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Wild night


A couple spends the night out playing pool, having a few drinks together laughing and flirting with each other. While playing pool there making subtle comments to one another. Stopping to kiss and touch each other passionately. While Kate is lining up to take a shot, John walks up behind her and puts his hand on Kate's butt, bending over to kiss jars ear making Kate miss her shot. Now it's johns turn to take a shot and as he lines up his shot. Kate walks up and slides her hand down the front of his jeans, squeezing her hand slightly, bending over and whispering in his ear that she wants him. The couple finishes there game and walks out to their car to head home.

Once the couple reaches the car John goes to open the door for Kate but instead pins her back to the car, grabs the back of her head and kisses Kate, making out for a little while, Kate's hands rubbing the outside of johns jeans over hit crotch, johns hand grabbing and massaging Kate's boobs and nipples. Then John opens the car the door and Kate gets in. By now Kate is so turned on while driving home she unzips johns pants and grabs johns cock to start stroking it slowly, playing with the tip turning John on as much as possible before they get home.

As they walk up to the door holding hands, He opens the door and let's Her walk in first. He shuts the door and grabs Her hand pulling her back to him then pinning her to the wall, left hand holding her jaw kissing her lips, turning her head softly kissing, gently biting her neck and eat lobes. While his right hand slides up her leg to her butt grabbing and lifting her, while She wraps her legs around his waist. She pulls his shirt off over his head. She starts kissing his neck running her hands along his chest. He pulls the straps to her dress off sliding her dress down to her waist, taking her bra off. Pulling Her hair back kissing her neck down to her nipples. Licking, sucking, gently biting and pulling away slowly as She moans in pleasure with every nibble.

He then puts her down and plus her dress and thong off. Softly Kissing down her stomach, hip bone and leg, back up the other leg kissing Her pussy and a little lick to tease her then back up her stomach to her lips. Then she softly and passionately kisses down his chest, hip bone. Pulling his pants and boxers off, while kissing the head of his cock licking back to his stomach back up to his lips. He then picks her up but upside down while She wraps her legs around his head and He starts eating Her out while She sucks, licks and strokes johns cock.. She moans with every lick of her pussy, cumming on his face, while gagging on johns cock.

He lays Her on the couch face down over the arm rest. Takes his cock and teases Her with the tip rubbing it against her clit sliding the tip in her pussy and pulling it out. She begs him for his cock, then he slides it in slow and deep bottoming out as She moans and begging for harder. He starts thrusting his cock in and out as deep and hard as he can. She starts screaming yes, yes just like that, don't stop. He goes faster and harder. She starts cumming over and over again. He then pulls out sitting on the couch. She sits on him with her back to him, feet on the couch leaning her back against his chest. She then starts bouncing on him while he rubs her clit as she bounces on him until she cums again.

Then She turns around to ride him slowly, passionately kissing Him on the lips and neck sliding her pussy up and down on his cock. He then grabs Her hips, holding her and starts thrusting from the bottom. His balls slapping her ass with every thrust. She's moaning loudly, then she squirts all over his cock. She then kneels in front of him sucking his cock taking it as deep as she can, he holds her head down til she gags doing that multiple times. She strokes his cock while sucking on his balls til he is about to cum, then starts sucking letting John cum in her mouth swallowing every drop, sucking on his cock til it goes down. Then they lay arm in arm falling asleep cuddling.

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