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Wild end of a diving day


We paddled out into the middle of the bay in our rental boat
and dropped the anchor, watching the line pay out, when
it stopped, I tied it off making sure the boat wasn't
going anywhere, then I turned back to Maria and nodded that
we were ready, so we started to re-check the gear, especially
the tanks, once the gear was ready we got dressed in our “shorty”
wet suits, I watched as Maria peeled out of her T-Shirt and
shorts revealing her body to me while joking about having
sex underwater would be great.

Maria laughed letting my eyes wander appreciatively over
her body as she pulled on her wet suit, once we were ready,
we looked at each other, sat on the transom of the boat, and
back-rolled off, one after the other.

Once I hit the water, I moved away from the boat to give Maria
room to get into the water, when I was clear of the drop area,
I turned around, first hearing the muffled sound of a splash,
then seeing the large cloud of bubbles in the water, I knew
Maria had jumped in the water too and she soon came gliding
out of the bubbles to hover there beside me in water, watching
Maria I waited until she signalled that she was okay, then
I pointed downward and we started slowly gliding down into
the depths. [image] The sun was shining and we were in very clear water, the visibility
was incredible and the water was really warm, looking to
my right, I could clearly see the anchor for the boat, so
swimming over to it, to check on how it was holding, I turned
away from Maria as she was doing well, and the water was so
clear, then after inspecting the anchor, I turned and started
swimming back to her, casually looking around me as I went,
there was more plant life than I had expected, with huge
schools of fish, thaw was definitely a great sight.

Reaching Maria, she got my attention as she motioned for
me to head for the bottom, when we were both kneeling on the
sand, I watched surprised as she removed the weight belt,
so she was slightly buoyant, then reaching up to her throat,
she grabbed the long zipper that held her wet suit closed
and pulled it down, struggling slightly, she removed her
wet suit and rolled it up, then she strapped her weight belt
around it to hold it on the bottom of the lake and once she
removed the wet suit, she was as close to neutral buoyancy
as you could get.

Doing that it revealed the red bikini she was wearing under
the suit, turning to me, she motioned that I should do the
same, thinking about it, I realized she was right, so, holding
my regulator firmly in my mouth, I removed my weight belt,
placing it across my lap, then, I began to remove my wet suit
too, it was a struggle, but with patience and some work,
I got it off so we both were just with our bathing suit and
our masks.

Holding on to it, I wrapped my wet suit in the weight belt,
correctly assuming I wouldn't need the weight, but
the suit would, in order to keep it on the bottom, seeing
what I was doing, Maria did the same with her wet suit and
weight belt, once we were ready, we swam over to the anchor
line, and tied our suits to it, that way we would be able to
find them later.

While I was busy tying my suit to the line, I happened to glance
at Maria's wet suit and there was something red on it,
that caught my eye, looking closer, I noticed a piece of
cloth that looked like a bathing suit bottom, so looking
around at Maria, who was hovering behind and slightly above
me, I noticed she wasn't wearing anything other than
her dive gear, then looking further up her body, I could
see her smiling around her regulator, pointing towards
me, she motioned I should join her in this nude diving.

Liking the idea, I too was soon wearing only my gear, so we
were ready to continue with our nude dive, checking our
consoles, we saw we still had plenty of air, and we chose
a direction, swimming along, we glided above undulating,
sandy bottom of the sea, enjoying the beautiful sight of
the fishes and the abundant vegetation while feeling the
movement of the water as it swept across my body. [image2] Looking ahead, I saw Maria had passed me, looking closer,
I could see that the water was also having an effect on her
as the lips of her pussy were suspiciously puffy, and slightly
spread, allowing me to glimpse her inner lips every now
and then as her legs worked in slow steady kicks, so increasing
my kicks slightly, I swam up beside her, looking closely,
I could see how her nipples were hard, liking the looks of
them, I reached out and fondled her breasts.

Startled by that sudden attention, Maria stopped and looked
over at me and the effect of my touches was instantly obvious
to her, reaching down she firmly but gently grabbed hold
of my hard cock, then removing her regulator for a second,
she smiled at me, and then licked her lips, after replacing
the regulator she rolled over swinging her legs, so they
were straddling my hard cock, then pulling gently, she
guided me into her warm pussy.

And there I was, behind Maria with my cock wedged firmly
inside her, grasping first her hips, then her tank, I slowly
pushed my way further inside her, until finally my cock
was completely inside her pussy, and we were floating in
total weightlessness, nude but for our dive gear, and getting
it on.

Gently, I pushed on her tank, and felt myself slowly sliding
out of her, before I had come out completely, I pulled again,
sliding my way back in, and was obviously Maria was enjoying
it as I could hear faint moans coming through her regulator,
suddenly I felt a hand on my balls, I looked down and I saw
she had reached down and was alternately playing with herself
and with me.

After doing that for a while, Maria turned once again without
letting me slip out of her until she was facing me, then wrapping
her legs around my hips, she laid out straight, seeing that
I grasped her hips, and pulled her to me, liking the feel
of that, and wanting me even deeper than I was, Maria slowly
released her grip on me, and spread her legs, giving more
room to my cock, so alternately pushing and pulling her,
I was soon sliding deep inside her pussy again.

That time I could watch as her breasts were swept back and
forth by the movement of the water, which was amazing, we
were having sex naked underwater and we didn't have
to worry about gravity's effect on our positions,
after trying several more different positions, we again
went back to the face-to-face method and soon, we were riding
each other to orgasm.

I could feel the walls of her pussy first tremble, than clamp
down on me when she started having an orgasm, the feeling
of her pussy getting even tighter than normal brought me
to the edge, and with a muffled roar, I let loose deep inside
of her, floating there, we rested with me inside her, in
complete bliss. [image3] After several minutes, I could recover enough to wonder
about our air, looking at my gauge, I saw I had about three
quarter of a tank left, then reaching out, I grabbed her
console and checked her air, about the same, then my eyes
began to refocus on her shining breasts under the water,
Maria noticed it and smiled around her regulator as my fingers
gently twisted her erect nipples, and my breathed quickened
as I brushed over her nipples with my thumbs, I could hear
the stream of bubbles increased from her exhalations and
there was no mistaking Maria was again on state of excitement.

I worked over her breasts and my hands cupped and massaged
them while we kept floating freely in the water, rhythmically,
I took her nipples and rolled them between my skilled fingers,
and at the same time Maria reached down between my legs and
began to stroke my cock as I dropped one hand down her pussy
and began gently rubbing her clit through the suit, I watched
as Maria began to grind against the palm of my hand and moaned
loudly into her regulator as another orgasm washed over

I too was panting heavily as Maria relentlessly stimulated
me, I saw a wicked smile spread around her regulator as her
hand began to stroke my throbbing cock, then Maria lowered
again to the sandy bottom kneeling forward and slipped
her regulator from her mouth and quickly sucked my cock
into her mouth, Maria then alternated taking deep breaths
from her regulator to suck harder on my cock.

Maria flashed me a smile and resume breathing, my cock floats
freely, full and erect in the water, she continued breathing
and her hand wrapped around my cock and stroked it firmly
causing several silky strings of pre-cum to escape into
the water, I look down and watch as her fingers stroked my
hard cock, she rubbed the tip against her breasts and get
the last of the pre-cum off of my cock head before replacing
her regulator with my thick cock into her working lips and
pumped and squeezed my cock with wonderful swirling sensations.

I began to float upward slightly while maneuverer my buoyant
body so that I could do an underwater 69 ballet with her,
I remove my regulator as my face floats along her body, my
lips fastened on her aureoles and my tongue swirled around
her erect nipples, I gagged slightly and reached for my
regulator, I forgot to exhale again and I felt like a bumbling
fool, but I was determined to pleasure Maria as well underwater
as we do on the surface.

Maria stopped to breath momentarily, but I could feel her
lips wrapped tightly around the tip of my cock quickly,
her mouth sealed tight as she sucked first lightly and then
with more power, I felt her fingers gripped at the base of
my cock as her palm cupped my scrotum and her fingers rolled
and massaged my balls as Maria took another breath from
her regulator. [image4] Again I felt her lips wrapped tightly around my cock, I took
a few deep breaths as I floated around and moved my face to
her pussy, her lips were already parted and seemed to ache
for my touch, I decided to tease Maria back a little and removed
my regulator, then I extend it until it was pressed against
her flushed pussy lips and I hold it firmly against her wet
pussy, long gust of bubbles shoot deep inside her labia
and I fastened my lips around her clit alternating on sucking
it and taking a few breaths off of the regulator.

I replaced it in my mouth and savoured her taste that has
been smeared on the mouthpiece, then I felt her mouth swallowed
me once more, bobbing smoothly back and forth on my rigid
cock, I took a deep breath of canned air and pushed my face
against her pussy again and slowly I licked her pussy lips
until small ribbons of her excitement flowed out of her
pussy hole and I could feel my balls tighten.

I kept her regulator from Maria and her eyes grew wide in
her mask as she exhaled a large blooming bubble around my
cock, I thrusted my hips against her shoulders and she took
me deep inside her throat as I urged to not stop and breathe,
her lungs were burning as Maria released for some more air,
then she went back on sucking, licking and bobbing my cock,
my nearly orgasm was building until I couldn’t control
it and I shuddered in the water as I released it, then I pulled
Maria tight to my face and drove my tongue twirling it up
inside her as I pushed my cock against her throat and I started

Maria swallowed the first stream of my thick cum, but she
needed air and pulled away from my erupting cock and grabbed
her regulator from me with both hands, when she regained
her composure her hand returned to my still spurting cock
and milked the remaining load into the water, while my tongue
continued to twirl against her clit, then I slide a finger
deep inside her pussy, then I started some moves in and out
of her pussy and soon her body was flailing in the water under
another intense orgasm as I nibbled her clit a couple more
times before going for air.

As we finished we relaxed in the water and started to hit
neutral buoyancy, the surface was far above and the sandy
bottom was almost beyond sight, I looked into Maria’s
eyes and I could see her smile through her mask as she had
righted herself and wrapped her legs around my hips, I tried
to point to the gauges, but Maria just smiled and started
to grind against my cock faster and faster.

I tried to get Maria to focus but she started bucking her
hips, it caused my hips to return her grind and soon my cock
was fully erect again, a massive erection shot upward into
her gyrating lap and my cock quickly slide again into her
pussy, then I began moaning loudly and pumping up inside
her with reckless abandon, Maria locked her legs around
me to hold the angle and grinded out another wild orgasm,
I was breathing in rapid breaths as my body tensed up and
I exploded in a convulsive shudder while moaning deeply
into my regulator, and then a large rush of bubbles rose
from my regulator as my warm cum sprayed deep inside and
against the walls of Maria’s pussy while she hold on for
the ride. [image5] We were both in pure ecstasy, moaning loudly, gushing exhaust
bubbles, my hands rubbing her floating breasts and tight
clenching ass as Maria continued to ride out my cock's
eruption, she was almost convulsing as I felt her orgasm
subside, and finally our breathing slowed and once again
I checked the air and we were getting lower than I liked,
looking at hers, I saw she had about the same amount as I did,
so pointing to the air gauges, I motioned we should start
our ascent but we were not alarmed as we still had some air
left in our tanks, I motioned it was time for us to head back,
signalling that she understood, she grabbed my hand and
lead me up the ladder to the surface then we slowly swam back
to the anchor line, knowing we had to, but not wanting that
interlude to end.

Too soon for me, we were back at the anchor and looking at
our suits, anyway we began to worry about air, Maria shrugged
and pointed up, after a slow and steady ascent up the anchor
line, we reached the boat and popping my head up for a look,
I saw there were no other people around, so helping Maria
out of her gear, I got her into the boat, then handed up all
of the gear, including mine, needless to say, the view I
was getting as she leaned over the gunwale, then bent over
in the boat to set gear down, had my whole-hearted approval.

Soon enough, I climbed into the boat with her and wee lean
back against the floor of the boat and giggled, I looked
down at Maria’s cunt I could have sworn that it was getting
wetter again by the way as it was glistening, so I giggled
and asked if she needed and help with it.

“No, ” came the slightly cross reply and then she apparently
lost her nerve and pulled her bikini back up saying that
the game was over, with that Maria went inside the cabin
as I started putting my shorts back on and feeling a little
disappointed, I said that it was time to start back and heard
her agree from inside the cabin, so I started the engine,
cast off, and started rowing back to the dock, then Maria
came back out still wearing her bikini top but had put some
shorts on and held a can of beer for me saying that she was
sorry that she had lost her nerve and hoped that I understood.

We had a two seater bench chair to sit on and Maria came up
and sat next to me, she opened my beer and handed it to me and
then turned to refill her wine glass, once that was done
she snuggled up to me and started apologising again, I said
that if she wanted to apologise she could do it properly
and start rubbing my cock again, Maria burst out laughing
and said, “You don’t give up easily, do you? Wasn’t
it enough for you?”

Still laughing Maria reached down and slipped her hand
into my shorts, I became very hard very quickly and she rubbed
it until it started throbbing, we sat like that for a while
and then I reached down and slid my hand into the front of
her shorts and into her bikini bottoms thinking that she
would resist my attempt to return the favour, happily she
didn’t but instead allowed me to start rubbing her cunt,
which felt very wet.

After a while Maria started squirming in her seat and looked
hot and flustered, I asked if she wanted me to stop and she
said that she’d kill me if I did it, I took this as an obvious
sign to be bolder and gently pushed a finger inside her pussy,
she nearly jumped off our seat, which made me laugh.

“That tickles, ” Maria said giggling so I pushed two
fingers inside her pussy as she kept up a steady pumping
action on my cock and I felt that familiar sensation just
before my cum starting to arrive, I told her that if she kept
that up I would cum there and then, Maria looked at me and
boldly told me to wait while she got some tissues, she reached
over and broke one piece of tissue off a roll and said, “OK
then cum for me.”

I was honestly speechless, that was surely not what I was
expecting, but then Maria pulled my shorts to one side just
as another boat appeared and pulled my cock out of its hiding
place, she hold the tissue in front of my cock and started
rubbing faster and faster, I told her that the boat was coming
and she just replied laughing that it was not the only thing
that was going to cum. [image6] A familiar sensation was rising in my balls and Maria was
transfixed looking at the end of my cock, as the other boat
passed us I waved with my spare hand, Maria stopped momentarily
but squeezed my cock slightly harder which was enough to
force me to cum and I started spewing blob after blob of cum
into her tissue lined hand, Maria just kept looking intently
at it pumping out my hot sticky cum again and again, then
the other boaters thumbed us up, they were two tanned middle
age men and they were on the edge of the boat as they did it
pass very close to ours, and I was surely enough they could
noticed what we were up to!

Once I had finished Maria carefully wrapped the tissue
up but spilt a little on her hands, she licked some off her
finger and then got another piece of tissue and wiped my
cock off, I asked her to clean it with her mouth but Maria
just tutted and went to throw the tissues away, I asked her
if she wanted me to make her cum too and she smiled broadly
and said that that was her general idea, so I shoved my hand
down her shorts only to find no bikini bottoms, Maria had
removed them when she went to throw the tissues away, so
my fingers went swiftly to work on her cunt and I soon had
her moaning and squirming.

Despite our previous underwater fuck session, Maria was
very wet and started rubbing my cock again as I rubbed her
clit, she started to completely relax and leaned back in
our chair while my cock started to harden again and she asked
surprised, “How’s that possible?”

I replied laughing that she knew very well a repeat was normal
for me and I could cum again within a few minutes, but surely
enough not with the same amount of cum as when my previous
cum sessions, Maria couldn’t answer as she started to
cum herself, she went very quiet and started humping my
hand and moving up and down my fingers, within seconds her
body started shaking as she was cumming and just saying
“ho, yes, ho, Hummmm”.

My cock was again hard as hell as Maria was quietly coming
down from her orgasm, then she noticed my hardness and suggested
giggling that she could make me cum again, I said I was up
for it and she started to rub my cock again, I said that I would
like her to stop and make me cum in a different way, she started
laughing and then asked me what I had in mind, and I was almost
sure she probably thought I was going to ask her to give me
a blow job, and then teasing her I asked her to guess.

Her first guess was a blow job and I said no, her second was
a foot job and I said no, her third guess was for me to cum between
her tits, which she knew very well I love to do, but again
I said no, then Maria started to laugh and asked if I meant
that I wanted to fuck her again, to which I replied with a
big smile, “Yes!”

Maria thought for a moment and then she broke into a smile
again and asked what I had in mind, I just answered that I
want to fuck her doggy style and she just nodded while turned
to walk into our cabin and I asked what she thought she was

Maria looked confused at first, then she realised that
I wanted to fuck her outside in the cockpit, she laughed
and looked around just to be sure we didn’t have any other
boats coming close to us, as the other one did before, as
she confirmed we were alone on the bay and all boats were
docked, she knelt down on the deck, immediately I slipped
her shorts off and pulled her top off too, then I knelt down
behind her and asked if she was ready for a good fucking to
which she replied, “Ok I want to see if you can do it again,
just go on then, get it over with.”

I started rubbing her pussy again with my fingers and she
started to get very wet again, then I withdraw for my cock
and started rubbing my semi hard cock up and down along her
pussy lips, Maria started moving back and forth in time
with me, what made my cock harder again, and then slightly
she shoved back at me and my cock slipped all the way inside
her pussy with one fast slippery movement, my dick started
to throb quickly and then Maria turned her head to look at
me smiling away with a big grin on her face as she asked if
I was happy now and I just winked with lust filled eyes and
said, “Oh yes. That’s a great end for a diving day.”
[image7] As I was fucking Maria, she reached under and started to
rub my balls, the feeling of a near cum started to rise again
and I mentioned that if she continued I’d be pumping cum
inside her sooner than she had bargained for, Maria stopped
moving for a second or two and then started again but with
more hard strokes, so I gladly could feel she was enjoying
the moment, I reached around and started rubbing her tits
which she loved and when I tweaked her nipples she bucked
even harder, it wasn’t long before I started pumping
load after load of hot cum into her pussy and she was shaking
as well under a powerful orgasm.

After we had both finished cumming I just waited and watched
as she tried to move away to get cleaned up, then we nearly
had a heart attack as the mobile phone suddenly rang, we
stayed motionless like dazzled rabbits as I answered the
call, it was from the dock where we had rent the boat asking
if our day was going ok, I pulled Maria back down on all fours
while talking to them, and my cock started to harden once
again, while the guy on the phone was telling our time was
almost over and it was time to return back.

I kept talking with him on the phone while started shoving
my re-hardened cock, that time not into her pussy but inside
her ass, Maria felt the change and looked back at me with
a huge grin on her face, and without lose any time I started
pounding in and out of Maria’s ass while kept spoking
on the phone, it felt so excited but so funny at the same time,
but the call ended before I could cum again, Maria said she
was sure I couldn’t cum again, so I pounded her ass the
wildest and strongest I could as she squeezed my balls again
to help me to cum, and within a few minutes I exploded again
inside her ass, to be honest, not any stream of cum, but the
enough for Maria feel it.

We both stood up to clean ourselves off, Maria cleaned herself
off first and then surprised me by bending down and sucking
my cock clean, and when she had finished she said that she
thought I would have disappointed her and couldn’t cum
the last time, but as I did it she wanted to reward me sucked
my dick one last time that day.

It was only after a quick kiss that we were able to again get
dressed, then I pulled the anchor in, once we had the anchor
on board we rowed back to the dock smiling to ourselves,
I had a glance of a light coming from the parking lot for cars
on the dock, I was quiet sure it was from a pair of binoculars
reflexing the sun, but I didn’t say nothing to Maria,
the guy on the phone was already waiting for us, he made the
usual walking through to check if everything was ok with
the boat, as he finished we said good bye to him while promising
we would return as soon as possible, we loaded our gear back
into our van on the parking lot, I laughed and told Maria
that only next time, I would bring both my digital still
camera and my video camera and we wouldn’t bother with
the wet suits. [image8] I heard someone arrive, so I stood up as they approached
then we heard a voice from our back saying. “Well, did
you enjoy the day? We think so!” and they laughed.

We both turned back and standing there were the three tanned
man from the boat that had passed by us on the bay, and as I
was suspicious, they were hanging binoculars on their
necks, Maria noticed it and looked at me, I looked back at
her then to the man and said “Yes, it was a great day, and
I’m sure that the last part of the day you could follow
with your binoculars!”

They both roared with laughter, and they laughs were so
contagious that in a couple of minutes we four were laughing
together, we introduce ourselves, they were Dan and Andy,
and then Dan said “Oh my God, Maria you look absolutely
gorgeous, how can any one woman look that good, it's
unfair on the rest of the female population.”

His words seemed to heighten Maria’s growing arousal,
she was lose on her thoughts, all she wanted was to get it
on with them, so she giggled and replied as she pirouetted
for them “I'm so glad you like me, but I think the way
you saw me before naked on the boat was better to you.”

Dan looked at me and as I winked and nodded back he took Maria
in his arms and kissed her, it was a so intense kiss that Maria
almost lost her breath, she had to back off for a moment,
then Andy grabbed her and kissed her too, his kiss devastated
her, his lips seemed to lock on to hers and she almost couldn't
break it, he kept her mouth glued to his, and Maria didn't
even try to get away from him.

It was Dan who broke it by pulling Maria away, she was in a
daze, and totally turned on by their warm kisses, I looked
at her and clearly noticed her state of arousal, I knew she
wanted more cocks, she wanted to be fucked again, and fucked
she was going to be, I thought to myself.

I grabbed Maria away from Dan, I kissed her too and then I
whispered on her ear, loudly enough to be listen by all,
“Well, it seemed the day wasn’t over yet, but for me
I’m out, you already took all from me, so go ahead with

Maria just looked deep in my eyes with a grateful smile,
she was in heaven, my words were turning her on and up for
the other two, so we three took Maria into the van and make
space on the back side to all, Dan and Andy sat down and Andy
undo his pants, and then asked Maria to get on her knees in
front of him and suck his cock, she stripped off in seconds
and faced his erect cock in front of her, it was already hard
and it was pointed at her mouth, Maria dived at it, and got
sucking as hard as she could, her head was bobbing up and
down as fast as she would go, meanwhile Dan had got down behind
her, and was now rifling his cock into and out of her soaking

I was sitting there too and watching delighted Maria being
screwed by these two men and being very happily double fucked,
they paced their moves and fucked her for a couple of minutes
then Andy tapped Dan’s shoulder, he nodded and they switched
places on her mouth and pussy, they fucked her in rhythm
for a few more minutes, then again they switched places
and kept fucking her, Maria was clearly enjoying the way
she was being fucked and as they were taking turns alternating
into her mouth and pussy. [image9] They kept playing the game into her for several times, I
noticed that every time they switched places into her holes
they use that time to recover the breath and delay the cumming
time, they were smart, I thought, but then they started
moaning loudly and Dan shot his load into Maria’s waiting
pussy, almost at the same time Andy came into her hot mouth,
and she shook under her own orgasm, three explosions all
at once, and Maria got two lots of man spunk jetting into
her at both ends, she felt her pussy pulling Dan's spunk
up into her, and Andy's spunk sliding down her open

They all lay on the floor of the van, Andy behind her was kissing
her and mauling her tits as Dan fingered her ass and pussy,
so Maria didn’t came down from her orgasm and they both
saw that, then Andy got straight on top of her, and rammed
his already hardened cock into her sopping pussy, he fucked
her wild and he Maria came again with loudly screams of ecstasy.

Maria was clearly enjoying it, then Andy grunted and held
her in a sort of death grip as he cum into her again, sending
Maria over the top into another orgasm, how many was she
going to have, she thought, then Andy rolled off her, Dan
was taking over his place but Maria begged him, “Please,
let me rest for just a moment, you can have anything you want,
but please just a minute or so”.

Dan granted her request, but they kept kissing, Maria then
felt Andy probing her ass, his finger entered and sunk in
all the way in and it was an automatic turn on for her, Maria
then felt for Dan's cock, she wanted it into her wet
pussy and he gladly did it, he rolled over and made her get
on top of him, so he was fucking Maria from underneath, and
she was fucking him from on top, he pulled her to him as he
wanted to kept kissing her as they fucked, Maria then felt
Andy and his finger enter her ass again, he was driving it
in and out in unison with her and Dan, Maria wasn't going
to last long at that rate, I thought to myself, and she didn't,
a few more seconds and she exploded into bits again.

How many times have Maria cum that day I pondered, I didn't
know, but the only thing I knew was she hadn't finished
yet, nor had they finished with her. [image10] Maria then felt Andy again in her ass arse with his finger,
and she shouted at him “Why don't you just get on with
it and fuck me there with your cock?”

What Maria didn't know was at that he was looking at
me and pointing her ass asking me if it was ok to do it, and
at that exact moment I was nodding to him, I was so excited
with the sight of their fuck that I was again stroking my
own semi erected cock, and he was just about to fuck her ass
when she told him to do it.

Maria was still on top of Dan, laying on him on her knees while
fucking him, her legs were split wide apart and Dan had his
arms around her, then she the first thrust of Andy’s cock
as he buried it into her right up to the hilt, Maria’s knees
were either side of Dan's hips, Andy's knees were
inside her calves, and Andy started a hard wild humping
into her ass, he drove Maria mad with it and she was screaming
into Dan's mouth as they fucked her in rhythmically

Then they both screamed and increased their thrusts as
they exploded inside her pussy and ass, and then their screamed
were covered by Maria’s screams of ecstasy as she got
another orgasm, as they both rolled of her Maria jumped
on my already erected cock and engulfed it all the way down
her throat, so deep that my pubic hair reached her tonsils,
I really couldn’t hold it any longer and almost immediately
I too shoot my cum down her throat.

We all laid on the floor on the van, it was soaked with their
cum and her juices, Maria was so satisfied she almost fell
asleep, Dan and Andy then dressed back and thanked us from
the good time, as they left I covered Maria with our beach
towels as she was in a sleeping mode, and I drove home thinking
that Maria had had the time of her life, I just wondered when
we would do it again.

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WOW. I want to go diving with you!!!! OMG, what a sexy, hot,
fucking loving wife.


vikingluso replies on 7/29/2015 4:06 am:
Thanks a lot for a so kind comment

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Outstanding Story...had me on the Verge of Cumming almost
all the way through it!!!! Keep them coming, I can't
wait to read more of your stories!


vikingluso replies on 7/29/2015 4:07 am:
Wow, Thanks so much for a so kind and expressive comment, at moment we are working on a few more stories, they will come soon.

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Awesome story, your husbands lucky guy!


vikingluso replies on 7/29/2015 3:48 pm:
Thanks a lot

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very understanding husband. and a great wife. i do lots
of diving in fiji but not like you too.and also i read all
of your stories


vikingluso replies on 7/31/2015 10:51 am:
Thanks so much for a so kind comment, we usually dive in Thailand and Greek Islands.

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when's the next trip????


vikingluso replies on 8/9/2015 9:06 am:
We never know!

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mmmmm great story loved it .