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Wild thing June


June is a young 21 yo Marketing Executive that has joint
our company for slightly less than two years and is very
often assigned to follow me for on-the-job training. Though
not the type of gal you will turn your head to when she strolls
along Orchard Road, she does have a pleasant next-door
gal look. She is small built, with shoulder length hair
and a fair complexion, for a Malay that is. She volunteered
to accompany me on this KL trip since she does not have too
much of work in Singapore for the rest of the week.
As I am in my mid-thirties, more than ten years older than
her, and I do have a regular gf working in SQ; I honestly declare
that I have never fantasized about June, even when I have
read in this forum by many brothers that young Malay girls
are good all the time (no offence !). Imagine my surprise
when she started to talk about sex. To act grown-up, she
related to several erotic incidences like looking through
a multi-colour stained glass window. I just smile and listen
to a young decent malay girl telling cock stories. She mentioned
that her bf has been asking her to go for implants. I turned
my head to stare at her breasts (she was wearing a safari-shirt
with the top two buttons off). I have never quite stare at
her breasts before and if you were to question me about the
size, I would scratch my head. Looking at it, I think they
stand a good 34B or C, not big, but handful, I guess.
She asked for my opinion. I told her that they look fine and
if she is not comfortable with that thought, she should
stand firm (and I do mean "they" stand firm)
to reject. He may be sextisfied for a moment but she has to
live with the consequence for the rest of her life; besides
I thought it is against their religion. She nodded but said
that she is a Malay but not a Muslim. Out of the blue, she jokingly
asked if I want to feel them to have a better idea. I was a bit
shocked at her directness and smiled, saying that that
won't be necessary.
About 1130pm, we arrived at the hotel. The receptionist
said that my company had only reserved one room. Shit, then
I remembered that when she volunteered to join, I forgot
to ask Mabel (now she's the slutty horny type ‒ tell
you my experience with her some other time), my assistant
to add one more room. The receptionist said that all other
available rooms are taken as the hotel is under a renovation
and that there is a major exhibition going on in KL these
few days. I looked at June and she expressed the "bo-bian"
look, we checked in to the same room.
More shit, the room has only ONE bed! At first, June seemed
a bit stunned and she starred blank at me. I told her that
its OK, I would take the sofa and let her have the bed. She
nodded slightly but still acted a bit reserved. I was quite
tired and I really need to rest well for tomorrow, so I excuse
myself to use the shower first. After my shower, I changed
into my boxer short and a T-shirt (normally I am topless
after shower) and tried to arrange the sofa seat to be as
comfortable as possible. Then I noticed that she is still
in her shirt and shorts, as if not going to take shower. I
rushed her to go and get to bed early but she just sat there.
After a while, she composed herself and said that the problem
is she has nothing, no sleeping attire, to change into as
she always prefer to sleep in nude, (Wah liao, this apparent
decent innocent next-door chick sleeps in nude !!! STAND
UP , STAND UP for …! ) and now that we have to share a room … well
go use your imagination. (Don't know if I have picked
gold or the cow's penis !)
I suggested that she could off all the light, I turned my
back to the shower door and bed, she goes into the shower,
take a fast one, comes out with towel and whatever little
garment she can put on, and slips under the blanket ASAP
and sleeps. The words paint a picture in my mind and the innocent
look on her face are giving me a hard-on. She nodded again.

Off the light, rushed into the shower and the water starts
to run. I could not erase the picture of her taking shower
in my mind. I reached into my short and jerk a little, thinking
that after she sleeps, I would probably have to go out somewhere
to "ease spring squeeze trigger"; or DIY in
the toilet.
"I am coming, " her voice echoed through the
toilet door. (yeah, I wish you coming too!)
I answered as I turned my back to the door and the bed. (I may
think of dirty things, but I still have to uphold an image
--- that's the sadness of today's society, isn't
it ?)
The door opened and I could feel a figure swoosh across the
room and onto the bed, immediately dived under the blanket.
The picture of a naked slender body of an angel appeared
in my mind … the handful tits and the well trimmed "Bermuda"
triangle with light soothing fragrance of youth … whoosh!
The possible shivering under the virgin touch of my hand
and quivering when my tender fingers play music to her innest
softness … the shy but lustful eyes with tears of enjoyment
when … the slight protest from her full lips when … the sweet
but short exhale when … whoosh and fuck ! How am I going to
rest !!!!!
"Joe, " her voice. "Are you sleeping
yet?" (NO. I am mind-fucking you!)
"Yea, try to grab some rest …" I pretended to
"I think its OK …" her voice getting softer.
"You could sleep beside me …" even softer… "
I will put a pillow in between (I would prefer to have the
pillow under her … us and …" Well, I must say that she is bold enough to give me that offer.
And hell, I try to be a gentleman, but I am really too tired
and it is damn uncomfortable to sleep on the sofa. So I moved
to her side, with the pillow in between us, and tried to sleep
with my back to her (shit, its already 2am liao !).
Worst … sharing the same blanket has made her youthful body
fragrance even stronger … and the thought of her naked body
within my arm's reach made me even harder … I mean harder
to sleep. I reached below to jerk my poor little Joey … trying
to keep the shaking down not to shake the whole bed … I am sure
she's no virgin and she will understand the sexual
tension building up … I am just not so sure what and how will
she react ?
Suddenly, her hand fell on my shoulder (my back was still
to her) … and was slowly rubbing up and down. I froze and pretended
to be sleeping. Then I heard some noise of snuggling under
the blanket … and I fely that her breath was on the back of
my neck. I withdrew my hand from my short but remained still.
Her finger was tracing the muscular line of my biceps (heng
that I go regular gym session !), her breathing was getting
heavier, I could also feel some heat on my back through my
T-shirt. I remained still, but the sensation and the rather
torturing silence had caused my Joey to his full attention.
Then I felt the bed shaking. I knew it wasn't me because
I was not jerking … her breathing became obviously heavy
and she was practically blowing air onto my neck ! I felt
her grip on my biceps tightened and I turned around … just
to catch a glimpse of her half-shutting her eyes … her face
has turned slightly pinkish and an expression of "shiok"
was clearly written all over … her sweet lips exhaled and
inhaled irregularly … then she opened her eyes and caught
me starring. Immediately, her face turned cherry red and
a flash of embarrassment mixed with joy surfaced upon her
innocent look.
I immediately grasped the picture … this apparent decent
innocent next-door malay chick is MUSTABATING under the
sheet !!! in NUDE !!! with ME sleeping beside her with a tremendous
HARD-ON !!!!! … could you believe it ?????
I lifted my upper torso and was going to flip the blanket
open. She quickly let go of my arm and wanted to turn the other
way. I grabbed her from turning around and kicked off the
blanket. What a sight ! She was totally NUDE ! Even in near
complete darkness, I could see her breasts small but firm
with nipples the size of a ten-cents coin standing proud
like the guard outside the Buckingham Palace … the fair
complexion makes you think of vanilla-chocolate-mixed
ice-cream … a small waist … and the bush … can't really
see the bush … because her right hand was still cupping her
crotch!! Some shine from her fingers, apparently glistering
from her juice … Her eyes were completely shut … droplets
of perspiration on her forehead … and her breathes became
more irregular … her face was as red as a tomato, ready for
plucking … I am speechless and motionless except for the
involuntarily twitching of Joey … excited about the view.
The whole room was filled with the smell of her deep breathe
and the musky fragrance of her sex-juice …
"Oh June, what the hel …" I tried to say something.

"I … I … I'm sor … sorry … Joe … I … I … can't help
it … wi … with … you ly … lying … be .. be .. beside me … "
She started to sob a little. "I … I … can't help
my … my … my … self …" I was speechless and I pulled her closer into my hug. She
rested her head on my chest with one arm over my upper torso.
I held her close, not realizing that she was completely
nude. To me, she was just like a long lost child returning
to home at this moment …
The first sense that returned to me is from the sensory organs
buried under my chest-skin. Even through the thin fabric
of the "Hard-Rock" t-shirt, I could feel her
pointed ten-cents coin nipples emitting heatrays, piercing
my every tissue, boiling my every red-blood cells … her
irregular breathing pattern has also caused her handful
tits to brush lightly against my chest … rubbing, rubbing,
rubbing … circling, circling, circling … caressing, caressing,
caressing … its like a wake-up call to all my senses, especially
those that relate to SEX !
Her sobbing subsided but she remained in my hug. I was getting
a bit uneasy, especially Joey, after all, I was hugging
a young naked gal. I tried to push her away and my right palm,
like homing onto something more pleasurable, cupped her
left breast instead. A body jolted a little with my touch
but she did not protest. (Once contact, si liao, kena diao
like glue !) I could not resist to lightly grab and hover
along the smoothness of the young ample mound. I hovered
in tai-chi motion, pivoting around her nipple in the center
of my palm … exerting pressure … transferring pleasure
… the tips of my fingers like touch and no-touch on her soft
skin, sometime trace a figure 8, sometime scratch a little

"mmmm … huh … hhmmm …" June started to moan.
Her eyes remained shut, only tighter. I stared at her still
decent and innocent face, her soft lips parted slightly
to breath … I bent down and kissed her on the lips … Initially,
she quickly closed her mouth. But I persisted. I stuck up
my tongue like a wedge forcing on her lips. Giving to my tongue
or her own inhibition, her lips parted again. I drove my
tongue all the way into her mouth, once inside, it swirled
and flipped around like a sex-crazed dog wagging its tail.
It traced the bottom line of her upper teeth and it wrestled
with her tongue. Her tongue was trying to duck left or right
at first, but after experiencing the joy of "tongue
wrestling", it pulled its own "sunset grip"
on mine. "Tongue lock", "tongue slam",
"tongue pile-driving" … if they could get a
TV cam in here, I'm sure the show is much better than
the Worst Wrestling Fuck (WWF) series. More to the tongue-war,
saliva is mixed … I have always been a wet-fucker ‒ enjoying
most with lots of fluids ‒ mine, hers … funny thing about
saliva is that they always know when to start work … you don't
have to will it, they just produce … anyway, June started
to suck on my tongue … she would flip her tongue-tip on mine
to lure mine inwards and then caved in her cheeks to form
a fantastic suction that seemed to be vaccuming my tongue
all the way down the vortex of the suction ‒ her lungs! My
right palm could feel the expansion of her breast when the
suction began.
All the while through the tongue-fight, my right palm continued
alternating tai-chi pressed technique and tiger-claws
squeeze technique on her left breast. Feeling her nipple
turning rock hard, I employed new kong-fu ‒ the chopstick
picking technique to pinch her nipple.
"aaarrrggghhhh, " she opened her mouth to cry
a little. "pain … pain …" Still clamming my mouth on hers, I pushed her body upright
into a sitting position. So that I could use both hands on
both breasts. "Double chopstick" pulled both
her nipples to extend a good inch rise of her peaks … "thumb
press" to "sink" her nipples into the
fleshy mounds … followed by "tai chi caress"
around the entire surface of the breasts … and ended with
"squeezing oranges" when you clenched both
fists together with the breasts within …
"AAAARRRRGGGGHHH !!!" she cried. I forced
the two breasts to clash in as close as possible and I lowered
my head to lap on her nipples. "sssslllluuurrrrpppp
… sssssslllllluuuuurrrrrppppp …" left nipple right
nipple left nipple right nipple left nipple right nipple
left nipple right nipple … "sssslllluuurrrrpppp
… sssssslllllluuuuurrrrrppppp …" I turned my head left and right faster and faster to shower
my tongue onto her nipples … all the while clenching her
breasts tight in the middle and forcing the nipples to meet
… "sssslllluuurrrrpppp … sssssslllllluuuuurrrrrppppp
…" left nipple right nipple left nipple right nipple
left nipple right nipple left nipple right nipple … "sssslllluuurrrrpppp
… sssssslllllluuuuurrrrrppppp …" I continued …

"aaahhhh … aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh … " she continued
to cry, tossing her head.
Her breasts are a completely wet with my saliva, and her
perspiration, I guess … But I continued until I was a bit
giddy myself … (getting old liao !)
"aaaaa, aaaahhhhhh …" she gasped. "GGGGooooooodddddddd
… ooooohhhhh … sssssoooooo … gggggoooooooooodddd …"
I slowed down the pace but continued licking her ample breasts
and pointed nipples (look like missile heads by now) and
gradually licked the way down. Frankly speaking, I was
a rather tired, but it was just too shiok to stop.
My tongue reached her belly-button and now it traced tai-chi
circle around the lovely depression. Circling, circling
… with occasional like poke in the middle …
"oooooouuuuuuiiiiiiiii …… " "ooooooohhhhhhh
… jjjjjjjjjjoooooooooeeeeeee …" "ssss… sssss…
sssssssttttttttoooppppppp …" she begged. "
… sssssssttttttoooooppppp … ttttttttiiiiiiccccccckkkkkk
… ttttttttiiiiiccccckkkkkklllllliiiiissssshhhh …"
By this time, I had let go of my right hand from squeezing
her breast and slowly caressed her labia. Her crotch is
covered with very little hair, not trimmed, just little
… kind of like under-developed type. It barely hides the
pair of full cunt lips. I cupped my hand at her crotch, pressing
my thumb on the top of the slit and the other fingers formed
a scoop softly caressing the bottom of her slit.
Her body trembled when I caressed her crotch … she struggled
a bit to break free.
"No, nnnnnoooooooo … ooooooouuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii
…" she protested. "I came three times already,
pppppplllllllssssssss … sssssstttttttooooppppp …"
I was not going to be denied. My thumb pressed harder and
inserted my index finger into the opening. Boy, is she wet
or what !!! You could put ask a scuba diver to dive in there

"oooooooohhhhhhhhh … jjjjjjjjjjjoooooooooooeeeeeee
… ppppppllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee …"
she begged with both hands tugging at my head. "Not
ttttttooooo … ttttttttoooooo…night … " Her cry somehow got to my soft spot and truly, I had to be at
my best tomorrow … not to mention that I still had two more
nights with this innocent bitch … OK …
I withdrew my finger and relaxed the grab. Still cupping
her crotch, I looked up into her eyes. "You started
the flame …" I said.
"Sorry, Joe, " She whispered. "I didn't
mean to … but I am too drawn to you … I can't help it …"
I gave her a "bo-bian" look and sit up straight.
My Joey was still hard, if not harder … she glanced at Joey
for a while … then she lightly bit her lower lips … I could
hear that her breathing picked up again …
She looked into my eyes and stuck up her tongue, swirled
it around to wet all corners of her mouth … "Let me blow
you to sleep …" her voice was soft from being shy.
I could not believe what I heard. This young innocent malay
gal is offering to blow me ??? Before I could react, she bowed
down and chewed on my Joey through the boxer short. I had
not wore any underwear after the shower; I could feel her
hot breathe on the shaft as she lightly bit on it. Next, she
eagerly tugged at the waistband to pull it off. I lifted
my butt to slide off the boxer … and lied down flat for her
to begin …
She did not suck on my Joey immediately. Instead, she rested
her head on my thigh and licked my hairy balls. "sssssllllllllluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrpppppp
……" it began … lapping away the underside of my balls.
All the while, her eyes were staring into mine (I lied with
my head tilted forward supported by pillows) … eye contact
… she sure knows her stuffs to sextifiy a man. 100% sure,
she is not as innocent as she portrays. My balls were completely
soaked with her saliva when she started to lick from the
base up along the shaft. This time, she did not lap, but simply
used her tongue-tip to glide along the length … touch no-touch
feeling … reciprocated what I had done to her earlier … its
my turn to tremble …
When she was licking the length, her fingers were tickling
the balls, sometimes squeezing them a little … when her
tongue-tip reached the top of my Joey, she slide the tongue
back down to the base with the underside of the tongue caressed
the shaft … "Fucking shiok !" I reached down
to caressed her head.
…" "yyyyyyyooooouuuuuu aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrreeeeeee
to exhaled.
After what seemed like eternity, she gave me one last lustful
look and plunged her full lips over my shaft and all the way
down to its base in one gulp ! The tip of my cock seemed to have
push against the back of her fucking tight throat. She then
retracted her head bit by bit, bit by bit, bit by bit … all
the time sucking hard as if she could not live to pull away
from Joey … when about only 1cm was left in her mouth, she
plunged powerfully all the way again … WET … SWIFT… POWERFUL
… GULP! The second time she retracted, she left her tongue
flat so that my Joey could slide over its softness and wetness
… Before leaving the reluctant mouth, her tongue would
swirled around the tip to give it a few fact lick … then she
let the whole length slipped out her mouth, leaving a trail
of saliva-thread connecting her tongue and my cock … Joey
appeared like a straight hard knight in his shiny armour
of saliva … her hand pumped mighty Joey a few strokes … looked
into my eyes with mixture of innocence, burning passion,
lust and even sluttiness and sucked the whole cock into
her wonderful mouth again.
When she was doing it slowly, I could see the bulge of Joey's
head pushing along her cheek, causing the cheek-wall to
bulge up as well. She alternated between these two mouth-fucking
techniques … like fifty over times. The pace quickened
… her head bobbing up and down became blur, and blurer … the
sight of my mighty length of human meat-popsicle appearing
and disappearing between the full luscious lips of this
10 years younger apparent decent and innocent-turned-chio
Malay colleague was really getting me fucking high and
boiling … few hours ago, I could not even tell the size of
her boobs and now she is sucking me off like no tomorrow …

I felt the tension building up in my groin … its going to be
a huge load, I know … oh fuck, even my gf could not cause this
size like this load from my present tired body … I was concerned
about June taking the full blast, so I signaled to her about
me coming strong and fast … fucking June … 20 years old my
cock … innocent next-door gal my cock … knowing that I was
all ready to fire up …
"I want you to COME in my mouth !" her watery eyes
stared into mine, clearly displayed the message … as she
clammed her lips tighter around Joey's thickness,
sucked harder, her tongue continued to wrestle with Joey
even more vigorously and her head-motion was a complete
blur … her profile seemed to be extended vertically due
to the fast motion …
I screamed and blasted my load like a rocket leaving the
launch pad. June quickly pressed her lips down to my groin
and the load shot directly into her fucking tight throat
!!!!! She did not stop … she continued to pump her head up
and down, milking me with her talented mouth … I must have
shot gallons of sperm … too much for her to swallow in time
and too much for her little cavity to hold … gulps of the pearl
fluid sipped out from the corners of her mouth … making a
mess at her chin and my groin as she was still pumping her
head !
All things come to an end … even my seemingly forever fountain
of sperm will deplete … I could feel my Joey puncturing inside
her mouth, wet with her saliva and my wet seeds … but she still
sucked on to Joey. Lightly sucking on Joey and licked him
clean all over. I could see her throat motion, simulating
the swallowing of the sperm-remains in her mouth. I had
to give her both thumbs up … surely I learnt tonight that
one should not judge the book by its cover … I had never NEVER
experienced such a powerful blowjob !
June finally let my Joey out to breath in some fresh air …
she continued lapping up the sperm in my groin … she scooped
up some that spurted on her face and spread it her lips so
that she could lick in a sexy way …
"How? Do you like it ?" she asked, still licking
her own lips.
"The best, " I pulled her to closer, wanting
to kiss her as a reward.
She pulled away, stood up and walked to the toilet. "Nope,
its all mine … this is all the protein I need." And disappeared
into the toilet.
My groin was still in a mess, the sperm had all be cleaned
up but the dampness remained. What the heck, I was too tired
to move … I did not wait till her return … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

When I woke up the next day, June was already in the shower.
I could hear water running and she was humming a lively tune.
I was still naked waist down. If not for the dampness of the
sheet and the strong undeniable smell of comes in the air,
I would think that last night was just another WET WET WET
"June, " I called out. "How long more
do you need to be in there … I need to pee …" "Quite a while …" she answered as I looked at
the digital clock by the bed ‒ 8:30 am ‒ plenty of time before
the meeting. "… but you could come in … I don't
mind …" … what a change !!!
I opened the door and she was standing in the bathtub, back
to me, behind the translucent drape. I pulled the t-shirt
over my head, slide-opened the drape and stepped into the
tub. June was soaping her front and I could see that she was
lightly fingering herself. (Another finger job … hhmmmmm
I hugged her from behind, my arms formed a circle around
her small waist, the hands met at her belly-button and lightly
pressed into it. She bent a bit and stuck her ass into me.
Joey was already all hard and ready when her ass back onto
him, and immediately, liked a sausage sandwiched between
her breads of ass-cheeks.
"Woooooooooooo …" both of us sighed together.
Her head leaned back under my chin comfortably as my hands
began to drawn circles around her belly-button. "Wooooo…
ooouuuuiiiiii … Joooooeeeeee, " her eyes were shut.
"What … aaare … yoooooouuuu … dooooooiiiiinnnnggg
?" "Doing what you like me to do … " I replied
with my right hand sliding up to her left breast and grabbed
it … relaxed it … palm-hovered over the nipple … first three
fingers formed the "crane beak" to pull on the
nipple … and palm-pressed hard on it to flatten the whole
breast … the soap and water had made it so much slippery and
smoother under my touch. My left hand strategically slided
lower to her crotch … I could still remember the scarce-haired
pussy … with exposed thick delicious pinkish cunt-lips,
liked the Taiwanese sausage … remember Tony Leung in the
CNY movie "Dong Chen Xi Jiu" (Successful at
East and West) with his infected lips … hahaha !!!
My left hand cupped the entire crotch with the middle finger
jammed, not sliding in, in between the slit … "aaaaaarrrrrrrrr
…" she drew in a deep breathe and pushed her lower torso
backwards. Oh my Joey was in place to rim her ass crank … "aaaaaahhhhhhhhh
… aaaaaaahhhhaahahahahahhahhah … " her moaned extended
indefinitely as her lower torso swinged to and fro, front
and back, between my jamming middle finger in her slit and
my rimming mighty Joey at the ass-crank ! Her legs buckled
and her knees weakened. Her hands were now on our two sides,
rubbing my thighs and waist down, trying to cram between
our bodies. I lifted her body higher by her crotch and the
left breast, pressing the middle finger deeper into the
slit, and lowered my self so that she was standing on tip-toe,
resting her head on my left shoulder and my Joey slided to
her front under her ass-crank. I released my cupping left
hand and began rubbing at the top of her slit … "wwwwwwwooooooooooooooo
… ooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
…" she turned into a French. Her crotch was resting
onto my Joey … the sensation caused her to move to-and-fro,
rubbing hard Joey … "hhhhhhhmmmmmmm …… aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh……
ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh …… yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss
… " all sort of moaning escaped her lips as she shut
her eyes tighter and rested her entire body weight onto
my chest.
I dug slightly into her wet (shower water or her juice ???)
slit and moved in circular motion. Found the clitoris,
started to press and rotated it like the red track-button-mouse
on an IBM laptop. My right hand continued to alternate between
the tiger-claws squeeze technique and the tai-chi pressed
technique. She squirmed and wriggled like a worm in my hold
… totally defenseless … totally helpless … totally MINE
Joey did not penetrate her … he was just tickling her by sliding
over (or under) her sensitive thick delicious cunt-lips.
Several times, she would reach down to tug at him, trying
to force him into her … but I would pressed on her clitoris
and pulled back my Joey … denying her pleasure of complete
penetration. "WOOOOOOOO … WOOOOOOOO … ppplllllleeeessssseeeeeeee
… gggggiiiiivvvvv … gggiiivvvvvveeeeee mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee
… " her breathing quickened with stronger struggle
to force my Joey into her. Suddenly, she leaned forward
forcefully, slipping her breast out of my grab and supported
herself by pressing onto the tiled-wall under the shower-tap.
June pushed her lower torso as back as possible so that her
body was bent into the standing-rear-entry position …
I almost lost control and let her slide her hungry cunt onto
my Joey (three cheers to her skillful retaliation maneuver,
almost got what she wanted!). I drew back my ass swiftly
and my right hand that was flung away by her left breast landed
on her ass. I slapped hard on her ass to cause her to scream.
Her body was still jerking back and forth, trying to swallow
my cocky Joey. Cupping her ass, I stuck my right thumb at
her rear entry, the water had made the entrance slippery,
as my whole thumb slided in without resistance … "AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH
… wwhhhhaaaaaa … wwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttttt aaaaarrrrrrr
… aaaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyooooooooooouuuuuuuu
…"she gasped and gasped and gasped. "Like it
…" I grinned with my new found pleasure, "my
little pussy cat !!!" as I slowly rotated the thumb.

…" and the struggle turned into joy as she tensed up
her body, dug all her fingernails deep into my thigh flesh
and screeeaaaaammmmeeeddddd. "I … I … I … mmmmmhhhmmmmmm
… cccoooommmmm … cccooooommmmmmiiiiinnnnngggggg !"
My middle finger formed like a hook and hook into her opening,
fishing her orgasm! With the water showering on us, I could
feel some slimy fluid on Joey and my middle fingers … her
labia was obviously quivering on Joey … she relaxed her
tense and tensed up again … experiencing multiple orgasms
… with every poke and turn of my thumb in her ass-hole!
After several minutes, her orgasmic waves finally subsided
and she rested on Joey which was solid as a rock, supporting
her whole body weight … I withdrew my thumb and could hear
her exhaled a sigh of hollowness. "Ooooooooo …… ooooooooohhhhhhhh
… Jooooooooeeeeeee … yyyyooooooo … yyyoooooouuuuuuu
aaaaaarrrrrrreeeeeeeeee gggoooooo … gggggggooooooooooodddd
…"her breathing was still harsh. I let her slipped
off me and she turned around to kiss me, with her arms around
my neck … her handful tits pressed hard on my chest and my
homat-serdiya Joey was crammed in between our et bodies.
She then slided her wet lips down my chin … trailing my neck
down with her snaky tongue … when her breasts slided through
my cock, she pressed them inwards to sandwich Joey … I automatically
started a rhythm to tit-fuck this 21yo young apparent innocent
but chio-to-the-bone malay June … by now, I was convinced
that she was definitely no decent next-door girl! And She
was definitely on her own agenda when she volunteered to
follow me to KL … agenda to get FUCKED by ME!!!
June tit-fucked Joey as her tongue darted on my nipples,
left right left right left right … "ssssssllllllluuuuurrrrrrpppppp
…" and "ccccccchhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkk
…" sucking hard on them. Her hands moved lower to cup
my balls and gradually pumped my shaft. Remembering last
night's fantastic blow job, I hardly waited for the
replay and pushed her head lower … and lower … Her fingers
were tickling my balls … as her tongue started to lick my
pee-hole … slurping all over the crown of Joey … then she
proceeded to lick down the shaft … "sssssssssllllllllluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrpppppp
…" she tilted her head sideway (perpendicular to
the shaft) and nibbled the underside of the full length
… "oooooooooo … oooooooohhhhhhhh …" I moaned
and pressed her head closer into my groin. She went lower
… squatting under my crotch, she lifted her head, shut her
eyes from the pouring water and licked the base of Joey …
she licked it fast and wet … I could even tell the wetness
from her talented tongue from the water … "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH
she gulped one ball into her warm mouth and sucked hard!
"Oh FUCK !" my turn to scream. She popped the
ball out and immediately gulped the other one to fill her
fucking hungry mouth. She sucked it so hard that I felt the
testicle being pulled through the skin into her fucking
throat! I knew I would have to unload very soon. I grabbed
her wrists and pulled both her hands up straight above her
head with palms facing outwards … propped her body into
#### degrees so that her ready mouth was in line with my ready
Joey … obviously it was not a stranger-position to her as
she stuck out her tongue to lap on the shaft … I bent slightly
to aim my hard and erected Joey at her mouth …
June opened her eyes … filled completely with lust and fire
... and her fucking mouth wide, the impatient tongue was
waving, to welcome the sweet intruder. I thrusted forward
! In one motion, my entire shaft was stuffed into June's
mouth all the way to the back and I could feeeeeeeel the tightness
of her throat with the tip of my cock!! My balls were slammed
hard on her chin!!! She choked a little but resumed the suction
effect immediately. I did not withdraw … instead I just
rested the length on her tongue and enjoyed her sensational
suction … I let her hands rested on my shoulders and I cupped
my hands behind her head. I knew June is capable of rough
sex and only rough sex will she enjoy … holding her head in
place … I withdrew my cock … 1 inch … 2 inches … 3 inches … 4 inches
… 5 inches … until only 1 inch remained in her mouth … I rammed
the whole length deep into her cavity again in one fucking
stroke!!! Withdrew … rammed … withdrew … rammed … wwwiiiiiiiiitttttttthhhhhhddreeeew
… rrrrrraaaaaaammmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeddddddd … each time
harder and faster than the one stroke before … Good June
… she showed no sign of retracting … she even rhythmically
shook her head against my stronghold back and forth … when
I thrusted forward; so she would to draw me deeper … when
I withdrew; she did likewise to speed up the action … "AAAAAAAAAA
… AAAAAAA … AAAAAAAA …" The tension built up in my balls
were transferred through the shaft and in one mighty SSSSSSHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE
!!!!!!!!!! My load was fired deeeeeeeeep into her throat
… it shot out so fast that I could feel the its flooding her
cavity. June rushed to gulp down as quick and forceful as
possible … too much, some dripped out from corners of her
mouth … nevertheless, she continued to suck hard on my cock
… I held her head tight and resumed my fucking her mouth …
against her sucking … another torrent of come shot forward
just when my Joey slipped out her mouth … it landed square
on her face … she was caught off-guard as the come splashed
over her watery eyes her nose and her pinkish cheeks … the
come was so thick that the shower could not wash away immediately.

She gasped for some air and licked her lips a little before
sucking my softening Joey into her greedy mouth again.
Until the last drop had been sucked and drained off the tip,
she sent my limp Joey out on her tongue … "There goes
my protein for breakfast … heheheheeeee …" she giggled.
We stood still for the water to wash our bodies clean. When
we stepped out of the tub, we starred into each others'
eyes with love and weakened knees.
In no time, we were dressed, ready for the meeting. June
put on a white translucent blouse with a black lacy half-cup
bra inside … when she bent slightly, you might see a fraction
of her a ten-cents coin nipple through the sheer material.
She matched the blouse with a black silky knee-length skirt.
I caressed her butt through the skirt as we stood before
the full length mirror … my both hands cupped her ass cheeks
… she really has a wonderful ass … I complimented. Not to
wrinkle the skirt, I squat to reach under the skirt … my bare
hands hovering on her thigh-back upwards until I felt her
lacy panty. June leaned forward and supported herself
on the mirror. I gently pulled down her panty and she stepped
out of it. I stood up behind her and hugged her. My right index
finger pressed onto her labia and rubbed gently. The silk
material lightly caressed her cunt-lips as I whispered
into her ears, "you are not wearing any thing beneath
the skirt, I want you to remember this feeling all day long
until I could fuck you glorious tonight, inderstand ? …
" with these words, she hmmmmed her obedience and
I could feel her wetness below immediately.
We locked the door and went to attend the meeting.
The Meeting.
There were five others at the meeting. Mr. Yamato, the boss,
sat on one end (Chairman's seat) of the oval shaped
conference table, followed on his right are Carina (Yamato's
Secretary), Mr. Sewana (a Malay partner), Alex (Engineer)
and Selina (the Accounts Manager). June and myself sat
on Yamato's left. June illustrated some important
factors while I prepared for the presentation. She was
playful … I noticed her left hand was on her labia, tracing
her cunt lips through the silk skirt with two fingers, as
she spoke with her usual innocent look on her face. Knowing
that she was naked underneath, I got an instant hard-on.
She was getting aroused too; her breasts seemed expanded
with her nipples pointing through the half cup lacy bra.
I bet they are visible to the spectators opposite. I heard
Alex cleared his throat.
The white board was at the other end of the table. While I
was connecting my laptop … the red track-point mouse reminded
me of something sexy … to the multi-media projector. June
moved closer to operate the laptop as I stood in front of
the white board to speak. When she was facing me, back to
the rest in the room, she playfully pressed her fingers
harder on her pussy till the outline of her cunt lips were
formed on the soft fabric, and gently rubbed her middle
finger into the slit. Her mouth opened a little and her eyes
would half-shut and expressed the fuck-me look. I mastered
all my concentration to carry on … thinking of all the sweet
ways to penis-h her tonight. I could hardly wait, just feel
like stopping the meeting, pulled her by the hair and spread
her across the cunt-ference table, ripped her skirt off
and fucked her sparse-haired pussy brainlessly. Her tongue
would stick out and flipped a few fast lick … to remind me
of what her tongue can do, she then did a swift lapping action
and lightly bit on her lower lips. I dropped my pointer (while
my own pointer raised like a morning flag … along the flagpole).
I excused myself and bend down to pick it up. I half sqarted
and reached under the table. The fucking horny June spread
her legs wide, and her naked cunt was exposed in my face.
Those acts of playfulness had also caused her sex-juice
to flow … the glittering was obvious! Oh boy oh boy, how much
I wished to bury my face there and then in the depth of her
groin, to be lost in the sweet scent of a wet burning dripping
cunt of a young fucking horny malay innocent-looking chio
bu … to lap endlessly on her pinkish clitoris … to stick my
tongue as deep as long as it is into the depth of her vagina

When I reluctantly turned my head away from June's
inviting pussy, I was greeted by another pair of nice long
well-tanned sexy legs, right crossed over the left. They
were wearing a pair of white high heels (about three inches)
with toes exposed. No stockings over the legs … the way I
like it! The nails are well maintained in bright red colour,
no long nails though. They sure made me want to suck and chew
on them like cherries. These are Selina's legs. She
was wearing a tight white executive skirt that reached
three inches above her knees. From my position, I could
easily see a glimpse of the white material covering the
crotch. It must be a G-string … I did not recall seeing any
panty outline surfaced on the tight skirt that cladded
onto her protrude-shapely firm ass. She suddenly uncrossed
her legs and before she crossed her left leg over her right
… oh #### Nature of all living things … I could see clearly
the budge between her legs … swelled up … the puffy cunt lips
were undeniable outlined … there were some strands of pubic
hair … red … peeking out from the side of the G-string … wwwwhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww
… oh boy oh boy … in that fraction of a second … I thought I saw
come dampness between the puffy cunt lips … WET !!!
After what seemed like an eternity under the table, I stood
up to resume my presentation. My hard-on made me rather
difficult to straighten up and I hoped it was not too obvious.
I accidentally took a glance at Selina. She seemed to be
taking notes wit her head down … but the slight blush on her
face hinted to me that what she did under the table was intentional.
I continued with the presentation … and a raging hard-on.

When we broke for a 15min tea break, June, Alex and Sewana
excused themselves to the washrooms and Carina was out
to bring in some refreshments. Then there was a call for
Yamato san and the room was left with only Selina and myself
(hei hei!). I was still wondering if what I saw under the
table earlier was real. Then, she summoned me over to her
side for some queries on my earlier presentation (actually,
I have ONE query about her earlier "presentation"
too ‒ wanna fuck ?) I walked across and stood behind on her
right. I had my right hand supported on the table and my left
hand on the back of her chair. I have seen Selina a couple
of times during my previous visits. She is in her late twenties
and I knew she frequent gym work-up or outdoor activities
a lot as she is athletic built and very well-tanned. If you
have not spoken to her or know her, you might take her as a
Malay. Her face is not my type, I would say, boyish with prominent
cheek-bones that hints about her stuck-up personality
(never confirm). Her lips are full … the upper lip is bent
kind of like the shape of the Chinese character "eight"
(not to the extent of ugliness) and curls upwards. She had
on a bright red lip-colour, matching her finger/toe-nails
colour, that emphasized her lips fuller … and tastier …
yummy! My experience tells me that these lips can SUCK !!
Her hair was trimmed to a cool tom-boy cut. Not my type for
sure, however, her pair of 38CC busts are definitely a knocker
that will counter all her other "weaknesses".
Not to mention her protruding tightly shapely ass … wwhhhheeeeeewww

She was wearing the tight short white skirt with a matching
white tank top, hidden beneath a white business jacket.
She had unbuttoned the jacket to ease sitting down and she
definitely had no problem about giving me the view down
the valley … try to imagine chocolate sundae … maybe with
cherry toppings … I was eager to find out. I peeped tactically
down the opening of the tank-top, which was propped up like
a twin snow-capped mount by her 38CC … the tank-top had merely
covered two-third of her mesmerizing busts which velleyed
a deeeeeeeeep cleavage. I focused as deep … and could not
seem to find any sign of a bra within … I really do not believe
that she was bra-less. From my angle, I could star through
the cleavage and spotted a bit of her tummy flesh in between
her breathings, but there was no sigh of her horizontal
strap across her rib cage! Turning to the tank-top surface,
there was no sign of nipples too! Her busts rose and fell
with every breathe she took, the cleavage … widened … narrowed
… widened … narrowed … in no time, my restless Joey had risen
… trying his best to take a peep himself.
Suddenly, Selina tilted her head to the left and rotated
both her shoulders backwards, relaxing them a bit … her
jacket slipped off and fell back onto the seat. She turned
her head and gave me a slutty look, half shutting her eyes,
with tongue sticking out to sweep-lick across her upper
lips in ultra-slow motion … she glanced over her bare shoulder.
"Why don't you give me a message?" they
seemed to invite. Looking towards the door to check that
nobody was approaching yet, and too damn tempted by this
CFM Accunts (Accounts ??!!) bitch, I moved behind her and
rested both hands on her shoulders. I started soft-pressing
and gripping the muscles on either side of her neck … slowly
but unstoppably, I moved my hands outwards to her upper
arms, gave them a tighter grip and messaged inwards again.
She relaxed her tensed body more … her body leaned back onto
the chair. Wah liao, I got a straight forward complete down
blouse view into her 38CC busts. Her breathing had made
them totally awesome! Getting bolder with more blood rushing
to Joey's "brain", I slided my hands across
her chest … towards the "foot" of the twin peaks.
"HHHhhhmmmmmm … " she let out a sigh of sextifaction
( and a silent encouragement to me as well!). My fingertips
traced along the top of her tank top … for a while … slowly
and definitely unstoppably, creeping through … hhhhmmmmmnnnnn
… no bra … one less obstacle to overcome … the movement of
my fingers under the fabric looks like thousands of worms
crawling … or leopard crawls under the wire-mesh (for those
who understands what I mean … hehehe) … she wriggled in the
chair. I let the hand slide over both nipples and reached
deeeeeper … grabbing both breasts tightly … they fely was
soft but very firm. I moved my hands to the outer-side of
the breasts and pressed inwards, crushing them, the cleavage
became tighter, narrower and deeeeeper. "Ooooooooo
…" she murmured, lifting her face upwards and looked
me in the eyes … half shut … exhaled softly … then her breathes
shortened and quickened … asking for more … I stretched
my fingers to grab the whole breasts … twisting to deform
them … let go and they bounced back to its original pose …
fantastic! I pinched both her nipples with my thumbs and
index fingers … pulled outwards … "AAARRRGGGHHHH
… " … and squeezed and "fine-tuned" them
… "wwwoooooooo …" Aroused by my finger-army advancing to capture the objectives,
Selina's right hand reached behind the chair and grabbed
on my thigh. I shifted so that she could feeeeel Joey through
my pants. She found him! Messaged him!! Squeezed him!!!
Her hands moved lower and cupped my balls … fumbled with
them a little … then traced her index finger along the shaft
… slowly and unstoppably … sensitively caressing the length
… Joey twitched a little … finally, her hand reached the
top, the crown. She pressed her palm onto the crown lightly
and relaxed, have a feel of Joey springing in her grab … then
wrapped her fingers around him, fingertips tracing on
the foreskin and pumped. Even through two layers of materials,
I could feel the heat from her fingertips. In fact, the "roughness"
of my underwear had provided the necessary friction for
excitement. NO WAY … I must feeeeeel her … feeeeeeeeeeeel
her on me! I pulled out right hand, unbuckled my belt and
unzipped my fly. Her hand immediately tugged into my pants,
pushed through the side of my underwear and touched bare
Jooooeeeeyyy … I almost creamed my pants there and then!!!
Selina resumed the same action … only now it was flesh to
flesh. I could feeeeeel het fingertip tickling my pee-hole
… circling over the crown … tracing and caressing the shaft
… and playing marbles with my balls …
My hands were still toying with Selina's 38CC headlights.
Her nipples are about one inch in diameter with tiny pointy
"raisins". My every pinch touch press glide
grip grab caused them to jiggle a little … and the breasts
will bounce like waves … waves of pleasure! Selina wriggled
her body, her legs became wide apart. The skirt was too tight,
she hiked the hem up to easify the widening. The damp white
crotch was exposed. Wait a second … there were worms crawling
beneath the white material … oh FUCK … she was fingering
herself with her other free hand … oh FUCK! Another finger
lingering chick !! Her hand slided through the side of the
G-string and one … maybe two … fingers were inserted into
her pussy. The motion … in out in out in out in out in out in
out in out in out in out in out … was getting faster and faster
… In no time, Selina lifted her butt off the seat, both legs
stretched straight pushing on the ground … her grip on Joey
squeezed and tightened … her breasts expanded like blown
up balloons and tensed under my strong grip … her eyes completely
shut with her loving mouth wide opened for air … she CCCCCCCAAAAAAMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!
I could see her legs twicthced a couple of times, in sync
with her pulsing grip on Joey and gasping for more air … FUCK!
She sure knew how to enjoy.
Feeling deserted, I yanked my cock away from her grip and
swept her chair aside from her lifted butt. Grapping her
breasts from two sides had locked her arms as well; I forcefully
bent her forward onto the table. Her tank-top slipped when
I strongly pulled my right hand out. I leaned onto her back,
pressing her bare breasts flat on the cunt-ference table
and whispered into her ears … "I'm going to FUCK
you … you fucking cock teaser … itchy bitchy pussy right
MEEEEEEE … fuck my pussy … FUCK MY CUNT !" she was gasping.
"But make sure you FUCK ME HARD … HARD … FUCK ME GOOD
AND HARD !!" That's all the encouragement I needed.

I flipped her skirt up and pulled the G-string aside. Joey
was all set to march in … NO … that shall not be! I shall RAM
her cunt in one stroke … ONE FUCKING BRUTAL STROKE to the
she cried out from the thrust. The brutal ENTRY was so powerful
that her entire body thrusted forward, frictioned across
the table … the back of my left hand still grabbing on her
left breast must have bruised from cushioning her breast
… FUCK, I think even her firm right breast will bruise! I
withdrew and rammed, withdrew and rammed, withdrew and
rammed, withdrew and rammed, relentlessly into her wet
wET, WET cunt, wet from her own earlier come juice. Thrust
after thrust, I sent her bare breast polishing the cunt-ference
table … Funny, I thought, I did not even know how her pussy
looks like and I am ramming in and out for all its worth. Oh
what the FUCK! When you gotta RAM, you gotta RAM RAM and RAM
!!! That's what I was doing, my left hand crammed between
Selina's left 38CC and the table … my right hand on her
hip still cladded in the tight white short business skirt
… my cock buried deeeeeeeeper into her pusssssy with each
thrust and rammmm … the entire shaft lubricated by her come
juice … every thrush brought her labia banging against
the edge of the table … "AH! AH! AH! … AH! AH! … AH! AH!
AH! AH! AH! … AH! AH! …" it was totally primitive … no
love … no emotion … no feeling … just pure RAM … pure PUMP …
pure THRUST … pure FUCK … pure SEX … just PURE RAMMING PUMPING
THRUSTING FUCKING SEX !!! Selina was also actively pushing
back against my every thrush and ram, drawing me deeeeeeeeper
into her vaginal depth … eager for me to pierce her womb.

I grabbed hard on her left breast and roughly pulled her
backwards into my groin. I wanted to see those dancing knockers
again … see how they swing with my thrust … swing with my rhythm
of FUCK! We backed until her breasts were freed from rubbing
on the table; the nipples were bruish red and swelled up
like cherry … I held tightly on her waist and pumped my cock
furiously in long strokes. Her 38CC boobs now danced freely,
bouncing back and forth, in sync with the fucking rhythm.
Selina turned around and looked at me with flames in her
I leaned forward, using my entire body weight to thrust
into her … both hands reached below her body and grabbed
her bouncing breasts … squeezing pulling distorting her
breasts with my every thrusting forward … cha cha … cha cha
cha … one two … one two three … two long strokes and three fast
thrusts … cha cha … cha cha cha … one two … one two three … cha
cha … cha cha cha … one two … one two three … two long strokes
and three fast thrusts … and … cha cha cha cha cha cha cha …
the tempo increased … cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha
cha cha cha cha cha cha …… my fingertips were digging into
her breasts flesh and my cock was pumping all the way in iN
IN IN IN IN IN ! … CHA CHA CHAAAAAA … I was about to unload in
her when …
"Joe, " her sexy coarse voice sounded. "Are
you OK ?" Of course, never better, are you sore ?
"Joe, " she repeated. Oh FUCK ! What was I doing

I opened my eyes … my right hand was still on the table … right
… my left hand was still on the back of her seat … right … Joey
was still in the pants, though hard and yelling to break
free … RIGHT! Selina was still sitting in her seat … her jacket
was still over her shoulders … the inviting cleavage was
still awesome … RIGHT !! She had turned lifted her head to
star at me (I hoped I was not drooling onto her neck, oh boy
oh boy! Thirty something … and still having wet fantasies
during work … … hhmmmmnnn … must be still going STRONG man
"Yea, you were saying …" I tried to compose myself.
"I was wondering …" Before I could finish my sentence, surprise Selina tugged
her elbow backwards onto my bursting Joey and rubbed a little
… Fuck man, stop or I will cream … she rotated her elbow softly
on Joey …
"Looks like you are not paying attention …"
she teased. Oh gal, I was paying attention … just attended
to the wrong thing. "Is this what you're looking
at?" saying that, her left hand raised to tug at her
tank-top, tracing the boundary sexily … my eyes widened
… dipping two fingers into the boundary … my eyeballs popped
… she was starring at my disbelieving puzzled look and stroking
my cock with her right elbow. Man, I couldn't tell the
reality from the fantasy …
"Don’t miss it now …" she teased further as she
curled up her fingers to wedge-open her tank-top … buar-liap
… nieo buar-liap … half her right breast was in clear view
now … "you want more …" yea FUCK! Does a small
boy want candy? I felt so much to rip off the tank-top and
feast on those 38CC boobs!
Selina reached deeeeeeeeper into her top and propped up
her fingers … her eyes locked onto mine … and smiled at my
child-like eagerness … definitely, no bra ! … like what
I had imagined … just not so sure how the nipples do not show
… was she not excited enough to erect her nipples? Her hands
clasped her right breast for a second or two underneath
the tank-top … of SHIT OH SHIT SHIT SHIT, I could not see the
tip, the TIP, man ! … she seemed like peeling something off
her right nipple.
"There, this is for your souvenir, " her hands
withdrew from her top … I still could not get a clear view
of the fucking TIP! … and handed something to me while I was
still starring at her concealed breasts. I blankly received
the thing … it was a brownish round patch.
Selina stood up and whispered into my ears. "I stick
this on my nipples so that they are not as revealing … I don't
like to wear bra ..." (me either!) … and as if she could
read my mind, "by the way, they are 39CC. " and
she bit my ear lope before whooshing away and out of the door.

I stood there totally stunned. The nipple patch in my hand
proved that I was not dreaming … I brought it to my nose and
drew in a deep breathe … oh FUCK … another short-listed fucking
bitch to FUCK!!! June returned and asked provocatively
if everything was OK. I wondered if she knew or saw anything
earlier. I was however very keen to ask her to get on her knees
and suck me off … but that had to wait, the rest had returned
… after all, I was there for business. The rest of the meeting
was fine. Selina did not return as she had an urgent call
from her DAUGHTER to go home immediately. Yamato san had
invited us to a local club that evening. Tired as I was and
as much as I wanted to share the night with June privately,
June and I accepted the invitation.
Cuming next:-- Read about the hot club … and young Carina
sucked up to her boss … and I do mean SUCK … and of course, my
FUCtastic SEXtisfaying night with the 10 year younger
Malay innocent- next-door-girl-looking chio-to-the-bone
June … steamy and hot … honestly, I was on MC the next day because
of her.
6:30pm, June and myself headed back to our hotel to change
for the night-out with Yamato. On the way, both of us were
horny … I was actually driving all the way with a "shift
gear" between my legs. June was playfully stroking
my thigh and her other hand gradually massaged her pussy
… which was totally naked under that black silk skirt … slowly,
she lifted the front and exposed her sparse-haired pussy.
I could hardly concentrate on driving … she was all the time
looking ahead as if nothing was happening, but her cheeks
blushed with quickened breathes … her fingers, two, had
disappeared in her cunt and her other hand was stroking
my bulged groin … tightening and relaxing the grip … I reached
down to unzip and immediately felt her warm touch over the
impatient pee-hole, crown and shaft … she was pumping Joey
to the rhythm of her own pumping …
The distance was too short for both of us to come … we hurried
with our clothing and rushed into the lift. Once inside,
she pressed her lips on mine and we frenched as we fumbled
with each other's vital parts … I had my left hand on
her breast , palm twisting her sensitive nipple; my right
hand reached behind her ass and finger-rimmed her crank;
her one hand was grapping my balls and rolled them like marbles
while her other hand gently pumped the shaft. When the door
opened at our floor, we rushed lie rabbits in heat to our
rooms … I went in first, June followed and she turned to lock
the door once she stepped in. Before she could turn around
… I had dropped the pants and underwear to my ankles and pinned
her to the door with my whole body … Joey was like a mighty
knight waving his Excalibur sword, the head glittering
with pre-come … June was taken by surprise, but she pushed
back vigorously with her hands supported on the door. She
arched her back like a bow full drawn and backed her ass into
my groin … I pressed my left forearm onto her back to pin her
and my right hand reached lower to flip up her skirt … nothing
beneath the skirt, just her totally exposed naked wet sparse-haired
pussy, wet and ready to be fucked !
My cock was pressing hard on her bare ass. Like a missile
armed with heat-seeking device targeting at her hot opening
… "target in visual" … "locked on"
engaged … IMPACT!" … no gentle probing … no tickling
… no teasing … no sensual slowness … no mercy … JUST ONE FUCKING
"Fuck you, Joe .." she exclaimed. "FUCK
ME FUCK ME FUCK ME …" I held still for a moment to savor
her torrential come gushing on my cock during that ONE HARD
PENETRATION ! The stimulating alternating grip-and-relax
of her cunt wall was simply fantastic … "YES! I … AM
… GO … ING … TO … FUCK … U … HARD … HARD … AND … HARD … -ER …"
I punctuated my sentence alongside the impactful shoveling
into her … all the while pinning her tighter and tighter
to the wall … when I withdrew, I withdrew till only the crown
was clammed between her cunt lips and I pushed it all the
way in until my balls slammed her ass-cheeks … if she has
not enjoyed it, it would have been legally described as
!!! "LIKE … IT … U … TEAS- … ING … BITCH … U … FUCK-
… ING … HOR-… NY … BITCH!" I continued slamming into
her with banging on the door … "YES! YES! YES! YES!
June became vocal as well as vulgar …
I yanked her off the door and turned her around … my cock was
still burying deep in her come-filled pussy … she was bent
to a #### degree pose and was half crawling with both hands
on the floor … I cock-push her like a wheel-barrow, jerking
her forward with every step … she managed to reach the sofa
and supported herself grabbing the armrest … once she had
steadied herself, I grabbed her by her small waist and resumed
my hardcore penetration … I THRUSTED I RAMMED I PUMPED I
forward thrust pushed her higher over the back of the sofa
… I leaned forward to press her body bent over the back of
the sofa, so the that her head was lower (behind the sofa)
than her ass … and her ass was sticking up high in the air …
I could see her cunt lips red like chilly tightly engulfed
my cock … come … juice … her wetness were all mess-up and gushed
out when my cock pulled back … I gripped her thighs with fingers
dug into the flesh and tore her legs further apart … "AAAAAARRRRRR
… FUCK … U … JOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE … FUCK … seeing her pussy stretched
around my Joey's relentless pumping (one advice to
those who fuck without seeing the action, YOU ARE JUST DUMPED
TIME YOU FUCK YOUR GAL … WATCH!), I could feel my own load
building up … I stepped onto the sofa seat and I steadied
one hand on her ass and I … I … I … I PILE-DRIVEN INTO HER … IN
"YO, June … I … I … com … com … COM … " I gring my the
whole length deep buried in her cunt and " … COM … COMMMMMIIIIIINNNGGGGGG
!!!" I screamed as I burst my warm seeds into her depth.
She yelled and grasped for air … as if my load had shot all
the way "down" to her mouth and flood her throat
from the other end. Her cunt walls contracted and milked
my cock as she experienced another major orgasm!
I held her still in that pose for a while, both drowning into
the hot steaming sex we just had … yes … nothing emotional
… just pure SEX … like a dog doing another bitch. After quite
sometime, I lifted her up … she was still gasping for air
… her face radiated the just-fucked glory … immediately,
she hugged me tight and pressed her lips hard onto mine …
few minutes later … "Thank you … thanks … Joe … you are
wonderful !" she licked my earlobes as she pronounced.
My hands wrapped around her and my hands were gently caressing
her red ass-cheeks (I spanked her a little while I pile-drive
her … and feeling her dripping cunt …
We went into shower together … I laid still in the tub and
June washed me all over … spending, of course, more time
and effort at Joey, my faithful cock. We got changed and
left for Yamato's invitation. Needless to say … June's
pussy was completely naked beneath her dress …
When we were circulating around in the carpark looking
for a lot, we spotted Yamato's S320 parked head in.
We u-turned up the slope and reversed into a lot. June alighted
and went behind the vehicle to see if there was space at the
rear and she gasped in surprise. I joined her and we could
not believe what we saw. The lot we reversed into was directly
facing Yamato's car and since we were at half-floor
higher, we could see into his car through his wind-screen.
Yamato was sitting at the driver's seat, arched back
facing the car-ceiling, and his mouth was wide-opened
catching air … it was clear that his breathes were short
and fast … both his hands were pressing on a head that looked
glued to his groin. The head had long hair that was tied into
a knot. It was pressed hard into Yamato's groin and
we could not see her face. The cock-sucker was wearing a
spaghetti-strapped bared-back red dress that exposed
her entire back. Her back was just marvelous … white as snow
… smooth like milk … flawless … seamless … and the u-cut of
the provocative red dress strongly emphasized her back
all the way down to just the top of her ass-crank. She must
be doing magic to Yamato's cock with her mouth or tongue
because Yamato's expression was totally SSSSSSHHHHIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOKKKKKKKED
! As he pressed hard on her head, he also lifted his ass to
thrust as high as his old fragile back could sustain (Yamato
is about late 50's of age). June reached behind and
grabbed me, instead she felt my instant hardness and stroked
him. I tugged at her and we hurried into the back of the Odyssey
… we leaned over the back seat and continued our voyeurism.
The tinted rear wind-screen provided a perfect cover for
us in case Yamato looked up. Yamato was toying her hair till
the knot went loose. Her soft black hair draped over the
head and groin like a black jellyfish. Her hand was sticking
below his groin … I think she was playing mambo-jumbo with
his marbles. Yamato's hand soon went tracing her bare
back … started with her neck, small, fair, smooth … his thumb
and index finger coiled to lightly pinched her spine … gliding
downward … his other hand pushed on her spaghetti strap,
trying to slide it off her shoulder. He tried and tried and
tried … but her arm was crammed in between to hinder his pleasure.
At this time, I was raging hard and I climbed behind June
who was totally sex-fixed to the scene. Actually, we saw
no other flesh than her bare back … but the scene was just
too steamy … sometimes you don't have to see any nakedness
to steam man! I was poking June's rear with my hardness
through my pants and her dress.
Suddenly, the woman yanked her head back, fling her hair
to a side as she took in a deep breath … my cock extended an

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