
for a few hours would stop for gas. Eat a little something
and switch drivers.
We were down in southern Florida in thirteen hours and
had located Min and Julie in the hotel. Leaving Terry with
Julie at hotel to get some rest I was soon looking under the
hood of the dead pick-up.
After about an hour of checking different things I finally
found the problem and told her we would have to find someplace
to buy the parts. As it was a Saturday after all, and getting
late. The outlook was looking pretty bad for parts today.
As luck would have it, the hotel manager was kin to the local
parts supply manager and hooked us up.
It was about eight o’clock when I got the parts in and it
was up and running. After topping off both tanks and a shower
at the hotel we hit the road.
I found out the Terry had only slept about an hour and had
spend most of her time talking to both Min and Julie catching
up on what was going on. As for me I had been up over thirty-six
hours and was starting to need some sleep. I wasn’t nearly
as young as I use to be.
My sister was not that young either, being only a couple
years older than my wife they got along pretty good. And
they both seemed to understand Julie’s problems.
We had been on the road about ten hours when I looked over
at Terry and said that we really needed to stop. And that
she should start looking for a nice hotel.
Another hour later she found one that looked clean enough
that she would stay in it. I sent her in to get some rooms but
when she came back she only had one key as the only had one
room left. At least she said it had two king beds.
Once in the room, everyone got showers. Terry and Min had
gone out and gotten a couple of bottle of wine from the liquor
store across the road while I had gotten mine.
When I came back out Julie was the only one in the room. She
had on an over sized T-shirt, and from the looks of it, not
much more. Her nipples were clearly visible. And not expecting
to be sharing a room all I had on was a pair of baggy gym shorts
that I had to make sure that I did not fall out of.
She just looked up at me an smiled and said that mom and Terry
would be back shortly. Julie then rolled over to get the
remote for the TV. This little act gave me a full shot of her
naked ass and then she was back covered and changing the
Let me tell you something, Julie is almost the spitting
image of her mother only her mother is older. Both are about
5’7” and build well with nice butts and perfect tits. If
anything I think Julie’s tits are a little bigger. And growing
up I always thought that my sister was hot. In fact I think
every teenage boy at one time or another thinks that their
sister is hot.
Anyway back to this story. You could see the possible problem
being alone with a half naked niece that looked like my sister
when she was young.
Thank goodness both Min and Terry came back into the room.
My wife Terry is a large woman, not fat. Just large or what
some would say voluptuous. She has large double D cup breast
with nipples that beg to be sucked and her ass is full and
inviting. If you like large sexy women, then Terry is the
model that they go by. Anyway.
They are back in the room and soon the bottles of wine are
open and Terry is giving everyone a glass, even Julie from
what I could understand. With what she had been through,
Terry thought she could handle a little wine.
Pretty soon everyone due being fatigued was feeling the
effects of the wine. Giggling and laughing and finally
getting out of that serious stress mode that had been hanging
around all day.
We had just finished the wine and Terry went into the bath
to change into something to sleep in. When she came back
all that was covered were her tits by a rather too small pullover
teddy and her G-string that she normally wears with her
jeans. She was not planning on sharing a room either. With
her beautiful tits showing with every little step and her
g-string she was a sex site to behold.
But she scooted her half naked butt across the room and jumped
into the bed and covered up. Min changed next and when she
came out she was not covered much better. In fact the only
person have way descent was Julie, and she was turned over
and asleep already, I thought.
Soon the good nights were said and the lights were turned
out. I was laying there trying to go to sleep but was too fatigued
I guess. Terry must have sensed my problem because the next
thing I heard and felt was her asking if I was still awake
and her hand grasping my prick.
I turned towards her and asked what she wanted.
I then felt her hand start to pump my now hardening cock.
Then she rose up to check and see that Julie and Min were turned
over sleeping.
Once she was satisfied that she would not be caught Terry
crawled under the covers and started to suck my cock.
Her mouth felt so good that I was hard almost instantly.

When she had it too full hardness she crawled up and straddled
my cock and in a really slow grinding motion started to fuck
my brains out.
Reaching up I took one of her nipples between my lips and
started to suck on it. This brought a moan of pleasure from
her and she continued to work her pussy on my cock.
I have this problem that I guess could be a gift, that when
I have went a long time without sleep I get a perpetual hard
on. Even if I cum. I might stay rock hard for several hours.
It can be quite painful sometimes but since I had been married
to Terry she seemed to always be able to work it back to normal.
We had been screwing for about twenty minute and Terry had
kept her eyes closed the whole time trying to keep quiet.
She had cum at least once by the convulsions of her hot pussy
and the wetness. Even though we were doing our best to be
quiet we must have been making more noise than we thought.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught movement. It was Min my
sister. She was setting on the side of her bed with her hand
pinching one exposed nipple and her other fingering her
Like Terry she was clean-shaven, even in the dim light I
could see everything. This site excited me even more causing
my cock to harden to near unbearable painful. I was still
sucking on one of Terry’s nipples when I noticed her move
towards us. Terry was still oblivious to what was going
on, as she never changed her rhythm or opened her eyes.
Min moved over to the side of our bed very quietly, and then
opened her mouth. I understood what she wanted. She was
after one of Terry’s tits. I changed to the other leaving
the one nearest her open.
Without touching anything else she took Terry’s nipple
between her lips and sucked on it. It took several seconds
for Terry to realize that both her tits were being sucked
on. Her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vise and her eyes
flew open. When she looked down and saw Min’s mouth sucking
on her tit she just stared at her, then me.
It was apparent that she was not going to stop fucking. After
about thirty seconds she close her eyes again and moaned
as her pussy started to move up and down and round on my cock
It was a few minutes later she suddenly stopped us both long
enough to tell me to move over enough so that Min could crawl
into bed with us.
We were soon fucking with Min attached to her other nipple.
My hand that was next to Min was not able to do much until I
felt Min take it and move it over against her pussy. She soon
had my fingers buried in her wet hole and I started to finger
fucking her.
Terry looked down at this and climaxed beyond belief. I
felt her pussy clamp down about twenty times on my cock and
a rush of fluid bath my cock.
She forced both Min and I to release her nipples when she
stopped quivering, so the she could fall to the other side
of me.
“You are still hard and haven’t cum yet” Terry whispered
to me.
Min must have heard and giggled, “I can’t believe that?”
taking her hand she felt for my cock. “My god, his cock is
rock hard still” and looked over towards Terry.
Terry got up on an elbow and in whispered tone’s explained
to her that I get in this kind of shape when I am really tired.
And that normally, she could fuck me soft again. But she
was so tired, and she had cum so many times with the both of
us sucking on her nipples that she needed some rest and help.
Min smiled and finally asked Terry if it would bother her
if she got some of this herself. She hadn’t been laid in about
a year and hearing and watching us was more than she could
handle. She didn’t even care that it was her bother that
was going to be fucking her. Just as long has she got some
hard cock in her pussy.
Terry looked at me and then at Min and smiling said that if
it didn’t bother us she was OK with it. With that Min jumped
up on me and with only a second to adjust her position was
sliding down on my hard cock.
Now I am not a monster stud, being only about six inches but
I am about twice as round as most men. I know this because
Terry had told me years ago before we were even married.
That since I didn’t have any money it was my cock that she
loves to fuck. It made her feel so full she would tell me time
and time again.
Anyway, I felt myself go into the hottest wettest pussy
that I had been in since before I met Terry. And this was the
first pussy I was fucking, other than my wife since we were
married so it was pretty special.
Min started out slow, but was soon riding my cock like there
was no tomorrow. It felt great but I still could was not cuming
and from the way things were going I wasn’t anytime soon.
I saw Terry reach up and take one of Min’s nipples and start
to roll it. Soon she was really playing with Min’s nice big
Terry looked at me and whispered; you know I have never been
with another woman before. Not even kissing one like a lot
of teenage girls do.
Min heard her and stopped moving, I’m sorry I didn’t mean
to upset you. But to tell the truth you were the first woman
I touched myself. I couldn’t help myself. Seeing my bother
suck on your nipple was driving me crazy, I just had to try
it. It got me so hot.
Terry smiled and said that it was OK and in fact she loved
it. She hadn’t cum like that in a long time. But now she was
also curious about touching another woman.
Min just giggled and said that she could touch touch and
feel all she wanted that turn about is fair play.
I stopped both of them talking and reminded them that the
problem was not taken care of yet. And that they could chat
Terry slapped me and said that I should not be complaining.
Then she sat up and hugged Min and then kissed her. As they
kissed and hugged Min started her fucking motion again.
It wasn’t long before I felt her pussy doing dances and the
place between my legs was getting wetter.
Terry muffled most of Min’s moans and her own with the kissing,
but I could tell that this was going to be a really long night.

Min was finally to tired to continue doing the work so she
rolled pulling me on top of her. She then moved Terry over
so she could suck on her nipples again. When she had finally
gotten a nipple into her mouth I heard her moan and felt her
cunt squeeze my cock again.
I was doing my best to be quite but I was starting to grunt
a little and this was getting them going also. I saw Terry
move to kiss me then in m ear asked if I like fucking Min with
her watching.
I looked at her and did not say a word, what was I supposed
to say. I was doomed if I answered. She just smiled and said
that’s OK this was my idea and Min’s not yours.
I looked at her questioningly. Nor did I understand what
she meant but I was not going to pass this opportunity up.

I was really pushing into Min and the noise was more than
any normal person could sleep through. That is when Julie
made her presents known. She just blurted:
“I knew that listening to you two in the car all day that you
were both horny as hell. I just didn’t think that you would
both do it with Uncle Harold.”
Terry looked at her and laughed, I knew you weren’t asleep,
you were to quiet. Besides what else did you hear?
I heard that mom has had the hots for him ever since she was
18 and saw him screwing one of his old girl friends.
Min jump in, Julie just be quiet. And besides your uncle
has a problem and we are just trying to take care of it.
Julie giggled, Ya I know, it’s the kind of problem that every
girl dreams of. At least I have. A cock that didn’t go soft
on you.
It was obvious that Julie was more worldly than we had given
her credit for.
Well, if you two don’t mind I’ll just have to wish. Because
I ain’t on the pill. But I would love to help if I could.
Terry started laughing again. So you want to help you little
tart. And what would you do.
Julie jumped up and came over onto the bed. Here I’ll show
you. She then pulled her t-shirt over her head and she was
naked. Then without another word grabbed Terry’s face
and kisses her.
This was no friendly kiss. It was hot, sexy, and passionate.
When she finally let Terry breath she worked her mouth down
to Terry’s breast and sucked on a nipple and then worked
her way down until she was eye to eye so to speak with Terry’s
pussy. With no invitation or resistance from Terry she
stuck her face into her and started to eat pussy.
She must have been doing a pretty good job of it because Terry
groaned and pulled her face into her pussy.
Terry looked at me and smiled, this is definitely a night
of first. Then looking a Min asked, how long has she been
like this. Meaning gay or bi or what ever.
Min moaned from the fucking I was giving her but answered,
since about sixty seconds ago as far as I know.
Julie pop her head up and answered, since I was sixteen and
one of moms friends left one of her DVD’s at the house for
mom to watch. Me and Melissa next door watched it and got
go horny we tried it. And no mom I am not a lesbian I like guys,
but when a cock is not around another girl will due. It’s
better than playing with a vibrator. Julie added looking
right at her mother.
Min must have felt guilty because she tensed up for a second.

For the next ten minutes all that was heard was the sound
of sucking and fucking. It was when I flipped Min over and
took her doggy style that it got noisy again. I had started
really pounding her pussy again when Julie moved over and
put her pussy in front of her Min’s face.
Go ahead mom you know you want to. Go ahead suck my pussy while
I suck Aunt Terry.
With that Terry looked down and watched Min move and stick
her face right into Julie’s pussy and start licking. This
must have turned her on because she just about screamed
that she was cuming. When she said that I felt Min’s pussy
start to convulse around my cock. Signaling that she was
cuming, her moaning through her orgasm must have been what
it took for Julie to cum also. Because she pulled her face
away from Terry long enough to say she was cuming too,
This was too much for me, I felt my balls tighten and I was
shooting a stream up Min’s pussy. She felt the jets of cum
in her pussy and pulled away from Julie to let everyone know
that I was filling her pussy with hot cum.
Everything slowed down for a few minutes; I was exhausted
from fucking both Terry and now Min. But when I pulled out
of Min’s now soaking pussy I was still as hard as before.
Julie saw this and wanting to help crawled over and took
my cock with her mother’s and my cum on it into her mouth and
sucked and licked it clean.
When she was done she looked at my hard cock. My, my Uncle
Harold, doesn’t that cock of yours ever get soft once it
gets hard. She then started to give me a pretty good blowjob.
She was young and what she lacked in experience she made
up for in energy. Terry moved over and started to give her
pointers, and soon Julie was taking my cock down her throat.
Min moved over and started to finger Terry, and Terry looked
at me with a weird smile.
I guess I am the only one here who hasn’t suck on a pussy yet.
I guess since I have gone this far I may as well give that a
Then moved down and from behind started to suck on Julie.
As soon as Terry’s lips touched Julie. Julie started to
really work on my cock with her mouth.
The girls had been eating for about twenty minutes when
Julie finally stopped sucking my cock and grabbed Terry
and pushed her way from her.
Julie crawled off the bed and started to go through all the
bags. Everyone stopped and asked what she was looking for.
Something to fuck myself with, I can’t take cuming empty
I’m not complaining Aunt Terry but you made my cum five times
and my jaws are getting sore from trying to suck Uncle Harold
off. But now I need something. And mom don’t look at me like
that. You are the same way, don’t you think I could hear when
you were in your room at night getting your brains fuck out.
I could hear you, Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, yes hoooo
I’m cuming.
It made me so horny I had to masturbate for hours.
Min, stared at her and then at us. I guess she is not a little
girl anymore. But I don’t have anything for her in anything
I have. Terry do you have something that we could possible
us on her. Terry took her meaning but looked at me. Yes, but
I don’t know if she can handle it, it’s kind of big, and well
she would have to do most the work herself, we could help
a little but she would still have to do the majority.
Julie was beside herself, she was in Terry’s bag pulling
everything out and Terry was just laughing. It’s over here
Sweety, not in a bag. She came over and started to look around
the bed.
Min had finally caught on and had this worried look on her
face, don’t worry Min Terry whispered, he had a vasectomy
about ten years ago.
Julie was still rummaging around.
Terrry told me to lie back down. Her and Min moved over to
each side and started to stroke my hard cock.
Julie honey, you can stop going crazy, I guess if it is good
enough for me to fuck, it should be ok for you too.
Julie looked up, what where is it, she asked.
Right up here silly, Terry told her. He is fixed so you don’t
have to worry about getting pregnant.
I don’t, Julie asked, and then looked at her mother.
Min smiled. Go ahead, but let me tell you he feels bigger
inside than he looks. If you want, hop on that hard cock and
see if you can make it go soft?
Julie jumped on the bed and was moving over my cock in a flash.
Terry and Min helped her a little by holding my cock up in
place. Soon she had it at her entrance and started to work
herself down onto it.
By god, but it feels so big. Is it all the way in yet Julie asked.
Min felt between us and told he NO it is only about half way.
It took several minutes for Julie to get completly impaled,
but she did it. As soon as she hit bottom she groaned and looked
me right in the eyes. Uncle Harold I’m cuming already. Then
started to ride up and down on my cock.
Min and Terry took turns sucking on her nipples and rubbing
on her clit. She must have climaxed at least a dozen times
when she fell forward onto my chest and stopped. I could
still feel her quivering and her pussy squeezing my cock.
Enough, enough, I’ve had enough. I have to stop, but you
feel so gook Uncle Harold, I wish my boyfriend was like you
and gave me a kiss.
Terry moved her off and then looked at my still hard cock.
I only know of one other time that this was this hard to take
care of. And it took some special fucking to get it down that
Min looked at her, special fucking. I don’t think anything
could be more special than this.
Terry said, it means breaking down and down the nasty.
I smiled it had been a while since we had done the nasty as
she called it. But down deep I always knew that she like it
just as much as I did.
Min looked at her, how much more nastier can it get. He has
seen us fuck and suck each other. We all have cum everywhere
and you say the nasty.
Yep, that’s right, I only know of one way to wear this cock
out and that is with some serious ass fucking.
Min and Julie both looked at each other. Not with that big
cock that both said in unison.
It any near as bad as you think if you lube it up right, no worst
than a rectal exam, and I know you both have had a few of those.
Anyway I’ll go first and maybe that will be all that it takes.
Terry got a tube of lubricant that we always kept in our travel
bag and asked Julie and Min to lube us up. Min took care of
coating my cock good and Julie seemed to take a little longer
to lubricating Terry’s ass than I thought was needed but
from the wiggling and moaning coming from Terry she wasn’t
going to stop her. Julie finally finished and Terry crawled
over and presented her ass to me.
I took and cock in hand and placed it at her rose. Julie must
have done a good job because my head popped right in. Which
was something new. And with just a few stokes was buried
as far as I could go. Terry’s ass was so tight and hot I was
really getting into a rhythm. It wasn’t that long before
Julie decided to help. She got under Terry in a 69 position.
I could feel her legs between moving and from the sudden
clamping of Terry’s ass knew that she was going a good job
on her Aunt.
Terry was shaking all over and raised her head and said that
she was cuming and cuming hard.
I felt my cock get squeezed in a vice like grip and shot my
own load up her ass. Which caused Terry to cum again and I
just kept on pumping into her as I had not gone soft yet.
Terry finally said that I had to stop but before I pulled
out give her time to get Min ready.
Min looked at her and said that she had never done it like
that before.
Terry just told her to relax and make sure Julie lubed her
up good.
I watched as Julie got out from under us and then started
to apply lubricant to her mother’s ass. Just like Terry
it wasn’t long before Julie had her mother moaning and announced
that she was ready.
As Min moved over next to Terry for the switch she asked Julie
where she learned that.
Julie only smiled and said that something are better kept
secret, but if you liked it she would teach her what she knew.
Min only said lets see what a cock feel like up my ass first.
As I pulled my still hard cock out of Terry’s as there was
an audible pop as I left. Terry fell forward and moaned that
that was one for best ass fucking she has ever had.
Min was still a little nervous so Terry and Julie were on
each side of her helping to relax her. Terry was kissing
on her and playing with her breast while Julie was busy playing
with her clit and fingering her.
I placed my cock again her virgin rose and pushed a little.
It popped right in just like Terry only thing is she then
clamped down in panic. I could not move and this was painful
for her. But soon between the two of them they had her relaxed
and again and I was starting to stroke in and out of her. I
don’t know if it was the ass fucking or all the other stuff
but Min started to cum and was going crazy now.
That’s it brother fuck my ass, go deeper, oh god I never knew
it would be like this. Fuck me, come on fuck me. Min as moaning
now in a constant stream, soon both Terry and Julie were
joining her in telling me to fuck her ass. Faster or harder
or deeper. I must have been fucking her for twenty minutes
when I say Julie grab the lube and start doing her own ass.
She won’t be able to take much Aunt Terry help me get ready,
I want some of that, but I want to be good and lubed as big as
he is.
Sure enough I felt Min start to shake all over and her ass
clamped down on my cock several times then she screeched
like a wild thing and passed out. As she did my cock popped
out and Julie was moving over for her turn.
Just like the other two the head popped right in but as soon
as it did with Julie she kept pushing back against me. And
in one stroke I was ball bouncing against her pussy deep.
She was hot and tight and energetic. I fucked her as fast
as I could but when I started to slow down she knew that I was
getting tired. So she pulled off and told me to lay down she
would get on top. It took all of fifteen second for us to change
positions and have my cock back up her young ass.
She was bouncing up and down and moaning and groan and before
I realized it she as crying that she was cuming. Her ass clamped
down on my cock and it felt like nothing I had ever felt before.
Terry saw the look on my face and decided that she needed
to hide it. She was soon sitting on my face and I was sucking
her pussy like there was not tomorrow. I don’t know what
was happening up top other than I felt Terry’s hand doing
something near my cock and Julie was still bouncing up and
down on it.
My efforts were soon rewarded with a mouth full of my wife’s
sweet juices and knowing the she was cuming caused me to
do the same.
As Julie hit bottom on one of her stokes my first load emptied
into her. She froze for the second load and then was humping
up and down like a jockey finishing a race. I must have cum
a gallon with her pulling it out of my cock with her ass. When
she finally stopped she just sat there with my cock up her
Terry moved off my face and laid down beside me. And she
fell asleep. With my cock still in Julie she laid down on
my check and was soon fast asleep with my cock still up her
I was so exhausted myself that I soon drifted off to sleep.
I woke one time in the middle of the night. Everyone was still
asleep except for Julie, when my eyes opened she kissed
my and said thank Uncle Harold, this is the best fuck I have
ever had. My cock was still partially hard but still inside.
She flicked her ass a couple of times and moaned in my ear
when she felt it harden again. She road me for several minutes
unit she felt me cum in her ass again and she climaxed. She
then like before just laid on my check and we both fell asleep.
The next time I woke up Julie was gone and Min was just finishing
cleaning up my cock with a warm rag and towel. Terry was still
fast asleep next to me. At least I thought she was. When I
was clean Min took my cock into her mouth and sucked me until
I filled her mouth with my cum. She didn’t swallow but she
didn’t take her mouth away until I was done shooting. She
I had finally gone soft again she removed her mouth and cleaned
me up again.
She then left for the bathroom. I could now hear Julie in
the shower.
I was lying there thinking how lucky I was when Terry kissed
me on the cheek and asked if I any was left for her. You know
what Terry started, watching Min suck you off got me so hot
that I got to do something myself. I never thought watching
you have sex with someone else would make me feel like this.

I looked at her and told her how much I loved her.
In a sexy yet wicked voice she answered with “I know”.
Then she was moving down under the covers sucking me hard,
This took a while but you don’t know Terry. Once she wants
something she won’t give up until she gets it. When I was
good and hard she moved up and placed my cock between her
large breasts and was working my cock over pretty good.
And she would give the head a little nibble each time it poked
through. At the same time I could feel her rubbing her pussy
up and down my leg. I was looking into her eyes and I could
see both the love and lust burning in them.
When Min and Julie walked in and sat down to watch it was
too much for me. I shot a load all over Terry and myself. When
I as almost done shoot she took my cock head into her mouth
and suck the rest of the cum out of my balls making sure there
was nothing left.
See mom I heard Julie, eating cum must be pretty good look
at Aunt Terry suck him dry.
Min just sat there quietly.
When Terry was done with me she pulled me up and told me to
go get a show that we needed to hit the road.
I did as I was told. As I was finishing Terry came in and got
her shower and soon we were all dressed and the truck and
Yukon were loaded.
Nothing was said the rest of the trip up to Tennessee. When
we got ready to go our own way home I gave Min some money and
they went on up the road to Michigan. Terry and I sat quietly
together holding hands as we drove home.
Nothing has ever been said by anyone about this event.

But down deep I wonder if they all thing about it and wonder
if it will ever happen again.




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well...if it weren't for the fact that it was your sister
and neice it would be a perfect trist! I personally don't
care for that sinerio but that is me! thanks for the story!


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Little hard t believe but what a wonderful story. You covered
every base. Just made me hard right away and stayed that
way. Thanks


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Great story! Very hot and erotic. A little twisted though,
I just pretended that Mil was only his step sister. and for
a twist I entertained the idea that Julie had always had
a pulse between her legs for her uncle, And she layed awake
waiting for everyone to doze off. Once they were all asleep
she quietly slid over to the bed where her uncle and terri
were sleeping, she managed to expose her uncles body from
the sheets without waking him and eagerly but gently sucking
his quickly growing cock. He would wake up moaning loudly
as he was cummin in julies mouth and down her throat, His
grunts and moans woke Terri and Mil...ect...
All in all, great story, except it needs some proofreading
and some editing. But its still
9 out of 10.


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Personally I would not change a thing, this story had me
entranced through every sentence


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great story !!!!!!!!!!!


damon1951 66 M
Score 0.2

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I agree with curt... All in all, great story, except it needs some proofreading and some editing. But its still
9 out of 10.


Cassanova had the right idea......


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Great story. Very hot, had everything I like.


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loved the story and all the hot action when it got started . I really liked the fact of you and your sister and niece having sex it is a real turn on.